Dear Sir/Madam I SANTOSH B E am pursuing final year MBA, at REVA Institute Of Technology and Management. Am doing a “A STUDY ON RECEIVABLES MANAGEMENT IN STUMPP, SCHEULE AND SOMAPPA SPRINGS PVT LTD” as a part of my project and need your valuable responses to support my analysis. Hence, I request you to kindly fill in this questionnaire and help me in my Project work. The information so collected will be used for academic purposes and kept confidential.

1. What is the nature of your business? Manufacturing 2. How long you have been our customer? < 1 year Exporting 1-5 years Designing 5-10 years Marketing More than 10 years

3. What is the basis of allowing credit? Nature of agreement

Volume of Transactions

Mode of Payment

Credit period you are most benefited? 30 days E60 days 90 days >120 days 7. What is your opinion about our credit policy? Lenient Stringent Moderat e 5.Total Revenue 4. Have you availed any cash discount from ssspl . Will you increase purchases if there is an extension in credit period? Yes No Can’t say 6.

Yes No (i)if yes. net 45 days 1%/ 20 days. What is percentage of cash discount do you prefer. net 60 days .5%-2% >2% (ii) if no. please specify_______________ 8.5%/ 15 days. if sssspl offers? 1. What is the percentage of cash discount availed from ssspl? <0.5% 1.25%/ 15 days.5%-1% 1%-1. net 30 days 1.5% 0.

Frequency of the account receivable with ssspl(number of invoices raised in the year)? <2 2-5 5-10 1015 >25 11. net 90 days 9. Number of remainders received by sssspl for credit availed? <5 . Mode of payment Cheque Cash Electronic Fund Transfer Demand Draft Other (specify)___ 10.5%/ 20 days.0.

5-7 >7 Remainder till confirmation of pay No Remainder 12. Did you took loan just to pay the credit on time? Yes No 14. Probable reason for delay in payment Tight Liquidity . Number of times default in pay after due dated (extension of date of pay) has occurred? <2 2-3 3-5 >5 No default 13.

Rate the level of satisfaction about the remainder of credit amount by ssspl? Very good Good Average Bad Very Bad 16.Lack of financial resource Competition Global Recession Reduced margin 15. How you rate the behaviour of the collection representative with you? Excellent Good Average Bad .

How do you rate the responsiveness of the SSSPL for credit extension? Excellent Good Average Bad Very Bad 19. How you rate in a scale of 5 the overall credit system of the SSSPL? 1 2 . What do you feel about cash discount provided by the ssspl? Excellent Good Average Bad Very Bad 18.Very Bad 17.

Any other comments about problems faced due to our credit policy Thanking you Please provide details about yourself and your organization below.3 4 5 20. Name: Designation: Telephone Number: E-mail Address: Signature/seal/logo .

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