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Justice Party Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson is outraged, but not surprised, that President Obama has decided to accept money from Super PACS. “This is gross hypocrisy on the part of the President. The systemic corruption of our government starts with money -- essentially bribes that both parties receive with slavish devotion to the contributors, where the people get shafted,” said Anderson. The Supreme Court opinion in Citizens United helped create the Super PAC when it concluded corporations are people. Anderson stated: “To have the President, who once said Super PACS were a threat to democracy, do an abrupt about face and accept money from these greed machines is disgraceful. Even before Citizens United we had a serious problem of money controlling politics in the country. Most of our elected representatives act as if they are on retainer, acting on behalf of those who give them and their campaigns the most money. All the while, the interests of the public are ignored or betrayed.” Anderson, former Mayor of Salt Lake City, co-founded the Justice Party to offer Americans an alternative to the money-controlled dealings of the Democrats and Republicans. As a candidate, Rocky Anderson only

accepts donations of up to $100 per person. According to Anderson: “We need to come together to overrule, forever, through a constitutional amendment, the Supreme Court opinion in Citizens United. Campaigns should be publicly funded. Candidates should be entitled to free and equal time on the public air waves. That would enhance the dialogue, educate voters, and promote democracy in significant ways.”
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