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Paradise Plundered

Steven P. Erie, Vladimir Kogan, and Scott A. MacKenzie

Fiscal Crisis and Governance Failures in San Diego


This eye-opening and telling narrative mixes policy analysis, political theory, and history to explore and explain the unintended but largely predictable failures of governance in San Diego. Using untapped primary sources—interviews with key decision makers and public documents—and benchmarking San Diego with other leading California cities, Paradise Plundered examines critical dimensions of San Diego’s governance failure: a multi-billion dollar pension deficit; a chronic budget deficit; inadequate city services and infrastructure; grandiose planning initiatives divorced from dire fiscal realities; and an insulated downtown redevelopment program plagued by poorly-crafted public-private partnerships, among others. Though the extent of these failures may place San Diego in a league of its own, other cities are experiencing similar challenges and political changes. As such, this tale of civic woe offers valuable lessons for urban scholars, practitioners, and general readers concerned about the future of their own cities.
“A landmark exposé of how fiscal populism provides camouflage for private greed in America’s most badly governed big city.”
—Mike Davis, University of California, Riverside

Advertising to Latino Voters

Campaigning to the New American Electorate
Marisa A. Abrajano

“This is a compelling study of campaign advertising in an increasingly diverse nation. The book is fresh, informative, and readable.”
—Janelle Wong, University of Southern California

216 pp., 24 tables, 14 figures, 2010 9780804768962 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804768955 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale


“Chronicling the near-deliberate dismantlement of San Diego, Paradise Plundered relates how a favored city squandered its heritage and thereby set forth a warning to the rest of the nation.”
—Kevin Starr, University of Southern California

Immigration Policy Activism in U.S. Cities and States
Edited by Monica W. Varsanyi
“The book will enhance our understanding of the new landscapes of immigration federalism.”
—Peter Spiro, Temple University Law School

Taking Local Control

“The authors show how weak public institutions and persistent anti-tax sentiment created a grossly underfunded pension system, massive structural deficits, and a balkanized city.”
—Margaret Weir, University of California, Berkeley

“A cautionary tale for any community that demands good government but is unwilling to pay for it.”
—Joel Rast, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

360 pp., 19 tables, 13 figures, 2011 9780804756037 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804756020 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale


320 pp., 13 tables, 5 figures, 3 maps, 2010 9780804770279 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804770262 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Published in association with the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at the University of California, San Diego

American Politics and Policy

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Breaking Through the Noise

Presidential Leadership, Public Opinion, and the News Media


Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha and Jeffrey S. Peake

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Modern presidents engage in public leadership through national television addresses, routine speechmaking, and by speaking to local audiences. With these strategies, presidents tend to influence the media’s agenda. In fact, presidential leadership of the news media provides an important avenue for indirect presidential leadership of the public, the president’s ultimate target audience. Although frequently left out of sophisticated treatments of the public presidency, the media are directly incorporated into this book’s theoretical approach and analysis. The authors find that when the public expresses real concern about an issue, such as high unemployment, the president tends to be responsive. But when the president gives attention to an issue in which the public does not have a preexisting interest, he can expect, through the news media, to directly influence public opinion. Eshbaugh-Soha and Peake offer key insights on when presidents are likely to have their greatest leadership successes and demonstrate that presidents can indeed “break through the noise” of news coverage to lead the public agenda.
“The president’s impact on the media is one of the great questions of presidential leadership. Breaking Through the Noise makes an important contribution to answering it by showing how the White House influences the media’s—and ultimately the public’s—policy agenda.”
—George C. Edwards III, Texas A&M University


TAble of ConTenTS
American Politics and Policy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Comparative Politics and Political economy . . . . . . . . . . 5-10 International Relations . . . . 11-13 Security Studies . . . . . . . . . . 13-15

“This important book provides insight into the increasingly central, but not well understood, role the media play in the White House’s connection with the public.”
—Brandon Rottinghaus, University of Houston

