Executive Summary
The purpose of this business plan is to raise for the development of an five star catagoery clubhouse and resort while showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next five years. The Hotel and Resort, Inc. ( the Company ) is a Bengaluru based corporation that will provide customers with an outstanding resort experience. The Company was founded by TSCR KRISHNAPPA.

The goal of the project is to develop a club house and resort facility in the proposed land.

Site map

Proposed land
The proposed parcel of land is located 14 kms from the city of Hassan towards Chikmaglur town. The land is bounded by the scenic view hill top wind mills towards east, road towards south, greenery towards west and lake view towards north.

Physical characteristics
The parcel of land is generally flat with a maximum height variation of approximately 5 meters from the highest to the lowest points. it is very conducive for hospitality development as the cost of land formation limited. The property has a tremendous location being located at above said features of the location. It lacks views of the external facing vistas and the entire resort must be internal facing and hence design will play an very important role in on this project. Local access Local access to the site is private taxis, jeeps, buses, tourist cabs, personal vehicles and chauffeur driven vehicles

Hagare overveiw
The hospitality industry is the largest industry in hagare as the city is the base for Hassan tourism. Situated at a distance of 208 kms from Bangalore, Hassan is tranquil little town in the south India state of Karnataka. This quiet picturesque town is an ideal base to visit Shravanabelagola, Belur and Halebid. Hassan in Karnataka is the oldest town of Hoysala Empire of 11th to 13th century AD in India. Hassan has recently become a tourist destination for its unique style of architecture. Tourists stay at this small town to visit the nearby travel destinations of Belur and Halebid famous for their antique temples.

Hassan overview
Hassan (Kannada: ) is a district in Karnataka state, India. The district headquarters are Hassan. Hassan district was the seat of the Hoysala Empire which at its peak ruled large parts of south India from Belur as its early capital and Halebidu as its later capital during the period 1000 - 1334 CE. Today Hassan is primarily known worldwide for its Hoysala architecture and is a veritable treasure trove of about fifty sculptural marvels tucked

The geography is mixed with the malnad or mountainous region to the west and south west called Bisle Ghat and the maidan or planis regions in the north. Hoysala architecture The Hoysalas claim to immortality arises from their contribution to Kannada culture. Tumkur District to the east. lathe turned pillars and pierced window screens used frequently by the Hoysalas is also commonly seen in earlier Kalyani Chalukya temples of north and central Karnataka. Geography Lying between 12° 13´ and 13° 33´ North latitudes and 75° 33´ and 76°38´ East longitude. The Star shaped platform on which many Hoysala temples were constructed.17 %. Historians such as Henry Cousens and James Furgusson observed that the Hoysala style of architecture is essentially an extension and culmination of the vesara style initiated by theBadami Chalukyas and further enhanced by the Kalyani Chalukyas. the Jagati.776. 38 hoblies & 2369 villages. The district is surrounded by Chikmagalur District to the north west.[1] The district has a population density of 261 inhabitants per square kilometre (680 /sq mi) . the Zig. Hemavathi passes through Holenarsipur taluq in a southerly direction and joins with Cauvery river near Hampapura close to the border of Hassan district. Mandya District to the south east. Chitradurga District to the north. It is divided into 8 taluks. Kannada literature and their own unique style of vesara architecture. Hassan district has a total area of 6826.15 km². the carved doorways. Hassan and Belur stands around 3. south and east. Demographics According to the 2011 census Hassan district has a population of 1. There are some areas of degraded forest ranges in central portion of the district. The general level of Hassan district is it slopes with the course of Hemavathi river from the western ghat ranges towards the bed of Cauvery river near Hampapura in the south east.[1] Hassan has a sex ratio of 1005 females for every 1000 males. .[1] Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 3.150 feet (960 m) above the sea level respectively. In fact.[1] and a literacy rate of 75.Zag character of the walls and the density of sculpture on gray soap stone (chloritic schist) is however a unique features of Hoysala architecture. Its chief tributary is Yagachi from Belur taluq which joins it near Gorur.away in several villages and towns of the district. Kodagu District to the south west and Dakshina Kannada district to the west.084 and 3. Mysore to the south.89%. Hassan is also known as the location of the Master Control Facility of the Indian Space Research Organization's Indian National Satellite System.[3] This gives it a ranking of 270th in India (out of a total of 640).[1] Kannada is spoken by a vast majority of the people in the district.221.[1] roughly equal to the nation of The Gambia[2] or the US state of Nebraska.

However concerns remain that the true and full tourism potential may not have been exploited in the district.000 tourists visited the temples of Hassan district. Nageshwara and Channakeshava temples at Mosale. Lion safari at Gendekatte forest in an area of 120 hectares. Medicinal plants park at Hirekallugudda forest area of Arsikere taluk. A blame game between the Department of Tourism and ASI has been ongoing. These are the Lakshminarasimha temple at Nuggehalli. Twenty four of these are protected by Karnataka state archaeological department while the remaining twenty one are protected by the Archaeological Survey of India and are hence of national importance. Sandalwood conservation centre on 2. The ASI has blamed lack of manpower to fully guard the premises effectively. Hassan district has forty five monuments that receive protection from authorities. Develop an 'eco-tourism at Belasinda forest area of Channarayapatna taluk on 100 acres (0. Other than this. Eco-tourism in Bisle forest area of Sakleshpur taluk. Develop eight parisara vana or environmental parks in eight taluks of the district.Economy Tourism and coffee are the two main sources of income of Hassan district. Shanthigrama. Proposals        A proposal has been sent to the government for the development of some Hoysala temples and tourist places. . Concerns According to estimates. farmers grow black pepper. including Ramanathapura. Coffee is grown in the malnad areas of Sakleshpura. ragi. Some temples which are really worth visiting should be on the tourist circuit too they said.40 km2) of land. Lakshmidevi temple at Doddagaddavalli and Lakshminarayana temple at Adagur.1 km2) at Sriramadevarahalla of Belur taluk. potato. paddy and sugarcane. Some of the sculptures and monuments in Channakeshava temple at Belur and the Hoysaleshwara temple at Halebidu have been damaged by vandals. Concerned people have complained that some of the protected temples are not in good condition including Keshava and Someshwara temples at Harnahalli. Sriramadevarakatte and the Gorur Dam.000 acres (8. Channakeshava (Allanatha) Temple at Kondajji. in the year 2005. 800.

and date between the 11th c. Mysore.000 ton yearly. though his wife Shantaladevi continued to follow Jainism. Shimoga and Mangalore. Some of the successive rulers were also Jains untilRamanujacharya came to Hassan to escape persecution from the Cholas in early 12th century. took to Jainism. Mangalore. During this time Vishnuvardhana was influenced by Ramanujacharya and accepted Hinduism. the monuments . and Chickmagalore. Hubli. The airport will be an aircraft maintenance and modification (AMM) hub. This tolerance is alive even today and can be seen in the importance given by the district administration and people in general to Jain religious events like Mahamastakabhisheka. buses to Hassan from these cities/towns. Bengaluru international airport Mysore airport Manglaore airport By Road Hassan is well connected to Bangalore.13th c. The Hoysalas were Jains too and the mythical founder of the empire sala was said to be blessed by the Jain sage Sudatta Muni. One can get frequent Govt. long after Jainism has ceased to be the main religious practice of this region. Madikeri. By Rail Hassan is connected by rail to Bangalore.Transport By air Hassan airport is expected to be operational by 2015 and is expected cater to a passenger capacity of 3 million and cargo capacity of 100. In fact the Channigraya temple in Belur was commissioned by her during the time the nearby famous Chennakeshavatemple was being built. CE. Initially the Gangas were Hindus but by the time of king Shivamara II 785 CE. . Culture of Hassan Much of culture of Hassan district in the past is linked with the Hoysala and Ganga dynasty rulers who ruled over this area.. While Most of the Hoysala monuments in Hassan are Hindu. It is around 187 km from Bangalore and 115 km from Mysore. Mysore. setting an example of religious tolerance.

