06. 14.CONTENTS 01. 10. 02. Outline of the contest Arena: structure and specification Specifications of Robots Structure of tournament Game Procedure Competition Task and general Restrictions Reloading of Bots Deciding the Winner Cautions in Robot Design and Development Violations and Disqualification General Rules Safety Issues of Robots Registration Contact . 07. 13. 12. 08. 04. 03. 11. 09. 05.

02. Now the bot is allowed to enter the main battlefield. each team has to fabricate two manual bots. capture the keeps and demolish the opponent’s central post. Each bot will hit at least one shell (Bullet) to the door and the door will open. . The bots will maneuver through the barriers. The game will start with both the robots of RED and BLUE teams in their respective starting zones. destroy watch tower. eliminate the opponent’s bots.01. Outline of the contest: In this contest. The team which captures the opponent’s territory will be declared ‘WINNER’. Arena: structure and specifications The arena consists of a battlefield which is 4000mm x 2500 mm and is surrounded by a wooden fence with a height of 100 mm and a thickness of 12mm in dimensions with several barriers and pits to challenge the teams. each equipped with at least one gun or cannon to shoot.

2.The arena is divided into two zones.  It contains a door of 350mm x 400 mm dimensions lying at one side.  Initially the bot has to be placed in the 400mm x350mm highlighted area in the zone.4 Bunkers  It is a semicircular cavity of 300 mm diameter placed in the between the starting zones under the central post. It consists of the following zones: 2. 2. Its dimensions are 576mm x 600 mm and have a hole of 150 mm diameter with center at a height of 300mm.2 Central Post  The central post is the vertical wall between the starting zones. 2. . one for each team.3 Keeps  There are keeps of 350mm x 350 mm one at each corner.1 Starting Zones  There are four starting zones. one for each bot each of 400mm x 500 mm dimensions each at an elevated level of 100 mm from the main battle field.

7 Pits  The arena contains two pits of 100 mm diameter in the middle.6 Watch Towers  Each team has its own watchtower which is a 250 mm long tower with a diameter of 20 mm with a ball of 40mm diameter situated at the top. 2. with dimensions of 400x400 mm situated outside the battlefield. one for each team.  The movable ones rise and fall periodically. .2.8 Barriers  There are two types of barriers. 2. 2. movable (green colored) and fixed (brown colored).5 Reloading Zones  There are two reloading zones in each half.

After the match starts there is no limit on dimension of robots. . Specifications of Robots 1) Robots: At the start of match the dimensions of robot should not exceed 250 mm x 350 mm x 300 mm.03. The weight must not exceed 5kg.

. with the other team declared as winner. 2) In any of the following cases.  When the referee judges that the game cannot continue. 2 teams will move into prequarters. 04. the match ends immediately (even before 3 minutes). 4) From 4 teams in each group. Setting of robots: 1) One minute is given for setting of robots before the game starts. 2) The tournament will be held on a knockout basis of top 32 teams. Length of a game: 1) Each match lasts 3 minutes at most. Deployment of the robots and team members at the start of the game: 1) Bots must be started in Starting Zone. 5) In case one of the team is disqualified. 2) At most four members of each team can engage in setting of robots. 05. Best 32 teams will be given a chance to compete in the event. 3) Any teams that fail to complete setting of the robots within one minute can resume the setting again once the game starts. Structure of tournament: 1) All the willing participants are required to send an abstract at breachwars@cognizance.org. C). the match will be considered complete. B). 3) In the preliminary round.in before 20th February 2012. we will divide 32 teams into 8 groups. 6) The match may be stopped in between if the referees judge that continuation of the match is impossible. Game Procedure: A).  Disqualification is announced in the game.2) Cannon/Gun: The dimension of the shell used should be in between 20mm and 40mm.

6) To demolish the Central post. 2) The time duration for a game is 3 minutes. the opponent’s bots remain unaffected from the shots of the bot inside the reloading zone. 8) The toppling over for a bot anywhere in the arena will also be considered as a HIT. 5) To capture the Keep... 2) The shots from the bots inside the reloading zone will not be considered as HITS. 4) The bots can now attack the opponent’s bots. i. i. For the initial one minute. 07.2) Number of shells loaded at the starting of the game is restricted to 20 in each bots. elimination of the bot will occur and the bot will have to be taken out of the game arena. the whole body of the bot should be inside the box. 06. 3) At most only 4 people from each team can perform the task of operating Bots. Competition Task and general Restrictions: 1) The bots have to be initially placed in their respective starting zones. . 3) The door of starting zone will open only after the bot shoots the door with at least one bullet.e. 3) A bot inside the reloading zone can’t be hit. 9) After any such HIT. it remains unaffected by the game going on. Teams can score as much as they can. referee will indicate after completion of this task. the bot will have to start again from the starting zone. Now it is allowed to enter the main battlefield. if they are able to destroy Watch Tower by hitting down the ball situated at the top of the tower. shell should pass through its hole. )After two such HITS. After starting of the match. the bots can go to their respective reloading zones to get reloaded with bullets.e. 10. the team members must not touch bots again without the permission of referee. Reloading of bots: 1) Whenever required. they are not allowed to break into the opponent’s territory but they can. 7) A direct shot from an opponent’s bot will be counted as a HIT. Points will be given for every shot going inside the hole.

