Love Idioms

6. Pop the Question and Ask for Someone¶s Hand in Marriage Pop the question and ask for someone¶s hand in marriage are idioms that refer to marriage proposals. Pop the question is casual while ask for someone¶s hand in marriage is a little formal. Example: The prince asked for her hand in marriage in an elaborately planned proposal in the yacht. 7. Tie the Knot, Walk Down the Aisle and Get Hitched The idioms tie the knot, walk down the aisle and get hitched mean to get married.Get hitched is a bit informal in tone while walk down the aisle signifies getting married in a church where there is an aisle. Example: She walked down the aisle in style, wearing her gorgeous mermaid-cut tulle wedding gown. 8. On the Rocks

1. Puppy Love Puppy love is an idiom that refers to the strong feeling of affection between two young people. It is also called young love. Example: They say it is just puppy love. The high-school sweethearts say it is true love. 2. Head over Heels in Love and Hung Up On The idiomatic expressions head over heels in love and hung up on both mean to be very much in love with another person. They can even mean obsession or infatuation. Example: He¶s head over heels in love with Sue! He¶s totally hung up on her. 3. Hit it Off To hit it off is to instantly get along well with a person from the first meeting. It is an idiom that refers to instant connections. Example: They hit it off from the beginning and have been together for two decades now. 4. Whisper Sweet Nothings The idiom whisper sweet nothings implies saying intimate words to someone. Usually, people say sweet nothings in someone¶s ears. Example: Grandpa whispered sweet nothings in grandma¶s ears while they were seated in the porch overlooking the lake. 5. Find Mr. Right Find Mr. Right is an idiom that connotes finding the right male partner. This idiom specifically says that Mr. Right is a husband material or somebody who can be a future husband. Example: She wants to find Mr. Right. At her age, she feels that she¶s ready for marriage.

On the rocks is an idiom that connotes having problems in a relationship. Example: The relationship is on the rocks and the couple seems unable to find ways to resolve their differences. 9. Kiss and Makeup Kiss and makeup is an idiom that means becoming friends or lovers again after a nasty fight. Example: We are quick to kiss and makeup. We make sure arguments make us stronger, not weaker. 10. A Match Made in Heaven The idiom a match made in heaven refers to two people in a relationship who seem to get along with each other extremely well. Example: They are a match made in heaven. They enjoy doing things together and cannot stand being away from each other for even a single day.

" If you bite someone's head off. you criticize them strongly (and perhaps unfairly). you suddenly become very angry. If you are in somebody's good or bad books. you are very angry. "For crying out loud! Turn that Blow a gasket Get off my back! Blow your top A bad hair day Have a bone to pick with someone Like a bear with a sore head In somebody's good/bad books Bite someone's head off Cheesed off For crying out loud . bored or frustrated. you ask them to stop finding faults or criticizing you. they are annoyed. "When the shop was burgled for the third time. you have their approval or disapproval.Anger Idioms Blow a fuse To be up in arms If you are up in arms about something. the owner blew a gasket. "I worked 10 hours a day all week and my boss bit my head off for not doing my share of the work!" If you blow a fuse. she blew her top!" To say that you have a bone to pick with somebody means that you are annoyed with them and want to talk to them about it. you suddenly lose your temper and become very angry. "I'm in my wife's bad books at the moment because I forgot our wedding anniversary!" If someone is cheesed off with something. they explode with anger. exasperation or anger. This expression is used to show irritation." If you blow your top. "When his team lost the match." When a furious person blows a gasket. "Charlie blew a fuse yesterday when he discovered that his ipod had been stolen. Originating as a humorous comment about one's hair being unmanageable. "What's wrong with Jenny? Is she having a bad hair day?" If someone is behaving like a bear with a sore head. "The population was up in arms over the demolition of the old theatre. Brad was like a bear with a sore head. this term has broadened to mean 'a day when everything seems to go wrong'. they are very irritable and bad-tempered." If you tell somebody to get off your back. "Julie is absolutely cheesed off with her job. "When my mother saw the state of the apartment after the party.

