Language & Linguistics 2011-12

Language & Linguistics 2011-12
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Author/Editor Index Welcome to the new Edinburgh University Press Language and Linguistics catalogue. As well as features on our top new titles you will find a full list of our backlist titles. Please browse to see how our list is developing especially in the areas of Sociolinguistics and Language Acquisition. Highlights for 2011-12 include:
Lanugage Teaching by Melinda Whong, p.11 An Introduction to Multilinguism by Larissa Aronin & Muiris Ó Laoire, p.11 An Introduction to Element Theory by Phillip Backley, p.14 Irish Sign Language by Lorraine Leeson & John I. Saeed, p.17

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Language & Linguistics

Written with the beginner in mind. Ana Deumert.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 4314 1 o £70. it provides a broad introduction covering areas such as multilingualism. create frequency lists from corpus materials. Washington DC Provides a solid foundation in all aspects of sociolinguistics ’The coverage is impressive in its richness of detail and range of studies… Mesthrie.’ Journal of Sociolingusitics The second edition of this popular textbook expertly synthesises the main approaches to sociolinguistics.00 Antonio Fábregas. Chemnitz University of Technology An ideal starting point for linguists approaching computer programming for the first time Practical examples are designed to help the reader to identify basic issues in handling language data. Each chapter covers the main concepts through example data. to gather basic descriptive statistics on texts. the Open University. before discussing the pros and cons of the approach. conduct simple analyses in morphology/ morphosyntax and FORTHCOMING Introducing Sociolinguistics Edited by Rajend Mesthrie. interactional studies.euppublishing.euppublishing. Swann. and a section on ‘next steps’ 2009 o 528pp 96 b&w illustrations Pb o 978 0 7486 3844 4 o £19. dialectology. suggestions for further reading. both University of Edinburgh This series supports the study of core topics as taught in the later years of linguistics degree courses. or to develop algorithmic thinking and solution strategies through turning a series of instructions into sample programs. language contact. language variation.00 www. May 2012 o 224pp o t 96 b&w illustrations Pb o 978 0 7486 4313 4 o £19. Each volume provides an in-depth introduction to a particular linguistic subdiscipline. Deumert and Leap have produced an excellent coursebook. Two different types of exercise help readers to either to learn interpret and understand illustrative sample code. this book moves away from the concentration on units found in introductory textbooks to focus on more in-depth examinations of processes and phenomena. and language and power. gender.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3843 7 o £80. and to design graphical user interfaces for writing more efficient and easy-to-use analysis tools. the American University. www. a full bibliography. drawings and cartoons • Uses numerous examples from multilingual settings • Includes a 3 . University of Cape Town.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3855 0 o £80. code-choice.00 Morphology Essential Programming for Linguistics From Data to Theories Martin Weisser. 2009 o 192pp o t o e Pb o 978 0 7486 3856 7 o £19. • Illustrated with maps. while also engaging with recent research on the subject. diagrams. University of Tromsø & Sergio Scalise. language and inequality. University of Cape Town & William Leap. Joan Swann. Volumes in the series provide exercises in each chapter to consolidate learning and suggestions for further reading to promote independent enquiry. inset boxes. University of Bologna A detailed discussion of morphology for intermediate and advanced students Tackling theoretical approaches to morphology including Construction Grammar and the Minimalist Program.Core Textbooks Edinburgh Advanced Textbooks in Linguistics SECOND EDITION Series Editors: Peter Ackema & Mitsuhiko Ota.

’ Times Higher Education I whole-heartedly congratulate Evans & Green for their laborious work and. computational. and communication disorders. recommend it to be used as a textbook … indispensable reading.00 Introducing Linguistic Morphology Laurie Bauer Guides the reader from the very first principles of the internal structure of words through to controversial issues 2003 o 384pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1705 0 o £19. 2004 o 472pp o t Pb o 978 0 7486 1905 4 o £19. University of Kentucky An international journal of linguistic morphology and all related disciplines Word Structure’s outlook is both synchronic and diachronic. and clinicians working in the area of speech. but also in its style and clarity.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 1704 3 o £85. Laurie SECOND EDITION Clinical Linguistics Louise Cummings. Its interests are both empirical and theoretical. syntax and phonology.99 JOURNAL Word Structure Editors: Heinz Giegerich. University of Bangor & Melanie Green. cognitive and historical linguistics and of any other relevant sub-discipline of linguistics. this textbook helps students learn for themselves how to do historical linguistics. this work is sufficiently comprehensive and detailed to serve as a reference work for scholars from linguistics and neighbouring disciplines who wish to gain a better understaning of the subject.99 SECOND EDITION Historical Linguistics Lyle Campbell A hands-on introduction to historical linguistics ‘Thanks to his practical approach. University of Sussex An authoritative general introduction to cognitive linguistics ’This massive yet reasonably priced book provides a very useful guide to major parts of the ‘cognitive’ strand of linguistics and I have no doubt that every cognitive linguist will want it as a reference book. in every sense and in the broadest definition. of formal. Its aim is to further the understanding of the nature of words. Cognitive Linguistics features: • Exercises at the end of each chapter • Annotated reading lists for each chapter • Lively and accessible presentation • A full bibliography 2006 o 848pp o t o e 200 diagrammatic illustrations Pb o 978 0 7486 1832 3 o £26. p3 4 4 Language & Linguistics .00 See also Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language. University of Edinburgh. Victoria University of Wellington & Greg Stump.and for more advanced students and specialists.’ Linguist List While all topics are introduced in terms accessible to undergraduate students. in the languages of the world by applying to that concept the methodologies of disciplines such as morphology. language. researchers.’ Times Higher Education With abundant examples and exercises. and the book should be a reference for students. p9 and Edinburgh Advanced Textbooks in Linguistics.Core Textbooks / Morphology Cognitive Linguistics An Introduction Vyvyan Evans. Nottingham Trent University Gives SLT students an excellent starting point for a wide range of communication impairments ‘[Clinical Linguistics] is impressive not only in its scope. Campbell’s book has a clear edge as the most useful practical introduction to the subject for beginners .99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2076 0 o £85. of sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics.’ International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders 2008 o 528pp o t o e 22 b&w illustrations Pb o 978 0 7486 2077 7 o £24.eupjournals. accordingly. Two issues per year o ISSN 1750-1245 e-ISSN 1755-2036 o www.

