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Turn On your Intuition – Interior Chapel – Coming Home

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While journaling was once a morning occupation for me, some are starting to come at night, when I'm just getting ready for bed. Not sure what that's about. Maybe nothing, of course – but then, I've learned to pay attention to the seemingly inconsequential. These days I doubt that anything is of no consequence. So I watch. One thing about night time is that there is less interference with your consciousness. First, the sun's radiance adds a definite influence, an energy to things. Then, too, all the people being up and about their daily tasks and routines also generates quite a lot of mental energy – thought waves which ride on the shared ethers. Whether we know it or not, we're all telepathic to one degree or another. In many cases someone who is called psychic may just have a very powerful sense of intuition. Well, don't we all have an intuitive sense? Even if we didn't, we're all one. And even if all of that were to fail, then there's still atomic entanglement at the quantum level. It's all one big, quantum-entangled fractal, the way I see it. Everything is in some form of constant communication with everything else. Why do I sense some resistance? Could it be due to the fact that we're all programmed into a sense of separation, of aloneness? It's very convenient for crowd control to get everyone thinking they are separate – instead of one united body of brethren – one unified family. It was in the Controllers' best interest to keep us that way – isolated. So, let's be stubborn, I say – let's break out of it. Better yet, let's

simply step out by going within. Yeah, I know, that backwards reflection thing, yet again – go in to go out. Oh well – I find it acts that way. In our central core, our “heart” for lack of a better term, we find that oneness as an actual experience. Things seem really different in there, and they are. How we believe is how we create. When we have core beliefs in such things as separation and competition, and scarce resources – well, what kind of a world will we naturally create, in that case? Not a pretty one, surely. What if, instead, we were to be fully aware of our oneness? What if we actually knew, by direct experience, that it's not possible to hurt anyone without hurting the self? What if the Golden Rule were, instead of philosophical or theoretical, to be experiential? What kind of world would be the result of that? This is such a simple and direct thought experiment. Anyone, even a youngster, can do it. It's not rocket science, and high IQ's are not needed for this. It's abundantly clear that our world is founded on our basic beliefs. Who lays those beliefs in is who lays out our future. It just naturally follows – beliefs create. Beliefs are terribly important. This gets pretty interesting because, believe it or not, we're not even aware of the extent of our beliefs, much less what they all are. With our 7% conscious mind we're only aware of the surface layer of beliefs, since the bulk of them hide out in the subconscious and unconscious mind. They come out and show themselves, sometimes surprising us, in our daily life. One never knows what encounter will bring one to the surface, there to be seen. What a strange state to be in. Man in a curious being, quite. How did we get this way? Well, I don't spend much time on that, since my favorite slice of time is always the same – the one that is right now right here. This moment contains the past, anyway. It's etched in via both the mind and even the body, the DNA. The mind actually inhabits the past, entirely. Just look at your thoughts if you doubt this. To many I know I sound strange. Once such ideas seemed a bit strange to me, too, and that wasn't so long ago. I keep wanting mankind to spread out into a greater measure of their inward

divinity – of their majestic capacity. You see, we don't know what we can and can't do until we try. Life is no spectator sport. We wear more shackles than we're presently aware of. It's there in the programming that we don't see, so we don't question it. Most of us live lives outward-focused, so we're not really present, inside, with our self. We're not really present in the now moment – we're always looking somewhere else, in time or in space. We tend to be quite scattered. Have you noticed? Well, by turning that around we can begin to regather the self – to regroup – to turn within. Most scriptures tell us that the kingdom is within. I find they really mean it – it's not allegorical or symbolic – it's literal. There's an entire kingdom within each one's breast, there to be found by you. No one can do it for you. This, above all else, is no spectator sport. Those shackles I mentioned – those invisible ones – they can be seen by the evidence of our behavior. So even if we're not good at subconscious exploration, all we need to is to watch and observe the self, and soon we'll see the fruits of our own personal beliefs. We'll see them in action. As we quietly take up our place within heart and just watch – we'll begin to see the foundations of all that we do. Silent watching has an amazing power. I don't know what it is or how it works – just that it works. You can try it out for yourself. It's a bit tricky at first, but you soon get the hang of it. Most of us aren't used to being very focused at all, so that part may be new. Just keep returning the focus of your attention within you – in your central chest area. Just place your thoughts there. Once there, the trick is to be silent. You can go about your daily work and routines, speak as much as you need to, but yet be silent, within. When you find the mind chattering, hamsterwheeling along, just look away from it – back to your central core. I used to pretend I had a private chapel, there – it was round. There was a stone altar in the center. I'd take my seat, crosslegged on the floor up close to the altar – and just sit, silent and reverent. There's a holy sense to it once you connect with it. Now, you're different, so you may not use a word like holy. Maybe sacred or special or other-worldly. I don't know how it will be for you, but

