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HEALTH 26-07-2000

Physical, mental and intellectual health in good condition is just not sufficient, there has to be a coordination between these also. Only then is it said to be a healthy one, which can be of very use and helpful to the society. Good body, good thoughts and good intellect are the only strengths of a person, through which of his deeds prospers the Humanity. Intellect alone doesnt possess 100% strength to implement a deed to its fullest level. It needs good body and mind which is a must.



Happiness or sadness, is dependent on the way it is being thought. Whenever man confronts with any situation, normally he flows along with it. And whatever the result he faces in that state, he takes it for granted thinking it as his luck/unluck (Bhagya), and that mental state is either Happiness/sadness. In next situations, he tries to win over those circumstances. Once he wins, he gets happy, and if defeated again feels the pain more than before. In other situation, with a stable mind he tries whatever possible by him, but doesnt expect for a result and will not be affected by the conditions and results. He will merge with the result.



Do you want to attatch with the output ?, Take the credit of it or do u want to be Karma Yogi? In childhood, a person is directed by nature and what he does is done naturally. But after the development of mind and intellect, he performs the activities. So, try being a person directed by nature.



When a person does something again and again, initially he does it in order to learn it. Then that knowledge is framed on his mind. But, when man does deeds after repeated observation, and if he does those by keeping in mind of the results, then it is called a Habit. He either knows it, or expects(guess) it, good or bad. Because being bound in the cycle of those thoughts, he follows the same deeds. Difference between Habit and procedure. Being helpful in the procedure itself is a Habit. Being attatched ends the happening of procedure. When a tree is small, it is protected by fence. And, it is meaningless to fence it when it grows Big.



Black hole is high gravitational field. It is the source of all Energies. Black hole is high gravitational Energy. Potential of Black-Hole is Infinity. Black-Hole Ego Rubber (Rubs & Erases) Self Sticker Ego throws you out of Black-Hole. Self gets yourself stuck to blackhole. What I have told is waste, a theory. But, you have to do practice. You are studying theoretical part of science. H2 + O2 H20 How Human can fly? How somebody can walk on water? It is your mind which gives you the limit. You can convert water to chalk, if you think you can convert chalk to Human. That is your limit. The best conversion is from Human to Humanity. If I am converting chalk to apple, I am showing my power and ego. If I am thinking of converting everything to Humanity, that is best, no ego no self. Humanity Energy Divinity Do not jump from Humanity to Divinity. Go along with Divinity, dont jump from Humanity. If I starts thinking We & Us, it is Humanity. If WE is requesting WE I, this is not Humanity. First make roads, then vehicles. You dont make vehicles then roads.



1. Breathing exercise (pranayam) 2. Good food 3. Environment Deep breathing gives you a feeling of satisfaction. In hurry, breath taken is not proper. After inhalation, with increase in holding time, increases self-confidence and self-control, which further increases concentration. Food intake of more than needed is harmful. Its Ok to take different food once in a while for a change. But, the routine diet should not be interrupted, which is harmful.



Make yourself ask these questions before doing Meditation. What for are you here? Where are you going ? In the fury of thinking go for Meditation. Analyse, channelize, make a rule. Giving meaning to Birth is Important and not just simply conceiving. Giving birth to a child is not what is important. Nourishing, flourishing, channelizing the mind of infant is better one and is the most important one out of any wish. If you channelize the mind of infant, then there is no room for unwanted things. Human Humane Humanity, should not let go in VAIN.



Intellect is the center of thoughts, and Heart is the center of experiences. With the Confrontation of Intellect and Heart, does end the thought(chintan) or is the initiation of problems(chinta). During problems give full liberty to heart, you will get an effective answer. More the positive thinking, more will be the intellect, and Mind wears on sacred thoughts. During the times of duality, if intellect gives preference to its self-interests and if Mind is of good thoughts and habitants, then it will direct it into a good path even if the intellect tries to mend in a wrong way.



LOBE 1. frontal 2. parietal 3. occipital

4. 5. 6. 7.

grey matter cerebrum cerebellum hind brain (small brain)

Frontal : this brain has stem like structures going downwards through neck forming the spinal-cord, this brain is mostly responsible for Non-voluntary functions of the body. The right and left lobe, both are attatched to each other in the mid portion of the brain. Lobes seem that they are fully attatched to each other. Frontal Lobe: this is the place where in we mean energy and transmit to each other and so Parietal Lobe: It is where we learn the things and remember and utilize whenever it is required. If it is developed with Meditation, the capacity of Neurons will increase in that area. Occipital Lobe : this area is for visualization wherein the eyes will transmit the vision and it gets recorded over there. Temporal Lobe : This is above the Ear and is mainly concerned with hearing. Grey Matter : is meant for seat of intelligence.

Cerebrum : Development of particular Neurons describes the wisdom. If it is developed further, it will go beyond 6th sense. Small Brain : Helps in receiving the messages from various parts and the brain sends it an output. Brain is dipped in fluid. In the region of grey matter lies the Neurons. Its capacity to hold, transmit and receive, the same is determined by the quality of neurons. Small brains development is in direct relation, and nourishment determines the stability or control of mind and body health(youth by body). Hind brain maintains the equilibrium posture of mind and body. Neurons in different lobes have been assigned different works, but the directional decision is taken only after taking into account various factors. Visual range can be maximized or increased by developing neurons of Occipital Lobe. Pituitary glands and Peneal glands : Some Neurons stimulate external glands which secretes the harmones which help in Human growth.



Aura contains life. It is of 5 types. 1. Shape is like circle. It is around ones body. It is very thin. It can also be called Null Aura. It appears as if nothing is there but still nothing there is something. 2. In the shape of Human body, single layer. The layer is comparatively a bit thicker. It does not touch the body. It maintains the distance of to 1. It creates less pressure area between body and layer. Temperature is nothing different, slightly more. 3. Double layer Human shape Aura. This is different. It emits heat as well as light. Between the two layers, there are some reactions. It also creates rather it reflects your personality. If it seems that one is blooming, it means that the second level of Aura is active. Third is similar to first and second. First is circular carrying shaped, second similar to Human, third is double layer. 4. It is similar to 2nd and 3rd but it consists of fluid which is very very important. If you are able to reach that stage, you have achieved something. Your mind works much much better. It creates some thoughts. Lot many reactions take place. 5. 5th level aura is like onion plant where the base is more and the top is less. So, when you sit in padmasan your aura takes place like an onion plant. At the top, this part will be very very hot. One cannot see them properly and it is difficult to talk to them. There are many more Ill tell when time comes. How to detect? you cant detect it. Only who does Aura meditation can detect it. Aura changes from person to person due to attitudes.

1st level aura increases day by day if one prospers in social terms. You can define it in two ways. Aura expands more and more if you are popular. Your aura differs from person to person. 2nd level increases. I mean to say the next is direct influence. Being pure from within aura is pure. Further purification is from meditation. Breathing exercises maintains strength and stability of Aura.


Spirituality is humanity. Step by step development towards humanity is Spirituality. Love for Family, not for society, not for whole living being is the nature of an animal. Human expects more, can give more. He can develop . what is the use of religion in Spirituality? What role does doing Puja, Namaz, bhajan, keertan etc etc. play in Spirituality ? In spirituality, nothing is there over an individual. In religion, God is over individual. Self scanning and teaching others is part of spirituality. To go beyond it, you need to step into this field- you go into Spirituality when you are a READY MADE MATERIAL. Good habits are given a form of religion, and from it in order to follow the Good habits have evolved the fasts(upvas), fear etc etc. Out of fear it has been said that the Almighty maintains an account of everyone, so that one can maintain discipline. For Spirituality, is given a form of Religion. If you have interest, you will definitely follow the Truth, you will do the self-scanning and you can prosper further without the need of a Religion. Religion is a step to enter into Spirituality. Most important devotion is Humanity, one should just try not to Hurt anyone directly or indirectly. Because of you, others should not suffer, you have to develop an understanding nature, in any case try to adjust yourself and be flexible enough. You may get angry at times, but you have to show affection in order to balance it. If you are stubborn try to be soft. A Human can never just be an ordinary one. But atleast try to be a Human. OK. What is Human UNIVERSAL HUMANITY IN MAN IS HUMAN. 1. BREATHING EXERCISE 2. SELF ANALYSIS.

Just 3 minutes a day out of 24 Hrs everyday, in a particular set time, just think what are the good things and the bad ones, how much can we change then anger, hatred likewise things will reduce. What step can bring a change about. Shall I do this daily, can this bring a change. How to get a change, write these down. Either in bathroom or toilet, whatever the thoughts come, regarding a change, just pen them down. In order to bring a change in the society, development in self is first needed. Religion and Spirituality are far to be thought about, first think of your own self, but do not be selfish. Its enough if one becomes a Human. Animal is better than man, Human is better than God. So, try to be Human. HUMAN : H HE, U YOURSELF MAN. One who doesnt find a difference in himself and others, he progresses further in HUMANITY.



What is a Question ? A question is a quest for solution of a problem, puzzle or Code. Quest may be for knowledge, truth, arriving to conclusion out of chaos, where as Thirst is thrust or Force to gain/reach the results.

Devotee: despite our efforts at DhyanPrasthan and at home we are not getting results as per our expectations with regards to health. Can we know the reason Sir but wake up timings for Dhyan at home are not before 5.AM at times. Does it mean that we wasted our time. Guruji: Like in AIR, TV there are schedules for Broadcasting. I broadcast my energy as per schedule. Those who use it are benefitted more. Meditate before 5.AM everyday and you will be benefitted more. I dont mind if my energy is not being received by you when it is being transmitted. I will gain by meditation , but you are the loser. If you dont get results after one effort, dont get disheartened. Keep putting efforts not once but number of times till you get results. Gajni tried it 17 times, failed, but won the 18th time on Pritviraj. Efforts should be like that till we achieve a goal. Unless unified efforts are not there, success is not possible. All types of efforts should be towards the goal. Only man can learn and improve from his failures. But only few are utilizing this capacity to learn from failures.



Whether disease is the bi-product of some activity? Know the nature of mind to know the body. When in sleep your I-ness is zero. You are in self energy required is less, repair and rest to organs is more. If you sleep at physical level as is the case with animals, you may relax and keep away from diseases. How does disease occur ? When easeness of your body and mind are disturbed, disease occurs. Why we focus more on mind or Budhi ? To measure a person, we have to know his character, to know character know his mind or Budhi, to know mind , know his actions. From actions we can assess when one gets ailments and the type of ailments. Mind is the only such matter a powerful one in the body. Its likes and dislikes make big effect on the body. Hence transcend the pair of opposites.

Give training to mind so as to pick up good, needful. With intellect, try to overcome the nature of mind. If, in a ground with greenery two wrestlers fight, what happens greenery is lost, like health or harmony lost during conflict of duality. Keeping in view the circumstances and estimating future happenings, take decisions. Rational logical thinking is good. With love make your mind at ease - explain it. Reserve mind doesnt want to hear. Deserve mind obeys and accepts and good. Not only food, but thought process is also to be taken care of.
GAME OF LIFE -THE ROAD. 03-08-2002

Awareness of ones own weaknesses and the Goal to be achieved, with which the destination can be reached. How to improve your abilities and increase your awareness during the work ; self assessment of these should be in progress. I want to reach early. With scooter I have to reach in an hour. Engine needs an alteration or else I cant reach safely. I dont have a car, but I feel to move out in a car. Make the right choice for a vehicle. Because if we oppose the situations, prohibitive reactions occur. Because of comparison where there is more bargaining, there are more difficulties. Based on time, situation and requirement should there be bargaining. And it should not just end in up only in bargaining. If scooter is available, be happy. There is no need for car on long term basis. I asked somebody earlier. Yes Srinu ! how will you go to Hyderabad? He said- by train, because he can afford it. There is need, not desire. Need can be fulfilled but desire cannot be. By hook-or-crook one may adopt to fulfill his desire. But still desires continue. 3rd category: infinite desires sprout, they may be vasanas. Budhi keeps its own job. Similarly, mind and heart. We never observed in detail unless we are in trouble with ill health. Mind keeps on working day and night. How is it in night. It sleeps. Yes it takes rest but not fully. Even in sleep body keeps working. If there is a mosquito bite, you dont know your hand worked. Your sleep was not complete. Hence this which adversely affects your job is wakeful state. Simple sleep is not in our control. How much authority do we have. Too much busyness disturbs the natural way of life. Unnatural becomes common. When you are excited, mind & budhi doesnt work in a natural way. Natural way is where you or others are not disturbed internally. Which way of life is to be adopted, so that we are aware ? give a chance to your heart, intellect. We give lot of stress to our mind, intellect. One repetitive process is going on. Then you are to be called as Machine, not man.if you wish to bring difference, bring creativity, ie., Spirituality and intellect is to be termed as science. Science requires logic, repetitive experiments giving some results. Your intellect does something. Strive hard, so that your wisdom can shine. What is creativity ? How is intuition developed in Human being ? Intuition is a Spirituality that depends on development of brain and emotions. How needle is invented. Not by logic but by imagination. Day dreaming is not imagination or creativity. What is spirituality ? is preaching religion spirituality ? They preach more of repetitive. Persistent efforts will lead to decided Goal. Depends on what goal is decided and what resources are available.



