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If you‟re reading this book right now, chances are you're taking better care of your health. Probably more now than ever, right? Maybe you're trying to lose weight. Maybe you're exercising more. Maybe you're reading food labels. But if being healthier is just a matter of eating right and exercising more, then why does it seem so hard to get rid of the excess weight? And why is our society struggling so hard with health concerns that don't reflect this healthier lifestyle? Unfortunately, despite all of your due diligence and efforts to get into better shape, there are other “hidden factors” that can short circuit your hard work by making it more difficult to lose weight. Even worse, these silent dangers are potentially creating an environment in your body that could lead to long-term illness. What could be so unnoticeable yet so DAMAGING to your health and vitality? I'm talking about the unhealthy buildup of toxins as a result of our environment, as well as the foods and drinks that we consume on a regular basis. But all is not lost. In fact, with the Easy 3-Day Detox program we‟ll uncover HOW YOU CAN SAFELY AND EASILY REMOVE THESE HARMFUL TOXINS FROM YOUR BODY to not just speed up fat burning…but also CREATE AN AMAZINGLY HEALTHY BODY THAT LOOKS GREAT AND FEELS GREAT!


We‟re going to discuss the biological mechanics within your body that help you detox and why they‟re under attack with your diet. Then we‟re going to dispel your current misconceptions about what detoxing is and isn‟t (and you‟re going to be RELIEVED to learn what we‟ve found). Finally, we‟re going to challenge you to implement your detox for JUST 3 DAYS. And if you‟re still hanging in there once the 3 days is done: we‟re going to help you learn how to incorporate these principles month after month, year after year for a longer, healthier, and more satisfying life. What you‟re about to discover is an account of my interview with renowned author and health expert, Yuri Elkaim. Yuri is a certified kinesiologist and registered holistic nutritionist whose work has been featured in such publications as Maximum Fitness, IMPACT Magazine, Fitness Business Canada and Flare magazine. Yuri‟s book, Eating For Energy (www.EatingForAmazingEnergy.com) is a top selling holistic nutrition manual for the modern times and his creation of “the ultimate cleanse” program (www.UltimateCleanseProgram.com) is helping thousands finally overcome self-damaging habits and physical ailments to create a body full of energy, vibrancy. One that will not only help you to live longer…but live better! I‟m delighted to share his information with you now and look forward to hearing how this information has changed your life as it has mine. Enjoy!

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………………………………………………………………………………….………………………………35 Cleanse to Avoid #2 ………………………………………………………………………….17 Identifying YOUR Toxic Buildup! ………………………………………………………………………………….…………………………………………………….……………………….. Too?! …………………………………………………………………………………..14 SCARY Places You Store Your Toxic Waste ………………………………………………………………….…26 … And Clear Up My Skin..………………………………………………………9 The Legend of the “Cleansing Quick Fix!” ………………………...27 Will Cleansing Make Me Smarter? …………………………………………………………………………….………………………………………….……………………………37 .2 Part 1: Why Should I Detox? Your Body: The Toxic Waste Dump ……………………………………………………………………………….12 Your Body Holds on to Toxins with a White Knuckle Grip! .4 Table of Contents Introduction…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..19 Do You Have a Toxic Tongue? …...…..23 Will I Lose Weight Because I Detox? …………………………………………………………………………....…………………………36 Cleanse to Avoid #3 ……………………………………………………………………….7 Detoxing Demystified …………………………………………….22 Part 2: Preparing Your Body for the Easy 3-Day Detox Getting Your Game Face On ….…29 Cleansing to be “Energy Efficient”? .……………………………………………………………………………31 Ancient Asian Detoxification Secrets ……………………………………………………………………………33 Part 3: Cleanses to Avoid Like the Plague! Cleansing Gone Wild ……………………………………………………………………………………………………34 Cleanse to Avoid #1 …………………………………………………………………….………………………………………….

…………………………………………………………………………….61 Is Flour Okay? ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………61 Is Granola Okay For My Easy 3-Day Detox? ………………………………………………………………….55 So What The Heck CAN I Eat Now? Your Top Eight Easy 3-Day Detox Questions Answered! ………………….………………………39 Cleanse to Avoid #5 ………………………………………………………………………..66 Taking the Easy 3-Day Detox to the Next Level: Phase 1 ………………………………………………69 .64 The Easy 3-Day Detox Shopping List ……………………………………………………………………………..……………………………40 Part 4: The Easy 3-Day Detox Are You Ready To ROCK?! ……………………………………………………………………………………………42 The Easy 3-Day Detox: Step 1 ….54 The Easy 3-Day Detox: MIND CONTROL .…………………………………………………………………….65 The Easy 3-Day Detox: SNEAKY TRICK to Getting Vitamins FAST ..53 My Personal Easy 3-Day Detox Morning Jumpstart! ……………………………………………………....5 Cleanse to Avoid #4 ……………………………………………………………………………..57 How Many Calories Should I Consume During My Easy 3-Day Detox? ……………………….……………………………………………………………………………….63 Can I Eat Potatoes During My Detox? ………………………………………………………………………….…57 Are Beans Okay During My Easy 3-Day Detox? …………………………………………………………….58 Can I Eat Eggs During The Detox? ………………………………………………………………………………..51 The Easy 3-Day Detox: Overcoming Food Fixations ……………………………………………………..……………………………….59 Can I Eat Whey Protein During My Easy 3-Day Detox? …………………………………………………60 Is This A Raw Foods Diet? ……………………………………………………………………………………………..48 The Easy 3-Day Detox: Step 3 …………………………………………………………………………………….44 The Easy 3-Day Detox: Step 2 …….…………………………..

6 Taking the Easy 3-Day Detox to the Next Level: Phase 2 …..…………………………………………70 Taking the Easy 3-Day Detox to the Next Level: Phase 3 ………………………………………………73 Stick It to the Man Level ………………………………………………………………………………………………76 .

air. After reading this book. many of these toxins in our food.7 Part I: Why Should I Detox? Your Body: The Toxic Waste Dump When you envision “toxins”. toxins and chemicals enter your body through 3 big sources:    Your food supply Your water supply Air pollution Gases from vehicles. Toxins come in many forms…and some of them are infiltrating your body even as you read this sentence. and water supply are XENOESTROGENS that contribute to hormone imbalance and are a great detriment to the immune system. and From INSIDE your body (known as “endogenous” sources) To break these down further. your favorite air fresheners and cleaning products. or even minerals used in your prescription drugs will assist to make your body more toxic. you probably see barrels of chemical waste lying in a landfill somewhere with skull and crossbones clearly labeled on the side. you‟re probably going to see a picture of Diet Sodas or Wonder Bread in place of these terrible images. . primarily from two sources: From OUTSIDE your body (called “exogenous” sources). Adding insult to injury. Where do they come from? Well. Perhaps you see sad images of animals covered in oil from a plant disaster near some ocean or lake. from OUTSIDE your body.

Look on the bottom of your plastic containers to see if there's a little recycling symbol with a 3. With that said. This is your body‟s NATURAL WAY TO DETOX ITSELF. or 7 listed on it. If so. But DETOX is a strange word with a lot of misunderstanding behind it. Essentially. stay away from it unless it specifically states next to the symbol that it's "BPA Free"! There‟s no way of escaping the toxins in our air. 6. produced by cells similar to how you expel waste when you go to the bathroom. So let‟s clear up a few things right now. however the Easy 3-Day Detox will assist you in GREATLY REDUCING the amount of exogenous toxins in your system through food and water. Those toxins are like your cells‟ micro feces. Causes for these massive amounts of “environmental hormones” are even coming from plastics! Certain types of plastic containers can leech a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA). These toxins need to be removed from the cells and processed out through the body. the other source of toxins actually comes from INSIDE your body.8 Not to mention they contribute largely to men‟s plummeting testosterone levels and rampant problems in the bedroom as is evident from the many “little blue pill” commercials on television. It‟s part of the natural metabolic process your body goes through. your body‟s cells produce waste all the time. ok? .

our food supply. I once knew a guy who did a Cleanse that was so extreme it took up his entire day just to maintain! . I can‟t afford to go to drain my whole paycheck on health foods 3. I‟m not a Hollywood starlet.most people also know that: We’ve got to WAKE UP and start taking ownership of our bodies. Some of the misconceptions we‟ve heard are: 1. Cleansing?! Detoxing!? No Way! That’s New Age-y Witchcraft! 6. IN FACT . my body does a great job of digesting what I consume. I don‟t want to subsist on tree bark and graze on grass to get healthy 2. many will take the approach of denying themselves something that is clearly unhealthy – such as daily desserts or fried chicken binges. how could I afford to do such a thing? …And here‟s one of our favorites: 7.9 Detoxing Demystified! You “get it”. When it comes to holistic practices like cleansing and detoxing. there‟s still a lot of misunderstanding and mystery surrounding these principles. and our well-being … and stop hiding like ostriches with our heads sandwiched in the dirt and our hands elbow-deep in a bag of potato chips! In order to take ownership of their bodies. A great many of these people will take it even a step further to explore holistic nutrition. 4. I‟m very regular. You may have even tried a detox diet or cleanse yourself. I don‟t have the time to research plants and mystery fruits to verify whether or not I even need them. 5.

That waste needs to be removed so it doesn‟t cause damage. always detoxifying! There is a reason for this. JUST KIDDING! Cleansing is just a synonym we use for the process of detoxification. detoxing comes from the word "detoxification". produce waste material. what you may not realize is that YOUR BODY IS DETOXIFYING EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF YOUR LIFE. our cells too. The Easy 3-Day Detox is going to introduce you to a lifestyle of constant cleansing that is. it‟s true… …as you‟re reading this …as you exercise …as you're sleeping …your body is always.10 No matter what you‟re current level of knowledge or experience. . always. In all seriousness. Yes. Though other bodily systems are at work. you must know that that detoxing is NOT something to be seen as hard or new age-y. the liver. EASY! In the simplest terms. Cleansing is a fanciful word we use to make a New Age-y life of eating bark and grass sound desirable. You obviously realize that your body produces waste materials which are excreted by the body into your toilet. this waste removal primarily happens through your body‟s main detoxification organ. right? Well. Well. imagine if you NEVER had a bowel movement or urinated! It wouldn‟t take long at all for that waste material to build up in your body and have catastrophic results. just as we produce “waste” when we go to the bathroom and “do our thing”. well.

malfunctions. . and even mental blocks that form from being overly toxic. To accomplish this. Toxins that are deposited into the blood stream reach the liver and are removed so they can‟t do any further damage.11 Your liver acts as a filter through which your blood flows. We cleanse to help our bodies with the detoxification process. and thereby preventing some of the physical ailments. the liver goes through a complicated two-step process. This is the process behind detoxification and the reason that your Easy 3-Day Detox is so important. Keep reading to learn more about how our minds and bodies benefit from the Easy 3-Day Detox program.

