The most yielding ~ thing in the world will overcome the most rigid.
Lao Tzu


the millions who work or are denied work. global military power and global governance. Everybody knows that this minority is accumulating more might. more money. And everybody knows that this minority is shrinking each day as the ranks of their other. who have nice jobs or shitty jobs. more power.II minority of the world's population controls global finance. expand.MOST PEOPLE KNOW ~ that a ~. . the rest of us.

~l"i(!S maryb"Ullm".ilan.'om the 1J1lf1. "You don't want to go there.WHEN A GROUP OF US \ F.> ." Later when we sought to escape an impending kettle. do you? You'll be kept in there all night.ullumlell S. a policeman advised against it." >. another police officer told us we could not pass "if we were students.c"m \ tried to join the crowds at the Westminster protest against the imposition of higher student fees on December otb.I/.


Guillaume Apollinaire .My room looks like a cage The sun sticks its arm through the window But I who want to smoke and make mirages I light my cigarettes with daylight I don't want to work I want to smoke -4Ii.:.

so keep quiet and worship the golden calf. "is nothing other than the ideology of modern liberal capitalism: We won't massacre you.THE POLICE'S CONTAINMENT TACTICS _______ ---------- made starkly apparent the way in which the discourse of rights presupposes liberal democracy and its regime of individuality." . we won't torture you in caves." Alain Badio has said. "The refrain of'human rights.

. . You have to be willing to lay in the street. It is hard to create life. lfwe wish to seriously challenge the consumerist system. One is fast and leaves us desolate the other is slow. Violence. GregMcKone . Not even a night in jail.I Dear Adbusters. s . ready to die. Dave Smith Let's be real: the non-violent "mind yourself and be polite" types have not won anything yet.. including capitalism. we will need to make it impossible for the corporations to keep doing business as usual. but allows us a foretaste of the world we want to live in. then we need to exempt ourselves from being "nice. We are nearing the edge of the cliff. The system is not going to topple on its own. Karen Lindquist I believe Gandhi had it right when he said "be the change you want to see" and when Jesus said "do unto others as you would have them do unto you. to be generous and to build. peaceful action that exposes the greed and fear that corrupts any system these vices leach onto. It's now or never. and most of them are not willing to risk much. anger and aggression may be immediate and dramatic. for that type of thing to work. If we are not willing to fight our way out then we will NEVER get out. but they divert media and the masses away from real issues and create a 'smokescreen in which the freedom of plain and simple truth is lost." It is easy to kill and steal and destroy. A fight against oppression will find strength and ultimately success only through intelligent. ---------------MW To oppose a violent system with violence only reinforces the system." We will need to disrupt the ability of this system to continue smoothly .

f'rom SIWI'pillJjiulUr magazine #7. In terms which recalled both Klaus Theweleit's analysis of proto-fascist desire in Male Fantasies and Michel Foucault's discussion of the plague body in Discipline and Punish. some of the anonymous police commenters would characterize the protesters as disgusting. Marll is lit e "utlwl' 01' eli/lill/list lIe:llism: Is 'I'l"~re Alternative? He runs <I cultural No Ulllory blllg at .READING SOME OF THE POLICE gave an insight into the loathing and revulsion that many police feel for this mobbody.'punlcllhstrachlynamics. M~u'J{Pisher. incontinent filth.

"Tina. Spooky had her claws dug into the towel She's!earning. like the towel drill. brother points. flexing. I remember her all day at school. One game we played with her was called "Barry in the Backfield. She was the all time running was the quarterback. She was usually good for some entertainment. Spooky. and the rest of her body whipped flag. My older brother said. When she stopped panther. heard the She got home off and» Her jaw clenched cat shook and tried to whip Spooky loose. She was large and very muscular. When I got to the top of the stairs I'd s~am the door and lock it.' "No. First you hit Spooky with the pillow on top.r"'" ~. Her back and forth like a her closely. Ifwe the floor. As time went on her jaw got stronger. The other budge. "ThatawaySpooky. wr . would wrestiewith her and get her riled up. of us were messing and another My older brother had his own way of training hold a towel perpendicular to the side of the house cat squaring to the floor. one day she came of her head was bitten very slow times. set hut. you could see her vI!J . Someone My brothers saw sister wrapped come get this cat." players." Ita and wasclimbingup our sister. A chunk look so good. brother. We saw blood start to gush outofthe go. Spooky continued to grow until she was full-grown. in a towel. brother. got into many Then we knew what was happening. I don't think He would would come looking for Spooky. "She sure is.11 """". After some time and she learned to lock her jaw into the towel "Kevin. and I would show up to school with a new scratch The worst get his eye. what happened? Are you all right?' We walked into the bathroom and I I k._. The other cat wobbled The following hissing us through and didn't some and growling off scraggily year Spooky sound. get her. As she got close to the towel she would jump and clench her jaw into the towel. . "Blue forty-two." and I ran upstairs. then her paws would outside In the summertime when there was nothing the neighborhood. walking It sounded television. At one point in time I believe on our faces everyday. He was lucky she didn't would run home after school to play with Spooky. She looked When she walked growing different Myyounger Spooky she was quite muscles brother the living room . I'd crack the door open and look both ways to see if Spooky was see her. 'I'''' "'f'l ~" ~ . After a or two the other cat tried to run around Itwasjust When the cat hang. like a girl in a horror into a room to find a bloodied neck. brother. time the three heard to see Spooky loud hissing reach under. I'd run as fast as I could up the stairs head would bounce I would say. Larry. We learned we one was on my younger the eye and all the way down to his chin." "Okay okay" We gotheroffofsisterandbroughtherdownstairsto My brothers and I laughed. My brother Then blue forty-two. brother This game consisted of two I was on one team was my opponent. a friend I'd turn around and set Spooky As soon as she hit the floor me and attempt Ifmy brother of the door. but she wouldn't.l'J ~ _e Cf" I . and then Spooky let her and Spooky watched fights. off the right And and I cat in One when I If she was there waiting hot and humid. the cat. my younger Shewas off around to run around were able to tackle Spooky. but she wouldn't jaw was locked. around and growling. Spooky pounced and locked. from us as a defender. I'd have to use the pillow and blanket. we yelled up the stairs to make sure sister was all right. and my younger back and I across got him right under After some time of getting had to c. the blanket and a pillow." on the take my my she'd she'd dart lout of some corner and chase me. beat up we began to learn. on her and got a hold of her neck. get seven I would get no points. she would grab a hold of our arms and bite us." The two cats stood minute got to Spooky's facing each other growling and hissing. And floor. If Spooky ran around I would we ever finished a game. and Spooky would run at the towel.. All of a sudden shriek come from movie corpse on we heard this loud high-pitched side." I said. My brother would shake the towel and try to make her fall. Every morning If I didn't player. Spooky." and the three I ran around off. hurry They ran around cheering Spooky on. of us began "Get her Spooky. One gray and rainy day our family sat around the living room watching upstairs. the weather would bevery else to do. We trained her right from the beginning. thinking and I We My brother ~ SHE WAS TAKEN about OFF A FARM AND GIVEN like a miniature to my older sister as a gift. and Spooky was a neutral kneeled get away.arry a blanket then you threw Then around. That gave you just enough time to when I woke I'd grab my pillow and blanket. up. to the side of the house. Concerned. . the biggest and toughest one way or another and off somewhere. Spooky's door. Then our teachers began to worry about us. "Get her offofme.

and 'you will have triumphed over the most pernicious conspiracy in EuroAmerican society today'\ _.. the conspiracy. to turn you into , _- a living corpse galvanized ..-bY;f,prosthesis and the



I recommend Atklwd Tr-useelln thought than most people realize. 2011) and the professor of a course on the subject this fall.I knew I wanted to return home before my one-month visa even lapsed.gawking and taunting Thais came into focus. were etten articulating as an afterthought post-anarchist of the dominant order. and the constant heat sapped all my zeal for discovering this chaotic city . people are so comfortable As a contributor to Post- Anarchism: A Reader (Pluto Press. !'s. in political has actually been more central to post-1968 revolutionary Should your readers wish to explore additional excerpt from Saul Newman. Having roller-coastered through those two opposite phases. I can only hope the exposure entices more radicals to·e~pJore the ideas of post-anarchism. and Todd May. people.~istallll)l·ul"~sm· MUliul nUY.Hi Adbusters. authors after reading the Richard J. Jean Baud'ril'lard and Jacques Derrida. places and events started changing shape . Bangkok was a blur of images. (an "after" anarchism). anarchist analyses philosophy. After that initial honeymoon period. But is that the life I want? Back home. postmodern FC)rfrom being a pertcdreencn post-anarchism simply refers to radicalforms of anarchism.F. Lewis Call. I might now be hovering some~ where in the middle. smells and tastes that dazzled and excited me to the point of exhaustion . • I was a fan of yours when I lived in America.I knew I wanted to live here forever. Initially. the message Adbusters was getting across: the state of the world is a lot grimmer than most people realize Thailand has had a strange impact on my view of the United States. Day. Michel Foucault. What a pleasant surprise to see post-anarchism tfie cover of Adbuster~ #971 l in the US) that I started to appreciate on .ll IJuivm'sit}' Calg:lJT. but was starting to be put off by what I con'si_dered a mostly neqative tone. It wasn't until I relocated to Thailand (living on what little savings I could muster Dear Adbusters. lack of Western food began to annoy my stomach. post-anarchism nent contemporary though not identifying themselves as anarchists. how several promi- and pcet-structuraust demonstrates Among its many contributions ism. Anarchism. often maligned to contemporary thinkers such as Gilles Delauze. I admit that returning to the United States is tempting.All .

having come from a background of Reclaim The Streets Twisted Barbie's.Create. but are in the midst of inquiries. the camps that have been taking over town squares I")otonly in North Africa but also in Spain.hand stitched rail guards. Leaving the megapolis is not running away. Wouldn't it be great to bring our two projects together? John. It has done really well in Fra~ce and we are being published in German next year. the rest of us are trying to find. and then the Climate Camp.o. Jhis UK group of activists recfntly pasted London's Bank Station with a barrage of mini hand-made slogans ill sUPP9rtof the Robin Hood Tax. but . hogs wallowing endlessly and aimlessly In their o~n opulent filth. :ou are forced to interact on a daily basis with total strangers (In other words it becomes natural to speak face to face with another numen being. large ma- jority of Americans are not just fat but obese ..a way to create new forms of radical anticapitalist to cuts and austerity .touch wood .-eels ami Rebel t. in our times of global recession. of the population is obese ' seem to be. The Climate Camp movement that had success in the UK over the past five years (helping to power station cancel the Heathrow third runway and a coal-fired at Kingsnorth) has decided to dissolve itself. It is all in the air at the moment.we will be th~re soon. I'm interested in the micro-utopias. and they recently were featured on France'sCanal+ channel. France.Orqaruze. especially as we have sold our London flat and my partner has given up her university tenure! All this is to say that Ws a big moment of transition for me. The crattlvists' tactics are gainillg notoriety across Europe.e (French for brambles) which stands for Peeist. social. In our life at the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination it's all about big chanqes.lowlI Army . we have decided to leave the city and set up a radical international art activism and permaculture school within the context of a-new intentional community Southern Brittany.ssentially a nation almost infinite amount . MatillewMycllael. In Thailand. and this Nowtopia. I am feeling burned out and my "pathological incredible optimism" has waned a bit.. For us it means starting a new front (as vaguely theorized by The Coming Insurrection) away from the surveillance and erosion of social space that occurs in megacities.Jo.-dali UK I'ollmle. France.. But our trip around utopian European communities was also about trying to resistance.Exist.circles.and yet it seems a growing mass of young. Nourish. Following our journey around 11European utopias.the Robin Hood Taxwould take a tiny 0." says UK writer. nothing to msp~re us. foods means a staggenngly up Then there is the pressure to succeed.of Reclaim the St. After 20 years of pushing my body and soul on the frontline of art activism. US debt controversy and banks. We don't yet have a confirmed English publisher.n. and'" our experience. and while some of the UK UNCUT energy came from people who cut their activist teeth in that movement. find more permanent forms of postcapitalist We've c~eated a book-film that documents one thing I was wondering in doing a special Postcapitalist and organic farm in climate politics now that the camp has dissolved and the political agenda is shifting led us to the idea of founding our own postcapitalist was if Adbusters would be interested Utopias issue when our book- film comes out in English.that they fall into a trap of utter isolation and hol~ themselves in their comfortable yet sad.our easy lifesty~es are so boring we have to fill them (and our mouths) with stimuli..Similar to the Tobin Taxidea in the USA.eve~ythlng. Qf course. We have . Americans are spoiled with so many options of what to make of their lives .05%off the top of speculative financial transactions and use it to fund Brita~~'s' ollowed-out social h programs. political hankies end green·capped knit-ins are all weapons in the Craftivist Collective quiver. nothing we can rally behind. Hey Adbusters. The project will be called La r. maybe .c. and so on. even if it is only in grunts and somat~c gestures) Easy access to processed..and the militant activism that doesn't work for ali. students protests and the politically frustrated youth . America is e. so there really is nothing to work toward. Jameela Oberman. not shockingly. due to legal issues with the land. "This has never been more relevant than it is today. In Thailand a very small percentage (most of the overweight of jhetland children of the digital age). Maybe a little less comfort would make us better In the long run? Maybe. people are simply choosing to do nothing.

was awarded the Booker Prize in 1972. the esteemed art critic and author of the celebrated classic Ways ojSeeing. "The historical destiny of OUf time is becoming clear. in an essay for Guemica magazine. we created the following visual essay: ." Berger optimistically asserted. BUT A LITERAl ONF When John Berger. Most recently. "The oppressed are breaking through the wall of silence which was built into their minds by their oppressor. Berger offered the profound observation that life under capitalism has become a prisoner's toil." he explained.THE BEST WAY TO UNDERSTAND THE WORLD IS TO SEE IT NOT AS A METAPHORICAL PRISON. And since then Berger's political commitment has only deepened. he gave half of the prize money to the revolutionary Black Panther Party. Inspired by this simple yet perceptive insight.



and its allotted zones can vary and can be termed worksite. ghetto. What is essential is that those incarcerated in these zones are fellow prisoners. favela. periphery. suburb. office block. shopping mall. refugee camp. John Berger .The prison is now as large as the planet.

