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you will be able to explore the physical world and the Universe on a much deeper and intimate level. Once youʼve mastered astral viewing.Dear Seeker of Exploration and Adventure. So enjoy and have an amazing adventure! Steve G. Jones 3 . this eBook will equip you with all that you need to embark on one of the most glorious journeys ever. From the history of astral viewing to the modern day applications. Iʼve created this eBook with the mission that I will be able to pass on the amazing and incredibly beneficial skill that is astral viewing.

there is a science b e h i n d A s t r a l Viewing that has b e e n t r i e d a n d Astral Viewing is a remarkable secret. and even thousands of years ago. Astral Viewing is a combination of two techniques you probably have heard of. Those who venture out and explore the unknown are those who make the discoveries. Often. namely Remote Viewing. 4 . And to make Astral Viewing even better yet.THOSE WHO VENTURE OUT AND EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN ARE THOSE WHO MAKE THE DISCOVERIES ASTRAL VIEWING REVEALED This book will expose many of the secrets of Astral Viewing. tested. Venturing into the unknown. Something around the bend. In a sense. However. you may not be familiar with this term. they are like the explorers from hundreds. While that may sound extraordinary. but it can indeed be done and with a surprisingly minimal amount of effort. However. one of the worldʼs most conservative organizations has actually spent millions of dollars researching a field closely related to Astral Viewing. astral projection and Remote Viewing. Much of that spirit and that appreciation of those who explore the unknown is infused into this book. In this way. these are the people that society remembers. EXPLORATION IS THE KEY TO LIFE. This is a simple fact that has been understood by people living in every era of human history and still rings true today. it is indeed true. it does take quite a bit of dedication.Introduction: An Explanation to Astral Viewing Exploration is key to life. namely. but it is far less “new-agey” than many other techniques and/or philosophies that you may have heard about or explored in the past. and something that isnʼt quite on the map… just yet. Indeed astral projection may seem a bit “out of this world” for many people to assimilate into their lives. Astral Viewing provides a remarkable tool that will change your life forever in many ways you may have never dreamed possible. they are often the ones credited with moving civilization forward. like an explorer. These individuals often find their lives enriched in the process. REMOTE VIEWING’ S INCREDIBLE HISTORY It is often stated that a great deal can often be gleaned from where people or organizations put their money. Todayʼs visionaries realize that there indeed may be something over the horizon. for money is after all an allocation of resources. It might be new to you. And this does make a good deal of sense. In all likelihood. In fact. takes courage and a degree of vision. Interestingly enough.

what there is to gain from such a technique? Some of the answers are very obvious. is seen as being less ethereal and a bit more concrete. participants are more readily able to point to results or experimental data of some sort. But the fact of the matter is that the U. For example. it is quite unusual for this money to be allocated to a field or area that seems so far out of step with the mainstream scientific community. government felt that the evidence concerning Remote Viewing was strong enough that a further exploration was warranted.S.S. government had enough belief in Remote Viewing that they spent over $20 million dollars to research its potential usage for military applications. Itʼs the reason why many people are drawn to Remote Viewing -. This exploration was deemed as being worthwhile enough to spend several more million dollars.” Yet.THE UNITED STATES MILITARY SECRET POST-OP The fact that the U. This translates to a clear advantage to Remote Viewing. What happened then was that many very bright. for many. Thus. satisfactory to current scientific and research methods. everyone wants quick results. Furthermore. The sheer fact that this happened at all is enough to make many pause and scratch their head.S. exploring Astral Viewing is a way 5 . government has spent millions of dollars on Remote Viewing is probably a big surprise for most readers. although astral projection sounds intriguing to many. Even a casual contemplation of this topic would seem to lend credence to the notion that experts and scientists somewhere in the U.because of the simple fact it seems more like hard science.” This fact alone makes Remote Viewing nothing short of fascinating. ASTRAL PROJECTION In todayʼs world. Remote Viewing is looked upon as a practical technique even by many hardened skeptics. well-educated people within the U. While it is true that government money does often get allocated on seemingly odd scientific research projects. Perhaps you are asking. Through Remote Viewing experiments. they are afraid to potentially waste their time on something that sounds a bit “woo-woo. Yet. In short. Therefore. in any fashion. Remote Viewing has enough substance to it that a major government spent considerable time and effort researching it definitely lends credence to the fact that Remote Viewing is legit. the realm of Remote Viewing is different. The world of astral projection is much more difficult to quantify in a method that is. it is easier for researchers to show results and create more concrete and more observable experiments. the edge goes to Remote Viewing.S. government concluded that Remote Viewing might be “worth a look. many people involved in these activities have written books recounting their participation in these programs. REMOTE VIEWING VS. WHY ASTRAL VIEWING? But you might be asking why you would want to explore or study a technique such as Astral Viewing. this is a verified fact that has been the subject of much research. but why? Remote Viewing.

it is easy to learn. What is viewed as being impossible in one era is viewed as being a simple truth that every school child knows in another. THE PERFECT COMBINATION Astral projection explores the outer realms and other dimensions. unlike most other skills that can be learned. That is why Astral Viewing is the perfect combination of the two studies.for you to explore your universe. for example. Many people would feel that any opportunity to become a more enlightened and more capable person is worth almost any reasonable price. to some degree. doesnʼt fundamentally change the way one perceives time. 6 . you can change your perception of what is possible and even change your life. especially with the secrets to be presented in this book. By learning. thoughts and concepts that were once created unlikely or impossible. Additionally. which has the potential to transcend the time it takes to learn. It allows you to explore our physical realm here on earth and has tremendously practical applications. Studying Astral Viewing is the perfect solution for people looking to leverage the power of the mind and their spirituality for gaining knowledge and insight. and so it may be too ethereal for some peopleʼs tastes. There was a time when the notion that the earth revolved around the sun was enough to have a man burnt alive. consider all the new inventions. Astral Viewing has real world applications and real world meaning. the never-ending cycle of history. explored or honed can literally transform oneʼs world view and oneʼs view of oneʼs self. It is a soulful and spiritual approach to Remote Viewing. THE REAL WORLD APPLICATION OF ASTRAL VIEWING Thatʼs right. learning these languages. space and reality itself. yet today this is seen as a basic fact and a basic law of nature. yourself and broaden your boundaries of what is possible. The truth is that truth itself changes with time. Astral Viewing. This cycle of emerging out of the darkness of ignorance and into the embrace of light is. embracing and mastering these techniques. While this might sound extraordinary. What value can one put on becoming a more enlightened and more capable person? This is a tough question to answer. While learning Spanish or German might enrich oneʼs life and broaden oneʼs horizons. On the other hand. Remote Viewing could seem a bit tedious to some if they are only focusing on “seeing” earthbound locations and gathering information. A LEARNED SKILL THAT YOU CAN DEVELOP Astral Viewing is one of those rare skills that can be learned.