euppublishing. Australia and beyond. access. this series covers the core topics within sociolinguistics. Lancaster University An integrated approach to the multifaceted subfield of linguistics in which phonetics.00 www. the book clearly shows how CL and SL can learn from each other by improving their methods. the USA.00 English Sociophonetics Kevin Watson. re-evaluating findings and finally being able to better position themselves within linguistics. dispersions. phonology and sociolinguistics interact Illustrated with examples from standard and non-standard English from Britain. participation and resources. organized around the tension among three constraints on variation: linguistic structure.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3748 5 o £70. University of Pittsburgh The only textbook available covering all aspects of variation in sociolinguistics This book provides a wide survey of the field. social structure and identity.euppublishing.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3614 3 o £70. critically discussing corpus analytical procedures such as frequencies. with an emphasis in the newer work on non-English and non-European contexts. and social and linguistic perception. Both the views from classic variationist literature and new work challenging this literature are discussed. illustrating and challenging the ‘great divide’ between speech and writing.00 Sociolinguistics and Corpus Linguistics Paul Baker. Praise for the series: ’Certainly the greatest achievement of [Sociolinguistics and Corpus Linguistics] is that it brings down barriers between linguistic approaches. modality inflected analyses of texts and practices. It is organised around around four main areas: socially oriented text analyses of written texts. March 2012 o 192pp o t o e Pb o 978 0 7486 3615 0 o £22. Kiesling. 2010 o 200pp o t o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2736 3 o £22. collocations.’ Linguist List www.00 FORTHCOMING The Sociolinguistics of Writing Theresa Lillis. key keywords and concordances. writing as identity and performance.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2735 6 o £70. Volumes are discursive. April 2012 o 192pp o t o e 20 b&w illustrations Pb o 978 0 7486 3750 8 o £ Linguistic Variation and Change FORTHCOMING Scott F. this book first considers how English varies across geographical and social boundaries then introduces the technical terminology and theoretical concepts of auditory and acoustic phonetics. Lancaster University Describes the ways in which corpora can be utilised in sociolinguistic enquiry This book covers the range of ways in which corpora can be gainfully employed in sociolinguistic enquiry. keywords.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3761 4 o £70. offering a critical overview as well as insights derived from the author’s own 5 . Open University Brings the study of writing to the heart of sociolinguistic inquiry This book introduces an area that is growing in importance within sociolinguistics. and the analysis of literacy practices in relation to networks. accessibly written and alert to developments in the field.Sociolinguistics Edinburgh Sociolinguistics NEW Series Editors: Joan Swann. May 2011 o 208pp 55 b&w illustrations Pb o 978 0 7486 3762 1 o £22. Lancaster University Designed for second or third year undergraduates. the Open University & Paul Kerswill.

00 Sailaja Pingali 2009 o 184pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2595 6 o £19.00 West Midlands English: Birmingham and the Black Country Indian English Smoky Mountain English Jennifer Hay. volume 1 . Margaret A.00 Bridget L. Newcastle University & April McMahon. University of Edinburgh Books in this series provide concise. Written by experts who have conducted first-hand research. up-to-date documentation for varieties of English from around the world.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2594 9 o £60. Thoughtfully written in clear. ’The series promises to be a most welcome contribution to the knowledge of “alternative histories of English.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2422 5 o £60. simple language … the discussion is entirely descriptive. phonetics and phonology. and concludes with an annotated bibliography and some sample texts.00 Jane Setter.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2316 7 o £60.The Republic of Ireland Sandra Clarke 2010 o 224pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2617 5 o £19.Sociolinguistics Dialects of English Series Editors: Joan Beal. the volumes provide a starting point for anyone wishing to know more about a particular dialect. Lourdes Burbano-Elizondo & Carmen Llamas October 2011 o 160pp Pb o 978 0 7486 4152 9 o £19. Each volume follows a common structure.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 4169 7 o £60. Corrigan 2010 o 208pp o e 21 b&w illustrations Pb o 978 0 7486 3429 3 o £19. lexis and history of a variety of English. covering the background.Northern Ireland 6 6 Language & Linguistics .99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3428 6 o £60. there is no trace of prescriptivism or negative judgment.00 New Zealand English Joan Beal. Chan 2010 o 160pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 3596 2 o £19.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3595 5 o £60. Karen P. volume 2 .00 Karen P. University of Sheffield. S.00 Newfoundland and Labrador English Urszula Clark & Esther Asprey March 2012 o 192pp 12 b&w illustrations Pb o 978 0 7486 4168 0 o £19. Anderson March 2012 o 160pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2423 2 o £19. P.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3929 8 o £55.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2544 4 o £60.euppublishing. morphosyntax.’ Linguist List ‘A valuable addition to the growing literature on Singapore English. RELC Journal www.”’ English Worldwide ‘Indian English is undoubtedly a must-have textbook for newcomers to this area of study.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2529 1 o £60.00 Urban North-Eastern English: Tyneside to Teesside Singapore English Northern and Insular Scots Hong Kong English Irish English.00 David Deterding 2007 o 144pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2545 1 o £19.00 Irish English.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3878 9 o £60.00 Robert McColl Millar 2007 o 192pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2317 4 o £ Jeff Kallen May 2012 o 160pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 3879 6 o £19. Wong & Brian H. Cathy S. Corrigan. Maclagan & Elizabeth Gordon 2008 o 184pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2530 7 o £19.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2616 8 o £60.

It shows how sociolinguistic theories can be applied to Arabic and. Karen Atkinson & David Atkinson 2003 o 352pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1538 4 o £25.’ Library Journal 1997 o 304pp Pb o 978 0 7486 0835 5 o £29.Sociolinguistics / Historical Linguistics Language and Identities Edited by Carmen Llamas & Dominic Watt.99 Early Modern English Charles Barber ’Barber provides the most thorough study I have seen of this period. code-switching.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 1003 7 o £125.99 Peter Trudgill 2001 o 208pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1515 5 o £23. 2009 o 320pp 33 b&w illutrations Pb o 978 0 7486 3577 1 o £24.euppublishing.00 Language and Social Change in Central Europe Language Contact Discourses on Policy. Thomason 2001 o 320pp Pb o 978 0 7486 0719 8 o £23. and language policies in relation to Arabic. Identity and the German Language Patrick Stevenson & Jenny Carl. maintain and project multi-faceted identities The collection brings together 22 specially commissioned chapters on a range of topics around the language/identity nexus to illustrate how the multi-layered.99 Mary Talbot.00 o o Language and Power in the Modern World Everyday English 1500-1700 A Reader Edited by Bridget Cusack ’An extremely useful source-book for courses on Early Modern English. gendered discourse. www. they make a unique contribution to the sociolinguistics of globalisation. Situating the study in the context of the end of the Cold War and eastern expansion of the European Union.99 The Dictionary of Historical and Comparative Linguistics R. what the study of Arabic can contribute to our understanding of the function of language in society. .00 Arabic Sociolinguistics Reem Bassiouney. whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level … the student is brought as close as possible to the real language of the time. L. conversely.00 Sarah G. p8 and Scots Language p19. 2009 o 336pp Pb o 978 0 7486 2374 7 o £19.’ Year’s Work in English Studies 1998 o 320pp Pb o 978 0 7486 0776 1 o £ 7 New-Dialect Formation Sociolinguistic Variation and Change See also Textbooks on p3 and Reference on p17. Trask. with its uniquely complex and problematic history.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 1539 1 o £70. Georgetown University The first introduction to the field of Arabic sociolinguistics This book discusses major trends in research on diglossia. both University of York How we use language to construct. language variation and change.99 Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3576 4 o £85.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2373 0 o £65. the authors focus on the German language. The book should be invaluable to any university with a strong program in English that includes teaching the history of the language.00 Peter Trudgill 2006 o 208pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1877 4 o £18. formerly University of Sussex ’This is a very useful tool not only for beginners and advanced students but a good synthesis and reference book for professionals. 2010 256pp e Hb o 978 0 7486 3598 6 o £70. dynamic nature of identities is realised through linguistic behaviour. both University of Southampton A study of the dynamics of language and social change Combining macro perspectives on language policies with ethnographic approaches.’ Bulletin De La Société Polonaise De Linguistique 2000 o 384pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1001 3 o £27.

