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“How should we
deliver effective
treatment in
primary care?”
Dr. Chris Daly Consultant
Dr. Chris Daly invites you to join him at the Addiction Psychiatrist at
Wentworth House (specialist
2nd Alcohol Treatment
Effectiveness Conference
tier 4 alcohol service) and
at the the Manchester Alcohol
Service. Chris has worked
Village Hotel, Bury
in the alcohol field for 15
Waterford Business Park, Rochdale Road years in the UK and Australia
Bury and has an interest in
On treatment effectiveness, dual
diagnosis, management of
Wednesday 10th December 2008 complex withdrawals,
From alcohol services in general
hospitals and alcohol related
9:00 am to 4:30 pm brain damage.

Please use the booking form to secure your place or phone: 0161 772 3782
Alcohol Treatment
Effectiveness Conference

Programme For the Day

Wednesday 10th December 2008

Conference—Morning Sessions

Times Session Speaker

9:00 9:30 Registration

9:30 10:00 Key-note Address. The drivers Dr. David Young, Dr. David Young: David is a GP and Clinical Lead for
for alcohol treatment in pri- Medical Director, Lighthouse The Lighthouse Project, offering interventions and treatment
mary care Project, Liverpool to drug and alcohol users in Liverpool. His aim is to set the
scene for the conference by discussing the drivers for
alcohol treatment in Primary Care.

10:00 10:30 Engaging with primary care. Andy Mills, Andy Mills: Andy is a Commissioning Manager for Wirral
A commissioners perspective Commissioner, Wirral PCT PCT and will discuss their experiences of engaging with
primary care with regards to alcohol treatment.

10:30 11:00 Brief motivational interven- Dr. Paul Earnshaw Dr. Paul Earnshaw: Paul is a Clinical Psychologist currently
tions in primary care working as a Psychological Therapist with GMW ‘s Young
Persons Directorate. He has current experience of
delivering brief motivational interventions and CBT in
primary care and other community settings.

11:00 11:30 Break

11:30 12:00 Screening & treatment in pri- Dr. Chris Daly Dr. Chris Daly: Chris will review the evidence base in
mary care. The evidence Lead Consultant GMW, terms of what works for screening and treatment of
base Alcohol + Drug Directorate alcohol related problems in primary care.

12:00 12:30 Outpatient detox & specialist Dr. Andy Lane, GP, A+DD Dr. Andy Lane: Andy is a GP Specialist and full time
prescribing Wigan & Leigh clinical lead for Wigan and Leigh Substance Misuse Service
who were recently commissioned to provide an alcohol
service and now run a fully supported out-patient /centre
12:30 13:30 Lunch based assisted withdrawal service. His aim is to offer an
alternative approach to “home” detoxification and give a
Workshops—Afternoon Sessions brief update on prescribing around detoxification within
13:30 14:30 WORKSHOP A Delegates will be able to Primary Care.
attend two of the four
Workshops. Please see
14:30 15:00 Break workshop details overleaf
and specify your workshop
preferences on your booking
15:00 16:00 WORKSHOP B form

16:00 16:30 Feedback of key Chair, Richard Rodgers,

themes from workshop facilita- Deputy Director, A+DD
tors Greater Manchester West

16:30 Close

Please use the booking form to secure your place or phone: 0161 772 3782
Alcohol Treatment
Effectiveness Conference
WORKSHOP Working In Summary: This workshop will explore the issues for GP’s
Partnership working in partnership with alcohol services to provide quality
alcohol interventions within a local or national enhanced service
agreement and look at ways of overcoming barriers.

A Facilitated by: Alan Alker, Manager, Tameside CAT. .

WORKSHOP Brief Interventions Summary: One hour training on the use of brief interventions in
primary care, enabling participants to:

Identify appropriate clients


• Become familiar with screening tools
• Identify level of need
• Deliver appropriate advice

Facilitated by: Alison Rodriguez, Head of Service, Manchester

Community Alcohol Team, and Elizabeth Burns, Public Health
Development Advisor Alcohol, Manchester Public Health
Development Service.

WORKSHOP Alcohol Summary: This workshop will explore best practice in

Detoxification in relation to facilitating a home detox in the community.
the Community

C Facilitated by: Gill Dunbar and Lorraine Keenan,

Alcohol Nurses at Alcohol [+] Drug Directorate, Salford

WORKSHOP Difficult to Summary: An open discussion regarding difficult to

Manage Patients manage patients in primary care. Your opportunity to
‘ask the experts’

Facilitated by: Dr. Chris Daly and Dr. Andy Lane

Attendees will be able to attend 2 out of 4 workshops. Please allocate your choices at the time of appli-
cation and bring your experience/specific clinical examples, which can be discussed in the workshops.

The conference is primarily aimed at service providers but will be invaluable for commissioners of alcohol
services. We hope attendees will develop a better understanding of the evidence base for treatments
and have begun to consider their own services, their treatments and identify developments for the future.

Please use the booking form to secure your place or phone: 0161 772 3782
Alcohol Treatment
Effectiveness Conference

Please reserve me one place at the Alcoh ol T reatmen t Effectiven ess Con feren ce on W ednesday
10th December, 2008 at the Villa ge Hotel, B ury as detailed in this information.

If there are more dele gates wa nting to a ttend— please photocopy this booking form a nd complete in f ull
for each de legate .

Please be a dvised that the cost of attenda nce at the conference is £150.00 per dele gate— lunch and
refreshments are provide d. In the event that a delegate cancels their place within 2 weeks of the confer-
ence date , or does not attend for whatev er reason, the serv ice will be charged the full am ount.

Please note: VAT does not apply to staff within the NHS. V AT does apply to delegates from outside
the NHS.
Please state any dietary or other require ments:


Please tick the o ne that applies to you:

 Yes, I can a ttend the worksho p sessions in the afternoon

 No, I cannot attend the worksho p sessions in the afternoon

Each de le gate will be a ble to attend two of the 4 workshops in the afternoon session. P lease select
your two preferred workshops from the follo wing list:

Please tick your two preferred worksho ps:

 W orkshop A: Workin g in Partn ership
 W orkshop B: Brief In tervention s
 W orkshop C: Alcoh ol Detoxification in Th e Commu nity
 W orkshop D: Difficu lt T o Man age Patients in Primary Care


Your full na me: _____________________________________________________________

Your organisation: _____________________________________________________________

Your address: _____________________________________________________________

_____________________________Post code: _______________________
Telephone no: _________________________________________________

Signed: ___________________________ Date: ___________________________

Helen Macklin, Kenyon House, Alcohol + Drug Directorate, Greater Man-

Please complete this form in chester W est Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Bury New Road,
full for each delegate and return to: PRESTW ICH, Manchester. M25 3BL

Telephone: 0161 772 3782 Email: helen.m acklin@gm