and is one of the most important Jain pilgrimage sites for in India. sandige. Iyengar bakeries are a common feature in most towns and cities of Karnataka. Kodagu and Dakshina Kannada districts resulting in tasty specialities like midigayi pickle (small raw mango). Hongere Jain Temple is a famous pilgrim center in Hassan District. Here you can stay at the Karnataka state government run Hotel Mayura Velapuri. the main deity which is 30 inches tall and black in color is found in kayotsarga posture. Hassan is a place where Kannada literature finds famous personalities like Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar. except the palaces and colonial buildings of Mysore are replaced with exquisite vesaramonuments built by the Hoysalas. Tourist attraction Aregal Basadi:Built in the 12th century. Bhandari Basti:Bhandari Basti is one of the main Jain temples on Chandragiri Hill in Karnataka and is south-east of Sravanabelagola. Hassan is also called as Poor man's Ooty. the shrine is dedicated to Bhagvan Neminatha. Hassan Iyengars. in Hassan District of Karnataka.999 CE. This basadi has been built in the lines of Hoysala temple architecture. This basadi is believed to have been constructed by Chavundaraya. biscuits and breads etc.This Jain temple is the largest of its kind in area and the temple architecture resembles Hoysala style. Belur: Belur is famous for the Chennakeshava temple built by Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana. It located around 38 km from Hassan town and other spots like Veeranarayana temple may be visited. the eminent general of the Ganga King Rachamalla Sathyavakya. . puffs. Its cuisine is a mix of Mysore. Hassan is a largely agrarian community with a charm that is essentially similar to that of Mysore District. is one of the oldest basadis on the Chandragiri hill. Bhagvan Mahavir. Built in 915 by Sri Chavundaraya. Its Bisle ghat area has the same scenic beauty of the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu without the rapid and extensive commercialization. A community of Hebbar Iyengars an ancient Brahmin community who settled in this area for more than a thousand years.ofShravanabelagola are a colossal effort of the Jain Ganga dynasty who ruled from about 350 . the 22nd Tirthankar. Hongere Jain Temple:Built during the Hoysala's period in the 12th century. Aregal Basadi is a Jain Basadi situated in Jinanathapura. An inscription in Shantigrama indicates that the founder was a Brahmin from Kashi. It is dedicated to Lord Neminath. Hole Narsipur Neminatha Temple:Neminatha Temple is an ancient Jain temple located at Hole Narsipur in Hassan District of Karnataka. built around 982. Chavundaraya Basadi:The Chavundaraya Basadi. Today. About 5% of the total population are Muslims. This highly decorated basadi enshrines a white marble idol of Lord Parshwanath. a different Brahmin community are well known all over south Karnataka for their tasty condiment preparations like cakes. Kadabu (different types of Kadabu's are prepared from rice and cereals) and talipittu (akki rotti made of rice flour). One does not have to travel more than a few kilometers to visit the next monument on the list. avalakki (beaten rice).

It located around 12 km from Hassan town on the way Arakalagud. in Karnataka. in Hassan District of Karnataka. It is located 27 km from Hassan town. Also. Here can also visit the temple of Yoganarasimha. is a famous hill situated at Shravanabelegola in Hassan District. The Chennakesava Temple consists of a shrine. 50 km from Hassan and 10 km from Chananrayanpatna. which takes place every 12 years. Chennakesava literally means "handsome Kesava" and is a form of Hindu God Vishnu. Sakleshpur: Sakleshapur is a small town and is a mini hill station. This highly decorated basadi enshrines a white marble idol of Lord Parshwanath. Its purpose is not to enclose any town but is to serve as a point of political strategy in the form of a protection and control point on the enemies to the rulers. It lies adjacent to the Chandragiri Hills. Belur is well-known for its marvelous temples. The temple is exceptionally large and many of the decorations were added later in the 12th and 14th centuries. Aregal Basadi is a Jain Basadi situated in Jinanathapura. Gorur Dam: Gorur dam is made by embanking river Hemavathi. an open hall and a platform and is built in the Hoysala architectural style. . One has to climb around 600 steps to reach the hill top where a huge monolithic statue of Gomteshwara or Lord Bahubali is located. Hoyasaleswara Temple:Hoyasaleswara Temple is located in Belur city of Karnatka. Aregal Basadi:Built in the 12th century. Manjrabad Kote or fort: Manjrabad fort is locared on the top of Adanigudda. It originates from the Western Ghats and finally dips into Hemavati. It is also know for coffee and spice cultivation. a favored tourist destination in Karnataka.Halebidu: Halebidu is famous for the Hoysaleshwara temple. At Halebidu you can stay at Tourist Cottages of Tourism Department. It can be a weekend escape from the cities like Bangalore. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The construction of the monument was started in 1121 by Ketamalla. 6kms from Sakleshpura on the road to Mangalore. The back water of Gorur dam is also known Hemavathi Reservoir. It was built by a local ruler. Chennakesava Temple:The Chennakesava Temple is located at Belur in Hassan District of Karnataka. The temple is enclosed in a paved compound and includes a well and a water tank. which in turn merges with river Cauvery near Krishnarajasagar. In order to subdue or attack the enemies who would infiltrate from Madikeri and Mangalore sides. is one of the two main tributaries of Hemavati River. Mahamastakabhisheka is a grand festival here. built during the rule of Hoysala dynasty. Shravanabelagola: Shravanabelagola is important religious center of jains. also known as Vindhyagiri. a general of King Vishnu Vardhana of the Hoysala Dynasty. Mangalore or Mysore. you can find various stautes of jain thirthankaras. Yagachi River: Yagachi. Bisle reserve forest or Bisle ghat: This area is famous for trekking. This basadi has been built in the lines of Hoysala temple architecture. the ruler of the erstwhile kingdom of Mysore. who belonged to the Hoysala dynasty during the 11th century to commemorate the victory of the Hoysala's over the Cholas at Talakad. Hoyasaleswara temple is decorated with sculptures depicting scenes from the Hindu epic Ramayana. a river flowing through Hassan District. making it and nearby Halebidu. This is the largest monolithic statue in the world. Indragiri Hills:Indragiri. Tippu sultan developed this fort around 1782 AD as a watch tower rather then a full fledged defense point. This picturesque hillock is 143 m high and there are about five hundred steps which lead to the top of the hill.

The museum has a well-stocked library. The old Hoysala structure. idols. located in Hassan District of Karnataka. One can also see a stone mantapa atop this hill. This place is a lovely picnic spot. in Karnataka. on Sakaleshpur-Subramanya road. a commander under the Hoysala Emperor Ballala II. this village is a noted pilgrimage center on the left banks of the river Cauvery. inscriptions and wood carvings. popularly known as Betteshwara. It is a fine specimen of Hoysala architecture with three shrines dedicated to Keshava. Lakshminarayana Temple:Lakshminarayana Temple is located at Nuggehalli in Hassan District. The museum exhibits a rich collection of 12th-13th sculptures. Javagal Lakshminarasimha Temple:Lakshminarasimha Temple is situated at Javagal. The frontage presents Hajara and Navaranga. at Shantigrama. about 5 km from Arasikere in Hassan District of Karnataka. It is an outstanding Hoysala structure with intricate artworks and carvings. Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Hill:Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Hill is situated near Arsikere in Hassan District of Karnataka. Hemavati originates from the Western Ghats at Bellalarayanadurga in Chikmagalur District. Shantigrama Jain Temple was built during the Hoysala period in the 12th century. Prasanna Rameshwara Temple. along with His consort Goddess Lakshmi. Keshaveshwara Temple: Keshaveshwara Temple. The presiding deity is Lord Vishnu. Lakshmi Janardana Swamy Temple is situated in Palya village of Alur taluk. Lakshmi Venkataramana Swamy Temple:Lakshmi Venkataramana Swamy Temple is situated at Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Hill near Arsikere in Hassan District of Karnataka. about 20 km from Hassan. Gopala and Lakshminarasimha. A Sacred Places:Known as Dakshina Kashi.Brahmotsava is the main festival celebrated here. Chandragiri Hills: Chandragiri Hills in Sravanabelagola is famous for 14 shrines and the tomb of Chandra Gupta Maurya. It is nearly 50 km away from the district. There is a famous temple called Shri Lakshmi Venkataramana Swamy temple. in 1209. Hemavati Reservoir:Hemavati Reservoir was constructed in 1981 across the river Hemavati at Gorur. consecrated by Kesiraja. The place is a panoramic scenery. Here Lord Vishnu is widely known as Venkataramana Swamy. Ramanathapura. whose black idol is enshrined here. coins. The temple is dedicated to Bhagvan Shantinatha. It is about 65 km from Sakleshpur. Main temple comprises Anjaneya swamy temple. Lakshmi Devi temple.Built around 1246. the temple shows influence of Hoysala architecture and the main deity is Lord Keshava (Lord Krishna). is situated at Agraharabelguli in Hassan District.Lakshmi Janardana Swamy Temple(Also known as Dakshina Gaya ):Built by the Chalukyas around the 14th century. about 17 km from Belur. The temple enshrines Lakshmi Janardana Swamy s idol which is made out of single black stone carving. the famous patron of Jainism. Informational lectures are conducted regularly. Vishnu and Shiva. the Chamundaraya basti of 982 is the most outstanding. Archaeological Museum:Archaeological Museum is located at Halebid. Of the temples. Shantigrama Jain Temple:Located near Hassan. Bisle Ghat:Bisle Ghat is an ideal place for trekkers. The idol resembles Brahma. The reservoir is situated at 12°4'N and 76°3'E at an elevation of 840 m above mean sea level. is the most important temple here. The Navaranga with its square granite pillars were built during . and Venugopal swamy temple. four and a half ft high. about 25 km from Channarayapatna.

