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Part One - Repair & Maintenance Costs
The domestic construction sector continues to operate at record levels in some states (Victoria, Western Australia) although it has slowed in others (New South Wales). Forecast interest rate rises in 2008 may affect building activity and could increase the likelihood of more competitive pricing. This might be good news for renovators in particular. Robert Caulfield Managing Director

Perimeter paling1 Front - picket Gates 1600 -1900mm various types Single Double 56 - 98 per m 50 - 150 per m 455 - 640 1,230 - 1,760

NOTES: 1. There are many varieties of fencing throughout Australia. This guide bases its prices on the Victorian type of perimeter fence.

This first part of the Archicentre Cost Guide is designed to help you budget for the repair or upgrading of your home. If your architect has given you costing information during your inspection, design or advice report it may be more specific than the general information provided here. Prices vary depending on which tradespeople provide prices, the quality of job required, the materials selected, site access and so forth. Your architect may be available to assist with repairs to the property. If this is the case, you will also receive more precise costing information than that which is provided here. NOTE: Within this given price range Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide prices tend to be the cheapest, with Melbourne offering middle of the range prices and Sydney, Hobart and Canberra positioned in the higher range. However, any city’s prices can be in the upper or lower price extreme. Country building prices typically cost between 5% and 15% more depending on remoteness and similar factors such as population size.

Framing Floorboards

Joists & Bearers1 From particleboard to feature timbers

15 - 31 per lineal metre 33 - 335 per m2

NOTES: 1. Joist spacings for a normal room are 450mm apart. Bearer spacings are around 1500mm apart. So a 20m2 room would cost around $1,185 - $1,550 to replace. 2. Areas under 10m2 will attract significantly higher installation costs. 3. Excludes demolition.

Zincalume Colorbond Per linear metre Whole house Per linear metre Whole house 29 - 46 2,440 - 3,300 35 - 56 3,000 - 4,020

New Concrete Path per m2 New Driveway

48 - 63 Plain Concrete per m

NOTES: 1. Prices are based on an average house with 70 linear metres of guttering and four downpipes, supplied and fitted.

54 - 72 62 - 85 71 80

Coloured Concrete per m2 Slate Impression on Concrete per m2 Stencilled Concrete per m2
NOTES: 1. Based on average 75mm thickness and minimum area of 50m2 (An average driveway is about 70m2)

Thermal Rating Ceiling Cellulose Fibre Cellulose Fibre Fibreglass Batts Fibreglass Batts Walls R1.5 Batts 430 Foil (per m )

R2.0 - R2.5 4.5 - 6.7 680 - 1005 14.1 - 19 2,120 - 2,850 13.5 - 18.4 6.2 - 8.5 House Lot (per m2) House Lot (per m )
2 2


Rising Damp/Salt Damp
Single brick Double brick Single brick Double brick

71 - 82 120 - 145 148 - 177 220 - 255 7.8 - 17.6 40 - 46 24 - 30

(per m )

Silicon Injected Damp-Proof Course (per linear metre) Replace Damp-Proof Course (per linear metre) Re-Point Mortar (per m ) New Air Vents

NOTES: 1. All figures based on 150m2 house/roof with reasonable access.

Exterior Timber1 - Good Condition Timber - Bad Condition Brick Interior3

12 - 25 per m2 17 - 29 per m2 12 - 15 per m2 11 - 24 650 - 830 1,800 - 2,300

Clay Galvanised Steel

NOTES: 1. The price increases in all categories depending on surface condition. 2. Figures do not include re-plastering and other repair of wall surfaces.

per square metre Single room 3mx4mx3m “Victorian Style” per room4

Drain to stormwater or sump e.g. 20m = 1,420 - 2,500
NOTES: 1. Prices vary depending on access and length. An average length could be 20 metres at approx $71 - $125 per m. 2. Does not include removal or replacement of hard surfaces over drains. Refer to “paving” category.

NOTES: 1. Painting of timber houses includes windows and door frames, plus the weatherboards. 2. Painting of brick houses involves only windows & door frames. 3. Includes doors, skirting & architraves. Poor surface conditions can double these indicative prices, e.g. for extra coats of paint, and for extensive preparation. 4. Includes special trims and a variety of colours. 5. Figures based on average size house (150m2) with reasonable structural condition.

