HR & Admin Domain Excellence – USA, India & in Ghana

Working as AVPHR & Admin for a Multi-National Company with 800 multi location staff. • Worked with Wal-Mart, USA and Reliance Retail, India for recruitment of more than 500 staff over the period by exploring various recruitment channels at a lower cost without compromising on process and quality. • Multilateral & Multi Country exposure in Strategic HR management, Change Management, Talent Pipeline Planning, Compensation & Benefits, Job Analysis, project Management, Vendor negotiation for Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing and EXIM industry. Honors and Educational Qualification: 1. MBA from New York State University, New York, USA; Full Time, Residential; Batch of 2002. Special citation by the University Dean for securing 100/100 marks in Subject “Consumer Behavior”. 2. Bachelors in Engineering (Plastics Engg) from Pune University, Pune, India 1991. 3. Received “Best Employee Award” from Wal-Mart, USA. Skills: * Admin/ IR Management * Leadership & Team Building * C&B Management * Strategic HR Management * Business Transformation/BPR * Change Management * Lean Six Sigma/ Balanced Scorecard * Competency based Recruitment * SAP Efficient

Organizational Experience
Melcom Ltd, Largest Manufacturing Company in Ghana, W. Africa
Associate Vice President – HR & Admin Achievements: 2009 - Current

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1. Transformed entire HR & Admin process saving 20% wage bill per year, as well as boosting staff morale, clarity of role and duties and clear line of hierarchy. 2. Analyzed 800 staff and worker’s jobs for Job Content; Working conditions, Created SLA, KPI for performance enhancement, eliminated redundant jobs, defined new jobs as per competencies, adjusted roles, fixed pay scale bands as per job; resulting in 50% reduced Attrition, boosting on time delivery of defect free products by 17%. 3. Identified training need based on gap analysis, deployed training in batches to safeguard operation. 4. Applied Six sigma techniques for large scale recruitment & Talent management processes resulting in 50% cost reduction by way of standardization of forms, formats & vendors. 5. Re-Engineered HR processes for Training needs identification based on SLA during Union negotiations. 6. Created SLA for the first time in the organization during union negotiations resulting in training need identification, TI monitoring and post training performance review. Implemented group wide PMS for the first time, streamlining incentive/bonus payments resulting in reduced dissatisfaction and increased performance. Identified training needs Post PMS for the group employees, devised and imparted motivational training to staff, devised and implemented a third party training schedule to impart T & D for the staff, measured training effectiveness resulting improved Budgeted expenses for promotional activities and incidental expenses for the line of Business. Created on boarding experience document for Indian expatriates which is still being used. Negotiated AMC and services contracts with third parties in coordination with the CEO & the Chairman. Conducted “Best Employee Contests” on sales per month basis. Page 1 of 3

school level for employing staff for Shopping Season rush (Thanksgiving-Christmas) & subsequent recruitment saving 30% staffing cost in North Eastern USA. 4. Analyzing critical/non critical roles for the entire Hypermart organization resulting in increased job satisfaction of the staff. Wal-Mart Inc USA 2002. staff welfare etc. Risk Parameterization and Strategy based implementation to operationalize contacts with external vendors and government officials. Accomplished 100% of Recruitment target within the given TAT in the region with 92% employee satisfaction 3 months after the date of employment. 4. deploy training as needed. • Created track of attendance record of 700 retail mall staff in SAP HRMS module. collages and at local employment bureau. Conducted Goal setting exercises as a part of OD Intervention for skilled staff of Hyper markets directly impacting profitability.2009 1. 2.Desirable matrix. 120 crores covering 1500 staff and Managers.2005 Manager – HR & Business Strategy Achievements: 1. morale and competitive spirits of the employees. created short training programs on personality development of customer centric staff. • Performed HR process transformation with Lean and BPR matrices for the entire organization. Established matrices for recruitment system effectiveness with measurable & actionable TAT for accurate/ timely MIS usage resulting in 50% increase of internal customer satisfaction. Achieved 30% staffing cost savings in North Eastern USA in the busy ThanksgivingChristmas shopping season by coordinating with local Universities & schools. • Responsible for maintaining database of candidates at University. • Developed operating policy improvements based on C & B Optimum. Conducted TNA analysis for the line staff. Created on-boarding experience document for foreign expatriates which is still being used. Re. store level. planning. Review with CEO for achievement information.Reliance Retail Limited. • End to end responsibility for building global HR service organization in view of foreign staff members in the work environment. Received “BEST Employee Award” 2 times for cost saving measures in the department. • Forecasted people requirement based on Annual operating plan of the company. 3. 2.engineered the process of large scale recruitment for staff requirement of 12 HyperMarts and 22 Reliance Retail Stores with Manpower budgeting. Fitment analysis. 6. • Worked on SAP HR module as Administrator to create ESS and Recruitment modules for the employees. • Created process document based on SLA. 5. Conducted Employee engagement initiatives during Union labor negotiations. Page 2 of 3 . Monitored career progression of top achievers as per the matrices. Liaison with corporate and operational team head to maintain parity in strategy/ execution of plan 8. Conducted Competency Analysis. helped company achieve target of 200 staff in a given time. • Executing business strategy with inputs received from the customers regarding customer service. Implemented a roadmap for process driven workforce grading management for staff & employee. resulting in reduction of no of roles and hierarchies by 5% for better utilization of manpower. implementing Annual Employee Plan of Rs. implementation of plan at state. Conducted recruitment drives in Universities. • Quarterly review with CEO for change management. India National Manager: HR Operations & Talent Transformation Achievements: 2005. Fix quarterly targets. 7. Mumbai. 3.

• Product pricing and control by getting feedback from Store operations. Mumbai Aug1997. Sector 9. Small Business Development Center (SBDC). • To lead efforts of an inter-departmental team at district and store level to ensure adherence and implementation of company’s policy of great customer service. credit control & expansion strategy. Mumbai as Project Manager. USA Strategy Consultant for small businesses Jan 2002.Aug 2001 Director • A Boutique Financial services company offering Strategic consultancy to medium sized cooperative banks on investment planning. Correspondence Address: A1/12/01 Millennium Towers. • From August 1991 to May 1994 with Savita Chemicals Ltd. Navi Mumbai as Shift Supervisor. in compliance with various Federal and Local statutes. E Mail: Manishpk68@gmail.400705 India Tel: 9833442264. technical specifications. customers and vendors. Other Assignments in India: • From May 1994 to August 1997 with Premium Capital Markets. USA.5 on a scale of 10 in 6 months. New York.Dec 2002 • Preparation of Detailed Project Report including risk factors . Finmart Ltd. listing of major plant and machinery & vendors for the $12 million project to manufacture Ethanol from corn in Broome County. Navi Page 3 of 3 . Achievements: • Organized two “Business Start up Information” meetings with small-scale entrepreneurs with the objective of helping them start new ventures. Sanpada. New York. • Generating and maintaining MIS business information reports to facilitate decision-making for future policies. cost estimations. • Increase in customer satisfaction level from 5 to 6.