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264 pp., 9 figures, 2 tables, 2011 9780804777063 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804777056 Cloth $85.00 $68.00 sale

Studies in the Modern Presidency


American Politics and Policy


Imperial Power in an Age of Terrorism
Michael A. Genovese
“This well-researched and elegantly written book makes a significant contribution to understanding the sources and limits of presidential power in the twenty-first century.”
—Meena Bose, Hofstra University

Presidential Prerogative

What Judges Do, Why They Do It, and What’s at Stake
Edited by Charles Gardner Geyh
In this book, the nation’s top legal scholars and political scientists examine to what extent the law actually shapes how judges behave and make decisions, and what it means for society at large. “That political scientists and law professors bring distinct approaches to the study of judging is inevitable. That the two are mutually informative—not mutually exclusive—is just as undeniable, as this volume admirably demonstrates. A great read.”
—Lee Epstein, Northwestern University School of Law

What’s Law Got to Do With It?

Class and Power in the New Deal

G. William Domhoff and Michael J. Webber

Corporate Moderates, Southern Democrats, and the Liberal-Labor Coalition

216 pp., 1 table, 2010 9780804762977 Paper $19.95 $15.96 sale 9780804762960 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale


Acceptable Hypocrisies and the Rule of Law
Keith J. Bybee
“Successfully points out the conflicting roles that judges fill and demonstrates that these roles do not intrinsically compromise legal legitimacy. A great addition to collegiate and law school libraries.”
—Law Library Journal

All Judges Are Political— Except When They Are Not

“This volume pulls together an excellent cast to examine one of the most intriguing and most difficult questions in the study of law and politics today.”

This book provides a new perspective on the origins and implementation of the three most important policies that emerged during the New Deal—the Agricultural Adjustment Act, the National Labor Relations Act, and the Social Security Act. It reveals how Northern corporate moderates, representing some of the largest fortunes and biggest companies of that era, proposed all three major initiatives and explores why there were no viable alternatives put forward by the opposition.

376 pp., 4 tables, 13 figures, 2011 9780804775335 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale 9780804775328 Cloth $85.00 $68.00 sale

“Class and Power in the New Deal provides a welcome refresher course on how the ‘ownership —Keith Whittington, class’ shaped major political Princeton University decisions during the new Deal Law, Politics, and the Media and beyond.”


—Jill Quadagno, Florida State University

192 pp., 2010 9780804753128 Paper $19.95 $15.96 sale 9780804753111 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale

The Cultural Lives of Law


304 pp., 2011 9780804774536 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804774529 Cloth $80.00 $64.00 sale

Studies in Social Inequality


American Politics and Policy

Beyond the Middle Kingdom
Comparative Perspectives on China’s Capitalist Transformation

Chambers of Commerce and Sociopolitical Change in the Early Twentieth Century
Zhongping Chen
312 pp., 2011 9780804774093 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale

Modern China’s Network Revolution

Teresa Wright

State-Society Relations in China’s Reform Era
264 pp., 5 figures, 2010 9780804769044 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804769037 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Accepting Authoritarianism


Edited by Scott Kennedy The PRC is led by a Communist Party, but it has rarely been systematically compared with other Communist countries. China is awash in capital, but it is only infrequently compared with other capitalist countries. And even though non-state actors are increasingly politically active, 5 their behavior is rarely measured directly against that of their cousins elsewhere. The methodological demands of studying China, and a widely held belief in China's distinctiveness, have long been part of why most research on the country consists primarily of within-country analyses. This book breaks new ground by systematically examining China's capitalist transformation through several comparative lenses.
Contributions from leading specialists on China's political economy compare China with France, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa. Doing so puts the PRC in a light not available through other approaches, and provides a chance to consider political theories by including an important case too often left out.
“An impressive and most welcome effort to bring China into comparative analysis.”