And even high·paying jobs for elite workers involve a detailed mental division of labor almost as deadening. or nonrecoverable bodily wear and tear. Only the fat paycheck at the end of the month eases the emptiness. almost as meaningless as the manual division of labor. daily turnover time becomes the time of slow death.99.· Capital has succeeded in converting people into "living" fixed capital. into organic dead labor: each day at work reinforces the subordination. Andy ftI~wril\eld .

bullo keep them in a state of passive uncerlainly. The prison population is Iricked inlo believing that the priorily for each one of Ihem is 10 make arrangemenls for their own personal prolection and 10 acquire somehow Iheir own parlicular exemplion from Ihe common fale.j The aulhorilies do Iheir syslemalic besllo keep fellow prisoners misinformed aboul whal is happening in Ihe world. only winners are brave. rumors. fictions. with misinformalion. Mankind is presenled as a coward. commenlaries. to remind Ihem remorselessly Ihallhere is nolhing in life but risk. and that Ihe Earlh is an unsafe place. This is done wilh carefully selecled informalion. The aim is nollo aclivate Ihem. •lohnllcrgcl· .

The dogmas defining criminality and the logics of imprisonment have changed. that's to say "free from territorial constraints ." They are perpetually remote. the world is dominated by financial. not industrial. Andy Mcnilield .the constraints of locality. It's here that the thinking of Zygmunt Bauman is illuminating. anonymous and thus never have to take account of the territorial. former President of the German Federal Bank: "Today's stake is to create conditions favorable to the confidence of investors. He points out that the corporate market forces now running the world are exterritorial." The single supreme priority. capital.Today in the era of globalization. physical consequences of their actions. He quotes Hans Tietmeyer.

50 times more than the sum of all the commercial exchanges. each day.Speculative financial transactions add up. .3 trillion. to $1.


Submissive governments. . Their police and security forces and spy agencies are the herders who keep the prison population in line. both of the left and right. eagerly obey the dictates of their financial masters.

Hyers and Meban




It is still possible to be freein thoroughfares reserved for soulless traffic, in locked buildings slated for demolition, in the ruins of forests bulldozed to make way for warhorses, in cities in which everything is for sale, even under the martial law of soldiers who shoot to killprovided that you march, that you trespass and occupy, that you plant new gardens and defend them, that you give and share without measuring: that you resist.
Crimetbinldnc. Ex-Workers' Collective


Guy Debord, the maverick SituatioDM ist philosopher, practiced living as if it were a game because he theorized that doing so could spark a revolutionary upheaval. "The sole thrilling direction remains the fragmentary search for a new way of life" beginning with "systematic provocation" that transforms existence into a "integral, thrilling game," a 24-year-old Debord asserted in 1955. And in the years following the May '68 uprising, while he grew increasingly reclusive, Debord privately dedicated himself to inventing Kriegspiel, a military strategy board game. Half a century later, in practically every domain of human endeavor, whether it be selling cat food or meeting up at a bar or planning an insurrection, an operation is struggling with how to "gamify" itself. A dozen or more recently published books cover the application of garning to life - from alternate reality game designer Jane McGonigal's Reality Is Broken to Tom Bissel's Extra Lives and Tom Chatfield's Fun Inc. But the one author who really glimpses what the future holds is media theorist McKenzie Wark. In his seminal manifesto, Gamer Theory, published in 2007, Wark makes the profound ontological claim that it is no longer a matter of transforming life into a "thrilling game," as Debord believed, because life under consumerism has already been gamified. "Ever get the feeling you're playing some vast and useless game whose goal you don't know and whose rules you can't remember?" asks McKenzie Wark. "You are a gamer whether you like it or not, now that we live in a gamespace that is everywhere and nowhere. As Microsoft says: Where do you want to go today? You can go anywhere in gamespace but you can never leave it." IfWark's proposition is true then every being, from friends to fedoras, has become either a player or a prop in an immersive global game of consumerism in which no matter what we do or how we play, capitalism gains. A bold claim, for sure, but Wark's argument transcends philosophical quibbling: it offers us a profound way to rethink the future of internet-enabled activism. The tactical genealogy of nearly every major online activist organization can be traced back to the fortuitous sale in 1997 of a Berkeley, California, gaming and screensaver software company whose flagship product was You Don't Know Jack, an "irreverent" trivia game. The $13.8m sale of Berkeley Systems made husband-and-wife founders Wes Boyd, a computer programmer, and Joan Blades, a vice president of marketing, overnight millionaires. With an excess of leisure time, they founded MoveOn and brought activism into the digital age. Within months of its formation, MoveOn established itself as a brilliant pioneer of leveraging the nascent internet to transform everyday people into political activists. MoveOn's success was arguably due to its unique mixture of the spirit of gaming with activism. By connecting members with each other on a local level, MoveOn built a decentralized, grassroots network capable of pulling off surprising nationwide missions that were fun, game-like ... and had a political impact. In 2003, for example, MoveOn members held voter registration house parties and collectively made 300,000 calls in a single afternoon; volunteers visited the offices of every US senator to voice opposition to the impending war; then, in a stunning kickoff, they organized public peace vigils on every continent and in thousands of small towns ... with only six days notice. MoveOn's website at the time conveyed optimistic exhilaration. Members used an ActionForum to sway the direction of the larger organization by posting suggestions and voting up or down on the ideas of others. Those ideas that achieved a critical mass were then acted on by the group. Powered by digital flows, offline campaigns were going viral and not just at MoveOn: from our small office in Vancouver, Adbusters watched in awe as practically overnight Buy Nothing Day became a global sensation. All of us were getting a taste of what might happen if a vibrant activist community were to emerge from a playful cyberspace.


Today, digital activism has reached adolescence and its adult years look to be more game-like than ever. At Adbusters we've got KillCap brewing, an anticonsumerism game built on the simple premise of escalating missions that target the visible signs of consumerism: 10 blackpogs, or in-game experience points, for walking away from Starbucks, 15 for defacing the Golden Arches, and 25 for subverting American Apparel's patriarchal advertising. Here the proverbial "ladder of engagement" that online campaigners reverently talk about becomes a literal leader-board where the highest rank goes to the most active jammers. The beauty of KillCap is that knowing such an urban game is being played alters one's perception of the city and what constitutes a political act. Ajammed billboard, an anticorporate prank and a capitalist hit with a pie, rather than being seen as isolated events, all become signs that jammers are earning blackpogs in KillCap, an exciting game you'll also want to play. KillCap works by appropriating the gamespace of consumerism for radical play where jammed corporations become opportunities for leveling up. But it is just the beginning of a whole new kind of activist game. A clue as to what comes next can be found in the emerging' field of indie storytelling and roleplaying games. Here the emphasis is placed on the construction of an alternative reality, a counter-narrative that reimagines life. Picture a roleplaying game that takes place in real life where players become actors in an unfolding story whose final scene is global revolution. Out there, right now, I anticipate that an eccentric game designer is working to craft precisely this kind of narrative activist game that weaves. a story bold enough to disassociate players sufficiently from-the mores of consumerism. Once "in character," perhaps players will find the courage to live without dead time, to assume a heroic posture toward life, to embrace a destined overthrow of the corporatocracy. With a strong story line, compelling characters, sufficient players and an element of playful risk, the game world takes on a life of its own. Played seriously enough it becomes reality. Combining all of these elements is WikiSwarms, perhaps the most rebellious game of all: one that upgrades the MoveOn ActionForum to the needs of playful social revolution. Imagine flashmobs of jammers that appear suddenly, function without leadership, and are the pure manifestation ofan anonymous will of a dispersed, networked collective. Targets are suggested, actions are proposed, manifestos drafted ... everything is voted on and next steps chosen within minutes. One hour, neoclassical economics departments across the nation are flooded with Kick It Over manifestos, and the next, an impromptu anti-banker street party is being held on Wall Street. One day, a thousand volunteers show up unexpectedly at a nonprofit and ask to help out for a few hours, and the next, overnight guerrilla gardens appear in backstreets. In the downtown Niketown a flash-trial has convened to sentence the swoosh to death row, and online hacktivists are leaking emails that expose city council shenanigans. In this kind of metagame, where a constant people's assembly determines the rules and objective of the game, anonymous players vie to influence the erratic swooping of the swarm. Welcome to the thrilling world of WikiSwarms, the culture jammer game being played right now in which the future of the Earth is at stake. The revolutionary spirits of the future - the next Bakunin, Mao, Malcolm X and Debord - will be the ones who create these kinds offtuid, immersive, evocative metagaming experiences that are both playfully thrilling and, as a natural result of their garneplay, an insurrectionary challenge to the capitalist state. We are not far off from a time when revolution is an unauthorized game modification played across the gamespace of entire cities, states and cultures ... a kind of radical playthat re-enchants the world and transforms our subjectivity, a detournement of the symbolic order at the deepest level.
Mi.~ahWhite wants to meet the next genel"alionofaelivislganmdesignel"s. I~mailhimalmicah@adbusters.urg

'...'"He I .__ .._____..

As of right now. _ or call loillree: 1-(8001-663-1243 Challenge Adbusters' ana'inspire ~our students with Medici Empowerment Kit.~ (~. lama. Lockers..lame Ibese ' plauls: 40 lesson pions • In~ractive DVD • 1 Year Subscription Order online at adbusters. gymnasiums. ..- . companies like Coon Rapids'School Media are signing deals to caive up as much as ten percent of . 711::. bathrooms.. make the clocks tick on time.lbese ~:~lutiODarieAS: r : - .llishiDg budgets. even teachillg materials aren't spared.. sehool boards ac~America are embracing an all out advertiSing orgy to help pay teaeher salaries and . ' With governments . . .Fa . busses. cafeterias.. . hool property in districts around ~e country.A.: . . }. coat racks.

. improvements Jack access would it would crack be on the tax cheats of whom and seize that black to make very significant are malnourished. Indian the Indian demanding and used it has been delightful Ramdev money poor.over the world. corrupt to read of one very popular fasting/protesting and citizens be seized of the tax cheats guru called who was· publicly tolerance hidden by Indian government's that more to help India's He had been quoted down enough millions as saying that jf the government money. for India's poor- to clean water.

to create stop moving. close and house. and miraculously. shimmering that lies within the air is filled the stranger. within your hand. you are aware sence gliding of the insubstantial appearances: street.awarenesses for everyday welcome children loving a them and too fugitive are the long lost by centuthey will take life Suddenly es- of the human attention. inner stillness capacities Oh. ~~'wworld they will open your eyes to· do. and bring you where dawning. in which. Give them for they are weakened In return the known day always as you walk world. to stop breathing. alive with meaning: carries by in the lamp-lit . emerge. to stop thinking. mind. like mice in a deserted too wayward home! For these use may delicately and. home in the dark. ries of neglect. silently past with expectancy. is always as children nascent.quiet almost and listen.

And on I recentlyfinished kayaking guide. We. The word "Bag" in with. I still experienced catastrophe and I riever wore and witnessed in this you know what? We haven't had a single we rte not lif~style . no cell service. And moved.:VER. caused not by stress' or work. And for the-three months since. in America. from my home town miles away. and my girlfrieQd makes fun of money-drunk tourists behind her beautiful for minimum wage.V'!e looked at ourselves gulping'down mostly copied "Adderal! to complete to be and our trtends. aeelqnments while I'm riding my bike into town.Dear Adbusters.we have an oven! and are friends It's stove that runs off propane explained with many farmers in the area. we have been living in a one-r~om and an emergency Wisconsin. of up and make it to ti"le party down town. I feel something ott guard somewhat creeptnq in the very back of my mind.ege. we read. I hope it serves you. It catches me in my ~ article. I would close myself off tn.a short year. We looked at th~ debt. we had-accumulated 'an economic We dropped reallzlnq how' this will trap us into the workforce system w~ never understood. from 'the world at large . . car. I would walk in the room and find my in tears. so I designed spanish is "Balsa. outhouse me away' while I'm picking the w11dstrawberries yard and when I'm fixingup. We have no electricity.Jeremy a handful of like these that I can never answer.. we garden. Really. out.. hike. difficult though it was an intimate school of 400 students where each class in each field was focused solving environmental the same mental girlfriend problems shoes to class.I've been waiting for someone to say that! my first year of coll. I'm David del Val. A few days ago I sent my photo out the trash=to Occupy Wall It symbolizes all the Street.. my sense of self has been eternally damaged. but emptiness and lack of meaning. a photographer titled 'lake from dorm opting for the company of weed and iTunes for days rather th-an give a thought to what the fuck I was suppose studying . lin response to "Mei~ Kampus" issue # 915 Woahl. we play music together.the It's the sort of thing that shocked from the internet so we could hurry in. WI ( Hey. great HOWI." system that strangles rubbish to be removed from the capitalist us. cabin in the northwoods of from school. I make $3. freckles as a bartsta breakdown 'since a very. I also gave this pic to "15Mn of the "Spanish Revolution.50 an hour as-a Baylield I)enin~ltla." Today I saw that you asked for artists to collaborate another banner with your slogan. Am I really anything at all if I'm just Sitting here in the' woods? . use it as you like and wherever you like. that have me concerned I fee'l as though bein'g 19 in the year 2011 '. Who are you? And what the fuck are-you doing? It's questions and.