130 41 .9. Difficult access increases the cost. Borer. Hourly rate for extra excavation (eg. Does not include demolition or removal of existing plaster walls.48. This category is only relevant in States where the houses have stumps as part of their subfloor structure (eg.4. NOTES: 1. Involves digging a trench.000 or 155 . Figures include labour and material and assume application onto a reasonable sub-surface.57 39 .300 .600 950 .100 Melb 230 . Should get guttering price separate.500 .200 .3.56 46 . 5. Melbourne houses which are low to the ground (typically inner suburbs) require trenching for jack access under bearers.500 1.600 .690 or 62 . 7 8. any city’s prices can be in the upper or lower extreme.500 or 46 . 3. RESTUMPING (REBLOCKING) ($) Per Stump (concrete) Per Average (150m ) House 2 60 .) Allow about $15.60 NOTES: 1. also applying under floor of building. Prices include elaborate cornices. 3. 4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Archicentre gratefully acknowledges Geoffrey Moyle AAIQS from Construction Planning and Economics Pty Ltd for assisting in preparing this cost guide.000 .500 Bris 4.800 40 . 2.40 NOTES: 1.6.600 2. 50 stumps per house.81m2 4.65m2 10. (Note: costs can vary dramatically. These are more for new housing. “Replacement” includes battens and new guttering but not ceiling joists.600 .000 200 .500 .200 .830 20. Involves attracting termites into bait boxes.W.1. 3.1. Excludes repairs to doors. architraves etc. Figures based on 150m2 house with reasonable access. Vinyl Tiling (per m2) Wall Ceramic Tiling (per m2) PLUMBING ($) Renew Cold Water Pipes Hot Water Service unit renewal Complete house replumb1 1. 5. Please note that GST is included in these figures. Extra to replace timber (ie. excludes N. Poor subfloor access requires that floorboards be lifted and replaced at a carpenters hourly rate. which can need extensive repairs in some cases.600 or 40 .23.300 .400 25.11. Sydney and Brisbane tend to be at the lower end of inspection prices.6.200 Melb 3. Smaller jobs’ rates can cost up to 50% more.600 7. Prices vary significantly depending on selection of tiles and grout.900 .750 .400 1.) 2. bearers.000 2.60m2 11. These prices assume continuous work over some days.000 4 5.330m2 780 .6. say. with prices depending on methods.500 300 . This will vary with different contractors. “Rebedding” is removal of the tile & its old mortar and repositioning tile on new mortar.425 Timber Pest Inspection NOTES: 1. However. Rebedding3 PLASTERING 1 ($) Contemporary Finish 2 Whole house Single room 3mx4mx3m 39 . .440 . and other metropolitan cities in the middle. Figures based on 150m2 house with reasonable access. replastering etc. TRADE LABOUR RATES ($/hr) Brick Layer Carpenter Plumber and Gas Fitter Plasterer Painter Electrician Drainer 39 .31 per linear metre. Wood Decay Fungi and other destructive timber pests. joists etc.5 metres high at 2.4m spacing and.32. which spreads thoughout colony. and could double the cost.900 Trenching Baiting 3 Drilling Trees (per tree) Physical barriers 2.6.500 . 2. gutters & downpipes (using a house with 70 linear metres of guttering and four downpipes as standard).14. Figures include a supervision.160 . Complete replumbing includes hot & cold water replacement. if rock is found). profit and overhead margin of 10%-20%. Allow about $60 per hour. 2.700 or 32 . 7.000 Melb 14. 3. flooding with termiticide and backfilling with soil which soaks up chemical. 6.12.900 NOTES: 1. “Victorian” Style Finish Whole house Single room 3mx4mx3m Hard Plaster (per m2) Standard Plasterboard (per m2) TILING ($) Floor Ceramic Tiling (per m2) Quarry Tiling (per m ) 2 95 .400 .300 . Termite.10.1.700 Melb Timber (80-90 Stumps) Brick Veneer (60 Stumps) Solid Brick (40 Stumps) NOTES: 1. Based on 150m2 house with conventional pitch and simple roof lines. 4.56 39 . materials and extent of barriers.400 Bris 5.170 95 . Prices of 2 & 3 vary greatly depending on the number of ridges & valleys which the roof has.100 90 .1.1. 2.55 46 . 7.000 2. “Repointing” means renewal of mortar around the outside of ridge and valley tiles.56 46 . 4.80 20 . Melbourne at the higher end.2. windows.13.550 .S. 6.50m2 6. then placing a termiticide to eliminate them. Brisbane stumps may be 2.500 .) 6.162 NOTES: 1.ARCHICENTRE COST GUIDE – January 2008 PEST MANAGEMENT Dusting 1 2 Termite treatment ($) REPLACEMENT ROOFING ($) Tiles Concrete Terra Cotta Metal Zincalume Colorbond Slate Strip & Re-Nail New Roof Repointing 2 500 . Involves dusting termite galleries with termiticide.100 .500 .