Why Popular Protests Succeed or Fail
Yongshun Cai
Studies of the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center

Collective Resistance in China

—Richard F. Doner, Emory University

“With the advent of this volume, the literature of contemporary Chinese political economy is duly blended into the mainstream studies of comparative political economy. Contributors methodically revisit salient issues of post-Mao Chinese development and masterfully compare them with those in carefully chosen reference societies on many analytical templates.”
Contemporary Issues in Asia and the Pacific

—Tun-jen Cheng, College of William and Mary

304 pp., 27 tables, 11 figures, 2010 9780804763400 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804763394 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale


280 pp., 17 tables, 4 figures, 2011 9780804769587 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804769570 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale


Comparative Politics and Political Economy

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Militants or Partisans


Yoonkyung Lee

Labor Unions and Democratic Politics in Korea and Taiwan

FILP and the Politics of Public Finance in Japan
Gene Park

Spending Without Taxation

The exceptional experiences of South Korea and Taiwan in combining high growth and liberal democracy in a relatively short and similar timetable have brought scholarly attention to their economic and political transformations. This new work looks specifically at the operation of workers and unions in the decades since labor-repressive authoritarian rule ended, bringing Taiwan, in particular, into the literature on comparative labor politics. “A strong contribution to the literature on the political economy of east Asia, with interesting implications for studies of labor and democratization more generally.”
—Stephan Haggard, University of California, San Diego

“[P]rovides a compelling rationale for fIlP’s importance in Japan’s postwar political economy. . . . [n]o one has brought to bear the sustained focus, historical scope, or analytical rigor that Gene Park has with this book.”
—William W. Grimes, Boston University

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344 pp., 28 tables, 34 figures, 2011 9780804773300 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale

Studies of the Walter H. Shorenstein AsiaPacific Research Center

War and State Building in Medieval Japan
Edited by John A. Ferejohn and Frances McCall Rosenbluth


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“A great book on the littleknown complexities and ironies of labor politics in the new east Asian democracies.”
—Hagen Koo, University of Hawaii at Manoa

192 pp., 2 tables, 2010 9780804763714 Paper $19.95 $15.96 sale 9780804763707 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

208 pp., 27 tables, 13 figures, 2011 9780804775373 Cloth $45.00 $36.00 sale


Comparative Politics and Political Economy

The Institutional Imperative
Erik Kuhonta

The Politics of Equitable Development in Southeast Asia

A Southeast Asia Perspective
Vedi R. Hadiz

Localising Power in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia

“Arguing against managerialists who expected decentralization and democratization to lead to greater market openness, Hadiz portrays a messy contestation among social forces at different levels of the polity.”
—Gerry van Klinken, Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies

Why do some countries in the developing world achieve growth with equity, while others do not? If democracy is the supposed panacea for the developing world, why have Southeast Asian democracies had such uneven results? In exploring these questions, political scientist Erik Kuhonta argues that the realization of equitable development hinges heavily on strong institutions, particularly institutionalized political parties and cohesive interventionist states, and on moderate policy and ideology. The Institutional Imperative is framed as a structured and focused comparative-historical analysis of the politics of inequality in Malaysia and Thailand, but also includes comparisons with the Philippines and Vietnam. It shows how Malaysia and Vietnam have had the requisite institutional capacity and power to advance equitable development, while Thailand and the Philippines, because of weaker institutions, have not achieved the same levels of success. At its core, the book makes a forceful claim for the need for institutional power and institutional capacity to alleviate structural inequalities.
“This boldly comparative book will be widely read, widely assigned, and widely debated in the field. There are few comparable works out there. Kuhonta’s book should be required reading for those interested in development, political institutions, state building, social welfare policies, and Southeast Asia.”
—Allen Hicken, University of Michigan


264 pp., 2010 9780804768535 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804768528 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Contemporary Issues in Asia and the Pacific


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368 pp., 23 tables, 4 figures, 3 maps, 2011 9780804770835 Cloth $50.00 $40.00 sale