Bhairava temples) Doddagaddavalli (Lakshmidevi temple) Koravangala (Govindeshwara. Hassan district is full of Hoysala architecture scattered all over the country side. Nuggehalli is 18 km north-east of Channarayapatna. Some of the are as follows: y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Hulikere (ornate stepped tank or Kalyani) Pushpagiri (Mallikarjuna. Dharmeshwara and Keshava temples) Anekere (Chennakaesava temple) Mallarajapatna (Lakshmaneshwara temple) Mavathanahalli (Mahalingeshwara temple) . Nakeshwara and Bucheshwara temples) Kondajji (Vishnu temple) Adagur (Lakshminarayana temple) Chatachatahalli (Chatteshwara temple) Javagal (Narasimha temple) Haranahalli (Keshava and Someshwara temples) Arasikere (Ishwara temple) Hullekere (Channakeshava temple) Shantigrama (YogaNarasimha and Channakeshavaswamy temple) Sakleshpura (Sakaleswara temple) Manjarabad (fort and dungeons) Ramnathapura (Rameshwara temple)and Pattabi Rama . Parshwanath Basadi and Saantinatha Basadi) Malekal Tirupathi (Venkata Ramanna and Govidaraja temple) Shantigrama (Yoganarsimha. This may never come to the notice of the typical tourist.Subramanyeshwara Gorur (Yoganarasimha temple.Vijayanagar Empire. Paravasudeva temple and Dam over river) Basadihalli (Adinatha Basadi.

HassanHalmidi (Inscription) .y y y y y y y y y y y Anathi (Lakshminarayana temple) Hebbalalu (Singeshwara temple) Jinanathapura (Shantinatha basadi) Ambuga (Prasanna Chennakeshava temple) Heragu (Kirthinarayana temple) Mosale (Nageshwara and Channakeshava temples) Mavinakere (Ranganathaswamy temple) Holenarasipura (Narasimha temple) Honnavara (Keshava temple) Ruined Keshava Temple Honnavara.HassanHirekadalur (keshava temple) Ruined Keshava Temple Hirekadalur.

Karnataka overview .

Dambal. They built great monuments to Buddhism. Ramnagara near Bangalore district. colonial buildings and cultural activities including Carnatic music. Sringeri. Gokarna. Bandipur National Park. South Karnataka is a unique combination of spectacular vesara style Hoysala architecture. Kalasa and Amrithapura in Chikmagalur District. Mudabidri.13th century CE.Mahakuta. Yana in Uttara Kannada. Kannada dynasties like Kadambas. Kuruvatti and many more. Halebidu in Hassan District. Pattadakal. Notable Islamic monuments are present at Bijapur. Chaudayyadanapura. Aihole. Jog falls of Shimoga District is one of the highest waterfalls in Asia. Murdeshwara. Scenic forests and the high density of wild animals of this region are a popular attraction for those interested in the wilder side of life. Mysore. Hampi. Halebidu. Nandi Hills. Bagali. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Bannerghatta national parks are a few popular places for jungle safaris. Bangalore the capital is a cosmopilitian city with parks. theatre. It has the second highest number of protected monuments in India. Gulbarga. Lakshmeshwar. Rashtrakutas. Lakkundi. Surathkal. pubs. Chalukyas. Hooli. These monuments are preserbed at Badami. Karnataka has many beaches at Karwar. Karnataka has two World heritage sites. Belur. has the second largest pre-modern dome in the world after the Byzantine Hagia Sophia. Western Gangas. at 507. Balligavi in Shimoga District offer some of the best of Hoysala architecture dating from the 11th . Somnathpura in Mysore District. Karnataka is a rock climbers paradise. Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur. Raichur and other part of the state. at Hampi and Pattadakal. restaurants. Shivagange in Tumkur district and tekal in Kolar district are a rock climbers heaven. Belur. Sannati. Jainism. Galaganatha. the cultural capital of the state is home to palaces. Nanja ngud. Sudi. Halasi. Vijayanagaras and the Kingdom of Mysore ruled from what is today Karnataka. colonial buildings and palaces of the Kingdom of Mysore. Srirangapattana and Melkote etc. India overview . Kolar.Karnataka has been ranked as fifth most popular destination for tourism among states of India. Gokarna. Hangal. Belavadi. Bidar.. Karnataka is famous for its waterfalls. The river Kaveri flows east from Kodagu District and along its way one finds important tourist destinations like Shivanasamudra and nearby Sivasamudram Falls.Banavasi. Hoysalas. Gadag. Fort in Chitradurga. colossal Jain monuments. Mysore. This state has 21 wildlife sanctuaries and five National parks and is home to more than 500 species of birds. Shravanabelagola. impregnable fort atChitradurga and densely forested wildlife sanctuaries that offer some of the best eco-tourism available in the country. shopping and fast paced technology rich lifestyle. while Shravanabelagola in Hassandistrict and Kambadahalli in Mandya District have well known 10th century Jain monuments. Mahadeva Temple (Itagi). Biligirirangan Hills. Shaivism. Nagarahole.