99 Hb o 978 0 7486 4239 7 o £65. covering the concepts. University of Edinburgh Updated from the first edition by the late Richard Hogg. University of Leiden An introductory textbook to the Late Modern English period.’ Linguist List www.00 An Introduction to English Phonetics Richard Ogden.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2597 0 o £65. University of Edinburgh Divided into two sections . Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade draws on her own extensive research in the field and research in projects supervised by her which have produced fascinating insights. a glossary of key terms and an Old English glossary. Each chapter contains an exercise or discussion point. February 2012 o 216pp o t Pb o 978 0 7486 4238 0 o £16. as well as a discussion of the exercises at the end of the book. formerly University of Manchester An overview of the first centuries in the history of the English language Designed for students unfamiliar with the earliest stages of the English language this introduction offers a unique study of Old English in context.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2324 2 o £ www.00 An Introduction to Old English FORTHCOMING o REVISED EDITION Rhona Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language – Introductory An Introduction to English Sociolinguistics Graeme Trousdale. dialect grammar and dialect vocabulary. It contains short texts. Praise for the series: ‘A welcome addition to the literature on international varieties of English and can definitely be recommended as an introductory guide for students who wish to study this varied and fascinating field.euppublishing. explains and explores different aspects of English. this textbook contains chapters outlining the main regional differences in accent.00 An Introduction to Regional Englishes Dialect Variation and Change Joan Beal.each textbook in the series clearly describes.00 8 8 Language & Linguistics . making full use of the wide range of electronic research tools available to students. 2010 o 144pp o t o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2117 0 o £15.euppublishing. followed by discussions of research into geographical diffusion. issues of identity and stereotypes.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2116 3 o £55. past and present. 2009 o 176pp o t o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2598 7 o £16. 2009 o 192pp o t o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2541 3 o £16. University of Sheffield A description of regional varieties of British English Drawing on recent research.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2540 6 o £65. Each book contains exercises and recommendations for further reading.English Language Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language Series Editor: Heinz Giegerich. 2010 o 160pp o t o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2325 9 o £15. levelling. covering the equivalent of an introductory course. Archiv fuer Geschichte der Philosophie ‘A clear and concise introduction to its topic… this second edition of [An introduction to English Syntax] contains useful exercises at the end of each chapter. terminology and representations needed for an understanding of how English is pronounced.introductory and advanced . University of Edinburgh Introduces the range of sociolinguistic theories and the insights they provide for a greater understanding of varieties of English. University of York Guides readers through the vocal tract and explains how sounds of speech are made. exercises.00 An Introduction to Late Modern English Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade.’ Year’s Work in English Studies ‘This textbook offers a very useful and stimulating introduction to a long neglected period in the history of the English language.

This study instead focuses on morphology in progress and so also includes interpretation of the future of English.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 4144 4 o £70.99 An Introduction to English Phonology A Historical Syntax of English Corpus Linguistics and the Description of English Hans Lindquist. this book provides students with a deeper understanding of the sociolinguistic forces which initiate or encourage language change. University of Vienna Chronological discussion allows a focus on morphology in progress Studies of morphology have so far focused retrospectively on root languages. Uniquely. syntactic structures.00 Terttu Nevalainen 2006 o 192pp o t Pb o 978 0 7486 1524 7 o £16.00 9 Bettelou Los. Indo-European. and morphology and case. It proves how language change is more systematic than short-term change suggests. male and female language. and language change.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3686 0 o £70. It does not assume any knowledge of Old or Middle English or of formal syntax. collocations. subjects and objects. University Nijmegen Shows how many factors influence syntactic change This book discusses formal and functional approaches to charting the major developments in the syntax of English. Linnaeus University.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2614 4 o £70. metaphor and metonymy. it discusses not only the central variationist tendencies present in language change and their analysis but also the macrosociolinguistic forces which act upon all speakers and their language. May 2012 o 240pp o t Pb o 978 0 7486 4143 7 o £18.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3360 9 o £65.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 4181 9 o £70. although students should be familiar with concepts such as verbs and nouns.00 Jim Miller 2008 o 224pp o t o e Pb o 978 0 7486 3361 6 o £16.00 Laurie Bauer 2002 o 144pp o t Pb o 978 0 7486 1338 0 o £16.99 English Historical Sociolinguistics Robert McColl Millar. This textbook is conveniently divided by the main historical branches of morphology: Modern.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 1523 0 o £65. addressing key issues of interpretation and focus.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 1480 6 o £65. 2009 o 240pp Pb o 978 0 7486 2615 1 o £18.00 Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy 2001 o 160pp o t Pb o 978 0 7486 1326 7 o £16.99 April McMahon 2001 o 160pp o t Pb o 978 0 7486 1251 2 o £16. Old. University of Aberdeen Develops a deeper understanding of both sociolinguistics and historical linguistics Moving beyond a linear narrative history of English. January 2012 o 256pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 1474 5 o £18.00 An Introduction to English Syntax An Introduction to Early Modern English . Each chapter has exercises and suggestions for further reading.euppublishing.English Language An Introduction to International Varieties of English Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language – Advanced FORTHCOMING FORTHCOMING A Historical Morphology of English Dieter Kastovsky. Middle and Early Modern English.00 An Introduction to Middle English An Introduction to English Semantics and Pragmatics Patrick Griffiths 2006 o 208pp o t o e Pb o 978 0 7486 1632 9 o £15. Sweden A lively hands-on introduction to the use of electronic corpora This book introduces corpora and the rationale and basic methodology of corpus linguistics then presents a number of case studies providing new insights into vocabulary. Germanic.00 FORTHCOMING An Introduction to English Morphology Simon Horobin & Jeremy Smith 2002 o 192pp o t Pb o 978 0 7486 1481 3 o £16. such as Germanic to interpret Old English.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 1337 3 o £65. February 2012 o 240pp o t Pb o 978 0 7486 4180 2 o £22. phraseology.

99 The Languages of Business Discourse in Late Modernity Text World Theory The Discursive Construction of National Identity Discourse Analysis Ruth Wodak.00 Alexandra Georgakopoulou & Dionysis Goutsos 2004 o 232pp Pb o 978 0 7486 2045 6 o £27. key points. informed by bilingualism studies.99 10 10 Language & Linguistics Peter Stockwell 2009 o 224pp Hb o 978 0 7486 2581 9 o £60. Martin Reisigl & Karin Liebhart.00 NEW Mediated Business Interactions Intercultural Communication Between Speakers of Spanish Rosina Márquez Reiter.00 Texture – A Cognitive Aesthetics of Reading . all University of Vienna An analysis of discourses of national identity in Europe with particular attention to Austria 2009 o 288ppo e Pb o 978 0 7486 3734 8 o £27. highlights the use and prestige of different languages and language varieties as well as the varying access that speakers have to them. The second.99 Joanna Gavins 2007 o 208pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2300 6 o £22.99 Kieran O’Halloran 2003 o 288pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1828 6 o £29.’ Discourse Studies Critical Discourse Analysis and Language Cognition Shortlisted for the BAAL Book Prize 2007 Bethan Benwell & Elizabeth Stokoe ’An excellent addition to the existing growing literature on the study of identity through discourse. exercises and suggestions for further reading in each chapter • Reader-friendly.Discourse Analysis NEW Intercultural Communication A Critical Introduction Ingrid Piller. Various modes of communication are discussed as well as the methods engaged by telephone conversationalists to supply and demand a service in Spanish. University of Surrey This is the first text to examine mediated business interaction in Spanish. this book informs our understanding of intercultural communication in a contemporary business environment by focusing on communication between native speakers of Spanish from around the world.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3726 3 o £80. Macquarie University An up-to-date introduction to a developing field of linguistics Ingrid Piller combines discourse analytic and sociolinguistic perspectives to explain communication in context. Through conversation analysis.’ Sociolinguistic Studies 2006 o 328pp o t o e Pb o 78 0 7486 1750 0 o £19. accessible style May 2011 o 224pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 3284 8 o £24.99 Lilie Chouliaraki & Norman Fairclough 1999 o 176pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1082 2 o £29. difference and similarity as discursive constructions. Lancaster University & Rudolf de Cillia. Key Features • Case studies from around the world • Learning objectives.00 Discourse and Identity ’A stimulating resource.00 SECOND EDITION Edited by Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini May 2009 o 528pp Hb o 978 0 7486 2801 8 o £95. July 2011 o 256pp o e Hb o 9780748635771 o £60.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2299 3 o £70.00 The Handbook of Business Discourse Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini & Sandra Harris 1997 o 264pp Pb o 978 0 7486 0833 1 o £18.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3283 1 o £70. The first treats cultural identity.

the book covers individual and societal multilingualism in their linguistic and sociolinguistic aspects.00 Linguistic Awareness in Multilinguals English as a Third Language Ulrike Jessner.euppublishing. It provides a foundation in multilingualism for those interested in language acquisition and its use in society. highlighting implications for language teaching. January 2011 o 224pp o t o e Pb o 978 0 7486 3557 3 o £19. Oranim Academic College. functional and cognitive – and how these perspectives translate into classroom practise from the heart of the text.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3634 1 o £60.Language Acquisition Language Teaching Linguistic Theory in Practice An Introduction to Multilinguism Melinda Whong.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 1913 9 o £80. presenting and then deconstructing a sample lesson plan to show how understanding of theory can influence even the most practical aspects of classroom teaching. bilingualism and multilingualism.00 Processes in Third Language Acquisition Björn Hammarberg. It also outlines the main theories of multilingualism and focuses on crucial issues in theory and practice. Written by an experienced ELT lecturer. Key Features • Selected reading section. Current linguistic approaches are then described – formal. this textbook systematically presents up-to-date knowledge of multilingualism in a way accessible to newcomers to the subject. University of Innsbruck Demonstrates the importance of meta linguistic awareness in multilingual proficiency ’An excellent introduction into linguistic awareness research and into the complexities of multilingualism in general. looking at the extent to which theory can be seen to manifest itself in each approach respectively. The book then explores wellknown language teaching methods. Stockholm University An extended case study of an adult multilingual speaker acquiring a new language This volume is a valuable resource for the study of multilingual 11 . University of Leeds A linguistics-based perspective on language teaching How does the study of language impact upon English Language Training (ELT)? Where do theory and practise meet? This textbook will demonstrate how language theories can impact upon second language teaching. It provides an insight into the different roles and effects of prior languages in L3 acquisition in a proactive multilingual adult learner.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3563 4 o £70. This is the first textbook to provide a linguisticsbased perspective on language teaching and will be a valuable resource to professional language teachers.00 www. • Written by founding members of the International Association of Multilingualism. It concludes with very practical aspects of teaching. Auckland University A companion to courses dealing with multilanguage use Using numerous illuminating facts and significant findings from a wide variety of multilingual settings. and monolingual and multilingual perspectives. student and academics alike. • International examples used throughout.’ Birkbeck Studies in Applied Linguistics 2009 o 184pp Hb o 978 0 7486 3511 5 o £60. keywords and key questions included for each chapter. As well as explaining the main concepts and ‘classical postulates’ of multilingualism.’ Linguist List 2006 o 192pp o t o e Pb o 978 0 7486 1914 6 o £22. the study begins with a brief historical survey of the different ways in which language has been viewed. • Includes glossary of key terms and concepts May 2011 o 256pp o t o e Pb o 978 0 7486 3564 1 o £22. Israel & Muiris Ó Laoire.00 Larissa Aronin.

99 Gibson Ferguson 2006 o 248pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 1262 8 o £24.’ Modern Language Review ’Davies.99 Language Planning and Education Brian Parkinson & Helen Reid Thomas 2000 o 216pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1259 8 o £26.00 Language and Politics Brian K.99 Language Assessment and Programme Evaluation 12 12 Language & Linguistics . with a principal focus on the theory and practice of language teaching and language learning and on the processes and problems of language in use.99 Linguistics and the Language of Translation Ian McGrath 2002 o 328pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1330 4 o £29.Applied Linguistics Edinburgh Textbooks in Applies Linguistics Series Editors: Alan Davies.’ Language Policy ‘[Lynch provides] a comprehensive.99 Materials Evaluation and Design for Language Teaching An Introduction to Applied Linguistics Teaching Literature in a Second From Practice to Theory Language Alan Davies 2007 o 224pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 3355 5 o £19. non-technical introduction to two rapidly evolving specialist fields.’ New Zealand Studies in Applied Linguistics ’Joseph’s volume is a much needed exploration of of the political aspects of language and would undoubtedly serve as a useful course text. its theory and its weaving in of experience. Joseph 2006 o 176pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2453 9 o £24. Lynch 2003 o 192pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1562 9 o £24.99 SECOND EDITION The Social Turn in Second Language Acquisition Kirsten Malmkjaer 2005 o 256pp Pb o 978 0 7486 2056 2 o £24. Praise for the series: ‘[Pragmatic Stylistics] is an extremely objective and wide-ranging first exposition of a fascinating area of study. The book is a pleasure to read for its style. University of Manchester This textbook series provides advanced introductions to the main areas of study in contemporary Applied Linguistics.’ Forum for Modern Language Studies ‘[Block] makes an outstanding contribution to the field of Second Language Acquisition Research.99 Pragmatic Stylistics David Block 2003 o 176pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1552 0 o £29.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2452 2 o £70.euppublishing.’ Language Awareness ‘[Linguistics and the Language of Translation is] a highly recommended book which can be used at both undergraduate and graduate levels. for language professionals and for anyone interested in the link between linguistics and applied linguistics. Keith Mitchell. with his impressive experience and knowledge has packaged this comprehensive coverage of the field in an original and yet accessible way.’ BAAL News ‘Introduction to Applied Linguistics is obligatory reading for students and researchers in applied linguistics. both University of Edinburgh & Erik Schleef.’ The Translator www.99 John Elizabeth Black 2005 o 184pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2041 8 o £24.

