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A Review of the Tools Used to Implement IT Governance 21st - 23rd April 2008, London


Discuss the importance of service management Asses the use of CobIT as an IT Governance Framework Consider capacity management Learn about change, release and configure management Uncover how to implement ISO27001

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helping IT to demonstrate its value to the business and helping everyone from the executives to the everyday user to understand IT costs CobIT statements. We can offer any of our public courses or tailor them to your requirements. Implementing Governance? Don’t re-invent the Wheel! TM Fee GBP £ or call +44 (0) 20 7779 8975 now More Great Reasons to Choose our In-house Training: • Save money over public seminar fees • Save money on travel & accommodation • Save time on travel as the instructor will travel to you. Training is available in all areas of Internal Audit. capacity management is a technical issue best left to the experts. Instructors are hands-on.SEMINAR FOCUS AND FEATURES Implementing IT Governance using CobIT. Email Guy Cooper at gcooper@mistieurope. fitting financial management into Governance TM CobIT's component parts. but as a part of the IT Governance framework it is essential and must be managed as such . in its own right. where ITIL came from and how it. provides the complete framework for implementing Governance. ISO27001 and ITIL TM Prerequisite An understanding of general business IT infrastructures & business requirements of IT Learning Level Intermediate Who Should Attend In addition to Information Security and Audit Management and Seniors. not the other way around? This three-day course will assist you to implement IT Governance by informing you of some tools that are already available to help you. different sections for different individuals. contact us now. a brief look at where CobIT came from to show why it is the globally respected framework for Governance TM What does it mean to an IT Department? Finance & IT is not always a ‘hand in glove’ relationship. especially in Governance CobIT statements as they relate to SLA’s. ensure the relevance of the seminar for your colleagues. Reuters IN-HOUSE TRAINING Save Up To 50% When You Run This course In-house In-house tailored training will enable you & your colleagues to make significant savings as we charge per day & not per participant so the cost remains the same regardless of how many people attend. including Sarbanes-Oxley in the USA and beyond Executive Management in the Global Enterprise. a look at some of the major issues which have ‘shaken the world’ and the legislation that has directly resulted from highly-publicised business failures. ITIL & ISO27001. “Control Objectives for IT”. how managing service levels fits into the CobIT Governance Framework. Service Level Management The importance of SLA’s to the IT Department. We guarantee that we will be able to cater for all your business needs. incorporating both of the other tools. TM TM TM Introduction to ITIL Service Delivery The IT Infrastructure Library. and IT Security If you have 6 or more colleagues who would be interested in one of our courses and you would like to make significant savings. has become a global vehicle for delivering the IT service. • Bring the best in the business. You can tailor the structure & methodology of your seminar or customise the seminar to meet the expertise levels of the participants. internal service level agreements focus the mind of IT on the provision of a “quality product” to meet the needs of Business Planning & Implementing the Process. perhaps it should be? Is IT a ‘black hole’ into which the business pours money? Developing an IT Accounting system. an overview of the relationship between key elements of the CobIT framework and the specific tools for adding the ‘meat’ onto CobIT's ‘bones’. IT Audit. Heads of IT and Executive Management with responsibility for implementing IT and Corporate Governance 21st . • Tailor the course content. IT Managers. expert practitioners who are your subject matter consultants when they are not training. the former British Standard BS7799. London Are you thinking of implementing IT Governance? Do you feel that you should join with major commercial and government organisations throughout the world in showing that the business controls its technology. responsibilities of executive management is being polarised by the recognised need for Corporate Governance. Furthermore. TM The Benefits of Service Management. why ITIL is so useful in any IT environment whether or not part of a Governance project. IT Governance is a key sub-set of this. DAY ONE CobIT. the IT Infrastructure Library provides both direction and structure for ‘best practice’ Service Delivery (it also provides Service Support but we’ll concentrate on the delivery): ISO/IEC27001. Capacity Management Why (not how!). • • • • What are your training objectives? How many people require the training? When would you like to run the training? What level of experience do you and your colleagues have? • We will then email you a detailed proposal which addresses your unique needs. “it’s all in the planning” goes for any major project but with managing SLA’s it has a very special meaning. ITIL. TM TM Financial Management Introduction to CobIT TM TM TM Summary of CobIT History & Origins.23rd April 2008. this course would be of interest to Chief Information Officers (CIO’s). You will have complete control of the training content and decide when it is run. CobIT. from the Executive to the Implementation Team CobIT. is the recognised.795 Earn 22 CPE’s “Good overview of the subject with extensive practical examples” Operations Risks and Controls. the training can be held at the most convenient time for you. • Gain CPE points & certificates for the number of training hours. international standard for managing information security. ITIL & SERVICE DELIVERY Why Governance? The case for IT and Corporate Governance.

a Fellow of the Institute of IT Service Management and a Fellow of the Institute of Analysts & Programmers. an ‘honorary’ DBA in risk & security management. he is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society. again. “Very good introduction to IT Governance and understanding the inter-relationship between CobIT and ITIL” TM Senior Auditor. Highways Agency Typical activities in capacity management. is an Information Audit & Security specialist with over 25 years experience. An MSc in information technology was followed by a PhD in information security management and. Should you redefine the business or redefine CobIT? TM The Service Desk Keeping the Customer satisfied: providing the service to Business and maintaining IT as a key Business support Service Desk Technology: what is needed in the computerised service desk environment Case Study: implementing CobIT. He is internationally regarded as an expert in Information Audit & Security and has spoken at international conferences from Oslo to Cape Town by way of Orlando and Canberra on various information security and audit topics. but in the future. CISM and CFE. where Part 1 (ISO17799) is guidelines. dealing with and managing incidents Encouraging Incident Awareness: relating ITIL to ISO27001 DAY TWO CobIT. why ITIL Part 2 is equally useful in any IT environment whether or not part of a Governance project. ITIL & SERVICE SUPPORT Service Continuity Typical risks to IT Services. comparing where are we now with where do we want to be is a standard project exercise but this relates it directly to identifying and meeting the Business need for security and confidentiality of information The Compliance Project. This will be a look through the key components of the Standard as it should be implemented. Problem & Incident Management What is an incident? When does it become a “Problem”? When does it become a “Crisis”? Proactive Problem Management. where next after the Gap Analysis? Security implementation requires some special treatment as an essential part of your IT Governance project Measuring compliance. security metrics can be complicated yet the degree to which you are achieving your objectives needs to be measured and reported Change. ISO27001 & SECURITY MANAGEMENT Introduction to ISO17799 BS7799 Origin & development. recognising. fitting capacity management into your IT Governance TM Service desk responsibilities & functions: what the Service Desk should do and what it should not do. CISM Derek J. making sure business objectives are achieved not just today. security and governance projects throughout Europe. Oliver. ITIL & ISO27001 TM TM TM The CobIT Project. Part 2 is the specification on which the rest of this course. This is a look at common reasons why they might not be and how a variety of ‘disruptive incidents’ can be addressed Considering the scope: risks ‘in’ and ‘out’. CEO of Ravenswood Consultants Ltd. As a member of the CISA Certification Board he was jointly responsible for setting the annual. CobIT Statements. most businesses are dependent upon their IT services being there when they are needed. but was a planned and managed project which is still ongoing ISO27001 components. more recently.COURSE DIRECTOR Derek Oliver. international CISA examination and he is currently Chairman of the CISM Test Enhancement Committee. this did not just happen. Release & Configuration Management Identifying the risks to IT governance in changes to the IT environment: dealing with special risks including Fraud The Change Cycle: from the first ideas to the implementation of both Hardware & Software Implementing Change Governance throughout the Cycle. another brief introduction to explain why a British Standard became internationally recognised as the primary driver for information security TM Implementing CobIT. still fitting system availability as a key Governance issue TM TM Implementing ISO27001 The Gap Analysis using “Annex A”. not the technical but the administration. ITIL & ISO27001 in a global organisation: how these ‘tools’ were used to implement a controls infrastructure across a global enterprise working in 87 countries but in a way that can be scaled to meet the needs of any business Summary & Conclusions © MIS Training 2008 TM . Achieving ISO status. some ideas for the management process Introduction to ITIL Service Support The Benefits of Service Support. He founded UK-based information security & audit consultancy Ravenswood in 1995 and has worked on audit. continuity issues need to be addressed according to business risk as addressing them can be an expensive experience! CobIT Statements. DAY THREE CobIT. Qualified with CISA. like your “Security Governance” project is based. using CobIT as a tool for implementing Governance can be done in different ways.

