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Amitabha Mohadani (Telecom Engineer RNO.) Patpur Forest Bungalow, Near Jail Road, P.O+Dist.

. Bankura, Pin 722101, W. Bengal, INDIA Hello - +91-8800187342 Mail id Vision:To keep working smartly as a goal oriented telecom engineer and learn constantly to grow. Professional Summary:Having 5.4 years of experience in gsm-telecom, currently working with Lambda Eas tern Telecommunication Ltd, Gurgaon (India). Motivated to take independent responsibility as well as the ability to contribut e and be a productive Team member. Key Skills:Optimization of Cell Sites By investigating capacity & coverage problem, oversho oting Sites, Interference, dropped calls, missing neighbors, coverage holes, sle eping Sites or sectors, handovers definitions, hopping frequency changing etc. +Proficient in conducting basic RF planning and executing network expansion & ne twork Swapping projects. +Maintaining all main KPI reports of the network. +Handled Radio BBH Report, ND Reports, BSC wise NBH Report, MO Dump, O&M Report, n/w utilization & Cell outage report etc. +Recommendations making as defining missing RF parameters, BSIC change, HSN & hopping parameters etc. +Contribution in new site planning, capacity additions & rehoming cases. Project Experiences:Company: - Lambda Eastern Telecommunication Ltd. BHARTI project for NOKIA Siemens networks in Metro-Kolkata circle (India) 2G Designation: RF Optimization. Duration: Duration: Dec 2009 Jan 2012 Job Responsibilities: Optimization and establishing the GSM network of external clients, as a part of the team in Radio Planning and Optimization dept. Daily basis monitoring of ND Reports, BBH processed report for Traffic and other ageing and capping cells and instant service effecting alarm checking & clearan ce(7743,7745,7746 etc.). Parameter changing and monitoring through Reflection tool. Daily basis action plans of TASR, SD Blocking TCH Blocking and HOSR capping cell s and onsite implementations. Involves in NSN Kolkata KPI team and 3/11 project and Everest Project for Ultima te tuning of the N/w. Involved in 2G to 3G IRAT handover related works. SD Dimensioning, LAC border planning, overshooting rectification related works. NBH and BBH trend Analysis and degraded BSCs RCA and action plans. TRAIs requirement data preparing. Rehoming related works and checking after implementation. Configuration & modification of key BSS parameters like TRX TS(FR/HR depending o n the TCH Blocking exp. in cells), SDCCH assignment(In the cell with high SD blo cking)

Processing Sign-off dumps and makes it presentable for customer. Company: - NR Switch & Radio Services Pvt Ltd. BHARTI project for NOKIA Siemens networks in Orissa circle (India) 2G Designation: Optimization & Co-ordination Duration: June 2009 Dec 2009 Job Responsibilities: Daily reports monitoring and action taken sheet submission. Optimization of existing sites to meet given target KPIs. Maintaining the Traffic utilization tracker and over shooting, SD Drops, SD Bloc king, TCH Drops, poor TASR, TCH Blocking cells. Solving the network Coverage and Signal quality related Customer Complains. Co-ordination of three Opti engineers, 5 DT Engineers and 5 BSS Engineers team. Handled total Orissa Project of NR and maintaining other Project related works. Company: - NUTEK India Ltd. AIRCEL project in west Bengal & NE circle through ERICSSON (India) 2G Designation: RF field Optimization and co-ordination. Duration: Feb 2008 June, 2009 Job Responsibilities: New Sites rf data making & optimization report submission to customer. Successfully analyzed drive Test files for taking care of External and Internal Interference in the N/w and its performance statistics (KPIs). Within time, more than 200 new sites optimization and RF-AT clearance test has be en done successfully. Using MCOM & Map info Professional tool for optimization and basic planning. Handled a team of drive test, RF Site Survey, Transmission Survey engineers. Co-ordination with DT engineers, O&M, switch, sales and Marketing Department. International border Areas Freq Scanning. Company Name: Telecom Network Solutions (TNS). BSNL project in W Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar through NORTEL (India) 2G Designation: RF Drive test Engineer Duration: June 2007 - Jan 2008 Job Responsibilities: Achieved good rewards from Circle Head (Mr. Sanjiv Singh Nortel Networks) & Coun try Head (Mr. Murgan) for A&N Project completion and signoff works. Co-ordination with customer for coverage complaints, its solutions & AT paper wor ks. Neighbors addition and deletion as per requirement for optimized n/w. Conducted AT Clearance Test in Kolkata (W.B) and Andaman & Nicober circle for No rtel-BSNL. Handled total RF optimization and AT clearance works, final Official reports of Andaman & Nicober island. Customer complains solving. Worked for AIRTEL in NCR-South Delhi and Gurgaon circle through ERICSSON -2G Designation: RF Drive test Engineer. Duration: May 2007 - June 2007 Job Responsibilities: Monitoring the statistical reports and drive test to improve the RF Quality. Exclusive drive test for call drop area, handover failure area, quality problem patches. GPRS Testing in assigned cluster. Physical audit and ultimate tuning of RF coverage. Worked for Reliance Smart in Assam-NE circle through MOTOROLA India 2G Designation: RF Drive test Engineer and Report analyzer. Duration: Nov 2006 - April 2007 Job Responsibilities:

Monitoring the statistical reports and drive test to improve the RF Quality in G uwahati cluster. Conducted RF AT of New sites and Edge testing for the dist. towns. Optimization of new sites and given coverage as per customers demand. Site survey- finding the strategic location of the site to satisfy grid pattern. Worked for HUTCH India ltd at south west bengal circle. Designation: Drive Test Engineer Duration: Sept 2006 October 2006. Job Responsibilities: Drive test using TEMS Investigation GSM 6.1.3 Involved in analyzing Coverage, Quality, Co-channel(C/I) and adjacent channel (C /A) interference and Handovers of the cells. Optimization of new sites and new site survey to remove coverage holes. Software Experience:Worked with Esolz Inc Software Developing Company, Kolkata (W.B) Designation: - PHP & mySQL developer cum marketing head and system administrator . Experience: - 1 years (Approx.) (Aug, 2005 July, 2006, 2 months worked as a PM). List of RF Tools with hand-on Experience:1>TEMS INVESTIGATION, 2>MapInfo Professional, 3>MCOM, 4>Global mapper 5> MIPT Tool, 6> Citrix neighborhood tool, 7> Actix & Netact Planning tool (NSN) . Computer Proficiency:Programming Languages: - PHP, mySQL, JAVA. Have Knowledge of MS-OFFICE (Excel, words and PowerPoint). Co-curricular Activities & Achievements:1. Diploma in Wireless Technology (DWT) in August, 2006 from Telecom Network Solution (TNS), sector-16, noida (UP)- India. 2. Done 1 month summer Vocational training in TATA STEEL, Jamshedpur on LD -2 PLC & automation system dept. 3. Done 3 Months PHP & mySQL Course from NIIT, Kolkata. Technical & Educational Qualification:Bachelor of Engineering Electronics & Communication College- Bankura Unnayani Institute of Eng. (Burdwan University > W.B/2000-2004) Higher secondary (W.B.C.H.S.E) from NPS Niketan, Midnapur in 2000 Secondary (W.B.C.S.E) from NPS Niketan, Midnapur in 1998 Personal Information:D.O.B Marital Status Nationality Father fficer, WB) Mother Present add Bankura 25th, December 1981 Unmarried Indian Sri. Mohan Kumar Mohadani (Asst. Divisional Forest O Smt. Anima Mohadani (House Wife) Patpur forest office Bungalow, Near Jail Road, Vill+Dist.Pin 722101, West Bengal.


+91- 8800187342(Off) +91- 9831013472(Per)

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Passport Details: Passport No.: G4441051, Place of Issue: Kolkata