literary theorists 2009 o 256pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 3351 7 o £19.Applied Linguistics / Pragmatics JOURNAL Translation and Literature Understanding Pragmatic Markers in English Karin Aijmer. discussion. University of Glasgow This interdisciplinary journal covers translation as a fundamental part of Western literary tradition.eupjournals. University of Durham An introduction to literacy studies from the perspectives of applied linguistics.’ Update 2000 o 216pp Pb o 978 0 7486 0935 2 o £ 13 . Göteborg University Uses a corpus of spoken English to explore if pragmatic markers are context-sensitive The multifunctionality of pragmatic markers makes it difficult to describe their meaning and functional potential. University of Hong Kong Uses the legal context to illuminate theoretical issues of concern to linguists. philosophers. classifying them.not so much a field as a minefield. It embraces responses to all other literatures in the work of English writers. Louise Cummings provides a lucid guide to many of these disagreements. In this excellent book. broadcast programme). By taking a broader perspective on the A Multidisciplinary Perspective Louise Cummings.00 Gender and Language Towards a Feminist Pragmatics Christine Christie.99 Literacy An Introduction Randal Holme. describing their class-specific properties and analysing individual markers. education and media studies 2004 o 280pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1689 3 o £24. Three issues per year o ISSN 0968-1361 e-ISSN 1750-0214 o www. Karen Aijmer assesses whether any generalisations can be made about the prosody of the markers. historical and contemporary translation of works in modern languages. Nottingham Trent University An analysis of the current state of linguistic pragmatics ’Pragmatics is complex and riven with fierce controversy .99 Language. and an accessible introductory text for students.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3350 0 o £72. … This is an outstanding book that will challenge students in exactly the right way. their sociolinguistic use (how they are related to the speaker’s social class. including reception of classical texts. adaptation. age or gender) or their distribution across text types (informal conversation.00 Pragmatics Stuart Gillespie. we know very little about pragmatic markers and prosody.99 www. Meaning and the Law Chris Hutton. and imitation. February 2012 o 224pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 3550 4 o £22.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3549 8 o £60. history and theory of literary translation.’ Times Higher Education 2005 o 352pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1682 4 o £24. Loughborough University Shows how pragmatics can inform feminist analysis of naturally occuring language use ’The book is both an original contribution to current academic debates in feminism. For example. discourse analysis and linguistics.

00 What roles do the speaker and the listener play in communication processes? Providing an overall system view. this student-friendly text will enable the reader to enhance their observational skills and develop an understanding of the connection between child data and phonological theory.00 14 14 Language & Linguistics . University of Edinburgh A classic introduction to phonetics.Phonetics & Phonology NEW A Guide to Speech Production and Perception The first textbook to provide an integrated model of spoken language ’An excellent introductory guide to the field of contemporary theoretical and experimental phonetics. July 2011 o 256pp o t o e 103 line drawings Pb o 978 0 7486 3743 0 o £24. this innovative new textbook explains how those working in the area think about speech. non-grammatical factors affecting acquisition. and its structure is clear.’ Linguist List Relevant to theoretical. The book includes 103 illustrations and written exercises at the end of each chapter. both University of Essex The first textbook introduction to normal (non-disordered) phonological acquisition in children ’ The authors provide a data.and theory-rich overview of phonological development in child speech. the pre-production stages of phonological acquisition. and an overview of issues in phonological acquisition. phonological theory. University of Exeter An Introduction to Element Theory Mark Tatham & Katherine Morton. applied and clinical phonology. based on the ‘nature or nurture’ debate in child acquisition.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3742 3 o £70.00 Patterns in Child Phonology Wyn Johnson & Paula Reimers.99 Fundamental Concepts in Phonology Sameness and Difference Ken Lodge. designed for students with no previous knowledge of the subject 1990 o 216pp Pb o 978 0 85224 451 7 o £29. the building blocks of phonological theory 2009 o 168pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2565 9 o £55. its mechanisms and its application to language data. Japan A fresh alternative for describing segmental structure in phonology This book invites students of linguistics to challenge and reassess their existing assumptions about the form of phonological representations and the place of phonology in generative grammar. Tohoku Gakuin University. The book is well-written.00 Elements of General Phonetics David Abercrombie. Emphasizing contextual and environmental perspectives. It does this by offering a comprehensive introduction to Element Theory.’ Professor Chris Code. The book compares the theory with standard models of segmental structure in order to reveal its motivation.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3651 8 o £75. 2010 o 280pp o t o e Pb o 9780 7486 3820 8 o £24.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3819 2 o £75. students will be led through classical and modern phonetics alongside discussion of cognitive and physical aspects of speech. Topics covered include child phonological patterns. both University of Essex Phillip Backley. University of East Anglia A new take on ‘sameness’ and ‘difference’. Key Features • Definition and explanation boxes throughout the text • Tutorial sections in each chapter • Evaluation sections to enable comparison of competing theories April 2011 o 272pp o t o e 32 b&w illustrations Pb o 978 0 7486 3652 5 o £24.