ecceon MS paint in the few minutes I Cola>. corporation for the "damage" morning . Last February.f o. without protesters It is my personal belief that we should advertIsing and the corporate! Now I'm waiting on an appeal in the supreme court that should go ahead early next year. as well as being ordered to pay $40. corporate! .Hi Adbusters. occasions. I wanted to send you this. was 21 (am 27 now) arid have been total of six 'months In jail. The magistrate because . After our. Aid. ruled that my behavior under the charter if it means I don't have to spend future being repeatedly corpcrate/capttaltst ~flour media .on the corner of Wiiliam and Lonsdale • streets here in Melbourne.ll()t f . perhaps • humiliating mirrors the selt-imposed of our generation just full of myself. of unHkelv that the legal that C?ould capitalis~'~ grip on our system would make a decision . as intended. I truly wish I was brave enough and desperate enough and in love with. ·gll}b!llliberl\lme~iaPlells~l. Australia. over corporete'cepttallst incarcerated spendfnqe • . I us~d house paint to blank out ~orporate advertising on a item shelter . • the torseeable ~ould not be protected however according dtsrupttonstc several supreme 'constitute it is a tRre~t to public order. I painted early on a weekday around to see what I'm doing. This sham. it's just something together JoonSae to pr. that zealand.:s me because I k~ow that if the human species is going to survive within an· intact biosphere . which Althcuqhtre help destabilize particularly . it actuellylooke alo~g with the laws and precendents support it.sadly I'm too afraid of getting fired. on five separate since I.ur ' to mount a real cha~enge to corporate in the phy~cal urban environment having to face jail." I think it is still worth a shot.pla~ed (and sent an email asking us not to Pepsi's equally evil twin.17restitution to the advertising I caused. and pleaded not guilty in the magistrates' court t~ the charge of criminal darnaqe. refuse to live passively alcnqside capitalist capit~list media farce' that it sustains with aut~orlt>es. the case . to the definitions publtc order outlined by court judges. . lack of recalcitrance .or maybe I'm Hello Adbusters. =- ~e should act against it in a way. using a defense that relies on the Victorian Charter Of Human Rights for prctectlon of freedom of expression. in New' I've been' protesting domination!corryption by painting. Either way. we believe my actions do not a threat to public order. I was inspired to make this at my have to myself during lunch. In some weird way.the planet enough to print them out and plaster them on every wall . \PR department in prominent mention cubicle went out and bought a locations around the office ton of Pe~si products which' they . I got caught. jailed. we are E!IIgoing to have my own impotence get over our fear of getting fired. I'm being represented despite by ~ome fine. t~at creates a total confrontati~n Kyle Magoe . Advertising executives from Pepsl'are showing up at my office today. to make sure plenty of people would be lawyers down at Victoria legal how unlikely to succeed may sound imtuitively. My hope is that 'the courts will gran( citizens a right to this kind of expression.syste~ edvemelnq . noosphere. As during a I!-Jn"ch break. allowing a peaceful advertising social movement space o. and with an intact. I was found guilty and given a $500 fine. Please feelfree I said. it I threyt In your rnaqazlne If you like it. quite good when you read our argument "demoCracy.

orgIdonate or call Lauren at 604-736-94e1 and give us a boost by making a donation to Adbusters Media Foundation.orgformore information on any of these projects. shenanigans and mell mobs Email kono@adbusters. Go to adbusters.o<g YEAR END CELEBRAMN Jammers In sixty countries wlJl close out the year with Buy Nothing Day and Buy Nothing Christmas amidst a symphony of pranks.CULTURAL REVOLUTION IS OUR BUSINESS #OCCUPYWALLSTREET Seizure of financial KILLCAP AND generation of See what ha #NOSTARBUCKS We walk away from Starbucks and give local indie coffee culture around the world a boost TRUTH BOMBS ON ISRAELI TV We're gathering funds for a major meme offensive in Tel Aviv TRUTH BOMBS IN AMERICA Watch out for a series of corner ads in the op-ed pages of the New York Times BlACKSPOI' SHOES Our unswoosher experiment in grassroots capitalism. . Check it out at b1ackspotshoes. Then go to to subscribe to our magazine and JoIn our movement.

. } .~..I / ) :'. Puffin fish exquisitely Conversation No need to worry nished. Italian wine a century chopped? and you shall receive. of the New York.. the sparse ae-seet keen sense of taste. ". ... erusivity and the illusionof no bills. nonmonetary.1'-' [-" . EAT Ttl/SI .'.. •• ". and his review showed it.K'S M~SA Japanese taurant's delicate restaurant t9 make legendary Bru'ni's four-star dining list-in two decades.--'~ for an empty room was part of the experience. -:'. is creditof what .~.. NEW YOR. Masa's aristocratic 20Il the restaurant star by reigning food critic. it was the-legendary for having arrived was made to wait outside five minutes Sifton didn't appreciate Times..s docked an entire author calling. _'- / I ) I I .' . if you can afford to dine here.. rise to the culinary pulpit of America . ($1500 for two). Sam Sifton.-.' . bill? tarThe exo~bitant was shockingly room. mystique wa. In june with the chef? Anytime.:'1 " II I . barely even a soul in bluefin t~na? Coming O~ its way..j \~ .I " ..?-.penance reservation. '. c' -e .. the resbefore ~ however. that w~iting _c. . IN 2004.'~: . ed to head chef Masayoshi elites in America tual relationship. Recently.!" • :. . Not knowing the cuisine kingmaker taurant his $200 .. . Endangered right up. Takayama's was the first Frank food writer The sushi res.. exnoncontracold? Ask nose an" near patbologtcaf'understandtng really want: expense No menus. .

-. \ . isolated from the myriad to existence. . lentils. how how to value. cut off from state emer- gency servi~e$. trade volved. Beyond the reaches routes apparently ens have sprung existence This is a relational of Western so essential aid.- ~ ------------::0>1 IN FLOOD-RAVAGED PAKISTAN. Prayers and hospital commence up and celebrations Stomachs as the first strucdazes. or for the exotic entrees for a principle much more sublime.. humanity is alive and thriving. countryside. Soup kitchand daily Members mix of visits up across the deluged is blessed with a renewed of the locallslamlst militia. sense of worth.. curry. and the want becomes to act.(one meal costingmore than entire villagesmay make in a veer). be and how to love in a world that no longer defines relations by money? . in fast-induced a unifying and heads spin occasionally the economic soon adapt. how to appreciate. . how to survive. system fails. coriander are stepped tures are rebuilt. Not simply for die obvious cash inon the menu. When how to ache on the first days of labor. world is unimagtaable. wieldinglocallyfashionedladles made of recycled oil drums. will we know how to behave. of confusing and getting by on almost no money.thisM".. but world. are dishing out a hearty and rice. • . but bodies strength.

and he feared that his photogof his truck. on the relatively-unknown in the hounded "h~!o. a township gunfight.' South Africa's crystal meth.aid 'that a person . of a vulture waiting to devour a starving he committed suicide. he said. Getting beyond out of the plane in a dusty hot Africa. several high-profile and was in serious to explode with rations.he had seen. bodies waiting After spotting knelt for 20 in 1993 was an easy shoot. 1994. which. " "'!' THREE MONTHS AFTER PHOTOJOURNAllST KEVIN. his best friend was killed his girlfriend left him because of his under the hot sun waiting for the vulture away. He spiraled ships. ". No apartheid.a su~ering . coiled the hose through His suicide note revealed a man ridthat his re- to spread its wings. arter-lurched C by child deserved the horrors. guilt were endless requests by the public: "What a cigarette to the girlt" Disappointingly. Carter was only able to offer an unsatisfying "I don'i: know:' He had smoked .*:.~/f. pity and mental tortnre. in March the the indusreactions he was facing eviction from his horne . the Sudan famine No guns. the child. and with a single dick." ' -. it never did. On top of this. with Reuters. Carter ripped world. .'l. landed in the distance. He botched inc!uding a photo shoot with Nelson Mandela. to his dismay. ger of losing his contract while photographing addiction. cent eviction and scarcity New York Times from its slumber and ended with a confession tha( had silently embraced than the visceral of cash finally did him in. violent town- and cried after taki~g the shot. his career addiction to assigndanof his Pulitzer lifestyle of drugs. the sound of a whimper food station. ments.PulitwPri" for his picture 'Sudan. them. And even greater raphy was in a funk.. No violence. surrounding the photo added to an already unand danger that Carter had cultivated in early 1994. ". On July 27. dthers make to die in \similar:fashion~ Compared to assignments in South Africa's. He took the shot anyway and then scared the predator The photo was published normalization trialized happened and worldwide of poverty in the 1993. ':'."His untimely-death at 33 led girl in to ". Carter said he followed some bushes at an emergency the lineups of emaciated Carter watched patientCarter air strip in middle-of-nowhere since the mid 80S. Some said that like. The fame and controversy predictable was breaking .eallous as to salvation. and eventually ~.'. a litany: of discussion " about his coveted photo and its impact Carter. Carter taped a garden hose to the exhaust the window and took his last deep breaths.'.. beside a river where he played as a child.adrenaltne at the seams. the child toward'an-jrncertain so. ..CARTERwontli. taken by money off . a vulture lyas an unattended minutes used fts last energy to crawl to help. den with guilt. By the time he learned deep into his decade-long While others snapped toddler "white pipe.

.' . by keratitis (redness and swell up with excess The skin becomes of the cornea). between 1111. pains in the legs. pain's. re ver~lng on' starvation.. what little food he or she is able to obtain._.'. once the body becomes has used up all.'/.her 1'Iw . in.000' Somali c.but down in order to obtain increasingly The small intestine for the victim to absorb As a defense of the vital organs nutrients .. WIIr. Most importantly.~ A malnourished child at Benedtr Hosp'ital In Mogadishu. the victim torpor a 'profound.). .'. tremors death failure LizZie I'allliilc Blood pressure and soreness and the victim is plagued sore gums. a .."'./'::' the body reduces the activity such as the heart and liver and the victim suffers not only from the muscular debility from a more general and overpowering of the body and tissues starvation drops reduces develop at a slower hunger edema and the flaccidity stretched./'1 flf "mttl seeurily. mechanism .. fatigue .hJldren. The water content rate than the wasting of the muscles Some victims of water . f Cllllinghlim nnd jotal unravels wlir Ihe connection new boeh.. Just before to irritation and then . Somalia.its fat reserves. Currently. neuralgic over the limbs).Starvation is a process whereby.. of the body increases. Organ and ataxia (a loss of control veers wlldJy from depression . more than 500. shiny and hypersensitive. the heart atrophies i~ the . headaches. difficult the muscles atrophies are broken and it from .inal cause of death. energy.




On the advice of the IMP'. the world giants. ic growth trade. ZoelJick. and Tradas a bring back the wealth. etary system. . and watched amount to cre-. first thing ketplayers. who run them . .. ing instability tional system half measures that. Sooner to the mother of all solutions I have raised this issue in the Minisl(~r (. Money that is. financial must be lent only for real b~siness'. by the overand (IMF). 'of the crisis. Malaysia global crisis. Bank and the institutions will be much less free. We has had the bad. just recently..I" The smaller growth: of monlead to to interna- to do is to acknowledge can lend will no doubt growth than repeated the result of criminal abuses by certain economic financial But it is better crise~ and the accompany- ing social disasters. it is time to'. looting shops.. of all criwill bring that remains come the crisis-by ignoring than has so far been mobilized.readily tries in financial nies lose money. workers had to sell toys on of jobs rioted. spin- The current financial super-crisis has so far defied solutions 'by the G20 and by others. Econornjobs. unable to enjoy the standard they were used to. to the current sis. perhaps MaJaysiar1 What ment. . fering. subsidies food and fuel were ~ithdraWl1. crisis to be used for international currencies against Taken from that angle. If all these ly that the current ly be stopped. them down. should be based trade b):' an international of all countries gold. the best thing to do is shut must be saut who had been social probof living for trade. it comes ses. Everyone.'RADICAL! So much has ~een lost and no amount rencyprintingwill rich must accept that they will become -er... greater world-renowned taste of a currency repeal the greed and lack of transparency the global economy. The advise coun- and regulated by governments. The ensuing wealthywill demotizrrorthose bring about massive trouble of curpoor- F'inancial no more transactions offshore must be transparent This means houses... Malaysians those people tary Fund Wall Street. to solve the present ate only a limited be closely governments. ey that banks slower tional have slower MahalliiJ' Mohamad was IIH~P".. Domestic be valued a new global monsystem . with particular was seen as such a radical practical. Once they accept the reality of the situation. did was reject response crito the to make it evident may well lie in adaptEast Asia's earlier reference will not do. rich and poor. sit down and drawup tem and a new financial The new monetary' on gold as represented currency would When only. such measures will require that far But Malaysia traders. Countries rich must be given up.issiun t. the banks should amount regulated be allowed of money. when ought doing the unthinkable. Short -selling should be disallowed. should be severely should crime. has come up with the same soa gold standard. little more radically. for the production Leveraging business that w-hen conjpa- of goods and services limited. even to the G20 leaders. will feel deat the height thrown out prived. the that it is mar- looking the crisis was due to bad financial our institutions. tunate In Indonesia.1 was l'(qlrill"~d wilh 1"Il'Il. idea as to be imWorld Bank Presat the same their infant But theywould These are radical have infected To be sure. made ratified antiby the in- be regulated. will not be nearly so dire as was seen in Bangkok and Jakarta. the proper ing the solutions-to Via.. ident lution: Further."11 IVIJIY J-"~ IJer~ICC/i<'csQl/i'l'Ierl.) of execsstve muterfnltsm. Perhaps. Likewise.1 1I'(~I\I:hanlwili. must Robert Malaysia contagion the belief that managein insisted maniptradcrisis. 22 y(~'U·S' has long been . less likely to occur crisis will finalcrises would be lems. starvation and even deaths. In Bangkok. together with the poor institutions down. and set to work in the interest They should be democratic of the officers it is more likeof the appointment things are done. only the mother the crisis to an end. millionaires the streets. " political will all the part of the G20 But the roilin the internathat or later. the old lifestyle of the giants of rich countries. speculative may not be in the same class as in the International the World financial Moneon . ulation Instead. Just as they used to. killing the unforshopkeepers and burning the premfor in rich sufresulting ises. financial of Ing in currencies be classified must they accept that all those which lost money The IMF and the World Bank ought to be reorganized in terms poor countries. . a much more open banking system crisis precipitated managedto convention .. This ( "lIill". it it will be evident. to protect measures. Yet. think a would be realzbreating ning off new businesses Free trade trust should dustries would and enhancingworld Yes. An internationally law would be allowed against prevent corporate monopolies Nevertheless. they should. of the newly impoverished but there The suffering And financial in the future. They by and loss of confidence "I' MalaY'ii" that the crisis was due to deliberate of exch~nge rates by currency ers. therefore.


