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A Holistic You

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Scientific  studies  find  possible  cure  for  stress,  depression  and  insomnia.  
And  it  has  been  around  since  1400BC?       Garry  Gomez  deployed  to  Afghanistan  in  summer  of  2010.    He  left  a  reckless  life  and  when  he  was  able  to   leave  the  combat  zone,  his  peaceful  downtime  turned  into  a  reflection  of  all  the  wrongs  he  had  done  in  his  life.  He  was   not  at  peace  with  himself  and  the  stress  of  the  combat  zone  was  pushing  him  deeper  into  a  depression.  He  found  inner   peace  and  a  “sanctuary  inside  himself”  with  Sahaja  Yoga  mediation.­‐in-­‐the-­‐combat-­‐zone       Helen  Loshny  suffered  extreme  physical  pain,  fatigue  and  depression  from  PMS  that  had  controlled  most  of   her  life.  She  felt  no  control  over  her  emotions  and  knew  that  her  life  would  fall  apart  if  she  did  not  find  something  to   help  her  emotionally  and  physically.  Through  one  hour  of  meditation  a  day  she  ha  learned  to  let  bad  feelings  go  and  to   live  a  life  of  positive  thinking.­‐stories/%E2%80%9Ci-­‐came-­‐to-­‐peace-­‐with-­‐ pms-­‐thanks-­‐to-­‐meditation%E2%80%9D   When  thinking  about  meditation,  religions  such  as  Hinduism,  Buddhism  and  other  Eastern  spiritual  beliefs   may  come  to  mind,  but  meditation  has  been  medically  proven  to  help  with  a  variety  of  conditions  such  as:   • • • • • • • • • • • • Allergies   Anxiety  disorders   Asthma   Binge  eating   Cancer   Depression   Fatigue   Heart  disease   High  blood  pressure   Pain   Sleep  problems   Substance  abuse  

People  struggling  with  these  medical  conditions  are  often  struggling  with  internal  emotionally  distress  that   cannot  be  cured  with  drugs.    There  is  growing  scientific  support  for  meditation,  which  helps  to  bring  individuals  to  a   certain  internal  state  of  relaxation  and  tranquility.  This  state  will  help  one  be  able  to  focus  and  concentrate  on   spiritual  and  sacred  beings  in  their  lives.  Meditation  is  referenced  in  the  Bible  as  early  as  1400  B.C.  Meditation  is  a  

sacred  practice  with  a  long  history  in  many  religions,  but  more  recently  the  New  Age  presents  a  meditation  that  can   help  the  life  of  everyone  by  creating  a  mind/body  balance  that  will  help  lead  to  a  happier/healthier  life.    

Retrieved from: While  the  popularity  of  meditation  did  begin  in  these  cultures,  it  is  no  longer  is  being  forced  to  reside  there.  In   order  to  perform  a  meditation  one  does  not  need  to  travel  to  South  Korea  to  Borim  Temple  in  order  to  visit  Vairocana   Buddha  as  pictured  above.  Meditation  is  being  used  commonly  used  outside  of  religious  purposes  to  relieve  stress  and   give  people  a  way  to  focus,  and  think  through  the  millions  of  thoughts  that  pass  through  our  minds  in  a  day.  Relieving   the  build  up  of  all  these  thoughts  through  a  meditation  session  will  allow  one  to  lead  a  lifestyle  with  less  stress  more   sleep  and  a  more  focused  attitude.  Sounds  great  right?  So  why  isn’t  everyone  joining  in?   In  order  to  perform  meditation  correctly  the  Mayo  Clinic  tells  us  there  are  a  few  things  we  need:   • • • • Focused  attention   Relaxed  breathing   A  quiet  setting   A  comfortable  setting  

Sounds  simple,  but  a  quiet  setting  doesn’t  come  so  easily  these  days  with  cell  phones  ringing,  and  work  and  school   commitments  filling  our  days.  When  most  people  actually  do  get  time  to  relax  it  usually  involves  a  television  or  sleep.   Our  Western  culture  craves  busy  schedules  and  long  workdays,  so  we’re  in  desperate  need  of  the  peaceful  tranquility   that  meditation  can  provide.    Meditation    (  is  all  about  training  your  mind  to  reach  a  state  of   consciousness.  You  must  be  willing  to  adhere  fully  to  all  above  requirements  and  make  TIME  for  yourself  to  complete   them.    

Here’s  a  video  that  admits  the  difficulties  of  finding  time  to  meditate  but  shows  you  how  you  can  have  one   minute  meditation.  It  also  let’s  us  know  that  it  is  normal  and  okay  for  our  mind  to  wander  during  meditation.    I  like  to   call  it  meditation  for  dummies.  If  nothing  else  it  will  force  you  to  test  out  this  whole  meditation  thing  for  a  minute.   The  one-­‐minute  meditation  is  a  great  technique  for  understanding  what  meditation  is  and  how  calm  we  are   able  to  feel  afterwards.  That  is  just  a  sample  what  meditation  has  to  offer.  Meditation  is  not  just  about  closing  your   eyes  and  hoping  to  find  inner  peace,  there  are  numerous  techniques  you  can  use.  The  problem  comes  when  choosing   which  route  to  take.  This  requires  knowing  what  each  type  of  meditation  is  and  which  one  is  right  for  your  lifestyle.       The  types  are  as  follows:   Tai  chi.  This  is  a  form  of  gentle  Chinese  martial  arts.  In  tai  chi  (TIE-­‐chee),  you  perform  a  self-­‐paced  series  of  postures,   movements  and  stretches  in  a  slow,  graceful  manner  while  practicing  deep  breathing.  There  are  more  than  100   possible  movements  and  positions  with  tai  chi,  many  of  which  are  named  for  animals  or  nature.  Regardless  of  the   variation,  all  forms  of  tai  chi  include  rhythmic  patterns  of  movement  that  are  coordinated  with  breathing  to  help  you   achieve  a  sense  of  inner  calm.  The  concentration  required  for  tai  chi  forces  you  to  live  in  the  present  moment,  putting   aside  distressing  thoughts.  