food processing. mining. and the industrial sector 18%. and inadequate public healthcare. transport equipment. 24th in the banking sector. is expected to become fifth-largest by 2030. machinery. With its average annual GDP growth rate of 5. all Indian governments followed protectionist policies that were influenced by socialist economics. and software. steel. sugarcane. the contribution of petrochemical and engineering goods to total exports grew from 14% to 42%. According to the International Monetary Fund. However. India was the world'sfifteenth-largest importer in 2009 and the eighteenth-largest exporter. India has more than doubled its hourly wage rates during the last decade.2 billion people. India is in the vicinity of Sri Lankaand the Maldives. the agricultural sector 28%. Major industries include textiles. chemicals. up from 6% in 1985. Though ranking 51st in global competitiveness. The service sector makes up 54% of GDP. Averaging an economic growth rate of 7. jewelry. the country is viewed as the second-most favourable outsourcing destination after the United States. and Burma and Bangladesh to the east. Nepal. and 39th in innovation. fertiliser. the Indian economy is nominally worth US$1. and the Bay of Bengal on the south-east. the third-largest by purchasing power parity. and potatoes. and reaching 10. It is also home to a diversity of wildlife in a variety of protected habitats. software. the country ranks 138th in the world in nominal GDP per capita and 129th in GDP per capita at PPP. the world's fastest-growing. and leather manufactures. telecommunications. With 7 of the world's top 15 information technology outsourcing companies based in India. it continues to face the challenges of poverty. An acute balance of payments crisis in 1991 forced the nation to liberalise its economy.5% during the last few years. Major exports include petroleum products. Its telecommunication industry. illiteracy. chemicals. In 2006. Major agricultural products include rice. corruption. ahead of several advanced economies.India officially the Republic of India (Hindi: ê÷íâ Õáí÷ ì. However. Between 2001 and 2011. the second-most populous country with over 1. it shares land borders with Pakistan to the west. and chemicals. it is the tenth-largest economy by market exchange rates. Some 431 million Indians have left poverty since 1985. it is considered a newly industrialised country. machinery. textile goods. The Indian economy is the world's tenth-largest by nominal GDP and third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). Following market-based economic reforms in 1991. the Arabian Sea on the south-west. In the Indian Ocean.843 trillion. added 227 million . petroleum. The 467-million worker Indian labour force is the world's second-largest. China. gems. and the most populous democracy in the world. India is a pluralistic. Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south. A nuclear weapons state and a regional power. is a country in South Asia.4% during 2010. India ranks 17th in financial market sophistication. In 2008.8% over the past two decades. in addition. as of 2011. it has the thirdlargest standing army in the world and ranks tenth in military expenditure among nations. India's middle classes are projected to number around 580 million by 2030. tea. India became one of the fastest-growing major economies. cotton. Widespread state intervention and regulation largely walled the economy off from the outside world.469 trillion. multilingual. jute. and multiethnic society. It is one of the five BRICS nations. Until 1991. India's consumer market. oilseed. and Bhutan to the north-east. and is. at US$4. the share of external trade in India's GDP stood at 24%. currently the world's thirteenth-largest. India's recent economic model is largely capitalist. India is a federal constitutional republic governed under a parliamentary system consisting of 28 states and 7 union territories. India is one of the world's fastest-growing economies. Major imports include crude oil. since then it has slowly moved towards a free-market system by emphasizing both foreign trade and direct investment inflows. Bh rat Ga ar jya).68%. or PPP. India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands share a maritime border with Thailand and Indonesia. wheat. India's share of world trade was 1. engineering goods. It is the seventh-largestcountry by geographical area. cement. 44th in business sophistication.

The report highlights key growth factors: a young and rapidly growing working-age population. According to a 2011 PwC report. with a contribution of 6. energy security. removal of labour regulations. Andhra Pradesh. Sri Lanka. the Ministry consults and collaborates with other stakeholders in the sector including various Central Ministries/agencies. when economic liberalisation began. having the highest 10-year growth potential. such as shortage of hotel rooms. and is estimated to increase to US$2. In the process.and medium-term setbacks. Malaysia.5 billion by 2018 at a 9. The World Bank cautions that. Despite impressive economic growth during recent decades. Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra received the big share of these visitors. India contains the largest concentration of people living below the World Bank's international poverty line of US$1. Tourism in India is the largest service industry.110 by 2016. of which 8% is renewable. agricultural and rural development.23% to the national GDP and 8. the state governments and union territories and the representatives of the private sector. Half of the children in India are underweight. Uttar Pradesh. the proportion having decreased from 60% in 1981 to 42% in 2005. and 46% of children under the age of three suffer from malnutrition. India's GDP at purchasing power parity will overtake that of the United States by 2045. India continues to face socio-economic challenges. According to World Travel and Tourism Council. and Thailand. medical and eco-tourism. Despite short. Indian GDP is expected to grow at an annualised average of 8%. Since 1991. The majority of foreign tourists come from USA and UK. During the next four decades. The tourism industry in India generated about 100 billion US dollars in 2008 and that is expected to increase to US$275. to US$1. increased domestic sales by 26% during 2009 10. education. it has always remained lower than those of other Asian developing countries such as Indonesia. 17. India's nominal GDP per capita has steadily increased from US$329 in 1991. cruise. Delhi. and public health and nutrition. Philippines. the world's second fastest growing. transport infrastructure. and is expected to remain so in the near future.2 times that of the poorest. Iran. it must continue to focus on public sector reform. and sustained growth of the consumer market driven by a rapidly growing middle class.265 in 2010. tourism revenues are expected to surge by 42% from . Its automotive industry. making it potentially the world's fastest-growing major economy until 2050.subscribers during the period 2010 11. Driven by growth. Power capacity is 250 gigawatts. with one report estimating the illegal capital flows since independence to be US$462 billion. economic inequality between India's states has consistently grown: the per-capita net state domestic product of the richest states in 2007 was 3. Karnataka. for India to achieve its economic potential. however.25 per day. Concerted efforts are being made to promote new forms of tourism such as rural. Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan are the top five states to receive inbound tourists.[202] The MidDay Meal Scheme attempts to lower these rates.4% annual growth rate. The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2007 ranked tourism in India sixth in terms of price competitiveness and 39th in terms of safety and security. and exports by 36% during 2008 09.[1]In 2010. Domestic tourism in the same year was 740 million.9 million foreign tourists visited India. Corruption in India is perceived to have increased significantly. growth in the manufacturing sector due to rising education and engineering skill levels. Ministry of Tourism is the nodal agency to formulate national policies and programmers for the development and promotion of tourism.78% of the total employment in India. India will be a tourism hot-spot from 2009 2018. Tamil Nadu. The Ministry of Tourism is the nodal agency for the development and promotion of tourism in India and maintains the Incredible India campaign.

2007 to 2017. diversity and the variety of geographic features make its tourism basket large and varied. Site plan for the proposed property .[10] India's thousands of years of history. It presents heritage and cultural tourism along with medical. its length. business and sports tourism.

The proposed facility entails resort with aclub house with guest rooms.parking for approximately 00 vechiles will be provided in an unpaved area of the parcel of land.this common back of the house facility will be function as a dividing spine.the design and functionality of the structure can also affect operating efficiency and overall profitability.banquet facility and a 00 car parking area as discussed in the previous paragraph .common back of the house areas will be service entrance will be provided . . The proposed name for the property is AMANTHRANA.which will be leased out to a pvt sector company Building overview LAYOUT PLANNING The following are the proposed layout required for the Hotel and Resort: Resort Rooms & Suites The hotel will be of stylish.between the club chambers and banquet.the quality of a resort s physical improvements has a direct impact on the marketability and attainable utilization and income generated from utilization. to the royal heritage. comfortable.a certain amount of retail space will be provided at the facility.the banquet halls and party areas shall be located facinig eastern periphery of the parcel with completely seprate entrance and approach.the genral themes for the design of this facility are y y y Ecological Heritage of Karnataka Royality of the mysore state Summary of the facilities The detailed space program below along with the table of the break up of spaces as envisaged for the facility may be used as a brief architectural design. well-furnished and air-conditioned rooms with contemporary luxury and gracious service.all resident guests will be provided temporary membership for the utilization of the facilities and hence will have a comman entrance and parking.

a Lounge Bar Cum a coffee shop. Resort Complex Cottages . There will be 1 conferencing hall for business meeting. Telecommunication services and other support services. conference and gathering etc. Other Facilities in Resort Travel Desk The Resort will also have a Travel Desk. the hall will be equipped with all the modern conferencing aids. Restaurant and Bar The resort will be having 1 nos. and one open restaurant with the above amenities for the outside visitors. E-mail services. the company will be buying vehicles to pick the guests from the suitable place. Thebanquet hall is very essential for the Resort and will be donein a western concept. of restaurant. with live piano music.banquet hall also be used for exhibitions/events.Banquet and Conference The Resort will have a banquet hall with a capacity of 150 and 400 for parties. Pick up Facility The resort will also having a Pick up facility. which will be offering a choice of continental. Currency Exchange Facility The resort will also provide the currency exchange facility to overseas guests. The bar will be well stocked with best of spirit and wine where guests can spend their time with gossiping watching television. Business Center The business center is equipped with the latest office automation equipment to provide secretarial services and allied services like courier services. Chinese and variety of food from Indian cuisine. which will help visitors to gather information and sketch a tour for visiting the tourist place.