In the panic of escalating financial and ecological meltdown. Guy Routh wrote: "The srandard economic texts are powerful instruments of disorientation."he Origin of Economic Ideas. are ill a state of shocked disbeliet't That's putting it mildly. like Joseph Schumpeter. famously warned: "Before economics can progress it must-abandon its suicidal formalism. that economies operate more according to Freudian ~nimal esoteric matbernatics yet innocent of actual economic life. could instead create a better social realm in which every person gave arcording to his abilities and received according to his needs. when ttie logical positivists were strutting their philosophy of strict rationality." And the great American eeonomist and historian Robert HeiTbroner. the 01d certitudes are crumbling and the logic freaks are everywhere in retreat. believed that at its core.the self-interest principle.that often misread bible of global finance. warlike impulse of "creative destruction"lurked at the heart of capitalism. applying scientific method to social profoundly flawed. And Karl Marx. myself included. one must be able make it happen again. In their quest to be "regarded as real scientists (lab coat and all) rather than ideologues. the man who oversaw much of America's financial nose dive. In fact. shows. As the top economist in the nation for two decades. Principles of Economics. It should now go without saying that carrying on with business as usual in economics would be equivalent to physics without relativity or thermodynamics. economics' is ruled by"ani~Ia!. brilliant. Other thinkers from this formative economic era. John Maynard Keynes. sanitized their theories and models. and tried to transform economics into a mathematically driven exact discipline on the model of physics. boring. economists started distancing themselves from psychological and sociological considerations. to the purposely obtuse and elite math of today. For an outcome to be consideredtrue. and over the next few generations they rationalized human behavior. . groomed in 50 years of rigorous is called big E economics was once magical. than reason. In 2008 Bush-era Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. these warnings have fallen on deaf ears. winner Wassily Leontief said: "Departments of economics are graduating a generation of idiot savants. proposed that economic theory. the great dreamer. the "rational maximizer" at the heart of economics . for confusing the mind and preparing it for the acceptance of my'ths of growing complexity and unreality. So here we <Ire. for half a century. rather than empowering and rewarding the selfish gene. a host of radical (though not really radical. the architect of America's recovery from the Great Depression and champion of the welfare state. the positivist economic theorists so far have» ." Author of :_1. the "common weal"discipline has been reduced to a dry. such naivety was as appalling as it was telling of the false science being sold to people.just traditional) thinkers tried to warn the logic freaks of economics that their profession was heading into a dead end. not so long age what. Great Depression 2. Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations-. amoral and inhuman study full of pseudo formulas and cumbersome equations with little connection to ethical questions or social desirability.0 and finally the mystery of economics is again awakening from its long logical slumber. told the public"those of us who have looked to the selfinterest of lending institutions to protect share-hclders'equity. 'equal and rational mind of consumers in the Locke/Smith economic paradigm does not sufficiently explain human action in the market place. sensed that a violent. Today. For a scientific experiment to cross the threshold from speculation to truth it must pass the repeatability test. as Gregory Mankiw's widely used first year university economics textbook. spirits=That is to say that the free.. What Greenspan's reflections show is that the Newtonian law of positivist economics . Graph upon graph on page after page of Principles of Economics reveal just how far economics has drifted from the poetry and prose of its roots." But to-no avail .THE NEW SPIRIT OF ECONOMICS BY KALLE LASN AND DARREN FLEET Economics wasn't always the science it now claims to be. Along the way. Nobel Prize. They liked to think of themselves as real scientists. mysterious and altogether profound. But around the 19505. or esoteric and emotional impulses.

GREAT DEPRESSION 2.growth. ecological economists and not-sa-radical professors and students at universities around the world can kick over the old neoclassical paradigm and pave the way toward a new kind of economics . The economic profession is entering an almost Nietzschean period of creative destruction. only beenable to I:eproduce one m~jor economic phenomenon . KICKITOVE posters at .0 AND FINALLY THE MYSTERY OF ECONOMICS IS AGAIN AWAKENING FROM·ITS LONG LOGICAL SLUMBER.a psychonomics. freedom.a wide-ranging. a barefoot economics . real-world systems is frail at best and that their mathematical models have very limited value. right down to its fundamental tenets and axioms . We the heterodox economists. positivists-are being forced to admit that their understanding of nonlinear.are now being rethought.SO HERE WE ARE.Gllly provable thesis in their pseudo inquiry is that unrestrained market liberalism leads to short term financial-gain lor the wealthiest members of society followed by periods or economic collapse.Depression-This is a sign that the . self-interest . This is the perfect moment to give the logic freaks one final push into the dustbin of history. Today every aspect of economics. a bionomics. happiness. progress. multifaceted. mystery and animal spirits once again. human-scale discipline full of magic. As the global economic and ecological crises bear down UPOllllS'.

and yet you have allowed it to become a global an illusion of progress. An economic as any in history. by your mathematical jargon. Manif. while in the real world. we will begin the work of reprogramming your doomsday machine. to be what you are not. the teachers of neoclassical economics and the students that you graduate. that one of your measures Product. and out of each will come a new economics . is fundamentally of of our planetary He You have known economic standard. but your time is coming to a close. with all the fragility We accuse you of pretending and uncertainty that this entails. reported since its inception the Gross Domestic flawed and incomplete. We we will have our moment revolution has begun. in the months and years that follow. Then. day in. species perish and human lives We accuse you of gross negligence household. in the You hide in your offices. of truth. . Your systems are crumbling. progress.Kieh It 0•• . the undersigned. forests vanish. have perpetuated a gigantic fraud upon the world. We accuse you of recklessly projecting You have done great harm.ORG . You claim to work in a pure science of formula and law. On campus after campus. K1CKITOVER. but yours is a social science. we will chase you old goats out of power. holistic. day out in every form of media.ato W management e. protected are callously destroyed. as hopeful and determined will have our clash of economic paradigms. make this accusation: that you. your flaws increasingly laid bare.






We shall take them by surprise! Tzu once said. . could quickly for an indefinite . Furthermore. an. together. you are not ated lives. three were already to succumb. extremely threatening enemy: totalitarian fascism. period experi. like to add the Unitfor tomorrow's norif the in and I suggest because succeeds togethes: growing by the day. the and solutions alter-. we focus totalitarian Britain.joined to Spain.ce of strugimplementa- allli is eurrently ImrslIiu[: an ~1A in elllllu'al Sllulil~S ut Iieldsmifhs iJllivlll'sily.could gather of London Some might say Greece.l over the short-termed ences of anti-summit spark mixing native new strategies of concepts. and the' creation ic and social life." utopiAgreeEU and is now ott .(1(igh.scale young.ill the Itnhnn AII)~' and Germany though and threatening European cism on yet another European How can we imagine gades to function er than armed gle today in the sense tion of models . natgmal Brigades could today's anti-ausanti-totalitarian forces? focus their we are talking Once in the UK. fiirtingwith similar against the rest of Europe be an extremely For this reason. Greece up in most cities endof for the place where plutocratic under all our struggles is finally work of cooperation like-minded activists would be laid across the enoounter for an extended contestations practices structures tlie . the first EU couf!. where for the New Bri- expected. of could converge. A defeat experience-liberat points to defend. Many countries were destined been under decade. ofpolitic~ Brigades cal projects the suburbs erpocl spring trlesbonverge'where terity. Portugal project subjects of the Crown. Powerlessness? of the United The UJ<_is a pacified." 1~1~llcl'i!:o Call1lHlgml W~lS \HII'q.wel. should Europe.possible "a. the numbers truly astonishing. Socjal centers a strong ~nd. Partly ment is that today? conflict. of econom- In 1936. while student toric tradition pecially and migraut r-iots are struggle. the people grants'and of a truly grassroots the laboratory country here 'youth of Europe. thousands 'were powerless the Communist as the heart apparent/Having of anti-fascist the practi. anti -capitalist.. International I believe civil society was facing the fronts.the whole of Europe was confronted by one. Italy had already ten years. crumbling Others might say Italy. a corrupt. Brighton. . his- of s.1ose and "a world to win. Italy too has a strong. AI. First-World our energies capitalist anarchist culture.truggle and life.1 uf this laI:ti". As-Sun which march and countries model to follow.\ bl:151 was lfl'iginally publfshed at tltLl. an country to the-Uj. battle- We could flood the UK with masses cals withlittle Considering that youth of radi- that. in which from all counInter- rates in most European 20%. for free circulation to i~agi!1e that were unemployed the forces and traveled the availability ':". many had been conquered years before towards his attack quickly ain were heavily of shifting launched tioning" would tinent. Av(wsiQ.would of time . • Jookaroundl life? Submission? Kingdom:mineed your and flood . where government the weight of the econom- • whole island. become will have a "funcin the UK step tothat just Kingdom dangerous I believe help today! Come in the thousands . regions.'" move in any Eur~r of time. with hundreds is certainly of anarchist and ora good cansocialmovements in every area of the country to Manchester. same enemy on numerous of Spain as the ultimate immediately -specific battle . battlefield of a broader militants.s«: ~:. and more. .\. Si'ltftly to places.(~u of "prefigurative oflife identified of an immediate that are already the Schengen within because'of in their own countries. On the wav~ of they named Brigades. to the current ic crisis. general gaining in th~ 1930s. this wave aka New Int~rnation'al around countless lofrom Livwould. didate countless gantzaticns. The example reminder it of the Spanish to identify radical ~ivil War is a moments. and cheaply period migrations their joint effort ~e International Anf. Unemployed What Frustration? We. International. "appear must hasten the enemy wards a general like-Spain International defeat across the whole con- In that year. of cheap transPOJ$t internal person once inconceivable. do you have to lose? A miserable heel for more than a by the Nazis just like Britthe possibility types of regimes Francisco the support Franco RefasAlof Italy the Spanish to impose country. ready equipped groups..: try to officially join the New Third World. I would ed Kingdom: post-crisis malized. Ger- of resistartte er with a widespread in the southern To this list." unemployment are around' aboutlare countries IS necessary one shared field. the choice became one strugwho that rathpolitics. in certain historical forces to.!. the fascist for exactly lost. the United the destination Brigades.this land! Let us. net- migrants':" .

the droughts Pakistan.e~ding power our by them. This is the including concluwendell will look back and see that their passive in the name of pro tit.. beauty and find what comfort world. will die. the born and the along with the soaring the Earth. along in flooding and Australia. like the natural world. climate change. And every time I hear him naming out the magnificent creatures before him. to be classiNearly all It is a way tc defy our obWe all ~ie. their exhaustion my children father or collapse. and fight for life. I hope. rayed against resist. within Working the system outside'the to reform system about of the of it to the world was reconfigured capitalism. The freak weathand tornadoes states. and severe Bangladesh us. to rnts- the rapid and terrifying which studies oceans of the world. defiance. dressed in his pajamas. are unavoidable. across is only is the a few' deAnd this It is understandable I wouid I would And if I was to'retreat find a small never into self-ab-. pictures Bili Mclcibben. have not yet lost the capacity We owe our children be to see clearly. the start. met with collective Global temperatures gone up one degree of the Arctic. will long outlive us: I find my sulace It i~ not the faith ~f allY . which sacred. . large scale hufamine to Welcome sea levels. of his life wag that revile him. and by corporations a kind of towill see. Within my son's lifetime. Sitting We. defy it may also fail. acknowledge. formal arrested. Bull also considered stand frightening acceleration and fauna. but out of love. the as Sitting Bull remlnded'us. for for morwill arto at a swifter pace than even the We must fight fOl~those who come after us. citizen rights ilidifferent the ordinary planet power of power are or desires off to jail in defiance. have already the rapid reduction continue ignored much cations th~ industrialized who 'have shredded brokers. all my enetgy systems beings 01 civil by many and the natural . Celsius and begunEvery r-ise all for those who. The hardest act of courage a ten percent would perhaps If we stopped carbon emissions A sud?en migrations. to make fuels . my son. and the life systems they support. It . being hauled not out of hate the finds profit neofeudalism. Sitting that. battles for justice in faith.IS But to give up Itis to condemn. sorption where wood tlrrusl1 deep in the forest.not to mention all systems . to fight.children. It. for those who at this moment "too weak and too disempowered the born and the unborn. as the ecosysand resilience of death the tepid climate as a father porate human merit made at Kyoto. clio ugh for his people preserves our personal beings.must . plot df land I could and the wild fires Midwestern have to hear another the whispers leaf blower. Arleast'they I resist of their father of our most pllescient did not remain inlportant tem was destroyed into a terrifying talitarian I hope. My three-year-old son's favorite book is Out of the Blue. across er patterns. my heart breaks. that are upon But what temperatures is most permissible.~ftl:!e getting sion drawn Berry-and Working has failed. voices. from mass communications that a realist to elecwould mountains. in my family. I often find my son. the dark- would not save us. means yields. my books-and of the natural is nqt morally unborn.and havehljacked to the courts. have been. on the floor of his bedroom in the morning carefully turning the pages of the book. man of one degree melting in grain is disfiguring predicted ery and death. is about OUf Itisnotaboutme. well as th910r. and the song of a of severe climate toral politics despair. ecosystem gloomiest'sclentific nial and self-delusion. from plankton to clownfish to orcas. are too small. a love for all the things deformed meaningless lakes. culture of corporate trees and sentimental .reform tained means and and reversal acts The last thin nope for will come throughjusdisobedience systems and open of power. wonder al stance and awe before and the greatest years ago. . today temperatures epiphany rising to rise by at least a degree. ourselves ty as autonomous fied as objects. Resistance our brave new world. agree- ahead of us is offset by a fierce desire sure I have summoned to defy the corworld until that are exploiting At least. It has large color photographs of sea animals. this. We have no right to do that.PANACHE! I fight for my children. ness and the power of the forces of death us and yet find the fortitugle Bull's greatest he had not fought and that from drastic and endemic fear at the end pard they might digni- food shortages. if there is not a radical reversal in human behavior. The 'consequences change sweeping with China. Let's be honest The corporate'sb'uctures to the needs. of global warming. scurity. The deep despair} the catastrophic feel over dislo- f-rom self-immolation world's collective inability to less confront. human It meall'j we have not allowed Life is short. The only viable option species dependence on fossil to save the human . like Sitting Bull.