How should a life be ? Check 1. Attitude 2. Emotional Level Quotient 3. I.Q 4. Heart

Follow atleast for a week.

Keep smiling.why.???? because it is infectious.

What are the characteristics of Life ? Life is like a river on mountain that flows to down and merges with the ocean in due course it flows through different planes. As time passes your age also passes. You can be two things. 1) you are growing old 2) you are near to death. Is this the thing you have lived for so many years. But it stops somewhere .ie., death. How does a man lead his life during its course. Go back and visualize your past. When you look back you remember something and you may not. But if you look ahead then you may not really see. You have come into existence because of the biological reaction. Nature is very systematic in her duties and functions without any delay and difference. It is same for one and all, whether it is man or animal. It may differ from that position but it follows its own discipline. Where does that discipline come from. Is that any force that guides an individual desire. If that is so then nature is different. Then there are two creations. Then, if it is one, how can you make your own discipline if you cannot give time for yourself. Then nature will also not. If you make self fit, there you need laws. Vartaman remembers the Bhootkal (past).



For resolving conflict one should have clear ideas with respect to that particular situation, condition, thoughts, idea, the point of conflict of other individual/ party for successful resolution, one should have free unbiased, imprejudices mind with an open heart to set good communication, so as to minimize the possibilities and chances of prolonging the conflict situation. In long terms it does have effects on human nature which can either be universal acceptor of any condition and get rid of this situation which may on the other hand might lead to disastrous situation. So, be courageous enough to set your effective communication. Thought Cause Conscience/Consciousness Effect



1D Basic instinct Basic needs ( food, water etc) 2D Home and Comforts 3D Social status social needs 4D spiritual needs

The first three Ds is of 90% of the four. Once you complete the first three stages then go to the fourth stage. Dont go directly to 4 th stage, it is a mere waste. Hence start with 1st till 4th. Generally in India we all speak about (mann, prem, sadbhavna, pyar, bhagvan) . we teach the children about it, the spiritual life.



To achieve, destiny, destination. Your approach should be like that, you should reach up. It should not let you down. Titlewishinitiativemotivationactionresult(feed back)critical analysis ?



Science (left part of Brain)methoddevelopmentcontrolbreath/utilize Art (right part of Brain)mental developmentbeyond controlmeditation. Inhalation through left nostril activates the right part of the brain, and that through right activates the left part. Inhalation through both stabilizes the brain. Awakens the mental power. Shwaskriya for 6 months at a fixed time everyday ensures good health, alert and clear mind. Wakeful stage, getting ready/ towards sleep and in this stage mind works fastest and it is the same in shwaskriya with equal time holding breath. Be enthusiastic while doing Breathing Exercise.



Creations/origin of physical body is approximately the raw ie., the process of Birth. Body Animal Mental plane ( we think we know everything) lack of efforts (Human) After process of Birth, what next? The recording ie., what to do? Why to do? When to do? To do or not to do? These questions come on our mind about the body which is very small. How does a baby cry when they feel hungry. How do they recognize the mother. Smell is the sense which is active at tender age. From that smell starts the binding of relation and bonding strengthens. Everything that we dont have answer, we call it as Gods desire and natures law. Brain-neurons-DNA-RNA after checking what do we see? Nothing but a gross

body. Hereditary information is stored in the cells of the brain. Like rocks 1000s of years back due to natural changes if animals are preserved in rocks we can find out their remains. But in brain electrical signals with magnetism stores the information in the cells of neurons. When field is generated electro-magnetic bullet-brains with high speed travels with the speed of a plane. Chemicals in the brain pass and send chemical signals to another neurons and stores. Capacity for brain to store is Enormous. The brain can store information right from human evolution but today still some more capacity is available. How to retrieve if a man takes birth he/she receives some information from childhood. Hence childhood should be nurtured properly. The feeling of information is correct and the training of mind is in correct way, it can be developed in progressive way. He/she will be different from others in house. It all depends on the mental training from the base onwards. 1. Know your behaviour by constantly reviewing your past actions. 2. Adhering yourself to the process of improvement, will power & constantly keeping vigil on your activity then you wont be able to waste your time. Make a short term goal everyday and try to complete it with the time scheduled. Then within 4 days you can find the difference. Realization is materialistic. Hence know your capabilities completely and acting accordingly. MIND Strengths Weaknesses After meditation in the morning think of good things, atleast 3. Find out by writing on a paper why a particular work is not being held! The process is there in output and process involves your action and output is concerned. Mind has logic, so try to analyse. Have little logic & little emotions which leads to smooth path of life. Over a period of time your mind suggests that you are tried and hence you feel tired. Hence whenever you receive a message from your mind dont follow it, give a second thought that How can I be tired. If you find that you can remove them by relaxation exercises. Minimum 75-80% time should be given to main goal and the rest for others. First process how to sail ahead by constantly observing Second process to check your lethargy Beyond this there are so many things we shall discuss. Its your descision, whether to follow or not. I have so many methodsbut efforts and output is your personal. Your efforts or your known output is your own. Think about this, you will get an answer. What do you mean by process. 100% health is not possible. Only 90-96% is possible. Absence of disease is not health, but harmony or wellbeing at physical, mental and social levels is health. Complex nature as per the situation helps in getting the things done. According to situation, play behavioral changes. Helps in knowing the type of behavior- type of reaction.



If you find thoughts flowing, let them flow and try to put them down in your life. Why is mans life span decreasingbecause of polluted thoughts and excess thoughts. Dream can become into reality. If man wishes, he can do everything. Taking Guruji as an exception- it is only thought by one in a lakh. Thought-strength, dream-strengths are converted in the form of words and used. Everybody can say those words. But no one among us tries to convert the flow of thoughts into reality. Man wants to say something, listen something. Education should not be meant to pass the examinations, but should be in order to learn and acquire the knowledge. Be flexible, dont be rigid. Free your mind. For a man 3 hrs is sufficient to perform his duties. Imagine what would have happened if we had only 20 Hrs a day. Feel free to imagine, because imagination will be the stepping stone for what can be done. Achieving the Goal is not called as success, the feeling of achieving it is called a success. What is the peculiarity of today over tomorrow ? Today is reality & tomorrow is imagination. Devotee: Guruji ! how to make mind thoughtless for 10 mintues. Guruji : practice how to think maximum at a time. When goals are more , you feel the path are less, but if Goal are less or only one, then paths are many. Fact & Truth. There is a lot of difference between the both. Fact : is related to Planets. Truth : is related to universe and space.



1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Physical Religious Cosmic CCM ZZM Divine Spiritual

Physical meditation: Patanjali Yog sutra/ padmasan. Religious Meditation : imagines that I can go to God even. Links self to God. Cosmic Meditation : Links self with soul. Divine Meditation : Links soul with self. Spiritual Meditation : Many stages are there. Once your awareness starts, Spiritual Meditation starts. It can be from Divine and Cosmic meditation. The way information changes to knowledge, you will be world, space and universe. You will reach to SOUL. 0 stage meditation- like animals. No use of intellect. 1st stage like chimpangees, make little communication 2nd stage Human, I, My, Myself 3rd stage sandy, log. They think what can I do for the society. 4th stage let me practice meditation and get some energy. Get some advantage ( puja of Hanuman) 5th stage more energy. Puja of Indra, varun, Agni 6th stage Brahma, Production, Creation 7th stage Vishnu 8th Stage Shiv 9th Stage .




I (electron)

I is a thought. I+ if removed will never exhaust. I is nothing but thought. Brain is the physical structure a scientific form. Mind a spiritual term. There are many universes. MIND Most Internal Network Development

M My I I N Neuro-psychological (sense) D Dcor (arrangement) style of decoration of a room MIND is not physical Abstractive ( neural & psychological functions) Meditation makes you think more. It enlarges the capacity to think more. Man can be judged by Aura, physical structure , behavior, voice. I self soul = I = Ego Space is not weightlessness state. Human body = I + self. Self is balanced 0.(+10)+(-10)=0

(I+) + (I-) I+ + I-

I+S = Human I(ego)+(S) is not equal to Soul If I+ is big, self expands Self + I + E(external energy) = Soul Energy is derived from universe during meditation. Self is also a form of I. you are in consciousness state, but not aware of the surroundings. I thought = SOUL. With Flexibility in your I, you can explore Universe. (ultimate, fixed, fluctuating)Destiny



Quark was existing which was oscillating therby producing some +ve and ve gravitation pull or push friction. After that energy accumulates at one place. The unlike poles get attracted. After so many yearssupernova and others are formed after Big Bang Theory. After crores of years cloud formation and other things took place. There is nothing supernatural, the only thing is imagination power. To increase imagination 1. Meditaion 2. Put yourself into different circumstances 3. Try to understand about people

SUPER Space Universe(natural) Power Energy Resource. Spirituality is the science of origin. What science we people in general think is reading books. We are only reading the theories. Manually reading and answering the question is not science. Conversion of unknown to known is called Science. If the water is still, you can see your face clear. Similarly if your mind is clear you can think of unknown things. Once you have thought and think of one thing, concentrate on it. What does a man need ?????? ; Knowledge- wisdom.



SELF Self Elevated Life Force If self is elevated, what will happen? Why are the rain drops spherical ? Fact o real factorial ( fact of real) Fact +/Many Change l Truth Neutral One No change

UAF Univarsally Accepted Truth. We normally take UAF as Truth. But it is not in totally Truth. Fact, UAF, truth.



Farm house is a place where you cultivate your Heart. You put out your heart in a farm of trees, hens, birds, flowers. It is your heart, it is farmers heart which brings the crop for nation. House Gruh G (ga)- for prosperity/beginning Ru health H(ha) solution How should a farm house be created in a city ?

There should be discipline in a farm house with relaxation and enjoyment. Farm House For youth a. b. c. d. Some discipline should be there Pond should be there, agriculture should be done by young (one hour) Good meditation or prayer hall Traditional dress everyday

For married couple a. Separate cottages with no TV b. No car, no bike c. Light classical or Traditional Music For Middle aged a. Earthern pots for cooking b. Complete village food.



Sansar is Mind ; Mind is Sansar. Perception of Mind is Sansar. Just be aware. Use awareness as a shield. There is universal law, just follow it. Become calm. If you can become calm or relaxed you feel energetic, pleasant. If you dont get sleep in the night do u feel good? The main purpose of Meditation is to make you stable. Whoever is angry keeps moving, shivering. Once you become calm you find a change. You will learn to become stable naturally by meditation. ( shanti vishranti). Earlier we were with flow. But no we learnt to swim. When flow is strong it is difficult to swim how strong you may be. Once flow is slow swimming becomes easy. You have to decide whether to go with the flow or to swim. Learn to reduce speed. Stable mind, intellect. Then think why there is no change from meditation. Then, Trust will be fruitful and dedication will fetch knowledge. Whoever needs can receive as per their need. Everything happens depending on interest. Know that nature what is needed for Meditation. Be stable. Success follows. You will become organized.



Blessings to all

Blessed are thy Soul Those who believe will be blessed Remaineth will not be Belief = vishwas (vishw+aas), shradda ; Assumption (doubt), will (sankalp) vishw= living universe, aas= hope

Faith higher level of belief , trust confidence reposed. A stronger one will only have belief Life (acceptance, smile, zeal, sincerety, honesty) Self belief if in excess leads to proud.



How could you people talk to me ? Who am I ? (omniscient) Im present in everyone of you. Need of healthy mind, healthy body, attitude, environment, balanced treatment to everybody, pureconscience, wisdom, will power. How can one communicate with others on mental plane. If the wish to know is pure, then communication on mental level is possible. If intellect comes into play there may be some problems. If intimacy/ intellect/ imagination/ discrimination (which are the attributes required for effective communication) are utilized legibly, then communication can be affected on mental plane. 1. Clarity of relationship & purpose. 2. Power to set up communication Mental + physical strength + vigour If I is elevated, it becomes Omniscient. And the same I if suppressed(sankuchit) then it becomes (Aham) proud. In times of need wisdom has to be utilized to avoid becoming a stupid. And when in need of Heart there it has to create its own space. Good utilization of character is needed for nurturing of behavior.
BE-HAVIOUR 22-01-2003

What is the best instrument, but low or less used ? - Human Brain HB

Have possess used in present tense. Existence of whatever is possessed is Behaviour. Factors affecting it are culture, society, collection of past experiences, inherent characteristics, belief systems, expectations etc... Behavior 1st treatment to a particular situation, may be rational or irrational Mind is un-organised. How much of it can be used by you. Mind should be Neutral and be in present. Human Body is a combination of bones, muscles, arteries, flesh, brain which are co-ordinated and controlled by brain.



As long as in existence, who is the friend of Man ? Kalp : change, time, time gap Ka + alp sankalp, vikalp (eg. I will come, I will not come) Intellect power of reasoning and logical section. It is a vehicle which has an authority of a king but is basically a minister or say- an army chief. There is no short cut to transformation. (Chinta kam karei, chintan jyada karei). Think about different attributes of mind. And judge on the scale where you stand or you can analyse yourself in a neutral way and try to overcome them or take them to the positive side slowly like an ant or a tortoise, and not like a rabbit.


