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December 7, 2009


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healthy and productive. My new suit is already too small. As if this weren't puzzlingenough. Trish's skin is also gorgeous. New York City \ Americans off saturated fats almost 40 years ago. they probably envisioned a future of people who were slim. "Whole milk and cheese made a huge difference. my skin feels like sandpaper. who filled her in on his saturated fat diet. "l'll admit I was resistant to stopping low-fat foods since calorie restriction was so ingrained in my mind. And with a cleaner system.. I probably spent $40 a month on that stuff.!---= I I lt NOW: it /1." Trish lost 35 [bs! 26 | First for . But though intake of sat fats (found in foods like butter. where sat-fat intake is high and decadent creamy and buttery dishes ease 'i' '¿-- It worked for me "l'm saving a fortune on diet meals!" This is so embarrassing. "l even landed a new health-care job. "lfeeltotally changed inside and out." she says. worried pharmaceutical rep Trish Dowling as she sat in a doctor's office. Trish was cautiously optimistic about Dr. Thankfully.. done that twice with virtually every diet on the planet. there are the baffling statistics from France. obesity rates more than doubled (to 34 percent ofadults) and heart disincidence rose to 1 I percent." Trish found that cooking with butter and olive oil left her more satisfied than a day of low-fat grazing. saving her hundreds a year on lotions and acne treatments.. Trish's meltdown happened in the office of Michael Aziz.28." she says. Aziz's plan. coconut oil and whole dairy) has plummeted by 20 percent since 1971. ls a saturate 149lbs Amer¡cans I have a sense of hen experts began warning I'm worth ít! ' - Trish Dowling.l'm supposed to be promoting health. But Trish was no newbie to weight-loss attempts: "l'd been there. M. but I look horrifyíng!The thought made Trish burst into tears just as the doctor came to greet her. "Mostly I was a sucker for boxed meals.D. "The foods tasted 20 t¡mes better!" She lost 35 pounds-6 pounds the first week." Still. the national waistline has ballooned and health has suffered: Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that during this period." she raves.

unrefined palm oil. processed grains.rtl ing processed foods in lll lrrts were replaced with supItr. ' j:: {ho crme to mean high sugar. certain animalfats raise sLDL. fatty fish. to ban all fats than to get tlurt might confuse people. i?' . better memor¡ reduced depression and anxiery improved libido and younger-looking skin. luiz. A CLOSER LOOK AT CHOLESTEROL ." Þ ol America's (11 percent) and lll¡c. a lS-year studyof nearþ 162. Turns out. refined vegetable oils. One type of LDL is fluffy and too big to go below the arrerial walls to cause clogs. O^. sat-fat t¡ls were eventuallylinked to u)"'l'lr. more in-depth study of the types of LDL reveals an important distinction of which manydoctors are still unaware.AREN'T SAT FATS BAD FOR THE HEART? The saturated fat-heart disease link is a m¡h that's been debunked by the Women's Health Initiative.l)." (At cvcn fish and olive oil were back then was. nuts."And weight loss isn'r the only benefit: Many nore lower cholesterol. . women who ¡¡rturated fat shed 33 percent than their counterparts tctl the stuff. partially Ø foodsthatcan hydrogenated oils/fats . such a diet is also very satisfying due to the flavorenhancing effects of fat and its ability to slow digestion.¡tccl oils..llthier trans fats and refined .i. whole milk. foggy famished (not an option during hectic holiday season). metabolic syndrome rlisrase. that and the sat BUT. fish oil. üt fats speed loss building blocla lrrls are the ol llrc hormones that play ll¡cl¡rbolism and fat burnI) r.. eggs.'thinking the hormones progesterone. who po¡nt to increasing research indicating "sat fats" are key to switching the body from fat-storing to fat-burning mode YES.' r'ates are among the low(at about 3 percent)..i. or "badj' cholesterol) in which LDL is high. shel lf ish.ruthor of the upcoming l'fu l\'rlbct 10 Diet ( too preliminary. There. ilr h rrrrcxpected results? Michael 'r'ld [ deficiency maki ng ea\¡y? lror ul....rt. the second." with high-fructose HDL Actions: High ratio of HDL to LDL boosts heart health rlnrl other refined carbs that 't ing women's insulin sþ- LDL Actions: Transports cholesterol without clogging arter¡es sLDL Astions: Damages and clogs arteries hcart-harming inflammawcight gain. testosterone and the adrenal hormone DHEA."small LDIi'(sLDL). the food fttrrr¡rcd on the low-fat bandt lr. Dr.000 healtþpostmenopausal women. or 'þood." llrrt lhe most recent research llnl s¡rturated fats actually speed lrr one study at the University lir rrt in ' lirt. butterþhee.: / . lltr rv. a diet rich in also bloodbody adds. is dense and small and can squeeze under the arterial walls to clog arteries. while sat fats are associated with a lipid profile (a measure that includes the ratio of HDI....." cholesterol to LDI." says Dr. Aziz And unlike other diet plans can leave women fatigued.lower HDLto-LDL ratio: Refined sugars. says MichaelAzia M. saturated fats in a meal prevent sugar from entering the stream too quickl¡ helping the avoid the insulin spikes that can prompt cravings and signal the liver to convert sugars into belly fat. with no negative impact on the arteries and heart. u nsweetened cocoa." says Dllviz. flax oil Ø roo¿s that help Ø roo¿s that raise LDL without harming the heart: Coconut oil. obesity rates are nutrition experts. "To the chagrin of |lll¡trrn trying to stay slim. assert fats is physically and mentally energizing since the body tends to burn the fats immediately for fuel. ¡rircked Aziz. These include improve HDL-to-LDL ratio: Cold-pressed extra virg¡n olive oil. estrogen."Low- . .D. ll¡rlrrirrs:"The science that led Io issue low-fat guidelines tlll¡ lv. nrirtters worse. "This is why women on my plan lost up to 8 pounds in a week. saturated fats only raiselevels of large fluffy LDL.'.

