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Hello everyone I took the GMAT yesterday and scored a 760 (Q-50/V-44).

A big thank you to the PG community for being a great help in my prep. Here's a quick debrief of my prep: Material used: General material - OGs 12, 11 & 10 Quant - Manhattan Quant strategy Guide/Workbook set SC - Manhattan SC Guide & Aristotle SC Grail, 1000 SCs (200 questions) CR - Powerscore CR Bible & some LSAT questions RC - Manhattan RC Strategy Guide & RC99 for practice Prep: I prepared for around 5 weeks. Had got a 640 in my diagnostic test (Kaplan) so w as targeting a 700+ score. I was always good in Maths so the quant section wasn' t much of a problem. I just needed to get a hang of DS for which the Manhattan s trategy guides were sufficient. Verbal was an entirely different scenario specially SC. I thought I had a good c ommand of the language but then I realised that the GMAT had its own rules for w hat is right and what isn't. People recommended that I go through Manhattan SC a nd while it is an excellent book it was little too detailed for my liking since I already had a good command over the language. I was looking for a book that wo uld provide me with more GMAT specific rules when I chanced upon the SC Grail on some forum. It is basically a very concise version of the Manhattan SC book whi ch gives you all the rules in bullet point form. Took me 3 days to complete and made a huge difference to my prep. CR was not that much of a problem and towards the end of my prep I did a lot of practice questions from LSAT material. I have always enjoyed reading so I didn't really have a fear of RCs. I just want ed some good GMAT-like passages to practice from and the RC99 served the purpose . I did all the passages in the High difficulty category and around 60% in the m edium difficulty category. Practice Test Scores: Diag. (Kaplan) - 640 Kaplan free test - 720 MGMAT Test 1 - 690 MGMAT Test 2 - 710 MGMAT Test 3 - 760 MGMAT Test 4 - 740 MGMAT Test 5 - 760 MGMAT Test 6 - 750 Princeton Free test - 710 Knewton Free test - 730 GMATPrep 1 - 770 GMATPrep 2 - 760

pumped my fists and lef t. The AWA section went well and then I w as quite happy with quant as well.Test Experience: The testing experience was fairly smooth. Once again thanks everyone for your help and I would be happy to answer any quer ies that anyone has. I was feeling a bit drained towards the end o f the verbal section (specially in the RCs) but pulled through somehow and click ed on the 'Report Scores' link. Saw a 760 on the screen. .