Studies of the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center


Comparative Politics and Political Economy


Decentralization and Participation in PostFujimori Peru
Stephanie L. McNulty
Using original data from six regions of Peru, political scientist Stephanie McNulty documents variation in Peru’s participatory decentralization reform implementation, delves into the factors that explain this variation, and points to regional factors as prime determinants in the success or failure of participatory institutions. “An impressive contribution to the literatures on decentralization and participatory democracy by showing what happens when participatory reforms are mandated from above rather than demanded from below. Mcnulty helps us understand why politicians decentralized, what types of institutions they designed, and why participation increased in some regions but not in others.”

Voice and Vote

China and the Future of Latin American Industrialization
Kevin P. Gallagher and Roberto Porzecanski
In the eyes of many, China’s unprecedented economic rise has brought nothing but good news to the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Indeed, China’s growing appetite for primary products, and the ability of Latin America to supply that demand, has played a role in restoring growth in Latin America, both in the runup to the global financial crisis and in its aftermath.

The Dragon in the Room

Transforming Local Governance and Civil Society in Brazil
Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Patrick Heller, and Marcelo K. Silva

Bootstrapping Democracy

”Writing on brazil’s two-decadelong experiment in participatory budgeting, the authors defend democracy’s great promise: to turn citizens from clients into self-governing agents who, deploying their human powers, direct politics to a common good.”
—Joshua Cohen, Stanford University

224 pp., 28 tables, 4 figures, 1 map, 2011 9780804773980 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804773973 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

“The Dragon in the Room makes a compelling case that China’s high growth and broad-based competitiveness is undermining future industrialization possibilities and growth in many latin American countries. Written in an easily accessible style, this timely book is a must read for —Kent Eaton, policy makers and analysts of University of California, Santa Cruz latin American development. ”

224 pp., 9 tables, 1 figure, 2011 9780804760560 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804760553 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale


Politics, Government, and Society
Edited by Andrew Selee and Jacqueline Peschard
Copublished with the Woodrow Wilson Center Press

Mexico’s Democratic Challenges


—Eva Paus, Mount Holyoke College

200 pp., 27 tables, 9 figures, 2 maps, 2010 9780804771887 Paper $19.95 $15.96 sale 9780804771870 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale


352 pp., 2010 9780804771627 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale 9780804771610 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale

Comparative Politics and Political Economy

The Autumn of Dictatorship
Fiscal Crisis and Political Change in Egypt under Mubarak
Samer Soliman


The Political Economy of Authoritarian Resilience
Bassam Haddad
Collusion between business communities and the state can lead to a measure of security for those in power, but this kind of interaction often limits new development. In Syria, statebusiness involvement through informal networks has contributed to an erratic economy. With unique access to private businessmen and select state officials during a critical period of transition, this book examines Syria’s political economy from 1970 to 2005 to explain the nation’s pattern of state intervention and prolonged economic stagnation. “A path-breaking study of Syria’s political economy. With unequalled access to first hand sources, his work highlights the underlying political logics that have shaped Syria’s economy since the rise of the baath Party to power half a century ago.”
—Steven Heydemann, U.S. Institute of Peace

Business Networks in Syria

The Egyptian protests in early 2011 took many by surprise. In the days immediately following, commentators wondered openly over the changing situation across the Middle East. But protest is nothing new to Egypt, and labor activism and political activism, most notably the Kifaya (Enough) movement, have increased dramatically over recent years. In hindsight, it is the durability of the Mubarak regime, not its sudden loss of legitimacy that should be more surprising. Though many have turned to social media for explanation of the events, in this book, Samer Soliman follows the age-old adage— follow the money. Over the last thirty years, the Egyptian state has increasingly given its citizens less money and fewer social benefits while simultaneously demanding more taxes and resources. This has lead to a weakened state—deteriorating public services, low levels of law enforcement, poor opportunities for employment and economic development—while simultaneously inflated the security machine that sustains the authoritarian regime. Studying the regime from the point of view of its deeds rather than its discourse, this book tackles the relationship between fiscal crisis and political change in Egypt.
“A first-rate analysis.”
—Joseph A. Kéchichian, Gulf News