00 Russell Daylight. and of the consequences that continue to resonate in every field of the humanities today. Underhill. Grenoble The Linguistics of History Roy Harris Traces the relationship between Western philosophies of history and language 2004 o 256pp Hb o 978 0 7486 1930 6 o £80.euppublishing. this book first offers a critical introduction to metaphor theory as it has emerged over the past thirty years in the States.Philosophy of Language Creating Worldviews Metaphor. June 2011 o 256pp 3 b&w illustrations Hb o 978 0 7486 4315 8 o £70.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 1757 9 o £80. of the paradigm shift from structuralism to post-structuralism. Despite the importance of Derrida’s critique of Saussure for cultural studies. January 2011 o 224pp Hb o 978 0 7486 4197 0 o £60. The third case study turns metaphor theory on its head: instead of looking for metaphors in language.00 Language. the study of language and the problem of knowledge formation in interdisciplinary research.00 Roy Harris. Emeritus Professor.00 Humboldt. Detailed case studies investigate the ways the Czech language was reshaped by communist discourse. Stendhal University. no comprehensive analysis has been written. Worldview and Language A study of the linguistic philosophy of Wilhelm von Humboldt 2009 o 176pp Hb o 978 0 7486 3842 0 o £55.00 Key Thinkers in Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language Siobhan Chapman & Christopher Routledge Includes 80 entries on individual thinkers in the Western tradition 2005 o 304pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1758 6 o £19. but also the worldviews which we adapt in our own ideological and personal interpretations of the world.00 In the past one hundred years there has been no more influential and divisive reading of Ferdinand de Saussure’s Course in General Linguistics than that of Jacques Derrida. Mind and Brain Ewa Dabrowska Sassure and his Interpreters Some Psychological and Neurological Constraints on Theories of Grammar ‘This work is distinguished by meticulous presentation and brilliant thinking. philosophy.00 James W. James W. Charles Sturt University. Underhill. linguistics and literary theory. it describes the way language systems (French & English) are understood in terms of metaphorically-framed concepts evolving over time.’ Language and Literature 2003 o 256pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1783 8 o £27. and the way fascism emerged in the German language. This book is an examination of Derrida’s philosophical reconstruction of Saussurean linguistics. University of Oxford The first major reassessment of the reception of Sassure’s ideas throughout the twentieth century ’This readable and witty book is nothing less than a landmark for anyone interested in the history of ideas.00 www.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 1474 5 o £70.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2618 2 o £65.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 1308 3 o £90. Stendhal University. Underhill then widens the scope of metaphor theory by investigating not only the worldview our language offers us. Ideology and Language What if Derrida was wrong about Saussure? This long-overdue commentary opens up exciting new terrain in linguistic and political thought James W. Grenoble Explores metaphor theory in the work of contemporary European scholars Encouraging readers to reflect upon language and the role metaphor plays in patterning ideas and thought. Australia Key Ideas in Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language Siobhan Chapman & Christopher Routledge Introductory entries on 80 ideas that have shaped the study of language up to the present day 2009 o 272pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2619 9 o £ 15 .’ Germanistik 2004 o 280pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1475 2 o £24. Tony McEnery & Andrew Wilson 2001 o 256pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1165 2 o £19. all Lancaster University A journal of corpus linguistics.Corpus Linguistics Edinburgh Textbooks in Empirical Linguistics Series Editors: Tony McEnery & Andrew Wilson This series offers accessible introductions for students coming to empirical linguistics for the first time. accounts of corpus The BNC Handbook Guy Aston & Lou Burnard 1998 o 256pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1055 6 o £27.’ International Journal of Corpus Linguistics ’This book is essential for learning statistical analysis of texts.99 Michael Oakes 1998 o 272pp Pb o 978 0 7486 0817 1 o £27. web services. Ooi 1998 o 224pp Pb o 978 0 7486 0815 7 o £27. Oakes’s is the only current corpus-linguistic book that devotes such a large portion of its pages to stylistics. These books provide clearly written introductions which encourage the practical use of empirical data through specially designed individual and class exercises.’ Micheal Hoey www. and examples. Literary and Linguistic Computing ’Well illustrated … [Language and Computers] is book contains much good practical advice for students. Y.euppublishing. this journal focuses on the many and varied uses of corpora both in linguistics and beyond.99 Language and Computers Editors: Tony McEnery. and making effective use of illustrative diagrams. IUPUI This journal (formerly History and Computing) is a multi-disciplinary. Queen’s University Belfast & David Bodenhamer. Paul Baker & Paul Rayson. information architecture.99 SECOND EDITION Programming for Corpus Linguistics Editors: Paul Ell. explaining complex issues clearly and succintly. 2 issues per year o ISSN1749-5032 e-ISSN 1755-1676 o www. visualisation.99 Corpus Linguistics 16 16 Language & Linguistics . The journal covers computing applications. e-resources. tables. humanities GIS. e-science. digital media. Language Processing and Linguistics A Practical Introduction to the Computer Analysis of Language Geoffrey Barnbrook 1996 o 208pp Pb o 978 0 7486 0785 3 o £27. Praise for the series: ‘[Corpus Linguistics] is attractively and well written. interdisciplinarity and disciplines and multilinguality. Its three key features are theoretical inclusiveness. modelling. and e-publications 2 issues per year o ISSN 1753-8548 eISSN 1755-1706 o www. Executive Director at the Polis Center. Most importantly.99 Exploring the British National Corpus with SARA JOURNAL Corpora Corpus-based Language Learning. peer reviewed forum demonstrating how advanced information technologies further scholarly understanding of traditional topics in the arts and humanities. the tasks set the reader are natural and wide-ranging.eupjournals.’ Language and Literature ‘[The BNC Handbook] provides valuable informationon the operation of SARA. and the skills it seeks to inculcate make full use of the potentiality of corpus study.99 Vincent B. Its instructions are JOURNAL Statistics for Corpus Linguistics Computer Corpus Lexicography International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing How to Do Text Analysis with Java Oliver Mason 2000 o 256pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1407 3 o £27. corpus tool construction and corpus annotation schemes. publishing articles on the exploitation of corpora.

one of the largest digital corpora of signed language in Europe. the role of intonation (melody). perception. how opinion and hearsay shape perceptions of language differences. its spelling. syntax and morphology.Corpus Linguistics / Languages Modern Diachronic Corpus-Assisted Discourse Studies Corpora Volume 5. 2010 o 256pp o e Hb o 978 0 7486 3904 5 o £65. all University of Groningen & Sebastian Kürschner. Phonology.99 Irish Sign Language Lorraine Leeson & John I.00 The Edinburgh Companion to the Gaelic Language Edited by Moray Watson & Michelle Macleod. this book describes the social and historical background of this signed language and places Irish Sign Language in a world context. studies of ‘secret’ and ‘in-group’ languages.euppublishing. its relations with European Romani. language planning and the appearance of the language in literature. this book covers the history of the language. Readers will learn about the history of Romani in Britain. Friedrich-AlexanderUniversität Erlangen-Nürnberg Computationally explores dialects and social differences in language Examines topics such as how (and how much) linguistic differences impede intelligibility. and techniques for recognizing structure in larger collections of linguistic data. semantics and pragmatics are introduced using examples from the Signs of Ireland corpus. its development in Scotland and Canada. syntax.99 Romani in Britain The Afterlife of a Language Yaron 17 .99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3708 9 o £70. the differences between variation in pronunciation and vocabulary. both University of Aberdeen Places the study of the Gaelic language within the context of modern linguistic research Bringing together a range of perspectives on Scottish Gaelic. Number 2 Alan Partington. and the study of its dialects. Charlotte Gooskens & Renée van Bezooijen. 2010 o 376pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 3709 6 o £19. July 2011 o 256pp Hb o 978 0 7486 3352 4 o £65. 2009 o 268pp o 59 b&w illustrations Pb o 978 0 7486 4030 0 o £33. how national borders accelerate and direct change. 2010 o 128pp Pb o 978 0 7486 4060 7 o £18. and mixed language studies. University of Manchester A case study of the unique speech form ‘Anglo-Romani’ This empirically-based monograph contributes to three distinct areas of research: studies of language endangerment and death. which consist of British broadsheet newspapers from the years 1993 and 2005. morphology. University of Bologna A corpus linguistic study of grammatical developments over time This volume examines diachronic variation using the SiBol corpora. to compare the two sets of corpora using techniques such as keyword analyses. the process of its abandonment as an everyday minority language and attitudes toward the language and language revival among English Gypsies today. It also addresses sociolinguistic issues such as identity. Saeed.00 www. Key influences discussed include: • How cognitive linguistics affects signed language • The complexities of iconic representation in signing space • The role that simultaneous construction plays in signed languages • The grammar of Irish Sign Language The book is illustrated throughout and has a companion DVD with clips from the Signs of Ireland corpus and EAF files.00 International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing Volume 2 Edited by John Nerbonne. Trinity College Dublin The first all-inclusive description of an individual variety of sign language As the only book of its kind. its modern vocabulary.