It will be 1 of the main basis of marketing the club facilities. which will provide additional options for the guests to spend excellence time in the Resort. There will be a juice and snack bar along with the swimming pool to add to the service provisions.The Resort will be having an area for board games. Kids Arena and Board Games The Resort Complex will be having a separate area for the kids.The Resort will be having 38 nos. There will also a small nearby kid s swimming pool. of cottages with a refreshing mix of style and spacious elegance.Equipment will be is available to tone up body muscles and rejuvenate. The swimming pool facility is a must for any club and thus it will be instrumental for the popularity of the club. SPA. Visitors can sweat outsuperfluous body fat and discover the fresh self within. Ayurveda is the alternative medicine of Indian tradition. Kids Arena for children to have fun and play all the time while visiting the Resort. SWIMMING POOL. Lounge Bar The resort will be having a Music Lounge & Coffee shop. which is also an important part of the club. Ayurveda Centre The resort will be having a Ayurveda center. based on the use of herbs or herbal medicines.Equipped with the latest sound & a Light system. Banquet and Conference The Resort will be having a banquet hall with a ca parties of 120 for parties. Garden . GYMNASIUM A gymnasium will be surrounded by state of the art equipments. It is a natural healing scinece for cure. The banquet hall is very essential for the Resort and will be done in a western concept.prevention or rejuvenation of the body. conference and gathering etc. the hall will be equipped with all the modern conferencing aids. our guest rooms and suites will be offering peace and tranquility as well as the comforts of modern day living. JACUZZI. There will be 1 conferencing hall for business meeting. originated in ancient times. AND STEAM SAUNA A swimming pool. . banquet hall also be used for exhibitions/events.

The capacity of the garden will be around 1000 people with huge car parking capacity.Family villa 03 . which will be linked with the Hotel training/ vocational training in Resort CAPACITY PLANNING Following are the Capacities Planned for the Club and Resorts HOTEL No Types of Rooms .Superior rooms 16 .In the proposed project there is also a beautiful and decorated Marriage Garden and its well kept gardens infuses a breath of fresh air and fill both young and old with vitality.5 acres of land in same place opposite to the resort facility and started applied project work with intent to establish a vocational university offering courses in tourism. hospitality and hotel management.Garden villas 11 .Pond view Villas 07 Banquet Hall 01 Restaurant 01 Lounge Bar & Coffee Shop 01 Gymnasium 01 Kids Arena 01 Ayurveda Centre 01 Administrative Office 01 Laundry 01 Staff Quarters 01 PLEASE REFER BOOK 1 Construction Cost estimate .Presidential Suite villa 01 . which will be provided on rent for the Marriage Purpose or Big Parties. Additionaly The Company has already acquired 3.

outdoor area works.(including an appropriate liquor liscense)and that the proposed property will be constructed in accordance with local zoning regulations.we do not take responsibility for the proposed property s conformance with local zoning regulations recommend an independent verification.furthermore. fixtures and lodging systems has been estimated at 000000 Inr bringing the total hard cost value to 000000 inr. PLEASE REFER BOOK 2 The section also includes hard cost and soft cost contingencies estimated at 10% of the above mentioned costs. The general price of steel and cement has stabilized and the horizon is likely to remain unchanged for next 2 years. hard costs and soft costs.according to the Karnataka government Property tax forecast: upon research it was discovered that rs. Hard costs Hard costs consist of the cost of the land and associated fees and construction costs. furniture. The total project cost is estimated at 00 million inr.The balance remaining square footage. Costs have been estimated at today INR Values and have not been adjusted for inflatation for the construction year.we Assume that all necessary permits and approvals will be secured.2 per square foot of land will be leived on the property as tax Zoning :according to the Hassan city planning department the proposed property s land is in super corridor which is a specialized zone. approximately 000000 sq ft will be developed as gardens.The construction costs for the proposed property have been estimated using current cost index for the Hassan market. The cost of the land has been pegged at 0000000 inr and the construction cost inclusive of all civil works.ft of built up area Taxes : new projects shall be exempt from luxury tax for ten years from the date of commencement of commercial operations. The following table explains the break up.building codes.rendering the cost of rs 0000 per sq. The area program as provided in section 3 acts as the basis for the square footages necessary to calculate the complete cost of construction. The total built up area for this facility is estimated to be approximately 00000 square feet . sports field Children Park and parking cars Primarily construction costs have been divided into main catagories.the zoning review should be verified before construction of the club commences .and all other applicable ordinances.

Hence we have used our experience in the industry and available information from our detailed research.g.Further it will have lauandry facilities and well as all applicable building.encompasses the property s demand genrators and compettator s . the rate of change must be qualified. stabilization or decline .fire and life safety codes. gambling.Utilites For the purpose of this market study. Economic and demographic trends that reflect the amount of visitation provide a basis from which to project demand. meeting.commercial.the economic and demographic profile of the defined market area is typically revelent in gauging the strength of . We have also assumed that the property will meet at least three star brand standards.for the purposes of this market study and financial projections report we have assumed that upon opening .and that the property will have sufficient storage space and adequate vertical transportation Finally. These trends are then correlated based on their propensity to reflect variations in demand. with the objective of forecasting the amount of growth or decline in transient visitation by individual market segement (e. The purpose of the market area analysis is to review available economic and demographic to determine whether the local market will undergo economic growth. group and leisure) In India it is very difficult to the get authentic statics and information on individual market segmentation this is due to poor maintenance of traveler addition to predicting the direction of the economy. Improvements conclusion We have assumed that the property will be constructed using quality materials and construction techniques and that the furniture.ventilation and airconditioning systems that will be capable of meeting peak demand.a facility s market area is genrally defined as area also. Market area definition the market area of any facility is the geographical region where the sources of demand and the competitive supply are located.we have assumed that the subject site will be served by all the necessary utilites.we have further assumed that the rooms and public areas will be designed in accordance with modern standards for the first class club facilities.the property will be maintained in a competitive condition over its remaining economic life MARKET AREA ANALYSIS The economic vitality of the market area surrounding the subject property is an important consideration in forecasting demand and income potential.fixtures and equipment will be consistent with the standards promulgated for a recognized branded upscale facility.

806 No.69 respectively.669 Urban Population : 3.the market s demand.mangalore. Arkalgud.Kms Total Population : 17.996 Population Density : 251 Population Growth Rate : 9.04. Sakleshpura) No. the proposed property s market consists of Bangalore.that generate to the location are more pertinent for analysis.996 is the rural population and 3. Channarayapatna. No. 21. of Engg. Holenarasipura.673 is urban population. The percentage of rural and urban population to the total population .the feeder markets and competation of the same type .udupi District Hq : Hassan. Belur.close to the feeder market . of Dental Colleges : 1 No.673 Rural Population : 14.Sakleshpura & Chikmaglur 8 POPULATION AND GROWTH TRENDS: As per the 2001 census the population of Hassan district is 17.Colleges : 5 Imp.kodgu. The site s primary market area is urban in character .however sometimes particularly for hotel/cottage/spa/banquet hal.mysore.66 % Sex Ratio : 1004 Literacy Rate : 60. Halebeed. of Medical Colleges : 2 No.Hassan.of Gram Panchayaths : 258 No.mandya.845 Sq.559 Area : 6.04.21.dakshinkannada. Arsikere.64. Tourist Places : Belur. 16. Shravanabelagola.31 and 17. Alur.67% No.of Villages : 2. Out of which 14.16. The percentage of rural and urban population to the total population of the district is 82.of Households : 3.chamrajnagar.Chikmaglur.669.of Taluks/Blocks : (Hassan. The propsed site is located in the district of Hassan. in the state of Karnataka.

vijaya bank.punjab national bank. Channarayapatna (266). With a density of 385 persons per sq. It reduced to 23.canara bank.ste bank of hyderabad . bank of india.according to 1981 census (1357014) was 85. The district has a balanced male.corpration bank.canara india. Arasikere (238).37 and 14. Holenarasipura (290).karnataka bank. Access to local demand generators Local Demand generators Industries There are 8 Large and Medium industries in the district with an investment of Rs 589. increased to 23. Alur (199) and the lowest density of 129 persons per sq. female ratio (996) as per 2001 census.state bank of india.tamilnadu mercantile bank provide with atm facilities .km Hassan taluk tops the list and this is followed by Arkalgud (295).10 percent during 1971-81 and reduced to 15.57 percent.43 percent of growth in population between 1981-91.central bank of india.76 percent in urban population.uco bank. The decadal growth rate works out to 15.05 percent during 1961-71.idbi bank.union bank of india.67 percent during 1981-91.icici bank. Belur (217).fedral bank. Indian overseas bank.67 percent (1981-91). Between 1981 to 1991 there is an increase of 2.62 respectively. The decadal growth rate was highest between 1951-61 and it was vysya bank. The density of population per square kilometer for the district is 251.axis bank. There is a decrease in is noticeable in the case of Sakaleshapura taluk according to 2001 census. The density of population varies considerably amongst the taluks.karur vysa bank.58 crore There are 19 Factories in Hassan Prominent Players Airel India Pvt Ltd Himatsingka Seide Fesco Food Pvt Ltd Unitex Apparels Pvt Ltd Joyfill India Ltd Hindustan Infrastructure Projects & Engineering Pvt Ltd Jupiter Aviation Logistics Banks =Stae bank of of Baroda.

