· Pengertian Adverb clause adalah anak kalimat yang menjelaskan atau memberi informasi tentang kata kerja, kata sifat, dan kata keterangan dalam kalimat.


Contoh Kalimat Adverb Clause

Subject + Be / Verb Mrs. Farida goes to the office The soldiers keep moving That man works hards day and night

Adverb Clause Though she is still sick Although the weather was worse In the hope that he can give good education for his children That every little thing upsets her If you come to the party

That women is so emotional You will meet her

· Pengertian Adveb Clause adalah bentuk dari anak kalimat yang dependen. Mereka tidak bisa berdiri sendiri sebagai kalimat dalam bahasa inggris. Mereka harus dihubungkan menjadi independen clause. Ketika adverb clause didahului dengan independen clause, tanda koma digunakan untuk memisahkan clause, sedangkan ketika adveb clause kemudian diikuti dengan independen clause, biasanya tidak menggunakan tanda koma.

He saw several plays when we were in New York. while Mary is rich. I went swimming. In the event that you (should) need to reach me. y y y y . Mary is rich. while John is poor. John is poor. we saw several plays. Even though the weather was cold. Because the weather was cold. Because he was sleepy. I¶didn¶t go swimming. he went to bed.Summary List of Words Used to Introduce Adverb Clauses Time Cause Effect Because Now that since and Contrast Condition After Before When While As As as Since Until By the time (that) Once As / so long as Whenever Every time (that) soon The first time (that) The last time (that) The next time (that) Even though Although Though Direct Contrast While whereas If Unless Only if Whether or not Even if In case In the event that · Contoh : y When we were in New York. I¶ll be at my uncle¶s house. I¶ll be at my uncle¶s house in case you (should) need to reach me. He went to bed because he was sleepy.

please. Please calm down.COMMAND · Pengertian Command adalah kalimat yang diperintahkan kepada seseorang terhadap sesuatu dan biasanya diakhiri dengan tanda seru. please. Wait a moment. Please sit down. Turn on the tv. . · · · · · · Contoh Command Close the door! Don¶t touch the pan! Put off your shoes! Go away be patient! Behave your self! REQUEST · Pengertian Request adalah kalimat berupa permintaan oleh seseorang terhadap sesuatu dan biasanya menggunakan kata please. · · · · · · Contoh Request Please open up your mine.

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