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DE SHEG TSUG TOR TAR MI NGOEN PA LE From the unperceivable crown of the Sugata, NYER TRUNG GYAL WA KUN YUM DUG KAR MO The Mother of the Conquerors, the White Umbrella is born, TSEN TSAM THOE PE RIG NGAG ME YI KYANG Merely upon hearing this name, by the fire of mantras, DUED DE SEG JED DE JUNG LHAG PAY LHA The demon classes burn up. Being the supreme deity of bliss, KAR SAL LANG TSO RAB DZOG DA ZHOEN GYI Luminously white and in perfect youth, mounting on the moon, NYING PO LE DRUB ZHEN GYI MI THUB PA You are established from the essence [of mantra], which is invincible by others. MI DANG MI MIN JUNG LE JUNG WA YI Born through the co-existence of humans and non-humans, GAL KYEN KUN ZHI LEG TSOG MA LU TSOL All the conditional obstacles are entirely pacified granting total welfare. KYED PAR PHA ROL MI SUEN SAM JOR GYI Particularly, when by the untamed thoughts of others, GO SUM NEN DANG JED TOB CHING LA SOG One’s three doors (body, speech, and mind) are suppressed, entangled NYER TSE MI TSUG CHIR DOG THRIN LE KYI With the force of evil spells, and so forth, by the enlightened activity that DAG CHAG NAM PA KUN TU SUNG DU SOL Reverses all harms, may all of us be protected at all times! OM SARWA TATHAGA TO UNIKHA HUNG PHET HUNG MA MA HUNG NI SWAH HA OM MA MA HUNG NI SWAH HA [Recite this as much as possible. Here, if one wishes to perform the general Reversing Ritual, do the following, which is composed by the accomplished Master Leki Dorje.] HUNG KYOB PA SHAKYA SENGE YI HUNG! The crown of the Saviour Shakyamuni, TSUG TOR WOED KYI THROE DU LE By projecting and recollecting rays, JUNG WE LHA MO TOB CHEN MO The powerful goddess appears. RIG PAY GYAL MO CHAG TSEL TOED To the awareness queen, I prostrate! CHOM DEN DUG KAR LHA TSOG NAM The whole victorious assembly of White Umbrella deities, THU TOB THOG MA MI NGA ZHING Possesses unobstructable strength and power, TUG JE MOEN LAM THU TSEN PE As the forces of compassion and aspirations are so stern!

DAG GI JI TAR SOL WA ZHIN Just as I have supplicated. SANGYE TEN PA DAR WA DANG May the Buddha’s teachings flourish.) CHAG CHE NYAM NGA DOG TU SOL Overcome accidents and fears! MI LAM TSEN MA NGEN PA DOG May the nightmares be reversed! TAG DANG TEN DREL NGEN PA DOG Reverse bad omens and inauspiciousness! DRA DRE SAM JOR NGEN PA DOG Reverse enemies. SEM CHEN DE DANG DEN PAR DZOED And the sentient beings be endowed with happiness! GYU JOR YOEN DAG KHOR CHE KYI May all the supporters and their retinues (*Clap the palms while reciting “DOG” in the following lines. harmful spirits and evil thoughts! TE NGEN GYED CHU TSA ZHI DOG Reverse the eighty-four evil omens! YE DROG SUM GYA DRUG CHU DOG Reverse the three hundred and sixty obstructing entities! NED RIG ZHI GYA TSA ZHI DOG Reverse the four hundred and four classes of diseases! GEG RIG TONG THRAG GYED CHU DOG Reverse the eighty thousand classes of obstacles! DUE MEN CHI WA NAM GYED DOG Reverse the eight causes of untimely death! YE KYI DUED DU YOE PA DOG Reverse the movements of the demons from above! ME MI SI RU LANG PA DOG Reverse the uprising of the lower devils! TREL WAY SHED DU KOE PA DOG Reverse the rebellious forces against destiny! PHA ME DUR SRI LANG PA DOG Reverse the disputes between fathers and ancestors! MI LA NED DU TONG WA DOG Reverse the harming spells to humans! CHUG LA GOED KHA JED PA DOG Reverse the forces causing damage to cattle! NAM GYI DEL KHA THEB PA DOG Reverse the descent of the calamities from space! SA YE DUG DA YOE PA DOG Reverse the movements of earthly arrows of poison! ME WA PAR KHA NGEN PA DOG Reverse the unfavourable calculations of the mole gods! .

DE CHOG DUG KAR CHEN GYI TASHI SHOG May the supreme White Umbrella Sugata bring all the auspiciousness! . DE LEG DRE BU NYE WAR TSOL DZED PAY The one who dearly grants the fruition of happiness and wholesomeness. DE JUNG TEN LA NOED JED TSAR CHED NE Bringing happiness and having subdued those who harm the teachings.KAG DANG PHUNG SRI LANG PA DOG Reverse the arising of periodical hindrances and agitations! MI THUEN CHOG KUN DOK GYUR CHIG Reverse the entire unfavourable conditions! DE SHEG THUG JEY TSUG TOR LE TRUNG SHING Born from the Compassionate Tsugtor (crown) of the Sugatas.