J.99 1999 o 820pp Pb o 978 1 902930 01 5 o £24.99 The Edinburgh Companion to Scots Edited by John Murray Stewart Leith.99 Concise Scots Dictionary Concise English-Scots Dictionary Essential Scots Dictionary Pocket Scots Dictionary Scots Thesaurus Scottish Newspapers.00 Language and Scottish Literature John Corbett A practical introduction to ways of using theories of language to explore Scottish literature 1997 o 288pp Pb o 978 0 7486 3283 1 o £25. Language and Identity Fiona M. Glasgow Caledonian University Addresses issues of national identity and nationalism in Scotland from a political and linguistic perspective This book represents the first comprehensive examination of the discourse involved in the expression of national identity within Scottish politics and society.99 1999 o 536pp Pb o 978 1 902930 03 9 o £15. June 2011 o 192pp Hb o 978 0 7486 3736 2 o £60.’ The Herald www.99 Hb o 978 1 902930 00 8 o £33. Derrick McClure & Jane Stuart-Smith An introduction to the study of older and present-day Scots language 2003 o 320pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1596 4 o £27.99 1999 o 360pp Pb o 978 1 902930 02 2 o £8.’ The Scotsman ‘An outstanding achievement. University of Leeds Studies the link between Scottish identity and Scottish language ’This impressive audit and analysis of the use of Scots in Scottish newspapers both confirms and overturns certain impressionistic notions about the role of the Scots language in journalism.euppublishing. Soule.99 18 18 Language & Linguistics .99 2005 o 368pp Pb o 978 0 7486 2201 6 o £10.99 1999 o 320pp Pb o 978 1 902930 04 6 o £12. … That Douglas’s study opens up so many potential avenues for future research is testament to the diligence of the author.Scots Language Political Discourse and National Identity in Scotland The Edinburgh History of the Scots Language Charles Jones WINNER of the Saltire Society Research Book of the Year Award Provides a detailed and technical description of the Scots language 1997 o 608pp Hb o 978 0 7486 0754 9 o £90. Douglas.00 Perspectives on the Older Scottish Tongue Edited by Christian Kay & Margaret Mackay Celebrates the rich diversity of the Scots language and the culture it embodies 2005 o 240pp Pb o 978 0 7486 2281 8 o £29. University of the West of Scotland & Daniel P. A book for every household in the land.’ Scottish Language 2009 o 200pp o e Hb o 978 0 7486 2437 9 o £55. combining quantitative and discourse analysis methods to illustrate the articulation of national identity by differing groups in different contexts.00 Scots Language Dictionaries A comprehensive range of Scots dictionaries ’A masterpiece … an endless source of entertainment as well as fact.

Learners are also introduced to cultural aspects such as writing and responding to different types of letters.00 El Mustapha Lahlali 2008 o 304pp Pb o 978 0 7486 3273 2 o £24. How to Write in Arabic.00 A Student. Essential Middle Eastern Vocabularies April 2011 o 128pp Pb o 978 0 7486 4100 0 o £12.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3557 3 o £95.99 A Reference Guide Arabic Today John Mace 2008 o 368pp Pb o 978 0 7486 3558 0 o £27.00 Yasir Suleiman 2002 o 288pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1707 4 o £27.99 The Arabic Grammatical Tradition The Arabic Language Arabic Grammar John Mace 1998 o 192pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1079 2 o £32.Arabic Language & Linguistics Media Persian Dominic Parviz Brookshaw. University of Leeds Designed to help learners of Arabic at an intermediate level develop and refine their writing skills.99 Sheila S. easy-to-learn lists to test translation. an audio CD to help you check your pronunciation.00 Kees Versteegh 2001 o 288pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1436 3 o £24.00 Julia Ashtiany Bray 1993 o 168pp Pb o 978 0 7486 0367 1 o £27. It provides a variety of phrases and idiomatic expressions that can be used in writing and places an emphasis on writing in different genres. Sara 2007 o 200pp Hb o 978 0 7486 2795 0 o £110. and an index.euppublishing. Business and Professional Course www.99 Sībawayh on ʔimālah (Inclination) The Arabic Language and National Identity Media Arabic: An Essential Vocabulary How to Write in Arabic El Mustapha Lahlali.00 Elisabeth Kendall 2005 o 90pp Pb o 978 0 7486 2150 7 o £11. web-based flashcards. Blair Winner of the British-Kuwait Friendship Society prize 2007 2006 o 720pp 150 colour illustrations o 100 b&w illustrations Pb o 978 0 7486 3540 5 o £50. 2009 o 200pp Pb o 978 0 7486 3588 7 o £ 19 .99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3272 5 o £70.99 Business Arabic: An Essential Vocabulary Islamic Calligraphy Solomon I. including literary and media texts.00 Hb o 978 0 7486 1212 3 o £155.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 3587 0 o £65. University of Manchester Ready-made lists of key terms in media Persian for translating both from and into Persian It features terms grouped in thematic sections.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 4101 7 o £50. focuses on the structure of Arabic sentences and paragraphs.00 Advanced Media Arabic Yasir Suleiman 1999 o 288pp Hb o 978 0 7486 0697 9 o £70.99 Media Arabic John Mace 2008 o 104pp Pb o 978 0 7486 3339 5 o £11.

