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Experiment no.4

Ash Content in Coal

Syed Saad Ahmed B-0933040 B.E 3rd Year Chemical Engineering

Submitted To: Sir Fassiullah Sir Saqib

Fuel and Combustion 2012

Experiment no. 4
(Ash content in coal)

Determine the ash content of the given sample of the coal.

y y y y y Crucible Furnace Pair of tongs Desiccators Balance

The ash in coal is the noncombustible residue that remains when coal is burned. Ash in coals is associated with certain mineral or inorganic matter, which gets deposited along with vegetable matter or gets into coal by subsequent infiltration. The ash consists mainly of silica, alumina, iron oxide and lime. When heated, coal as does not melt sharply at any temperature, but begins to soften at much lower temperature than that required melting. In coal ash yield may range from a low of about 3% to a high of 49%. If ash yield are 50% or more, the substance is no longer called coal. The ash content in coke is much higher than in coal.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Weigh the crucible. Take 1 gm of carbon sample in the crucible. Weigh the crucible and the sample together. Turn on the furnace and place the crucible in it and heat it to 515oC and when it is attained, remain it in the furnace and heat for 30 min. Then adjust the temperature of the furnace to 815oC and allow to heat for one and half hour. Take out the sample and allow cooling it in the desiccators. Weigh the crucible and the remaining sample. Continue the experiment at 815oC until constant weight is achieved.


Prepared By: Syed Saad Ahmed | B.E Chemical Engineering

Fuel and Combustion 2012 Observation:
Weight of the crucible W1=13.70 gm Weight of the given sample of the coal= W2= 1gm Weight of the given sample of the coal and crucible before heating =14.70 gm Weight of the given sample of the coal and crucible after heating=W3=13.798 gm


Percentage ash (%) =9.8 %

The percentage ash content present in the given sample of the coal is found to be 9.8%

The ash content of coal varies over a wide range. This variation occurs not only in coals from different geographical areas or from different seams in the same region, but also from different part of the same mine. Ash content can also be influence by extraneous mineral matter introduce during the mining operation. Before being sold, some commercial coals are cleaned or washed to remove a portion of what would be labeled ash in the laboratory. Coal of different ash percentage is used in different industrial operation.


Prepared By: Syed Saad Ahmed | B.E Chemical Engineering

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