Mind is so slippery may be injury, big or small, this is due to unawareness. Be in tune with Nature. Consistency in concentration is difficult. Are you happy with present result ie., your concentration.If you are buddh, you are independent. If there is no knowledge/information/preaches, then there is no independency, you live according to the situations. Dont look at your life as like a picture, look it like an artist. Behavior is important for gaining knowledge(bodh). If you are bound by thoughts, then there is no knowledge(bodh), its bound to situations.



Eat 4 leaves of Tulsi everyday no diabetes. Roots stomach ( boil the stem and drink it)

Elergy parts + turmeric Cancer red tulsi flowers..(have it directly) Asthma take a leaf and put in between teeth BP put tulsi leaves in water in night & drink it in the morning Joint pain direct or soup (green tulsi0 Sinus with paste of flower and lemon leaves (or) lemon leaves with Dalchini (or) Dalchini powder with honey Weight water+root. Boil it and after walking drink it in the morning Peaceful mind tulsi paste + lemon flower or leaves paste with roti Teeth ailments Red colour branch, without leaves chew it Pimples Tulsi paste Sleep Black Tulsi paste on fore-head in the night Mouth freshner Constipation boil the roots and have it NOTE : pregnant ladies should avoid Tulsi intake because babies cant get enough milk and resulting loose motions. Scaled nails use Tulsi with Palak (equal proportions), paste or soup. Chew it for hr but dont spit. Eyes put tulsi juice with roots + leaves. Boil it and then chill and apply over eyelids during day or night ( not inside eye lids) O+ will have immediate effect than B ve. Loss of Memory for O group black flowers + honey for AB group green plant flower + honey + clove for B group stem with skin removed, chew it directly for hr. For anger meditation.. Cough & cold tulsi with milk directly Epilepsy Yellow Tulsi flower powder with one apple Tulsi reacts with Environment. Hence dont drink this in polluted environment. But can be taken in gravy at Temples and Puja places, but not in bad smelling or polluted areas. Kids above 5 yrs can take. Pluck it before Sunset. Every day take as 2 leaves 8yrs old 3 leaves 20 yrs 4 leaves 40 yrs

Types of Tulsi 1. Krishna tulsi 2. Yellow tulsi

3. Maroon Tulsi 4. Violet Tulsi ( only flower of that colour ) 5. Black Tulsi All of these have their own importance. Banyan tree good for Meditation Direction for ailment, which direction to sleep. South Head is Good. Above Equator south head Below equator North head Middle east West America, Africa North East Neem powder in water will purify it. 1 litre 1 teaspoon 9.30 pm have food and sleep at 10.30 pm.



Every particle of the body, however minute it may be, is directly affected by your thoughts, will, actions. So, it is wise act to take care of these mental attitudes and rest of things will take care of themselves. Think before you leap and wait before you act this is the Gurumantra for happy and peaceful living to all members and devotees. Each and every devotee should take care of himself and his activities on physical and mental plane it is desirable and needed to be a good Human first.



How much time will it take to go around the world ? what do u know about Anas countries with deserts with low or no-green vegetation. Speciality of pyramids. How are energies stored in pyramids. How is energy attracted to any objects(eg. Pyramids). Egyptians believe in life after death. They protect the dead bodies for a longer time ie., thousands of years. Does the tissue or cells of the body live even after death. Then what is death. Is it the stopping of heart /working of the brain. ? Humans have a speciality man has forgotten as how to make the physical body live longer. Age Defying Techniques ( ADT ) The other living creatures have natural in built ADTs. But for human, we have to practice it. Everything is possible through concentration like moving a thing without touching or lighting a candle without a match box. Animals/creatures other than humans hibernate during certain seasons. Humans only consider and try to maintain the physical body. Everything inside/outside the body is directed by mind. If not, the body will not work. Training of the body by mind to tackle/control your will. Mind powerful instrument utilized for any purpose (eg. You can light candle/ move weights/ break things through concentration). Combination of vital force + cosmic energy to attain this. Body requires proper maintenance to fulfill (through will) the amount of energy required to carry forward our duty to the goal. Mind has 65 points. and even if one /two points are properly developed one can achieve great heights, for which proper guidance and training are required. Live in present immediate present. Train and discipline your body through your mind. Eg. Eat 70-75% of your hunger/ requirement , and your digestion will improve. Body requirement of food on an average. For 24 Hrs 1275 K cal, for 12 Hrs 636 K cal, 6 Hrs 325 Kcal.

What do you think about the picture. If you change according to nature and circumstances life would be could. If not you will break. One should adopt oneself to the present. ACCEPT ADJUST CHANGE ADOPT Maintain Harmony and balance. Faith in oneself and without blaming others go ahead with full strength and steam. Himmate marda madhde khuda Andar apne aap mei jhaanko Doosron ko jimmedaar naa tehraaon You will find answer within you. In difficult and trying circumstances STOP, look within you you will find the strength. Total focus towards your Goal. Any new process is difficult. But dont leave in between, complete the task and you will be the achiever.



It is a directional process. Air direction, Gravitation

1. Air

2. Light

3. Magnetism (N S E W)

4. Water

5. Height

air flow

air flow

Air and Direction vastu based on these 2 factors Swastik signs should be at entrance to boost ones image.

E,W,N,S arms

these are checks

to compensate ve force

Swastik drawn with 4 os in its quadrants with haldi, one O at the center with mud, and swastik drawn with mango... is best. NW CHILDRENS/ STUDY ROOM SW master bedroom NE water, puja, no heavy goods SE Fire N NW W SW S SE- fire, NE- water,puja (no heavy goods), NW- childrens/study room, SW- Master Bedroom Entrance should be in any one direction, but not in a diagonal direction. To adjust things, one can also divide individual areas(quadrants) for convenience. One should not sleep with head towards North. House entrance depending upon the blood group of family head. If your blood group is O in NE quadrant, A in NW quadrant, B in SW quadrant, AB in SE quadrant SE NE E

AB blood group can also have house Entrance South facing. Personal/ individual vastu is also effected by seasons, depending on how the neurons react to seasons, ie., heat/ fire and water/humidity

Vastu effects only a minimum portion say 1%, 99% can be achieved by Knowledge through information Self scanning through meditation. SPIRIT + MUTUAL = SPIRITUAL S Self Actual knowing the actual spirit is Spiritual. Step by step development & spirit is Spiritual/self elevation Higher dimension of science is Spiritual. In early days religion led all explanations, hence it was science. But with passing times religion became a discipline & lost its scientific base. Do not reject Religion as Myth but one should look for the scientific base in it.



What is discussion ? Exchange of views by a group of people on a subject or object.

Code of conduct = self discipline To save goodness limit of bearing capacity shall be limited to 60 % to give more chance to other people to be good with you. What is meant by Bhakti ? A inner feeling of love, affection and respect without defined goals and desires.

What do we get from Bhakti ? You forget all your tensions and get peace and happiness.

Discussion is not complete if everyone has not contributed. A discussion is 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Definition of discussion Scope/ area of discussion Start with the discussion Come to the root line of discussion What is there in discussion for you/ analyse What are the merits/ benefits


Difference between dedication and devotion. Dedication samarpan, open ness , towards some goal. Happens to mass, at all ages. Devotion leads to depthness, no goal, happens to minimum, at only some ages. Everybody has self, and everybodys self is same. Bhakti inner feeling without any certain defined goals. Life is a game, an enjoyment, a struggle.



YES TULSI, TURMERIC, NEEM, PUDINA, GINGER NO GARLIC, ONION, COOL AERATED DRINKS 1. NEEM + TURMERIC Make paste of 5 Neem leaves. Take haldi separately. In one glass cool water, mix neem paste in the night ( 8-9 O clock)in a container. In the morning add little haldi and consume after meditation. (Take tea with ginger only) 2. PUDINA + TULSI Take 4 leaves of tulsi at nght befor going to bed and 2 leaves of pudina in the morning. (wash the fresh leaves and consume directly, chewing for about 20 minutes) 3. HALDI + HONEY Ginger piece is to be fried, converted into paste. Add a little haldi and one leaf pudina and take with honey. 1 Hr after lunch. In any case Shwasprakriya is must, morning walk/walk after supper is advisable. SARS is likely to spread in India in rainy season. ( any one attacked with SARS should be brought to Guruji through medium- at the nearest Dhyan Prasthan)



Adam & Eve information Technology For Humans the communication starts from the time he takes birth.

e/motion evolved motion causes emotion

interaction internal communication

The brain transmits the signals to the different body parts and then we act upon. For a communication there should be some acknowledgement. 1. Hard pack communication what you can see, feel 2. Soft pack communication mind to mind, because destination is fixed. Communication started with electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms etc. Mind should not be the slave of your body. For existence of Mind we need energy. No fast or over eating both cause problem Wealth - know the utility for today, tomorrow and its limits Attempt store the amount necessary for today and utilize it to the max.



Om Tri God, substitute for Mind, Intellect and Body Maa the one who feeds your Mind, Body and Intellect Vishwa roopae in the form of universe Shakti roopae in the form of Energy Vishwa Sphoorthi Gurave is in the form of the universal energy as Sri Guru Vishwa sphoorthi Namaha I bow with to HIM with humble respect with all my heart and Soul



Fulfillment of the purpose of life is Moksh Liberty is Moksh. Freedom & liberation are both the same ?

Why do we need a change in routine life ? We ourselves choose the doors for ourselves and wait for somebody to come and open the door inspite of sincere efforts.

In trying to know the goal, if one encounters distress, one should not try to know the goal. Now a days people have no time to think about moksh/freedom. 70-100 years ago people had a lot of time to think about these things and they used to devote more time for meditation etc. Pre-requisite for Dhyan Nischinta(no worries). Is it possible. At tender age, man has no worries at all. Do self analysis. Dont analyse others. Inspite of sincere efforts if one doesnt get results, one cannot get Nischinta. How can he concentrate on Meditation. only Human has the ability to choose his karma. Getting out of worries and going towards peace is described as Moksh, enthusiasm to read, learn.. (a-nishchinta se nikalkar, nischinta ki orr jaanaa hee moksh hai, jignyasa jaan-ne ki, padne ki)



Time is infinite. It has no boundaries. It can be measured with some parameters for convenience. Intellect : Why intellect is increasing ? more needs, more information. Information is not knowledge. Utilization of information leads to knowledge. requires curiousity, efforts to fulfill them/ or your needs. See what you want to concentrate on. When the brain is empty you have ample place to think. Development of eye of knowledge needs stability and this is possible only when your mind is empty. Energy explosion All unwanted things go out and you think about new avenues. Death : mrityu - physical death, moksh peace at death. no gravity space

Gravity : zero gravity vaccum ( +ve -ve = 0 gravity),

SELF exists after death, for the period of time depending upon the strong will of the individual Animals do not have mind & hence they do not have SELF.



How much was discovered ?

How much remains undiscovered ?

To know about mind, there are 3 instruments 1. Thinking 2. Conscience 3. Patience

Thoughtlessness ? what is it 1. When the air is still, the lake is calm. 2. Air/wind causes waves. Similarly when there is no external stimulation, the mind will be calm. 3. Apart from external factors, turbulence in lake is also caused by animals in the deep lake. Absoulute calm in the lake is possible only after cleaning/purifying the lake, ie., after taking out the animals. Similarly, the mind is also to be purified in order to achieve concentration/ thoughtlessness.



What is Shwas Prakriya, What is Dhyan, What is Dhyan Prasthan. Star sign means. Conditions apply.

Guruji is an institute where you can learn Shwas Prakriya and Dhyan. DhyanPrasthan can be made autonomous. From today onwards, for coming three months, think of activities, guidelines etc, How DhyanPrasthan should go on. Practice for couple of months, then tell me. I will really do something about this. Concentration. how to improve ? - Practice ShwasPrakriya to get concentration. What changes do we get through dhyan practice ? Depends on individual constitution of body and Mind. When body pains start, how to overcome them ? Let us work with body to overcome body pain. Watch the pain. Do not think of pain. Be friendly with mind. Watch as if you cant help off others pain. Dont create reaction to a thought. Do shwasprakriya.

Shift the mind to mantra & photograph. Which is better mantra ? Mantra is to reach a stage, stage is not for mantra.

Indigestion : lukewarm water + 2 pinch of haldi. Drink & walk fast. Constipation : lukewarm water 1 jug + 2 pinch of haldi & walk. ( dry amla/ triphal of good quality teaspoon + haldi + teaspoon black salt) 1. Stomach problems : One spoon Triphal + 2 pinch haldi in glass lukewarm water. Drink before going to bed. Eat papaya, adding black salt is even more good. 2. Constipation: Early in the morning, add a pinch of turmeric to a glass of lukewarm water, drink and go for a walk. Or chew a neem leaf with a pinch of turmeric and go for a walk.