one thing I know is that it's different – really different from the outside world. There's just something about it. After a while of determinedly bringing my focus back to this center, again and again, I began to notice my mind was much quieter. Sometimes it would be completely silent. That's really nice. That's when the focus can deepen, when you can sink down even deeper into self. You'll be somehow linking up with Spirit or your Higher Self as you do this – as this happens to you (for there's no real doing to it). Intuition will be getting stronger. Have you known yourself as intuitive? Will, by now you will be – more and more. You're in the very home of the still, small voice. It's when we come into this inner silence that it's voice begins to be heard. It's really beautiful – not intrusive at all, just gently present. You'll find words of guidance or gentle understandings somehow inserted in your awareness. Be watching for this, else you'll mistake them for thoughts. They are not that. Instead, this is the beginnings of divine guidance. Just stay quietly present as much as you can, and as often. You'll see what I mean, for you're not different than I am at all. We all have this. We just don't normally notice. Why not? Oh, you know why not – because the mind is all the time chattering. The society encourages this, the noisy mind. We all seem to have them. Have you noticed? Mine got a lot quieter when I threw out the television and the media – radio, too. Letting go of the cell phone was also nice. Now I have more a sense of the private, of the quiet life – both inside and out. So, what I found was that, as I would just quietly watch and observe myself, I began to see deeper into what I was doing – into what was under that. Of course, this took a while. At first, when we begin this self watching, when we see what we don't approve of we want to be changing it. Well, that's not observing, now is it? No, it's not. No changing, and not only that, but no criticizing nor commenting mentally, either. No, just watching – nothing else. So, that may take a while, but at some point you've pretty well got it, and that's when the quiet inner voice can begin to be heard. Until then it's simply too noisy – you're too distracted – you're not really present, though you may think that you are. I'd challenge

that. Don't take what your mind says for truth anymore. The mind isn't half as wise as it likes to think it is. It's quite safe to ignore it. I know, that's a radical thought. That's okay. Just let it penetrate. Learn to quietly ponder. You don't have to accept it. I didn't say that. I stay open to all things with one simple belief and it's this: anything is possible. Thus, whatever the odd idea is, I'm not closed to it. Nor am I quick to accept it. Instead, I just watch. One can simply consider the possibility. Only that. We'll know our beliefs by what thoughts we object to – that's our beliefs speaking out there. If we're quietly stationed or seated inside, in our interior chapel, or however we're doing it, then we'll tend to notice such things – they won't slip by us as they do in the occupied mind – the hamster-wheel kind. I find that all we must do is be quiet in here and be watching – silent and watching – for the intuitive voice to kick in. At this point, I begin to suspect that it's always talking and it has been all the while. We just never notice because we're outwardly focused and who among us has a quiet mind? So how would we know? This could be the case, that our guidance has been there, 24/7, since forever, but we just didn't know. Life is much lighter, much funnier, and a much more wonderful affair than we were ever taught it was. We've been trudging and working away under such heavy, unpleasant burdens all these years, haven't we? Well, now I find out – it just doesn't have to be this way. Life is meant to hum with quiet Joy – divine Joy. There's a quiet Peace within heart that will spread out and invade even your bones. You become Peace, yourself – there's no telling you apart from It. Finally, there comes a quiet contentment that just can't be broken – can't be penetrated at all. Desires for things fall away, left and right and center, too. Life gets so much more simple – and quiet. It's truly amazing. And perhaps the most beautiful thing of all is – it's free – and totally and always available – to one and all. There's a true equality here that's only divine. It's too perfect, to lovely to be anything else. Welcome Home, my friends. There's no need to wait for ascension or anything else. This is available right here and right now. Just

go within. Be determined. Don't ever give up on you. You'll see – you'll come through for you, then you'll never be parted, no never again – you from You – self from Self, capital-S Self. And when you've finally found this new Home within the heart there's something else that will happen. You'll be such a quiet radiance, in yourself, that the whole world will benefit. You'll simply radiate That – whatever That is. :)


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