letʼs take some time to explore what it is and what its origins are. such concepts and thoughts are not as “against the grain” or outlandish as they may have once seemed. These notions are not held by a few scientists working on the “fringe. How ancient? There are accounts of astral projection virtually as far back as there is history itself. people via astral projection have experienced different universes and planets. They contributed their expanding understanding of the universe and their place in it to exploring the world through their astral . For example. 7 ASTRAL VIEWING FROM THE BEGINNING OF HISTORY People throughout time have been reporting that they have experienced and used astral projection and Astral Viewing.Understanding Astral Viewing Before we progress further into the details surrounding Astral Viewing. and it might shock you to learn that this technique has an ancient history. encountered astral beings and even planets. Many noted people including great minds and artists throughout history have credited the ancient and well-documented technique of astral projection as having enriched their lives. the idea that there are different “planes of reality” doesnʼt seem so outlandish anymore. Of course.” but are increasingly being held by the best and brightest mind. THE SCIENCE BEHIND ASTRAL VIEWING Todayʼs exponentially expanding base of scientific knowledge is coming more and more to the realization that mankind does not understand as much about the universe that we inhabit as we might wish to believe. our astral body explores the astral plane.” As we mentioned in the introduction. people. The power of astral projection is nothing short of profound. The power of astral projection is truly difficult to overstate. The astral plane is just one of a variety of planes of existence that we cannot access through our normal consciousness in day-to-day life. that doesnʼt mean it doesnʼt exist. In general. People who successfully astral project have experienced different universes. This can be about unknown places. you did indeed read that correctly. Yes. In brief. When we use astral projection. people of all types and backgrounds have professed to the power of these techniques. where anything that you can imagine happening has indeed occurred. events or thoughts. many theoretical physicist. Astral Viewing is a combination of astral projection and Remote Viewing. Increasingly. what you are seeking to gain information about via Astral Viewing is called the “target. They used it to see and experience amazing things. In a word. quantum physicist and cosmologists now believe that there are multiple universes and perhaps unending parallel universes. places. body. Astral Viewing is the ability for someone to use his or her astral body to gather information about the unknown. Beginning with the ancient Egyptians and continuing through every era of history.

People who are engaged in Remote Viewing will commonly visit different locations on earth and people who are currently living. astral projection is up in astral planes. vibrations become finer and finer. you would see the normal range of objects. Next. shapes and colors that we see in the everyday world. Mental Plane 4. you are dealing with the emotional realm. it is possible to visit some of the other planes as well. When the astral 8 . and remote projection is terrestrial. As of yet. most mainstream scientists wouldnʼt have the foggiest notion of how to dissect and study astral projection. The seven planes of existence are as follows: 1. THE ASTRAL BODY Astral projection deals with the astral body moving through these planes of existence. Remote Viewing clearly makes for a better research subject than astral projection. As we ascend into higher dimensions. with Remote Viewing. Atma Plane 6. we get to pure levels of consciousness. As a result. Scientists and researcher like studying the physical. YOU CAN HAVE A WIDE VARIETY OF EXPERIENCES. One can quickly see how your “average run of the mill” scientist or researcher might prefer Remote Viewing compared to astral projection. explored and documented. we use our five senses to explore the earth plane.” In essence. Thus. PLANES OF ASTRAL PROJECTION When it comes to astral projection. The Physical Plane 2. with Astral Viewing. Thus Remote Viewing is physical. colors and experiences are not what you would experience here on earth. A further clarification is on the topic of where people visit when they are Remote Viewing. that means it can more readily and easily be evaluated. While people end up exploring the astral plane (the second plane). the general idea is the same. WHEN YOU PROJECT INTO THE ASTRAL PLANE. Adi Plane Of course. Remote Viewing has been called “earth projection. The planes from one to seven increasingly have less density. Anupadaka Plane 7. the shapes. the “Adi” plane. the exact names of these seven planes can vary considerably depending on whom you are talking to. AS A RESULT. When you project into the astral plane. Of course. When you get to the highest plane. Since Remote Viewing uses the five senses. those who are traveling through astral projection are not limited to the confines of earth. we will provide a brief summary to better help you understand the nature of traditional astral projection and traditional Remote Viewing.YOU ARE DEALING WITH THE EMOTIONAL REALM. Remote Viewing takes place on our physical plane with which we are all familiar. both possibilities are at our fingertips. the theory is that there are seven planes of existence. Buddhic Plane 5. Before you Astral View.. However. An understanding of Astral Viewing would not be complete without some knowledge about astral projection and Remote Viewing. The Astral Plane 3. you can have a wide variety of different types of experiences.. Usually. Therefore.In contrast to astral projection. Whereas with Astral Viewing or Remote Viewing.

This technique was researched for quite a few years by the U. acknowledge the physical representation of the astral body hovering above a personʼs regular body. The target is usually in a different location and often at a great distance away. to gather and report information on the same”. WHEN THE ASTRAL BODY TRAVELS. Our astral body is superimposed on our physical body. government for potential military applications. Remote Viewing definitely could have occurred as far back as ancient civilizations. but the viewers focus primarily on sight. yet it anchors the astral body to the physical self. the ancient Egyptians could very well have been masters of both astral projection as well as Remote Viewing. for example. However. When we travel in our astral body. we experience astral vision. the astral body is held to our physical form through the silver cord. However. to view persons. it can travel throughout space and time. In fact. Time and space do not have the 9 . the ancient Egyptians could very well have been masters of both astral projection as well as Remote Viewing. just LOCATING YOUR TARGET Remote Viewing is ability where people can use their psychic abilities to view information about a “target. Remote Viewing uses all senses. the Department of Defense described Remote Viewing as “the learned ability to transcend space and time. just like the technique of astral projection. Hieroglyphics.body travels. This technique was researched for quite a few years by the U. places or things remote in space time. it is believed to be finer and have a lower density. The astral body is very similar to our regular body. Remote Viewing definitely could have occurred as far back as ancient civilizations. Remote Viewing was labeled quite a bit after astral projection.S. the Department of Defense described Remote Viewing as” the learned ability to transcend space and time. to gather and report information on the same.” Remote Viewing uses all senses. Our astral bodies house our emotions and passions. The astral body is essential to astral projection. Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff first coined the term Remote Viewing in 1974. During astral projection. Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff first coined the term Remote Viewing in 1974. but the viewers focus primarily on sight. like the technique of astral projection. The target can also be in the future or the past. However. for example. IT CAN TRAVEL THROUGHOUT SPACE AND TIME. The reason that the astral body is so significant is that it connects our human bodies to the cosmic level. and it is also essential to Astral Viewing. places or things remote in space time. In fact. It is our astral body that travels in both astral projection as well as Astral Viewing. In fact. This cord is invisible. Hieroglyphics. to view persons. SO WHAT IS REMOTE VIEWING? Remote Viewing was labeled quite a bit after astral projection.” The viewing process is typically to gather information. acknowledge the physical representation of the astral body hovering above a personʼs regular body.S. government for potential military applications. In fact. There are no longer any boundaries.

wants.. During the Astral Viewing process. within which ideas can form that are relevant to an unknown location. When we view with our astral bodies. government Remote Viewer.S. 10 . This is called a “double blind” experiment and is the ideal set of circumstances for Remote Viewing to work properly according to the experts. it means that we explore the earth plane through our astral body. ASTRAL VIEWING DEFINED Astral Viewing is a way of seeing into other locations using the power of oneʼs nonphysical self. Heart rate and respiration picks up. Because Astral Viewing is a combination of astral projection ASTRAL VIEWING’ S EXCEPTION The only exception to this rule with Astral Viewing is it is common to see objects that do not exist yet but will exist in the future.” former U. the impressions can be vague dreamlike and sometimes somewhat beyond our normal range of knowledge. Yet. writes. With Remote Viewing. There is some blurring of lines of time. In the book “Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook. In fact. So you can still use your traditional five senses. Astral Viewing is very similar to Remote Viewing. object. Astral Viewing is special and unique because with this practice we go beyond using our traditional five senses. Some evidence has shown Remote Viewing will cease to work properly if the viewers have previous knowledge about what they are supposed to see. Many people believe that it is easier and quicker to learn Astral Viewing as opposed to astral projection. So what happens during an out of body experience? Our brainʼs alpha waves decrease and beta waves increase. Where it can often take people years of discipline to master astral projection. but you can also get vibrations from what you see. These ideas are not connected to any personal desires. It is common for people who are practicing Astral Viewing to access the state through deep meditation. You may see auras or energy signatures from regular objects and things. ideally the person who the remote viewer interacts with should also have no knowledge of the target. beliefs or structures that may already exist within us. With Astral Viewing. person or concept. everything will seem more dreamlike and less defined. event. The target is identified while we are having an out of body experience. “In following the way of Remote Viewing.. the mind corresponds to the astral bodyʼs senses instead of the usual senses we are accustomed to using in day-to-day reality.nInstead. issues. people always are kept free of any information regarding the target until all of their thoughts have been recorded. None of the traditional five senses are relied upon the way they are necessary with Remote Viewing. awareness of charkas and listening to binaural beats to put the brainwaves into Theta.” and Remote Viewing. and that is one of the reasons that Astral Viewing is so exciting.boundaries that they do in our day-to-day lives in the world of Remote Viewing. In this way. all the senses work together towards identifying your target. All astral viewers have to keep in mind the time lines when they are viewing. we are still in the physical world. Joseph McMoneagle. You will not have experiences exactly like you do in day-to-day life when you are Astral Viewing. they can learn Remote Viewing extremely quickly. You can transcend time and space. one learns to be an empty vessel.

With Astral Viewing. yet as it turns out. Stanford University. Just to reiterate. These were respected and bright individuals who worked in very rigorous scientific disciplines within one of the most respected learning institutions in the United States. Yet. However. The Parapsychology Foundation and the Institute of Noetic Sciences funded Targ and Puthoffʼs work. Rene Warcollier did a report on individuals who transmitted images to one another. May and Puthoff began to focus on studying the paranormal. the U. the work of Rene Warcollier. Targ. Astral Viewing is based largely on the principles of Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing. this is the only science-fiction association that the term “Stargate” holds in the public consciousness. when one mentions the term “Stargate” today. THE KEY PLAYERS Russell Targ. Edwin May and Harold Puthoff worked at Electronics and Bioengineering Laboratory at Stanford and coined the term Remote Viewing. Take. For most people.S. Clearly. government was investing 11 . most peopleʼs first reaction is to think of the 1990s movie “Stargate” or the never-ending television series “Stargate SG-1” or its later spin-off series. government invested millions in its exploration. We also must examine its past and current uses on both the global scale as well as in popular culture. It is important to remember and not lose sight of the fact that Remote Viewing has been considered of such potential value that the U. THE“STARGATE” PROJECT Humorously enough. these were not a “bunch of guys” tinkering in their basement or basements. Back in 1948. Hold this particular fact firmly in your mind as you continue to explore Astral Viewing and all the possibilities for changing your own life that it holds. the primary difference between the two activities is that with Remote Viewing we use our regular senses to identify a target in the physical realm. the term has been used in a much different. They also formed the Institute of Noetic Sciences. infinitely more interesting fashion. who did so pioneering work in the field of The fact of the matter is that while Hollywood was cranking out science-fiction tales of a technologically advanced machine called Stargate. if not the world.The History of Remote Viewing As we have stated. A similar study was done just a few years later by Sir Hubert Wilkins and Harold Shreman. the experiments go back even further.S. for example. we use our astral body to locate a target again in the physical realm. In order to explain exactly how legitimate Remote Viewing is. it is important to explore a bit more about its history.

S. The top-grossing film. government was committed to determining whether Remote Viewing could be used for military purposes. “The Men Who Stare at Goats”. starring George Clooney and Ewan McGregor. Ingo Swann is one of the co-creators of the Stargate Project. a remote viewing technique where viewers look for a an object or location based on its geographical coordinates. also revolves around Remote Viewing within the U. It was sponsored by Uncle Sam and was called the Stargate Project. Following the publication of his This program was classified as top secret.S. “Psychic Warrior: The True Story of America's Foremost Psychic Spy and the Cover-Up of the CIA's Top-Secret Stargate Program” is a 1996 book written by David Morehouse.S. 12 . The U. He also is a prolific writer and artist.S. Ingo Swann has written a wide variety of books including: ✤ To Kiss Earth Good-bye: Adventures and Discoveries in the Nonmaterial ✤ Recounted by the Man who has Astounded Physicists & Parapsychologists Throughout the World ✤ Everybody's Guide to Natural ESP: Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind PSYCHIC WARRIOR It may surprise many to learn that there have been books written about governmental exploration of Remote Viewing. The program ended in 1995. Some of the remote viewers in the program included Pat Price and Ingo Swann. REPORTS ESTIMATE THAT THE U. After all. of sorts. but was later revealed to the public. Morehouse was dismissed from the U. Yes. Some recent films involving Remote Viewing include “Suspect Zero” starring Ben Kingsley. military and he now runs a renown Remote Viewing organization and has trained thousands of people on Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing is a fascinating subject and should make for entertaining films. and we should expect to see more in the future. of course. GOVERNMENT SPENT OVER USD$ 20 MILLION ON REMOTE VIEWING EXPERIMENTS MOVIES FEATURING REMOTE VIEWING Hollywood. military. time and personnel in accomplishing pretty much the same thing. Swan is credited with the idea of Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV). is beginning to warm up to the storytelling possibilities of Remote Viewing. Kingsley played an FBI informant who helped the government using his Remote Viewing skills. there was a real Stargate. There have been some exploration of the subject. In it. he describes his own experience while participating in the “Stargate” Project.

Controlled Remote Viewing is the exact type of Remote Viewing that was practiced by the U. This organization seeks to truly understand the boundaries that encompass Remote Viewing. These include: ✤ Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV). which have been established. “The Farsight Institute”. Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) is training which accesses the Remote Viewing process to work hand-in-hand with the subconscious mind. the Remote Viewing experience doesnʼt involve out of body experiences. These researchers at the institute study intuition.S. In fact. one of the top remote viewers from the U. When you astral view. ✤ Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) ✤ Hawaii Remote Viewerʼs Guide.S.TYPES OF REMOTE VIEWING There are a variety of different Remote Viewing procedures and protocols. and consciousness. The Farsight Instituteʼs website states the following: “Research at The Farsight Institute demonstrates that consciousness is more than a by-product of the physical human nervous system. This is how Astral Viewing differs from SRV. governmentʼs program. the character played by George Clooney in the movie “The Men Who Stare At Goats”. In essence. Consciousness appears to be intrinsic to — and permeates all of — physical creation. SRV does not include an altered state of consciousness or channeling. was based on Lyn Buchanan himself. our physical nervous system appears to act as a tuning device that connects us to an underlying field of nature through which knowledge of all things is possible. still runs a training program on Controlled Remote Viewing and founded a company that trains people to this day. military. For those of you who donʼt already know. Lyn Cassady. there is definitely a metaphysical component to Remote Viewing. At the Farsight Institute. Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV) is studied at the non-profit organization. Lyn Buchanan. Solid evidence demonstrates that consciousness fundamentally transcends the linear evolution of time and the relativistic limitations of space. you gather information through your altered consciousness by accessing your astral bodies. Through all of these methods.” According to the Farsight Institute. along with Remote Viewing. However. remote viewing is seen as a shifting of awareness in normal consciousness. 13 .

By incorporating binaural tones into oneʼs Astral Viewing experience. You are in good company. What happens during the process is as follows: When we listen to these tones and when two different tones are presented separately via headphones our brain pulsates. In order for this to be accomplished. But as you will see and experience. the work on binaural beats was scant for quite some time. The next person to carry the research on binaural tones further was Gerald Oster in 1973. In short. He wrote an article in Scientific American about these tones called “Auditory Beats in the Brain”. listening to binaural tones is the way to go. Oster was focused on studying potential medical possibilities of these sounds for diagnosis and for people with neurological conditions. it is possible for . Heinrich Wilheim Dove discovered the powerful effect that binaural beats have all the way back in 1839. However. So. In fact. this effect has some interesting and profound implications for those interested in Astral Viewing. The “Scientific American” is a very well-respected magazine within the international scientific community and the fact that Osterʼs “Auditory Beats in the Brain” was featured in this well-respected and intenselyscrutinized publication lends a great deal of credibility to the potential of binaural tones and their action upon and interaction with the human brain. binaural tones are able to produce a rather interesting effect.The Importance of Binaural Tones If the term “binaural tones” is new to you. Through these sounds. donʼt worry. if you are looking to begin Astral Viewing and are hoping to have immediate results. These tones are extremely important to Astral Viewing because binaural tones can achieve out-of-body experiences that would have taken a very long time to accomplish with meditation alone. you can get similar reactions to what you would receive during deep meditation. there must be a minimal difference between the two different frequencies. Imagine this fact for a moment: THE HISTORY OF BINAURAL BEATS You are probably wondering who first discovered binaural beats and how this feat was accomplished. Not surprisingly. It is important to note the importance of Osterʼs work. The ramifications for Astral Viewing are substantial and rather astounding. binaural tones can be a major time saver and facilitator in the Astral Viewing process. at the time the effect was not applied yet to astral projection or meditation. even a “rookie” to make some fast and serious progress. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN BINAURAL BEATS ARE PLAYED? Binaural tones utilizes tones and chants to balance the hemispheres of the brain. 14 BINAURAL TONES HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO PUT USERS INTO A STATE THAT IS SIMILAR TO DEEP MEDITATION.

this is quite the potential shortcut. which is beneficial for healing. Emotions and life transforming moments can be experienced in Theta. Binaural tones can be extremely effective for Astral Viewing as the binaural tones bring your mind into a Theta state. This process has been shown to activate certain regions of the brain.PIONEERING BINAURAL BEAT TECHNOLOGY Robert Monroe took the study of binaural tones several steps further. As such. Activating these waves can cause relaxation. it is possible for those who are involved in Astral Viewing to induce states that may have otherwise required years of meditation practice. Delta waves also trigger the release of Human Growth Hormone. In our beta state. THE 5 BRAIN WAVES AND THEIR EFFECTS At this point. beta or gamma brainwave frequencies. He was fascinated with these sounds in general. Needless to say. As such. The range of brain waves tends to be 12-40Hz Alpha Waves Alpha waves are geared towards expanding awareness. Monroe created the personal development industry for binaural beats called the “Monroe Institute”. it was found that certain combinations of alpha and theta binaural tones actually cause the 15 . They are the ideall kind of brainwaves for experiencing out of body travel through the astral body. if youʼre using binaural beats. Beta Waves Beta waves tend to make our minds more alert and focused. Theta waves are often cultivated for deep meditation. If the sound is near the delta. Everything between gamma waves and delta waves can be Delta Waves Delta waves can cause detached awareness and also deep sleep without dreams. Theta Waves Theta waves cause the twilight state. activated during listening to binaural tones. alpha. This is the slowest of all frequencies at 1-4 Hz. This is how desired effects can be caused by the binaural beats. but what drew his interest was the potential use of binaural tones to facilitate out-of-body experiences. the brainwaves begin to change and adapt to the tone. Alpha waves are between 7-12Hz. Thus. Gamma Waves Gamma waves are about 40Hz and are typically associated with consciousness. and perception. neurons fire rapidly and peak performance is said to be associated with this state. Deep insights may be revealed when these brainwaves are activated. The states that can be induced by activating gamma waves are precognition. and creative visualization. In fact. youʼre probably wondering what the different waves can do within an Astral Viewing context. The different types of brainwaves correspond to different feelings and emotions as indicated b e l o w. theta. Brainwave entrainment is when the brain wave frequency begins to change to the frequency of the sounds and tone. Theta waves are at approximately 4-7Hz. youʼre literally using a short cut that will allow you to tap into these various states. it is safe to say that Robert Monroe is pioneer in the field of binaural beat technology.

Many people work on their charkas before trying to do Astral Viewing. The word chakra comes from a word that means “wheel” in Sanskrit. you can control your astral body to see what you wish either on the astral plane during astral projection. MEDITATION IS WHAT CAUSES THE VIEWER TO BEGIN TRAVELING IN HIS OR HER ASTRAL BODY HOW TO STIMULATE YOUR THIRD EYE To stimulate your third eye. vibrations and sounds. This can help because stimulating your third eye can cause lucid dreams. The third eye is a source of all wisdom and inner knowing. be sure to quiet down all of your chakras. Many people note that they can actually feel their perception float away from their body as soon as they begin listening. It is located behind the eyes and above the pituitary gland. These wheels are: The Base of the Spine The Naval Solar Plexus Heart Throat Medulla Crown 16 . they should not to be actively projecting energy at the time your astral body separates from your physical body. Descartes said the pineal gland is the seat of the soul. However. remote viewing and Astral Viewing all take place in the Theta phase. In fact. or object of perception. Incidentally. At this point. The third eye is thought to be a link between the physical and spiritual worlds. The third eye has also been called the pineal gland and it correlates to the brow chakra (or medulla) located between your eyebrows. First the meditator enters into a spiritual zone with 7 spiraling wheels. YOUR CHAKRAS Astral Viewing typically starts with meditation. The person meditating is then able to move the astral body through the third eye. Or you can control your astral body on the physical plane during remote viewing or Astral Viewing. these wheels being described correlate to our 7 chakras. Each chakra has a different frequency of color. It is important to have them open. Astral projection. At this point. you can begin to guide your astral body towards the intended target. This chakra helps psychic perception and balances the pineal gland. the Astral Viewing can take place. Developing this region will provide you with better visualization during your Astral Viewing experiences. imagine swirls of energy around your third eye zone. Chakras can be tremendously useful to focus on when we are getting ready for Astral Viewing. Once you have entered Theta. Some accomplished astral viewers have said that their experience is similar to adjusting frequencies almost like on a radio.consciousness to move away from the human body. Once you begin the Astral Viewing. Feel the chakras begin to open up.

Your selected Astral Viewing space needs to be quiet and as stress-free as possible. As with most new skills. we will look at how one begins the actual process of Astral Viewing and what is involved. and learning Astral Viewing is no different. Especially for Astral Viewing. If the walls can be a neutral color. binaural beats are highly recommended to attain the necessary state of mind. or some sort of system needs to be put in place for the viewerʼs mind to be completely free of distraction and truly peaceful before starting the Astral Viewing process. If the viewer has prior information. positive results will follow. calm and dedicated space. it may 17 . 1. you will greatly assist your own progress. This is really just good. Practice makes perfect. patience and practice. You are not in a race and there is no clock. Learning any new task can take time and patience. critical. itʼs clear that Astral Viewing is a technique that can completely alter how one sees the world. The astral viewer needs to find and cultivate an ideal environment for the viewing to take place. it is important to remember to be patient and remain focused. THE 4 CONDITIONS TO EFFECTIVELY ASTRAL VIEW Astral Viewing will be more effective if the viewer commits to the following conditions. It is best to start the session with meditation. Furthermore. This whole process is about you. At this stage. Do not compare your results with Astral Viewing to anyone elseʼs. Deep Calm It is useful for the astral viewer to be truly calm before starting a session. with time. By establishing a safe. Either that. Commitment to Program The astral viewer should commit to a few sessions a week. 4. itʼs evident that Astral Viewing can have real-time. old-fashioned logic. While much may still be unknown and still debated by experts. the better. Viewer Must Not Know Target The Astral Viewer needs to have no knowledge of any sort about the target. this space should be mostly free of furniture and decorations. this will also be beneficial. 2. The best-case scenario is for you to set up a space dedicated for Astral Viewing. and the goal is to make sure that you have the most interesting and most fulfilling experience possible. In this case. As you continue. real-world applications for those who use it and embrace the techniques. Good Environment Your environment is always important. environment is key. 3.How To Astral View & The Common Mistakes You Must Avoid We have already gone into quite a bit of detail about Astral Viewing and its foundations. free of distractions. Work need to be consistently dedicated. history and the science. Attempting to astral view in a crowded or busy space will be more challenging to say the least. The more sessions. if not. Ideally.

These types of distractions include pets. Unreal targets can also be a problem. everyone already has the natural ability to experience Astral Viewing. Remember. Be Open to Spiritual Growth People with a willingness to explore themselves spiritually and philosophically generally do better with Astral Viewing. You are unlocking an ability that you already have. make sure that all the targets that you are provided with are actual locations. you have lost the integrity of the pure Astral Viewing situation. Negative emotions like these can harm the integrity of Astral Viewing. In order to successfully practice Astral Viewing. You must constantly monitor yourself and your thoughts to make sure you are pursuing the truth at all times. we must: COMMON ASTRAL VIEWING PROBLEMS YOU MUST AVOID Make sure that no information whatsoever about the target is communicated to you before Astral Viewing. we must also let go of fear. the more you may actually find yourself incorrect. There is no reason to be fearful or resistant. needing to go to the bathroom etc. The reality is that the images will often be extremely quick flashes. Often the target will just pop up for a second before the contact is broken. 2. If you have a tendency to be a perfectionist. When you are experimenting. Eliminate Ego & Fear Itʼs important to let go of worrying about your personal success. The person who knows the target must be extremely careful not to give away any information with body language. Also any communication with the viewer should be extremely vague. Sometimes you will be wrong and sometimes you will be right. However. POSSIBLE IMPEDIMENTS TO AVOID It is best to avoid any situations that may take the astral viewer out of the moment and cause irritations or distractions. the more you worry about being wrong. it can impact your ability to stay peaceful & clear of thoughts. 1. The reason for this is that when you get any details. Similarly to letting go of ego. During the Astral Viewing experience. 18 . SEARCHING FOR A BIG IMAGE Often beginners starting out with Astral Viewing will wait to see a huge image laid out or something strikingly obvious. you need to release it when Astral Viewing. the mind will try to fill in details and this process can potentially distort the entire experience. discomfort. Astral viewers need to understand that they will rarely get a big image delivered with perfect clarity. When you set expectations for yourself for Astral Viewing.distance his or her conscious mind from true perceptions and cause misleading viewings. Here is the problem that can potentially arise when an astral viewer is tipped off ahead of time to any details. 3. The remote viewer must know for sure that the targets are real. noises. Stay Balanced It is crucial to keep your perspective well balanced during Astral Viewing.

Often. 4. If the Astral Viewer tries to interpret everything literally and anticipates all answers will be clearly laid out. Just remember that Astral Viewing is a psychic ability and your astral body will guide you towards the knowledge you are looking for. that the astral viewer has no knowledge of the target. the recollections of Astral Viewing are in metaphors and have hidden meanings. youʼll find it is easy to be overconfident or. The important facets are. just remember that it is normal. The astral viewer must have an open mind and be ready to interpret all possibilities. under-confident about facts and details. this skill and ability can be sharpened & honed over time with diligent practice and patience. time and energy needs to be allotted to contemplate the meaning of the visions and impressions hat have taken place. DETAILS OF PRACTICING ASTRAL VIEWING There are certain criteria to the types of targets traditionally used with Astral Viewing. of course. he or she will have a far more difficult time getting positive results. It is important to walk the line and be open to all facts and possibilities. It may take longer for some. Like many skills. Be Patient The time it takes to master Astral Viewing varies. You also need to be aware of the fact that not all of your Astral Viewing recollections will be 100% accurate. After the Astral Viewing has been completed. However. You will get a series of impressions of your target. This would clearly undermine what one is attempting to accomplish and should simply be avoided. Reconstructing Events One important aspect to Astral Viewing is the ability to piece events back together. That is normal. 19 . Donʼt give up or be discouraged if you are not correct all of the time. But the key here is to be patient and donʼt expect perfect results immediately. but they donʼt typically come together in a single comprehensive manner. Also it is better if the person interacting with the target does also not know the target.When you first start Astral Viewing. in some cases. The best Astral Viewers have a keen ability to understand symbols presented by the unconscious. The amount of accurate targets you identify will vary. the Astral Viewer should not attempt to assign meaning to what he or she saw until the viewing sequence has been completed. and shorter for others.

your astral body is experiencing the Universal Mind. if the viewer has any hesitation or doubt. make sure you limit this knowledge to one completely trusted friend or partner. Since you are ELIMINATING YOUR EGO Those who operate from the point of their ego often find it difficult to go enter Theta states that are necessary to begin Astral Viewing.Eliminating Mental Barriers Itʼs important for Astral Viewers to be at peace and truly relaxed for their seeing to be effective. Many people find it necessary to take a completely literal view of the world. those who are new to the experience typically feel hesitation or fear of letting go of the human body. it can burrow into our subconscious and cause you unneeded fears and concerns. Even if you think you are ignoring a comment. responsible for yourself and living in your body. 20 . People who operate primarily from the point of their ego are also usually the same people who are attached to maintaining their sense of individualism. After all. If it is necessary to tell someone. Until you are completely comfortable with your abilities. When youʼre Astral Viewing properly and effectively. Let go of the belief that your five senses provide you with other information about the world around you. PART OF THE PROCESS OF ELIMINATING MENTAL BARRIERS TOWARDS ASTRAL VIEWING IS TO LET GO OF FEAR LET GO OF YOUR FIVE SENSES Stepping into the astral body is something new for most people. Therefore. it is highly advisable to avoid telling everyone about the journey you are embarking upon. If you share your Astral Viewing experiences with a skeptic. However. KEEP YOUR EXPERIENCES PRIVATE Another potential mental barrier towards Astral Viewing results from the opinions of other people. It is important to be willing to accept that there are experiences and realms beyond what you can perceive on an everyday level with your five senses. it will not be long before comments pop up about you bein “crazy” and that what you are practicing is simply not possible. People are extremely eager to voice their opinions on what is and what isnʼt possible. it is truly irrelevant what other people think of your decisions and intended experiences. it can be extremely detrimental to the entire process. The ego can be fearful of merging with the Oneness of the Universe. for the sake of eliminating potential mental barriers towards Astral Viewing. the human body is what we are accustomed to experiencing. And often. Keeping oneʼs ego in check is thus important and vital to overall success with Astral Viewing. Astral Viewing can do amazing things to improve your life and wellbeing. it is best to stay away from other people who may have negative comments or thoughts about what you are doing.

the viewer can add more details and complete a final sketch. Some of these techniques have roots in the U. Once you have learned Astral Viewing. but they are entering Delta. Everyone is different. as that is clearly not the point. about his or her senses and emotions. . exciting new level. Extended Astral Viewing induces states of awareness. such as the Theta state. Other techniques that are compatible with Astral Viewing come from the world of psychics and psychic mediums. These techniques can take your Astral Viewing journey to a whole. you will be in an energy network where you can reach other people. of course. on the other hand. 21 EXTENDED VS CONTROLLED ASTRAL VIEWING With Controlled Astral Viewing. In theory. These should just take seconds with quick visual symbols.S. but are used elsewhere and by many others as well. ✤ At the final stage. Extended Astral Viewing is based on the theories that all people are interconnected energy and our individual egos are all that gives the illusion of separation and the illusion of distinctiveness. Also with this type of viewing. This technique takes place in your altered consciousness whereas CAV takes place in a relatively normal state of consciousness. ✤ The viewer has a feeling of the target and can draw a sketch. is radically different from CAV. Like CRV. The Controlled Astral Viewing (CAV) Process ✤ The viewer locates the target and records his or her perceptions on paper. ✤ The viewer can get even more information at this point. unless one wishes to do so for personal enrichment. In other words. There is also the fact that there should be less mental noise that is possibly interfering with the answers. This type of Astral Viewing is similar to one of the techniques used in the U. with Extended Astral Viewing. Focusing upon those five senses is a key component to the success of the technique. Controlled Astral Viewing often uses coordinates. Extended Astral Viewing.Special Techniques For Astral Viewing There are other techniques that many have found useful to use in conjunction with Astral Viewing. ✤ The viewer is asked to give sensory information from his/her five senses. This technique usually consists of 2 individuals one acting as the viewer and the other monitoring the process.Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV). the viewerʼs brainwaves are in Theta. Important Note: You should not worry about the artistic quality of the sketch. which explains the name of this technique. Military -. The belief is that with Extended Astral Viewing. the impressions come from the subconscious. the viewing process works hand-in-hand with the subconscious mind. You may find that one of these techniques prove to be extraordinarily effective in producing the best results for you. feel free to play with these techniques and find what strikes the best chord for you. Extended Astral Viewing typically takes more time than CAV. Military.S. there is no reason to begin taking art classes. and it is possible that your astral body may prefer a particular type of session.

This type of session can also sometimes be called a “beacon” experiment. they should try to interact with their location as much as possible involving as TARGETS WITH COORDINATES CRV stands for Coordinate Remote Viewing. The name and directions to each target should be sealed in an envelope and give to the astral viewer. ✤ The viewer records impressions by recording through voice or drawing.” Morehouse writes. After the Astral Viewing session is completed and the viewer has given his or her impressions. H o w e v e r. For example. the viewer can go with the beacon team back to the location and compare his or her perception to the actual target. Before the session begins. and experience the location as much as possible. I DEFINE COORDINATE REMOTE VIEWING AS THE LEARNED ABILITY TO USE TWO INHERENT KINESTHETIC HUMAN ACTIVITIES TO DETECT & DECODE EIGHTDIMENSIONAL WAVEFORM DATA. the beacons should return to the testing location.An in-depth look at Extended Astral Viewing ✤ The viewer focuses on relaxing deeply. one or two people are made “beacons” and they travel to different locations. With an outbounder target. Ideally. the remote viewer should be given no information about where the targets have traveled. Being able to drive to the target after the Astral Viewing session to compare results can be very educational and strengthen the viewers abilities and perceptions for the future. ✤ The viewerʼs brain starts to produce images that are dreamlike. Aside from that. Astral Viewers who practice with outbounder targets have found this is a very useful experience because they can directly compare their results with the actual target. smell. Important components of Extended Astral Viewing include breathing and stretching. the beacons should travel only about 30 miles away to the targets. C o o r d i n a t e Viewing with Astral Viewing is very different 22 . they should touch. After about 15 minutes or so. Once they get to their locations. This is when an Astral Viewer is given geographical coordinates. Brainwave entrainment is commonly used for Extended Astral Viewing. In David Morehouseʼs book “Remote Viewing: The Complete Userʼs Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing. If possible the monitor who gives the envelopes to the astral viewer should also have no knowledge of the targets. It is a great way for people just learning Astral Viewing to practice and strengthen their abilities. an Astral Viewing using this technique typically sits in a dark room with a monitor who asks questions and records the answers to those questions much of their senses as they can. The astral viewer tries to locate where the beacons are through his or her senses and impressions while in the astral body. OUTBOUNDER TARGET: THE“BEACON” EXPERIMENT Coordinating an outbounder target is a slightly more complicated way to perform Astral Viewing.

For example. SCRYING Scrying is the name for the process of crystal gazing for divination purposes. The following tools are not traditional methods of Astral Viewing. many Astral Viewers are able to learn how to accurately identify targets with coordinates. It is a form of extra-sensory perception. ONCE WE ARE IN THE ASTRAL BODY. they are targets related to certain events that can be identified through Astral Viewing. The targets can also be future events. It is then the Astral Viewerʼs job to gather his or her impressions about the target. you may want to wait to pursue targets with coordinates until you have a good deal of confidence in your abilities. you can also try to combine your targets with other methods of psychic divination. people and facts here on earth through travels with your astral body. once you are adept at accessing your astral body.from CRV. over time you will most likely see your interpretation of the symbols you are seeing increase in quality and accuracy. Astral Viewing bypasses this issue. This is an extremely common method of Astral Viewing. PHOTOGRAPHIC TARGETS Astral Viewers often use photographic targets during their session. Astral Viewing has no constraints in time and space. you can set up targets for events from your own childhood. The testgiver places different random photographs of locations into sealed opaque envelopes. Another way to set up an event-related target would be to set up a target related to something in the past. However. This is the traditional idea of a psychic gazing into a crystal ball. For example. If youʼre trying to use photographic targets as an Astral Viewer. This activity is not advised for beginners. If you are studying Astral Viewing. One envelope is picked at random and given to the Viewer. EVENT-RELATED TARGETS Event-related targets are just as they sound. often the viewer fails to identify the target because his or her cognitive mind has no previous knowledge of the geographical coordinates. Remember. However. remember that you will not have 100% accuracy. you can also experiment with these additional ways to gather information about places. with scrying the seeker is often told what he or she is looking 23 . Therefore. With remote viewing. However. Many people who practice Astral Viewing choose to target historical events to gain clarification on certain time periods and important events. The viewer would then have an Astral Viewing session on that target to better understand it. Once you have developed your Astral Viewing capabilities. it also has many differences. so anything is possible and you should let go of any constraints you may have when it comes to events to view. THERE ARE LIMITS TO OUR ABILITIES AND THE POSSIBILITIES FOR KNOWLEDGE AND TRAVEL IN TIME & SPACE. Although Scrying has some things in common with Astral Viewing.

Simply take out a pen and a sheet of blank paper and let your pen flow while you are in your astral body. This is another form of precognition that you can experiment with in combination with your Astral Viewing practice. both heavily use symbols. on the other hand. For example. You can easily combine this technique with locating a target. CHANNELING & AUTOMATIC WRITING Channeling is the process where a person (usually referred to as a medium) presents information. the more you will see symbols and be able to easily interpret them. he or she is using Astral Viewing. The act of automatic writing frees up your subconscious mind to let the ideas and impressions flow. Often it is possible to get excellent results 24 . To experiment with scrying. The two forms of viewing have some additional things in common. An interesting fact to note is that when the seer sees the future through scrying. is a channeling technique where another entity uses you to write messages. it is not recommended for the viewer to be given any details about the target. With Astral Viewing. ASTRAL VIEWING WILL OPEN UP MANY ARENAS FOR YOU THAT YOU MAY NEVER EVEN DREAMED EXISTED.for ahead of time. you can enter the astral state through meditation or binaural tones. try opening yourself up to writing. try gazing into water or crystal to reach your target. which comes from spirits. but it is an interesting experiment to try. Once youʼve entered the astral state. You may or may not find this process works better than Astral Viewing. through this channeling or automatic writing process. The more you develop your seeing powers. Sometimes the messages also come from someoneʼs higher self. At that point. Automatic writing. It takes cooperation between a person and a spirit who is communicating the information.

Astral Viewing will open up many arenas for you that you may have never even dreamed existed. . We can look towards situations that have not occurred yet and see them with great levels of detail. LOOKING INTO THE PAST WITH ASTRAL VIEWING Another important facet to Astral Viewing is we can reconstruct sequences of events. While this might sound extraordinary. it is possible for you to enhance and even increase your level of success in business. The time/space constraints that most people experience as barriers to their understanding will have evaporated. science is beginning to echo and use language that many of the teachers of our ancient past used and embraced. Many people have even used Astral Viewing to the advantage of others that they donʼt even know. This means that we will be able to fill in the details on situations that we would not have understood without this ability. You may be wondering why more people donʼt learn and practice remote viewing and Astral 25 AFFECTING YOUR WEALTH & BUSINESS Through Astral Viewing. and much more. and yet they can produce impressive results. you will find that making decisions is now childʼs play with your Astral Viewing skills and techniques. As science explores more untapped territories and unearths more of the secrets around us. You will be able to produce new leads and make important predictions about the future. People have also found that Astral Viewing greatly improves their ability to make decisions. People throughout history who have been divided by language. we have a truly enhanced ability to make decisions because we can look into the future. With practice and time. With Astral Viewing. Increasingly. reflect for a moment upon what you have already read in this book. your family. it could very well be argued that our ancestors knew and gleaned even more than we once suspected. These techniques have been used to solve crimes and work hand in hand with the police to locate criminals and offenders. In particular with questions that simply need a yes or no answer. your interests. Part of the reason we often struggle with decisions is that we have no knowledge of the potential outcomes. You will be able to locate describe people events and places that are significant to you.Getting the Edge in Life: How You Can Use Astral Viewing To Get Ahead By now you are probably well aware that Astral Viewing has incredible potential. your personal life. you may very well find that Astral Viewing has forever altered your decision making process. culture and customs have all experimented with and used Astral Viewing. One of the best things about Astral Vi e w i n g i s t h a t t h e techniques are simple and relatively easy to learn.

In summary. you can use your own skills to get answers. This is obviously a strong indicator of the credibility of this powerful technique. You can also potentially access truths about your own childhood and what made you the way you are today. you will realize that Astral Viewing holds tremendous possibilities for you. ✤ People think that it isnʼt possible the human mind is capable of such feats. Getting Input To Make Decisions Often problems and issues come up in life that we cannot ascertain the answers to. for example. best romantic partner. After all. It may. your life may never be the same. Just remember to practice the best ethics when it comes to exploring the minds and worlds of other people here on the physical plane. Astral Viewing can help us identify problems and their ideal solutions. Of course. Astral Viewing can also be used for basic tasks like predicting lottery numbers and investing with high returns. While this may all sound extraordinary. the US government has already validated remote viewing by spending millions of dollars researching it. ✤ People are hesitant to buy into things that are outside their normal realm of beliefs. For example. Getting Psychic Information About Others With very little time. For example. . Astral viewers can go forward in time and see how the product is doing. If you are a businessperson or entrepreneur. As we discussed. It is only by being open to all possibilities that one can discover and ultimately grow. In theory. Understanding Different Truths Many people have uncovered astounding truths about the nature of the universe using Astral Viewing.Viewing. keep fixed in your mind that as an explorer you need to be open to all sorts of possibilities. ✤ Humans tend to lack the discipline to learn and practice remote viewing. This is the power of Astral Viewing. they can find their best career. you might be able to access details about UFOs or the pyramids. Also people have uncovered mysteries about the past by going backwards in time. Once you have begun Astral Viewing. extraordinary things may be possible for you thanks to Astral Viewing. such as. 26 THE BENEFITS OF ASTRAL VIEWING Learn Details About The Future Most people want to know somewhat about what will happen in the future so that they can avoid potential problems and pursue the correct paths. Astral viewers have also been able to use details about the future to enhance their lives. THE HUMAN BARRIERS PREVENTING ASTRAL VIEWING Here are some potential reasons why more people might not take Astral Viewing as seriously as they should. God and the universe. etc. ✤ Many people are too lazy to try to learn. many are either ignorant of Astral Viewing or simply donʼt believe in its possibility. we wanted to take a moment and go over some of the main benefits to using Astral Viewing. you can explore peopleʼs minds and gather the information you need. They feel they have been able to figure out many of the great mysteries. life after death. Once you go over this list in its entirety. businesses have been able to integrate remote viewing to get results about how a new endeavor or product would do as far as sales. be possible to determine peopleʼs intent and motivation with Astral Viewing. there have also been numerous occasions where the police and branches of law enforcement have used remote viewers. For example.

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