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Transcendental  meditation  is  one  of  the  most  researched  and  popular  meditation  techniques.  You  use  a  mantra,   such  as  a  word,  sound  or  phrase  repeatedly  silently,  to  narrow  your  conscious  awareness  and  eliminate  all  thoughts   from  your  mind.  You  focus  exclusively  on  your  mantra  to  achieve  a  state  of  perfect  stillness  and  consciousness  for  20   minutes  twice  a  day  

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Yoga  is  the  act  of  performing  a  series  of  postures  and  controlled  breathing  exercises  to  promote  a  more  flexible  body   and  a  calm  mind.  As  you  move  through  poses  that  require  balance  and  concentration,  you’re  improving  your  mind  and   body  though  calming  exercise.  Yoga  has  become  increasingly  more  and  more  popular  way  to  loose  weight.  With   thousands  of  classes  and  workout  DVD’s  to  choose  from,  it’s  easy  to  loose  sight  of  the  meditation  portion  of  the  yoga   experience.    

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Guided  meditation  involves  visualizing  places  and  situations  you  find  relaxing.  You  try  to  use  as  many  senses  as   possible,  such  as  smells,  sights,  sounds  and  textures.  Using  the  senses  is  a  good  way  to  start  the  meditation  process   because  it  helps  grasp  those  peaceful  thoughts.  The  Meditation  Room  offers   meditations  for  you  to  sample  that  include  sounds  such  as  “Soothing  Session  and  “Work  Break.”  The  sessions  last   between  3  and  10  minutes.  

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Mindfulness  meditation.  This  type  of  meditation  focuses  on  living  in  the  present.  You  allow  yourself  to  reach  a   relaxed  and  still  state  of  conscious  awareness.  You  focus  on  what  you  experience  during  meditation,  such  as  the  flow   of  your  breath.  You  can  observe  your  thoughts  and  emotions  but  let  them  pass  without  judgment.  Your  attitude  will   decipher  if  you  reach  a  peace  and  acceptance  during  times  of  stress.    





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Qi  gong.  This  practice,  which  was  first  used  in  China  for  medical  purposes,  combines  meditation,  relaxation,  physical   movement  and  breathing  exercises  to  restore  and  maintain  balance  and  cleanse  the  body  and  bring  energy.    Those   suffering  from  injuries  and  those  who  are  aging  find  this  meditation  technique  especially  helpful.  

  Retrieved  from:­‐gong   Mantra  meditation.  In  this  type  of  meditation,  you  silently  repeat  a  calming  word,  thought  or  phrase  to  prevent   distracting  thoughts.  The  process  of  repetition  and  positive  thinking  is  said  to  heal  the  spiritual,  physical  and   psychological  body.  This  particular  mediation  can  be  done  anywhere  and  is  one  of  the  easiest  forms  of  meditation.  

  Retrieved  from:     Meditation  is  an  internal  state,  not  an  exercise.  Breathing  and  stretching  can  help  you  reach  the  state  but  the   two  should  not  be  confused.  Meditation  allows  one  to  be  in  a  state  of  thoughtless  awareness  where,  one  doesn’t  have   to  be  anxious  about  things  that  have  happened  in  our  past  or  what  will  happen  in  the  future.  You  do  not  have  to  be  in  a  

peaceful,  quiet  room  in  order  to  meditate,  there  are  no  prerequisites.    As  long  as  you  allow  yourself  to  succumb  to  a   new  state  of  consciousness,  you  can  even  meditate  in  a  crowded  train.  You  also  cannot  buy  meditation,  because  it  is   self  induced  no  promises  made  over  the  internet  will  make  sure  you  reach  the  state,  that  is  strictly  dependent  on  you.   Whichever  technique  you  use,  or  why  you  decide  to  start  the  process  of  meditation,  you  must  understand  that  only   you  will  allow  yourself  to  be  helped  by  meditation.  Be  prepared  to  work  hard  at  it,  it  doesn’t  come  easy.  Helen  Loshny   didn’t  get  it  right  the  first  time.  “You’ll  find  meditation  a  lot  more  difficult  if  you  go  into  it  hoping  it  will  work  for  you,   or  that  you’ve  got  to  make  it  work  for  you”,  says  Loshny.  “Just  try  it,  and  keep  on  trying  it.  It  will  work  for  you  with   time.”  Garry  Gomez  says  his  whole  squad  is  more  calm  thanks  to  the  yoga  meditation  techniques  he  uses.  Like  him,  the   best  thing  we  can  do  is  to  show  others  the  effects  that  meditation  can  have  on  the  body  and  mind  so  that  they  may  be   healed  as  well.    

A Holistic You is  an  engaging  digital  space  for  those  interested  in  exploring  the  new  age  movement  holistic   health,  which  provides  avenues  that  incorporate  holistic  health  techniques  into  everyday  lifestyles.  Bringing  examples   of  our  own  holistic  health  experiences,  we  strive  to  develop,  connect  and  provide  information  to  community  members   who  wish  to  engage  themselves  in  a  new  age  lifestyle  through  the  balance  of  mind,  body  and  spirit.  Learning  about   and  incorporating  alternative  methods  of  diet,  exercise,  meditation  and  medicine  will  help  us  find  a  new  sense  of   spiritual  well  being.