The Road to Newt

Published February 9, 2012 | By Nancy Source: Liberty Watch

For the last two years I have said I would never support Newt Gingrich for President and yet here I am today a full blown enthusiastic supporter of Newt. Like the cliché says: never say never!! The appeal of Newt is that he is not perfect he is flawed just like I am, just like my family, my friends just like all of us. The problem is that many Americans want a President that can relate to the struggles we face because he is flawed just like we are but yet judge harshly any candidate that has made mistakes and not lead a perfect storybook life. The decades of allowing government to expand beyond the boundaries established in the Constitution has created a system ripe with corruption. We are at a dangerous crossroad as there is an opportunity never thought possible which is to change America from a Republic to an Oligarchy or rule of the few. Given the circumstances do you want a leader who is averse to risk and whose ideas ignore the realities of our situation? Or do you want a leader who sees and understands the danger we are in and is willing to take bold positions so as to avert disaster and defend the Republic? I believe Newt Gingrich is the right person to lead us in the charge to not only get the country back on track but also to defend the Republic and I was given a rare opportunity to confirm this belief in a meeting with Newt this past Monday (Feb. 6th). I along with eleven other individuals, were invited to join Newt for Lunch in Golden and to share with the Speaker our concerns and thoughts about his campaign. Each of us had a different perspective based on our backgrounds such as a nurse, a southern Baptist pastor, a retired senior, a teacher from a private school, a CSU student, a farmer, a Hispanic group leader, a CEO of a plant that extracts pollutants from coal plants, a bishop from the Pentecostal Church, a former city manager and myself who owns a small manufacturing company and is active in the tea party. The meeting started off with Newt sharing with us his amazement at the ridicule over his ideas of the USA not giving up on space exploration. He talked about how when President Kennedy told the American people that we would put a man on the moon in ten years the reaction was not of ridicule as America rallied around the President and were motivated to do what we do best: think big bold ideas for the betterment of mankind.

Fast forward to the Florida debate and the response to Newt s idea of building a lunar colony was met with ridicule and disbelief that he would say such a thing. For me and I think for Newt as well, the realization that we have become a nation that no longer sees itself as Exceptional and capable of achieving great things is sad. How did we get to this point that the idea of exploring space is something better left to the Russians? Have we become so fearful of the future and accustomed to mediocrity that having bold dreams is now viewed as crazy? On the subject of healthcare I asked Newt point blank about his position on the individual mandate and he without hesitation, looked me in the eye and stated: I did support the mandates but I have since realized I was wrong . No spin, no story, no rationalization for his prior support just a clear and simple statement of I was wrong . Kathy a registered nurse who has received the DAISY award, asked Newt how can we fix the healthcare system and he talked about the need to return the power and responsibility for healthcare back to the patient. There was also talk about how insurance has become pre-paid medical and that the current system is destructive. He was very clear in his belief that no bureaucracy can tell you what you value and is committed to finding solutions that gets government out of the way. Pastor Shive and Kurt an economics teacher both talked about how they like Newt s passion for teaching kids and ensuring that they understand our history and American Exceptionalism. Newt asked Kurt what the biggest difference was between teaching in a public school and a private school and his answer stunned us all. He stated the biggest difference was: being able to teach right and wrong . He explained that in public school teachers are not allowed to teach that stealing is wrong, a strong work ethic is good and that in private schools teachers are allowed to build this into curriculum. On the subject of immigration, Madelaine Rohan Chairman of the Colorado Hispanic Republicans explained that the Hispanic community is not looking for amnesty and wants a reasonable solution in regards to illegal immigration. Because America is a land of generous and compassionate people, do we really want a solution that will deport millions without regard to families and ties to the community? Do we really think a President can win an election by stating that approx. 12 million adults and children will be rounded up and shipped back to their home country? Illegal immigration is a subject with strong opinions on both sides and Newt s solution after reading seems to offer a realistic and balanced approach to solving the problem. In fairness I did try to compare Romney s plan but all I could find was a plan for changing the legal immigration system and nothing on how to deal with illegal immigration.

In listening to Newt you can tell that he wants to truly help Americans become strong and independent and that our current safety net system has become a spider web that traps you . His passion for returning power back to the people and to the states is present in everything he says and is embedded into his thinking and therefore his ideas. We all were very comfortable in talking with Newt and the fact that he started the meeting with he was not going to do the talking but rather do the listening, this validated for many of us that Newt really meant it when he said: this is a people s campaign and not a republican campaign . The country needs a President who will represent the people and not a certain political party. We need a President who will be honest with us and tell us the truth no matter how harsh so that we can find solutions to the problems that are bankrupting the country financially and morally. We need a President who will fight LIKE HELL for America and to defend the Republic! I don t see this fight in Romney the guy can t even call Obama a liar.

Paul would save our financial system only so we could face destruction from our enemies in the Middle East. Santorum has no use for the tea party and seems committed to maintaining the status quo. Newt with all of his imperfections is I believe, what makes him the perfect person to lead the way in restoring our Republic and in restoring American Exceptionalism and be the next President of the United States. Newt Gingrich has the spirit, the passion, the conviction and the fight the next President must have for the coming turbulent times. In Liberty, Nancy

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