And the reason this Easy 3-Day Detox is REVOLUTIONARY is because it EMPOWERS through EDUCATION and it WORKS! Because the drug companies want you to continue taking joint pain medication for your arthritis – they aren‟t prescribing you with a NATURAL remedy for combatting this condition. but they profit largely from the massive food conglomerates.12 The Legend of the “Cleansing Quick Fix”! It‟s unfortunate but true: the natural health industry has instilled a belief in people that detoxing and cleaning is some sort of a quick fix to all their health concerns.. It‟s something that can be done on a daily basis through the food that you nourish your body with. Because the government doesn‟t profit off of lobbyists for natural foods. when done right. .. Supplement companies have brainwashed people into believing they can merely:     Grab a pill Take a magic powder Poop some more Park further away from the White Castle entrance… … And this is all it takes to benefit your health! Wrong answer! Cleansing. or the creators of the “food pyramids” Americans learn in kindergarten! Instead. you won‟t hear the President or Prime Minister of your country vying for more honest food labels and calling out food conglomerates. when done the way we’re about to show you. one of many myths purported by the money grubbing fake food pushers… and we‟ll explain more about myths such as these later in the book. you‟re going to continue thinking that your morning cereal that is richly fortified with neurotoxins. and loads of preservatives is good because it‟s got “Whole Grains”. high fructose corn syrup. is something that should be in the back of your mind all the time.

YOUR BODY KNOWS HOW TO HEAL ITSELF! It knows how to get rid of the harmful toxins that are in your body right this minute. some will tell you to do nothing but rest and let your body heal itself. these foods are already in your diet or your home. For example. one more extreme cleansing example is the water fast. It's not about following some erratic. some nutrients can assist you substantially but for the most part your own body is the most powerful antidote to detoxification. medical doctors have different trains of thought on this. Of course. When you hear about people doing water fasts (which is pretty extreme). detoxification actually works BETTER when we don't ingest all sorts of weird cleansing concoctions or outlandish super-supplements. And here we come to the ultimate truth about detoxing… You see.13 In most cases. The best support we can give our body in its natural detoxing process is actually to do nothing. To truly benefit your body and feel the amazing effects of a detoxified system. extreme cleansing program that you read about in Hollywood tabloids. On the contrary. In most cases. it‟s the same thing. you must follow a natural cleansing program that you can sustain on an ongoing basis. you will see that these people are taking advantage of the fact that their BODIES are doing the work WITHOUT the aid of miracle bark or magic plants! . With cleanses. if you‟re a burn victim some doctors will load your diet up with tons and tons of protein. For instance. (How long can you really subsist on spicy lemonade?) FAD CLEANSING JUST ISN‟T SUSTAINABLE.

their feces piles up inside. are thrown into the lymph system. YOU LITERALY PLUG UP YOUR SYSTEM WITH WASTE. smell. .14 What‟s truly needed is to give your body the time and environment to heal itself naturally is the ABSENSE OF TOXINS. become unsanitary. and make life absolutely unbearable. These are the ENDOGENOUS sources of toxins. but the garbage produced in your home stayed within your home. Why is this dangerous? Many people experience the inability to expel solid waste regularly. It‟s as though you‟re piling up garbage bag upon garbage bag without your body and WITHOUT CLEANSING. So now the question is. our cells produce waste all the time. Endogenous toxins. Think Extreme Hoarding – where absolutely nothing escapes! It wouldn‟t take long before things would begin to rot. those from within the body. Within our bodies. Their internal systems are working fine but as the days and even weeks pass. if detoxification is such a “natural process” of your body. why is it then that it becomes so hard for people? What's happening that's causing our bodies to hold on to these things? Your Body Holds On To Toxins with a White-Knuckle Grip Imagine if you couldn‟t remove the garbage from your home. Life carried on like normal. and we're constantly regenerating cells and we're constantly fighting these toxins. This typically is due to poor food choices. Then they‟re processed through the colon and the urine.

. where the solid waste products are being naturally formed. the toxins eventually recirculate throughout the body. If you have ONE bowel movement a day.. is full and has a hard time passing the toxic waste... do we mean that basically avoiding fast food or fattening foods will magically reduce the risk of toxins in our bodies and bring back the libido of a 17 year old on prom night? NO! .. Essentially the colon. This condition. we‟ve had reports of people using our detox methods who were able to lose up to 5 POUNDS in a single day as their body purges all of this built up waste matter! And just think of all the poisons leaving your body when that happens! You see.but there are MANY people who DON‟T “go number 2” every day! So it‟s estimated that if you have a bowel movement EVERY 2 DAYS. Because the waste has nowhere to go. If you‟re one of those people who only have a bowel movement once every 5 DAYS (yes. reintroduces the unwanted toxins to your body and creates serious problems. toxins are sent to the colon.5 pounds of fecal matter in your intestines and colon.5 POUNDS of rotting matter in your system! In fact. Not too bad.. known as autointoxication.. It‟s even considered a major cause of low sex drive in both men and women and erectile dysfunction! Now.15 By some estimates in the medical community.. But get this. after the liver has detoxified everything it can muster. they‟re out there!). They even circulate throughout your bloodstream..you could have up to 14..then you have about 9 POUNDS of fecal matter sitting inside of you. it‟s estimated that you have about 1.

16 We consume toxins from foods as healthy as blueberries. pesticides. which are grown without the use of pesticides and other chemicals. poisons and microbes will win the war. Are you TOXIC? It is important that we learn how to recognize when we are toxic and what to do about it. or outside the body. and other manmade toxins through a few simple diet tweaks. and even death can be attributed to this toxic overload. Exogenous toxins cripple our body‟s detoxification process – it‟s like your metaphorical Detox Factory is in perpetual overload and can‟t keep up with the amount of toxins it needs to cleanse your body of. Ailments. apples. even in our drinking water! These toxins that come from our food and water supply or through air pollution are from exogenous sources. First it‟s important to continue to outline the biology behind the Easy 3-Day Detox so that you‟re body and your mind will be properly equipped for the war against toxins. Toxins we don‟t eliminate create free radicals in our bodies which impair our immune systems through binding to immune system information pathways called cytokines. cancers. . and lean meats. It‟s the crux of the argument for organic foods. Our bodies haven‟t evolved to the point of being able to handle these toxic overloads so they just hang on to those chemicals. Once your body can no longer ward off the attacking toxins. Thanks to the steps outlined in this book – we CAN GREATLY REDUCE the amount of petrochemicals.

nervous tissue isn‟t the one you need after sitting passenger while your fifteen year-old is getting his drivers permit… Nervous tissue is the material that makes up your brain. experts and doctors are looking towards our chemical-laden food. Most people who‟ve been turned on to cleansing did so during their initial attempt to lose weight. but they bunk with your nervous tissue as well. Once your liver has detoxified your body as much as it can it passes the baton to your colon. your colon is already backed up with work and passes the baton off to your fat cells. Toxins are then stored in your fat cells when there‟s nowhere left for them to go and not escape through the liver and natural digestion. we also retain toxic chemicals that are fat-soluble. and air supply for answers. and other debilitating conditions of the nervous system at epidemic scales. That‟s TERRIBLE. When we carry excess fat on our bodies. spinal cord. the toxins are released. As stated above. it‟s CRITICAL that you simultaneously detox. and the nerves around your body. If you remember 8th Grade Bio. . Therefore if you‟re trying to lose weight. Alzheimer‟s. With degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis. toxins don‟t just curl up into your fat cells. These chemicals may remain the in body for years! Moreover.17 SCARY Places You Store Your Toxic Waste If the thought of toxins in your bloodstream doesn‟t make your blood curl… this will. Once you burn those fat cells. water.

there‟s much more than fat that you should be worried about in the long term.18 If we‟re storing toxins in the nervous tissue for years and decades. .

and more energetic lives. A blood test at a clinic or with a naturopath can determine whether or not you are toxic. the excess of toxins in your body manifests itself in your bloodstream through autointoxication. “AHA! Now this is the way I SHOULD feel!” As we mentioned above. With just a small sample. Parasites – Eew! . you won’t recognize the symptoms until you become healthy and find yourself saying. in our quest for healthier. look at your blood – alive. This allows us.19 Identifying YOUR Toxic Buildup! You may not know that you have a toxic buildup. Acidic blood – You’ll SEE your red blood cells clumped together! 2. The naturopath or doctor is going to able to point out such things as: 1. This is because people get used to the state that they‟re in. your red blood cell activity. These tests are called either live cell microscopy or dark field blood analysis. Gastric problems 10. This is where you can really learn about the health of your blood. happier. the experts can look at your blood using a special dark field microscope. lethargy 9. Some signs are: 8. Food Cravings In most cases. to become our own toxin detectives. and if parasites or toxins are present. Lack of energy. Where do you start? First.

especially before and after meals. but it means taking note of how you feel and symptoms that arise throughout the day. Your biggest tissue 2. Actual toxins in your system This is a HUGE wakeup call for people! Your blood is: 1.20 3. Can you imagine actually being joyfully able to deny your body the nasty foods you currently crave because you‟re so in tune with yourself? It‟s pretty metaphysical. A reflection of your health 3. it is difficult to know what healthy does and does not feel like. HEY… if some so-called “diets” ask you to weight your food to the micro-ounce or COUNT calories (YUCK!)… the least you can monitor during your Easy 3-Day Detox is how you feel. Another important skill that you need to master in order to identify the presence of toxins in your body is the ability to be aware of yourself. right? When you don’t pay attention to your own body. I actually want to stay awake through my 3 o‟clock meeting today! . This is why you may feel tired all the time. The passageway of oxygen to your cells … And we have a TON of it! When toxins are present in our blood it slows the movement of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. oxygen is not being efficiently carried to your cells. actually! How would your weight loss and overall diet goals change if you suddenly woke up one day and said to yourself…  Coffee with cream and sugar? No way. Sounds simple. These skills will become easier and more accurate as you experience more and more what it feels like to be healthy.