The greatest monument of Shravanabelagola is another pilgrimage and Potential investment opportunities in Hassan District have been suggested based on the following: y y y y y y y y y Resource base Demand in the location & surrounding areas Entrepreneur skill/possible 'footloose' investment opportunities Innovative projects and emerging service sector Scope for Tourism based enterprises Developments in industrial and infrastructural sectors Investments in Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Scope for supply of goods & services to existing and upcoming Medium. Tourism. This would involve a total capital investment of Rs. There is also a proposal for establishing two more SEZs in Hassan viz. Building materials. Opportunity for attracting investment in food & agro based. j Potential Investment Opportunities Hassan District has eight taluks viz. A Special Economic Zone for Textiles in Hassan has already been approved. SEZ for Bio Pharma sector and SEZ for Food Processing. which may fuel accelerated growth of general and agro processing industries. Agri Export Zone and Special Economic Zone (SEZ). glass & ceramic products. Arasikere. Araklagud. Channarayapatna. 55 large & medium industries (including 50 in SEZ). Hassan District is emerging as one of the potential investment destination. Such developments are expected to result in creating direct employment for about 42. Textiles. Total investment that can be catalyzed during the five years period 2006-11 is estimated at Rs.000 persons and indirect employment to about 14. Hassan is identified as Industrial Growth Centre. 1. Leather & Sports products. . Hassan.Investment Opportunities j The District has potential for the promotion of over 3. Engineering and Service / Innovative Activities etc.372 tiny / SSI units. keeping in view Dr.000 persons (approximately). Plastic. 645. Alur.226.67 crores. Belur. 581. Holenarasipura and Sakaleshpura.90 crores. The District has well known historical background. Rubber. The Hoysala architecture and sculpture at Belur & Halebeedu are the treasures of the District. Large and Mega Projects in the District Existing industrial base and present rate of growth The investment opportunities have been identified separately in respect of tiny & SSI and Special Economic Zones. APJ Abdul Kalam's suggestions for Karnataka's prosperity.23 crores and will need a credit aggregating Rs.

There was a 9. As a result. 2012 too with a growth rate of 9. It is the largest service industry globally in terms of gross revenue as well as foreign exchange earnings. FEE in US Dollars terms during the month of January 2012 were 1. 2012 which rose to 6.The importance of the tourism as an instrument for economic development and employment generation. The growth rate of 9. an additional income and employment are generated through such linkages. growing to US$323. education and entertainment.2 per cent.681 million USD as compared to FEE of 1. forts. emanating from tourist expenditure.7 bn (US$266. expenditure on tourism induces the chain of transactions requiring supply of goods and services from the related sectors.273 million USD during the month of January 2011 and 1.2 per cent rise in Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) during the Month of January. fine arts and culture remain deeply etched in its people and place. Hassan is more than just a tourist destination.24 lakh during the month of January. The growth rate in FEE in rupee terms in January 2012 over January 2011 was 49. Foreign Exchange Earnings (FEE) during the month of January 2012 were Rs 8623 crore as compared to Rs 5777 crore in January 2011 and Rs 5593 crore in January 2010.2 per cent growth rate observed in December.81 lakh as compared to FTAs of 6. . the demand is expected to reach US$116.Tourism is overwhelmingly an industry of private sector providers and the public sector has a significant role to play in infrastructure areas either directly or through public private partnership mode. which is of particular significance to India.7 bn (US$91. It has the potential to stimulate other economic sectors through its backward and forward linkages and cross sector like agriculture. adventure. hillocks and green dales.7 bn) of economic activity (Total Demand). Its rich tradition in education.382 bn by 2019.In 2012. Tourism is one economic sector in India that has the potential to grow at a higher rate and can ensure consequential development of infrastructure of the destinations. 2011 over December 2010. The consumption demand. handicraft. flora & fauna. It has the capacity of to capitalize on the success of the country in the service sector and provide sustainable models of growth. It is motivated by the large natural urge of every human being for new experience. rivers and streams.412. Another important feature of the tourism industry. Worldwide in 2009.1 bn) by 2019.0 bn in 2019. horticulture. Travel & Tourism is expected to post INR 4. The growth rate in FEE in US Dollars terms in January 2012 over January 2011 was 32. poultry.3 per cent in January 2011 over January 2010. transport and construction etc. Whereas South Asia Travel & Tourism is concerned. In the case of India .340 bn of economic activity (Total Demand) and this is forecast to grow to US$14. a tourism Ministry spokesperson said. 2010. add to this mouth-watering cuisine and touching hospitality TOURISM SCENARIO IN INDIA GENERAL Tourism has been a major social phenomenon of the societies all along. religious and business interests. The enchanting natural scenery of hills. temples and historical places. is its contribution to national integration and preservation of national as well as cultural environment and enrichment of the social. dense forests.601.3 per cent as compared to 3. The trend of positive growth in FTAs observed during the year 2011 continued in January.2 per cent in January 2012 over January 2011 was higher than 5. sandalwood and spices. particularly in remote and backward areas has been recognized the world over.1 bn in 2009. it is expected to post US$7.8 per cent in January 2011 over January 2010.69 lakh in January.1 per cent as compared to the growth of 4.Today. also induces more employment and generates a multiplier effects on the economy.The motivation for tourism also includes social. growing to INR14.215 million USD in January 2010. 2011 and 5.

Andhra Pradesh to the east.TOURISM SCENARIO IN KARNATAKA GENERAL PROFILE Karnataka is bounded by Arabian Sea to the west. Madikeri and Agumbe. unexplored forests and endless beaches. Goa to the northwest.98 percent constitutes urban population and the population density is 275. . and Kerala to the southwest.850. Tamil Nadu to the southeast. Another 25. km. km.000 monuments are yet to receive protection. Karnataka has been ranked as the fourth most popular destination for tourism among the states of India. second only to Uttar Pradesh. the ninth largest by population. The districts of the Western Ghats and the southern districts of the state have popular ecotourism locations including Kudremukh.791 sq. Karnataka has the second highest number of nationally protected monuments in India. the total population of Karnataka is 52. According to the 2001 census. At the same time the state covers an area of about 191.6 per sq. which constitutes about 5. Karnataka hosts numerous spots of interest for tourists. Popular among them are Bandipur National Park.Karnataka comprises of 29 districts and it is the eighth largest state by area.562 out of which 33.With respect to tourism the State by virtue of its varied geography and long history. Maharashtra to the north. scenic hill ranges. Prominent among them is Mysore Palace at Mysore which is one of the most visited monuments in India. modern cities. in addition to 752 monuments protected by the State Directorate of Archaeology and Museums. There is an array of ancient sculptured temples. Karnataka has 25 wildlife sanctuaries and five national parks.83 percent of the total geographical area of the Nation.