3. Khaaj ( skin related ) : Vitamin D, E & A has to be taken in good quantity. Psychological + stress related problems heaviness, strain, brain, smell solution : accept this problem analyse problem deeply and then find solution. 4. Eyesight (eyes) : - Eye exercise to be done daily - With cold water from earthern pot, wash the eyes. Add pepper powder to papaya and eat gradually you will not need the glasses. - Fry fitkari(phatki) powder on a pan, after cooling mix it with water and twice in a week wash the eyes with that water. Do so for 3 weeks, then after do it once a week and gradually stop it. After 1 months wash your eyes with normal Water. 5. Backache : Once in every 8-10 days do oil massage. Physical exercise is an effective tool which helps you to fight 60%. 30% is by thought process.



It is a medicinal plant found in Ladhak. It is a fruit. Gives age/ vital energy, increases immunity. It is good for soldiers. Particularly fruit and fruit juice is important for vital energy. If you come across, do have it. This fruit has maximum % of oxygen and water and glucose& carbohydrates. 200 ml once a week, 2 hrs before meditation. This is good for studies.

TAMARIND Dont eat much in raw form. Instead of direct intake, you can have it in other forms. Not even with salt. It sharpens your brain. It makes the body dull Can be consumed in alternate days Along with water, it is good for conditioning of hair. You get oxygen in mind. ( lemon water tea it reduces nicotine in it ) Juice of tamarind leaves with clove(lavang)reduces cough and cold On summers cup tamarind water is good before you go out. ( sugar is better than salt) Tamarind seeds powder is good for digestion for some people. To fight against humid & dry air it is good. Tamarind leaves in small quantity 5-6 leaves, it is good for people with blood sugar. It holds the humidity and gives back less oxygen. It makes you restless, especially for people who have blood pressure, asthma and lungs related diseases. With Sun-rays directly falling on imli tree, some kind of radiations come out, that may affect some people with joint pain etc. It absorbs dust particles a lot.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Lemon juice is good for hair, but not before you go out on heat. It is good before you go to bed. Lemon juice directly with egg white, and massage your body, it is good. ( 1/2 lemon + 1 egg ) Dry the skin, make the powder and add in curry once in a week ( spoon) Chew 3 lemon seeds a day. Good for digestion. But not with sugar. powder with mustard oil (massage) is good for skin allergy. Apply Lemon juice on body and have bath. Youll feel fresh. Water and lemon juice is good ( without adding sugar/salt) Lemon juice for kids below 5 years should be applied at bottom of feet. They feel good and energetic. Apply and wash after 10-15 min.

ICE CUBES 1. Dont drink water with ice cubes. It increases heat in the body. 2. Apply directly on external parts of the body. It is good and acts as a pain-killer. 3. Dont put ice-cubes on head, but you can roll it. TOMATO (INDIAN APPLE) For healthy body, take one tomato daily. Tomato soup is good for stomach. If added with Neem leaves and boiled, you will get rid of all germs. Have it once in 15 days.



Know your potential. What is contemplation ?

Believe your potential. what is mind ?

Break the ice of your potential. & who are you ?

what is thought ?

If you work a lot and succeed, you will know who are you. Why is any goal reachable to a few, but not for all. Because they want to know what is I. Wants always give the way to frustration. Limitations are always there for the body, because it works. In a family, usually a father works and the rest family members enjoy. All the deeds (Karmas) is done by body, but tamas is enjoyed by Mind. Your body has to perform everything. For a student who studies a lot or works hard is some satisfaction. It is your mind that enjoys the satisfaction. So, if you want your body to perform correctly, you have to supply proper food. It needs raw materials, food and proper rest. So give it. It is your mind which controls your body. Sometimes vice versa. Your Mind should be always in the masters Seat and body in the slave seat. Can a father have a slave seat. He should not be in. It is only your mind which has to work, which has to order making the calculations, making the assessment. It is your mind which has to do. So, nourish your mind by not putting the barricades. Dont restrict your capability. If you are a knowledgeable person you have to grow. Make yourself wise by carrying the knowledge with you. There is a difference between wisdom, knowledge and information. A meaningful data of information you may get may be a form of class, school, information centers etc. Knowledge is what you get(derive). What you receive is information.

Upto information stage you dont apply your mind. Once you turn information to knowledge action comes. For action you need to have knowledge. There is a state called intellect where your mind starts thinking or multiplying, that means a single thought multiplies. This intellect or intelligence comes into work along with knowledge. And the combination both way leads towards wisdom. The process of journey is long. It is independent of mind. The experience of the knowledge and intellect will lead towards wise/wisdom. What is wisdom ? You may need time to think. If you think you are an American, you are in America, what is the time requiredNothing Think of your son, some feelings come automatically. Dont restrict your minds thinking process. While in meditation, you come across many thoughts. Think.think.think.. it is good for your mind. The more information you have the more you think. Thinking process involves analysis. You may have some proof, you may not for some. You have to think and analyse, get more information. Mind process in the form of raw material scanning is also an important factor. Scan yourself what is the purpose of mind..what is the purpose of body. If you think there is pain in leg, you stop walking.that means your body is becoming master and mind slave. If you do practice in your daily life, you will enjoy. Body definitely requires some rest, but mind never needs rest. If you restrict your mind, you will be unable to give command. A master cant stay without body & vice versa. So, duality is the concept. A child cant be born without father and mother. If this part is true, then existence of the Universe must be true as Dual. What about the concept of Single cell it true.? For every action there must be some reaction or counter action. For any process there must be an OUT, for that there must be some IN. you take in oxygen, it comes out as CO2, for any process IN and OUT is a must . Death is also a process of decaying materialistically. Second part is decaying of your mind. If the slave becomes master you are dead even in the process of IN & OUT there is possibility of death. Dont you think that in decaying purpose there is an action & reaction. But if you have a strong master you can win death. You never die. So what is must ? You must have a strong will. It is after all a functional body of your mind. MIND : Neuro Psychological Dcor Elevate your mind. There are different levels of masters. You can be master of your society, your countryor universe. You decide where you want to be. At this stage you always find different stages, but where as in higher plane when you understand the plane you only do, perform. Staying within your body, your mind flies away. So restrict your mind to fly away. Why do you need an aeroplane when your mind can fly away. Your body never enjoys anything. Few enjoy winter, few enjoy summer, that is in the mind. If you want to go somewhere go there. Make yourself different from your body. Everybody in this universe wants power. Why that ? What is Freedom ?

Keep yourself away from the body. What makes you different from others. It is your ideas and thinking process. In this environment incidents take place. Your mind cant think beyond. Many have tried the meaning of I, few of them succeed, a few have expressed. There are many things that a person has to experience to know who you are. What is Artificial Intelligence ? It is making the machine to act as man. This is called Robotic Engineering. Why dont you try discover your intelligence than inserting intelligence into machine. You decide where you want to be. The differences laid are only applicable to them. By the grace of an external enemy you may do it. Human has 5 senses in general but only a few discover 6th sense, ie., intuition. What is INTUITION what we usually see is what we get. What most of the people cannot do but you are doing that means the 6th sense is working. If you can taste and smell some extra things what usually humans experience, it means if you can forecast something and visualise it, then it is 6th sense. Know the reality. Neutral is always better than +ve or ve. So, try to be impartial. If body is taken care by mind, then why to worry. Why smokers feel more energetic after smoking ? The answer is in your question. Feel it is only a feeling. Not reality. Like leaving a mad dog after a person who runs more. Who are you ? You are your thought. when I am finished you are not there. The 6th sense always forecasts. Give Birth to knowledge: With the SOUL, people gain all the knowledge. But there is something beyond that which is knowledge. SOUL is nothing but elevated mind. So far we are enjoying with what we are getting. But once we start creating, we are ourselves Brahma. You can create a baby or anything. Very few has been created to some extent, but not the ultimate. Creating Inert or Active matter is important. Creation of knowledge is from information. Once a person is in other stage you create knowledge and receive knowledge. This is the stage where you create wisdom, you can receive wisdom. In thoughtless state neurons work better. There is no limit to journey. But once you reach the top most point you will know what is what. ONE LOSS DOESNT MEAN NO-WIN



Guruji has created an Image and named as VISWA SPHOORTHI. Manoprasthan : Elevate the Mind Dhyanprasthan : Elevation in Meditation Gyanaprasthan : Gaining knowledge

Divyaprasthan : Gods formation of SOUL Mahaprasthan : wisdom creation, receiving and giving.



Neucleus of an atom is not exactly solid. It is a hollow space. Universal energy lies in the center of neucleus. At 3rd dimension you can see universal Energy. At 4th you can understand Universal Energy. At 6th you can influence/ change ( in atomic structure ). There are behavioral changes in medium ( in the elements) Mg2+ acts as an anaesthesia. Guruji manipulates Mg2+ in the body of the Medium to remove his consciousness to operate through him. Out of billions of atoms in Gurujis body, he needs only one atom to operate a medium. He can make as many mediums as there are many number of atoms existing in his body. F = Force between M1 & M2 r = distance between M1 & M2 CON CONVERGENCE / SCI / G = Gravitational constant F = GM1M2/r2 ENCE study M1 & M2 = Mass of two objects

I intellect (cause& effort)

Mind is In Neuropsychological Decor (MIND) +ve spiritual line (no too much pleasure or sorrow) ve Efforts should be constant. You survive with will. If there is will, you will survive. Both Master and slave are within you. Most of the time you get guided/ carried away by the slave aspect(-ve). One should try to strengthen the Master aspect(+ve)

Stree/ woman : Sa Source of Love/ affection Ta Trust/ faith Ra related to health healing touch ( just a sound of r cures a large number of ailments) ( imagine sa, ta and ra in Hindi letters)

Ee beh, evolve (janani) Shakti Maa affection of Mother, love, blessing. ( there is no other problem more concerned in this world comparing to worry about Health) Male/Purush : Pa Impulsive/ fluctuating in Nature, U ability/ tolerance/ capacity Ra seed of Production. Healthy seed Sha denotes attitude/mental softness vital force, protection. Emotion is common for both. Male Female -

Male: Sexual activity , Anger, Unpredictable/ moody, Resistivity, Responsibility, Disciplined/ duty bound Female : Talkative, tolerance, grumbling, concern for Family Understanding is Important in any relationship. WIFE IS LIKE A KNIFE MAN IS THICK LIKE A SUPPORT



RAS Sneh, pyar, Love, Affection OYEE Place where RAS is more. Kitchen should preferrablely be large being the place where the House- wife spends about 30% of her life. Exhaust fan should be big enough.

Whether almirah is there or not, it must have shelves Windows beside stove No dining in kitchen No TV in dining Keep consumables away from the stove Dont wear loose or dark clothes in kitchen Chimney is advisable Wall mounted fans or table fans Soothing light Dont use phones in kitchen Time piece/ Clock/ calendar Candles/ emergency light Dust bin ( to be cleaned daily) Platform should be tough, smooth for regular usage and easy cleaning. Napkins to be changed/washed atleast every alternate day Should be in SouthEast side of a house, size 8x10.


Astral minute ,

Logy study

Study of minute changes beyond Earths surface is Astral/ Astrology. G = Gravitational forces, is never zero. 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 12 3 4 1 2

The effect of g of various planets on Earth is of varying intensities, depending upo their distances from Earth.
WARS 02-07-2003

When first war took place ? Religious someone will motivate, lead in society, mass motivation (only physical power)-most dangerous Ideological good for development

Economy/ Market Good for stability and progression (brings image in existence) 1920 - 1990 ideological war After 1991 Market war After 2000 market is at pinnacle. Customer enjoyed. After every war there is tremendous progress. CHINA Budhism , Tausim ) 3000 BC, after 1979 china progress started. INDIA Hinduism ) India didnt do much progress. CHRISTIAN only 2000 AD Japan progressed after 1945 ( Hiroshima & Nagasaki ) Korea went far ahead of India After 2001, 9/11, India started doing by compulsion but not by will. Having no dream or small dream is crime. Praying to make dreams a reality will not do any kind of help. It is a very awkward situation when you run out of thoughts. Then you think of a crime. This is due to lack of good thoughts. Be your own strength. Know your +ve and ve points. You have to explore yourself to know your strengths & weakness. There is no role of Money. You can build up your Empire of one crore without initial Money provided. If You use your brain 5 min/day you can earn 5 cr/sec. ( eg. Mr. Ankit Farida, an 18 yr old student very famous in hacking world. Unethical guide to Ethical network). You cant say you are first. You have to struggle a lot. Hard work ..Hard work. & Hard work. If you are within 40 you are in the war. Be alert if you want to survive. MEDITATION IS A MEANS TO KNOWLEDGE. Wt. of an ant may be 1 gram, but it can lift 300 times its weight. ie., 30000%. A man can lift even upto 1 cr tonne. With physical body you can travel at 800 miles/hr. HAVING SMALL DREAM IS CRIME, DONT COMMIT INDIAS MISTAKE OF ONLY DREAMING, NOT WORKIN.
CONSCIENCE 06-07-2003

Cell universal force/ uiversal energy/ vital force This energy/ force is conscience. Everything comes from here only. Awareness/SOUL/formation/ knowledge all comes from here only. WISDOM/ KNOWLEDGE/ CONSCIENCE

nucleus vital force Mother Universe is within this Nucleus and in Vital Force


Within the vital force are several thousands of balls which move, with different patterns in all directions in 3D. each ball is responsible for behaviors like ANGER, SORROW, JOY, GREED, LOVE, AFFECTION, KINDNESS ETC All these have sub-bracketswhich may ultimately be in 1000x types. This may entail numerous & uncountable types of behaviors. In the vital force there are different types of movement. Likewise there are thousands of patterns. If we mix up all the patterns in 3D then ultimately there will be blackness and solidity inside. The chances of an internal collision is extremely very rare. Say 10-12 sec. but if once there is a collision, then the collision starts very frequently say 10-6sec/ 10-9sec and the same goes on increasing. There after the cells start to die. Now this depends upon person to person. For some it is 5 seconds & for some it is years. Mood is dependen on the shape of the pattern. There is something be it either viscous fluid/ solid which changes with time. And this is DESTINY, which makes you +ve or ve . but there is something called WILL which gives more importance to +ve/ -ve. One can predict +ve or ve but no one can predict WILL. This makes the difference between predictions & Actuality. CONSCIENCE/ AWARENESS/ WILL. CONTROL: Planetory position decides the initial behavioral pattern. Conscience is fixed. But WILL changes and it should be the guiding force. Conscience can also be called Convergence. Strong WILL can change Destiny. Supply of more oxygen makes the WILL strong. With high level of Confidence, the WILL gets stronger. Breathing Exercise and Meditation gives you more oxygen and makes your WILL stronger.