.21  Big Mac for lunch? That sounds terrible! I wouldn‟t even make it through the first bite!  Sugar cravings? Not really. you never want to go back to the perpetual hangover of being toxic. But sometimes I really get a hankering for a kiwi-strawberry smoothie from my juicer! Similar to the way you can‟t stand the taste of tequila because of that first night in Cancun that ruined your whole week… … When you know what HEALTHY feels like.

you could be lacking some essential nutrients. candida). These can also indicate a lack of beneficial bacteria in the colon. As a result. and even an overgrowth of yeast (ie. Teethmarks Around the Sides of the Tongue Teethmarks around the sides of the tongue are a sign of nutritional deficiency.22 Your Tongue Is Trying To Talk To You… Go to a mirror and look for these potential signs of toxicity… Crack Down the Middle of the Tongue A midline crack not reaching the tip of your tongue indicates that you have a weak stomach and digestive function is not what it should be. The main function of the spleen is the production and storage of red blood cells. a vital component of our blood. and is often accompanied by a lack of energy. Underactive digestion can manifest through bloating and gas after meals and even a slump of energy during the day. especially in relation to the function of the spleen and stomach. Small Cracks/Grooves Sometimes referred to as a geographic tongue. Swollen Tongue and/or Thick White Coating These are indicators that there is too much mucus in your body. indicating that such nutrient deficiencies may have been present for a long time. especially of B vitamins. Cracks like this take a long time to develop. . Cracking on the tongue is a sign of malabsorption. Sluggish spleen function is very common and is often accompanied by bloating and gas. Horizontal Cracks.

You have already seen first-hand that your blood is riddled with toxins… (And you want your blood to flow like the freeway at 3 a.particularly those foods that contain a higher ratio of chemicals than actual FOOD.you‟re going to have a tougher time than others! Have you ever heard an Italian claim that foregoing pasta leads to depression? What about the term emotional eating? Maybe you can‟t sit through a movie without buttered popcorn and soda. kicking any habit is no walk in the park. As we know. If you‟re truly addicted to toxic. daily change of eating habits. You have a hard time with regularity and digestion. We are tied to the foods we eat in a variety of ways such as: * Psychological * Emotional * Physiological * Cultural .m. detoxing will involve a calculated.23 Part II: Preparing Your Body for the Easy 3-Day Detox Getting Your Game Face On You feel lethargic and fatigued sometimes.) So how will we prepare for a full-out cleanse? For most people.

“Fat Free” or “Reduced Fat” Options . cigarette smoking.m. you understand that becoming healthy involves substantial and difficult challenges. a life of regular detoxification and cleansing is just as important for you. especially if your current eating habits are tied into any of the above. chocolate. refined sugar. You‟ve become accustomed to your evening dinner of low-fat buttery popcorn with diet soda – at 10 p.24 This can make any changes tough. If you‟ve ever fought a soda pop addiction. or even salty cracker cravings when you‟re trying to lose weight. In fact. Maybe you‟re going to have to cease alcohol or caffeine intake (or both!) The challenge is especially noticeable for those of us who are independent and generally subject to the whim of our own desires… You decide when you want to eat You decide what you want to eat You decide with whom you want to eat … and you generally make healthy food choices! Right?! While making your way through law school you‟ve enjoyed a steady diet of protein bars and lattes. too! You think that:      Fat-Free dressings Diet Sodas “Lean Meats” “Heart healthy” packaged foods “Low Fat”. even those of us who are generally healthy eaters will find changes to their routine to be a substantial challenge. Not so bad!? Well.

it‟s still imperative that you get your blood tested. know the truth. Diet options can sometimes be your worst enemy! Nonetheless. NO. and modify your diet accordingly. You may have a lot to change and that‟s fine! It won‟t take long before the whole process becomes easier… and eventually a preferred way of life! (And it doesn‟t involve sucking down clay.25 … Will keep you “clean”. either!) The positive feeling you get after the changes are made is exactly what we want to explore next… .

defense mechanism. your body will literally store toxins in you FAT CELLS to keep them OUT OF YOUR BLOOD. As explained in Part One. and GI Tract to sneak attack these fat stores and get rid of toxins it‟s been TOO BUSY to get to. Or that chair your wife wanted you to restrain… that‟s sitting in the back of your garage. The good news is that as soon as you start to cleanse your body. Your detox allows your liver. in response to the toxins in your body.26 Will I Lose Weight BECAUSE I Detox? In a word. and you begin to lose weight easily. (Kinda like that leak in your roof…) . pancreas. you’re most likely toxic. Your body holds on to fat stores as a protective. YES! One of the most obvious benefits that you will see and feel as you rid your body of toxins is weight loss. As long as the toxins are present. Think of toxins that your body stores in fat as that report you were asked to do by your boss… eight months ago. the fat cells stay too. Therefore. You experience a virtual cleansing of your system. if you’re overweight. your fat stores will be free to release toxins.

and stressed. you can look at your skin conditions to learn about the health of your liver. Have you ever noticed a breakout during stress? What about yellow tones in an alcoholic? This is signs of liver poisoning. the same substance that preserved dead frogs in jars for your school biology class! Parabens – You‟ve seen them on your skin care products ingredients list. Too?! Do you suffer from acne? What about eczema? Most skin issues will clear up with your detox diet! Because your skin has a direct relationship with your liver. Yes. overworked. Important: Many of today‟s best-selling skin products and even shampoos are loaded with proven cancer causing chemicals! To avoid further toxic exposure. Skin conditions may be a sign that your liver is toxic.27 … And Clear Up My Skin. But did you know that these are xenoestrogenic substances that are adding excessive female hormones to your body?    . you and your family should strictly avoid these ingredients:  Sodium laurel sulfate – There have been studies that claim this common shampoo ingredient can cause headaches and even nerve damage when massaged into the scalp! Propylene glycol – Skin conditions like eczema are only part of the problem. Kidney and liver damage are possible! Diazolidinyl urea – This can release formaldehyde into your body.

The same goes for your hair and fingernails. This is because your hair and nails have the same nutrients and metabolic pathways as your skin. this next Detox Benefit will most assuredly get you there! . Or for those who truly are afraid to go swimming or enjoy a nice vacation because they aren‟t comfortable with their skin. And if you aren‟t completely on board yet.28 The Easy 3-Day Detox is invaluable for people who want to look better without having to cake on makeup every time they get out of the shower. Some people have even reported grey hair being restored to the pigmentation they enjoyed in their youths.

Perhaps today you feel foggy or you constantly feel like you want a nap. When we purify our bodies through proper foods and AVOID toxic foods it makes our bodies more pure. We aren‟t obsessing over meals or suffering from unhealthy cravings. People have a connection with food that causes them to want to have full bellies all the time. Many people obsess over when their next meal will come or where they‟re going to eat.29 Will Cleansing Make Me Smarter? So let‟s review: Once you begin to detox you‟ll see improvement in your:      Skin Hair Nails Weight … And mental clarity?! YES! And HOW! Most people also find a TREMENDOUSLY positive change in their mental clarity when they detox. Our minds tend to get bogged down or foggy when we are in a toxic state. a clear mind is a powerful tool that allows you to be more productive at whatever you do. You‟re compulsively watching the clock at your desk.barely able to focus on your computer screen. Our minds are free to focus on tasks at hand and tune out distractions. Ultimately. .

and sales reps.m.30 Once you‟ve cleansed it‟s like you suddenly find yourself restless in the OPPOSITE sense of feeling foggy and detached from your world. job security. You‟re experiencing a sort of connection with your surroundings like you’re seeing things for the first time. This is incredible for athletes. entrepreneurs. people who cleanse claim to find themselves sleeping less. – for YOU this cleanse will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. . or merely to feel more satisfaction with what they‟re doing. Perhaps you have struggled getting out of bed in the morning or getting much done before 10 a. It‟s life-saving for workers who are looking to become more productive on the job in order to gain a promotion. Moreover. YOU’RE IN THE ZONE. Now you‟re engaged with life. Your mind is running a mile a minute. It‟s GOLD for business owners.

When we crash again we jump back on the cycle to reenergize. you‟re going to notice your energy levels SKYROCKET when you cleanse. HERE’S WHERE WE SHAKE THINGS UP: With a body that is rid of toxins. coupled with sugary desserts – and not the pineapple or mango kind. but refined sugar. So we double up the sources. soda at lunch. energy drinks at 3 p. a TERRIBLE food we should ALWAYS stay away from. another round of stimulants is required. and then beer or wine after work. In order to bring the feeling of high energy back tomorrow morning.31 Cleansing to be “Energy-Efficient”? It sounds silly.m. you will find you don‟t need energy supplements because your energy levels are higher and sufficient for the entire day. but result in an energy crash. Our society is presently addicted to stimulation:  Television  Coffee and sodas  Sugar  Energy supplements  Even vodka doesn‟t CUT IT for our toxic diets anymore: we mix this hard liquor with Energy Drinks! Overly caffeinated and sugary drinks only provide quick fixes for more deeply rooted issues. The above sources give you a quick spike in energy. it goes hand-in-hand with a toxic-free body. We combine them. and the cycle of reintroducing toxins continues over and over again. But truly. A pot of coffee to wake up. perhaps. .

