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Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Weekly Update – February 9, 2012

NUNs Build in New Orleans
James Stroder Jr., flushed from his home in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina in the great New Orleans diaspora, returned to rebuild in the Lower Ninth Ward only to be defrauded by a contractor. Stroder dug into his retirement savings and gave $30,000 to a man he believed was legitimate to begin fixing his home. The ““contractor”” disappeared after stealing two air-conditioning condensers and a whirlpool tub and abandoning the electrical and plumbing work he barely had begun. ““I gotta forgive him in order to be forgiven,”” Stroder said outside his shotgun duplex where Catholic sisters and other volunteers from across the U.S. installed siding, insulation and drywall. On a warm, overcast Monday in November, members of a Fargo, N.D. youth group baled contaminated insulation and tossed it into a disposal bin in the front yard while Sharon Yount, a Dominican Sister of Hope from Newburgh, N.Y., installed aluminum siding with three laywomen friends from Florida and Oklahoma. Inside, old drywall and insulation were being removed by St. Joseph Sister Marlene Schemmel, who retired in June from retreat work in La Grange Park, Ill., and Cabrini (Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) Sr. Regina Peterson, MSC who moved here, where she found her heart, two years ago from New York. The women were among 90 Catholic sisters, their associates, relatives, friends and members of two Chicago parishes who, on Nov. 14-18, participated in the fourth and largest ““Nuns Build”” housing-construction event since the annual (and in 2010, twice-annual) effort began in 2009.


Nuns Build 2012 is set for November 12-16 ““We are hopeful that Nuns Build will continue to grow because the needs are still great,”” said Sr. Mary Keefe, an Adrian Dominican who dreamed up Nuns Build and led it from the start. Keefe, who is stepping down next year, said sisters and their communities have responded generously and their presence has inspired laypeople to join in. ““It’’s drawn many people to New Orleans for this vital work that is still greatly needed,”” she said.
To learn more please visit: appening/AdrianDominicanNews/AdrianD ominicanNewsView/tabid/816/ArticleId/33 5/Nuns-Build-Homes-in-New-Orleansalong-with-Hope-Peace-and-Community335.aspx
~ excerpts from National Catholic Reporter

Sr. Regina Peterson, MSC cleans up after a full day’’s work helping to restore housing destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Sr. Regina recently hosted faculty members from Cabrini College who assisted in renovating homes in St. Bernard Parish.

Cabrini Health, Australia

Australia honors the Reverend Father Bill Uren (AO)
Cabrini Health’’s Father Bill Uren (Fr. Uren), a Jesuit priest, has been honored with an Officer (AO) in the General Division of the Order of Australia in the 2012 Australia Day Honours List. The honor was conferred for ““distinguished service to education as a philosopher and bioethicist, as a commentator on contemporary issues in Australian society, as a scholar and mentor and to the Catholic Church in Australia.”” He is also a Doctor of the University, Australian Catholic University (2009).

Fr. Bill Uren, S.J.

Fr. Uren was surprised and humbled to receive the award, describing it as a ““bonus””. ““The true benefit I gain through my work, whether it is serving on ethics committees or working with tertiary students, is the people, –– an award such as this is just a bonus.”” For six years, Fr. Uren has been a member of the Cabrini Health Board of Directors. He also serves on two other Cabrini Health Board Committees: he chairs the Mission and People Committee and is a member of the Health Ethics Committee. ~ submitted by Christine Elmer and Helen Taylor


Cabrini Retreat Center, Des Plaines, IL
““Coming Home””
““Coming Home”” is the title of the Mayslake Ministries Veterans Retreat which just ended at the wonderful Cabrini Retreat Center. This retreat is for a veteran of any era, and, if they wish to attend, his/her significant other. There is no cost to the veterans as their fee is paid by grants, donations, and sponsorships through Mayslake Ministries.

Veterans gathered recently at Cabrini Retreat Center for a ““Coming Home”” retreat to seek spiritual healing in a safe, caring environment. Sr. Linda McClenahan, OP (2nd. row, r.) a veteran herself, conducted the retreat. Sr Linda is fondly known as ““Sr. Sarge.””

The retreat is about Post Traumatic Spiritual Disorder. The premise being that trauma wounds the soul as well as the mind and body. There is need for spiritual healing to help veterans ““come home”” to God, others and themselves in a safe, caring environment. Many veterans who have been traumatized by some aspect of their military service feel alone and misunderstood and often guilty or ashamed because of their trauma. The retreat provides a means for them to feel connected and accepted which helps them address their own spiritual pain on their journey back to the loving, compassionate God they have lost. The retreat structure is designed to help veterans feel safe, however, having comfortable and friendly surroundings is also important and the Cabrini Retreat Center was an ideal atmosphere, conducive to healing. One veteran commented on ““feeling comfortable and at home”” at the Center. And, all of us appreciated the entire staff! One retreat leader remarked, ““I wish we could kidnap the entire staff and take them with us on all our retreats!”” Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. Peace, Sister Linda McClenahan, OP VietNam Veteran and Mayslake Retreat Staff

To view a link to a page about the veterans’’ ministry, click here: To read more about Sr. Linda:


Tom Hollywood served as a Cabrini missioner from 1999-2001. Tom served for

two years as an English teacher and librarian (and helped to build a new library!) at Escuela Cabrini in Villa Amelia, Argentina on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. After Tom’s commitment in Argentina, he flew to Dubbo, Ethiopia to serve as an English teacher for three months with the MSC mission there.

