A Family Through History

My Atkinson Ancestors
By Cherie Atkinson Clark

Every Family Has A Story
Names, and dates are only the beginning of any genealogy. Every family historian wants to know the real people behind the dry facts. Pictures help bring them to life. Come meet some of the real people who helped make me who I am.

James Richard Atkinson, Sr.
My father
Born 1935, in Houston, PA Married Anna Tolbert in 1957 Married Linda Bringewatt 1971 Four children
Cheryl Anne James Richard, Jr. Rhonda Ranae William Henry

Charles William Atkinson
My Grandfather
Born 1901, near West Finley, PA Died 1987, in Houston, PA Married Rowene Mae Fife in 1926 Five children
Elizabeth Rowene Marion Louise Charles David Charlotte Jean James Richard

George Andrew Atkinson
My Great-grandfather
Born 1859, in Delaware County, OH Died 1934, in Canonsburg, PA Married Lillie May McDaid in 1898 Three children
Esther Lillian Charles William George McDaid

James Curtis Atkinson
My Great-great-grandfather
Born 1828, in Ohio County, VA Died 1899, in West Finley, PA Married Sarah Jane Kimmins in 1856 Seven Children
Eva Ida Jane 2 infants who died young George Andrew Allen Kimmons Elizabeth May William Jay Alexander

Earlier Atkinson Fathers
 John Atkinson, immigrant ancestor (5th great grandfather) born 1746, probably in northern Ireland Died 1822 in Ohio county, VA (now WV)  Married Eleanor Mitchell  Nine children, including:
James Atkinson (4th great grandfather) Born 1771 probably in Ireland died 1826 in Ohio county, VA (WV) Married Margaret Brown in 1797 Ten children, including: George Atkinson (3rd great grandfather) Born 1801 in Ohio county, VA (WV) died 1885 in Paxton, IL Married Susannah Faris Ten children, including James Curtis Atkinson

Thank You
For more information visit my website:
Cherie’s Family

By Cherie Clark, April 29, 2004

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