There are two abstract rods. One is +ve and one is ve. You dont know the cause, so you believe. Reason is environment/ circumstances/ situation/ understanding orients. Cause is just a cause. There must be a reason to your statement, but not a cause. How you say or what makes you say, there must be a cause. Cause Source Reason Resource

More oxygen intake will help creativity intelligence. Know what you are. Know how to mould yourselves with WILL.



What is man ? What is Mind ? What is Thought ?

Thought is an activity. Generation and regeneration of thoughts . it is same in all Human beings. The amount of Energy you receive and its utilisation depends on how you live and think. Left side of Brain is ve and the right side is +ve. Vital Force 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Atomic Cyclo Neucleon 2 hydro sulphuric xion Hydro nucleo sulphate Xionic Anzyme ozone Meta sulphate 5B How is it possible that Vital force which is the subleast

Formation of vital force is with above five. energy having molecules live above.

What you get with blessings is some charges in Xionic Anzymic Ozone. This change can bring change in attitude, which can bring change in life. Xionic Anzymic Ozone this is where science and Spirituality merge.


Generally we say fighting, anger is not good, but it depends on the situation Not to fight but if at all, you must win. If at all you must have to fight- then fight to win . fight with your consciousness and WILL what ever be the situation. Fight is an action that gives some result. For best results, you have to fight timely and on the right time. Nobody can move you from one position to another. If at all you have to move, move yourself No one else.

You will enjoy if you grow up Not by age, but by knowledge. Add this term BELIEF upon Human level, but this is not the top most level of Human. Decide, or think about what you have decided. Time has come to read out and analyse what you have decided. What is the limit of Space ? - One has to be there to see the limit. There is no limit. Who says, you dont have the ability to do a work ? There is no limit if you think. The limit is what you believe & think. There is always a better place to reach where ever you have reached. Do what is the harm if you fail.You will learn. If you dont learn, you will die. Creativity creates or multiplies the learning process. Utilise. Change your attitude and you can change your position upwards and downwards. One must be a self starter not a kick starter. ( dont wait for others to give you a push) Know is always better than belief. When you know, that is knowledge. So, know yourself. Information can never be better than knowledge. Wisdom is still better than knowledge. Your WILL boosts you. It will always encourage you. You have everything within you. GOD is a stage. When you reach that stage there is still a better stage. Exploring oneself to the atomic level to gain knowledge is Bliss. TRY only a TRY can move you ahead. One who doesnot try doesnot have the Right to Live. Treat yourself as Human. You have better inbuilt qualities. The Earth is not the world. The world/universe is within you. Explore it & you will know who you are. Once you know the atomic level of yourself, you can see the reactions in there. Once you know it, you can change it. There are Constructive and Destructive forces. creativity To our-ness growth Rays of knowledge - SUN Knowledge is power actualisation Peace & harmony self efteem MIND is an instrument which can resonate at one frequency of WILL.

Food eat less by quantity and more by quality Always be with an AIM.

Make the present Present.

Always burn your Neurons and be ready.


How do you look like. Not only physically, but also mentally. Presonality Physical + Mental Behavior With I, name and age can be attatched. And with personality, physical attributes and behavioral attitudes. 3 minutes of self analysis is important everyday. Self analysis ? how to do it ?

What about

a. kids

b. family

c. Guruji

d. Business

First day 3 minutes +ve find out the best +ve/ unique +ve point. -ve find out the best ve point where you can bring improvement. make out a list of summary of maximum +ve and ve points and make an analysis where you stand. Analyse in all aspects Physical structure, Attitude, Financial, Family, Neighbourhood, Role in Society. Always be optimistic since you have some +ve points. A good person always tries to improve. A biggest room in the universe is self improvement. May be that you are a good writer, a good artist, may be you are very loyal.. In the same way search out for ve aspects, may be emotional, mentally unfit, lack of expression, anger, lack of handling situation, capacity. (NOTE : first its important to know what are really +ve and ve points universally. Some may feel some points are good which may not actually be or some may feel some points are ve which not actually be. So, use of intellect is needed. For which knowledge is the base, Which can be gained through meditation, discussions, reading Gurujis books etc) Make a final list of 1 or 5 or 50 points of +ve and also ve. If you take one week invest 3 minutes everyday. 3 min is not short. You can even cut time for Meditation, but take out 3 min. do anything, but for your ownself find time. Not for me just for you. See where you are and think where you can reach. Every individual can be a millionaire or a GOD or anything he likes. See dreams, but after doing the above things. Make Castles, not in the Air, but only after introspection. Without dreams, desires dont rise & without desires you cannot move or even toil. After analysing where you are, think what first you want to change. Which is the change that should be brought first, which is very important to change from 1 to 100. If you have read then you can bring whatever change you like. How much change can you bring and how much is in your handswhatever you write, just note it down and revise the list now and then. If your thought is changed you can be changed. For the whole analysis, it hardly takes 1-2 min. An Idea can change your Mind. This is even a punch line of some product. Take for one week, but try hard that is done till the end. If you ever dont find any +ve/-ve point in you, ask a person around you and move forward. This is easy to say and difficult to implement. But once brought, I need not say further. What should be done next ? Take one point. For eg., anger think what you can do & write on description to change the particular attributes. If you have more anger think of the reason genes, nature, circumstances etc. think what is the reason behind. Think why you are caught in a particular situation/ circumstances/ business. Think and consult with your brothers, sister or a true friend. A true friend can definitely give you 1 min. In india this thing is there because every individual is knowledgeable. Hear your voice first and if you are

not able to hear ask others. No one can be more reliable than you, yourslef. You have to rely on self only, and only then you can do something. Self confidence is the most important thing. NOBODY CAN CHANGE YOU, NEITHER GURU NOR ANYBODY. Only you can bring the change & nobody else can. Why would anyone else bring change in you. Even if it takes 1 problem. If you change even 5 things in one year, then it is a great achievement. Multiply 365x3. This can bring change. Not a bad investment!!! Go on for introspection once a week. Work hard on second change and then introspect. Without hard work, nothing will happen & and only if you want something to change. Dont have an illusion that your Guru can bring about a change, because nobody is reliable other than you, yourself. It may happen that somebody can be for your support, but changes are to be brought by you only. Be optimistic. Without effort, nothing can happen, you cant even swallow your food. Change only if you want, or else go for a movie. If you want change it. Analysis part should be 3 min only, and then if you have more time use it for writing. It may be that you are compromising on many aspects and that becomes your barrier. But remember, what you are doing is for your own self. Keep something & others sometimes bring it from one year and let it go out from another year. May be you may be exposed to life, less will be there, it is a game. If ve point is strength eg., telling lies is easier, take any road +ve or ven, be in yourself. +ve ie., be Optimistic. No work is basically wrong. Some person is annoying you, it may be right from his perspective. It is a time of competetion. Be a simpleton or a sharp fellow but never let your morale go down. By telling lie you can even do good to yourself. Dont kill your mind, once it is killed then you will think why you are living, everybody is utilising you. Earlier Ethics and Sanskar were important, but now Ethics, Sanskar and your ACTIVITIES are also important, your sanskar is important for your value and your activities are for fulfilling your interests, your wants. So, even if you do activity like telling lie, because competetion is there. You can only be strong only if you know your +ve and ve qualities. When you dont know how many soldiers are under your control, then what will you achieve in your life. Know your strengths and weaknesses, with it carry your sanskar. If sanskar is not there, and if you have earned money, then what have you earned it for. You have earned but your peace is gone. Sanskar is important for your child and sanskar can only be given in house and only when you have it. It can be given and achieved only when you respect sanskar. Otherwise you will learn worldly matters or even those things like slitting ones throat also can earn you money. Leave the past, whether your parents had it or not, but you take the initiative and move forward and make future. Try to maintain a distance with your relatives. The farther, we are better. It is something we forcibly try to bind together and that creates problems. Because today people think for themselves. They dont have time for father or mother. What shall they have for relatives. Do not have relatives for making business. If you want to make relations, make relations, and if business, do good business. Live for yourself. Today your ethics have no value, but for others it may have value. You Boost your own morale. Dont try to impose. If the brothers have difference, maintain distance, let him maintain his happiness and you maintain yours. No friend can be as close as yourself. Somewhere you will and that it is good to maintain it but dont try hard to maintain it or bring together everyone. Relation is good only when

distance is maintained. No one has such time to convince others. Earlier 50 yrs back if you had asked me, I would have told maintain anyhow. Now I would not suggest that. How to have control on emotions ? Emotions are the aspects. You become weak due to emotions. If emotions are not there, to achieve something or involvement will be less. Involvements efforts output results. Some expectations and targets are there but analyse more about which type of emotions are important. Friendly or mother-father type are good but not always. My son will be spoilt if he goes outside for study. OK you are right, but your childs future is also important. I may love or value it as an infinite. Your child may get hurt, but that is also important. Think that, to what extent are your emotions helping you or else it is in jeopardy. If one defeats you in academics you go down. No!!! make emotions your strength and not weakness. It is very difficult to judge or control emotions. Once you get hold of it, it becomes easier, but only practise it. It is a game, it is a challenge. Solve it. One problem you solve, another will take its place. You are a player or a soldier, you adapt any strategy and in any game 2 players should be there. There is you and your problems. Strategies mean situations, it may come from any side and it doesnt look so clear and it is a deciet and neither problem nor you know how to, design strategies 1, 2, 3, 4 of how to tackle. It is minimum less atleast and with risk. Everyman has problems and from where it comes you dont know. May be there may be a strategy for a big profit and then a big less may be awaited. So choose that strategy or if not win and face profits in there. Take your growth at a slow pace. Take a safe step. Go safe so that your less or profit can be borne. Take risk only when you are ready to face any of the problems from any side. In this life everybody will give speeches to do this or not, but it is only you who has to perform. First do good to yourself and then to others. Gossiping is sin. Take any of these suggestions which are required. Dependancy is not good but your relation is such that you are not able to say no. then you are a stupid. If by relation they kill you, leave it. Maintain at an optimum level. Do not overdo it. Nobody will give you money in return of relation. If you think DhyanPrasthan is waste, dont come, I am not giving 10,000 rupees or etc. everybody gives speeches and I am also giving. Live for your self, not for you. Dont think of others bringing about a change in your self. If your speech brings problem to others, dont waste your life and theirs. Just improve your self- that should be the aim in your life. If you do your duty properly and sincerely you will understand the responsibility. You do the duty for yourself, and be responsible for maintaining equilibrium. If you want cleanliness you clean it, if it comes under responsibility you should do it. Duty is what you have to do something. You have only one duty improve yourself. Upbringing of children, giving them food etc is your responsibility and not duty. Extra duty is responsibility. Personality is a mixture of inner and outer, and Aura is the influence of self. It is not physical foundation or surroundings. Aura need not be seen. It is a feeling like, when Guruji comes, a feeling of respect comes, or if a minister comes, people run after them. The presence of whom brings changes in your feelings and thinking is Aura. Aura is brought by presence. Personality depends on activities. There is no interaction in Aura +ve or ve . This will decide whether you are +ve or ve for a particular person. It is your psychology which defines the strength of your Aura. If youhave personality,

even names do carry Aura. Improvement is must, either Mandir or DhyanPrasthan. Mans tinking changes the situation. Other factors are also there, but not more than 1%.



