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Personal Statement My name is Paul Alexandru Cretu and at the moment I am studying at the National Collage of Computer Science

, Piatra Neamt , Romania. I would like to apply for Business Academy Copenhagen North because it gives me more opportunities. I am interested in studying Computer Science because I find it fascinating. The first touch that I had with a computer was when I was seven. Since then this field has absolutely fascinated me, at first because of computer games and later on because of programming. As a result, I decided to graduate from the computer science specialization at The National College of Computer Science, in Piatra Neamt. I also like studying Maths and Physics, but I chose Computing for my career because of its opening, modernity and lots of challenges. I am convinced that a higher education in Denmark would enable me to approach the most recent technologies and to practise in a competitive environment. I finished High School in a special class for students who are interested in Computer programming where I have had chances to discover many interesting things about my favourite subject and to interact with the best Computer Science teachers in this field. One of my main qualities is that I am a conscientious and a hard-working person that wants to ensure a better future for myself and I consider that your University is the best choice in this field for me to achieve my goal. I will give my best and I am sure that I will succeed in working under the pressure of a rigorous programme because I am a flexible, social, perseverant and stubborn person when I have something in mind. I am ambitious to become the best in my field and I think that the idea of becoming one of the students of your University is a tremendous thing. This is the reason why I consider I deserve this chance and I will do my best to meet your expectations. I can adapt easily in any situation and I am a person who does not give up when confronted with difficulties. On the contrary, such situations make me stronger and they give me the power to move on. The main experiences that have helped me build my personality have taken place in the high school period, when I worked as a team with different teachers and colleagues with whom I succeeded in combining the useful and the pleasant aspects. The main persons that have influenced my personality were my class teachers and my parents. My child's thoughts have developed in the thinking of a mature person, who can identify problems and solutions. After school classes, I like spending my time listening to music or playing sports. I like reading computer science magazines. I listen to a wide variety of music including pop and traditional music. I enjoy socializing and finding out various but useful information. I like to be an active person and to get involved into various activities. For the future I want to work hard for having a decent life and I hope that studying at this university can offer me great chances.