Hospitals in Karnataka treat around 8. the Charmadi Ghat.000 health tourists every year OVERVIEW OF TOURISM SCENARIO As stated earlier in the above section that Karnataka is situated in the southern part of India and the province of the same spreads over the Deccan Plateau. and the famous Agumbe Ghat which provide access to the coast. Nagarhole. Trend in Tourist Arrival: . Magod Falls. the Sri Manjunatha Temple at Dharmasthala and Sharadamba Temple at Sringeri attract pilgrims from all over India. the Shiradi Ghat. Gokarna and Karwar. Ullal. Magod. It is also the eighth largest state in India in both in terms of area and population and it is also formerly known as Mysore. hill stations like Nandi Hills and Kemmannagundi and Mercara. Karnataka is home to several places of religious importance. The cave temples at Badami and the rock-cut temples at Aihole representing the Badami Chalukyan style of architecture are also popular tourist destinations. The details pertaining to the same are mentioned in below. 5 Km. The Western Ghats slope gently towards the Bay of Bengal. from Srirangapatna which is itself a well known tourist center. Karnataka hold many attractions in terms of tourist interest such as wildlife sanctuaries. beaches. Unchelli or Lushington near Siddapur. commentators like Sayana. Great reformers like Sri Basaveshwara. Shankara. The Jain faith had a stronghold in Karnataka in the early medieval period with Shravanabelagola as its most important center. Karnataka has the highest number of approved health systems and alternative therapies in India. attracting tens of thousands of pilgrims during the Mahamastakabhisheka festival. Recently Karnataka has emerged as a hot spot for health care tourism. The great Acharyas. Jog Falls is India's tallest single-tiered waterfall with Unchalli Falls. The wild life sanctuaries at Bandipur. Ramanuja and Madhwa. Lalguli at Yallapur and other places indicate the variety and richness of the attractions that Karnataka State holds out to the visitors There are many places of historic and religious importance. The Gol Gumbaz and Ibrahim Rauza are famous examples of the Deccan Sultanate style of architecture. the Jog falls and other water falls at Shiva Samudram. In addition to it the waterfalls of Karnataka and Kudremukh National Park are listed as must-see places and among the "1001 Natural Wonders of the World. preached in this region. the Marikamba Temple at Sirsi. Mudabidri and Karkala are famous for Jain history and monuments. thus forming a natural barrier between the plateau and the coastal regions. Hill stations. private institutions which provide international-quality services have caused the health care industry to grow by 30 percent during 2004-05. Harihara and Kumara Vyasa have all enriched the heritage of Karnataka. They drop abruptly towards the Arabian Sea. plantations. In addition.Bannerghatta National Park and Nagarhole National Park. The monolith of Gomateshwara at Shravanabelagola is the tallest sculpted monolith in the world. the world famous Brindavan Gardens at Krishnarajasagara. saint poets like Purandaradasa and Kanakadasa. great writers like Pampa. Several popular beaches dot the coastline including Murudeshwara. the monolithic statue of Gommateshwara at Sharavanabelagola. Most of the holy sites of Lingayats. mathematicians like Baskaracharaya. which were built with Chloritic Schist (Soap Stone) are proposed UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Sahyadris are covered with evergreen forests. There are four Ghats in Karnataka namely Subrahmanya Ghat. Abbey Falls and Shivanasamudra Falls among other popular waterfalls. Shravanabelagola. are found in northern parts of the state. Gol Gumbaz with its whispering gallery at Bijapur. historical monuments & monolithic statue and water falls. The ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire at Hampi and the monuments of Pattadakal are on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Malpe and Maravanthe. and Ranganathittu Bird's Sanctuary. Dandeli. Along with some ISO certified government-owned hospitals. beach resorts like Karwar. The topography of Karnataka is largely a reflection of the geology of the state. like Kudalasangama and Basavana Bagewadi. The Hoysala temples at Belur and Halebidu. Several Hindu temples including the famous Udupi Krishna Temple.

75 2004 530. Aihole Hospet.316 31.311.66 2005 545. In the case of domestic tourist.403 142.167 -21.000 27. Jog development in Shimoga district. Hampi (world heritage center).470.208. of India.000 12.908 11.541 11.98 1999 229.703 14.178 A negative growth rate in the recent past has been observed in tourist arrival in the destinations like Bijapur.258.853 foreigners visited the state during 2006.545 8.053 12.74 2000 208. Govt.853 33. Halebid attract maximum number of domestic tourists as well as foreigners visiting the State. Aihole.889 1. the overall contribution is 8.225 27. Mysore accounts for the highest tourist arrivals in the State.666 16.724.665.33 2008* 620.454 34.862 11.996.836 11.215 -38.95 percent of the total foreign tourists visiting India during the year 2006 and ranked 8th among all the Indian states.454 domestic tourist and 564.200 30.746.902.836 12.69 2002 59.464 14.175.4: Overall Growth of Tourist Inflow in Karnataka Year Foreign Domestic Total Growth Rate (%) 1997 246.000 -27.000 11.71 2003 249. and Nandi Hills. Belur.007.132.698 -1998 249.117.437 38.678.307 10. Around 33. Nandi Hills.200. Jog falls has shown the highest growth in the total tourist arrivals in the last few years. Whereas the destinations like Mysore. Badami.The Karnataka State currently ranks as the 4th most popular destination in the country.000 18.000.760.738. and luxurious Palace on .563 37.620.670 8.000 27.015.14 percent. The overall growth of tourist (Domestic & Foreign) inflow in the State is shown in the table below.386 31. The overall growth of the above said location which fall under the project are been briefly described in the below section. Table 2.000 18. Chitradurga.746. and Bijapur which together attract more than 75 percent of the total tourist arrivals in the State.87 2001 140.87 2006 564. Barring few places like Shravanabelagola. These projects include development and protection of world heritage centers of Hampi and Pattadakal. Past Tourist Arrivals in major tourist destinations in Karnataka: As per the information gathered from Ministry of Tourism. Bijapur.225 30. The other major tourist destinations are Belur.292 11. Halebid.7 Categorization of Existing & Potential Tourism Destinations: The State government has already taken up some tourism projects on priority basis. Jog falls. Karnataka accounted for 4.63 2007 534. development of beaches in coastal Karnataka.720 15.

Arakalgud taluk Kodagu Madikeri taluk. The Criteria for selection of circuits in brief are as follows. Hill circuit. Presently under the current State Tourism Policy. GoK is also planning for reactivation and renovation of all the minor airports in the State. Wildlife circuit.5: Special Tourism Areas in Karnataka District Area Bijapur Bijapur Taluk. Channarayapatna taluk. Golf circuit. D & E. etc. Beside developing interesting and convenient regional or Hub and spoke type tourist destinations. Somawarpet taluk. Belur taluk. T. a lot of efforts are also being taken to form theme based circuits like Coastal circuit. C. B. Northern circuit. The detail pertaining to the same are mentioned in the below section. Mixed circuits. Kollegal Taluk. Yelandur Taluk North Canara One km width of entire coast line from the high tide line Shimoga Sagar Taluk South Canara One km width of entire coast line from the high tide line except the area covered by Mangalore City Corporation limits Development of Tourism Circuits: Based on the availability of the huge variety and diversity in the places of tourist attraction with in the state. Narasipur Taluk. Southern circuit. the government has reclassified the tourist places of Karnataka under category A. Virajpet taluk Mandya Srirangapatna Taluk Mysore Mysore Taluk except Mysore Corporation Limits. Gundlupet Taluk. _ Should provide the tourists with an unique experience _ Multiple source of attractions _ The entry and exit points should be popular tourism hubs/major connecting cities _ Well developed infrastructure and good means of accessibility _ Should possess the carrying capacity and ability to withstand tourist inflow _ Should not hamper the ecological balance of the region . Jain pilgrimage circuit. Temple circuits. Apart from the existing and potential tourism area. Basavakalyan Taluk Chitradurga Chitradurga Taluk Hassan Hassan taluk. Hungund Taluk Bidar Bidar Taluk. In addition.Wheel project covering the key places of tourist interest in the state. an effort has been given to identify and develop tourism circuits based on certain criteria. so as to enable the tourist to extract maximum pleasure. the government has also identified Special tourism Table 2.