woodchippers & grinders. 3. relocation or replacement of windows.45.30. these second storey costs include demolition of existing ground level roof.500 4.2. 2. heating or repairs and upgrades to parts of the existing house such as roof and gutter repairs. Based on 150m2 house with 15-18 power outlets. Prices are extremely variable and depend on the following: tree height.270 .600 NOTES: 1.7.000 10.900 225 . depending upon a number of factors such as • individual builders selected • choice of materials • extent of client involvement • method of construction • site accessibility • extent of documentation • size of the job. You may also need to allow for paving and landscaping upgrades. Higher prices are likely with more unstable soil that will require more excavation etc.1. (Major reinforcement of the lower storey and roof configuration changes is often required.36.350 310 . plumbing.200 . and the extended roofline over the shell. painting. tiling.660 Additions to New Construction ($) Bathroom Kitchen Laundry 5.27.800 .200 . WIRING ($) Complete House Rewire 34 .2.1. In many cases more than 30% of the construction cost can be saved and/or a better job achieved through your architect’s preparing the tender documents and helping review the tenderers. EXTENSIONS 1 The indicative square metre rates are for basic shell only. appliances or the construction of internal partitions to modify the layout of rooms. 3 Where the extension involves kitchens.650 per m2 add 105 . you must also add the “additions to new construction” costs to the total. painted two colours maximum.8. 4. A sample cost plan is provided overleaf.500 3.600 .900 . bathrooms and laundries.400 . you will receive costings which are more specific to your project than this general guide. damp. 2.000 .9.700 Brick veneer Solid brick Weatherboard 950 .900 NOTES: In addition to ground level costs. cabinetry additions and surfacing eg.1. sanitary fixtures. WARNING ABOUT BUILDING PRICES Building prices vary considerably.8. However.000 UNDERPINNING ($) Per Pad (or pin size) 1000x1000x900 Per Pad (or pin size) 1000x1000x600 Soil Test Engineer’s Report Replacement of Bearers & Joists Removal of Sub-Floor Soil 1.165 NOTES: 1. larger works achieve a more economical price per square metre • quality of job required eg.9. 2 Prices assume good access to the site and relatively simple roof configuration. EXTENSIONS .53 per m2 Other Common Items Safety Switch Service Call Individual Power Points 5. These prices also apply to upper level extensions when built at the same time as the ground level. wiring.Upper Level ($) Shell only Single Room (20m2) Larger Extension (per m ) 2 26.700 7. density of branches/foliage. Good access is also assumed.400 1. 3. access to site for travel towers.400 1. Part Two . Prices decrease for volume. NOTES: Prices include plastering.100 . costs are less because no allowance needs to be made for repainting. trunk circumference. with two or three power points per room. the renewal of fittings and fixtures.1. Price increases significantly depending on accessibility.355 per m3 NOTES: 1. 15-18 light points. Double hung window costs are about 20% more.850 31 . Square metre rates for windows increase for smaller windows and decrease for larger windows.750 280 . obstructions. WINDOW RENEWAL (DOMESTIC) ($) Awning Double glazing Skylight eg.17.900 .2.1. drapes.410 . painting. Exclusions: Plumbing.100 .Ground Level ($) Shell only Single Room (20m2) Larger Extension (per m ) 2 RENOVATIONS ($) Bathroom (ensuite is less) Kitchen Laundry Bedroom Single Room 20m2 9.24. carpets. tree alive or dead. re-blocking and pest treatment. new mains and box circuit breaker switchboard with reasonable access. The estimates exclude stormwater drainage. RENOVATIONS Indicative costs assume that the rooms which are being renovated are in sound condition. The upgrading standard is to medium-quality brick veneer or timber. .130 80 .1.250 .50 per lineal metre 180 . minor structural or reinforcement of the ground floor area and minor restructuring of the remaining lower floor roofing configuration. 4 The indicative costs do not include upgrading of services such as electrical.200 Brick veneer Solid brick Weatherboard 1. Skylight cost includes shaft installation. plumbing.920 850 . Prices include removal of one or two walls at the junction of works. NOTES: 1.060 .900 16. Inclusions: Plasterboard walls. but this cost variation cannot be accurately estimated without direct reference to the specific project. Soil Test and Engineer’s Report costs can vary by 50%.630 1. 2 Even better accuracy will be achieved after the Design Report is developed and taken to competitive tender where actual prices are obtained. needing no structural upgrade. replastering and replacing windows.400 78 .350 . since these have been included in the extension costs. paving.500 3. sashless are around 50% more. 2.120 1.) NOTES: In most respects this section is the same as the Renovation table.030 . EXTENSIONS . since these rooms need special fittings and fixtures. 2.ARCHICENTRE COST GUIDE – January 2008 TREE REMOVAL ($) Cutting down & removal per tree 300 .000 . The range could be wider if all the factors counted against easy removal.1. joinery and surfacing of wet areas. buildings underneath.100 4.Renovation & Extension Costs This part of the guide provides some typical costs for common renovation and extension projects.590 NOTES: 1.315 per m2 460 . 600 x 600 Aluminium Timber 240 .500per m2 320 . project home or top of the range standard MORE ACCURATE PRICING IS AVAILABLE 1 If your architect is preparing an Archicentre Design Report for you.