Your emotions are richly rewarded when your body cleanses. You‟re finding a more sustainable and long-lasting forms of energy. And we‟ve learned that your body is actually DYING to HELP you feel great. Instead of looking in the mirror every day thinking. you‟re going to find those days of dying for your first cup of coffee a distant memory. look great. more satisfied with yourself. You become more Zen and now you understand why Yoga is so deeply tied to cleansing techniques! Once the benefits of cleansing have become a reality. Once you begin cleansing daily.32 In addition. I need to exercise more” you‟re going to enact change from the inside – out. The foods you once craved will no longer be a temptation. Perhaps your tendency to drink alcohol in excess wanes after you begin to make the Easy 3 Day Detox a weekly or even daily habit. and be great! . You will have also gained the aforementioned ability to decipher between feeling healthy or unhealthy. and a lot happier. Fitness experts and doctors alike are recommending detoxification to battle epidemic sleepiness and addiction to sugary sodas or energy quick-fixes. you will begin to feel a better about YOURSELF. “Wow. People who have worked the Easy 3-Day Detox into a healthier lifestyle notice shifts where they used to be irritable and aggressive. You‟re going to feel more relaxed. you‟ll never want to go back to the way you were.

namely the East‟s holistic approach to medicine. The East’s detoxification prowess is also strongly linked to their relationship with water. . or a pot of coffee. sodium. They also consume more organic foods and less of the dangerous hormones and steroids that plague much of the American diet. Their view of health couples diet with exercise – not singling out one or the other. healthier lives… and enjoy lower toxicity levels than Western cultures. There are a plethora of reasons for this. water helps digestion and serves to flush the body of toxins. and food. a two-liter of soda. Moreover. They continually release toxins through sweat as they go about their day on foot or on bike.33 Ancient Asian Detoxification Secrets Reputable scientists and sociologists have long wondered why Asian cultures seem to live longer. Water greatly fortifies the body‟s ability to detoxify through the dilution of toxins. Asian cultures largely consume water or herbal tea as the drink of choice. Finally. Rather than throwing back a six pack of beer. Asians walk and ride bicycles as the primary mode of transport. Since the early 1990‟s Japan and China have been recognized and hailed for low mortality rates and Ancient Medicinal Genius. A diet rich in fish and poultry also provides more antioxidants than a Western diet that is red-meat rich.

Avoid taglines such as: “Lose twenty pounds in a week!” “Magic African tea that melts fat!” “Endorsed by The Situation!” Let‟s look specifically at the names and mechanics of some of these cleanses we want to avoid… .34 Part III Cleanses to Avoid Like the Plague! Cleansing Gone Wild Call them unsustainable. The Easy 3-Day Detox is the beginning of a daily. sustainable healthy lifestyle… NOT a quick fix achieved by taking a pill or unnatural concoction! There IS NO ONE PILL that is going to solve all your problems. But you’re smarter than that. Call them scams. There is no short supply of new detox programs that try to sucker you in with slick wording and powerful images. Call them potentially harmful. They‟re often unbearable – or as the French might aptly say. insupportable! We call them Cleansing Gone Wild.

such flushes rid our bodies of bionutrients and experts will tell you that such a flush will WIPE YOU OUT. In addition. like the Easy 3-Day Detox will! People may try this kind of extreme cleanse in hopes of losing weight. this isn‟t natural or sustainable for the long term. This is a classic example of a cleanse that achieved stardom because of. done half-hazardly and the wrong way. What wasn‟t publicized was that she gained back the weight in about two weeks when she stopped the cleanse.35 Cleanse to Avoid #1 Our first example of a cleanse to avoid is The Master Cleanse. Not only is this cleanse unnatural and unsustainable. cayenne pepper. not give you amazing energy. All your required daily nutrients coming from one funky drink. well. The Master Cleanse is a ten-day program that asks you to consume essentially maple syrup. but you are running the risk of really damaging your body. This is actually a powerful temporary technique that‟s been used for thousands of years… …but no matter how you package it. It also incorporates periodic salt water flushes to flush the colon. They package this up nicely by calling it the salt water flush portion of the cleanse. Some people go to extremes and drink these mixtures for up to 40 days. and water for every meal. Lemon in and of itself is very good for helping our bodies become more alkaline and less acidic. a starlet. The Master Cleanse requires you to drink water with high salt concentrations to induce diarrhea. lemon juice. . In fact. Apparently Beyoncé tried this program and lost 20 lbs.

This dietary fad involves the acai berry [ah-sigh-ee]. cayenne pepper contains alkaloid compounds that can cause inflammation you want to avoid. maple syrup is a high glycemic sweetener. In addition. What if you‟re diabetic or hypoglycemic? The Easy 3-Day Detox is designed for people in great shape AS WELL AS those who suffer with blood sugar issues. companies capitalize on the concept of a wonderful natural berry and produce pills. Cayenne pepper. You’ve probably seen them! .36 It‟s also linked to benefits in digestion. may not even have the benefits it once was touted to have as a metabolism stimulant. supplements. but you‟re definitely familiar with our Cleanse to Avoid Number Two. The Acai Berry Cleanse is linked to dozens and dozens of diet and supplement scams online. and probably not for anybody. It‟s found naturally and is loaded with antioxidants. The acai berry is basically the blueberry of Brazil. Did you really think that drinking liters of maple syrup over a ten-day period is a GOOD thing for your blood sugar? Neither did we. However. Cleanse to Avoid #2 Maybe you hadn’t heard of Beyoncé‟s spicy lemonade diet. we‟re discovering. and cleansing products with the acai berry as a selling feature. The problem with this cleanse and many others is that they aren‟t for everybody. You see. if you suffer from arthritis.

C. People really do suffer from constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Nevertheless. Cleanse to Avoid #3 Colon cleaners aren‟t just found in hilarious early American anecdotes from T.Boyle‟s A Road to Wellville. or a simple package offers is just too great to pass up. They‟re becoming insanely popular within the fitness and wellness industry. forever! Supplements are nice. People are bamboozled day in and day out. colon cleansing clinics are popping up everywhere. you can find all the vitamins and minerals that are touted in supplements through natural. During the Easy 3 Day Detox you will find constipation lose its grip on your body and things will begin to regulate naturally through your body’s unique healing methods. The temptation that a colorful kit. offer free trials. but there‟s no point in supplementing a toxic diet! Besides. But you pay in the end. and guarantee you six pack abs or god-like detoxified bodies… …Until you‟re billed unknowingly on the back end. and will be until the end of days. raw foods. Learn how to detox for LIFE and you WON‟T BE SORRY! Focus on your internal health and true cleanliness from all aspects of what you consume and you‟ve found a sustainable cleanse that will give you the results you‟re looking for.37 They make outrageous promises. one measly bottle. In fact. looking for the magic pill…the quick-fix. somebody had to make money on cleansing as it relates to regularity! .

it seems obvious they are adding something to their products to create this effect. In attempt to get you to use their detoxification products. In some cases these ingredients are helpful.38 Colon cleanses go hand in hand with the rest of these “Detox Duds”. The goal is to have you believe their product is cleaning out all this goop that has built up inside you. We‟ll call this the Goopy Poop Cleanse. Even if they claim to be using natural ingredients. People freak out and want to buy this cleanse – again and again! Reliable industry-leading experts will attest to the fact that in working with thousands of clients over the years they‟ve never seen this… … Or rather they‟ve never heard of a client experiencing this goopy grossness after a natural and healthy cleanse like the Easy 3-Day Detox. The scam part is that these cleanses are alleged to contain the ingredients that makes you goopy. which has a gel-like function that accumulates toxins and helps to form stool. companies will show you graphic images and tell you to expect a kind of goopy or string-like bowel movement. Some companies will use different herbs and concoctions which will give your feces a black. It‟s easy enough to get on the bandwagon when you‟re shown pictures of parasites inside your body! The stunt that companies are pulling here is to show you than once you use their cleanse. found in Metamucil. Others will use psyillium fiber. it does not necessarily mean it is a healthy practice. you‟re going to expel nasty goopy grossness that was (Shock!) plaguing your system. excretory experience is not natural or helpful. . but using other agents to produce a dramatic. While we‟re still unsure about what it is that these companies are putting into their supplements. tar-like look.

You‟ve become dependent on stimulants and laxatives to evacuate what you can‟t move on your own. healthy way to reestablish proper digestive and intestinal function either. This isn‟t to say that there‟s no place for a salt water flush as a part of a periodic cleansing program – the problem lies in becoming dependent on these measures in order to eliminate waste. but produce such oil within your body! Cleanse to Avoid #4 They‟ve been called „laxative bulimics‟.39 In reality. . It‟s also a laxative because it puts your colon into kind of spasms. This is because coffee is a diuretic. potentially involving an eating disorder B) Are obsessed with food leaving their bodies Taking laxatives or doing salt water flushes to try and poop ten times a day isn‟t a sustainable. They‟re people who take laxatives compulsively because either they: A) Have lost the ability to naturally expel waste from a myriad of unhealthy practices. Call it what you will. It‟s like waking up desperate for coffee or oatmeal before you can enjoy a “productive” morning bathroom break. these supplements being used are most likely creating the effect inside you rather than cleaning out the goop that was already there. If you‟ve trained your body to rely on unnatural measures to perform the functions it has been designed to carry out on its own – these cleansing addictions are crippling your digestive system and your health. just be sure to avoid cleanses that not only try to sell you snake oil. Over time you literally shut down your intestine‟s normal function.

but I‟m going to bring in extra help. So don‟t grab the wheel and tell your magnificent body that it doesn‟t know what it‟s doing! It‟s like the recreational exercisers who wear weightlifting belts when they shouldn‟t. The claim is that you can focus on specific areas to cleanse. While this is a clever marketing tool. colon. function. Remember the nursery-school song? . and liver cleanses. sadly it is… FALSE!!! If you haven‟t gathered it by now. you are taking away your own body‟s ability to cleanse and heal itself. “You know what you are doing. “Hey. It is like you are saying to your body. They‟re telling their core muscles. It is impossible to isolate one organ or system to cleanse. detox. they are also trying to push system cleansing. It demonstrates a lack of respect for your body when you introduce unnatural measures to help it perform its natural functions.” In the end. etc. Cleanse to Avoid #5 Companies not only market cleanses that are full of empty promises and unhealthy practices. don‟t do any work! We‟ve got your back…” This the same person blows out his back doing squats without the belt on. redistribute. These include most commonly gallbladder. the truth is that all the systems of your body are interrelated.40 We‟ve shown you how biologically you‟re designed to flush.


“The leg bone’s connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone, the hip bone’s connected to the tail bone…” The same is true within your body: everything is working together and your overall body is influenced when one organ fails. You may find a nutrient that is specifically beneficial for a particular organ or system, but if you try a specific cleanse for one system, everything else will be affected by it in some way. However, if you‟re cleansing the liver – our main detoxification organ – you‟re essentially also cleansing the gallbladder, the intestines, the colon, etc. Why would a company market the “LIVER CLEANSE”? Well… because you‟re told that the booze and cigarettes and overall hedonistic lifestyle you live are slowly killing your liver! So be it: you‟ve been living it up like a rock star and now you want to keep on living it up! That‟s why this 3-Day Detox is your life-saver.  You don‟t want to constantly worry about walking your daughter down the aisle – you want to be there when your granddaughter gets married.  You don‟t want to experience the mortification of yellowed skin and saggy droopy features from years of alcohol abuse: you want to take back your body and earn the title of silver fox or panther or cougar or whatever animal you fancy being likened to in your later years. Let‟s just get this one thing straight: stick to sustainable, whole-body cleanses. Holistic, natural practices are always in style for a reason: they work. So now let‟s kick it up a notch and explore your Easy 3-Day Detox…


Part IV The Easy 3-Day Detox
Are You Ready to ROCK?!
The Easy 3-Day Detox won‟t make you that irritable person who can‟t bear to share a grill at the barbeque… and it doesn‟t mean that you have to sit at home juicing and avoiding social situations for 3 days. Rather, the Easy 3-Day Detox is designed as a sort of toe-dip into a lifestyle of consistent cleansing. You‟ve spent some time now learning about: 1. The Biological ramifications of toxins in your body 2. The different ways to avoid these toxins 3. The ways The Man is trying to make a pretty penny off of selling you toxin-free And before you dive head-first into this lake… you‟re gonna want to test the water. We all do. It‟s not for us to judge how deeply rooted your addictions are… nor how toxic you may be – but you‟ll feel the difference SOON. Perhaps you‟ve been consuming beer like a frat boy since… college Perhaps you‟ve been eating for two… since your daughter was born twenty years ago Perhaps you‟ve been on a shoe-string budget and you never thought you could afford to venture outside of the $.99 Menu

NOW this is your test run!


We‟ve noticed that it‟s great for the average Joe or Jane to begin your Easy 3Day Detox over the weekend. You don‟t want to be suffering withdrawal from your comfort food or drink while stuffed like a sausage into nylons or slaving away over Excel spreadsheets... To start, as your Easy 3-Day Detox Coach we‟re going to recommend you repeat the following phrases before that Cannonball your anxious to perform: 1. “I‟m merely taking my existing diet and tweaking it.” 2. “There are no radical changes that are going to turn my world, and my bank account, upside down.” 3. “I‟m eliminating foods that make me feel worse.” 4. “3 days isn‟t that long… It‟s only 3 seasons of 24!” So without further ado Here are our Easy 3- Day Detox Strategies…

Grains & Soy (& Sweets too!) In the next few chapters we‟ll explain all of these in greater detail but here‟s a look at the first food we‟re fasting for the Easy 3-Day Detox. . For merely 3 days you must eliminate: 1. there is no dietary need for carbs – despite the fact that you may or may not be in a generation that pressured you to carb load for energy and made it the foundation of the Food Pyramids of Old. GRAINS.44 The Easy 3-Day Detox: Step 1 To begin with we‟re going to ask you to eliminate some foods that your body does not respond to well. although there were ramblings about dietary guidelines since 1943 – this food Pyramid was just released in 1992. Can you even believe that we learned this? Believe it or not.you‟ll feel better quickly without these weighing you down. And TRUST ME . In truth.

but bad ones like flour and white bread. The refined sugar and the grains in most sweets causes them to be not only DEVASTATING TO YOUR DIET. you‟re going to kick off your Easy 3-Day Detox by avoiding: Pastas Breads Cereals Orzo Couscous Rice Soy . try to envision just two restaurants aside from Asianinspired fare that serve dishes with primarily vegetables and fruits. What‟s crazy is that they‟re prevalent in almost EVERY food. our bodies are not evolved enough to digest them. cookies.00 a plate in favor of filling you up with carbs and grains. In actuality. Aside from the obvious sweets.but THIS image of pastas. YES – this means that cakes. cereals. we know! And for the record – much more expensive for the restaurant owner who ventures to provide a plate of asparagus for less than $7. It‟s tough. and breads are still etched into the minds of many Americans trying to conceptualize a healthy diet for themselves and their families. …And we‟re not talking about the pseudo-grains like quinoa and amaranth. If you are a Westerner. but they‟re essentially ANTI-NUTRITIONAL because they do nothing but harm to your body and distract your faculties from repairing and fortifying your system.45 It has since changed slightly since the above photo . donuts… these aren’t gonna fly during your detox. Here‟s the problem: humans do not digest grains well at all.

or as we mentioned earlier. 3. grains (and soy) require processing in order to be fit for humans to consume. or metabolize it… and the pancreas can‟t handle the over-influx of grains we eat. though – which are more widely consumed by the larger population on an enormous level. Because you‟re eating these empty calories. the body uses up stores of vitamins and minerals just to metabolize your poor food choice. **It is believed that when you take a slice of bread and ball it up you can consider this to be the measure of refined sugar you‟re consuming from that piece of bread. Diseases that are linked to grains overload:  Insulin Resistance  Hypoglycemia  Type II Diabetes Overloading our systems with this much sugar distracts the body from its other functions. Weight Maintenance – Grains are largely starch – which digests into maltose and isomaltose before becoming glucose. thereby weakening your immune system. Grains are bad for: 1. Now you‟re adding:  Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies …to the list! . Let‟s hone in on grains. we didn‟t rely on grains for our food supply until agriculture become technologically advanced enough. and „anti-nutritious food‟.46 First of all. In truth. Blood sugar – your pancreas is trying to process this glucose overload by producing insulin in order to process. Stomach – grains are surrounded by a kernel that can tear up your insides 2.

Have you been suffering from joint problems or arthritis? Then get rid of foods that are causing inflammation in your body! You‟re going to FEEL this positive change very soon after ridding your body of these foods that kind of queue up in the body and weigh you down. Grains contain allergens.47 Back to the barbeque scene now… How many times have you or somebody you know made fun of the Exaggerators who won‟t let the chef use the same utensils on your burger as on their portabella mushroom? …Or the ones who compulsively clean your grill before letting the spokes touch their vegan kabob? What about the folks who bring their own food everywhere or won‟t eat out at restaurants claiming that there just isn‟t anything they‟re not allergic to? You‟ve heard people mock those with so-called hang-ups such as:  Celiac disease  Gluten intolerance Well DON‟T. . we‟re eating foods that we haven‟t evolved enough to digest. Right away you‟re going to notice that you lose some weight. This is because grains hold on to water and have an inflammatory response in your body. Why are there suddenly scores of people with food allergens that we never knew about two hundred years ago? Simply put.

Sinus problems often clear up easily when people fast dairy for a short while. There‟s another animal product we‟re avoiding during this time – and that‟s meat. . If you ever find yourself sounding a bit like Pee Wee Herman for days on end. Dairy begets more toxins and thereby an environment more susceptible to disease. poultry. inflammation is pretty much the common factor in all illnesses! In addition. In fact.48 The Easy 3-Day Detox: Step 2 Wipe off that milk mustache and fast the Haagen-Dazs for a few days. disease. and even death. dairy is very mucus-producing in the body. and inflammation in the body leads to disease at some point in your life. please! Removing dairy. and other animal products from your diet is equally as important as removing grains. and fish. you may be over doing it on the dairy. One of the reasons that we‟re avoiding meat during this time is frankly because it‟s loaded with toxins. did you know that cancer has a REALLY hard time spreading in an alkaline environment? This is why many cancer patients are turning to holistic nutritionists to squelch and even reverse their symptoms. Some notable experts argue that we shouldn‟t be drinking another animal‟s milk to start… Dairy products are the most acidic food that we can bring into our bodies. If you understand the relationship between your body and pH levels – acidic environments are linked to aging. In fact. It is also known to cause sinus or inflammatory issues.

today‟s meat from the local grocery is typically from cows that were supplemented with estrogen to prep them for the slaughterhouse in order to yield more meat (and net farmers more profits) But this meat. this is horrifying. right? Well. earlier onset of puberty and even risky sexual behavior. YES. What‟s even scarier is that alongside corn we‟re throwing in protein supplements. and drugs such as growth hormone. you probably are familiar with the fact that our livestock is fed a primarily corn diet to fatten them up.49 Much of the fish we consume comes from countries that don‟t have strict guidelines for fishing. In fact. . This seafood often lives and breathes petrochemicals and other poisonous gases. antibiotics. some elementary schools are reporting young girls reaching puberty before the age of ten because of drugs such as these that are in milk or beef. it‟s true that those who eat meat are likely to have higher testosterone levels…but only if approached the right way! You see. showed up to 5 TIMES the amount of estrogen in the meat itself than meat from untreated cattle. Men especially are notorious carnivores and especially those reading fitness magazines who are told that eating meat will help you build more muscle – something every guy would like more of. when tested. In addition. Did you get that? 5 TIMES THE ESTROGEN LEVELS IN OUR MEAT! Here's what that means to you:  For WOMEN: Increased estrogen levels can lead to a higher risk of breast cancer and for teenage girls. This isn‟t the intention of the animal – who intends to live on grass and graze.

They‟re by and large ADDING toxins to your body anyway and it‟ll feel AMAZING to flush those out for a few days! And finally… . and cause you to actually lose muscle tissue! For the purposes of your cleanse.50  For MEN: Estrogen is the arch-enemy of testosterone and can lead to gynocomastia (aka . reduced sex drive. Therefore. we need to tip the scales way back the other way which is why you‟re laying off of meat for a few days. to sum things up for the Easy 3-Day Detox we‟re going to avoid: Milk Yogurts Cheese Creams Butter Poultry Fish Meat So remove these inflammatory and allergenic foods."man boobs").

WAIT! What? Look… .51 The Easy 3-Day Detox: Step 3 You‟re going to need to remove the most popular drug on the planet to your diet: Caffeine! From the moment an unknowing relative or babysitter begins allowing toddlers to sip soda from their straws… …until you‟re drinking Pepsi with breakfast! We‟re inundated with caffeine drinks all day long. This Cleanse is the beginning of a new life wherein you will gain: 4. Freedom from many of the common aches and ailments that plague your every day because of your addictions to foods. and the toxins therein! Removing stimulants such as caffeine from your diet will help you to actually increase energy. Decreased dependency on foreign stimulants due to your natural energy 6. Most people consume caffeine several times per day… … or even all day! However. Renewed energy and vitality 5. in the third step of our Easy 3-Day Detox we want to CUT THE CAFFEINE. drinks.

52 THE REASON THESE STEPS SOUND PREPOSTEROUS IS BECAUSE OF YOUR ADDICTION TO TOXIC FOOD ENSLAVES YOU TO HARMFUL HABITS… …AND A LOWER QUALITY OF LIFE! For those of you who wake up craving that first pot of coffee… … who set their coffee makers on intricate brew schedules … who rush off to spend the first fruits of their labor on Caramel Macciato‟s … or those of you who‟ve cranked the Starbucks addition up to owning their own their own espresso-brewing latté frothing cappuccino contraptions… The first day or two without your caffeine is going to result in two things: 1. You‟re going to learn something about yourself. even crackers. Thankfully. your headaches will go and you‟ll be feeling a noticeable improvement in just a day or two. soda. We’re just keeping it real! There‟s no sense in sugar-coating an addiction withdrawal. or even rice cakes! . You‟re going to learn something about yourself whilst dealing with caffeine withdrawal. 2. Don‟t be DISCOURAGED by the withdrawal effects: going COLD TURKEY is one of the best ways you are able to learn just how much you rely on coffee. headaches and irritability. chips. as long as you replace those lost liquids with water.

And now the “best part” – do you really think you‟re going to miss Fast Food Grade Beef loaded with chemicals you can’t pronounce. sweet. No Key Lime-Flavored Yogurt Cups. and berries which are some of the most nutrient dense foods on earth – and they‟re rich. You‟re removing the cheese… dairy leads to inflammation. your body will speak loud and clear about what your next steps are to finally become free from food supply toxins! You‟ll find yourself naturally gravitating toward foods such as walnuts.53 The Easy 3-Day Detox: Overcoming Food Fixations Obviously you‟re being asked to make a “change” with the way you normally eat. No Goldfish Crackers!? Well. 1. . You‟re removing the bun… made with LOADS of refined sugar and grains you can‟t tolerate or even digest. just try to digest (pun intended) consuming a fast-food burger after trying your DETOX. you‟ll have to let your body tell you what it needs. grass-fed. and promotes additional toxicity in your system. 2. right? No Skinny Vanilla Lattés. And once you‟re “cleaner” on the inside. at least not during these three days and from there. avocados. sustainable. 3. and filling to boot! Even fresh. organic meats and wild-caught fish are more than welcome in moderation on a sustained balanced nutrition program…and you‟ll taste and feel the difference! Now notice that we told you that your cravings for fast food would be a thing of the past following your Easy 3 Day Detox. Well we actually WANT you to hit up a fast food joint after your cleanse! I mean. free-range. Not after you enjoy the natural. toxin-free trial you‟re about to embark on.

toxic foods with healthy. but you‟ll be addicted once you taste it and feel this fresh start to your day! . and a variety of other delicious foods all day long! So here‟s another challenge for you during your Easy 3 Day Detox: get friendly with your blender. I call it my 3-Day Detox Morning Jumpstart and drink this blender drink first thing every day during my cleanse… In a blender. scrape the loose fibers on the inside of the banana peel. nuts. You wouldn‟t believe how full a great fruit or vegetable smoothie will make you feel in the morning… until lunch! Your body LIGHTS UP when you replace heavy. tiring. or even raw foods. combine the following ingredients: 1 ripe organic banana (Also. This is where a ton of the healthy bioflavonoids are hanging out that are never touched when just eating a banana the “normal” way! 1 ripe organic red apple – cut in quarters 1/8 inch small slice of fresh. with a sharp knife. it‟s estimated that the equivalent of at least one entire meal will disappear from your regular eating day during this fast. My Personal Easy 3-Day Detox Morning Jumpstart! Want to know a little trick that helps me get an amazing start to my 3-day detox! It‟s all in how you begin your very first meal to send a signal to your body that it‟s in store for an amazing experience. grains and dairy products. despite the fact that you may be eating fruits and vegetables. juicer. Here‟s another reason why the Easy 3-Day Detox is actually going to feel GREAT once you kick the fast food habit… You feel lighter when you take out the mystery meats. peeled ginger – not powdered! Fresh! 1 large organic green pepper – I know what you‟re thinking…trust me…it tastes amazing in this drink! Blend it all up smooth and pour it in a glass! You‟ll need a plastic spatula to get it all because it‟s thick.54 When you finish your Easy 3 Day Detox you‟ll find these foods to have a natural aversion now and just not feel “right”. In fact. or Vita Mixer. In short…you‟re not going to miss the Big Macs. whole.

the only way we‟re able to beat these addictions to toxic foods and toxic lifestyles is because of the rewarding and compelling psychological effects. You‟re fasting dairy and other animal products.55 The Easy 3-Day Detox: MIND CONTROL You‟re fasting whole grains. Truly. By treating your body to the foods that perpetuate LIFE. and MORE AWAKE. you‟re going to find that unlike scams that promise you‟re going to expel more in order to help you FEEL better… … Until you realize that all you feel is the perpetual urge to hit the loo with no other obvious “benefits”. cell regeneration.. LIGHTER. You‟re fasting caffeine. of course!) In fact. This isn‟t a mind trick or a caffeine high… you‟re in the zone. (Despite possible headaches from the caffeine withdrawal. and your GI Tract AWAY FROM:  Filtering through toxins that they can‟t rid you of fast enough  Fighting disease while being constantly inundated with inflammationproducing foods  Frustrating your faculties with fatigue because ALL YOUR ENERGY IS DEVOTED TO DIGESTING . your pancreas. BUT YOU FEEL FREE. As you take the attention of your liver. cleanliness and mineral absorption you will FEEL AMAZING. The crux of the Easy 3 Day Detox is that your body knows how to do the work for you..

such as caffeine for energy or laxatives in order expel. You‟re seeing your skin clear up and you‟re meeting weight loss goals with ease You feel momentum knowing that you‟re going to live a longer.56 … You will now have energy to spare! Your Easy 3-Day Detox helps you feel great because you know:   You‟re replacing dangerous foods and drinks to cleanse and revitalize your system You‟re replacing unnatural (and expensive) dependencies to drugs. happier life!   . healthier. with natural food choices that will clear up your GI Tract and help your energy levels skyrocket.

hopeful. and ready to head to the grocery store! But before you head out – let‟s clear a few things up. even if you do eat until you‟re really full – the feeling won‟t last as long as a Sausage Pizza-Beer-&-Cupcake Binge or a Fast Food Fest– wherein you overdo it and the feeling lasts for hours – even days! Worry. or fret about calories. Therefore. natural foods that are hopefully free of chemicals and low in sodium. You‟re eating delicious.57 So What The Heck CAN I Eat? If you‟re like many of my clients. you are at the point now as we‟re wrapping up our discovery chapters where you‟re excited. count. FAQ #1: “How many calories should I eat during the Easy 3-Day Detox?” Don’t count calories during your detox. ambitious. instead. Here are the top eight most common questions we received from our clients who have used and enjoyed their Easy 3-Day Detox. You‟re going to be digesting this food quickly and easily because of how close to nature it originates. Eat all the fruit you want (they don‟t have points!) and you‟ll do nothing but enhance your detox. You‟ll know when you‟ve eaten enough and it‟ll be incredibly refreshing to be on a „diet‟ that doesn‟t make you weigh. about finding peace with your decision to make the Easy 3-Day Detox a part of your life – RELAXING is great for digestion! .

the red bean is a great antioxidant – much like another red food you‟ll be eating a lot of during this time – the berry. or by themselves.58 If you‟re a numbers person – challenge yourself to chew your food twice as much as you‟d normally be inclined – but DON‟T count calories! This is an outstanding Detox Principle because it will even further assist good digestion and give your body more space hunt down toxins and bid them out of your system once and for all. Kidney. Pinto. Lima.fiber! In addition. The generous fiber and protein that beans provide are outstanding for your detox – and they‟ll help fill you up to boot! One common misconception is that meat is the best way to get protein but it‟s a dangerous lie that people are fed from a young age. Animals are often pumped full of chemicals. baked dishes. Focus on feeding your body what it craves and drinking a ton of water in between meals to curb any cravings you do come across. You can easily buy beans dry or canned and they are easy to prepare in a variety of soups. salads. Whether or not you‟re cleansing. beans are a worthy substitution in your diet if you are unable to afford or find grass-fed beef or free-range poultry fed an organic diet. and Navy Beans are deemed the healthiest – full of protein and natural minerals and –of course. Beans are extraordinary for heart health and for lowering cholesterol. hormones. FAQ #2: “Are beans okay during my Easy 3-Day Detox?” Yes. eat ALL beans. and let to become massively fat. .

However. The risk of heart attack plummets by almost 40% for men who experience such a drop in cholesterol. In addition. free range eggs aren‟t always as clean as we hope they would be. FAQ #3 “Can I eat eggs during the Easy 3-Day Detox?” Eggs are not okay during your Easy 3-Day Detox. the reason we‟re avoiding animal protein in this detox is because you want to consume foods that are easier to digest. eggs. This would mean that milk. However. eggs are mucus-producing so we want to avoid them for this short time. and meat are off limits. The plant –based diet you‟re going to be eating will enhance much easier digestion and overall healing in your body.59 Researchers at the University of Kentucky conducted a study indicating that one cup of cooked beans per day can even lower a person‟s cholesterol by up to 10% in only six weeks – and an average of 19% in men. Eggs are wonderful – we love free range organic eggs – both whites AND yolks. We know you are attached… eggs are full of protein and the yolk is loaded with nutrients… and when you‟re looking to eat healthy eggs sit heavy when you eat them so you don‟t feel hungry just one hour after you eat them. Reasons for this range from the packaging they‟re in and other times it‟s due to pesticides that are sprayed in nearby field. . In the same way “Organic” doesn‟t always live up to the standards you think you‟re paying for. we have learned that “Organic” foods can sometimes contain chemicals and pesticides.

The best thing you can do for the purest poultry is to get local eggs that are from local farms. after all. the chickens get enough sunlight. Just know that during this short time we‟re going to avoid all dairy. Laws that govern “Free Range” do not always mandate that poultry gets these essential ingredients for a healthy chicken. space to exercise. and a quality food on your plate. This way. however. . air. is off limits during the detox period. it sits with dry storage unlike most other dairy products. Remember the nursery rhyme about Little Miss Muffet? (She sat on a tuffet eating curds and whey when along came a spider and sat down beside her… and frightened Miss Muffet away!) Don‟t be frightened of whey though. It‟s the stuff that gathers at the top of your cottage cheese. So what‟s wrong with whey for these three days? Whey is actually the liquid that milk curds are embedded in when making cheese. Whey. a healthy egg. This is very shocking for many of us – who didn‟t realize that whey contains dairy because. FAQ #4: “Can I have whey protein during my Easy 3-Day Detox?” My sophisticated Smoothie and Juicing clients want to make sure that they can continue with their protein shakes after working out. and natural foods to eat.60 Sometimes free range chickens aren‟t really kept in the best conditions – which is a downfall of mass production in the industry.

They promote better digestion and they haven‟t been robbed of some of the nutrients and enzymes that are stripped out of cooked foods. this is very difficult and it probably isn‟t in your supermarket tub of whey protein. and grilled foods that are permissible by our basic guidelines. it’s very cool to go completely raw for 3 days. Although it is possible to find whey protein that is isolated from the lactose component. if you choose to go raw for these three days that‟s outstanding. With that being said. In fact. Read more about this in the next few chapters! FAQ #6 “Is flour okay during the Easy 3-Day Detox?” We‟ve already discussed why you should get rid of bleached. Foods that are consumed in their natural raw state are generally better for you. can you still use any flour during this period? . However. people with lactose intolerance are forbidden to consume why in any form.61 Therefore why is indeed full of protein. FAQ #5: “Is this a raw foods diet?” We are not asking that you go completely „raw‟ for 3 days. Our Detox program includes sautéed. However. baked. but it is also mostly lactose. white bread and flour during your detox diet.

We have stated in earlier chapters that our bodies don‟t digest whole grains well. You see. it may be an apple or a green pepper… hone in on these great foods. and even muscle fatigue. Once you begin consuming gluten again you may find that in large quantity. gluten is found in wheat. The seed that you get from nature is pure and good to consume. Gluten is very unnatural for our bodies to digest and found to be even poisonous to those who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Gluten will essentially „clog‟ you up and is linked to the same paste that allows your bread to get spongy as well as your wallpaper to stick to your walls… If our Easy 3-Day Detox is meant to cleanse – why would you add this pasteforming substance to an already over-worked GI Tract? When you get rid of gluten in your diet for three days you may realize how much your body actually rejects it. a lack of energy due to your body being so consumed with digestion. For you. flour requires you to grind up a grain and refine it. barley and rye. For the record. the grains and flour that you are accustomed to have been overlyprocessed and refined into a sort of faux food stripped of nutrients and fiber. thereby making it void of its essential nutrients. . we recommend that you avoid flour of any kind during this period. gluten perpetuates a lagging digestive process. In addition. However. try to focus on foods during your Easy 3-Day Detox that promote digestion in your body. Therefore.62 In a word…no.

sugars. granola is typically smothered in oils. Beware! Granola is typically whole grain – this isn’t going to help your detox at all! Also. It‟s the food that marathoners have stowed away in their backpacks and healthconscious office mates munch on Granola Bars while others suck down fast food McMuffins and Cream-Cheese Laden Bagels. okay! We‟ll explain smarty pants!… Granola is a veritable staple to the perceived “healthy lifestyle”. Shop the aisles. barley and rice are not okay in the Easy 3-Day Detox but they‟re the main ingredients in granola – so please avoid! Granola bars are full of gluten. „protein‟. I‟ll oblige you with the following: Granola „bars‟ are boxed. - - .63 FAQ #7 “Can I eat granola during my Easy 3-Day Detox?” No. Health food stores line their aisles with granola bars and Kashi even touts their new „No High Fructose Corn Syrup‟ brand in major super stores. dates. fats. rye. and sweet or savory spices. almonds. – if you want to make a gluten-free granola bar try making your own with apples. and salt! But since you are all too smart to take my direction without any substantial evidence. …. instead. Rolled oats. plastic or foil-wrapped foods made by big food conglomerates who are known to „push the limits‟ so far as their claims go regarding „fiber‟. and „sugar-free‟ by pumping tons of sugary manmade chemical goop into their products. Okay. agave syrum.

vitamins. And although I probably shouldn‟t have to tell you this…French fries are NOT considered “potatoes” in any healthy nutrition program. yams. However. However. In addition. This means they are prone to the chemical solanine – which is linked to increased arthritis pain! So enjoy your spuds – but do it smartly . Lastly – potatoes sometimes get sunburned! Avoid potatoes with greenish tints to them as this reflects that they have been in the sun too long. and even fiber abound. as well. and red-skin potatoes. Your best bets for the healthiest form are sweet potatoes. and oils that are typically added to this delectable detox-worthy food you‟ll be okay. potatoes have more potassium than bananas and one serving packs in enough Vitamin C to account for approximately 45% of your daily value. if you prepare your potatoes without the fattening butters. if you boil or steam your potatoes. you limit this risk almost entirely. Additional minerals. potatoes have gained a bad rap. friends. creams.64 - Read the labels. Deep fried potatoes form a toxic substance called acrylamide. We‟ve equipped you to use discernment in your foods and if you have to purchase packaged foods – be very wary of ingredients you can‟t pronounce! FAQ #8 “Are potatoes okay during the Easy 3-Day Detox?” Yes! But thanks to many skewed diet programs.

Easy 3-Day Detox “Print & Go” Shopping Guide Greens Arugula Bok Choy Boston Lettuce Cabbage Chard Collard Greens Dandelion Endive Iceberg Lettuce Kale Parsley Red Leaf Lettuce Romaine Spinach Spirulina Watercress Fruits Apples Avocado Blueberries Cantaloupe Cherries Dragon Fruit Grapes Jicama Kiwi Mango Olives Oranges Peaches Pears Plums Pomegranate Raspberries Tomatillos Tomatoes Strawberries Vegetables Artichoke Asparagus Bell Peppers Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Carrots Cauliflower Celery Cucumber Green Onion Heart of Palm Mushrooms Red Potatoes Squash Sweet Potato Zucchini Nuts & Seed (RAW) Almonds Cashews Chia Seeds Cumin Flax Seeds Hemp Seeds Macadamia Nuts Pecans Pine Nuts Pistachio Poppy Seeds Pumpkin Seeds Sesame Seeds Squash Seeds Sunflower Seeds Walnuts Beans & Pods Adzuki Beans Bean Sprouts Black Beans Black-Eyed Peas Fava Beans Flageolets Garbanzo Beans Green Beans Green Beans Hazelnuts Jalapeño Kidney Beans Lentils Lima Beans Pinto Beans Okra Pepitas Snow Peas Drink Additions Almond Milk Apple Cider Vinegar Decaf Black Tea Chai Coconut Water Cranberry Dandelion Coffee Distilled Water Electrolyte Water Grapefruit Green Tea Hemp Milk Herbal Coffee Lemon Lime Maple Syrup Sweet & Savory Additions Cardamom Agave Nectar Cacao Cinnamon Clove Coconut Grapeseed Oil Honey Macadamia Nut Oil Miso Molasses Nutritional Yeast Olive Oil Stevia Vanilla Vegannaise Herbs & Bulbs Basil Chives Cilantro Dill Fennel Garlic Ginger Leeks Mint Oregano Red Beets Red Onion Rosemary Scallions Shallots Wasabi Post-Detox Amaranth Arrowroot Buckwheat Flaxseed Meal Hominy Millet Quinoa Rice Milk Sprouted Grain Bread Prepared Foods Hummus Tahini Organic Salsa Organic Guacamole .

and even fresh–squeezed orange (not the sugary goop from the supermarket) to really pack in the flavor. the mere psychological feeling of getting that many nutrients in one serving will make you feel so HOOKED on vitamin and mineral rich foods that you will soon realize that THIS is the magic health cure you‟ve been looking for. Perhaps you‟ve already considered supplementation. food as nature has provided it.66 The Easy 3-Day Detox: SNEAKY TRICK to Getting Vitamins FAST If you‟re uncomfortable with stuffing your body full of bags of spinach. This is an invaluable sneaky trick that helps you transition from the jug of chocolate milk or the bagel and cream cheese into a breakfast that helps your energy skyrocket from the get-go… and is sustainable for longer than it takes to get that first cup of morning coffee to your desk. kale. Moreover. kiwi.m. celery and parsley. energy crash you‟re used to because of a diet that provides quick jolts that aren‟t sustainable for the whole day. spinach. Start with a sweet juice that has carrots.. banana. You‟ll notice that without the sugary carbs at breakfast you‟re going to avoid the 10 a.. apples. ginger root. When you wake up to a nice fruit and vegetable juice you kick the digestion and metabolism into high gear – and it tends to wake you up more than caffeine and lasts much longer without the crash. You can always add carrots. oodles of squash and pounds of peppers… then try satisfying your veggie and fruit servings through juicing. lemon. You‟ll be THRILLED to learn how delicious a vitamin-rich juice tastes. You‟ve even asked yourself: . if you like. Juicing is also great because the vitamins and minerals get rapidly absorbed in your body.

m. .00 on supplements from the health food stores on actual foods that are good for you it could last some people two whole months! Ultimately. …And you haven’t even purchased healthy groceries yet! You don‟t need to spend thousands of dollars to do a cleanse. easy supplements with these vitamins and minerals?” Really. one banana.67 “Why don’t we just spend the money to go see a naturopath to obtain simple. This is another reason juicing is an awesome option for replacing your previous meals with detoxifying meals. what you‟re doing with the Easy 3-Day Detox Diet is reinforcing what the body is naturally designed to do. for instance you aren‟t going to start the day with cereal and munch on a bagel at 10 a.00 in supplements c. If you‟d spend the $700. You can use the blender or food-processer you already have if you don‟t have a juicer. energy-drop? DON’T BE! You‟ll find that juicing one apple. Worried about your 10 a. you‟re going to really need to replace the carb habit or chocolate milk mornings with something satisfying. there‟s nothing wrong with seeing a naturopath or a nutritionist.m. Several hundred dollars on the consultation b. If your Detox Diet is basically taking the first two meals of your day and getting rid of them.. no problem. This will last you a couple of hours and will sustain you much better than a two minute McMuffin-load that leaves you crashing in minutes. What you‟re also going to recognize here is that we‟re not REMOVING foods in order to effectively detox… we‟re SUBSTITUTING them. Easily $700. maybe a squeezed lime and two handfuls of spinach will beget an entire liter of green smoothie. The problem is that you‟re going to throw down: a.