Within the Human body there are 2 waves running cold & hot. How do they regulate our thinking ? How to use it for change? What is change ? - when th temperature of human being changes, there is a change in the behavior. When the temperature goes down attitude changes and behavior changes. If the temperature increases, it affects the performance of your intellect. Your perspiration will increase. What effect will it have on intellect ? Dont take very heavy heat. You should drink cold drinks in winter. Like seasons, in the same way when Human inhales and heat is generated and as heat moves upwards, you may feel the burning sensation in chest, throat or even brain. In this moment there will be a change in the nature. What regulations should be installed to bring the situation in control ? one remedy : mix green mint + little jeera powder + little black salt + lemon + little sugar in a glass of water and drink it. The change will be automatic and you dont have to try hard. When your temperature is increasing, turn to your right in the sleeping posture at night. Currents increase body temperature by Shwasprakriya. Ladies decrease their temperature. Then opposite nostrils are utilised to counter balance the other. Then you feel light weight. First step will bring effect till your chest, and when you come in middle and post first part your nerves get tensed. Temperature due to heat generation gets increased. Therefore you feel light because impurities get cleared. But when you are in last stage, the purity of the Brain starts. The unutilised part of the Brain starts activating in the third stage. You are unable to detect change because self assessment is lacking. The only disadvantage with Shwaskriya and Dhyan is that chance of losing awareness is more. Therefore assess your move now and then rectify & then proceed ahead. If you tie yourself to experiences then your progress will be limited. Develop patience and analyse unbiasly. Use your emotions correctly. Only by mechanical process you develop pathway, but emotional software determines how much distance you will travel.


MAN what ? Is it body, or thinking capacity or anything more ? Why thinking is required ? What is thinking ? The reactions which take place due to external environment, either controlled or uncontrolled. Reaction doesnt mean instructive, uncontrolled. Without giving much of thought you proceed to live in fire. You think of water & soil. If you had little bit of wisdom(vivek), then you would have reacted differently. With wisdom, you will know the difference between good and bad. But does that bring a change in the good or bad nature of the thing/situation. It doesnt change. If you have control on

yourself and good thinking, then you will take actions accordingly. When you are in a controlled way, you take actions step by step. Little bit of adjustments is OK. But if you are uncontrolled, then chances of dashing is more. Trial & error method. By thinking, trial & error methods gets reduced, ie., the easy way going, because you have started thinking. Thinking is important because you will get knowledge of yourself and also of the outer world. If you know about two objectives, then you know how to relate them and everything will move smooth. These can be for two master, person, society, group, or even country. It is not confined to one, but includes two. In this world/universe every matter with other matter has always got a relation +ve or ve. But, there is relation.when you know about the matters, you learn how many equalities or differences are there. In the same way when you behave this knowledge can be used. Live when you have income, you will have experience. Otherwise how will you find balance. Thus ve is always there for +ve and vice versa. How to manage the two is the key. Key to what ? what is the difference between patience and tolerance(sahansheelta) ? The one which you bear because of fear and pressure is known to be Patience, which gives you an effect. With tolerance you dont get any effect. Your knowledge and wisdom will decide the limit to tolerance when you stop descriminating between yourself and others. Constant thinking is important for daily introspection. For everyone, to progress, development is most important. For positive starting there might be some problems. When you start walking and running,then there is no problem. First, rules are to learn, then you can use them and that mastery level is to be achieved so that the wrong doesnt have to decide the limit of Tolerance. Good utilisation of life has to be made. If you wait until you wake, then by that time it is too late.



The Mind of Moral Sanctity Pure Mind with Morality. There are two parts of Mind one thinks about practical, the other emotional part. The Moral Mind which teaches Morality should be Pure. Principles are for Self. The Mind of Moral Sanctity is for Society.

H He (third person), U You (second person) + man = Human What is mind ? what is Brain ? Is mind the origin of thoughts ? It is the brain that generates the signals and the mind regulates the signals.

Need and Want want always haunts. It is like a zero. You multiply with what ever number the result is again zero a want. Needs can be fulfilled, but wants cannot be. Living Death Timepass Unawareness of passage of time. What do you understand by Spirituality ? Basic requirements to be met first to think about the elevation of mind. Think about the development of Mind which is the basic need. Identification of the self.



Good for Digestion Iron rich Piles treatment Hair Blood pressure Constipation Leaves can be eaten directly. Atleast one leaf. It increases taste and flavour Atleast one leaf can be chewed Curry leaf paste + lemon juice (equal quantity) should be taken daily ( 2 tea spn). It solves problems like Piles, constipation, BP treatment, heart problems, Good for hair. Should be taken daily for longer living Apply this for skin problem before sleeping at night after washing face/part with cold water. (Tulsi + curry leaf) paste + lemon good for skin and hair. (tulsi leaf : curry leaf = 1:2 or 2:1 ratio) Curry leaf+water boil2 teaspn daily (concentrated) lemon juice may be added.


Every Teacher was a student in the past. If you are a good student, you can be a good teacher. Problem is a temporary phase, if you can minimise life it is good, otherwise instead of finding solution we cry a lot, or otherwise you try to throw the stones on others. Try to be an educated person. All festivals should be Eco-friendly. In todays world GOD is only knowledge and Energy. GOD is in you. Try to find out. If the efforts are less and expectations are high then we will be frustrated.



Short Term Goals Ambitions are short term goals & long term goals. Earning knowledge should take precedence over earning Money.

Money should be need based. It should not be the Sole interest. Knowledge is Basic Education + Experience + understanding. Knowledge + Implementation is a must to gain in life. Dont turn want into need. You have solution for every problem. But you wont be able to identify because of the tensions. Self analysis is first required to to find out solutions for your problem. Be your own gum, be your own follower. One should not totally depend on Gurus. Dont let anyone play with your Emotions.



Children should sleep in the same room as of parents till they attain the age of 4-5 years. After that they should be given adjacent rooms, so that they dont feel insecure. Children should not feel generation gap between you and them. They should be taught to be a good parent when they grow up. Parents should always be active before children. Only then they will be active. Children should be taught to respect their grand parents. TV has to be avoided as far as possible. First 10 years of childs life determines his later life. Children should not have time table till they attain the age of 10.



1. 2. 3. 4.

Biggest sin is not being selfish Gossiping is Sin Lethargy is poison Dreaming small is a crime ( as per the president of India )

Lethargy is poison : Brain is a source of great idea, but your work is the source of best skill. It is ultimately the skill, you perform something. What you can do is not important. What you do is important. The less lethargic you are, the more energitic you are. Burning all neurons means survive even after extinct. You must get maximum out of you. Be selfish, but for self development. Dont be egoistic. Most intelligent being is Human being. Most lethargic is also Human being. Dont be a common man. Dont be one among a crowd. Realise your potential and try to reach heights to shine in the crowd. Dont think that you will get many chances. Always think that this is the last chance and give your best to this chance. Try to live in present. The best chemical compound in the entire universe is Human Mind. So, you have the best thing in the universe. Use it to its best.

Dreaming small is crime : If you dont dream, how will you work in the direction of realising it. Always think big.



People look back to history to see how they have lived for generations & how they have progressed & attained a life which is above normal. People who rouse in life and were above normal people. Your nature (svabhav) your attributes (gunn)

Nature itslef doent have any attributes. Nature can be improved by working on it. Your attributes can also be improved by working on it. Bad attributes can be eliminated. If one goes, second will come and you have to continuously work on it to eliminate it. If one bad attribute recurrs, you have to work on it tirelessly and consistently to eliminate it and replace it by good attributes. As if light comes, darkness goes away, in the same way eliminate your bad attributes and it will be automatically replaced by good attributes. With this WILL, keep on adding good attributes & on the whole you will improve your nature. AS YOU THINK SO SHALL YOU BECOME Even after your death, your thoughts will be here. Your thoughts will be your Identity here. That is why Gandhiji is still living with us. He is still alive. So, think... Concentrate on your thoughts, think of if. Man is a creature with thoughts.



When can be a Man silent ? When he gets answer to all his questions.

What is the aim of Man ? When does he progress ? When does a man march towards his End ? Do you know what your Mission is ? There is a goal to be achieved, which is not connected only by an individual, its a continuous chain. Man with birth has Intellect and Heart (Budhi and Hridai) . Its important that man has to keep thinking & analysing, whatever may be the life he has seen, but that can pave a path to his further life. It looks hard, but in reality it is easy in process.

If man takes the materials in raw what he gets from the nature, it may be dangerous. Hence there should be some process . Think about yourself. Are you a human being or like any other animal. If you are a human being, think what you can do. Strat with your home, try to improve, and then neighbourhood and followed by mission. Mission should be with you. Your thoughts reflect your personality. Without thoughts, you are as good as an animal.



For sugar patients cleanliness, exercise etc In DhyanPrasthan, do meditation regularly for 45 days, it the disease will be taken care. Time and place has to be maintained. Sugar patients can follow the process mentioned below, to maintain the sugar level under effective control - Soak a few paneer flowers in a glass of water before sleeping in the evening, then early in the morning, squeeze the flowers juice in the glass and then drink it. Do this daily. For Blood Pressure : Breathing Exercise + Yoga + water + cleanliness(menta & hpysical) + mental status/ attitude +flexibility in Nature TV (not more than 1 hrs) Don not talk or watch TV while taking food. (or) 45 days of Meditation. To achieve mental makeup status. a. Dont think of yourself to be an exceptional case for this discipline(sincere continuous efforts) & self belief is important. b. Intake of water as much as possible ( 6-8 ltrs a day) c. Natural food (fruits etc) Drinking more water facilitates the waste disposal. This inturn takes care of liver & kidney in longrun. Dont disrespect Nature. During food consumption try to avoid water. If necessary 1 glass is enough. Take water after 1 hr of finishing meals. Proper quantities of Oxygen + water + Natural food + self belief will ensure a healthy life. If you wish to progress further, add Yoga, Shwasprakriya and Meditation in your life. 2 cups of water lemon tea + medicine. Adopt +ve and avoid ve.



1. 2. 3. 4.

Diversion from Tradition and Traditional thinking. Openess (frankness of Heart, Mind) expression Clarity of thoughts and feelings Doubts, Queries, & and any differences should be cleared on the spot

Timely and wise actions (thoughts)

5. Purity in intensions and actions 6. First is self assessment



Energy, whether static or dynamic, mode of travel of energy is a wave. Travelling Quantam/ vibration/ Wave Shwasprakriya removes toxins from your body and increases oxygen content in your body and tunes your body & mind and a channel is established to receive the energy from Guruji. Meditation and chanting of mantra should not be done at all times. Ie., travelling, driving, etc



Precautions : Drink clean & pure water Avoid outside eatings/ drinkings Proper hygenic conditions to be maintained atleast in the nearby residential/ business areas. Right from now start having the juice of bitterguard in the early mornin, without adding salt/sugar, with only black pepper in it. In the season when neem leaves start coming fresh, start eating it in few numbers (4-5) with having a bit of pure ghee(max 3 teaspoons) after 5 min of eating the leaves. Then have food after 45 min. can continue with same procedure for 10-15 days. Then leave it for 1 month. Now you can again start with the same procedure.


Relaxation : Relax your body and Mind. Get rid of tiresomeness. Keep the mind cool and under control. Lie down or sit on a chair with straight back, body starts to relax, mind should be cool. If under some stress, think of it as a third party, very soon you will get an answer. Consciously try to relax each part of the body from toe to head with closed eyes. After a while, start opening your eyes and go through the same process from head to toe. This gives relaxation. Follow the natural pattern of working of mind. Light exercise/ asanas : all should practise Suryanamaskar under an experts guidance initially, and then on your own is good. If this can be practised, no other asanaa are necessary. Pawan Muktasan is also important. Body Posture : spine should be erect while sitting. Be upright while walking.



Spondalytis: Amla with punctures to be stored in earthern pot along with water and that water(1glass) is to be taken in the morning. Slowly increase the quantity to 2 glasses. Meditation and Shwasprakriya Walking & rest Drink water stored in copper vessel With (sarson) mustard oil massage the feet & thighs, then stomach and upwards, then hands etc Massage for 10 mins, with not much pressure. Take rest for 15 min Proceed for daily routine work. During summer specific diet : Cow ghee (1 spoon) + little mishri powder everymorning before going for walking. During winter take carrot regularly, useful for heart for all. 3-4 per day.

Knee pain : Increase fiber in food Green vegetables + leaves (brinjal should not be encouraged), oranges, pomegranate, very less spices. Practice yogasan atleast two or some exercises Massage with sarson oil.

Diabetes/ frequent urination : Take light food a day before Next morning take one spoon barn oil, consume in little quantities. After drinking go for walking little longer. After return dont use milk or milk products, for 6 days continue taking light kichdi or boiled vegetables In the evening sit relaxed do oil massage, self. After the six days, Next day onwards natural food in small quantities. Keep practising massage once in a week Take oil only once, one day as selected by you.