My salute shall sweep all the stars away From the blue threshold! One thing without stain.who are you? :A hundred against one. Mine own!" He springs forward. Mortally wounded and facing Death. he suddenly rises.and dying...lian actress Euniee Wo~g They li. "That my panache.s and falls into the arms of Roxane and his friends. ituality is always about resistance ..ltIAs II Is: 1}1. The Buddhists call this good karma. You there . better to know one fights in vain! .in spiteofdcom. "Let no one help me. # .you too. very well! But a man does not fight merely to win! No! No.~:':~::IIeb::e:::::r:~~:e. and then to let tt go. er rneanihgless. Cowardice!" He swings with his sword." . "What's that you say?" Cyrano calls out to the darkness. or at least the good in so far as we can best determine it. hissword aloft: "And thatis .vll.." he tells them as he props himself against a tree.~/II"d"d . New Jersey.. although all tangible signs may point toward failure and defeat.are nev-. . I know them now. "Only the tree .J/I fill: Myth of 1I11111/f1l 1)'·fJl1'·'!'~#. We do not know where this good goes or if it goes anywhere. Unspcttedfrorn theworld. Vanity! I knew you would overthrow me in the end. my ancient enemies: Falsehood! There! There! Prejudice.!tun. breathless. Hedges! lntese hool' is n collec!ion of his essays cuU'ld 11w Wo. "Hopeless? Why.i1h their children in I)"ine.. No! I figb):on! I fight on! I fight on!" He stops.' ::r~~i. a battle he knew h~ could not win. He totte. Compromise. The sword fal"ts from his h~nds.nevert Ah." l is .Let the old fellow come now! He shall find .. .. But faith means that acts of resistance . me on my feet. "Not here! Not lying doirn!" His friends spring forward to help him.orthodox creed or religion but the faith that we are called to do the good.... "Yes. "What's that? No! Surrender? No! Never.for true spir. Cbris Hedges is married 10 Canu. sword in ~and . This faith gives me great comfort.all my laurels you have riven away And all my roses: yet in spite of you. It is the faith that Cyrano de Bergerac expressed as he lashed out in his final battle..~" .



. £l! a donkey's .Jobked unCl. it once led up to a fairyland chateau. )- . .h-e. s<. is a huge.gather.ho'rts.:~~:~.~:~:~~~. We're moving out of town slowly. a change-of cotton pants ands.isfe. The undulations quiver in the morning haze like giant blobs on the horizon. a terrestrial force. reduced to ashes by a fire in 1698.'low~r~leg~is. French ".~o:~ ~: . to spread out around us.... yes.bag full of stale baguette .--. donkey tap dance.Jes.. ~. a melancholy of slowness..wi~dow.bottom-of his fe~t~F.. Overhead.'.t~s. three 'pairs of wa... giant blobs of ancient congealed lava. with .ittle rug for sitting on outdoors... It's not a noise that jars. on flat gr~un9.hJ!d some_wite. two rolls of toilet paper. This immense passageway is Allegre's crowningcrumbling glory. I' -. but [see a volcanic destiny ahead... crowning a steep butte. my allI need for th~-Voyage:simple things.Jie'Il never ratse. s to ..' a tooti·tbrush and toothpaste.-ubber. and three bottles of water.> n'eed to be .'1t.lktrigsocks.gQt·'ib·Out 40: tfir'ee. 'He's a strong lad -costaud. and tr:isie:~:ans~ . fihow~yoti-th~. ".foot.ubl~..•.fqr hi'l1J. ~ ~ .-' C: .p'ick:r~sting. deodorant . ..broken into little pieces.. Pebbles .m'9u. .~~!. lrritatea donkey-of a~longtrek.' A ge. he feels unbalanced. I_m~de::~p packsaddle Iast-nlght...r~g1J~.~ .. you attentive.~ '.\~:1~f:::::~ ma~ing: ~tite pe.~fY~l:~:~~:. at -. ~hi~gs that won't. •• ").tmld say~":'.onesome l -sed.}d bould be~r 150 pounds on his back ~ wtthout ~nyh. so h~.ell. towel. the .. a l.1cleaned them ~ .. that startles or threatens. .~ug~{hf. town whose name translates from its original Latin as "ardent and courageous.rne'al:.'.[ . . for the odd t~eat and occasional incentive." :~e. I'm it S9.'! thlnkof Crtbourlle.t. a .G~iboui·ile'sl~go"ri -' ·my thig~. several well-thumbed books and a notebook. r out witf a meEal·hoQf. -overburden Crtboutl]e.~.' I'inspected his ~ooves. · al}deven ~!thi~ e'a"rlY hom it's hot.. ~ut thtsbtrd Isn't i~~d:~n'f.~~h'~~ ·!-ia'l}ytlfficiejlt.r and 'wa~~lt tOQ. it's a hushed clipclopping that reverberates off shuttered butldtngs with a kind of medieval melancholy.--- :-~ . not a bullying noise of a fast machine. . ~.Ding\h'is ~On\ing: i she'scontent.' + In Fre~':1ch': theY're:~all~d t~~~tlre/l"e t. along a narrow street with a couple of defunct cafes and a boardedup baker's store.· flannel shir tsra s\veater for"an eve~irtg chillj-a Swiss army kn'ife.- . soon to envelop us.." The portal wills me to enter into the cloudless azure.. a soothing melancholy of hours whiled away. rhythmic.a-~~t~«. stone portal from the 12th century. Oh.. and sun cream. too..suQis fl~o~di~g·thr.. long gone. If .:~~~l{~. We pace the old cobbled street in a gentle.hts.and (fitt:c~:. yet ruined.r. over and beyond Mont Bar.: . ' .fr~ki.h at hIS heefs.du pain dur . '-.' ~.~I've'probably.I~~~i:t{ _.~h~ V-Sh?'p~~ . _ . arid a.'h'i§ ~~ct!~m~~r~l{!}!fe.c-oul((bai<inc:~_hi["!1Sel:.

and slouches onward a moment later.m coming to halt. a little lump that's a kind of gearshift. saring ~oniour. something you'can't se'e.. . A-fterhe's ripped up a few dandelion leaves.He knows Vfe.'· his his almost sad Sighing. next to each other. I release the 'pressure . no mere pause when a donkey stops and nothinghappens. ~~a'n"hea~ deep. Yoiraeed. and.1~·ing alongside Gribouille with a s. be's not pulled. '":'1'. The air is warm but fresh. exhale.. and then sighs again. Afterward. on the move somewhere. . Grihouill~\natural instinct tsto pull against'any pressure exerted on his head by the lead rope. the bony bump between his ears. rea{!y intent on feeding.perhaps one to come. looking ehead. need to keep walking. T'O stopGrtbcutlle. ·'.begil'! to p<lc. It's hard to say how long we've been walking. upright. is several 1I0l:lbieboolis. . He pulls when he's seen somethtng he wantsto eat. walking and talking side by side. waving at passersby. as soon as he for p~lm bra~~~es bu~ ··mi'. He'll lurch with quite a force.-learn . to take stock of it all. along a rural yellow brick road. Gribouille sighs. a. became the inspiration for this essay. reveries. sometimes he'll stop on his own accord. slower body language reassures a donkey. Ifhe doesn't respond. I feel free and alive like I'venever felt before. in our respective . movements.. breathe in. intermittent breathing." the fox:had reminded SaintExupe.e . But we can't stop all rhe rime for him to eat. se pousse et ne se tire pasf A donkey pushes himself. a secret lid. We're headed toward a forest and we'll stop soon. a firm tug usually gets him moving again. We're both feeling the heat. one man and hiS donkey.inclllding two scholarly texts on ur-banism ami . I slow down. regretting my own profane clumsiness.go elsewhere. to him p~llingand me'reining him in a little.::He'and·' learn to'. I let him »eat .. He munches through them like he's eating a juicy apple.I don't h~'vemuch choice in the matter! Pulling won't work.~spond fo' pressure. so this is good practice. wait. slowly yet assuredly. just to listen and look. lets him gain confidence in you: small.eachjost tnour thoughts. Attends! When I stop! I calm1'ystand still.:. slightly in front of his drooping head. 1/. presence" a fullness. I watch in wonderment. This is how we go. I relax. TIll) Wi. adapted from his 2008 booll. his favorite roadside snack. smtltng. watch a daydreaming beast. i. holding the reins of another era. Your body language needs to slow down with a donkey.Ia~k. A careful.'m~tual understanding. All around tfie poll is delightfully soft. with steady. m~ understanding what he's up to. seemingly without reason. A'donkey concurs with the fox. biogl'1lJlhiesof Fr-ench philosophers Guy Debord and Henri ~efebvre.~Merrilield Ihe auiilOr 01' . not drop of hu~idjty. I'm vw. ab~utely stationary. the sun beating downwithout much m~ve like you're walking through waist-deep water. as sool? as he moves do. a ehocolate-browu donkey. 'to Gribouille knowing what I'm asking him . let everything slacken. apparently 'all the wiser. IJflnlff!)'$. twirls around his ears. 'S'~mething is happening. Andy Merrifield's long walks with Griblluille. oh so fresh. together. not jerky. and dry: there's. headed somewhere both holy and profane.'and for a magical instant we stand.'dfulof sp~eding cars.500 feet. a Gribouiile stops'. Walking and eating in unison. thesoftest material known to man. if he's . The french have an expression: w~_'an.. that takes his fancy.Eve a tendency to slouch in daily life. He browses with his muzzleand darts toward anything . He stares out into donkey nirvana.a vagabond with a donkey.ry's Pettt Prince. he trundles along wistfully with half a field dangling from his mouth. the world on my shoulders. I rest my hand on his poll. 'I relax and let th: rop~ slacken. . It's qutte high up around here. "The essential is invisible to the eyes.. hen t exhale.e even slower so he knows !. He love~dandelions and thistles and brambles. It's not a dead empty moment. well over 3. His head is frozen and absolutely calm. everything that stings.~f/fln. listening to the birds -a~d:the bees: Everyth'ing empties out. and.rope. dilates his nostrils. I breathe in again'. sl?w steps toward feel th~ weig'ht of. . I pull gently and he responds. on crunching yet another dandelion. So we develop a rapport. with shoulders wellback._" . I sense some profound. this.

com A happy If I Hve Orlfldle fly. . Is death.Fori And drink Till some dance and sing. blind hand my wing Is life and breath. Shall brush If thought And strength Of thought And the want Thenaml @ Sharon Seli~lIIan sharonsilligmanphologralllly.

Animal lovers.those of other creatures. between humans and nonhumans.dolng so. moral inconsistency and denial. the abolition ofsla~eryalso applied to no~hu~an:crea-:.Viewed from this perspective. that"this applied humans. 'any society .ture:" A-i:th'e end of the 1$th century. were happy to express their. he relates. In hi!'.fhenit . We . affection toward pets .indeed. '. possessing a sensory system that allows a creature to experience pain and pleasure . and buy shoes made from animal skins. that demands we accord them the same moral consideration that we would accord another person. ignoring the ~uffering this entails and denying the continuity' . Jeremy. but moral 'consideration seemed to have reached a limit at the: juncture . unthinkingly eat our pork chops. Peter Singer was struck by the iriconsistencie'~ between the moral philosophies that were applied to humans and nonhumans. ' Following Animal Liberation Singer exposed the hypocrisy and" inconsistency of prevailing morality..sand ". " had suggested that if a creature can'suffer. Singer argues that sentience= th'at built on a foundation of the criterion. In his later work.. Singer argues that during the evolution ofhumanity there has'" developed a greater capacity for altruism and empathy and that speciesism therefore rests-on the repression of these evolved character~stics..' .. arguing th~t the-same argurnents that had led to women's votingrightsand .Bentham ..F-" As a graduate student. should be treated with fuoral consideration.but were equally happy' to enjoy a ham sandwich while.cwu capacities for pleasure and-pain and . between our . Humans had developed moral fram'eworks f~l:' the treatment of other humans. and nonhumans.. buy toiletries that have been tested on ani: mals. . industrial society .' .

El'ic ftcse. Iflmesque.cem .


