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Dissertation Proposal

Name: Damilola Odumosu Student ID: 20825867
Title Brand Strategy and Brand Values Supervisor Dr Knowledge Mposu

0 Dissertation Action Plan 10 5.0 Introduction 3 1.1 Research Aim 4 1.0 Research Methodology 9 3.0 Literature Sources 5 3.Contents 1.0 Bibliography 11 2|Page .2 Objectives 4 2.2 Secondary Research 9 4.1 Primary Research 9 3.

uk. The analysis will also examine if these values are recognised and reflected at branch level in Jack Wills stores. including concepts such as corporate image. but are used as a vehicle to illustrate a specific brand and its message to a target audience.0 Introduction Branding is commonly mistaken to be advertising. This study will be analysing the directors. Enabling staff to appreciate brand values should increase the likelihood of them better delivering the brand (De Chernatony. as illustrated in Figure 1 below. which in truth actually are. as no company is immune from loss of customers. Branding is an essential part of the company. Vision and Culture Gaps Model Source: Corporate Branding Tool Kit (Hatch and Schultz. This dissertation will be investigating Jack Wills Ltd. which is a mid-range British clothing brand that targets university students as its main consumers. The fashion label uses the brand and registered trademark "Jack Wills University Outfitters" to reflect the heritage and inspiration behind the brand. Identity and advertising are interwoven with branding. there are theories and models that will be reviewed and used for conceptualisation of the brand strategy. however advertising ironically is very much a major part of the branding process. In doing so. which is interwoven with the company s heart and foundation of its vision and culture gaps. 2001) 3|Page . Fig 1: Image.1. According to Integrity. 2010). marketing team and the brand management team s values and their branding strategy. The study will bring to light brand strategy issues that may possibly not seen as major obstacles. a brand programming agency.

vision and culture. in ways that help to align it to Jack Will Ltd s image. y To assess employee motivation and the effectiveness in delivering brand value at Jack Wills. y To critically examine why delivering brand values. 1.1 Research Aim The purpose of this dissertation is to critically analyse the area of disconnect between Jack Wills Ltd branding strategy and values and the actual practice of these values at the Jack Wills stores.2 Objectives The main objectives of this dissertation will be: y To critically analyse the importance and effectiveness of Jack Wills Ltd s branding strategy in its clothing stores in the UK. 4|Page .1. y To critically analyse the challenges and barriers to the implementation of their branding strategy and delivery of brand value. not only to the consumer but to the staff is crucial to Jack Wills Ltd maintaining a steady growth.

2. 5|Page .1 Journal Article: Raggio.2 Journal Article: Horton. R. p30-31. 215. This article will be important to this dissertation as it will provide some suggestions to effective strategies that Jack Wills can use to increase sales despite the recession. This will help. 2. 2. Drivers of brand value. Amy Horton discusses how analysis of social take up and quick response to pattern formulation can predict a brands success. 2. including their importance in critically analysing the issues under investigation. M. A. websites. Brand Strategy.3 Journal Article: Hosea. and fallen due to customers analyses how retailers have developed effective strategies to keep up sales despite the economic climate. The Six Secret Strategies of Shopkeepers. Brand Strategy. Review of this article will provide insights into why companies can falter in the current economic climate if their brand values are not kept true. one potential driver of a brand's value. 17. in the case of Jack Wills Ltd. (2007). R and Leone.0 Literature Sources This section presents an outline of the secondary sources carefully selected for use in the dissertation. 227. Randel and Leone argue that frequently. (2008). Predicting Network Success. estimation of brand value in practice and use of brand valuation: Introduction to the special issue. to see how it may only take one disgruntled employee not to adhere to the brand values before others can possibly follow suit. Journal of Brand Management. text books. P1-5. p26-32. The article highlights the influence of social media on organisations. These literature sources will include journal articles. is confused with a brand's financial value. business reports and surveys. brand equity. (2009). This journal article discusses how spending has abstaining from luxuries.

and the general treatment of employees. 2. Two primary objectives for the authors research were: to identify underlying characteristics common to highly visionary companies and to effectively communicate findings so they can influence management. J (2005). S. United States: Little Brown. P and Senn. There are various statistical data analysis techniques that will assist in the analysis of data from the primary research to be carried out.4 Journal Article: Smith. United States: Harper Collins. The book seeks to explain and describe the sociological changes that mark everyday life. F (2006). The Tipping Point. The source has some case studies that will provide valuable insights on key concepts such as culture and building organisational vision. The book outlines the results of a six-year research project into what makes enduring great companies.5 Text Book: Gladwell. (2007). J and Porras.6 Text Book: Collins. The source also analyses the tipping point that transforms a phenomenon into an influential trend.7 Text Book: Fallon.2. 210. Taking Pride in Your Work. United States: Harvard Business School. How to turn Creativity into a Powerful Business Advantage. This book provides some important and relevant case studies such as United Airlines and their fight for their brand voice. This is important to this study as it will help to understand how Jack Wills Ltd s brand strategy and values are aligned or not with the company vision and culture. The dissertation will look into this in more detail as there has to be acknowledgement that influential characters can have a huge impact on the way brand values are perceived in organisations. usually as a result of intervention of a number of influential groups of people. Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies. 6|Page . Juicing the Orange. 2. p44-49. Smith (2007) explains the importance of communication amongst employees. 10th ed. 2. Brand Strategy. M (2001). How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. This particular article will be the cornerstone of this dissertation. 2nd ed.