with 3 circuits based on Mangalore as a hub. d) Eco Tourism. and h) Coastal. Hotels in Hassan Hotel Hassan Ashok. b) Temple. _ Theme based Circuits: These circuits have a theme focusing a) Wildlife. the GoK has allocate INR 1. f) Spiritual. Compared to 2005-06 tourist arrivals to Karnataka have increased by 3. 6 airports and 22 helipads are being proposed. For further promotion of tourism in the state. Presently Karnataka Tourism is on the fast track and tourism business has gained momentum.48 billion for development of tourism during FY 2007-08 and this will give big boost to the State Tourism. the identified circuits have been further grouped into following heads: _ Regional Circuits with Hubs and Spokes: Presently 11 Circuits have been identified by tourism department of Karnataka.Depending on the nature and the types of tourists the state receives. Regarding infrastructure facilities.68 percent and 10. g) Hill. Hampi and Chikamagalur as huts. 2 circuits based on Karwar as a hub. and the details pertaining to the same are briefly explained in below chapter. c) Jain Pilgrimage. For the above side proposed development. 2 circuits based on Mysore as a Hub and the rest based on Udupi. the GoK has identified four tourists¶ circuits. Tamil Nadu. _ Inter State Circuits: Five interstate circuits covering the states of Karnataka.75 percent growth in foreign and domestic tourist. Gopi s Farm Hotel Sri Krishna Hotel Southern Star Hotel Suvarna Regency Hassan Hoysala Village Resort . e) Plantation. Maharashtra and Goa have been identified. Bijapur. GoK has taken initiative to improve and develop connectivity.

a three star hotel in Hassan is perfect for the tourists who are willing to visit Halebid and Belur. direct dial telephone and cable colour amenities.(Bangalore) Railway Station : 1 km. y y y Airport : 185 km. the temple cities of Karnataka. 1 suite Air . the temple cities of Karnataka. Accommodation includes 23 Air conditioned.Rappa Palaka Resort Hotel Harsha Mahal Hotel Apoorva Hotel Hassan Ashok Hotel Hassan Ashok. running hot and cold water. Hotel Hassan Ashok. which include an attached bath. a three star hotel in Hassan is perfect for the tourists who are willing to visit Halebid and Belur.conditioned. 22 Non Air . Bus Station : 5 km (Central Bus Stand) Rooms & Suites Total No. of rooms: 46 Double A/c: 32 Double Non A/c: 13 Suites: 1 Restaurents & Bar Restaurents : 1 Bar : 1 . The double rooms in the hotel have many in . The hotel offers all the required comforts to the visitors in Hassan compelling you to return again and again.conditioned.

Cusine : Multi-cuisine. Travel desk service y y y y y y Running hot and cold water Safe Deposit Lockers Shopping arcade. Express laundry / dry cleaning. Ltd. Overview Hoysala Village Resort at Hassan. y y y y Beauty parlour / Hair salon Doctor-on-call.A 3 hour drive from Bangalore city. Indian. . Continental. Chinese. Spacious Car Parking Telephone with direct dialling Television in the room with satellite channels Hoysala Village Resort Hoysala Village Resort Hassan Karnataka India. The Resort is ideally suited for a visit to Belur and Halebid. Regional Cuisine Manglorean. surrounded by beautiful. New Delhi. Internet access Money Changer.Hassan. a prime enterprise of Nirvana Group of Hotels & Resorts Pvt. is now open offering comfortable and splendid accommodation. serene countryside and lovely quaint villages is the Hoysala Village Resort . Business Services Leisure and Other Services Recreation y y y y y y Banquet Hall Conference Hall Credit cards and money exchange Doctor on Call. exquisite cuisine and entertainment in a relaxed ambience. the seat of the famous Hoysala dynasty.

Restaurant The stone pillared spacious multi cuisine restaurant Belur is set around the swimming pool.large and comfortable . and lovely quaint villages.a perfect respite at the end of a vibrant day.Getting There Hassan is a 3 hour drive from Bangalore city. Rooms & Suites Standard Room The resort is built on the lines of a local village and reflects the local flavour. The Hoysala Village Resort is 5km away from Hassan.Shakleshpur ± Hassan.The rooms are rustic . . Business Services Leisure and Other Services Recreation y Swimming pool y y Running hot and cold water Swimming pool. BANGALORE (185 Kms) and Mangalore (175 Kms) are the nearest airports. The nearest rail junction is at Hassan. Distance Details y y y y y BANGALORE (185 Kms) ± Nelamangala ± Kunigal ± Nilligere ± Channarayapatna ± Hassan. through beautiful. Suite Room The suite room at Hoysala Village Resort has a living room with a sit out area which offers excellent view of the resort. serene countryside. MYSORE (120 Kms) ± Yelwal ± Bilekere ± Krishnarajanagara ± Hole Narsipur ± Hassan. The standard cottage is a twin occupancy cottage replete with all modern amenities. MANGALORE (175 Kms) ± BC Road ± Mani .

Regular Bus and Taxi Service are available from locations to Hassan. Getting There Hassan is conveniently connected by Road to important tourist locations in Karnataka like Bangalore. M. The location is also an important religious and pilgrim destination for `Jain pilgrims' with its close proximity to Sravanabelagola. Road Hassan Karnataka 573201 Overview The location of Hassan has been strategically chosen for the New Hotel Unit of Usha Shriram Hotels as this forms as important destination for domestic and Inbound tourists alike. Mysore and Mangalore. Distance from Hassan y y y y y y Bangalore Mysore Belur Halebid Mangalore : 195 km : 125 km : 38 km : 27 km : 190 km Sravanabelagola : 51 km .y y Telephone with direct dialling Television in the room with satellite channels Hotel Southern Star B.

y y y y y Running hot and cold water Safe Deposit Lockers Spacious Car Parking Telephone with direct dialling Television in the room with satellite channels .Rooms y y y y y y y 49 rooms with attached bath Running hot and cold water Direct Dial Telephones Satellite TV ISD-STD facility Purified drinking water Laundry Service Restaurant & Bar y y y Coffee-Shop (Mercara) Multi-cuisine Restaurant (Karwar) Bar Business Services Leisure and Other Services Recreation y y Conference Hall Doctor on Call. Travel assistance. y y y Car hire service Doctor-on-call.

Location 1. 3.swimingpool.each offering a panoramin view of coconut trees surrounded by a viel of mist.pool table.Bengalooru to palaka resorts=176kms.within lush green farm air auditorium & boating facilities.Set amidst swaying coconut and arecanut plan tations. Rooms & suites The resort has 10 spacious & well-appointed rooms.The Palaka Resort Sri Ramadevara Dam.Palaka Resorts boasts of cozy cottages.Mysore to palaka resorts=96kms.Hassan to palaka resorts=27kms.multi-cuisine restaurant confrence hall. Business Services Leisure and Other Services Recreation y Conference Hall y y y y y Car hire service Doctor on call Laundry service Restaurant Room Service y y y y y Air Conditioning Room Running hot and cold water Spacious Car Parking Swimming pool Telephone with direct .children's park.Holenarasipura Taluk.Hassan District Karnataka. 2.india verview Palaka Resort is situated beside Sri Rama Devara Dam View on the Hassan -Mysore Highway.

1. The most attractive feature of the house is its high roof Mangalore tiled house.200/+ 12% luxury tax per person on multiple sharing with all meals . its walls are built of sun burnt bricks and clay and local stones. The farm house is surrounded by lush greenery and tall coconut trees. where you can experience typical Karnataka rural agricultural life.y Travel assistance.+ 12% luxury tax per person on twin sharing with all meals & Rs. The Rappa Arali Marada Koppalu. All these in a well maintained 40-acre campus surrounded by coconut trees and a beautiful garden.500/. One room comes with two separate twin beds. y dialling Television in the room with satellite channels Gopis Farm Type: Home Stay Overview Gopi s Farm is the ideal retreat from everything synonymous with the city life. India An island eco lodge just 210 kms. which is full of sunlight and surrounded by greenery both inside and outside Room Details There are three beautifully decorated. 1. away from Bangalore ategory Inventory of accommodation 5 swiss cootages on the ground with attached bathrooms 3 swiss cottages on machans ± separate bathroom & toilets but not attached Tariff Rs. The farm house itself is the main attraction. All of which help you to re ±connect with nature and fill you with the real sense of peace and serenity. It is a running organic eco-friendly coconut farm. spacious rooms each with its own separate attached bathrooms with modern amenities ensuring your stay is in comfort. the other two rooms come with the large king size beds. Hassan 570103.

Accessibility Facilities & Services Restaurant & dining area Activities offered Boating & kayaking Cottages Neat & clean .