separate contracts.900 GST is included in these figures ESTIMATED TOTAL $175.000 $8.000 $303.900 $7. staging and miscellaneous.800 $3. 2603 Fax: (02) 6273 1953 1300 13 45 13 www.800 $5.800 $10. SUB TOTAL Builders Preliminaries.000 Excluded Excluded $30.400 - $9.$60.T. Victoria Queensland 70 Merivale Street South Brisbane Queensland 4101 Fax: (07) 3846 4970 530 Glenferrie Road Hawthorn Victoria 3122 Fax: (03) 9819 5413 Archicentre Limited A.000 Excluded Excluded $4.000 $12.B.200 $5. ground floor) $2.archicentre.400 $ Northern Territory 1 Shepherd Street Darwin N. ducted vacuum.500 $130.000 $6.ARCHICENTRE COST GUIDE – January 2008 SAMPLE OPINION OF PROBABLE COST (80m2 ground level addition) REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS TO EXISTING BUILDING PC Allowances for work (extent yet to be determined) Re-stumping and making good Re-roofing Re-wiring Other alterations and repairs to remaining building ( Opinion based on average suburban prices.500 Kitchen (mid-range. sheds.000 $333.900 Excluded Excluded $15.000 $12.0%) Design and professional fees Items by the client.000 Excluded Excluded $7.stormwater.000 $4.000 Excluded Excluded $102. site costs. gas External paving and paths.000 $8. SUB TOTAL Excluded $15. overheads and attendance $4.000 $33.T. intercoms. 0800 Fax: (08) 8981 3042 Western Australia 33 Broadway Nedlands WA 6009 Fax: (08) 9389 6211 ARCGE300 © Copyright January 2008 – Unauthorised use prohibited – Archicentre Limited . heating and fireplaces.000 $10.000 $20. crossover.000 $8. trade allowance) Built-in cupboards and wardrobes Ensuite fitout SUB TOTAL $5.000 NEW BUILDING Demolition and Removal Additions (80m2 brick veneer shell allowance.000 $5. excluding whitegoods) Bathroom fitout (mid-range) Laundry fitout (excluding whitegoods) Air conditioning. carport Fencing and gates.000 .N.500 $76.000 $59.500 OTHER COSTS AND ALLOWANCES Escalation if project is delayed Design change / contract contingency allowance (10.000 $10.C. “smart-wiring”etc.000 Excluded Excluded $176. light fittings Security.25%) SUB TOTAL $159. pergolas. sewer.000 $6. 34 001 866 520 A wholly owned subsidiary of The Royal Australian Institute of Architects New South Wales 479 Darling Street Balmain New South Wales 2041 Fax: (02) 9555 5011 Tasmania the studio 49A Davey Street Hobart Tasmania 7000 Fax: (03) 6224 1823 National Telephone South Australia 100 Flinders Street Adelaide South Australia 5000 Fax: (08) 8228 0333 Australian Capital Territory 2A Mugga Way Red Hill A. water.700 Excluded $30.000 $12.000 (15 . decks etc. whitegoods. SUB TOTAL EXTERNAL WORKS AND SERVICES In-ground services .

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