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The first Christian Churches
Acts 13:13 – 14:23 1. Title your page with the following information: • Title of study (The first Christian Churches) • Reference of where it is located in the Bible (Acts 13:13-14:23) • Location of the churches (Galatia—Modern Day Turkey) • Founders of the church (Paul and Barnabus)

2. Add the title and page number to the Table of Contents in the front of your book.

3. Draw a basic stick church to one side of the page and write inside the church the name of the first city Paul and Barnabus go to, Pisidian Antioch. Under the church, list the verses in the Bible that speak of their time there (Acts 13:13-52). Now read that section of scripture and off to the side of your stick church, list anything that stands out to you about what happens.

4. On the opposite side of your page, under the information you listed about the Antioch church, draw another stick church and label it Iconium. Under that church, list the verses (Acts 14:1-7) and read the section, noting anything that stands out to you.

The first Christian churches Bible study, pg 2.

5. Back on the other side of the page, draw another stick church, label it Lystra, under it write Acts 14:8-19 and again write anything that stands out to you.

6. Back to the other side of the page, draw one more stick church and label it Derbe. Under it, write Acts 14:21-23 and write anything that sounds out to you.

7. Now, go back up to the Pisidian Antioch church and draw a dashed line down to the church at Lystra to represent the Jews that followed them there. Do the same from the church at Iconium. You can label these dashed lines “Jews” if you want.

8. At Lystra, Paul was stoned and dragged from the city. Draw a stick figure next to the church at Lystra and some dots for the stones. Now draw an arrow back to the church to represent that Paul went BACK into the city after they tried to kill him.

The first Christian churches Bible study, pg 3.

9. From the church at Derbe, I drew an arrow pointing back to the top of the page representing that after all this, Paul and Barnabus went back to the churches and ministered to them.

10. At the bottom of the page, I wrote the quote from Paul that really inspired me “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.”

EXTRAS: You can add to this in any way that will help you remember. I shaded the inside of each church in a different way (scribbles, lines, hatches, etc). The main thing, though, is to have fun with it, and enjoy the time learning a bit about the hardships Paul and Barnabus suffered through to bring the Gospel to the gentiles, for you and me.

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