"Her explanation cut no ice with the teacher who said he would tolerate no more unjustified absences. "I've had enough of your insinuations. "Don't get your knickers in a twist! Everything is under control." If you make someone react angrily by jokingly saying something that you know will irritate them." A person who flies off the handle becomes suddenly very angry. "I can't concentrate with all the noise it's driving me up the wall!" Someone who is fit to be tied is extremely irritated." If you are getting in somebody's hair. you are angrily reprimanded or humiliated. it has no effect or makes no impression on someone. they do something that greatly annoys or irritates you." If you get or take flak.television off!" "When he tried to put the blame on Pete. if you are sent away with a flea in your ear. upset or angry. you get a rise out of them. you receive severe criticism for something you have done." Someone who foams at the mouth is extremely angry about something. so just cut it out!" If somebody or something drives you up the wall. Fly off the handle Cut it out! Foam at the mouth Drive up the wall If you get your knickers in twist. "Harry was fit to be tied when his dog dug up the flowers he had planted." After an attempt at something." Cut no ice (with somebody) If something cuts no ice. you are angry. "Dad flew off the handle when I told him I had damaged his new car." If you say cut it out to someone. "I'd finish the report more quickly if my colleague wasn't getting in my hair all the time!" Fit to be tied Get a rise out of somebody Get/take flak Get in someone's hair Flea in one's ear . "The director was foaming at the mouth when he saw a picture of his children in the newspaper. you are annoying them so much that they can't get on with what they're doing. you are telling them to stop doing something. "He got a lot of flak for the way he handled the situation. he was sent away with a flea in his ear. nervous or upset Get your knickers in faced with a difficult situation a twist. "He gets a rise out of his daughter by asking about her latest diet.

Harp on (about) something Haul someone over the coals . they become very angry.. "Our horrible neighbour has moved house." If you give the (rough) edge of your tongue. in a very angry manner. you reprimand them harshly because they have done something wrong or incorrectly. and all I can say is 'good riddance'!" If you harp on (about) something. they become very angry "His father went through the roof when Paul damaged his new car. you give them a piece of your mind. The gloves are off!" Go ballistic When someone goes ballistic.please! " If you tell someone exactly what you think. they are asking you to stop doing something such as complaining or talking continuously." When you scold someone severely." "My dad went ballistic when he saw the state of the garden after the barbecue." This expression is used to express relief at becoming free of an unpleasant or unwanted person or thing.. "My boss was so angry that I really got the rough edge of his tongue. "The teacher gave Jeremy a tonguelashing when he arrived late for school." If you haul someone over the coals. "Jack was so irritated by his neighbours' behaviour that he decided to give them a piece of his mind. "The two candidates are out of their seats. you scold someone severely or speak to them very aggressively or rudely.give it a rest. you tire others by continuously and tediously talking about it." If you go spare you lose your temper completely. you give them a tonguelashing. Go off the deep end Give someone a piece of your mind Go spare Go through the roof Give the (rough) of one's tongue Good riddance! Give someone a tongue-lashing This expression is used when there are signs that a fight is about (The) gloves are off! to start." A person who goes off the deep end becomes suddenly very angry or emotional. "All you talk about is politics . "Lea's dad would go spare if he found out how much she had spent in London!" If someone goes through the roof.Give it a rest! If someone tells you to give it a rest. "The old lady went off the deep end when her cat was killed. "My parents are always harping on about my school results.

you are angry with yourself for something you have done or not done. they criticize you severely because you have done something wrong."He was hauled over the coals for the poor quality of his presentation. "Don't tell me what to do . "The meeting that was held to discuss the problem generated more heat than light. indignant or embarrassed. "I could have kicked myself for forgetting Julie's birthday. she jumped down my throat. You don't like carrots! There's no need to make a song and dance about it!" Telling someone to mind their own business is a way of saying that they are too interested in what other people are doing. If you get hot under the collar. "Her constant criticism really makes my hackles rise!" If someone complains in an annoying way or becomes unnecessarily excited about something unimportant." If someone makes your hackles rise. Joe immediately gets hot under the collar." If you jump down someone's throat. they make you angry. "If anyone criticizes his proposals. or that they are interfering in something that does not concern them. "David looked daggers at Paul when he invited his new girlfriend to dance. "If you mix up the order the boss will come down on you like a Look daggers at someone ton of bricks!" Someone who looks daggers at another looks at them very angrily. "Don't mention Tom's promotion to Mike. you suddenly start shouting at them in a very angry manner. you feel annoyed." ." To say that a statement or action is like a red flag to a bull means that it is sure to make someone very angry or upset.just mind your own business!" Hot under the collar Make one's hackles rise Jump down someone's throat Make a song and dance Kick yourself Mind their own business Like a red flag to a bull Like a ton of bricks If a discussion or debate generates more heat than light. It would be like a red flag to a bull! If somebody comes down on you like a ton of bricks. they make a song and dance about it. "When I said the instructions were not very clear. "OK." If you feel like kicking yourself. it causes anger or intense reaction but More heat than light doesn't clarify anything.

you step on their toes. you make that Smooth somebody's person feel less angry or offended." Aggressive driving habits sometimes resulting in violence against other drivers. "The crowd started screaming blue murder when the football match was interrupted. you protest noisily and forcefully. but as a reminder not to do that again. "If that kid damages my car again." If you rant and rave about something. or someone's Stick in one's throat attitude. but James managed to smooth his ruffled feathers" If someone is or gets steamed up about something. they are likely to become angry easily or quickly. you mean that you are going to punish them severely. sticks in your throat (or craw) (or craw). The boss has a very Step/tread on someone's toes Short fuse If a situation. not very Rap on the knuckles severely." When someone has a short fuse. "The old man ranted and raved about the new waste collection system. but he had to accept it. they suddenly become very angry or annoyed about something. "Be careful how you explain the situation. they are punished or reprimanded." If you smooth somebody's ruffled feathers. I'll skin him alive!" See red Rant and rave Skin someone alive If someone gets a rap on/across the knuckles.there's no need to get all steamed up about it! " If you annoy or irritate somebody by intervening in a situation that is their responsibility. "Andy got a rap on the knuckles for coming home late. ruffled feathers "Tom took the criticism badly. they become very angry. "Discrimination of any kind makes me see red!" If you are angry and threaten to skin someone alive. "A number of car accidents today are a result of road rage. you get angry very easily. excited or enthusiastic about it. it is difficult to accept and .he's got such a quick temper. "I could offer some advice but I'm afraid of stepping on someone's toes. Have a quick temper "He makes me nervous ." short fuse these days!" If someone sees red." Road rage Steamed up Someone who screams blue murder shouts or complains very loudly as if something very Scream blue murder serious has happened.If you have a quick temper. "Calm down .

" If someone makes you so angry that A storm is brewing That's the last straw! Tear a strip off someone Throw a wobbly (or a wobbler) Tell someone a thing or two Try somebody's patience That makes my blood boil! That's going too far! Vent your spleen That takes the Want someone's . "After waiting for an hour. That really took the biscuit!" The expression means that this is the latest unpleasant event. dinner is not ready. "Whenever Jack is angry about new government measures." When you vent your spleen." If you tell someone a thing or two. he vents his spleen by writing to newspapers. they have a fit of nerves or bad temper and lose all self-control. "Let me tell you a thing or two about your son's behaviour" said John to the boy's father. we were told that there were no seats left. "The way he treats women really sticks in my throat!" To say that a storm is brewing means that the atmosphere indicates that there is going to be trouble. you reprimand them severely for doing something wrong. we knew there was a storm brewing. If something makes your blood boil. but stealing from a poor person .that's the last straw! When someone (usually a capricious person) throws a wobbly.that's going too far!" This expression refers to something biscuit! very irritating or annoying. because of your irritating attitude or behaviour. "His condescending attitude made my blood boil!" If you go too far.not the type of man who'll throw a wobbly when he doesn't have a clean shirt!" Someone who finds it difficult to be patient with you. "The teacher tore a strip off Charlie for being late again. "Stealing is bad. "He's very calm . you release or express all your anger about something. you do something that is considered extreme or unacceptable. "The kids are screaming. you express your thoughts (usually criticism) very clearly.makes you angry or resentful. can say that you are trying their patience "His constant interruptions began to try the teacher's patience." If you tear a strip off someone. and now the dog has run away . probably with outbursts of anger or emotion. it makes you really angry. "As soon as we saw Pete's face. and that you cannot tolerate the situation any longer.

I'm feeling under the weather. "It was so noisy in the hotel. you want their head on a platter. No. I've not been able to check out if this expression is used in US English. My legs are killing me. you can use these expressions: I was knocked out for a few days but now I'm back on my feet. Heart Idiom 1. 'fiddle' is another word for 'violin'. Here is an expression to indicate a serious illness. 3. Example: You saved my life! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.)To say that you have recovered from an illness. From the Bottom of One¶s Heart An idiom that stands for sincerity is from the bottom of one¶s heart. He's in a very bad way. My back is killing me. Example: You promise to be my friend? Cross your heart and hope to die? 2. Here are some expressions to indicate you are not in good health." y y y y y y y y Wink of sleep I'm feeling very run down. Tug at Someone¶s Heartstrings When an action does tug at someone¶s heartstrings. then those words are said to be pure. then that action can make a person feel either sympathetic or sad. Here is an expression for bad headaches. (As I'm still off work. Here is an expression to indicate a lot of pain. y y y y y y y y y . A person who says this idiom is promising that what he or she is saying is true." If someone doesn't get a wink of sleep. they don't sleep at all. An idiom that many children would say is cross one¶s heart and hope to die. If words do come from the bottom of one¶s heart. I didn't get a wink of sleep. There's a bug going round and I think I've got it. I don't understand the origins of this expression either!)To say that you are OK ( but are not in really good health) use 'I can't complain' I've had a bit of a cold but I can't complain. I'm really fighting fit. I'll let you know later. I've never felt better. you can use the expressions 'as fit as a fiddle' or 'fighting fit'. After those vitamins the doctor gave me. I'm feeling a bit off-colour/off-color. I'm a bit out of sorts. (Yes. Cross One¶s Heart and Hope to Die Health Idioms To say that you are in good health. I'm going down with something. I'm well on the way to recovery.head on a platter you want them to be punished. I feel as fit as a fiddle. I've got a splitting headache. Example: The sight of the couple hold hands while walking just tugged at my heartstrings. I was quite ill but now I feel as right as rain. "He was so angry when he read the article about his family that he wanted the journalist's head on a platter. The doctor gave me a clean bill of health.

Have a Soft Spot in One¶s Heart for Someone The idiom have a soft spot in one¶s heart for someone stands for having fondness or affection for a person. sporty. Example: He wore his heart on his sleeves and talked lengthily about his failed marriage. Not Have the Heart to do Something Somebody does not have the heart to do something when he or she is afraid or unwilling to say something that might hurt or offend another person. 1. Example: Old Elmer is young at heart and loves walking in the beach and chatting with his friends at the bar. She accepts him for all of his failings.4. 7.¶ 2.¶ µVisiting California was the sand. sea and mountains all rolled into one. 10. gentlemanly. 5. Example: Wilma does not have the heart to tell her mother that she¶s terminally ill. caring and respectful. Example: She has a soft spot in her heart for her prodigal son. All rolled into one This refers to being µcombined together to become a whole unit. Example: She poured her heart out to us. Young at Heart A person who is advanced in age yet still enjoys doing things that young people do is said to be young at heart. 8. Example: Dolly sang with all her heart and soul and won a major singing contest in her state. With All One¶s Heart and Soul A person gives something with all one¶s heart and soul when he or she does something with enthusiasm. 9. He is what man people would say is ideal husband all rolled into one. She¶s going through a lot right now. mashed potato and milkshake. Pour One¶s Heart out to Someone Pour one¶s heart out to someone is an idiom that connotes telling one¶s true feelings to another person. Wear Someone¶s Heart on One¶s Sleeve To wear someone¶s heart on one¶s sleeve means to show one¶s feelings openly. energy. These feelings might be a person¶s fears. Examples: µMr Jones is funny. hope.¶ Another example would be µI love pasta. 6. This lunch is my favourite meal all rolled into one. and much effort. Any old how . Example: Marga is a heartbeat away from becoming the next CEO. She is the leading candidate for the position. or regrets. Heartbeat Away From Something When someone is a heartbeat away from something then that person is an heir to a coveted position or a successor of somebody important.

Imagine an outdoor event that is ruined by a sudden downpour .¶ µSince I was a child. Examples: µWhen I am tired.¶ 5. A raincheck This refers to postponing an event.¶ µHaving an any old how attitude can be really irritating to people who are perfectionists.¶ µSergeant my dog sleeps and eats and plays .¶ 4.¶ Have you heard of other idiomatic expressions? Share them in the comments below! *I DO NOT OWN THIS* . Have a green thumb / Have green fingers This is used to describe someone who is skilled at planting (think of plants and all their green leaves) Examples: µMy grandma has green fingers. easy.¶ 3. Life is such a bed of roses for him. Examples: µI have an emergency at work and I can¶t have dinner tonight like we planned.This is a common saying that people use to describe an action that is done carelessly and without much attention or care.that¶s all it does.¶ µAfter being unable to keep any plant alive for more than 2 weeks. It was only until I moved out to go to college that I realized that it was as easy as it seemed. as she had to rearrange them all over again. I thought life was a bed of roses. pleasurable. just look at all those beautiful flowers blooming in her garden. without any trouble or challenge.¶ µSuccessful gardeners and farmers have green fingers.people are usually given a raincheck. I feel like doing my homework any old how. You have to work hard in order to do well in life. which allows them to come back to the event another day. A bed of roses This mean that a situation is peaceful. Could we have a raincheck please?¶ µWe had to ask our boss for a raincheck as we had a last minute emergency to attend to.¶ µThe concert we planned to attend was rained on. I have concluded that I don¶t have green fingers. and so we were given a raincheck. Examples: µLife is not a bed of roses.¶ µMy mother was angry when I put the clothes away any old how.

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