Mane 1st step P(3) P (3days) -----------------------------------> tarpor u can simultaneously start Q(4),R(2),S(3) Q(4) P (3 days) -----------------------------------> R(2) S(3) (my style diagram) Ebar once u finish Q then only u can start T(0) and once u finish T and R both then only u can start U(6)..erokom bhabe giye u end up with the figure

total time tor haate ache 13 days.U egulor moddhe if u delay starting ne 1 of these activities the project will take more time than 13 days to end. 71) answer-->13 days as solved 72) total float of an activity= shei activity ta ke if u wanna delay WITHOUT DELAYING THE TIME WHEN THE WHOLE PROJECT ENDS.Q.....mane u can easily delay R by 2 days.tai total float of R=2 days ebar consider S and V in the path PSV-->eita shes korte u need 10 days in total.jemon dhor for ALL activities on the critical path P.ryt? tar mane consider the path PRU-->ei branch tar kaj complete korte u will need 3+2+6=11 days in total.T(0) Q(4) P(3) ------------------------------> R(2) 2 U(6) S(3) (my style diagram) S(3) V(4) V(4) P(3) Q(4) T(0) U(6) R(2) (your style diagram) (2) Mane path PQTU=13 days whereas path PSV=10 days ebar ekhane the method was je u start with each work as EARLY as total float of S=3 days and V=3 days FREE FLOAT= when u want to delay an activity WITHOUT DELAYING THE STARTING OF ACTIVITY WHICH IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWS IT.the time you can delay it by is free float.tahle the amt of time u have is total that u start at t=0 and end at t=13 days.incidentally if ne activity has a total float=0 free float has to be=0 .. now first-e onkogulo korajak then will explain the LATE start process.... ekhaneo PQTU all of them have free float also=0.ryt?tar mane all these activities PQTU have total float=0 now consider R--->after u finish R u need to do U.mane u can delay either of them maximum for 3 days...T..

R starts at t=3 and ends at t=5 for R-->the activity which immediately follows R is U..V starts at t=6 and ends at t=10---->mane S will have free float=0 karon S ke ektukhani deri koralei the starting of V will get delayed from t=6...while U starts at t=7 days and ends at t=13 days...0 73)ebar when u crash tokhn the figure will look like this P..ebar R end hocche at t=5 and U start hocche at t=7 mane R has free float=2 days  ebar S and V-->S starts at t=3 and ends at t=6.project ends at t=13 so 3 days so shob miliye all activities together look like this ACTIVITY -----------P Q R S T U V FREE FLOAT ---------------0 0 2 0 0 0 3 TOTAL FLOAT ----------------0 0 2 3 0 0 3 START(t=) --------0 3 3 3 7 7 6 END(t=) -------3 7 5 6 7 13 10 Tahle answer for 72) is 3..but free float of V=3days karon V-er pore ar kono activity tor nei....O .

V starts at t=6 mane shobar age compression hocche at R  answer=R btw the table now in crash mode will look like this-->total time taken=12 days ACTIVITY -----------P Q R S T U V FREE FLOAT ---------------0 0 3 0 0 0 4 TOTAL FLOAT ----------------0 0 3 4 0 0 4 START(t=) --------0 3 3 3 7 7 6 END(t=) -------3 7 4 6 7 12 8 .R starts at t=3.3te activity ache jekhane compression hocche-->R.U starts after R at t=7.V.U..

mane ei khetre U and V.PS: a formula given in swanson pdf file I sent u-->expected time--> NOW for the LATE start case...mane Q ends at t=7 and starts at let S end as late as P has to end before P can end latest at t=3.mane U will start at t=7 and V will start at t=9 U--.let both of them end at t=13......early start-e amra ki korchilam?starting the activities as early as S starts at t=6 S---t=6-->t=9 ebar activity immediately before T is Q.tahole both R and T must end at t=7..mane at combining EARLY START and LATE START together table ta dekhte lgbe(the bold ones are those which have a non zero total float) ACTIVITY -----------P Q R S T U V EARLY START(ES) ---------------0 3 3 3 7 7 6 EARLY END(EE) LATE START (LS) LATE END(LE) TOTAL FLOAT(LS-ES) ---------------------------------------------------------3 0 3 0 7 3 7 0 4 5 7 2 4 6 9 3 7 7 7 0 13 7 13 0 10 9 13 3 P can start at t=0.R.mane dhor prothomei shei activities gulo ne jegulo are not followed by any other R starts at t=5 and T starts at t=7 R---t=5-->t=7 T---t=7-->t=7 the activity which comes immediately before V is S..t=7--->t=13 V—t=9-->t=13 ebar the activities which come immediately before U are R and T.. ekhane we will start the activities as LATE as possible...

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