“Soliman follows the money, using previously inaccessible data from egyptian state budgets, to make interesting and convincing arguments about the character of the egyptian state and regime, and about authoritarian politics more generally. A serious and refreshing interrogation.”
—Samer Shehata, Georgetown University, author of Shop Floor Culture and Politics in Egypt

312 pp., 2011 9780804773324 Cloth $50.00 $40.00 sale

Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and Islamic Societies and Cultures


224 pp., 26 figures, 2011 9780804778466 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804760003 Cloth $80.00 $64.00 sale

Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and Islamic Societies and Cultures


Comparative Politics and Political Economy

Also of Interest

10 in Post-Unification
Andrew Bickford
In Fallen Elites, Andrew Bickford examines how states make soldiers and what happens to fallen military elites when they no longer fit into the political spectrum. “bickford’s candor about the men ‘left behind’ is really valuable to our understandings of the dynamics between militaries, state transformations, democratizations, soldiering, and masculinities. He offers a genuinely engaging and unique work.”
—Cynthia Enloe, Clark University, author of Nimo’s War, Emma’s War

The Military Other Germany

Fallen Elites

The Migration Apparatus


Security, Labor, and Policymaking in the European Union
Gregory Feldman
Every year, millions of people from around the world grapple with the European Union’s emerging migration management apparatus. Through border controls, biometric information technology, and circular migration programs, this amorphous system combines a whirlwind of disparate policies. The Migration Apparatus examines the daily practices of migration policy officials as they attempt to harmonize legal channels for labor migrants while simultaneously cracking down on illegal migration.

Trajectories of Participation in Social Movements

Patterns of Protest

Catherine Corrigall-Brown
208 pp., 2011 9780804774109 Cloth $50.00 $40.00 sale


Political Opportunities and the Emergence of Protest
Edited by Jeff Goodwin and James M. Jasper
“A must read for students and scholars alike, it proposes a synthetic but more strategic approach that takes into account the micro-structural processes and mechanisms beneath the political contexts that inspire collective action.”
—Verta Taylor, University of California, Santa Barbara

Contention in Context

288 pp., 6 photographs, 2011 9780804773966 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804773959 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale


Change and Reform Under Blair and Brown
Florence Faucher-King and Patrick Le Galès
200 pp., 2 tables, 2010 9780804762359 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804762342 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

The New Labour Experiment

“The Migration Apparatus will make major, cutting-edge contributions to several fields. both the specific arguments—for example, about how the concept of circular migration is easing tensions—and the general arguments—about how eU policy is made and works—are fresh and exciting. An important book about an important topic.”
—Susan Greenhalgh, University of California, Irvine

368 pp., 2012 9780804776127 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804776110 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale

e e


Reputation-Based Governance
Lucio Picci
240 pp., 5 tables, 4 figures, 2011 9780804773294 Cloth $50.00 $40.00 sale

264 pp., 2011 9780804761079 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804761062 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale


Comparative Politics and Political Economy

Stephen G. Walker and Akan Malici

U.S. Presidents and Foreign Policy Mistakes

Becoming Asia

Alice Lyman Miller and Richard Wich
336 pp., 1 table, 2 maps, 2011 9780804771511 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale 9780804771504 Cloth $80.00 $64.00 sale