Classification of society is based on economical conditions, professions adopted, habits they posses. The person having ability will come out. He can never be ignored. It is right that your time, your energy is important, that means you also want to contribute to the system. it is not compulsary that you have to compromise. A spark may ignite the explosion only when you resist. Approximately 250 yrs India was under slavery. It was suppressed because very few thought of freedom. But when these few started to live for the country, we had seen the results. They never expected popularity to go to jail. They went

because a thought clicked. Human is Habituated. If it is not so, it adopts what naturally comes out from its mind. Object oriented. May be bacause of self gain or if the objective is self improvement, then it will attract all the correct attributes like a magnet. He attracts because he wanted. A human can transform if he wishes, if he wants to expand this world will not be enough. Gandhiji was not in India, and when he came back and when his principles were touche, he started changing and adopting +ve things. Very much like a person takes what is necessary & rejects others. It will ease the system. Whatever is repetetive has a definite impact. Instead of good or bad thing what is required or necessary. If you are living in a patterned life there will not be any more discoveries. And when you adopt an object, the thoughts essential to it will be collected/ assimilated. When you want to make a sweet, the ingredients will automatically come & strive for it with patience. If you get support, avail it & dont be jealous that he only progressed, then you yourself will be put back. Decide an aim and then proceed. If you have object then attributes will automatically come and you think and play the game for 24 hrs voluntarily. Be a king, but dont leave your vivek or budhi and with that, the objective in life. You have freedom to choose and you have 256 attributes, if you select one or two, you can shine. At the time of Akbar who was the best Musician. It was Tansen who was his teacher. His talent reduced that you may not find in the history. Because, earlier he used to sing for himself, but now he sings at the insistence of the King. Have an independent thinking, for yourself and for the group.



What is ease ? what is disease ? An entity comes into mind. That entity has some qualities, entity as a whole. You identify the group by knowing an individual. If you are told the word White House, you have some idea, perception. Similarly about anything. How individual comes into a group or forms a group ? with faith, a common gaol forms a group. Identify the area of interest, field. See if there are any one for modification, development. Without groups perception individual will grow. Some individual may be sick. It is OK. Know the proportion of such people in the group. Friction(difference of thoughts just for the sake of having individuality) involves depreciation of energy. Difference in thoughts is sometimes good. There should be good communication in a group for better understanding. Group itself indicates that there is harmony. Why should we form a group, what are the advantages ? more strength, synergy, mutual support, resources unified. Voluminous jobs can be performed by group.

Humanity is to be praticed, not to be discussed. Everyone has the right to live independently. A terrorist cannot kill anyone. Companys aim individuals constitution What is the need for a Sandalwood tree to go here and there. People recognise its presence easily and they come to it. So, my wish is that you all have to become the Sandal-woods and flowers.



What is discussion ? exchange of views by a group of people on a subject or object. Code of conduct = self discipline To save goodness limit of bearing capacity shall be limited to 60% to give more chance to the other person to be good with you. To save your self protection (defense), different be unique What is Sin ? act of selfishness in deeds. When the Human in you starts developing, you do not do sin. What is sin proof ? After forming SOUL self analysis . thought culture cultivated by efforts will lead to sin proof. Creating new thoughts which are useful for self development is Thought Culture.

Gurujis version of Sin-proof Let your I give way to self to develop & progress to serve the society in better & humane ways. ( Jo vyakti gnan atheet poorn tarah se jaan kar)



Purpose to know is good. Doing activity with purpose is good. No fact is better than yourself. We have inquisitiveness to know, for meditation is useful. We dont even bother to know why thoughts are coming. We love to hurt ourself by thinking a lot. It depends on how you want your knife; for murdering or for vegetables same is thought process. By birth there is only one self, no I, no SOUL. When you start thinking, after 4-5 years, I is formed. Or, when you start reproducing I formed. Self is formed in 5th month. Swa is different, and Aham is different. Meditation is required to think better. If you think better you know the self. So, think. Seed vital power life force is self


Environment I

I is required till Soul is formed. Once you achieve the SOUL, the real journey begins. A child can sense better than you. A Yogi senses better than a child. Sense of senses is Sensorium. Mind physical part ( Brain), one part between I and Self Mind is in Neuropsychological dcor. My I is in Neuropsychological Decor. Life force has biological instinct why ? At the time of death, life force comes out from how many holes ? if many holes are made to a water tank through how many holes, the water comes out so is life force at the time of death. Accidental death will never give you bliss. What is Heat ? Heat is one form of energy, form of life force. It is an imbalance of force in certain cases. After death the shape/ state of SOUL is spirit.

To meet personal needs, social needs, spiritual needs. 4 3 2 - spiritual needs (peace, achieve soul) - status, social needs, luxaries - food, clothes, shelter - love, basic instincts (satisfaction of senses) Dont undervalue any of the needs. Combination of all the needs is harmonious. Who says Eeshwar doesnt have Aham. ( Apne aap se ghruna mat kariye, aap mein krodh hain sweekariye ) Good combination of salt, mirch and masala will make good curry. Mix all needs in proportion to make best personality. Daily twice, search your mind and you will get GOD, but not by offering prayers at a temple or Masjid. What is the purpose of your life ? when you cross these four stages, then you will come to know that you should never cheat/decieve/hate with yourself.

Dont get perturbed if you dont get realisation upto the age of 79. You may get it next hour/year/month or any time. If our dream, aim & conditions are favourable, then we feel that our mission is completed. You will definitely achieve moksh before death. Decide your goal after thinking very well. In meditation you will get thoughts, they may rise, then they will gradually calm down. Zeroness and Divine vision will be achieved with a rise. For this your mind has to be calm. The way to keep your mind calm has been already said before. Devotee : If a thought is distrubing very intensely, what to do ? Guruji : Let it do its own job. Dont bother. You may have to wait for concentration. Dont be in a hurry to get the concentration faster. Your last second of life may be equivalent to 1000 years of life if you get realisation at that stage.



1st step make imaginary blocks in the brain. 2nd make a frame 3rd list out different points (to memorise) in the frame in a sequence 4th one block should be reserved for keeping an Index 5th Patrolling of different cells (blocks) is necessary to retrieve the information from the bloacks as & when reduired. Art of forgetting is also necessary. 1. If you are able to control the 5 senses, you can get the 6th sense. 2. The senses will not affect you unless you respond to them. 6th sense is more towards self and not towards I. The five senses are affected by the environment. Every Human being has the gift of 6th sense. Since most of the human beings are indulged with only 5 senses, they are not able to travel towards 6th sense. For every construction there has to be a destruction sooner or later. If you are emotionally attatched and within the control of only the 5 senses, you will only see the destruction.

According to some beliefs, there is Father Universe. According to some other, there is Mother Universe. Some other believe that both exist. Successive constructions are always stronger, as the mistakes are not to be repeated. Construcion and Destruction of work is Destiny.



How am I operating two mediums simultaneously ? Is it dual personality or split personality ? Whethr I am using mind & body (both) of medium or brain & body ? Is signal coming to Mediums different or the same ? Is it so Mechanical (Transmission of signals) ?

It is the mediums mind which converts signals into messages. It is not that I am sending +ve energy only, but I am sending ve energy also. Who says ve energy is not useful. Energy is just interpreted as ve, energy is not useless whether it is +ve or ve. If I am sending +ve & ve energies, it is mediums mind which isolates and takes whatever is required. I am coming into the medium/ I am entering into the medium both are wrong. I am in you unconscious of that. In medium its in conscious state. How I identify so, and so will be suitable for medium. He should not be emotional, but sensible, physically strong, accept to become medium, and should be disciplined. You all are my mediums. Devotee: we came to know that both mediums will not come today but you brought them. Guruji : No, they were to come here & I have come. How many people attending today ? about 50.. 50 people have come knowing that mediums are not coming? Devotee : Sir, we had the confidence that you will come somehow. Devotee : Sir, is there any quality for Meditation ? G : it is the people who decide the quality. In this room none is reaching thoughtless state and hence are not practising Meditation. Everybody has to practice lies in own meditation. Nobody can work for you. D : How are signals Transmitted ? G : in packets. D : Can you love a person without the presence of the person ? G : yes, through feelings. Same I sense through the Medium.

D : with pranayama will anyone be operated as Medium ? G : one cant come out of viscious circle if you believe in 1% destiny. Destiny is there, but it doesnt matter much. Construction and Destruction work goes on. If there is no destruction in you, then nature will do it. We are afraid of efforts, hence these fears and doubts. Destiny has shown some ve and you get afraid of. If you stop somewhere, that becomes your destiny ; if you proceed, NO. D : When knowledge comes, destiny ends ; when does knowledge end ? G : When you start generating knowledge, that is the end of knowledge. You are not generating (creating) knowledge, you are trying to acquire it. When you reach there, there ends the destiny. Till that time construction & destruction goes on continuous. DESTINY IS FLEXIBLE, As you stretch it, it elongates and swells. It depends on you. We need more mental strength & will power. Radio has a range, but Gurujis signals are uniform at any distance. It is upto the recievers willingness to receive the signals. Medium, first signals to Guruji, and then Guruji communicates ( Guruji himself prompts to initiate the first signal from the medium). E = 1.6 x 10-19C eddy current. Magnetic flux . B = H Tan

Chemistry is involved in the form of reaction. Mode of operation is physics. The reaction in the waves is chemistry. The speech is bio-maths calculations. How can I remember more than you. Why has made me to learn science. What is usually discussed is only theoritical(95%), only 4-5% discover science. Everybody is surviving in existing science like surviving poor & beyond in ocean. One has to go beyond these two so that you can create.



Earth A person who reaches the stage of Ultimate SOUL to know what is happening here, then he knows al the answers. If you bring nearby, it starts from one point and ends at one point. Now, the 6th cycle of creation & Destruction is going on.

Universal creation, expansion and base and destruction. Kolsaptic system, like Solar System.

There is life beyond Earth in a system called

Destruction Vaccum




Lack of belief; reason for lack of interest. Belief system is strong if possible. If there is belief in self, nothing is unachievable. Take one aspect, develop one attribute and other attributes will come automatically. Belief is important to counter any situation to develop perseverance, patience. Mind and body put impact on each other so understanding is required. If a man wants to devote himself then he can sit for 4-8 hrs. but 4-9 hrs rest is a better way to work to rejuvenate the being.

Supreme (will)

Y axis - Efficiency Peak performance


x- axis- Hours

More the hours, lower the efficiency. Lower the work abruptly, the moment you realise that efficiency is declining. Youll find that after break, the start is again from peak or can go even further. Training the mind means making it believe that what you will get is what you see as development ? when you believe outside, you get fearful. It is a mental pattern in which your belief system demolishes. It is a set pattern in which you move. Think and think big & in completeness. The more the outlook, the more the possibilities, think infinite think big for everybodys development. At first you will be fearful so ponder over 1000 ideas & then implement. You dont allow thoughts to come & the moment it comes you become fearful. Allow 1000 thoughts to come & are your problems in life will be solved. You have been gifted with creativity. Use it to the fullest. Enter into the world of infinity and express it.



Everybody is equally receptible to my messages. I never discriminate or differentiate between medium or any devotee. Why is receptability less for other devotees and medium ? Elders feel that their guidancce should be in proper & right direction. Down the line, in family heirarchy experience plays an important role. Co-existance and exposure to both generation simultaneously always paves way for a healthy and encouraging atmosphere. Exchange of views leads to fruitful conclusion. Different views should be respected and taken into consideration for common course. Think big and make efforts to realise it. Interest, enthusiasm, daring, energy and the will to do good, all in the form of Prashad are available in the natures behaviors which fetch us for the body when some content is less. The chemical reactions evolved from these affect the neurons. Mind and body are mutual neutrient feeders for good health. Serotonin chemical gives you iron substance Concentration 1 maximum elements in brain, during meditation results in elated or peaceful results. In case 1 (mentally disorder) people, pattern of chemical reactions are erotic, that is why the reactions exhibhited by these people are inconsistent and unpredictable. During spells of depression inhale deeply fresh ginger, eat banana, pray to keep mental health upward. Ginger can be eaten.



When the weather is in transition ie., winter to summer, do take less spicy and salt and dont take heavy food so that one can face the change in the weather. As Muni and Rishi have suggested for pat (patyam) for good health, but now a days we do it only for health problems. Hence try to take more of boiled vegetables and kichdi. Boil Ginger in ghee and drink it. Chew the ginger before going to bed. This is good for a healthy man. Tis can be continued for 2-3 days and see the result, then continue for 5 days. This will keep the man in good health. Ginger can be made as paste and inhale it from right nostril which keeps a man to concentrate more on studies; but it can be only 2-3 times in 12 hrs. Try doing shwasprakriya as much as you can.


3000 years back when I was in Agnes body. This level never happened. No negative should be called Bad. Everybodys birth has a significance. If you dont do it, then someone else does it after you. If this body is not there, I can be there through future mediums. Devotee: what happens if SOUL gets dissolved. Guruji: come and see after 300 years. You will find the result. D: Who created Power ? G: It is just there, nobody created it. If he is doing and controlling everything, then what is our role for. When the Captain controls, directs somebody, the same body has to play his role as bowler or batsmen and show his capabilities. Answers are there, but you have to understand the question. When you understand, you will trace the answer. Do you know the cause of the question ? If you the effect you can adjust. You dont want to listen to the answers because you dont like it. If you believe your senses, you will know the future. Source creates environment and you react. Fathers favours an eligible child. Mother favours a non-eligible child. Devotee: why are the rape cases and related violence ?

