In this session she will share some of her experiences. Chow Peck Chee Manager – Human Resources Department Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd. The additional Step II facets have proved particularly useful for leadership development. This session focuses on understanding these connections and how to use that information productively. Applying this information vastly increases effectiveness of teams. Europe and many Asia-Pacific countries both internally within McKinsey and for the firm's clients. Facilitating the MBTI® Instrument in Different Cultures. Better Teamwork & Self Understanding Through an Understanding of MBTI® Profiles This session will explore how the company has used MBTI® Step II profiles to greatly enhance self-understanding and improve team work. Dr Naomi L. MBTI® Step II was first introduced at the management team retreat and subsequently extended to all departments in the organisation.The MBTI® instrument in Asia In this session David will provide an overview and historical perspective on the development. David Freeman Chief Executive Officer CPP Asia Pacific Pty Ltd Dr Naomi L. Quenk Psychologist/Consultant Analytical Psychology. leadership – in fact. 2 MBTI® Step II provides a ‘window’ into our individuality by providing results on 20 facets (5 for each dichotomy). all areas where basic four-letter Type is appropriate. It also predicts and explains how Type ‘changes’ under stress. current use and likely future trends of the MBTI® instrument throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Ltd. Quenk Session 1 – Type & Stress Session 2 – MBTI® Step II: Maximising Your Understanding & Use of Type Dr Quenk will lead two sessions. management development. everyday approaches to a wide variety of areas. 1 Type theory describes our typical. insights and lessons learned. Kelly has facilitated the MBTI® instrument in North America. Kelly Ross Manager of Learning AP McKinsey & Company 2 .

Jinny Yeo Vice President. Dr Jonathan Marshall Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Head of Development. An in-depth look at Deutsche Bank’s Leadership Curriculum. increasing self awareness and developing greater cross-cultural understanding. including issues faced by practitioners using the instrument in the Singaporean cultural context. National University of Singapore Deutsche Bank’s Leadership Curriculum Practical experiences of using tools including the MBTI® instrument as a key component of leadership development programs. Andrew Wood Director Credit Suisse 3 . North Asia Deutsche Bank AG Understanding Change Using the MBTI® Instrument The session will describe how the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office is using the MBTI® instrument to help staff around the world understand and cope with the numerous changes currently taking place globally. Brian J Lawrence Regional Learning & Development Manager British High Commission. Singapore The MBTI® Instrument as an Organisational Development Tool: A Singaporean Perspective Andrew will present the findings of his recent MBA research project on the use of the MBTI® tool by corporates in Singapore.Asian Policy Makers and the MBTI® Instrument Dr Marshall will share his experience of using the MBTI® instrument with 170 public policy makers and public policy students from 15 Asian nations. The instrument was used in the context of improving leadership skills.

The trainees include hospital administrators. He will also show how MBTI® Step II has been used in the context of setting the agenda for personal change and development. The session will also explore how personality consolidation and development can be explained and understood in an STJ and Chinese cultural context. clinical specialists and nursing leaders. Shanping Wang Managing Director Skill & Will Ltd The MBTI® Instrument in Leadership Development Sivaram will share his experiences of using the MBTI® tool as a foundational tool in building self awareness for leaders in cross-cultural leadership programs in Asia. Francis Assistant Director. Marketing Parkway College. Results of a 360 survey plus MBTI® Type research exercise (jointly conducted with Mercer China) will be presented to reveal common leadership issues in China. David Winfield Executive Director International Centre For Leadership in Finance Facilitating MBTI® Training for China’s Healthcare Professionals Francis will share his experiences in facilitating MBTI® training for China’s healthcare professionals. The MBTI® tool has been found to bring an added dimension of understanding to the complexity of human behaviour and leadership behavioural competencies. a subsidiary of Parkway Group Healthcare Building the Leadership Foundation in China.Using the MBTI® Instrument to Complement 360-Degree Feedback for Senior Executives In Malaysia ICLIF has worked with over 150 CEO’s and C-level executives on their leadership and professional development through its flagship Global Leadership Development Program. including cultural aspects and attitudes to leadership. This session will explore some of the approaches used to maximise effective delivery of 360-degree feedback when used in conjunction with the MBTI® instrument. Tan Hong Lee. Sivaram Jambunathan Regional Consultant in Organisational Effectiveness 4 . Using the MBTI® Instrument This session will focus on the foundation of leadership development – the personality that underpins and supports leadership performance.

When Ms Loud Tidy Meets Mr Quiet Messy: The MBTI® Instrument in Family.S. Executive Coach Smart People Solutions 5 . (b) marriage preparation workshops. when used in both preventive and remedial programmes. This session will explore its use in (a) individual & marital counselling. Mahesh Directors Asianic Psychologists Press India Pvt. (c) family bonding activities and (d) parent education in bridging parent-child gaps. In this session a panel of consultants with expertise in a range of different applications will share and discuss their experiences. Falicia Tan Senior Counsellor REACH Family Service Centre The MBTI® Tool in Consulting Assignments The MBTI® tool is used effectively in a wide range of consulting assignments with individuals. teams and organisations. It will also try to understand and explain contemporary trends in Indian urban society using the framework of Type and recent Indian MBTI® data. Marital & Counselling Contexts The MBTI® instrument can be an effective and powerful tool for professionals in the peoplehelping sectors. CEO. Ray Bigger Managing Director Think8 Jacki Nicholas Managing Director & Executive Coach InsideOut Consulting Pte Ltd Julia Russell Principal Consultant Ogilvy pHuel Nicola Supka Founder. Ltd. How does India engage with its bewildering contradictions and yet succeed in creating a rich and vibrant culture? The session will explore answers to this question by drawing parallels between Indian culture and philosophy and the MBTI® instrument and Jungian philosophy.Understanding Emerging India – A Type Perspective It has been said that whatever you say about India. the opposite is equally true. Janaki Venkat & C.

Conference Facilitator Andrew N Bell Managing Director Hemisphere Consulting Pte Ltd Additional Speakers Yam Keng Mun Centre for Effective Living Pte Ltd Robin Png Pastoral Counselling Network 6 .

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