Summary Sheet

1. Name and address of the institute: State: _____________ 2. (a)Name of the contact Person & designation (b)Details of the contact person : :

STD Code: _______________ Phone no.: _______________ Fax no. : _______________ Email_id : _______________ Mobile : _______________

3. Address of the Website of the institute : ______________________ 4. Programme(s) to be accredited: 1. _____________ 2. _____________ 3. _____________ 4. _____________ 5. _____________ 6. _____________ 5. Department offering the Programme : 6. Name of the affiliating University :

7. Date of start of the AICTE approved programmes under consideration for accreditation: (i) /____/____/____ (mm/yy) (ii) /____/____/____ (mm/yy) (iii) /____/____/____ (mm/yy) 8. List the different programs offered at different levels by the department : (B.E/B.Tech./ME./M.Tech./Ph.D/Certificate/Diploma/PG Diploma) Level Department Prog. to be accredited 1.1 1.2 1.1 1.2 Present Student Strength Year Year II Year Year I III IV Total


1 2


1 2


1 2

1.1 1.2 2.1 2.2 1.1 1.2 2.1 2.2

Number of students admitted in the department during the last four years: Category State quota Outside State quota NRI Students Other Overseas students (PIO/Foreign Nationals) SC/ST BC/ OBC Physically Handicapped Grand Total (M: Male • F: Female T: Total) Total number of students on roll : ____________ Year 1 M F T Year 2 M F T Year 3 M F T Year 4 M F T 10./B./M.D Others 1 1 1. Assignments.) for assessing the academic standing of students is being carried out? Yes No b) If Yes./M.Ph. Group Discussions etc.1 1.E. Number of teaching.D. how are the evaluation results being used for improvement of the academic programme ? .Tech) Technical Supporting Staff Administrative Staff Total Male Female SC/ST BC 11.E. Tutorials. Seminars.2 9. as the highest qualification Teachers with Masters degree as the highest qualification (M. a) Whether Internal periodic evaluation (i. technical and administrative staff of the department. of teachers Teachers with Ph.Phil) Teachers with Bachelors degree as the highest qualification (B. Quiz.Sc. Category No.e.Tech/M.

Pass % >75. Give the following details : (Department-wise) Level UG (B. : Yes/No in Hostels : Yes/No c. Pass % >75.Tech) Departm ent Prog. of International journals subscribed No.12. Number of Teachers who have attended national /international workshops/seminars during last three years*: e. Category Number of students admitted (Entry year) Drop outs Appeared for the final exam. of Popular Magazines In departmental library b. Date Title of Workshop/ Seminar etc.E/M.E/B. of volumes available No. Books & Periodicals in the library: Particulars In Central Library No. of servers available : _______________ (iii) No. Seminars/workshops/refresher courses organized during last three years. of Printers available : _______________ (v) Internet access available to the students: In computer center : Yes/No In the Dept. of Nodes attached to LAN : _______________ (iv) No. University ranks if any Pass % 65>75 Pass %<65 Number of students admitted (Entry year) Drop outs Appeared for the final exam. Furnish the following details (in numbers): a. of titles available No. of National Journals subscribed No. Convener 13. Number of teachers involved in institutional/departmental administrative work: d. (i)Computers in the department: P-IV ____P-III ____P-II ____ Others _____ (ii) No. University ranks if any Pass % 65>75 Pass %<65 Year I Year II Year III Year IV PG (M.Tech) .

Profile of the Faculty in the Department: Name of the Faculty Designa tion Highest Qualifica tion with specializ ation Salary (Basic & Total emolume nts) Experience in years Total In this Institution Asst. Faculty Contribution: * (specific to the Department under consideration for accreditation) Name of the faculty National Papers International Publications Books Monogr ams Articles/Case Studies prepared Filed Patents Registe red Ph.14. Lecturer Visiting Faculty Teaching load/week Age Sex SC/ST/ BC/PH 16. (a) Total Strength of Faculty Prof. Students Presently registered Degrees awarded Provide the list of the teaching staff who have received national/international recognition as fellows.? 17. of Posts filled (b) Ratio of academic staff ( Teaching and Technical staff) to administrative staff (c) Faculty/ Student ratio 15. awardees etc. Teachers/Supporting staff deputed for up gradation /improvement in Quality of Teaching Learning Process under different schemes Name of the Scheme QIP Refresher Course Winter /Summer Schools Advance training Orientation courses Others Teaching Technical staff Non-Technical Staff . Prof.D. No. (a) What type of appraisal system exist for teaching and technical staff for evaluation of the teaching-learning process?* (Describe in brief) 18. of Posts Sanctioned No.

(a) Collaboration with National and International Agencies / Industries Nature of collaboration Teaching Research Curriculum Development Consultancy Training Continuing Education (b) Ongoing consultancy work*: Title Faculty Involved Source of Funding Total Cost Date of Sanction Duration Name of collaborating agency Revenue generated (if any) (c ) List of Visiting faculty from Industry* Name of the Department Name & Designation of the Visiting Faculty Specialization Name of the Industry 21.19. R&D Activities : (a) List the major thrust areas within the discipline in which research activities are being pursued. Financial Status . (b)Important research work carried out/ On going research projects*: Title Project Source of Total Cost Investigator Funding Carried Out Ongoing Date of Sanction Duration 20.

(a) Sources of financial support during last three years : RECEIPTS Particulars Year I a) Ministry of HRD (Central) b) State Government c) UGC d) Trust e) Donations f) Fees g) R&D/ TAPTEC/ MODROB/ any other grant from AICTE h) Consultancy receipts i) Others (b) Total expenditure incurred during last three years Head Recurring Non-recurring Year I Year II Year III Recurring Year II Year III Year I Non-recurring Year II Year III c) Expenditure for the current year : Head Salary Library Computer Consultancy R&D/MODROB/TAPTEC Faculty Development Continuing Education Programme Equipment Others Amount Percentage 22. Year III (Rs. MODROB TAPTEC R&D EMD Year I (Rs. AICTE Schemes: Category lakhs) . Year II ( lakhs) lakhs) No. Departmental participation in various schemes: a.

Placement Records (for last three years) a) Employment Details Name of the programme No. of students recruited through campus placement No. of organizations visited for campus interviews Total No. of students opted self employment b) Placement Records ( for last three years. . Yearwise)* Name of the Prog.. CSIR etc. Title of the Project Project Investigator Funding Source Cost of Project Date of Sanction Duration of Project 23. of students pursuing Higher Education No. of campus Highest passouts placements (Salary offered) Lowest (Salary offered) Average (Salary offered) 24. No. Involvement of alumni: a) Number of Alumni enrolled in Alumni Association ? Category (Department wise) Numbers Total b) Whether alumni newsletter are being published? Yes No c) Give the details of the alumni meeting that were held in the last three years.IIPC NCP Others b ) Other schemes Information on Grants received from other agencies like DST. UGC.

/Dept. (if answer to ‘a’ is yes) (c ) Give salient features of the Strategic Plan 27. Planning (a) Has the Department developed its own Strategic Plan for another 10-15 years to achieve the objectives as laid down in its vision and goal ? (b) Give the action plan to achieve the targets. Any two weaknesses you find in your system which need to be addressed to in near future. Give the departmental initiatives for contribution towards the Society/community: * Category Projects undertaken Training Programs organized Others 26.d) Provide the following : * (Maximum of 5) Name of renowned Alumni Designation Support/Contribution Provided Interaction with Inst. * (Keep the details ready for perusal of the visiting committee) Numbers . Provide information on any two best innovative practices of your department: 28. 25.