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Father Anthony J. Fitzgerald, S.J., Jurisprudential Wizard: Vol. ?

16, Culloden Concluded A Science Fiction Novel about Multidimensional Reality By Anthony J. Fejfar © Copyright 2006 by Anthony J. Fejfar As stated previously, the Father Anthony J. Fitzgerald, S.J., Jurisprudential Wizard, science fiction novel, and novel series, is a work of fiction, and any resemblance of any of the characters therein to any person, living or dead, is merely a coincidence. All the characters are fictional. Chapter I Father Anthony J. Fitzgerald looked down at the meadow mountain valley below him. This battle, he knew, was supposed to be a slaughter. The Scots Catholic forces of Bonnie Prince Charlie were to be decimated by the English regulars. God had assembled a force of multidimensional immortals to fight for the north and right the wrong multidimensionally. The Author, Anthony J. Fejfar, had shifted back into himself in Lincoln, Nebraska, in sixth grade in a parallel universe, without even knowing. So it was up to Tony Fitzgerald to get the job done.

Father Fitzgerald thought about the situtation for a awhile and then prayed. He prayed for a modern rifle that he could use in the battle. Suddenly, Tony Fitzgerald was back in the future, at the Lewistown, K-Mart, in the campingsporting goods section. Fitzgerald asked to see the .22 caliber rifle on display in the case. It was a Marlin Model 60 semi-automatic rifle. Father Fitzgerald sighted the rifle at the ceiling with approval. He bought the rifle, along with twenty boxes of .22 long rifle ammunition at 50 shells per box. He walked out of the store with the rifle and ammunition, and the next thing you know he was back at Culloden. Prince Charles Stuart, Andy Greeley, Tony Fitzgerald, Liam Brown, and Sean O’Reilly talked strategy. They decided to set the battle up just as they had intended, but with the addition of Father Anthony Fitzgerald in the second rank with the Model 60 Marlin semi-auto. Fitzgerald was to target officers. The next morning the men got up early and ate a light breakfast. The Scots had regulars with muskets, men armed with claymore swords, and archers. The regulars were placed in front, next the claymore’s, and finally the archers. Father Anthony Fitzgerald placed himself in the second rank of regulars and prepared to shoot. His rifle was a rule-tube load rifle so he had only about 15 shots before he had to reload.

The English lined up, preparing for battle. English muskets were really only accurate at a range of about 50 yards. The English had two ranks of regulars, and then officers on horseback, immediately behind. When the English reached a range of one mile away, Father Tony Fitzgerald pulled back the carriage to his Marlin rifle and loaded a round of .22 caliber ammunition. He spotted an officer, apparently a colonel, on horseback, standing still. Fitzgerald took a deep breath, aimed his rifle, and exhaled as he lightly squeezed the trigger. His first shot missed down and to the left, hitting the horse of an officer next to his target. He adjusted his aim to the right, and squeezed of a series of three shot. The colonel clutched his chest and fell to the ground. A new officer, rode up on his horse with several other officers. Apparently, a general. Father Tony Fitzgerald took aim and squeezed of five shots in rapid succession. The general and two other officers went down. Suddenly the English advance stopped. Tony Fitzgerald had five shot left, which he emptied into the front rank of the English regulars. Five English regulars went down. The English ranks sagged. It took Tony Fitzgerald about a minute to reload. He then aimed at the front rank of the English again, shooting across the English first line of soldiers again. Fifteen men in a row fell. At this point the English ranking officer, a

captain, ordered retreat. One hour later the English commander came forward under a white flag of truce, asking for parlay. The Scots and the English met in the center of the field. The English asked if some sort of compromise could be worked out. Prince Charles Stuart demanded that all the Scots be given Freeman status under Magna Charta, the British Constitution, and, sizable land grants in Virginia, Maryland, Pennslyvania, and the Carolina Colonies. The officer said that he would take the peace offer to King George, of England, who was residing in a castle in northern England. The next day the parlay was reconvened. The officer told the Scots that King George agreed to requested terms, but that it would take a month for the land grant deeds to be prepared and signed by the King. In the meantime the King agreed to have the English withdraw from Scotland to England. Six weeks later the Scots boarded ships for Americae. Father Tony Fitzgerald, Liam Brown, Sean O’Reilly, and the others formed a circle and prayed, and immediately found themselves back in their “modern” lives in America. Jack and Bobby Kennedy decided to stay and took a ship to Americae with the Scots.


Chapter II Fitzgerald, Brown, and O’Reilly, found themselves back in the WindRiver Range, on their backpacking trip. Mike Corgill and Stan Fitzhugh were waiting for them at the base camp. Apparently, only one day had passed in the modern time period of the WindRiver. The men sat down at the base camp and tried to

decide what to do next. First of all they knew that “multidimensional flux” would apply to them since they had changed history. In all liklihood the men to lived at Culloden and came to Americae would change history to some degree. Unless, of course what they accomplished was meant to be accomplished and in fact they all had read a false history of Culloden which described the slaughter of the Scots. Time would tell. In the meantime Liam Brown and Sean O’Reilly decided to hang out in Boston. Fitzhugh, Fitzgerald and Corgill, all decided to go back to Lewistown. Fitzgerald decided that he should try to figure out what was going on with Sister Joan Brewster. Chapter III

Father Anthony J. Fitzgerald was in his office in the law school at Lewistown, University. It was the middle of September, and classes had already started. He was teaching the concept of “possession” of property once again. He

was using a socratic introduction and a discussion of a couple of cases dealing with the possession of fish. Fitzgerald grabbed his tweed sports coat, notebook and casebook, locked his door, and went to class. Fitzgerald was terrible with names. He was glad that he had a seating chart. Father Tony Fitzgerald, S.J., walked into a classroom which was three quarters full. He was five minutes early so not everyone was there yet. Soon the room was full and it was time to start. “Today we are going to discuss possession of property,” he told the Property I class. “What is possession? How do you define possession?” he asked. The faces of the students in class looked sort of confused. Finally, a student raised her hand. “Yes, Jane, what do you think?” responded Father Fitzgerald. “Well, Father Fitzgerald I think that possession means that you own something,” she replied. “Well, that’s interesting, but what about a tenant, a tenant possesses the leasehold estate but does not own the leased premises, the landlord does, so I’m not sure that’s quite it. It is fair to say though that ownership can entail possession if possession hasn’t been given to someone else.” “Anyone else have an idea of what possession is?” asked Tony Fitzgerald. Another student, Mary, raised her hand. “Yes?” he responded. “Well, I have read where possession means ‘control,’” she said. “Good response,” said Fitzgerald. “The only real problem now is to figure out what control means, and,

that takes us to our two cases,” he continued. Jane, channeled, “shit I hate case method.” Father Tony Fitzgerald channeled back, “well shit, happens, doesn’t it Jane?” Great, I forgot Father Fitzgerald channels, thought Jane. “Well, Jane, why don’t you tell us about ?Wesley versus Smith. “Well, Father Fitzgerald the Wesley was a trawler fishing in restricted fishing lanes.” She said. “Alright,” said Father Fitzgerald, “continue.” “Well, what basically happened was that the first boat let out its’ net, and had pulled the net around so that there were fish trapped in the middle, with the gap being closed gradually by the ship and a row boat with men beating oars into the water was being used as a stop gap.” Jane said. “Alright, what happened next?” asked Father Fitzgerald. “Well, a second boat came through the gap in the net and let out its’ own net, taking the fish away from the first boat.” Jane continued. “Good, Jane, how what was at issue in the case?” asked Tony Fitzgerald. “At issue was who had a right to the fish?” replied Jane. “Any way we could frame this legally?” asked Father Fitzgerald. “Well, I suppose possession of the fish was at issue,” she continued. “Why possession, Jane?” he asked. “Because possession of unclaimed wild animals such as fish entails ownership.” she said. “Good, so perhaps in some instances you original comment that possession entails ownership was correct.” said Fitzgerald. “I guess so.” said Jane.

“Bill, why don’t you take over at this point. Bill, if possession entails ownership as Jane says, then what happens if two different persons claim possession?” asked Father Fitzgerald. “I suppose the first possessor wins over the later possessor.” Said Bill. “Good, Bill, did the first boat have possession of the fish before the second boat cut in?” asked Father Tony. “Well, I don’t think so, I mean the court said that ‘almost possession’ wasn’t enough for possession, so I think that the small boat with the oars wasn’t enough to close the gap.” said Bill. “Alright Bill, why wasn’t the gap considered closed? Don’t you think that the boat with the oars made it a practical impossibility for the fish to escape?” asked Father Tony. “No, I think that it was possible for some of the fish to escape since there was a gap in the net and the row boat was only on the surface.” replied Bill. “Anybody disagree with Bill?” asked Father Tony. Mary raised her hand. “Yes?” “Father Tony, I think that there was possession by the first boat.” said Mary. “O.K.,” said Tony Fitzgerald. “I mean there really wasn’t much a way for those fish to get out, and, anyway, I think the second boat acted in bad faith by cutting in,” Mary continued. Bill raised his hand again. “Yes, Bill,” said Father Fitzgerald. “I think that the first boat was at fault for violating fishing regulations and that is why the case turned out the way it did.”said Bill. Mary responded, “I think that the second ship was equally at fault with the first for violating fishing

regulations.” Jane said, “Maybe the type of boat made a difference; maybe the first boat was a type of boat because of size or something that violated the regulations, while the second boat didn’t.” “Alright,” said Father Fitzgerald. “Well, this had been a good discussion. To sum up, however, I guess we’ll have to admit that the court held that there was no possession by the first boat, so that it was not wrongful for the second boat to take the fish. Tomorrow we’ll start with State v. Shaw and see if the cases are consistent.” said Father Tony. Chapter IV Father Tony Fitzgerald was surprised. While he as gone to the WindRiver Range in the Summer, a new Dean of the Law School was appointed by the University President, with minimal faculty input. The new Dean, Dean Gregor, had been a Dean at Public Policy School at Charles University in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Gregor had a Public Policy degree and law degree from Harvard University. He was born in Missoula, Minnesota, the largest city and Capitol of the State of Minnesota.

Tony Fitzgerald received a phone call from Dean Gregor’s secretary, requesting that Father Fitzgerald come down to see Dean Gregor in the Dean’s office, at once. As Tony hung up his office phone, he wondered what was going

on. He straightened his silk tie, slipped on his charcoal gray, Hart, Shaffner, and Marx, suit jacket, closed his office door, and headed down to the Dean’s office. Tony Fitzgerald was kept waiting for a half an hour, apparently, on purpose. He was finally invited in and sat down. Dean Gregor said, “Father Fitzgerald, I understand that you were hired to teach and write in the areas of property, ethics, Law and Theology, and Catholic Jurisprudence.” “Yes, that’s right,” said Tony Fitzgerald. “I understand that the Dean who hired you was Catholic, and that you received tenure on your Coif,” continued Gregor. “Yes, that is essentially, correct,” replied Fitzgerald. “Well, I don’t believe in Law and Theology or Catholic Jurisprudence,” said Dean Gregor, “and I want you to resign.” “Resign. That’s absurd,” said Father Fitzgerald. “Well, you won’t be getting a salary increase this year, and I intent to look at your course schedule and make adjustments,” said Gregor. “Oh, really,” replied Tony Fitzgerald, “what did you have in mind?” “How about Will and Estates and Individual Income Tax next semester?” asked Gregor. “Fine,” replied Fitzgerald. “Will you resign?” asked Gregor again. “Go to hell,” replied Fitzgerald. “Well, that’s all for today,” said Gregor. Father Tony Fitzgerald got up, left the office and went back up to his office to think. Chapter V Father Tony Fitzgerald went back to his room in the Jesuit Residence and sat

down in his recliner. He went into the Dao, in a meditative trance state to reorient himself. Well, he decided, at the next faculty meeting I suppose that I will have to object to the whole thing and try to get a vote of no confidence in the new Dean. In the meantime I need to go multidimensional, something was going on. I, Tony Fitzgerald went into a trance state and the next thing you know, I was having an out-of-body experience on the astral plane. I saw her again, Minerva, the Holy Spirit of Divine Wisdom, on the astral plane. “Well, Tony, its’ nice to see you again,” said Minerva. “And I you,” said Father Anthony Fitzgerald. “There has been a disturbance in the time line you typically inhabit.” She said, “Dean Gregor, seems to after you,” Minerva added. “Are the two things related?” asked Tony Fitzgerald, “I did not see the Gregor event happening with my preconsious mind, and I certainly didn’t remote view anything.” “Well, they are cheating again, they are trying to murder Archbishop Thomas A’Becket on hollowed ground again in England in the medeival period.” “King Henry?” asked Fitzgerald. “Well, history might look at it that way but it is really Gregor and SMERSH who has shifted back multidimensionally.” said Minerva. “It would be good to take Gregor out during the medeival period and try to roll up his time line.” said Fitzgerald. “Well, I suppose a murder would not look

good,” She said, “I suppose God the Father might be upset.” “Perhaps, although I know Christ favors Thomas A’Becket,” said Fitzgerald. “Perfect, then, I will give you an angelic magick sword as a gift of the spirit, and place you in the church so that Thomas A’Becket is not murdered on hallowed ground, and is instead rescued by you and smuggled out into France. I suppose Gregor will have to be killed in the process. Here is your sword,” she said, manifesting his magick angelic sword.

Tony Fitzgerald look at the hilt. The sword was embossed with the Holy Cross on both sides of the hilt. The Holy Cross being a circle perfectly dissected by a centered cross in the shape of a plus sign. Father Tony Fitzgerald hefted his magick angelic sword and was immediately transported my Minerva to the English church where Thomas A’Becket was at the communion rail praying. Chapter VI Tony Fitzgerald drew his angelic sword and waited in a side altar in the shadows. Suddenly, the rear door of the church burst open and three knights in armor entered the church. Fitzgerald moved the the center aisle of the church. “You shall not pass,” he said to the men. They laughed and came forward. Fitzgerald moved forward and engaged the first knight. Tony parried the knight’s sword and ran him through. The second knight, who had the visage of Gregor,

came forward. “I am Satan, you must let me pass,” said the knight. “In the name of Michael the Archangel and Saint Anthony the Archangel, you shall not pass.” said Father Anthony Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald held his angelic sword forward and a lightning bolt suddenly came of of the sword and incinerated Gregor. The last knight turned and ran away. Tony Fitzgerald then turned and walked up to the communion rail where Archbishop Thomas A’Becket was praying. “Thomas, you must leave. King Henry and his knights desire to kill you.” said Tony Fitzgerald. “Where will I go?” asked Thomas. “Go to Ireland, you will be safe there.” said Tony Fitzgerald. “Good, I will leave tonight, thank you.” said Thomas. But Anthony Fitzgerald was gone. Back in the recliner in the Jesuit Residence at Lewistown, University. Chapter VII Father Tony Fitzgerald walked into the classroom where the faculty meeting of the law school was being held. All fifteen faculty members were present including Father Stan Fitzhugh and Sister Joan Brewster. Dean Gregor called the meeting to order. The mundane matters of the meeting were soon over and it was time for new business. Tony Fitzgerald spoke, “Dean Gregor has indicated to me that Law and Theology and Catholic Jurisprudence is unacceptable here at Lewistown University School of Law. I reject Dean Gregor’s approach

entirely, and am calling for a vote of no confidence by the Faculty against Dean Gregor.” “And I Dean Gregor want Father Tony Fitzgerald detenured and fired.”

replied Gregor. “I believe that he no confidence vote was proposed first, and should be addressed first,” said Stan Fitzhugh. “Dean Gregor, your response?” queried Sister Joan Brewster. “I don’t believe in what is essentially a Catholic law school at a private Episcopalian University.” said Gregor. “Well, since it is new business, I guess we will have to vote at the next meeting.” said Stan Fitzhugh. And so the meeting adjourned. Chapter VIII Father Tony Fitzgerald went back to his room in the Jesuit Residence, just off campus. He closed his door and sat down in his recliner. He pulled the New American Bible off the bookshelf. He turned to the New Testament and to the Gospel of Mark, reading about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He read up to the point where Jesus, on the cross, was taunted by the jeer, “if you are the Christ, come down from the cross and save yourself.” Tony Fitzgerald fell asleep on the

recliner. Soon he was in a deep sleep and began to dream. Tony Fitzgerald’s dream was not an ordinary dream, it was a Lucid Dream, where his was fully aware of his surroundings and could control his own body and speech. In his Lucid Dream, Father Tony Fitzgerald found himself on the Astral Plane. Once again, the