I have yet to refer to this book in the classroom. and school libraries.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 1690 9 o £80. this is an exceptionally valuable contribution to the literature of sociolinguistics that amply merits inclusion in all academic. Victoria University of Wellington A compendium of useful things for linguistics students to know ’I will be strongly recommending this book to students. enlightening.99 A Glossary of Historical Linguistics A Glossary of Language and Mind .99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2378 5 o £55. instructive – and impeccably scholarly while reader-friendly throughout. Ana Deumert. fascinating.Reference The Linguistics Student’s Handbook Laurie Bauer. University of Cape Town A valuable resource for students and teachers of sociolinguistics ‘Engrossing.’ Nordic Journal of Linguistics 2007 o 400pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2759 2 o £17. and I expect it to be a useful addition to every linguistics student’s bookshelf. Anyone with an interest in languages and linguistics will find in this competent and thoughtful dictoinary an accessible point de depart in exploring a complex discipline. Open University. and I am sorry it did not exist when I was a student. but I am very pleased that it exists.00 Jean Aitchison 2003 o 140pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1824 8 o £12.00 20 20 Language & Linguistics A Glossary of English Grammar Lyle Campbell 2007 o 248pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2379 2 o £12.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2404 1 o £50. reference.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2279 5 o £55.99 Geoffrey Leech 2006 o 144pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 1729 6 o £12.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2758 5 o £65. University of Cape Town.99 Peter Trudgill 2003 o 160pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1623 7 o £14. Theresa Lillis.99 Alan Davies 2005 o 152pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 1854 5 o £12.99 Get Set for English Language Laurie Bauer 2004 o 144pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1853 8 o £12.00 Paul Baker 2006 o 192pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2018 0 o £12.99 A Dictionary of Sociolinguistics A Glossary of Corpus Linguistics A Glossary of Sociolinguistics Joan Swann.99 Philip Carr 2008 o 216pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2234 4 o £12.00 Christine Robinson 2003 o 252pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1544 5 o £14. Hats off!’ Reference Reviews 2004 o 384pp Pb o 978 0 7486 1691 6 o £22.00 Vyvyan Evans 2007 o 256pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2280 1 o £14.99 Hb o 978 0 7486 2294 8 o £65. Open University & Rajend Mesthrie.00 A Glossary of Morphology A Glossary of Applied Linguistics A Glossary of Phonology A Glossary of Cognitive Linguistics A Glossary of Semantics and Pragmatics Alan Cruse 2006 o 208pp o e Pb o 978 0 7486 2111 8 o £12.

Ingrid 17 19 3 20 18 10 5. Gibson Gavins. S. Geoffrey Leith. 20 7 14 7 8 7 8 7. Alan 14 3 13 20 8 6 11 19 6 16 7 7 14 5. Chapman. Ian McMahon. Ulrike Johnson. Yaron McClure. R. David Brookshaw. Kallen. Paul Kiesling. 9. 20 6. John Mackay. Heinz Gillespie. Mauricio J. Joanna Georgakopoulou. Moray Watt. Patrick Stockwell. Jenny Carr. Peter Aijmer. L. Oliver Matras. Katherine Nerbonne. 20 12 6. Hans Llamas. Ken Los. Alexandra Giegerich. Phillip Baker. Vyvyan Fábregas. Peter Underhill. Björn Hardie. Brian K. 13 7 9. Philip Carstairs-McCarthy. Rajend Millar. Christian Kendall. Margaret Maclagan. Jennifer Hogg. Rhona Anderson. Mary Tatham. Derrick McEnery. Jeff Kay. 9 3. Kees Watson. P. Y. Rudolf Deterding. 4. Michael Ogden. Helen Reimers. 8 10 12 19 12 19 6 16 4. Lourdes Burnard. Tony Barber. Daniel Stevenson. Reem Bauer. Mitsuhiko Parkinson. Kirsten Márquez Reiter. Lou Campbell. Lyle Carl. Solomon I. Renée Versteegh. Margaret A. Jeremy Soule. Martin Wilson. Sailaja Rayson. 20 6. John E. Patrick Hammarberg. Erik Scottish Language Dictionaries Setter. Dominic Weisser. 7 14 9 12 11. Scalise. Morton. David Atkinson. Randal Horobin. Christine Clark. Trousdale. Sheila Block. Fiona Evans. Dionysis Green. Murray Liebhart. Bettelou Lynch. Paul Reid Thomas. Bridget Dabrowska. Michelle Malmkjaer. Kieran Ooi. Francesca Barnbrook. Cathy S. Alan Piller. Christopher Sara. Elizabeth Goutsos. Robert McColl Miller. Melanie Griffiths. Ruth Wong. 9 9 12 20 14 17 9 11 16 8 10 16 3 12 17 10. Louise Cusack. 20 18 4. Richard Holme. Brian Partington. 5. Karen P. Vincent B. 20 16 7 10 16 7 21 . Terttu Ó Laoire. Jane Smith. Bethan Black. Elizabeth Stuart-Smith. Theresa Lindquist. 20 3 10 12 10 10 4. Jean Alcorn. Sergio Schleef. Macleod. 20 15 17 19 5 17 7 3 16 10 6 www. Russell de Cillia. April Mesthrie. David Ackema. Tieken-Boon van Ostade. Carmen Lodge. Brian H. Jane Stump. Esther Aston. 15 12. Lilie Christie. Graeme Trudgill. Sandra Hay. Kevin Watson. Alan Daylight. Urszula Clarke. Chris Jessner. Andrew Chan. Sarah G. Martin Robinson. Ewa Davies. Andrew Harris. Julia Asprey. Laurie Beal. 19 18 6 17 12 10 16 17 18 16. Andrew Wodak. Ota. Elizabeth Gooskens. Wyn Jones. Paul Baker. 6 16 12 14 10 20 15 15 19 3 12 18 6 9 18 7 10 10 18 4 19 3. Muiris Oakes. Roy Harris. Sandra Corbett.Author/Editor Index Abercrombie. James van Bezooijen. Guy Atkinson. Ana Douglas. Charles Joseph. Elisabeth Kerswill. Larissa Ashtiany Bray. 20 15 10 6 3. Keith Mixco. Aronin. Karin Aitchison. 8 13 19 17 6 10 4 9 11 20 15 10 6 8 13 9 13 11 14 18 12 6 18 19 5 5 Kürschner. Greg Suleiman. Joan Benwell. J. Richard O’Halloran. Sebastian Lahlali. Peter Stokoe. William Leech. Antonio Fairclough. Stuart Goldring. Dominic Burbano-Elizondo. Elizabeth Blair. Mace. Scott F. Simon Hutton. Mark Thomason. Rosina Mason. El Mustapha Leap. Geoffrey Bassiouney. Siobhan Chouliaraki. Christopher Routledge. Ingrid Trask. Paula Reisigl. Christine Routledge. 20 9 6. Karen Backley. Jim Mitchell. Joan Talbot. John Corrigan. John Nevalainen.euppublishing. Tony McGrath. Cruse. David Deumert. 20 7 20 9 6 15 10 13 6 6 18 6 20 Cummings. Charlotte Gordon. Yasir Swann. Bridget L. 18 Pingali. Charles Bargiela-Chiappini. Karin Lillis. Norman Ferguson.

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