I am currently working for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Sudan. We just finished 3.5 years of service in Malawi and before that, we were in Peru. All with Catholic Relief Services. I am the Head of Programs for our country program in Sudan. I am married to Erin Hollywood. In June 2012, we will mark our 5 year wedding anniversary. We have one daughter, Mae Rose Hollywood who is 2 years old.

Tom Hollywood
Tom, his wife Erin and their daughter Mae Rose.

I fondly remember my time with CMC in Argentina and Ethiopia. A truly lifechanging experience...

Tom and his CMC class.

““I fondly remember my time with CMC in Argentina and Ethiopia. A truly life-changing experience.”” ~ Tom Hollywood


Cabrini Action and Advocacy Committee

Human Trafficking
The awareness of Human Trafficking around the world is growing thanks to the efforts of victims’’ advocacy groups, law enforcement agencies, legislators and government officials.

Attending the screening of ““Not My Life”” and panel discussion which followed are from left: Karol Brewer, Chair, Cabrini Advocacy and Action Committee; Gina Scarpello, Director, Cabrini Mission Corps; Nancy Costello, Province Communication Director; Sr. Grace Waters, MSC; Katherine Frazier, CMC missioner; Sr. Christine Marie Baltas, MSC and Roxanne De La Torre, CMC missioner.

On Saturday, February 4th, Pennsylvania State Senator (D.) Daylin Leach and the Montgomery County Anti-Human Trafficking agency hosted a film screening and panel discussion at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute in Bryn Mawr, located in suburban Philadelphia. The documentary ““Not My Life”” narrated by actress Glenn Close, and viewed by a near-capacity crowd, was filmed over a four year period, spans five continents, and follows the lives of victims forced into labor and exploitation. A panel discussion moderated by Sen. Leach followed the powerful and compelling film. Panel members were Pearl Kim, Delaware County Assistant District Attorney; James Dold, Legal Counsel for Polaris Project; Hugh Organ, Assistant Executive Director for Covenant House PA; and Pamela Pillsbury, Co-Director of the Pennsylvania Regional Center for Public Safety Innovation (PRCPI). "I've been working closely with anti-trafficking groups for quite a while and we've made great progress on the legislative end gaining traction on this movement," Leach said. "But in order to eradicate this horrifying crime, we need to engage the public and receive their full attention. Through increased awareness and communal vigilance we'll be able to put perpetrators behind bars and bring peace to the thousands of people that they've victimized." ~submitted by Nancy Costello Sen. Leach and his staff are aware of the MSC corporate stance against trafficking. To learn more about anti-trafficking initiatives, please visit:


Cabrini Action and Advocacy Committee
Dear Sisters, CLMs, CMC missioners, Cabrini Companions and Cabrini Collaborators and friends, The New York State DREAM Coalition has launched a petition campaign for individuals and organizations to show their support for passing New York State DREAM legislation that would bring about educational equity and justice for undocumented students. We need to show how many New Yorkers believe fighting for the dreams of undocumented students, so please forward this petition widely! The text of the petition is pasted below, and you can sign the petition at: Be sure to indicate whether you are signing on as an individual or on behalf of an organization. To view the flyer click here, this version of the petition can be printed as a hard copy for individuals to sign at public events.

Cabrini Mission Foundation
The Cabrini Mission Foundation is proud to announce that the Cabrini Mission Corps will be the recipient of the Sister Josephine Tsuei Award presented at the 2012 Spirit of Cabrini Awards Dinner June 13th at the Pierre Hotel. Cabrini Mission Corps (CMC) is celebrating its 20th year of service. Cabrini Mission Corps was founded by the Missionary Sisters to invite women and men from across the globe to “respond to the Church’s universal call to holiness by serving as missionaries in the US and overseas in the spirit of St. Frances Cabrini, who was a bearer of the love of Christ in the world.” (1990 Stella Maris Provincial

Since 1992, 128 women and men have been commissioned to serve in six US cities and nine countries overseas. Sr. Josephine Tsuei, according to Sr. Catherine Garry, MSC, “will always be remembered as someone who taught all those she came in contact with how to love and show an undaunted faith and constant hope.” How appropriate for the MSCs, CMC missioners, staff, advisory board, donors and friends who have contributed to the transformational experiences that have taken place over these 20 years through CMC, to be honored in her name! 6