~que~ces_ofnothaving. "For Nsess. and in keeping with this emphasison the relation between philosophy and lived experience. and suggests that we go beyond such assumptions. In Neese's own words: '. • . Incontrast. basic human ·need$. . involves a shift from science t9 wisdom. the ability to think. where others do!lic_growtli.s:~lrafhaye· wider significance. and pers_onal Self-realization.~.'.: proaches.~ Is a tremendous expansion of ecological thinking . for. .' ~ocietyin the natural world. As long as ecologists keep narrowly to their science. There was a marked continuity and coherence between his philosophical viewsand the way he lived. which often seem to have only the most tenuous relationship with lived realities. they db ~~~. 'deep ecology. the "deep" approach advocated by Neess sees "environmental problems" as symptoms of something much more profounda disturbance in the entire "biospherical net" of relations of which humaris 'are part..'~~ "' . . The adjective 'deep' stresses that we 'ask why and who. and with what I call the shallow ecological movements . ·~. which he regarded simply as "the latest philosophical fad. ecology as a science does not ask what kind of society ~ouid be the best for ma'in-.i1"!g:~~.. asking deep questions about ourselves." It is therefore -anthropocentric and is concerned with the health of the natural world : ~'pl'y insofar as it affects our own well-being.~:J'.)~. then. once-chaining himself together with other protesters to prevent the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Alta River. so doing/we. He was equally critical of post modernism.~s.tP eci9~o'g"italproblems. free nature is critical to cultural flourishirrg. What we need. ask such' questions..:· .. question our soci'!ty's u~~ef.:-'_'_'"'. Neess rejects the Cartesian .:. "shallow" response deals with .. -:)".. .is to ask deeper questions.uence of people in the developed countries.~h as pollution and resource depletion as iso:"l~t.!tke'love qni:! ' .-. AS' Alan Drengsou notes.. the questions that Neess addresses are quite down to earth. . and has as its objective "the no >health '~iid·affl.~r9b)e~s $~. " But in-deep ecoloqy. although not always easy to answer: We need to ask questions like 'Why do we that economic growth and high levels of consumption are so important?' The conventional answerwould be to point-tothe economic . think . we a$kw~etheT." Like John Rodman. '~&?i~gy.6_~~~tit·at." ..?J!. . .."s"po~s-~.~ump~~p. society fUlfills. Neess was critical of the direction taken by academic philosophy in this century toward language rather than cosmos.. c. security andaccess to n'atl:lr~{~'1~.'i taiutnga particular ecosystem= that is considered aquestionfor value theory.on..~th~~:~ress's 1973 paper "The Shallow and the Deep.p-i:H*tic$ for ethics. Nature is not something that can be bracketed off fJ. about the character of .e~d"js~u~._ . The first. >:".as compared with the science of ecology.~~::.s... For instance •. Long-Range ~9vei'nerit/' in which he distinguishes between two types of re. toward logic rather than experience ..~''."o~ human ijfe as a separate realm with its own problems. as a turn into a vast blind alley. the present -:: ." In contrast to such ap.and today widely acceptedview of the person as a largely autonomous being defined mainly by . He was also strongly engaged in social issues and actions. "The essence of deep ecology . community health.

. In contrast.. green theory has typically chosen to conf~ont this takeover more directly by arguing that acquiescence to existing political and economic power implies the..'~dentifically was i-a~idly-ga'thering pace.i~~issed feeli:~s and i~. de La Mettrte was suggesting the view of "man as a machine. the conception of nature as inherently organized and-intrinsically valuable was enthusiastically advocated by the Romantics. -.-_.Including that of the German romantic 'phil~sopher-scientists of the 18th a~a 19th ceiltu~ies .." Around a century " . . abandonment of a world that is wild.._..-' .and con." ~nd the notion that the world itself could be understood . setting'the: scene for the current subordination of the natural world through the p}oduction and exchange of commodities.uitions a. .!-:. defining humanity through. intrinsically valuable.reacte'd'to the scieiitiff~allfinfor~ed ~ommerc~al takeover of nature-by. often beautiful and structured in ways that are beyond our cognitive comprehension . after'~escart:s had . our thinking powers. ' _' ~ .Kantian philosophy . But whereas much post. retreating into-a-rarified idealist realm. .~ntrustworthy. trolled.. -.

lllrgb University Press 2010). the silk ofa girl's thigh the sunlight on rock and leaves. with its roots in the air. the face of the wind . the flavor of an apple. ConlelllpllI"lIry'CriliclIl l'helJrisl~· (Edin\. the feel of music. is the author 01' Nnlllre nm! l'syeJw and is cur-rently a seuieeleeturer at NoUingbam Trtm! (Jnivt!rsity. the plunge of clear water into a pool. 1'(!ter." preferring the physical immediacy of such things as "the grasp of a child's hand in your own.(:om . It is like a great uprooted tree. We must plant ourselves again in the universe. a t!teorist 01'eeopsye!tology. the barkof a tree.hllnblr. green theorists prefer the untidy realities of the natural world.Deeply suspicious of the anthropocentric realm of language.Jaunig. the embrace ofafriend or lover.llstal·ling. Edward Abbey rejects the Platonic preference for a conceptual "underlying reality of existence.what else is there? Mat else do we need?" David Hidner-.. Likewise. sharing D. Lawrence's view that the human race is dying. discourse and the whole technologically realized fantasy ofindustrial society. the abrasion of granite and sand.H. A longer version of this essay appear-ed in From Agamben 10iiiel.

out· of touch with our deepest self. by avarice .that leads to the' respectful use. from life.. . Asceticism is not a flight from society and the world.' ::: •. Excessive consumption leaves us emptied.__ . -..» . of material goods. a vision . Asceticism is a corrective practice.of repentance. and not the abuse." ' . Excessive consumption may be understood to issue from a worldview of estrangement from self. we become consumed ourselves.. from land. and greed. Consuming the 'fruits of the earth --Ulirestrairied." . and from Cod. but a communal attitude of mind and way of lifil.



while production. incarnation capitalism. In so doing. Either it's exploitable Whatever: such as ''wave upon wave" or "bumper the Gulf of Mexico. Timothy Morton PEAK NATURE is the featureless remainder ateither stuff. I simply want to point out the involved in Hayward's of reality is capital beyond. fill You can scour the to Marianas That's the heat from the burning Paradoxically. despite gray and smack into one industry and floods out Hurricanes fed by fuels. Stockpiling leap out because or functions Gamma sinkhole years.just as long as it generates more capital. is an oil spill. Think of what said." in capitalist materialism enough. a weirdness relativity about. sustaining sucks Natural of inertia. us. It has nothing to do with nematode war-ms and orangutans. has unleashed manifold Two hundred years of seeing and now huge. waiting phrases the zeugma to bumper. there the Spice. why I believe Haveyou Here we in th~ object its sensual Sure." The problem. much to this choice is one reason that the choice resembles why I believe 3) There qualities And that's why planet a choice gray). minute. theories theory. ecology need have nothing is beetandt Bestand The two most progressive Capitalism doesn't really care what comes through thefactory door. Earth from mountaintop it in capitals. the unconscious. the objects two hundred for something this kind of mountainous strangeness is "over Nature ways in which there" technology. "Drink "stuff. years of idealism.ancient. boil away in the agonyofuncertainty. Martin Heidegger reserve. or value-added featureless. means out gray value at the other. where But have I ever seen says it's a species Marx capital. to be tapped. What's worse is To this extent. away we are entering the point a new era of academic will not be to one-up of the clearing work. matter? with material then. or stuff as such? through than rather is itselfHeideggerian! bit like searching as monkeys each other by appealing of the openness of the being of the various good old-fashioned is no essence is itself nonexistent to the trace of the givenness of the lighting the pencil. resplendent yet withdrawn. 2) There is no essence. Have you ever seen or handled ever held apiece store. to do with it. Nature Both exist in an ethereal The beyond gray goo at one end value. theory resides ecology. the industrial to quibble have gotten metaphysics which The essence would as the immediate there existed I don't want as such. real things another. Capitalism did away with feudal and pre- feudal myths such as the divine hierarchy between classes of people. chemicals Trench. So again. it substituted one heck of a giant Nature is precisely labor the capitalist Bestand. invading Modern mode of social existence. is notessentialism the Gulf least bring us up to speed with the weirdness quantum into the 'genera)' is excluded. manifold with myth of its own: Nature. will take care of it. is the stockpile I ask. Funnily in all their JusttakealookatManufacturedLandscapes: the ocean ocean the eye can see. and that Nature the as the general spill was tiny by comparison. capitalism dials grows ever larger. some a zoo to find the birds. You will never find Nature. in a third choice: and irs rigltthere." As Nature of our age. receding nuclear Flats upon range of mountains. deconstruction. Areal Actually. despite writhe Nature. I've seen lots of objects: in a department photographs matter "animal" such of atoms. the Platonic snowflakes Aristotle "in some beyond. terrifyingly threateningly it. accident. offossil only too well." empty across empty distance. goo. of Commodity the individual kingdom from commercial goes. as defined however. implicit year. piling Result? higher. gray. which lawns. exactly when we talk about sustainability? out of control system and pushes ranges has the best term . But don't worry. of cars. life presents us with a choice: is elsewhere (in apart Far from it. Thinking of things.that it exists from history. as in the old ad Pepsi: Get Stuff. is much. The factory you can't out of massive of telephone objects upon storm systems. as if. organic it's basically collection of commodities. or as if. He said that on the side of . and Nature. as if an even larger spill would somehow it was bad news. "here. every cell in our body.the yoking of things you hear in Stockpiling huge Nature Rocky tables is the dominant Giant parking in restaurants hands. Tony Hayward but this very notion ofa beyond. what take revenge. It's Natural every Mountain is an ontology by Aristotle. that is strictly this materialism objects It's just stuff. why I put to stuff. the lump that preexists process. to see that it's was sited precisely stockpile. Whetherwe relationism forms. dials as far as in China. I want the reader goo. abstract. in their splendor. and thus appears of all commodities.000 end of the process of production. to use an example by the side of all real spices. where we live. of telephone dials. is stockpiling. spill. of plutonium congeal ocean myriad horror humans . instrumentality. of "stuff"? Claus and Santa what we have in modernity than just must depart the location capitalism or just there beyond nihilism). (At present I believe Earth of things that goo. and This weirdness and mynah form in what exists. so goes physical and quantum is stockpiling. from any specific call it scientism. Either (deconstruction. humans An intrinsically of existence. trigger Terabyte after terabyte Row upon row of big box houses waiting to be filled. specificity. all speak [of the commodity] from the or it's some kind of real away from then. to be of memory is the art of of Mexico absorb was a huge ocean. Over here. Gray of this fact confronts we still believe . bursts Some malfunctions. animal about the relative size of ocean and it into Hayward's thick head that assertion. The Gallon after gallon of oil waiting inhabited. are we 1) The essence the deep structure Being). an empty category looking and sparkling at the center long-lived. Oil rays shoot . somewhere . in comets and rock strata. says exactiythe "The 'expanded' passes commodity same thing regarding form when exempted past "meta mode" will at that evolution. from Heidegger. by the side of all real animals. is an essence. is the basis materialism." for it: standing Bestand from There the 1990s. we could call capitalist essentialism. What of the entire. of essence existence. vast Range into the bomb to evoke The eerie us with the that Nature apart from hold lots out of ~ts ancient for_24. that the restriction is in big trouble grayish brown ofriglitness right and coolness of capital. And I believe between That's is not fascinated This viewpoint problem and brownish at this very moment. existed matter. with of Aristotle's lies there Societies worse now. equivalent embodiment the Animal. of stockpiles.

the very capacity to "mirror" things. one of you is goingto mention global warming at some point." We all have conversations that are more or less like that now.removed from it by an ontological sheet of reflective glass. You pause for a moment.but the subject. You decide she isn't. "Yes. This oozing real comesback and can no longer be ignored. aesthetically manageable way. or how. the way blood-guilt sticks to you. But your reply holds' something back . when in The Communist Manifesto he claimed that in capitalism all that is solid melts into air. in the sense that no matter what we are aware of. just as Neo discovers that the mirror no longer distances his image from him in a nice. ." you say. being ironic. This becomes clearer as WE. brooding off the edge of an ellipsis. we imagine that the U-bend takes the waste away into some ontologically alien realm. This strange paradox becomes clearer as we enter the age ofecological crisis . some white powder .Just as after 9/11objects to which we may have paid attention . Objects are what they are. You are waiting at a bus stop. there you are. Ecology is now beginning to tell us of something very different: a flattened world without ontological V-bends. Or you both decide not to mention it but it looms over the conversation like a dark cloud. He didn't see how a kind of hypersolidityoozes back into the emptied out space of capitalism. in that nice neutral backdrop-y way we might call photic (after Roman Jakobson) . It's November 2010. The cosmic V-bend is no more. which are us. THE END OF THE WORLD When Neo touches a mirror in The Matrix it adheres to his hand. a hypersolidity I callhere hyperobjects. precisely because it has started. then. is a symptom of a much larger and deeper ontological shift in human awareness. wasn't it? I blame global warming.that nice neutral backdrop that you can talk aboutwith a stranger.has taken on a menacing air. In anyweather conversation. The beautiful reversibility of the oily. The Greeks called it miasma. but sticks to it comes. so in an age of global warming the weather . liquid and dark like oil in the dim light of the room in which Neo has taken the red pill. no matter what they reflect. however. precisely because we are in it. Why objects. reality envelops us like a film of oil. When you approach them." she says. This holding back may ormay not be reflected in your tone.suddenly gained a terrible significance.oily mirror.even ABCNews knows that now. It's not reality that dissolves. impossible to shake off. Even mirrors are what they are."How far in are we?" This anxiety is a symptom of the emergence of hyper objects. It's like being in a dream written by Zeno." there. these remnants of shattered conversation lying around like broken hammers (they must take place everywhere). instantly changing from reflective surface to viscous substance." Marx was partly wrong. Levinas and Graham Harman).an X-Actoknife. an object. When we flush the toilet. Hyperobjects push the reset button on sincerity. When I hear the word "sustainability" I reach for my sunscreen. "Mind you. look! There it is.precisely because of hyperobjects: the simultaneous dissolution of reality and the overwhelming presence of hyperobjects. You wonder whether she is onlysaying that to distract you from the latest news about global warming. isn't it?" she asks. you can't even get closer to objects. why now? The philosopher Graham Harman Writes that. mile upon mile of strands of oil just below the surface. The usual reading of this scene is that Nee's reality is dissolving.the awareness that for you it's not a particularly nice day because you're concerned that the heat and the moisture have to do with globalwarming. In the midst of irony. The mirror becomes a substance. we obtain an equally powerful reading. because they withdraw irreducibly."Has it started yet? How-far in are we?" is the question on all our lips.. This failure of the normal rhetorical routine. It can't be gone and forgotten . A world in which there is no "away. Someone else ambles up. If we stay on the level of the sticky.objects themselves. not our interpretation of them. more and more objects emerge." you think. which stick to us. The sticky mirror demonstrates the truth of what phenomenology calls ingenuousness or sincerity (I'm thinking here of the work of Ortega y Gasset. "Nice weather. so that even when the spill is supposedly "gone and forgotten. "Funny weather last week. there it is. The very thing that we use to reflect becomes an object in its own right. "Oh. Which in turn is a symptom of a profound upgrade . melting mirror speaks to something that is happening in a globalwarming age. square mile upon square mile of ooze floating at the bottom ofthe ocean. to be separate from the world like someone looking at a reflection in a mirror. In its ingenuous sincerity. enter the ecological crisis .

climate. For this experiment of the Rings Playskool trilogy. world. Only Global warming I am calling massively radically is a prime a hyperobject.goes Copernicus know about dark secret collusion and plankton millions course now we know it doesn't. about the in any way. need effect a toy version is no foreground. is distributed oxygen between in our The iron bacterial lungs is saw that evokes in worlds. is. not part of the solution. trick. But in an age or entities. Stupid Movie Kids' from this seamless and yet it and now. True. contain worlding meaninglessness. from this point ofview. Wagnerian Tolkien from this? have a Kids' it and us intimately. 2008 for the projection shepherd's objected to the building of a solar array in a parkin . we can't a long period of sweltering it kept on repeating a very mean millennia. test. But it's easy to recover the in her garden trace of meaninglessness world . sweltering that for It model them as symptoms it is the case that there meaningful summer. less than for conscious your business we still live in a world. that for us. Hyperobjects impossible intricately are time-stretched almost are And they to such a vast extent that they become to hold in mind. and to unlock the door and carbon to start Foregrounds So the strange phenomena been backgrounds on a "fell beast.climate satellites. the fish in my in London. The Ball Popper you will need a copy we see it as an accident. By postponing future. ourselves since there a world is horizons foregrounds. A simple experiment that world is anaesthetic it demonstrates phenomenon. of dragging cityOsgiliath dragon-like when _aNazgul creature. The Lord a by Hasbro. you in the nuclear a neat. and most of the effects extend up to 500 years life was like of llfeforms. upgraded. tucked The warming notice the inane tunes that the popper the coherence things that at first only appeared the old school the climate Island. up like little hobbits has been exposed we granted meaning falls apart possible horizons which in and need of cosmic for instance) specialness of our burrow. in general. As Harman presence-at-hand real object. even larger You really only a weather of some the past. occurred down. as unravelers The idea of world depends of mood lighting sheer ridiculous effects that by definition job of serious Wagnerian and mood music. neutral. such as red sunsets. there was not really started highly monitored. hidden altering Toy "translated" In Lakewood. Earth by the greenhouse that includes Earth's of gases exist we can see everywhere. but a very debated to exist. or Gesamkunstwerk tools. and men have their own languages. to be Frodo. these narratives of the second part of Peter Jackson's Busy Ball Popper. notion of world. processing think about say then massively means doesn't that Given our brains' You could real because words. of something ." plainly I call for humans" world was actually a collusion and such things between and moisture them bomb." popper. never was a genuine. Strange emissions monitoring locally definition in Peru. All those significantly mean "significant even "significant at certain names. upon all kinds aesthetic a kernel of It's the to erase Jackson's in a phenomenologicallifeworld. patternexpecting intervals as dog days. what we took to be a reliable just a habitual us humans regular such forces such as sunshine of a slow motion you inhabited melts of doom but now world it used to . You will plays of Peter toy that ironically to the real thing. trilogy surely is Wagnerian. in ignorance a significant. This sun.'' a key concept is an illusion. their to fascist sports via the collaboration beast is no meaningfulness Worlds When need a total work of art their own different foreground-background in which elves.absurdly proves. eyes. more argues. we discover when that it's already for some time global here. the safety as a fiction. and giving "end of the world" are.Long climate events significant. as the toy experiment Toy 5. The Lord afthe Rings vs. the Stupid the movie. in ecophenomenology. plays The spooky warming had been expanding can't see or smell climate. bacterial crust here on lifeforms. clashingwith and unique residents Colorado. when mom's entityscenery based entity's pond distinction. So global warming entities atmosphere right way beyond I can Google teams. climate the same velocity recognized scientists. .made nadir of horror. can objects act like blank screens "Red sky at old is a charming itin its own limited Way.just seemed in other reveals (for appearance us humans) that is strictly power. disappears. that say two or three Global warming. Likewise. delight" And objects object is. problem If those with arctic Oil is the result of some rocks and algae of years in and millions The sun. superficial local representation phenomenon tore big holes in that particular as soon as humans becomes that is a mere much invisible. attacks ball Ben Franklin but rather in the Romantic weather. set of weather. When you look at oil you're looking at the past. NiL What can we learn distributed transforms in space-time our ideas surface World turns distance. weather as part has there we are in that that publicly We took weather of global warming a simulation withdrawn "world" mere period to be real. of what that is an and that of what ofE~h world . out to be an aesthetic ''World.of so Galileo and speed to model it in real time (they were just able to do this in spring There Aristotle's summers arctic continue is an even spookier summer.this is done so on. horlzoning as invisible easy. the such as CO2. a climate You will also require that I consider when is staggering is always social and psychic is no background stage . You have a few seconds as the fantasy seamless apocalyptic little world for amazement away. It covers the entire into the future. of . own architecture excess as if they were since it's infrared trapped entity affects heat from the sun that is a colossal that backgrounds. I need The out-gassing. climate. bound precisely conducting sphere that narratives thing up with lifeforms. around a the very real object ecological. weirdness. an object as backdrops.much more sinister phenomenon that processing I Your car drove in Earth's excrement. the sun comes up . If there peripheral visible. the objects bounded. the as such is a beast government includes effect (HeideggerianDasein withouta need the trace of this meaninglessness. ofthis real object. part of the problem. for sure on a kind of blurriness This blurriness ignorance concerning of meaning. -a What It is like realizing it all that concretely. effect from an and aesthetic derives objects. and if we can of global warming. in151O? You are walking on top Rememberwhat In much newly of climate: the climate there's on. of derivatives of weather way as inertia . is a derivative of weather agencies. inoculate us against into doom into some hypothetical that-has intruded space.then caricature discovered of some and others Now play the scene the absolute captured the bombed-out (a Ringwraith) terrifying Switch instantly Jackson's winged on the undermine narrative by Faramir. here example We have no world because functioned have dissolved. weather caused patterns scientists That's into the foreground of global realization The idea of our awareness the gJadual is no foreground! embedded for instance. dwarves . which worlds things days when bounded shepherds by horizons lived on can't see with my naked human terabytes of RAM and extreme 2008). but as the totality .

Three cheers for the so-called end of the world.because it didn't look "natural.the entities that coexist with us obtrude on our awareness with greater and greater urgency. ethical sublime that says. A profound political act would extinction event have thrown into sharp relief be to choose another aesthetic construct. (And near a good enough reason. Wind farms have a slightly frightening in the Middle if the Industrial Revolution contrast is "exterminis m" . for instance in the proto-nationalist demanding conscious human intervention. Some constitute aworldjust as much as. This is timescales in the plural. the originalgreenwashing. bogus. Our era is witness to the emergence of a renewed Aristotelianism. It's precisely the magical amazement of things like stones. is not "Save ready for destruction? the environment!" but "Leave our dreams The second area of concern is historical. scotched. years. Sothe not to use carbon" . It is as ifhumans are losing that doesn't require smoothness and distance their world.rolling hills since she thinks that what I'm proposing by and greenery . rather than secret pipes. Ideology is not just in your head. and their idea of world. they IS OUT THER]>.000 timescale. there are many reasons less beautiful than an oilpipeline?Howcomeit why. SoI'm afraid we must reproduce a kind ofaesthetic distance common part with Donna Haraway. because or "enframed'' by ecologicalcriticism. Let us welcome the prospect of forging new alliances between humans and nonhumans alike. without Nature. and for a good reason: it doesn't exist. Nirvana. It seems rather abstract to imagine that a book. hundred (assuming years there for CO2. the frightening. Bob Geldof quasars and cartoon characters in the shape of Richard Nixon's head that truly has to be explained. the more we our world to breaking point.. it derives In this historical moment. not actual trees and water).hammers. at one and the Standard ecologicalcriticism depends upon same time.(including and coolness.lbiIl1{!ll· ill nlc Imil\rgill~ . What is left if we aren't the world? Intimacy. thinking of Humboldt and Herder. This is at best highly disorienting. It may even have now of course there are wind spires. as it were . then. We could call these. are in the worlding business. which do pernicious consequences. for instance. What the Scots are how can you get an entity that doesn't exist saying. Consider only this: witch-ducking stools is a. but because they "spoil the view. as they say. and a good argument for why ecology must be everything looks like a nail. the concept world this concept from philosophical thinking about is thrown into sharp relief by circumstances climate. since this moment is the beginning of history . and the petrifying.lwy. some things appear "natural" ." Objections to contemporary ecological philosophy and wind farms are similar .now thatwe have stepped out of the cocoon of . not explained away.000 years makes you wonder whether you can imagine 100. TillUilllY Murlu. it shouldn't be used as the basis for You could' see turbines as environmental ethics."Indeed. Hyperobjects produce very large finitude. How come a wind turbine is Now for a kick off. the horrifying. beetles. I part company It's in the shape of a Coke bottle. years The final 7% Will be from now. But 100.not because of the cultural analysis.Forever makes you feel important. 3) Petrifying around 30.a choice visible in gigantic argument that "It's goodbecause it constitutes a turbines.Justbecausethe Nazishad aworld. or from Working to transcend our notion of world is biological racism that says that I'm white important at this moment. one the notion of world.00'0anything. in "The Question risk to birds.. years or so for most of the by igneous is 24-. There is for sure a world of sublime (rather than the beautiful).whose ethics insists in landscape painting) Asa poster in the office that nonhumans are worthy of our care and of Mulder in TheX-Files used to saY:THETIlUTH respect because they constitute worlds. an object-oriented ontology that thinks essence is right here. in turn. 100. running under environment because doing so interferes with an apparently undisturbed "landscape" (aword someone's or something's world is nowhere for a painting. different concepts of"world. It's in the way with Haraway here. globalwarming has stretched . It will then take It will take several cold ocean waters about are any) to absorb 75% of the excess 2) Horrifying another remaining rocks. Perhaps it's this very visibility of world" is. the idea that they ever had one). To which I reply." whereby cultural artifacts of the aesthetics of Nature impeding ecology. Like a mannerist because I was born in a northern climate.just as she parts with me. Wind chimes play in the wind. "We humans choose doesn't mean we should be preserving it. The choice that makeswind farms disturbing: visible reasoning that one should not interfere with the choice. This is truly a case of "wor-ld.""orld." Concerning Technology" and "On the Origin A 2008 plan to put a wind farm near a remote of the Work of Art. in objecting to wind farms. We have lost the world but gained a soul. Indeed. Witch-ducking stools size and magnificence. These fake landscapes are oven-ready for destruction. not in some beyond.100 of plutonium 25%"to be absorbed The half-life timescale. doors. scales of time and space that are finite and for that reason humiliatingly difficult for humans to visualize. One could easily read constituted a world for their users in every them as embodying the aesthetics of the meaningful sense. red hot chili peppers. This painting that stretches the rules of classicism concept is by no means doing what it should to to breaking point.000 words long. embody the world in various ways:to a hammer. even if world were a valid concept "spoilsthe view"anymore than pipesand roads? altogether. The "world" as the significant totaliryofwhat is the case is strictly unimaginable.000 There is a real sense in which "forever" is far easier on the mind than these very large timescales." world is what is created Scottish island was. what I call very large finitude. well. is 100. This definition residents ofthe island complained that their has given rise to the now pervasive doctrine view would be destroyed. But it's an Nazi regalia. There are three ofthem. undisturbed!" World is an aesthetic construct namely the way in which current ecological that depends on things like underground oiland crises such as globalwarming and the sixth mass gas pipelines. 1) to use the technical term.and the end of the human dream that reality is significant for humans alone. Human beings lack a world for a very good reason.getting entities had never occurred. environmental sculptures swayand rock in the There was a wonderful world ofwitch-ducking breeze.In particular.


/lwl!i11 .ARTY Adilu Andre A.<.

AndyW:tl'i101 .CyTwomhly '>/Jf/ll.1JlflflWSWIIII FARTY Art is whatever you can get away with.

AELITA ANDRE It took me four years to paint like Raphael but a lifetime to paint like a child. the fact remains that Andre is making art that is uncomfortably uneasy to dismiss as fluke. the fact that Andre's paintings are flying off the art room floor and into galleries and private collections shows that they in fact do mean something. larger ones are created on the floor. Are Andre's works truly aesthetic in this manner. . or is her market purely commercial. they say. The million dollar question the critics ask. yellow or black acrylic squished awkwardly from the tube. Aelita Andre. Her flagship paintings. the final product resembles anything but. is what kind of meaning? Picasso painted triangular faces and distorted human frarnes as a reflection of the human condition. accident." They consider deliberateness to be obvious in her work.Pablo Picasso These are the words that adorn a promotional video for fouryear-old child phenomenon.the kind Richard Dreyfus chants to in Close Encounters oflhe Third Kind. Andre's parents are adamant that their daughter shows defined elements of surrealism. In New York this past June. After this Andre often smears paint with her She often incorporates toys and random objects for depth and scale as shown in pieces like The Bull & the Butterfly and Yellow Thinking Man. Andre is sometimes known to pour entire buckets ofhalfpaintjhalfbrush water onto a tray of cotton balls. Andre's works are generally created on large red cnnvases four or five times her size. who has caused recent tremors of self-con scicus unease throughout the hallowed halls of highbrow abstraction. . however. In preparing her more elaborate canvases.000 as well as headlines across the globe. Michael Andre and Nikka Kalashnikova. Andre's parents brush-off the underlying arguments of naysayers: "The question of intention is just not relevant. While her approach resembles any child at play. abstraction and overall intentionality. are challenging long held and rigid assumptions about the sacred relationship between abstraction and intentionality. or literally something that a child can do. a display of her best works netted the young Picasso a cool $30. Already the painter has drawn comparisons to Pollock." Not to trivialize and reduce Andre by IIHollywood cult film comparison. And the larger question in all of this is whether this is the nail in the coffin of abstraction or the dawn of a ncw aesthetic era. this is important. however. with the words "this means something. The color combinations. The daughter of little-known Australian artists. and to a great deal of people. Mir Russian Space Station and Eagle. Aleita has been painting since before she was two. Each painting starts with a heavy base layer of blue. Small ones arc propped on an easel. and some of the recently sold works were created only weeks after she stumbled in her diapers to a canvas. and Kandin sk y. object placement and relation of parts to mental frames grabs the viewer in a semi-hypnotic gaze . cornered by unrefined louts with money to burn on a cute gimmick or kitsch piece to go with the new couch? Arguments aside. Critics. Dali. as if decorating a messy cake during an excited game of house with Mom. have said Andre's recent fame amounts to little more than a kitschy media circus sideshow. with applauders saying the young abstractionist is able to access the deep subconscious present only in childhood.

