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Our Ref: EPC-PPTD/PUS/16/11

Reference Code: 918X1CK1AE

Your Ref: 917151/2011.

16th May 2011 From: Dr. Ramon Gazer Crediting Manager Attn: Moh Tahril Bondansari RT.12 RW. 04 Wiradesa Pekalongan 51152 Jawa Tengah Indonesia

Dear Sir/Madam, PAYMENT ADVICE ON US$2,791,000.00 (TWO MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED AND NINETY ONE THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS ONLY) VIDE PRIZE CLAIM NO: EPC-PPTD/PUS/16/10 – POWER BALL NO: 1018-23-30-45-02-X3, PICK NO: 01-07-11-33-36-40. Having carefully studied, and duly verified the relevant documents of claims as submitted in this Department, by our client CASH ONLINE PROMOTIONS vide the Total sum US$2,791,000.00 as referenced above, we are happy and obliged to inform you that the said sum has been cleared for transfer. With every due respect, we bring to your notice the procedures in which you should abide to, in order for your Prize Won to be processed in accordance with the prescribed Laws, Regulations and Policies of the Lottery Commission/Board. You are expected to choose from our options, which you feel will suite you as regards the process of facilitating the claiming of your Prize won. Firstly, You are requested to come down to South Africa personally to process your Prize Claim before the expiration of the claims deadline for payout as there are certain documentation which needs to be procured from the South African Justice Department and South African Revenue Services on your name as the Bonafide Winner of this lottery. Secondly, If you are "unable" to come down to South Africa to process your claim personally you will only be required to pay the sum of US$2,950.00 (Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Dollars) to our Legal Representative who shall act and represent you on your behalf to facilitate all the needful regarding your claim prize to your best interest and benefit. However, if the second option suit you, kindly send to us a copy of your International Passport or Driver’s License to enable the Representative notarized your Identification at the Gaming Commission here as the true Beneficiary of the fund before we can process your payment. The Representative of this organization shall be the right person that will acquire the required documents from the necessary authorities that shall be presented to the South African Gaming Commission/Board in your favour. In this while, you have been given One Week to claim your Prize Won; otherwise the fund will be return back to CASH ONLINE PROMOTIONS Account as unclaimed fund. We also want to inform you that we have no right to deduct any sum from your entitlement, as we are only Paying Agent Cash Online Promotions. Kindly get back to us as soon as you acknowledge the receipt of this email. Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Ramon Gazer Crediting Manager
Electronic Processing Center (EPC). If this email has reached you in error please disregard it and its contents, and we apologize for any inconveniences arising from such. Note that as much as we try to make all our customers satisfied with our services, we are indemnified from any erroneous information supplied in your file.
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