Holy Spirit of Divine Wisdom, the Goddess Minerva, was there. “Well, Anthony, you are thinking you might be penured by Gregor aren’t you?” “The thought had crossed my mind,” replied Father Tony Fitzgerald. “Well, perhaps you would like to see the fuller version of the Gospel, what really happened when Jesus was taunted on the cross?” “Yes,” said Father Tony, “I would like to see that.” “Remember, Tony, the real story is multidimensional, what you see involves only two, perhaps three, reality frames, it probable reality,” said Minerva. “Alright,” said Tony, “I’m ready.” “First, the clothes. I will wear a wrap with a veil and you, a roman toga with sandals,” said Minerva, and suddenly they were both dressed as she said. Then, Minerva opened a frame door on the Astral Plane, and the next thing you know, the two of them were on the left side of the crowd on Golgotha, with a man, obviously Jesus of Nazareth, on the cross, with a man crucified on his right, and another, on his left. Tony Fitzgerald smelled shit. The man on the cross on the left had shit himself. The man on the right cross was crying out in agony. Jesus seemed calm. Suddenly, a man came up and jeered at Jesus, “The King of the Jews, God’s Son, Miracle Worker, if you were really any of these you would simply come off the cross and save yourself.” Jesus smiled, and in pain, turned his head and made eye


contact with Tony Fitzgerald, and unbelievably, winked at Tony Fitzgerald with his right eye. Jesus pulled himself up and yelled, “This time I have chosen only to submit to a Warrior’s penuring, this crucifixion is over.” Suddenly, the nails in the hands of Jesus popped out. Then the nail in his feet popped out. People in the crowd screamed. Jesus then levitated in front of the cross with his arms stretched out in blessing. He then levitated further out into the crowd. They pushed back. Jesus changed his posture and sat down in the air on an Astral shelf, about ten feet off the ground. Suddenly, the crowd surged forward. They could no longer see Jesus. What started as a mass hallucination-the crowd seeing Jesus back on the cross-soon became a multidimensional reality shift. Suddenly, Jesus was both on the cross, and, at the same time seated in the air on the Astral shelf. The crowd had shifted into their alternates in an alternate reality frame where Jesus was still of the cross. Jesus, on the cross saw his alternate in the air, as well as Tony Fitzgerald and Minerva. Fitzgerald, the levitating Jesus, and Minerva waited for Jesus to come off the cross, but he didn’t. Instead, Jesus, cried, “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Then Jesus on the cross died. The Transfigured Jesus who had come off the cross, said to Tony Fitzgerald and Minerva, “Come with me to the tomb.” The three of them teleported to the


tomb. “They will not see us in the shadows.” said the Transfigured Jesus. Two hours later the burial detail with the Roman Guard showed up at the tomb with the body of the Jesus who had died. The body was placed on a slab in the tomb, and the tomb opening was closed with a large boulder. The transfigured Jesus, Tony Fitzgerald, and Minerva, all knelt down and prayed. Suddenly, Jesus on the slab of stone stirred and sat up. Jesus layed back down and energized his body. Suddenly, he came with his body through the shroud and stood up. The energized Jesus who had died and resurrected, and the Warrior Jesus of the Transfiguration, merged into the same Person. “Good,” said Jesus, “now I can live and relate in both the world of suffering, as well as the world of Liberation. As a Warrior, I have come to liberate the Earth and the Universe from Injustice. I am the God of Justice and Social Justice. Now, I must descend into Sheol to rescue souls, it is time for you, Tony Fitzgerald to return to your time.” Suddently, Tony Fitzgerald was back in his recliner in his room in the Jesuit Residence. When Tony woke up from this Lucid Dream he knew, he was supposed to fight. He had to prevent Gregor from destroying the Catholic Christian influence at Lewistown University. (To be continued).