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When we are born, our mothers and fathers name us and create in that process a fictional entity for


Much like if you want to go into business for yourself, with no taxable employees and go down to your city hall, and state and file a DBA...Doing Business As...Joe the Plumber

Now Joe has a middle and last name of course, but with his DBA he can legally accept and cash and deposit checks and legally enforce and be bound by contracts that say Joe the Plumber.

He can do this because Joe the Plumber is a legally established fictional entity contracted into law, to be recognized under law, as an entity that can create contracts of it's own.

When your parents name you at birth and you slide down your mother's birth canal, splashing away, after living months in water, that comes splashing out with you, you are sailing along, in fact under International Laws of the Sea, to a destination which is a for a ship, which is usually a dock, and in fact you are headed to dock, overseen by the Doctor, who helps you land safely there under the Laws of the Sea. The oldest form of law, recognized by treaty and contract by every nation, Maritime Law.

You have just docked at a Nation, and you require a Bill of Laden which is your Birth Certificate the Doctor fills out which goes to your State's department of vital statistics and Department of Commerce, in the State you were docked at when you arrived, and they forward a copy of that Bill of Laden to the Nation that the state is Incorporated in and all states in the United States are incorporated as part of the parent Corporation, the United States of America, which is in fact a Corporation itself, who registers your Bill of Laden, your Birth Certificate with the Department of Commerce. You are property, your Bill of Laden rendered by your Doctor says so. You are property of your state, and property of the parent corporation the United States of America as well. The United States of America is a corporation that is financially insolvent and has been since the day it was incoroprated along with all the states at the same time, back in the 1930's when the United States was forced to declare bankruptcy after defaulting on it's loans from

will be repaid.the Bank of England for the cost of fighting World War I. the United States of America was never a free nation. by the London Banking Cartels that manage and administer our debt. which is a corporation itself. generates the income to pay and manage this debt. In fact the United States of America is such a debt riddled corporation that it is actually incorporated as a Not For Profit Religious Corporation in the State of Deleware. You are the property that ensures that the loans already given. which is taxable. and to increase our debt by being able to issue more flat paper currency that is an instrument of debt. and are kept being made. that ultimately is being financed by the Bank of England. Your Bill of Laden. To ensure a continued line of credit. and you labor to generate it wealth through the taxes you pay to the Internal Revenue Service which is a seperate entity not in the United States Corporation. but is like wise a Corporation owned by the London Banking Cartels to provide the credit instruments we run our commerce on. but in fact incorporated as a Debt Collection Agency. they can be traded and bartered with value. Unpopular because of current myth. under the corporation. our Federal Reserve must be given permission to issue that currency which each piece of is an isntrument of debt. where many foriegn entities register and incorporate their American Corporations which we are one of for that states prized secrecy . who must rely on flat fiat paper currency which has no value but is simply an instrument of debt. in our goldless nation. that through their honoring by the Bank of England that backs them. Just like the Federal Reserve is not under the control of the United States Corporation. your Birth Certificate. but if one reads the peace treaties signed after the Revolutionary War carefully you will see that they read like an incorporation of the United States under England. becomes collatoral to the Bank of England against our debt. Our future labor. You are a slave.

Maritime Law. what now binds us is the Contract detailing the Bankruptcy under Contract Law which supercedes Constitutional Law. most of you will say. if it interferes or impedes the repaying of our Debt. because in fact under our Bankruptcy. and the foreign owned IRS were the first parts of our government to be incoprorated right after the Federal Reserve Act in 1914. and Contract Law that we are in fact governed. that does generate a profit. The foreign owned Federal Reserve. The Internal Revenue Service is registered as a For Profit Corporation because as the collection agency on our debt. and the Social Security Administration are all for profit Corporations. Now. because when the United States delcared Bankruptcy. and it is by Maritime Law. that is just hogwash where is your proof. the Central Intelligence Agency is also a for Profit Corporation. the proof is pretty much all around you. and Contract Law are the two only valid systems of law recognized the world over. the Department of Commerce.laws governing incorporation. we are not entitled to enforce it. You will find this truth easier to find than you will the explanations you seek for why the . which is why our politicians treat it like it does not exist. under Contractual Law. The Federal Reserve is also registered as a Not for Profit Relgious Corporation too. This was when we were starting to go bankrupt. So you can understand just how deeply it goes. The Deparments of Health Education and Welfare. but seek and ye shall find. because it simply creates instruments of dept.

What this thread is about is how to understand the system of Contract Law. and the rest only has to be paid. Debt have to be paid under Contractual Law how ever the Contract Calls for them. and abonding the fictitious entity created for us at birth because we were PIRATED and DOCKED here. and Federal corporations. declaring our immunity. and that we are ruled under it. we can each post these Bonds with Offers of Contract to the various states. by declaring ourselves Sovereign and Ensuring our Own Debts and Liabilities through the same Contractual Principals that in fact is the Law that binds us and our Government. or a Bankrupt entity can be liquidated. but Bonds are typically purchased at 10% of their face value. there is on reason and one reason only the goverment paid the AIG bonuses. Now for those of you who don't quite understand this. by creating a Sovereign Entity for ourselves. it takes some time and some money. if the Bond becomes an instrument of debt for liabilities you have occured during the course of your Sovereignty that causes a loss of or damage to other Sovereign or Incorporated Entities governed by contractual law. because we have each unwittingly become a fictional Contractual Entity under it through our Bills of Laden and Birth Certificates. There are ways that we can purchase and secure our freedom from this slavery. and posting Bonds to cover any damages or liabilities our use of the infrastructure and conducting our own untaxable commerce might create.Constitution is such a disregarded document and our nation sometimes seems to provide Military and Financial support to other Corporations like Israel without any real rhyme or reason. There is a lot to that process. Through purchasing appropriate Bonds and Securities through the Government and Banks. .

They were in the contract! .