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. Quantifiers: Los estudiantes utilizan some o any para hablar de cantidad con sustantivos contables o incontables. Imperatives: Los estudiantes dan órdenes o sugieren realizar alguna acción utilizando imperativos. Dan órdenes o sugieren utilizando imperativos. Los estudiantes utilizan how much o how many para preguntar por la cantidad que hay o se utiliza. Utilizan cuantificadores con sustantivos contables o incontables. Healthy life.     Reconocen vocabulario temático sobre comida saludable y chatarra. Identifican sustantivos contables e incontables. Imperatives: Let’s. Countable and uncountable nouns.MATERIAL TÉCNICO PARA EL DOCENTE REFERENCIA DE LOS PLANES Y PROGRAMAS 5° BÁSICO Objetivos Fundamentales Verticales.  Conceptos Claves. Identifican sustantivos contables e incontables. How much and How many. Utilizan some o any para dar una cantidad a comida o bebidas. Identifican las características de llevar una vida saludable. Contenidos Mínimos Obligatorios. Identifican vocabulario según contexto. Quantifiers: Some and Any. Preguntan por cantidad utilizando how much o how many identificando el uso correcto de estos. Aprendizajes Esperados.

a. e. Example: A: I want to lose weight because I am so fat.INGLÉS 5 BÁSICO SEPTIEMBRE Class 1 Aim: Students will use imperatives to give orders or recommendations. We only use verbs. Imperatives We use imperatives to tell somebody to do or not to do something. It’s so greasy. I. I am so fat. GUIA DE APOYO PEDAGÓGICO 97 . d. ____ Close the window! ____ Eat some fruit! ____ Don’t eat it! ____ Go to sleep! ____ Do more sport! ____ Go for a walk! ____ Drink some water! Let’s We can use ‘Let’s’ to make a suggestion. Match the situation with the imperatives. It’s so cold. I will help you. g. I feel tired. I am thirsty. I am bored. b. B: Let’s do more sport. c. I am hungry. f. Example: Eat more vegetables! or Don’t eat greasy food! Notice: We don’t use subject with imperatives.

B: _____________________________ 4. I like fresh air! A: My marks are not good this semester. people _______ your love around Love me. A: ________________________ B: Yes. Let’s buy some juice – Let’s ride our bikes – Let’s study more – Let’s tidy the room 1.E. _______ them Put it in your hands Take it. A: Look at that mess! B: _____________________________ÉS 5 3. A: I am thirsty and I don’t like Everyone around _______ them. BÁSICO SEPTIEMBRE II. _______ Put it in the ground Where the _______ grow Gold and silver shine (chorus) Shiny _______people holding hands Shiny happy _______holding hands Shiny happy people _______ (http://www.Shiny happy people _______ me in the crowd People. love me Take it into town _______. Listening. Complete the conversation with the sentences in the box. take it There's no time to _______ Happy. Meet – Throw – Love – Flowers – People – Happy – Laughing – Tomorrow – Cry R. M . Listen to the song and complete the lyrics with words. B:__________________________ 2. happy Put it in your heart Where _______ shines Gold and silver shine (chorus) Shiny _______ people holding hands Shiny happy _______ holding hands Shiny happy people _______ 98 GUIA DE APOYO PEDAGÓGICO .

6. 2. 3. My mother needs ______________ chocolate for the cake. Do you have ______________ money? 4. But We use any in negative sentences and questions. There are ______________ people. Complete using some or any. 1. Do you have any milk? I. I don’t eat ______________ chips. GUIA DE APOYO PEDAGÓGICO 99 . Example: We need some butter and bread. a) What’s in the fridge? b) There is ______________ cheese. but she doesn’t need ______________ sugar for the recipe. Some and Any We use some in affirmative sentences. but there aren’t ______________ kids. ______________ cream. butter and mayonnaise.INGLÉS 5 BÁSICO SEPTIEMBRE Class 2 Aim: Students will use uncountable nouns in affirmative. negative and interrogative sentences. Example: I don’t have any sugar. 5. Carla needs ______________ strawberries. but there isn’t ______________ bread.

Complete the questions. d. _______________ water do you drink every day? d.____ Peter is a healthy person. _______________ chocolate do you eat every month? e.____ Peter eats many vegetables. Example: How many eggs do you need? But  We use ‘How much’ with uncountable nouns. he drinks 1 litre of soda and some chips when he is watching TV every day. a. True (T) or False (F) a. Example: How much oil do you need? II. Reading I need to lose weight! Peter is 12 years old and he eats 2 burgers. _______________ eggs do you eat in a week? c. His mother asks him to go to play with his friends. b.INGLÉS How much and How many  5 BÁSICO SEPTIEMBRE We use ‘How many’ with countable nouns. _______________ burgers do you eat every year? III.____ Peter will start doing more sport. He never does sport and he doesn’t have many friends because he is always at home. Peter wants to change his life style. His father likes going jogging every evening and now Peter will go jogging with his father. he is so overweight that he can’t play with his friends. Unfortunately. 100 GUIA DE APOYO PEDAGÓGICO . c.____ His father is a healthy person. _______________ bread do you eat every day? b. but he prefers video games.

2. There isn’t _______ orange in the bag. Complete the sentences using a/an. I’ll have _______ apple. There are __________ biscuits and __________ lemonade. Let’s eat! II. Complete the dialogue using some or any. I need _______ bread. OK. 4. But there is __________ pizza. I went to Valparaiso and ate _______ fish with chips. there isn’t. a) Let’s prepare a sandwich. But there isn’t __________ butter. Are there __________ oranges? No. I drank _______ white wine. b) Do you need _______ oil? a) No. some or any. I don’t. When I go to the mall. 3. 5. Is there __________ bread? Yes. 1. GUIA DE APOYO PEDAGÓGICO 101 . I’m hungry. Are __________ biscuits? Oh yes. some or any. I don’t like pizza. Yesterday. _______ tomato and _______ cured ham. there is. I always eat _______ chocolate cake and _______ cup of coffee.INGLÉS 5 BÁSICO SEPTIEMBRE Reforzamiento Class 3 Aim: Students will talk about countable or uncountable using a/an. I. Maggie: Julio: Maggie: Julio: Maggie: Julio: Maggie: I am hungry. Great. but I didn’t eat _______ ice cream.

They illuminate their houses with colourful lanterns and eat sweet dishes like ‘Gulab Jamun’ or ‘Karanji’. Choose the correct alternative. a) Carrots b) Trees 5 BÁSICO SEPTIEMBRE c) Oranges d) Onions 2. People celebrate ‘Diwali’ to commemorate the victory of good over the evil. I always drink some chocolate _______ in the morning. people celebrate ‘Seollal’. In the USA. True (T) or False (F) 1.____ American people celebrate with meat and vegetables. 3. b) Wine c) Milk d) Juice 102 GUIA DE APOYO PEDAGÓGICO . You make chips from _______.INGLÉS III. a) Carrots b) Fish c) Tomatoes d) Potatoes 4. people celebrate the Thanksgiving Day eating turkey.____ In Korea people celebrate a special victory. a) Wine b) Milk c) Juice d) Pasta 3. 1.____ People use dates to celebrate special events. a) Soda IV Reading Typical food around the world In Korea.____ Korean people eat soup and rice cakes. Joseph puts some _______ in his coffee. In India. People wear costumes and eat soup with rice cakes. ________ are my favourite fruit. they use this day to thank God. which is the first day of the lunar calendar. 4. 2. corn and pumpkins.

Pay attention – Eat your vegetables – Don’t touch it – Put a scarf – Don’t contaminate – Close the door GUIA DE APOYO PEDAGÓGICO 103 . I. Look these verbs up in your dictionary. Add: Beat: Boil: Bake: Chop: Cook: Decorate: Fold: Grate: Peel: Put: Serve: We can use these verbs to create recipes. Match the picture with the sentence in the box. II.INGLÉS 5 BÁSICO SEPTIEMBRE Class 4 Aim: Students will use imperatives to create recipes.

________!. listen!. Safe c.INGLÉS 5 BÁSICO SEPTIEMBRE III. _____ Continue. Use the words in the box. listen!. ________! When you cross the ________ Look to the ________. Keep on b. (http://learnenglishkids. _____ Go from one place to another. Homework: Bring a Safe – Left – Street – Think – Right – Stop – Yes – No – Road Song! I.britishcouncil. Keep on looking right and left Thinking all the way! II. 104 GUIA DE APOYO PEDAGÓGICO .) IV. Is it ________ to cross the street? Is it ________ to go? ________! Here’s a place where you can see Up and down the ________ (Repeat I. look!. look to the ________ again. look the _______ . _____ Something no dangerous. look!. Cross d. Find _____ Discover something. pictures and information about healthy ways of life. ________! Everyone ________ ________!. Match the words with the meaning. a. Listen to the song and complete the lyrics. Is it ________ to cross the street? Is it ________ to go? ________! Find a place where you can see Up and down the ________ (Repeat I) III.