Change and Continuity in Asian International Relations Since World War II


Mistakes, in the form of bad decisions, are a common feature of every presidential administration, and their consequences run the gamut from unnecessary military spending, to missed opportunities for foreign policy advantage, to needless bloodshed. This book analyzes a range of presidential decisions made in the realm of US foreign policy — with a special focus on national security — over the past half century in order to create a roadmap of the decision process and a guide to better foreign policy decision-making in the increasingly complex context of 21st century international relations. Mistakes are analyzed in two general categories — ones of omission and ones of commission within the context of perceived threats and opportunities. Within this framework, the authors discuss how past scholarship has addressed these questions and argue that this research has not explicitly identified a vantage point around which the answers to these questions revolve. They propose game theory models of complex adaptive systems for minimizing bad decisions and apply them to test cases in the Middle East and Asia.
“This book does a superb job of integrating historical, gametheoretic, and psychological approaches and deepening our understanding of how to avoid miscalculations that can cause grievous harm on a massive scale.”
—Philip E. Tetlock, Annenberg University Professor, University of Pennsylvania


U.S.-Korea Relations in a New Era
Gi-Wook Shin
Studies of the Walter H. Shorenstein AsiaPacific Research Center

One Alliance, Two Lenses

296 pp., 23 tables, 48 figures, 2010 9780804763691 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804763684 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale


Foreign Firms, Investment, and Environmental Regulation in the People’s Republic of China
Phillip Stalley
296 pp., 8 tables, 16 figures, 2010 9780804771535 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale

360 pp., 2 tables, 62 figures, 2011 9780804774994 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale 9780804774987 Cloth $100.00 $80.00 sale



International Relations


A Genealogy of a Racialized Identity in International Relations
Srdjan Vucetic

The Anglosphere

Militarizing Men


Maya Eichler

International Politics in Gender, Conscription, 18th Century Europe and War in PostMarco Cesa Soviet Russia
“[This] work is at the cutting edge of contemporary international relations scholarship in the realist tradition.”

Allies yet Rivals

The Anglosphere refers to a community of English-speaking states, nations, and societies centered on Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, which has profoundly influenced the direction of world history and fascinated countless observers. This book argues that the origins of the Anglosphere are racial. In reconstructing the history of the Anglosphere, the book engages directly with the most recent debates in international relations scholarship and American foreign policy. “Vucetic analyzes the now officially forgotten racial-in-origin identification of Anglo-Saxon peoples and shows how it still matters in the close alignment of policies among the US, Great britain, Canada, Australia, and new Zealand. He wants us all to think harder about racialization as a force in world politics.”
—Robert Vitalis, University of Pennsylvania

This book shows how men’s militarization has been both challenged and reinforced in the context of Russia’s post-communist transition and the Chechen wars. Eichler’s empirical and theoretical study of masculinities in international relations applies for the first time the concept of “militarized masculinity,” developed by feminist IR scholars, to the case of Russia. “This important and engaging piece of scholarship neatly fills a gap in our understanding of masculinity and regime legitimation strategies. eichler’s thoroughly researched, multimethodological study. . . constitutes a most welcome addition to Russian studies, gender studies, and international relations.”
—Valerie Sperling, Clark University

—Craig Nation, Strategic Studies Institute, United States Army War College

312 pp., 6 figures, 2010 9780804762953 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale

War and the Health of Nations
Zaryab Iqbal
“The most rigorous and comprehensive study to date of the direct and indirect negative consequences of war on public health.... If you want to better understand how human security is profoundly threatened by war, this book is a must-read.”
—The Journal of Conflict Resolution

208 pp., 20 tables, 21 figures, 2010 9780804758819 Cloth $45.00 $36.00 sale

240 pp., 2011 9780804776202 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804776196 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale


From the Market to the Military in Space Policy
Saadia M. Pekkanen and Paul Kallender-Umezu
408 pp., 15 tables, 17 figures, 2010 9780804700634 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale

In Defense of Japan


272 pp., 2011 9780804772259 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804772242 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale



International Relations

Cold War International History Project
Copublished with the Woodrow Wilson Center Press