From the Province Vocation Promotion Team……
We continue with excerpts from an article by Carol Schuck Scheiber, the publications editor for the National Religious Vocation Conference, which first appeared in the January 19th edition of the Weekly Update. The Sisters of Mercy are taking new approaches to build on their ““pockets of energy”” to make new members feel at home.
Strategies to Address the Lifestyle Gap to Help Newcomers Fit In ““Not everyone is called to live in a Welcoming Community,”” Sr. Sheila Stevenson, RSM points out. ““It takes energy, flexibility, and the willingness to be open, especially to newer, younger members. It also takes time and commitment to learn, understand and integrate the culture from which the newer members are coming. There has to be a commitment to being present regularly in community and to engaging with the formation process, which includes meetings with the formation minister, evaluations and open dialogue with the newer member.”” To establish such communities, the Leadership Team invited certain sisters to consider living in these communities and called for applications from vowed members interested in living in them. A discernment process took place with those sisters who were interested, and finally, the Leadership Team made the decision as to who would live in the Welcoming Communities. Host Communities for short visits At this same time, they also asked their various communities to consider making a smaller commitment: to serve as a Host Community for an inquirer, having a woman come to visit for up to three weeks. These communities usually have an extra room or two. In these Host Communities, vowed members commit to spending time with the inquirer individually and as a group. They live their usual communal and ministerial lives while welcoming the inquirer to share in their lives. Mentors and Companioning Groups The Sisters of Mercy also took another approach to new members that builds on what Sr. Sheila calls ““positive pockets of energy.”” They now assign mentors to incoming members. Mentors act as a support and sounding board for a woman in formation, helping her to integrate into the community. This helps a woman in formation to negotiate both the subtle and overt aspects of the community culture. A fourth strategy has been to form Companioning Groups that involve both the vowed members and those in the formation process. They gather every four to six weeks to reflect on some aspect of spiritual or religious life. Because the Mercies have been consciously making these choices for several years now, Sr. Sheila says, ““The gap is closing between what is and what newer members want. The newer members are seeing what is realistic; and the professed members are saying, ‘‘We can make these adjustments.’’””


Prayer Requests
Anne Crines
Nick Vendikos, President and CEO of Cabrini Mission Foundation, asks prayers for Anne Crines, the mother of one of the CMF benefactors. Mrs. Crines is battling a lung disease. Please join in prayer on behalf of Mrs. Crines. Your prayers are asked for Mary Hill, a staff member at Cabrini College. Mary recently underwent surgery for thyroid cancer and is undergoing treatment. Please pray for Mary’’s complete recovery and healing. Please join us in praying for the green card approval of Delfin and Susan Pensoy, our Cabrini companions. May the Lord touch the Immigration officers and expedite the processing of their legalization here in U.S. so that they can serve our Lord and our brothers and sisters more and more.

Mary Hill

Delfin and Susan Pensoy

Rose Zaccaria

Cabrini College alumna Maria Valente Breeser, ’’73 asks the prayers of the Cabrinian Community for her aunt Rose Zaccaria, who suffered a stroke this past week and is now in rehabilitation. Please pray for her complete recovery.

Gary Edwards

In Thanksgiving

In recent weeks we have been praying for Gary Edwards, the catering supervisor at Cabrini College Dining Services. Gary had to undergo emergency brain surgery in early January and was in the Intensive Care Unit. Gary has made significant progress in his recovery and has been transferred to a rehabilitation hospital where is continues to regain his strength. The Dining Services staff wishes to thank the Cabrinian Community for your prayers and asks that you continue to remember Gary.

Armand J. Iodice

In Memoriam

The Cabrinian Community joins with the Cabrini College community in extending sympathy to Bob Iodice, Chief Facilities Engineer, on the loss of his father, Armand J. Iodice. Your prayers are asked for the repose of the soul of Sr. Benedetta who was called home to God on Monday, February 6th at St. Cabrini Nursing Home in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Sr. Benedette was 97 years of age. May she rest in the peace of the Lord.

Sr. Benedetta Roberto, MSC


Further Information
St. Frances Cabrini Regional Catholic School
Last week, Sr. Christine Marie Baltas, MSC shared the good news that the name change for the merged St. Donato and Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Schools in Philadelphia would be Cabrini Catholic Regional School. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has now sent notice that the official new name will be St. Frances Cabrini Regional Catholic School. As Sr. Christine Marie noted last week, ““This is great news and it presents opportunities for strengthening the bonds between the school and our Cabrini Family.””

World Marriage Day is Sunday, February 12
World Marriage Day honors husband and wife as head of the family, the basic unit of society. It salutes the beauty of their faithfulness, sacrifice and joy in daily married life. A Prayer for Marriage Gracious Lord, we thank you for your gift of the Sacrament of Marriage. Teach us the beauty of forgiveness so we may become more and more One in Heart, Mind and Body. Strengthen our dialogue and help us to become living signs of your love. Make us a sign of unity in your holy name. Amen

The Weekly Update
For your interest, we have included the outcomes of the recent Weekly Update survey as a separate PDF attachment to this mailing. The Provincial Council and the Province Communications Office continue to analyze the survey results. We thank you for your thoughts and helpful suggestions. They will help to guide the future direction of our communications. Your further comments are welcome at any time at: