1 OBJECTIVES: By the end of the class students will be able to: use there is/ there are according to singular and

plural objects. CONCEPTUAL PROCEDURAL Instituto Superior Josefina Contte Previous knowledge: classroom objects - Greeting numbers - listening and answering LESSON PLAN N°1 Input: There is/there are – singular and plural - playing games Function: Using there is/there are according to - following instructions Date: 7/6/11 singular and plural objects, - writing sentences with there is and Time: 90’ there are Trainees: Nuñez, Alejandra ATTITUDINAL: Sandoval, Natalia *Respect the T and their partners School: Wings *Have a positive attitude towards the class Course: Kids 1 *Participate in class Stage of proficiency: Beginners • CONTENTS

Sts read the sentences they have already written. Sts listen and answer. T explains the differences with there is and there are. It has flashcards of school things. PRESENTATION 10’ Listen and speaking T says: “Ok. Some of them have the picture of one object and others have many objects. This is……… (point the book). Can you help me? Yes. I can’t remember the names of things which are in the picture. Do the same with other items. Sts have to look at the poster (the one we use for presentation) and write TRUE or FALSE. T explains the plural rules and writes on the BB. Stick a poster of a classroom. Do the same with the other objects. (False). Sts listen to the T. Using examples from the poster. Tell me. Very good. For example: There is one schoolbag. PRACTICE I 15’ Listening and sticking PRACTICE II 10’ Writing Sts write True or false and rewrite the false sentences. Ok.(points to some objects). PRESENTATION II 10’ Listening and speaking . T sticks a new poster with plural school objects. Do the same with the other items. Encourage the sts to repeat.. There are Sts count and repeat the four rulers”.STEP TIME CONTENT & SKILL TEACHER’S WORDS AND ACTIONS LEARNERS’ ACTIONS & INTERACTIONS 2 WARM UP 10’ Listening and speaking Routine: Greet students and state the date and the Sts greet T and answer weather: What day is today? What’s the weather like? questions. T shows a real schoolbag. T draws a chart with there is and there are. And says: There are…. T gives Sts come to the front and take one picture from the schoolbag and stick on the correct column. She asks one student to takes one flashcard from the bag and sticks it in the correct column. Sts rewrite the false sentences correctly. structures. We check it orally all together. and T says: I have a problem. “Say with me”. There are four schoolbags. Let’s count rulers”. Previously T provides a model “There is one…” T writes some sentences on the BB.

Find the words and write their plurals. .3 Extra activity: word search.