In Italy indulged his obsession with Greek antiquity and oh-so-human dramas between the Greeks gods. while Twombly scratched away in near constant solitude. Twombly was a man who wanted to grasp reality directly and put his whule being into each stroke of his brush. the latter work taking 22 years to complete. His unmistakable paintings from this era and onward are layered with thousands of segments and scrawls. show his devotion to scale and to working in presence. Other works. was no doubt the dominantarcofhis practice . Twombly spoke very little of his work. was buflding America's modern pop art empire. who. He painted it six separate times.CYTWOMBLY 1928-2011 Throughout his long and reclusive career. backward and forward. that aesthetic freeing expressed itselfin huge-scale panels. where everything was somehow more real and more present. captures Zeus transforming into a swan to ravage his already-wed human obsession. a sacred expression between subject. After emigrating from the USA to Italy in his late twenties. Like a Zen master in his calligraphy or a poet in the sacredness ofa single word. As a young artist he would often draw and paint in the dark to deschool his lines from the confines he learned in famed American art academies. Cy Twombly considered his work a dance with the moment of presence. graffiti. where society happened for the first time. lines he the His most famous pieee. And in contemporary practice he insisted that each stroke flow from a more intuitive place. attempt to make the now into infinity.Leda and the Swan. lhu-run Flm!1 . applied methodically one after another with a solemnly frantic singularity of mind. blackboard cursive swirls and the technique of scratching deep into thick layers of paint on the canvas. but the idealized virginity of history. materiality and self. This "actual experience" of making each line as he called it radically separated him from emerging New York abstraetionist and close friend Robert Rauschenberg. erratic application. FijtyDays at Ilium and Anatomy of Melanc!wly.

" What at first appears to be an act of rebetlion against some abstract aesthetic develops into much more. and has depicted local scenery and even composed a gum epitaph at the request ofa boy who lost his grandfather." he says. With his growing notoriety.000 pieces. "You can make something special out of something that people find disgusting. is about to complete another masterpiece. high culture and space. his artistic flamboyance is not in the style he brandishes. and most importantly. Wilson has created nearly 10. the material. birthdays of notable citizens." he says as he hunches over a piece of chewing gum 011 a soiled British curb. Ben Wilson. and even a few copycats. the use of communal space.000 works of gum art throughout the London area. even attracting comparisons to the current throne sitter. taking hours to create each one. The crouching. in his mastery of a visual discourse or in the company he keeps.BEN WILSON Wieldi ng a blowtorch.the chewing gum man. is all part of the idea behind the work. is a long list of heretics defining the boundaries of art." The bigger picture of Wilson remains to be told. political prankster Banksy. Wilson has gum painted his way into the upper echelons of Britain's public-artist elites. for his engagement with public geography and the pol itics of that engagement. kind. "Everything is transitory. Behind his nearly 10. After recent exposure in the New York Times and on the BBG. the disheveled look. He has commemorated the passing of businesses. And the more people can have a sense of belonging to it. 47. the lying on the street. unassuming and overwhelmingly normal man. Wilson has become known internationally for what his Muswell Hill neighborhood has called him for the past six years . many of which only he can find. a worn elbow cush- ion. a tackle box full of acrylic and a macro hairbrush. they're going to be more responsible for it. "what's important is-the creative process. "I believe peoplehavearighttobe creative in their immediate environment and to be spontaneous. but rather in his wretched curled up body draped in speckled rain gear concentrating diligently with a single-haired brush on trodden English streets. (once arrested for his actions and then released for doing nothing). With the stillness ofa hunter and the artistry of a rice painter. Darren Fleet . A·law abiding.

extensive layering. Lucian Freud's stark figurative portraits depicted nude. arrogance and making demands on sitters. friends. It showed a contorted naked woman lying alone on a bed. His work often took months and sometimes years to complete. was emblematic of his work. time wascritical. blue-veined. not exactly in spite of what they are like. That reputation was solidified in 2008 when his Bene/its Supervisor Sleeping sold for 17 million pounds . As if channeling the psychoanalytic spirit of his famous grandfather Sigmund. "I paint people not because of what they are like. Accordingly he often painted lovers. For Freud. pregnant at the time. but how they happen to be. As his style developed. muses.he is also suspected of siring upwards of 40 children (13Iegitimate). In addition to depicting life beyond the mirage. with daily sessions lasting up to five hours. bulging hips. Primarily a portrait painter. Freud was known for fastidious attention to detail. which he would return to only at the end of the sitting to finish. Freud merged the word of realism and abstraction into a coherent epoch-spanning narrative that embodied the failure of utopian ideals of human perfection. Freud reconstruct- ed the visage based on the mediation between the face he first saw and the face he had come to know.LUCIAN FREUD 1922-2011 Lucian Freud's work may have been loved and hated. but the imperfect wrinkled mass behind the conflicted beauty. To engage the relationship principle in the artistic process. fixed with heavy gazes as if having anchors under their eyes." His famed 2003 portrait of British supermodel Kate Moss. family members and on occasion admirers . Freud sometimes painted with his back to the sitter so the sitter could see the painting-in progress. nearly unrecognizable as the runway star. but none of his detractors ever denied his brilliance or the importance of his work in the 20th century.the greatest price tag ever for a living artist. contorted and pale-to the-point-of-green subjects. and he considered the relationship between subject and author essential to the work. reversing the role between artist and patron. brushed with dark brown lines on wood-tone acrylic skin. many with his subjects. Once the body and scene was complete. Freud evolved a practice of starting each portrait with a rough base of charcoal and a draft version of the face. it reflected not the idealized beauty of the CK heroine. obese. occasionally . Complete with [abby shoulders.

lips verging on a scowl and large grayveinspumpingwith aged blue acrylic. As the most renowned British artist of his time. more than the work itself. may be Freud's lasting mark on the boundaries of aesthetics and power. we have an intimate view into two worlds colliding across centuries of his tory. In the 2000-2001 Queen Elizabeth II sitting. epoch and culture. sitting for an artist who commanded full control of the final product. sending it back to the artist until it was done to satisfaction. "The longer you look at an object. and ironically. Sitting for Freud became an experience unto itself. the royal sat disempowered and locked in .London. and he became a sort of Rasputin to the anistocratic arty set. There was a time when monarchs commissioned an exact or better-than-reality likeness. It seemed only fitting that his capstone work would be of the most famed royal of his age. (a clothed bust. boxy chin. social philosophy and style that only Freud could traverse. the more real. where he was bombarded with portraiture requests." Freud said. the more abstract it becomes. The portrait itselfwas a typical Freud: blasphemous deep lines. But in this masterpiece. He also revealed that each portrait was as autobiographical as it was reflective of the subject. This moment. Freud mingled in the most elite circiesof. Darren Fleel . nota nude).looking over his shoulder to refresh his image. time.



Klein collects his thou hts an . A blue windo and a blue curtain is all that separates the eager crowd. wbich bas by now lined up for really get what they're all about. from the latest treasures.


desert. will go back. under Once he has been the spell of the vast. but a desire fer communion American with ultimate affirmation. whatever the cost in time. 01' money. by birth. fOI' the absolute has 110 price.A decade hitchhiking counterpart. Bowles spent most of his life in the Sahara. before Jack Kerouac across America.. revealed reverent search for the authentic. when a man has been there and undergone the baptism of solitude he can't help himself..luminous. no other places enough are stleut country! quite strong surroundings satisfying for him. sent youth his Beat Paul Bowles. no othee the supremely in the He can provide sensation of existing midst of something that is absolute. that the the pure The Sbeliering Sky. sent them to the North African His 1950 masterpiece." . " . and the real is not a quest for solitude.

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ancis Bacon . Fr.Studyaller Vl:lllizqllcz's Portrait or Pope Innocent X.

I love you. I came here today to die. to honesty. van Gogh's cause opus of his joy in pursuing a day after shootlikewise save for the fact said that if you you should become to live. "100 outlaw hero Ned Kelly's experience absurd bore. "Prance! Army! Head of the Army! Josephine ominous the g az fng out paradoxical :Crito. So::rates's merely Meursault's pay it.. you are only going to kill ~ man. Surely we can see a coupling final words. Warden . will last forever. . not make speeches. away. of fiChe's Nothing I can say can change the past.With ing angrily execution refused prison declares only hours cell." in the chest. sequently itudes secret That learning to die. and ultimately. Do was lament is more akin to death new about how to die toof final testaments we owe a cock to Asclepius. Shoot coward.people here. there is a lot of. I'm ready. and havlast rights antagonist at my exthrough his trial and his unlast kill me." window. and conand plat- moving commitment were Camus's Meursault's on how a philosohow it is one itself. as pher ought to live. I. is not found in books "I've had 18 straight the delusional Hugo's but in the "such is life" of our lives. The is not in the grandeur but in the anonymithat if you in solitude. a request milligrams jected nality hopeful . of philosophy method "I have no Is the mike on? fear of death." is not the accidenlike Dylan Thomas's I think that's the . "is to learn how to die. telling us that or 'Darwin's Texas's death row might have something transformation." might reckon surdity. a car mechanic. the ancient was the ill-conceived Wittgenstein should die . on to show. My heart goes. In this search it could be considered want to learn something day. something the anonymous about anthology the mundane "I see a dark light. To my sweet Claudia. LSD." ." his frank for murder. The heartache "the sadness ing himself Meursault's the painters a genius.M. my last wish was that be a crowd of spectators followed Meursault truth and that they should greet me with cries Having admissions of indifference. Don't vindication of alcoholics whiskies. on paper to his wife. words the same.that the goal of philosophy Meursault's tal mutterings record.and Australian a~ an anticlimactic provocation 1 done lost my voice." like Napoleon's want to be a good philosopher." But this is only part ofMeursault's reclamation of scientific from the elite tangle in Aldous Huxley's ininto the words of earthlings. is going." or Victor Hether." lone cell ty.. finalities Cicero said. treatise of hatred. ba bump ba bump ba bump.which she obligingly "such is life" with Meursault's "I know you have come to Man.. forget. otherwise with Camus's aball but Che's blood bled into the ground of Vincent might pause. conclusion death Ludwig the chaplain's in his Algiers Meursault there ecution should Outsider " ...

Hobert Smithson .Gille 1'(Jllr. 19qn.



Inequality. You can take the orthodox route . students. You've seen all the graphs with lines curving up like a ski jump.and demand the tools to understand it You can point out that the economy is unfair.and demand the skills to heal it You can tell the oracles that they have failed. you or your children are a little bit late to the game You therefore stand at a fork in the road. being open to disruptive ideas.and risk ending up with a qualification as impressive as a degree in Marxist ideology right after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Human population.So. unstable and unsustainable . Maybe you're even suspicious that if the world economy does turn out to be a Ponzi scheme. Resource shortages You know that something has to give. Or you can take a chance on regime shift by speaking up. questioning your teachers. You can insist that the economy is a complex. Gross domestic product. dynamic. You can go in and break the machine And then you can ~o something new. networked system . Species extinction. You live at what many believe is a bifurcation point in human history. . You've got an idea that the price isn't right. Carbon emissions. and generally acting as an agent of change. Decision time.

William Franevshy.lumlilr. .The Ei~blh DB)" Colliy Edwnrds.Jarrett Schtlrl'f .

'"9side others.!ding.might be Thcknownol1iccorpublicalioniIAdbustcI1IISSN{0347·9097}whichispublishcdbimonlhlyatl243 Portland. another urban-.lntcrnatiunal$47- I address changes to I t Two '''''"'. not waiting around for the Big Bang Revo. nor do they neceeeerny} political radicalization of their concept of. another m. and others exp~i'im~nl likewise... POSfMASTER:send Printed jnthCUSA..lution to . somehow reforming the revolution.«.lt cat~~. try their hand at it.. the future. these . Very often these people ·aren~1involved in.a new society and of a new Marxi~m of .. and islands of possibility. their theoretical contestation boils down to practical experimentation.''''''''''!": i .. another nonprofit ' money-form. one that they're told to await .. consciousness takes hold that is anticapitalist at its If we look around our world today... existence in an occupied but. a gener~LinS:!Jrrecti. · rather they involve themselves in a sort of progressive·. .. OR 9n30aII'Criodi~~1 Pustage{#022856) at Pew. of village life..95-An"uaISu~.SingICS"bscrirlionpricC:S8.they're· . to an elaboration of alternative socialities germinating within the dominant· society. . F~r these people.'. are springing' up' almost evervwhere: they're tryil1g to 90 is impart a new.. word gets around. when the conditions end-.. Those who have taken it upon themselves . opt out and tune in:·A nbertarren '..'.of experiment' and adaption. They're not waiting around for the right moment.::omej. . of revolutionary reforms mixing imagination ' with practical WI.these are the architects ot.or have tried to/ imagine another destiny apart from the destiny handed down to them. another sort of communal structure. little planets planet. contradictions are mature or fully create. or at least living th~ revolution now. those who have bli~t their own housing al<.. perhaps even rebJiI~ a whole neighborhooa(those who have developed what Ivan Hlich called "tools of conviviality" . purpose invent a new concept of what . they're creating it in a continuous process . .&.Pri'c:USAandCan.-: on.