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Name: Topic: The Franks



3. A period in European history marking the transition from the Classical Age to the Modern Age (Renaissance). 5. Pepin the Short gets crowned by this religious figure. The act, politically and symbolically, bound Christian monarchs in Western Europe to the Church for centuries. 8. The first Frankish king to convert to Christianity. 9. During the 'Dark' Ages populations in these areas shrink drastically. 10. This group of 'Barbarians' contributed to the eventual collapse of the Western portion of the Roman Empire. Their name has become an English word meaning one who destroys/ defaces property illegally. 11. A tribal-based ethnic group. Among these Germanic peoples we would include the Franks. 12. One of two ruling/ dynastic families of the Frankish kingdom. It was the family of the first Frankish kings. Down 1. Emmissaries or personal representatives of Charlemagne. They had wide powers to inspect their assigned districts. (two words) 2. Decrees and written commands of the Carolingian kings. So called, because they were divided into capitula, or chapters. The chief legislative and administrative written instrument of royal authority. 3. This type of script was developed in monasteries during the rule of Charles the Great. 4. This town gave its name to the treaty that settled the inheritance dispute between Charlemagne's grandsons. 6. This civilization acted as a central unifying authority in Western Europe for approximately 600 years prior to the Medieval Period. 7. This 'Barbarian' group contributed to the collapse of the Western portion of the Roman Empire. Their warriors were equipped with a small battle axe. 8. 'Charles the Great' of the Carolingian family.