8 Text Book: De Charnatony. This will be vital in understanding the motivation of staff members at ground level at the Jack Wills stores and also being able to come up with solutions to combat any lack of 3rd ed. From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation. The books perspective examines themes that are central to the success of businesses. 2. G (2003). He calls this part Employing the Brandbuilding Process .2. and what causes any lack of motivation. Available: http://www.xperthr. Part three is the heart of the book. This article in particular accesses the link between employee motivation and business success. Allowing this study to analyse staff behaviour at Jack Wills Ltd and the main reason why they come to work. Professor de Chernatony investigates the seven stages of brand building in detail. CoOrdination. Economics and management of organisations. 2005. Motivation and Strategy. Maidenhead: McGraw Hill Education. brand purpose and brand values). He points out the relevance of aligning brand and staff values and gives practical advice that Jack Wills Ltd can benefit from. [Last accessed 26th Oct 2011] There are many articles on xperthr that will be useful in this dissertation.aspx?searchwor d=staff+motivation. L (2010). The Strategic Process of Growing and Strengthening Brands.10 Website: n/a. He describes the importance and three components of a powerful brand vision (envisioned future. As a result it is keen to know how motivated staff members are. Measuring Employee Motivation. Oxford: Elsevier Ltd. 2.9Text Book: Hendrikse. 7|Page . such as motivating staff and the co-ordination of their business activities and behaviours.

[Last accessed 26th Oct 2011]. (2008).aspx?searchwords=staff+motivation. How to Improve Staff Morale and Motivation. morale and benefits.xperthr. This article analyses how can you keep staff engaged and boost morale during the economic downturn.11 Website: Available: http://www. 8|Page .2. L. engagement. It is important that Jack Wills Ltd is aware there are solutions to underperforming staff members who suffer from a lack of motivation. It touches on three main areas that challenge businesses today.

Using this method will help to avoid biased opinions as anonymity ensures more valid responses. The information I sought to gather will include employee motivation. This will be solved by piloting the questions in focus groups with staff members at various London Jack Wills stores but also brand management and marketing teams at the Head offices of Jack Wills Ltd. This potential is not often realised. Potentially information can be collected from a large portion of a group.0 Research Methodology 3. Jack Wills Ltd beliefs and values and how it is portrayed right through the organisation. These will only be used to back up the primary research.1 Primary Research Questionnaires are the most commonly used method of gathering information. website articles and academic textbooks. I will be using this method as it is a less expensive way to reach people within the marketing and retail industry. There are disadvantages to this method though. business reports.3. as returns from questionnaires are usually low. Open-ended questions can generate large amounts of data that can take a long time to process and analyse. Also respondents may answer superficially especially if the questionnaire takes a long time to complete. 3. 9|Page . I will be able to get the views of employees and come up with empirical evidence which may help Jack Wills to improve their branding strategies and value positioning. providing evidence in order to come up with solutions to any challenges that may arise from this study. Questionnaires are standardised so it is not possible to explain any points in the questions that participants might misinterpret.2 Secondary Research The research will involve critical reviews of different literature sources that will include journals.

4. 4. In order to gather the right amount of information there has to be organisation.0 Dissertation Action Plan It is important that this study is managed in a professional manner. Therefore Figure two shows how the Dissertation will be handled in a gant chart format.1 Action Plan (October 2011 May 2012) Task Exploratory Reading (Literature Review) Initial Write Up Focus Groups (Pilot study) Data Collection: Questionnaires Data Collection: Interviews Write up Analysis of Results Final Drafting of Dissertation Figure 2: Action Plan Oct Nov 2011 2011 Dec 2011 Jan 2012 Feb 2012 March 2012 April 2012 May 2012 10 | P a g e .

(2008). Hosea. (2007). [Last 10. Brand 5. Juicing the Orange. Measuring Employee Motivation. R. Economics and management of organisations. From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation. Drivers of brand value. p26-32. Brand Strategy. United States: Little Brown. How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. Motivation and Strategy.5. The Tipping Point. 7. F (2006). Predicting Network Success. Anon. Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies. How to Improve Staff Morale and Motivation. 9. Fallon. Gladwell. Horton. P and Senn. United States: Harvard Business School. 6. M.aspx?s earchword=staff+motivation. How to turn Creativity into a Powerful Business Advantage.xperthr. Available: http://www. (2005). G (2003). R and Leone. United States: Harper Collins. Hendrikse. A. 3rd ed. Journal of Brand Management. De Charnatony. p30-31. 11 | P a g e . P1-5. Maidenhead: McGraw Hill Education. accessed 26th Oct 2011]. J (2005). (2008). 4. Available: http://www. Collins. J and Porras. (2009). Peacock.xperthr. L (2010). Raggio. 3. 215.0 Bibliography 1. M (2001). estimation of brand value in practice and use of brand valuation: Introduction to the special issue. [Last Accessed 26th Oct 2011] 2. L.aspx?searchwords=staff+motivation. 2nd ed. The Six Secret Strategies of Shopkeepers. 8. Oxford: Elsevier 10th ed. CoOrdination. The Strategic Process of Growing and Strengthening Brands.

12 | P a g e . Taking Pride in Your Work. Smith. Brand Strategy.11. (2007). p44-49. S. 210.