68 This way you aren‟t going to feel the starvation or withdrawal that you might with other more restrictive cleanses and diets. hungry. . Experts who understand the psychology behind a successful diet plan will recognize this SUB-IN. and restricted. SUB-OUT philosophy as a GREAT way to help you stay on track without feeling perpetually deprived.

and mangos are very high in sugar. Now we‟ll introduce a more intermediate cleanse – this is the phenomenal program outlined at www. He refers to this as a Level II Cleanse. dairy and stimulants for 3 days and you‟re ready to step it up. The next level of cleansing involves removing sweet fruit from your diet for at least a two-week time period.UltimateCleanseProgram. He shares some of the secrets from his Ultimate Cleanse Program in these remaining few chapters.com. and berries. Fruit is a terrific food source and is never a bad source of nourishment.69 Taking the Easy 3-Day Detox to the Next Level Phase One: So you‟ve cut your grains. dairy and stimulants from your diet in the Easy 3-Day Detox. It is important at this level to get people over their sugar cravings and it‟s VITAL to your overall well-being to get away from foods containing processed sugars altogether. These are still GREAT for you… without the spike in blood sugar levels. pears. Yuri Elkaim. co-creator of the Easy 3 Day Detox program. bananas. Therefore. For those of you who have no problem removing the grains. you‟ll have a much easier time advancing your cleanse. However. . focus on the non-sweet or semi-sweet fruits such as apples. some of the sweeter tropical fruits like pineapple. has coached thousands of clients through his holistic cleansing program. These fruits can reinforce our cravings for bad sugars.

70 Phase Two: The next level is to eat raw foods. … And it especially isn‟t eating raw chicken or pork! Eating raw foods involves consuming fruits and vegetables in their raw states. For the hard-core raw foodies this includes raw foods pizzas. raw foods lasagnas. For 90% of the population this involves more smoothies and salads in their diets. … or heating the food above approximately 104 degrees. They‟re going beyond purees and crudités to offer courses in raw foods cooking. they possess a veritable life force in their raw state. Avoid: 4. This isn‟t sushi or Carpaccio. In addition. per se. Steaming 5. *** This life force found in raw vegetables is destroyed with the cooking process…and so are the food enzymes! *** . and hundreds of versions of delicious raw foods soups. Naturally your sweet potato isn‟t going to be digestible sliced on a salad… but in a blender it‟ll make a phenomenal sweet soup! Raw vegetables are jam packed with food enzymes that aid in the digestive process. rawism or living foods workshops. Restaurants are literally popping up everywhere that tout foods with VITALITY and ENERGY. Sautéing 6.

vitality.71 Just take a look at the difference between these special images that can actually view energy spectrums (shown here in purple) from cooked broccoli on the left and raw organic broccoli on the right… Steamed Broccoli Life Force Raw Organic Broccoli Life Force Which would YOU rather have nourishing your body? In fact. which is the opposite of acidic. This is especially due to a diet heavy in grains. and overall well-being by incorporating more raw foods into your diet. Phase II is meant to bring your body into an alkaline state. animal products. Improve your digestion. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables is going to alkalize our bodies. Acid in the body is related to disease. Remember: your body leans towards being overly-acidic. The BEST foods for alkalization are Green Leafy Vegetables such as: . and processed foods. eating cooked vegetables is sometimes harder for your body to digest than raw vegetables.

Greens. bunches of spinach. Where else do you find yourself using parsley. during phase two you‟re practically going to want to consider remortgage your house for a good juicer because of how delicious raw vegetable and fruit smoothies can be. you can use a tiny little food processor OR an eight hundred dollar juicer! . you can consume a ton of parsley. for instance? Parsley is incredibly high in iron but you rarely see it outside of a garnish You can make a non-wheat version of a Tabbouli salad using quinoa. have more protein per gram than meat. And it helps you stuff a whole lot more nutrients into one easy serving than were you to eat them in a bowl or as a plate of crudités! If you don‟t juice now. And if you‟re shedding pounds and experiencing skyrocketing energy levels – you won‟t let much get in your way! But what‟s most important to remember is that just as the Easy 3-Day Detox is done easily in any corner of the earth without the aid of miracle pills and potions. When juicing. in fact. or you can pack tons of it into a juicer. You‟ll find yourself much more easily feeding your body minerals such as iron that it really needs because you‟ve begun juicing. and other foods that we don‟t generally consume in large quantities.72    Broccoli Spinach Swiss Chard The alkalinity purifies our bodies and helps you feel incredible.

or a lifetime! Before beginning your 28-Day Cleanse. After the Juicing Level you move into the Maintenance Phase. we recommend you consult a holistic nutritionist. Maybe you‟ve even begun eating more organic foods in order to limit your consumption of chemicals and pesticides. you might be a contestant. A lot of great holistic nutritionists will actually map out the final 14 days for you so that you can learn how to.73 Phase 3: If there was a Survivor: Detox Challenge. maintain the Maintenance Phase. You‟re probably juicing already. It’s the 28-Day Cleanse Phase. You‟ve perhaps toyed around with the idea of a colon cleanse. The following diagram will help you visualize how it looks: . The maintenance phase lasts for the remaining 14 days of the 28 day cleanse. or Juicing Level. For those of you who already consume raw foods that aren’t smothered in Ranch dressing and who‟ve already begun focusing on fruits and vegetables as your primary food group: this next challenge is for you. The Third Phase of our Easy 3-Day Detox Kick-Up involves a 28-day commitment that people often extend for months. well. which is a time when people move into a lifestyle of naturally whole foods. years. This phase is also known as the Juicing Level or Smoothie Level wherein you‟re basically going to consume juices and smoothies for the first 14-day period – this is the cleanse phase. however.

74 During the Juicing Level phase you should also try an intermittent fast throughout the week where you consume nothing but water for an 18-24 hour period. Achieve mental clarity 11. Generate healing through your body‟s natural abilities 10. Detoxify their bodies 8. which is the foundation upon which a lot of cleansing is based. Accelerate fat-burning 9. Improve their skin To really take this the whole nine yards. WARNING Extended water fasts are extreme and should only be done under supervision! . Fasting is enormously popular today for people who want to: 7. some cleansing programs will take you on a thirty-day water fast. This is a really significant time for your body to heal itself.

. Always Detoxing so GIVE IT SPACE. so it is with the Easy 3-Day Detox. yes. eat. you‟ll NEVER be able to detox. Because it‟s too busy in crisis mode. as we‟ve outlined in this book. provide the body with an environment conducive to working without the interruption of indigestible foods or toxins. But there is NO potion or powder than can replace the mechanism that is within you to detox. Overwhelming our systems with indigestible and anti-alkaline diets takes the attention away from our bodies natural healing and digestive powers. breath and bathe in without this Detox? A. Fasting will also help you learn about the psychological ways you‟re addicted to food because people will notice that after the first skipped meal or two in a fast – they‟re no longer hungry for days! This is because of our psychological dependence on our next meal or a feeling of security in a full belly. What is the ONE reason your body can not completely detoxify you from all of the contaminants you drink. To reiterate… Q. either through the Juicing Level or via a fullout Water Fast. As in fasting. smoke. So.75 The point is that the upper echelons. The power to fight toxicity and disease IS within you… waiting to be unlocked. there are just too many toxins within you for the body to keep up. The secret mechanism within you to Detoxify is this: Your Body is Always. Unless you understand WHERE the toxins are coming from. What the Easy 3-Day Detox does is to give your body a BREAK from elements that take its focus off of cleansing. Hollywood celebrities can pay $1 million for a consult with the world‟s leading health and fitness gurus.

schemes. Food-based cleanses are sustainable. bi-monthly. . too. or hard-to-find formulas. Whereas the detox “marketers” have honed in on a:    Supplement-Based Pill-based Corporation-based… .76 “Stick-It-To-The-Man” Level The 28-Day Cleanse. is totally natural: No gimmicks. This isn‟t about finding miracle pills or supplements. Some will choose to move into full-out veganism after reaping benefits from their initial cleanse. we’ll ship you the pills. Cleansing Conglomerate… The Easy 3-Day Detox program doesn‟t require any pills. In response to this. or supplements required. or as a daily lifestyle. The corporation says: You want to cleanse? Send a check. It involves giving your body center stage to control functions and promote healing on its own terms. In two weeks or a month‟s time you‟re back where you began. The Easy 3-Day Detox is a sustainable cleanse that can be utilized bi-annually. holistic nutritionists have decided to develop a cleanse that is food-based. supplementation. but in almost any grocery store you walk into. just like the Easy 3-Day Detox. and the ingredients aren‟t manufactured in a far-off warehouse. which is perfectly okay...

*** The Easy 3 Day Detox is a way to eat. a way to energize. and your valuable time into a diet program you’ll never fully understand.77 Yuri Elkaim has worked with clients including professional athletes for years as a highly sought-after and reputable holistic nutritionist. He reports that 80% of his consulting clients continue the Maintenance Level for a full 5 and 6 months after their initial 2-week Juicing Level. your social life. in the end: Wow! This is: “Totally Sustainable” “Totally Affordable” “Totally Delicious” “I’m never going back to ingesting toxic foods and feeling dreadful ever again!” That‟s the real goal of the Maintenance Phase is to set you off on a lifetime of clean eating and healthy living… *** A life of consistent detoxification isn’t about throwing away your checkbook. and a way to more fully ENJOY LIFE! . One of the best parts about the Easy 3-Day Detox is looking back at your great accomplishments and saying.