Edited by Tsuyoshi Hasegawa

The Cold War in East Asia, 1945–1991

Thomas Fingar

Intelligence Analysis and National Security

Reducing Uncertainty

U.S. Policy Toward Afghanistan, 13 Pakistan, and Iraq
Dan Caldwell
Vortex of Conflict is the first, accessible, one-volume resource for anyone who wishes to understand why and how the U.S. became involved in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq—and in the affairs of Pakistan—concurrently. It will stand as the comprehensive reference work for general readers seeking a road map to the conflicts, for students looking for analysis and elucidation of the relevant data, and for veterans and their families seeking to better understand their own experience. “As we approach the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, a holistic understanding of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan is long overdue. Dan Caldwell provides a reasoned analysis of the national security struggles we face as a nation, and what to do about them. Highly recommended.”
—John Nagl, President of the Center for a New American Security and author of Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife

“There is, clearly, a real need for a book of this sort and it will doubtless be welcomed by scholars in all of those fields, as well as international/diplomatic historians more broadly and area specialists and comparativists in Political Science.”
—Robert McMahon, Ohio State University

344 pp., 2011 9780804773317 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale

After Leaning to One Side
Zhihua Shen and Danhui Li

Reducing Uncertainty describes what Intelligence Community analysts do, how they do it, and how they are affected by the political context that shapes, uses, and sometimes abuses their output. In particular, it looks at why IC analysts pay more attention to threats than to opportunities, and why they appear to focus more on warning about the possibility of “bad things” happening than on providing the input necessary for increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes. “Tom fingar’s distillation of lessons learned during more than two decades at the nexus of intelligence analysis and national security decision-making is clear, concise, and brimming with insight. Reducing Uncertainty should be required reading for all who produce, use, or think about intelligence.”
—Lt.Gen. Brent Scowcroft, National Security Advisor to Presidents Ford and George H.W. Bush

China and Its Allies in the Cold War

“This book reflects the best scholarship by two serious Chinese scholars of Cold War international history. No existing study has tackled this topic as thoroughly and solidly.”
—Shu Guang Zhang, Macau University of Science and Technology

192 pp., 2011 9780804775946 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804775939 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale


408 pp., 2011 9780804776660 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale 9780804776653 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale

360 pp., 2011 9780804770873 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale


International Relations | Security Studies

Innovation, Transformation, and War

Counterinsurgency Operations in Anbar and Ninewa Provinces, Iraq, 2005–2007
James A. Russell

The Pursuit of Mission Command in the U.S., British, and Israeli Armies
Eitan Shamir
“eitan Shamir has created an important book that skillfully dismantles popular mythology in favor of cold, hard facts about the resistance in the West’s military establishments to badly needed change in the way they develop and cultivate leadership.”
—Colonel (ret) Douglas Macgregor, author of Transformation Under Fire: Revolutionizing How America Fights

Transforming Command

“Anyone interested in how some creative Soldiers and junior leaders can change the course of a battle, an operation, and a war, needs to read this book.”


Amy E. Smithson

The Bioweapons Dilemma, Iraq and Beyond

Germ Gambits

—Brigadier General Sean MacFarland, U.S. Army, Former Commander of the1/1 Brigade Combat Team in Ramadi, 20062007

288 pp., 2011 9780804773102 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804773096 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale


“The biological Weapons Convention crucially lacks means of ensuring that State Parties are in compliance. Using empirical evidence from the investigation of Iraq’s biological weapons program, this book provides evidence that verification of the Convention could be effectively strengthened. It should be required reading for all involved with the Convention.”
—Malcolm Dando, University of Bradford

Recovery from Technological and Doctrinal Surprise on the Battlefield
Meir Finkel
“A highly original work, dealing with an important and littleexplored subject”.
—Martin van Creveld, author of Land of Blood and Honey; The Rise of Modern Israel

On Flexibility

288 pp., 2011 9780804772037 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804772020 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale


Ariel I. Ahram

The Rise and Fall of State-Sponsored Militias

Proxy Warriors

384 pp., 7 tables, 2011 9780804775533 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale 9780804775526 Cloth $95.00 $76.00 sale

336 pp., 4 tables, 2 figures, 2011 9780804774895 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale 9780804774888 Cloth $80.00 $64.00 sale



What Governments Can Do About Terrorism
“Advances understanding for policymakers and provides a comprehensive guide for students.”