løu. 1 Cup (the spicy. almonds and almond butter. extra-virgin olive oil. but try to avoid grains (like rice. You can lose about 3 pounds a week on this modified plan. Lunch Tuna and Art¡choke Pasta: Combine 1 can of albacore tuna. tahini. Other sources of healthy fats ( monounsaturates) include avocados. Season with herbs to taste.Instead of fearing saturated fats like coconut oil. oatmeal and wholegrain bread) and one serving ofstarchy vegetables. . palm oil and dark chocolate. $ looking skin by Christmas-all while enjoying the season's favorites. or other combinations of your favorite fresh fruit and nuts. To keep blood sugar stabilized and metabolism rewed. lemon juice.l'. berries and citrus are top choices. quartered artichoke hearts. Aziz's plan encourages eating carbohydrates. fresh-squeezed lemonade and herbal and green teas for beverages. Michael sources (like mushrooms and legumes) Aziz. The Perfect 10 Diet) guaranteed to help you shed up to three dress sizes and have glowing. Azizalso recommends less protein than other plans since too much has been shown to slow thyroid function. If you re fairþ sedentary one serving of protein from nonanimal and still slim. dark leafr get your in stone: "It won't sabotage your success if you have a little of these foods during holiday festivities. fill mostly from vegetables and fruit. shellfish and dairy) in one or two meals per day is enough.. enjoy two to three servings daily of foods that contain them. com- bine one large (very ripe) banana. olive oil and a splash of Snack A wedge of Camembe¡'t cheese and whole-grain crackers with raw cashews and an apple. To eat all your favorites from the United Kingdom) and sparkling lemonade over ice Dr. milk.reveals the meal plan (available December 15 in his new book. Follow the basic formula above. add ginger ale or sparkling mineral water and garnish with an orange slice. If you don't want to give up grains and starchyveggies. olive oil. eating protein two or three times.. Ifyou exercise a few times a week.D." says Dr. blend well Snack Garlic Hummus Dipper: ln food processor. whole-wheat pasta. Breakfast Coconutty Shake: ln blender. 1 cup coconut milk.. pasta. combíne 1 can of chickpeas. lemon juice. with a cucumber spear. Another boon: Dr.M. Pimm's Cup: Go retro with Pimm's No. citrusy cocktail base greens.%cup blanched almond slivers and some crushed ice. salt and cayenne pepper to taste.Á. untilsmooth. Thanks to their purported hormone-balancing powers. and fatty fish (like salmon and tuna). You'll to water. fresh garlic. 3 Tbs. go to your hips For superior fat melting. But this isn't set No-Gin Fizz: Dilute a sparkling or still wine of your choice with sparkling mineral water and a shot of antioxidant-loaded cranberry or pomegranate juice. To zip off up to 8 lbs every week.: lNl Lose 31 lbs by Christmas! Exclusively for FIRST. blend thoroughly. follow the food plan (outlined under "It's so easy!") and try to stick to a daily maximum of three Ginger Backswing: Pour a shot of sweet vermouth over ice. Serve w¡th p¡ta crisps and crudités." assures Dr. younger- and animal sources (like poultry eggs. . .Dr. butter. Stick mostly grain servings (opting for fiber-packed options such as wild and brown rice. cruciferous veggies.daily will do. Toss with 1 cup cooked whole-wheat pasta. Aziz. 3 party sips that won't It's so easy! "Just think of the foods yodve been avoiding for years and add them back to your diet. bread and cereal) and starchyvegetables since they can spike insulin. Aziz cautions against alcohol-but hey. Use fresh herbs and spices and sweeteners like agave syrup and stevia to flavor food and beverages. ¡t's the holidays! So FIRST's nutrit¡on team rounded up a few dietfriendly cockails that wont throw off the plan. eat every three hours for a total of three main meals and two snacks daily if yotlre hungry.

Family celebrations are doing me in. She explains. chopped cukes. NY NOW: 170lbs six miles?"' Deprivation had always been Tanya's diet deal breaker. 42. minced scallions. 57 pounds sleeker. low-sodiu m teriyaki sauce and lime juice. Tanya Fridman stepped on the scale for what had become an annualtradition. 'You're so out of breath. the caller would say. who lost 8 pounds the first week.D. Each year holiday weight gain left Tanya feeling run down as she tried to nestle back into her daily routine. diced avocado. They used to look at me." says Tanya. "l loved that I wasnt expected to eat like a little bird. she thought. nnrcg I nrct ¡or tuomen | 29 .' Tanya Fridman. "lf I answered a cell phone call while out walk¡ng my dog. realized that she had given herself the gift of energy. crushed peanuts.. /'ye gained 6 pounds. red pepper flakes. Staten lsland."' Best of all. so she found the Perfect 10 Diet by Michael Aziz.i ''\b It worked for me "l've been given the gift of energy!" When the dust settled on last year's holiday season." Seven months later Tanya. much easier to swallow. And the perks keep píling up-at the last bíg family dinner. "They asked. Tanya wowed her relatives.'People look at you now when we're out walking. Tanya instituted a new holiday traditíon: "l won't gain a single pound!" ( Þ' Tanya lost Din ner Thai-Style Chicken Salad: Combine chopped 57 lbs! cooked chicken. 'Did you have a face-lift? You look completely different. cilantro. M. salad greens. "lt was holiday-friendly-l was allowed to eat desserts and turkey. Did you just run My daughter jokes.