Name: Topic: The Vikings



! Across! 1. When this changed for the better in the late 8th C., the 'northmen' started raiding.Interestingly, when this changed for the worse, c. 1000, 'northmen' raids of Western Europe declined and eventually ended.! 5.This 'northmen', true to his sailing heritage, sails west & establishes settlements on Greenland. His red hair earns him the moniker- The Red.! 6.This 'northman' continued the westward voyages of his father. Eventually, his settlements reached North America.! 8. Unlike the Germanic peoples of Western Europe, the 'northmen' never had contact with the Romans and thus were still this.! ! Down! 1.The 'northmen' found themselves converting to this faith as part of negotiated peace treaties with European kingdoms.! 2.This was a main target of the 'northmen' since they often housed gold and silver objects.! 3.The 'northmen' were predominantly occupied with this activity when not involved in raids.! 4.This group, from the Nordic countries, begins a series of raids, starting in 793, against Christian Europe that lasts for ~200 years.! 7. These were the 'pride' of the 'northmen' raiders. With these, Europe's interior became vulnerable.!

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