MIS Training. If full payment has been received you are eligible for a 75% reduction on the next run of the seminar.mistieurope. MIS reserves the right to change or cancel programmes due to unforeseen circumstances. fax . ISO27001 AND ITIL TM A Review of the Tools Used to Implement IT Governance 22 CPES Key topic areas: When registering for this event please quote reference WEB I would like to receive information about running this course in-house I Discuss the importance of service management I Asses the use of CobIT as an IT Governance Framework I Consider capacity management I Learn about change. We occasionally allow reputable companies outside the Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC group to contact you with details of products that may be of interest to you. Please call to enquire about corporate discounts. Playhouse Yard. a substitute may attend in his or her place. Organisations outside the UK should check with their excise authority as to which domestic fiscal regulations Post completed form to: Carlos Doughty. simply tell us why on your company letterhead and we will give you a full credit toward another programme. London Continuous Auditing. After the event organisations registered for VAT in the UK may reclaim the tax. having trained over 200.000 delegates I Course Instructors are the most reputable in the industry I We have an impressive client list including AIB. Cancellations received within 21 working days of the event are liable for the full seminar Cheque enclosed (payable to MIS Training) Please debit my credit card Card Number Cardholders name AMEX VISA Please invoice my company PO# MasterCard Expiry Verification Code Please include billing address if different from address given Please note that in completing this booking you undertake to adhere to the cancellation and payment terms listed below Signature Approving Manager Date Position . or email please tick the relevant box. ICAEW. ISO27001 and ITIL TM 5 easy ways to register Tel: +44 (0)20 7779 8944 Fax completed form to: +44 (0)20 7779 8293 Email: mis@mistieurope. London 8th -10th September 2008. Please send me information on: In House Training Auditing Business Application Web: www. 6th -7th March 2008 London Customer Information Title Title/Position E-Mail Address (Required) Address Country Telephone VAT Number (If you have one) The information you provide will be safeguarded by the Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC group whose subsidiaries may use it to keep you informed of relevant products and services.5th March 2008. VAT: All delegates attending are liable to pay VAT. Caja Madrid. to name a few I Earn CPE points . If you do not want us to share your information with other reputable companies please tick this box .795 .10% discount* + VAT @ 10% off regular fees. Nestor House. First name Surname Organisation Postcode Fax Registration Information (fees must be paid in advance of the event) Accommodation: MIS Training has negotiated special accommodation rates at Radisson Edwardian hotels. Delegates from outside the UK but within the European Community may also be able to reclaim the VAT.mistieurope. IIA or PRMIA Implementing IT Governance using CobIT. London EC4V 5EX UK (please photocopy form for additional delegates) 21st -23rd April 2008. Payment Information You can now pay online at or email mistraining@radisson. London (MT2366) GBP £1. Fees must be paid in advance of the event. ACCA.radissonedwardian. Discounts can not be used in conjunction with each other. CIMA. If you have any other queries please visit www. For further information please visit www. Dexia Bank and European Central Bank. High Yield/No-Risk Guarantee: Attend these workshops and receive tools and techniques that will help you do your job better. This discount will be valid for one year only.IMPLEMENTING IT GOVERNANCE USING CobIT . As an international group we may transfer your data on a global basis for the purposes indicated above. release and configure management I Uncover how to implement ISO27001 TM Why should you attend? I MIS Training is the global leader in internal audit training.mistieurope. 3rd .which can be used to qualify for an Cancellation Policy: Should a delegate be unable to attend. If you do not. If you object to contact by telephone .5% Grand Total £ £ £ £ *Discounts: Government.