The world has become global. That is an undeniable reality. Two main forces in history have been responsible for this. The first one, the positive one, is the proletariat; and the second, the negative one, is the bourgeoisie. The proletariat in the course of its historical development since the 11th century on the basis of its untiring class struggle had arrived during the 19th century at the awareness that it had no fatherland or country and its emancipation, while such must start within one or more countries is possible only globally. For that reason, the working class builds its movement in every country and at the same time builds a single international working class movement. Its aims is to win the world, meaning, to emancipate the working class and the whole humanity from poverty, exploitation, oppression, war, etc and build a classless world in which the development of every one is the condition for the development of all. But such trend has been counteracted by the bourgeoisie who have used all threats and violence and ideological approaches including reformism and revisionism to frustrate or destroy it. And it has succeeded, but not completely. The bourgeoisie has its own international agenda. It wants to dominate the world and put it under the eternal domination of capitalism. And it has achieved its aim through colonialism, neocolonialism, neoliberalism (globalization), fascism and world wars and through its political, military and ideological attacks at the working class movement. During the last quarter of the 19th century, capitalism reached the stage of imperialism and through the series of inter-imperialist wars including the first and second world wars, Cold War and present War on Terror hand in hand with neoliberalism and globalization it has consolidated its domination in the form of what President George Bush Sr. refers to as the New World Order. World poverty, inequality, disease, hunger, illiteracy, unemployment, crises, drugs, criminality, war, etc. are indications of the world dominated by the global elite. Such realities also constitute the present Philippines and Mindanao in particular. They reflect world capitalism, at the same time they have their own particular forms in the Philippines and Mindanao as determined by their particular histories and present conditions, economic, political, cultural, and others. Social work particularly the one expressed by the definition put forward by the IFSW in 2000 is a fitting response to both the global and Mindanao problem. It must deal with the Mindanao problem in the context of the Philippine and global reality. It must merge among the masses of the Moro, Indigenous peoples and migrants and become part of their struggle. Then, it must help them understand and grasp the parts as well as the whole, their situation and problems in the light of the national and global situation and problems. And then it must help them organize themselves and deal effectively with their immediate needs, problems and issues and also with their long-range problems particularly those that relate them to the Philippines and the world. And then it must help them mobilize themselves into actions that respond to such problems and that expand and strengthen their unity for liberation and social transformation.. And it must help

Human Rights Day and others.peasants and other oppressed people. seminars. . politically and organizationally. history. I have them apply what they learn from the classroom in their fieldwork and in their lives as students in relation to other students and to their families and communities. and other educational activities in order to expand our forces. listen to them and learn from them ( their history of struggle) and becoming part of their struggle.them relate themselves to the national and international efforts or movements for liberation and social transformation. These forces are meant to build the masses of the workers. And then we constantly share what we learn about them. International Day of Peace. There is no way for any sectarian development. IP and migrants. indigenous peoples and migrants. I consciously keep track of the developments in the local situation (North Cotabato) as well as in the national and global situation. We are thus building the peace forces in the schools and communities. Moro. it must unite them and relate them with the similar class forces in the Philippines and throughout the world. Working as a social work teacher in SSC. etc. we mobilize the studentry and other prople to go out into the streets for the meaningful celebration of the Social Work Day. Indigenization of social work means plunging it into the midst of the oppressed peoples and making it know them (their situation. culture. ethnicity. It must transcend nationality. Then. Social work represents the interests of the poor. And then. I have been engaged in a global social work approach. It must begin where the people are and then one with them it must help them develop themselves ideologically. 2011. exploited and oppressed masses including Moro. religion and others. We organize peace forums. like what we did on September 21. camps. And then we organize ourselves for the purpose of propagating our new learnings and practices among the students of all departments and also students in other schools and also with the people in the communities within our reach. These forces are not meant to achieve a peace likethat in the cemetery or a peace under the hanging sword of Damocles. But it must begin where they are. Intenational Working Class Day. Such for me is an example of a meaningful socialwork that is consistent with the IFSW¶s international definition.). Moro. IP and migrant into organizations for power and federations and coalitions of organizations for power which will capacitatethemselves for social transformation and eventually bring down the corrupt society and establish a truly just and humanesociety for all the people. And I encourage all my students to do the same thing. Documenting this process will make transparent the indigenization process.

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