after the referee checks and confirms the completed tasks. No special demands will be entertained. . 08.20 Points 2) Capturing the Keeps . etc. The Match will end when:  End of 3 minutes. Any eliminator.  Both the bots of the opposite team are dead. Score pattern is as follows: 1) Destroying Watchtower . adaptor.30 Points 3) Demolishing Central Post -20 Points 4) Hitting the Opponent’s bot with shell .  One of the teams is disqualified.40 Points. Deciding the Winner: The game result is announced at the end of the 3 minute match. However in case of onboard power supply. 4) During the game the machine is allowed to expand its parts provided it does not damage the arena in any way. the machine along with the power supply should fit in the above mentioned dimension box. 5) The maximum number of reloads allowed is two and a bot can get a maximum of 10 bullets during a single reload. 5) In case of electric power supply. 3) The machine must use only mechanical power or mechanical power converted from a source of electrical energy. Cautions in Robot Design and Development: 1) The manual robot must be able to fit inside a box with dimensions of 350 mm X 250mm X 300 mm and weigh less than 5 kg.4) The maximum time duration for reload is 10 seconds exceeding which. 2) If any of the machines uses an externally placed power supply. 9. the bot will be considered as HIT and will have to start from the starting zone. required will have to be arranged by participants themselves. the external power supply is not included in the size constraint. 6) The organizers will provide a standard 230V/50 Hz AC power supply. the voltage at any point must be lower or equal to 24V DC during the game.

Violation and Disqualification: 1) No team is allowed to damage the bots of opponent’s team. 2) During the match.7) Teams have to bring their own Shells (bullets). Note: Devices like hot air balloons/rockets which assist the machine in movement in any way are not permitted. 10. 8) The machine must be controlled by wired/wireless remote control mechanism at all stages of the game. nothing will be provided by organizers. If a team is not ready within the stipulated time. Also use of Lego parts. Please ensure a fairly long wire considering the arena dimensions. 9) For wireless mechanism the teams are advised to have dual frequency remote control to avoid frequency interference. 5) The teams will be asked to get ready 15 minutes before the start of their match. 6) Judges have the right to disqualify any team if they feel the team is not playing with fair interests. Failing to do so will straight away lead to disqualification. 3) Any kind of assistance through edges for locomotion will lead to a disqualification. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification. 4) Any kind of damage to the arena will attract disqualification. Any kind of weapons installed for damaging the opponents’ bots is strictly prohibited. This can lead to a time penalty or may even lead to disqualification. the team members are not allowed to touch the machine or the arena without permission of referee. 10) The machine should not leave spare parts in the arena at any stage. readymade assembly from toys will lead to disqualification.)In case of wired mechanism the wire must be slack at all point of time during the game. . 10. Any kind of assistance for locomotion through walls is prohibited. The participant must also make sure that wires do not entangle with the opponents wire. the other team will be declared as the winner.

org. All the willing participants are required to send an abstract with team details at breachwars@cognizance. 5) The machine must not contain any combustible. It is compulsory for all participants to register there to participate in any event in Cognizance. 3) Use of pneumatics actuator for guns/canon is not allowed. Registration: Register on the Cognizance web-site first. 2) All robots must be designed and manufactured as to cause no damage to any robots of the opposing team or the Arena field. The machine should not cause electric power breakdowns. 4) The machines you build will be first checked for size and safety. 13. 12. postgraduate (excluding PhD. Safety issues of the robots: 1) All robots must be designed and manufactured as to pose no danger of any kinds to any persons in the venue. or otherwise dangerous materials for safety reasons. undergraduate. organizers can change the rules and it will be the final decision. corrosive. General Rules: 1) All the students enrolled in high school.) program at any recognized institute (identity card will be checked) are eligible to participate.in before 20th February 2012. 8) Under any circumstance. No explosive compression or decompression. 6) Judges have the right to disqualify any machine whose working mechanism or game strategy is considered hazardous in any way. 3) Each team must declare a name for their team at the time of competition. 7) In case any kind of dispute arises the judges’ decision will be considered final and binding to all and no argument will be entertained. Team Details include: Team Name  Team Member’s Names (Highlight team leader’s name) .11. either internal or external is permitted. 2) A team can consist of a maximum of 5 members.

 E-mail ID’s  Contact Numbers  College Name with contact details  Branch. Year  City Abstract can be send later on. Contacts: Anshul Dhurandhar +91-7417743424 Yadwinder Paul Singh +91-9557020076 . 13. You may register early.