Fighting Back


Transnational Criminal Tactics and Global Security
Robert Mandel
272 pp., 7 tables, 42 figures, 2010 9780804769938 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804769921 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Dark Logic

“Makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the devolution of state control over violence to non-state actors within the state. It demonstrates that, contrary to received wisdom, decentralization need not undermine a state’s internal security or even the ability of a state to guard against external threats.”
—Peter J. Dombrowski, U.S. Naval War College

Edited by Paul Shemella


208 pp., 4 tables, 4 figures, 2011 9780804773591 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804773584 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

The Future of Trans- Power in atlantic Relations Uncertain Times
Perceptions, Policy and Practice
336 pp., 1 table, 4 figures, 1 map, 2010 9780804771979 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804771962 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale


—Gregory Treverton, Director, RAND Center for Global Risk and Security

392 pp., 2 tables, 5 figures, 2011 9780804777087 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale 9780804777070 Cloth $85.00 $68.00 sale

Edited by Joyce P. Kaufman and Andrew M. Dorman

Emily O. Goldman

Strategy in the Fog of Peace



272 pp., 22 tables, 2 figures, 2010 9780804774338 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale 9780804757263 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale


Security Studies

Patriots for Profit
Contractors and the Military in U.S. National Security

The Path to Nuclear Disarmament
Catherine M. Kelleher and Judith Reppy
“This valuable book extends the important conversation on getting to zero nuclear weapons by asking hard questions about how to accommodate the desires and preferences of the global community while making progress toward that goal.”
—Richard Garwin, Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Getting to Zero

Conflict, Escalation, and Limitations on Two-level Games

Asian Rivalries


Thomas C. Bruneau

“This impressive volume is theoretically coherent and empirically rich, with insights into wider issues of defense policymaking and governance in the contemporary-era.”
—Tim Edmonds, University of Bristol

Edited by Sumit Ganguly and William R. Thompson

“By focusing on enduring rivalries and two-level games, Asian Rivalries provides a much needed theoretical impetus to the study of contentious dyads.”
—Steve Chan, Professor and Chair, University of Colorado

288 pp., 11 tables, 5 figures, 2011 9780804775496 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804775489 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale


Private Security Companies’ Impact on Military Effectiveness
Molly Dunigan
“Provides an invaluable look into both the pernicious effects and the operational advantages that private security forces provide governments. A must read for those interested in security policy and the study of interstate war.”
—Allan C. Stam, University of Michigan

Victory for Hire

432 pp., 6 tables, 3 figures, 1 map, 2011 9780804777025 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale 9780804773942 Cloth $80.00 $64.00 sale


272 pp., 6 tables, 5 figures, 2011 9780804775960 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804775953 Cloth $80.00 $64.00 sale


Strategic Restraint and the Pursuit of National Interests, Second Edition
James Clay Moltz
“The intellectual scope and historical detail of Clay Moltz’s study are truly impressive. He has brought to bear on a pressing issue in international security both high quality scholarship and pragmatic policy prescriptions.”
—John M. Logsdon, The George Washington University

The Politics of Space Security

Rethinking Japanese Public Opinion and Security
From Pacifism to Realism?
Paul Midford

“A ground breaking study that provides vital perspective on a much neglected dimension of Japanese foreign and security policy making.”
—Thomas U. Berger, Boston University

256 pp., 5 tables, 8 figures, 2011 9780804774598 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804774581 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale


272 pp., 41 tables, 6 figures, 2011 9780804772174 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804772167 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale

Studies in Asian Security


400 pp., 2011 9780804778589 Paper $35.00 $28.00 sale

Security Studies

Non Profit Organization




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