No. GUIA DE APOYO PEDAGÓGICO 105 . It’s cold outside. Create a poster to stimulate a healthy life in your family:    Use a colour card and pictures. Ignacio: Juan: Ignacio: Oh. I’m bored! Yes. no! _______________________________ OK. Let’s stay at home – Let’s watch a film – Don’t watch a documentary – Let’s go to the park – Don’t be lazy Juan: Ignacio: Juan: Ignacio: Mmm. Complete the dialogue using the sentences in the box. Use ideas to recommend a healthy life in your family. me too. _______________________________ Great! II. _______________________________. I. Present it to the class. _______________________________ Juan: I’m not lazy! _______________________________ We can watch a documentary on TV. You never want to go to the park.INGLÉS 5 BÁSICO SEPTIEMBRE Class 5 Aim: Students will create a poster to stimulate a healthy life.


(1 point each) a. ____ Let’s eat something. It’s cold in here. (1 point each) a. ________________ cakes do you need? GUIA DE APOYO PEDAGÓGICO 107 . I need some. But. Complete the questions using how much or how many. I want to eat fruit. d. ____ Do more exercise. e. I don’t like greasy food. Match the situation with the corresponding imperative. c. d. ________________ water is in the bottle? b. I am so fat. I am so thirsty. III. but I don’t need __________ sugar. Complete the sentences using some or any. ____ Let’s watch a film on TV. c. I’m bored. __________ soda. I think I’ll buy __________ bananas with yogurt. ________________ eggs do you need? 2. __________ cream and __________ chocolate. II. ____ Close the door. 1.INGLÉS Name: Date: 5 BÁSICO SEPTIEMBRE Score:___/35 Mark: English Test: 5th grade I. There are __________ pizzas. ________________ sugar do you put in your coffee? c. ________________ people are there? e. b. b. but there isn’t __________ alcohol. I don’t eat __________ burgers. Is there __________ juice in the fridge? e. I’m hungry. I need __________ oranges. ________________ burgers do you eat every month? d. ____ Let’s drink some juice. (1 point each) a. I have everything for the party.

INGLÉS 5 BÁSICO SEPTIEMBRE IV. Matias used to eat only chips. He goes to the gym three times a week and eats only fruit. Safe ___ Continue. Two years ago. Keep on ___ Go from one place to another. He joined a gym and started eating fresh and healthy food. c. burgers and soda.____ Matías is happy. b. Reading From the kitchen to the gym Matias is a very healthy person. He was extremely overweight.____ His doctor recommended more sport.____ Matias does sport three times a month. 108 GUIA DE APOYO PEDAGÓGICO . c. His doctor told him to start doing more sport to reduce all the fat in his body. d. He is happy. Cross ___ Remove the skin. (5 points) ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ VI. V.____ Matias prefers greasy food now. b. e. Now he thinks that eating bad food is a big mistake. vegetables and carbohydrates. Match the words with their meaning. One day he was very sick. True (T) or False (F) a. his body was heavy so he decided to make a change in his routine. Write 5 sentences to stimulate a healthy life. (1 point each) a. d.____ He eats fruit and vegetables. Peel ___ Not dangerous.

e. F d. b. Identifican vocabulario utilizado en la unidad. T VI 5 35 GUIA DE APOYO PEDAGÓGICO 109 . Escriben utilizando imperativos para promover una vida saludable. Some. Leen comprensivamente un texto y responden según la información en el mismo. Some. c. 5 10 6 4 V 5 a. b.INGLÉS Ítem Aprendizajes esperados Utilizan imperativos para dar una orden o recomendación. Total I II III IV e. Some. Completan utilizando how much o how many correctamente. Utilizan oraciones con imperativos e ideas coherentes. a. a. How many. b. How much. Identifican información específica. a. a. Identifican sustantivos contables o incontables. c. c. Dependen del alumno. Any. Corrección Evaluación 5° básico Septiembre 2011 Indicadores Unen situaciones con imperativos. Any. d. How many. Some. How many. T c. b. d. 5 BÁSICO SEPTIEMBRE Respuestas correctas Pje. How much. d. Utilizan some o any con sustantivos contables o incontables. d. Some. Any. F b. Conectan vocabulario con su definición. c. T e. Utilizan How Much con sustantivos incontables y How Many con sustantivos contables. e. Any. Some.