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tor, in your educational goals. Then, please read though my commitment to you as your mentor.

We are building a l
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A little about me…
1. If everything went perfectly during my education here at WGU I would complete
my degree in:

2. Some potential obstacles that could hinder me in my WGU goal attainment
would be:

3. If I happen to get off track the best way to motivate me to get back on course
would be to: (ie: Have more frequent contact – ie 2x weekly phone meetings; request that I submit email progress reports weekly, etc.)

4. The kind of mentoring style that I prefer is (Highlight or check one)
Directive – “tell me what to do and I will do it” Supportive - “constant encouragement and support of my abilities and plans to succeed help me stay motivated” Participative – “let’s work together on devising the best strategy for goal attainment”

5. The most important reasons that I am at WGU are: (rate on level of importance)
a. b. c. d. e. f. Develop competency for use in the workplace ______ Get done with my degree as quick as possible ______ Balance school and life ______ Network with my peers ______ Get the skills to start a new career ______ Other… ______

6. When I get frustrated with a subject I tend to: (Highlight or check all that apply)
Put the activity on hold, then pick it up again later Seek support from teachers Seek support from my peers Find the answer by myself

7. When I engage in projects I like to: (Highlight or check one)
Work on one project at a time, completing it, before moving on. I like to work on multiple projects at one time.

Rate your priorities to the following. Which kind of learning is most enjoyable to you? (Highlight or check one) Research and reading Problem solving or hands on experimenting Listening to and watching lectures or presentations 9. The best time for me to talk every week is going to be: 14. Which of the following software tools do you use regularly? (Highlight or check all that apply) Microsoft Word or other word processing software Microsoft Outlook Excel A software program specific to my work Web design or graphic design software Photoshop or similar software Google or Yahoo search 12.Which of the following statements best reflects your attitude about writing? (Highlight or check one) I have a strong writing ability and always got good grades on papers I am an average writer who got okay grades I struggle with writing papers I’m not sure 11. Which of the following statements best reflects your attitude about math? (Highlight or check one) I generally like math and do well at it I’m okay with math but don’t naturally do well at it Math intimidates me 10. with 1 being most important to you and 6 being least important: _____ _____ 6 weeks _____ success Progressing “on-time” to graduation Getting off to a quick start by passing an assessment in the next _____ Maintaining weekly contact with my mentor Utilizing the resources and support available to me to ensure .8.How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in terms of setting deadlines and meeting them? 13.

 Always give you honest feedback and recommendations.  Be a source of encouragement and help you overcome challenges. I’ll strive to do this within 24 hrs.  Resolve any issues or concerns in a timely manner.  Return your call or email within 4 business hours. . we will discuss your responses during our next call and c _____ _____ _____ Studying for 20 hours per week to stay on track Being able to accelerate by doing additional units this term Seeing my degree through to the end (GRADUATION!) My Commitment to You As your mentor I am 100% committed to do the following:  Prompt and courteous service. Again.Place mentor picture here t you are very satisfied with your WGU experience.  Facilitate your interactions with other departments and ensure you receive the excellent service and support you deserve.  Ensure that you are informed of resources available to aid your development of competency in each program area.  Be your strategy partner and coach. including keeping all scheduled appointments on time and informing you promptly if a need arises to reschedule.