I respect your views. ve ir required, people will learn lessons from ve. You always get problems. Those who always lose, my support is there. Every mother and Guru want that his child should win. Some people understand later about what happened today. Devotee: you enjoy confusing us . Guruji: yes, creation leads to procreation. +ve x ve = +ve Freedom is for Identity. Liberty is for Mind, heart. Freedom is Speech, Liberty is thought. Joy, Happy, Bliss what is the difference . Bliss is to Soul, Joy/pleasantness is to identity. Happiness is for innerself (emotion). Superlative degree of Happiness is Bliss. When you talk to yoourself, you feel happy. Accept those things which you can digest. TTL Time To Live, which changes without formation of Soul. TTL is less & merges with source with formation of Soul. TTL longer and merges with Soul. The purpose of life is with the zone of life. If your life is 80 years, purpose is also within 80 years. If you elevate self to Soul, even after death, the Soul will work before it merges with Source. During the life time is Soul is formed, you can do better job either for you or others. Dont sacrifice anything to get formation of Soul. Increase your efficiency is the purpose of your life. Then you will understand better. Birth and Death is Destiny +ve and ve is Destiny But degrees of +ve and ve is in your hands, And quality of life between death and Birth is in you hands. Variety of fruits in one day; fruits of contradictory nature may generate poisonous effect. During night banana & apple are OK. Papaya and milk is also good. Citrous food to be avoided.



A procedure for gaining instant energy : (sitting or standing) normal free hands, free legs, free body. Straight back-closed eyes. Sit in peace for sometime. Slowly pay attention and take breath in and out slowly. Concentrate only on breathing. Body should be light/ free till such time. Concentrate only on breathing. When you feel listening/non-existence ofthoughts and you are aware only of breathing, take longer breaths, as long as you can. Then while taking air in, shift your attention upwards and while exhaling may try to slowly open your eyes. Beofre doing so, massage your face, cheeks, eyes etc in upward directon. You will feel an aura around you. This is part 1 to relax your body. Part 2 is to bring out the internal energy to serve. Deep/ strong breathing in fists closed, taking the hands up with inhalation and down with exhalation fast and forceful with determination to do something which you have been unable to do normally. Eg., to get up or to take a step forward. Even with no such problems ,this exercise will energise you. Keep you active for aleast 5-6 hrs. Note : part 2 should not be done more than twice a day, especially patients with High BP.



Cheating your Conscience is Crime. If you dont cheat yourself, you will be happy throught. Although you dont have crores of rupees, you need not shy. It shouldnt hurt your ego. You cheat yourself by comparing with others. Dont dislike your conditions. Dont tell lie. Nobody is with you life long. If not physically, mentally tell the truth. If you tell anything straightly, your values increase. If you tell truth, your words will be accepted. You will be internally happy. You are under false cover of lie. Dispel this cover by taking out the truth in you. In this life it is necessary to make yourself happy. Dont live only to please others at the cost of you. Now-a-days even children started telling lies from the age of 3. The value of judge is in his telling the truth. Where you have to tell a lie, keep quiet instead of lieing. In telling lies you tell so many unnatural things, but in telling truth you tell only natural. If someone lies to others, get away from that place. If you are in the place of slush, naturally will be soiled. So, try to be away from that place. There is bad in every place, everytime and in everything. Your morning depends upon your previous Night. If the cost of a thing is less but you are bidding for higher than its original cost, it means that you want to be in lime light. Status and Ego are things with which beings are affected. Flickering Mind, Deviation from your Set goal Even if you are following the path of other man who is following the righteous path, is almost correct unless you feel yourself the other path is right. Dont follow blindly. Try to rectify the present. If you want to sell a product, dont lie. You can sell the product by telling the good qualities and services offered by you. Dont sell your emotions. Now these emotions are being sold in the market. You are seeing the ads in TVs about children. What is Prostitution ?

Prostitution is being accepted in the society. Govt. is giving licenses for prostitution. How to eradicate? Educate yourself and others. All these are emotional weaknesses. This emotional weakness is due to lack of self-confidence. The fear is not allowing us to go forward. The Source has created positivity, but created nature for negativity. The source has given conscience which is positive. Negativity is created to strengthen positivity. Without negativity discoveries and inventions will not happen. Conscience +ve, ego ve. Conscience is always weaker, but if you support your conscience with your will then nobody can weaken you. Every battle thinks that if created Love. Age 5 25, to form basic nature. 25 and above to maintain positiveness. SOURCE

Energy derived into particle, a field created by something happened. ve First ve energy has come. Then +ve has come +ve

What is the reason for Birth ? Negative is more at periods for Ladies. ve is the reason for +ve. So, dont fear for bad (-ve). The combination of +ve and ve has created life. Negatives has undergone many derivatives & formed Ego. Particle Bio-matter Ego ve Particle Bio-matter Instinct +ve

Elevate your self to soul. No race can win without advancing even a single step. Human nature is tensile. It is flexible but, practice. Think Big Action Habit Nature. By meditation you can think Big. Every person has vity in him. No answer is complete without taking all the perspectives.



How come this Universe came into Existence. There might be the mother of this Universe from where this Universe might have got the existence. Therefore Mother Universe, where is it situated ? Can we locate it ? Yes, it can be understood. Actually it can be good conceptually, in actuality it is taught to determine as locate one space. Then what to do ? develop mind power it doesnt necessarily depend upon brain formation.



As Sun is the center of our Solar sysytem, stomach is the center of our health system. Proper eating and proper life is the key to good health. Bad eating slowly and gradually for a few days, months and a few years will slowly deteriorate your health. Symptoms- acidity, ulcers, stomach problem etc. then BP, kidneysetc. To start with, control your Mind first. Everything is present. It is you who has to decide what you want. If you want good it is present, if you want bad you will get it bad. Choice is yours. If you take good, an Aura of good will surround/encapsule you. Shwasprakriya is solution to many problems, provided it is done in a proper manner. Jogging and fast walking will help. Fast walking atleast for 45 min is better. After walking rest for hr at any cost. Dont eat or drink during walk, bcoz the body is fast or in other sense every organ is in fast motion. So, let it come to unision/slow down and then add something to it. Jogging/fast walking will help you strengthen your lungs and give you vital force or strength. When you do swasprakriya, it is utmost important that more air should be filled in lungs, not stomach. Stomach is for food. How to start with summer ? As winter ends, summer starts. Regulate your diet with boiled vegetables, kichidi, fruits and less oil. Water theraphy if possible on holidays. In night eat kichdi with small amount of black salt. Next morning go for 20 min fast walk, then take about 2 ltrs of lukewarm water and salt. If vomitting starts then do. If not, then induce and let all the water out. Then use only warm water to wash your body. Then rest your body (not under a cooler or fan). Complete rest for 2 hrs. eat only kichidi and milk. Next day take normal food. Do not perform this process if you have BP, heart and Hernia problem.


In the initial period body formation is at some time but brain development is faster (much faster than the body). Body takes around 18 to 20 months, rather brain at an early date. What is Re-birth ? No permanent existence for anyone in this Universe is possible. Mother Universe Energy if you want to call, the we have to call with some identification, then the same energy may come, but the chances are less. Periods may vary. SOUL Science Oriented Universal Love Everything in this world demands cost to attain. DNA stored genetic information. In the nature, if during the bad time intercourse is done, then you can have bad effects. Full moon night, Lunar Eclipse, Aura varjya will have bad effects of intercourse. Thats why our elder people say to do meditation and puja on these days.



How to get peace ? How does it feel when we laugh. To feel sad it takes a lot of energy. Listen to the voice of your heart. You are larger than the circumstances. You dont understand your strengths. Change you viewing angle. Once you accept the circumstances, you get satisfaction and proceed towards positivity. Body and Mind have to be in Unision for ascendance towards success, better life and towards spiritual elevation. If they are not in unision, then results are not possible or resluts are not upto the mark. Have you ever made friendship with your mind ? Is your respect/reputation with 100 people ? No. its with your own self. Thats why respect your self and do what your mind says. Without fear. Take the fear out of your mind. When you are angry, laugh. It is the best medicine.



Soul is formed. Then it can enter into many minds. If one does concentrate on his meditation, then he gets the calmness in his head to do various works. A mental health is built, but it is important that the body also has to be strong.



What is Mind ? Self analysis is important and it should be practical. Power of detatchment should be practised to kick out the ghost residing in you. Search the ghost within you and kick it out. Analyse what you have noticed in DhyanPrasthan- knowledge, Peace, confidence through participation in group discussion and Harmony, and several other things.

Brain can be called as a store house. To retrieve something from brain, there is an interface called Mind. The use of intellect depends on the condition of Mind. Further thinking of an interrogated output can lead to intelligence. There is a situation. Intellect is not ultimate. Once you achieve wisdom, you can use situation as things and thus can be made simple to handle. Fluctuations in mind do not let you go straight in your path in life. Role playing in life smoothens and reduces the fluctuations in mind and makes your mind strong and helps in detatchment process. DO NOT BECOME THE ROLE, PLAY THE ROLE. Actors charge money to play a role, they dont become the role. We pay money to watch the role played by an actor and become one with the role and respond/react.
SHWASPRAKRIYA-2 02-05-2004

Shwasprakriya & Meditation was part of Minimum needs. But during the evolutionary process, shwasprakriya got converted to shwas. Concentration of oxygen improves in blood. Tensions are brought out. You can reduce weight. Constructed arteries start opening. Fat globules get dissolved. (Veins and arteries get blocked due to flat globules). Lungs get expended- temperature increases, fats get melted. Needed demand of gasses in blood stream is more. Skin ailment gets cured. More oxygen comes to nerves ends and also dead cells arre taken over by new ones. Gastric problems : control your food, take more water & shwasprakriya to be continued. There is a chemical reaction in the stomach after food intake. So, take less water during food intake. Cancer : Shwasprakriya faith. Get cure with 7-9 days if shwasprakriya is done properly. See that you have pleasant feeling. Detatchment is the key to Achievement. Have awareness on breathing. Discuss on the suitable time for marriage.



What are the advantages of cell phones ? Let somebody explain the functioning of cell phones & the technology attatched to it. Everybody get a paper & pen to write a few lines about a particular person of DhyanPrasthan. Next Sunday lets play this game. Turmeric water is not only for external purification but similar activity should be there for internal organs also. View perception attitude actionresult over all growth of an individual So, your viewing is very important. All other steps are automatic. How do you regulate yourself depends upon your caliber. Love : A mother behaves differently with her own children because she knows the attitude of her individual children. It doesnt mean that she doesnt love them equally. Whenever we write a word, a feeling is cow, cat, love, booketc What about hatred ? Use discrimination & try to adopt the useful words for generating good/useful feelings. If a person has entered a room, he interferes with the existing waves with his own waves, may be towards good or otherwise. Your reaction spoils you beyond any scope of retrieval. If you like the physique of somebody, what is bad in it you are liking some matter. To love, select, but along with their character, so that humanity increases. Economic Development : Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkars views become literate, be united, work hard. This is not aimed at a particular society or caste, but to all. Most of the children in rural area go for collection of fire-wood. How can they become literate. Is it OK if somebody says that a child or an old man in a family is burden on the society ? No. Hence children should not be used for jobs rather be educated well. One should develop the mental ability to serve the society. Earn Rs. 100 crores, but pay 30% taxes. And do not keep just the rest of the money for future, rather invest it for improvement. You definitely can keep something for your future, and still can serve the society.



Mind : In Mind, program has been stored and after that whenever it is required it is used as feedback. Human being used to neglect the external factor and used internal factor. To maintain harmony Conditioning : to improve yourself Should be flexible for learning De-conditioning : bounding yourself with environment & not getting time to your self.

Every particle has a magnetic field of its own. Any disturbance in the magnetic field creates ill health. If the field is improved, one can become intelligent. Mind Managing Internal Dimension +ve side is Spiritual and Divine development. Thus all training of Mind. Whether the direction is natural. Only right/Truth should be followed. Rest leave it. It will develop with Nucleus. This determines the field. This magnetic field can even be increased from 1cm to 2 Km. but one doesnt know how much, because it is beyond server. Identify your self interest. Do the job which you like. Think little, but be specific. Mental Inertia you are not utilising the energy you are possessing.



Step 1 Describing yourself in one word. 1. 2. 3. 4. Thoughtlessness for a moment. Little psychological reaction/ mental activity increases Many thoughts, difficult to choose one At randomly, choose one thought.

One word, but so much of process. The more its intensity, the effect on our body. In a day how many times does it have the effect. During the day, everybodys conscience is activated. And everybody should be aware of this fact and remain with this thought. Otherwise, people do fall into depression easily. Not understanding the gravity of mind itself is the strong reason for problems in life. What do we need more than those things with which we feel happy & comfortable. Whatever we get, use it to its full extent. What else do we need, and why do we need either ?



The habits should not guide or divide the needs of a person. A thing which you do often and almost without thinking and which are hard to stop. Instinctive, repetetive, mental or physical actions without thinking/awareness is habit. Needs : to require because it is very important or very essential without which survival is not possible.To continue to exist without need, there is no existence. The Habit should not guide or decide the need of a person. The habit should not be cultivated under the control of need, then only the conflict reduces or diminishes and discriminative power enhances.



What is OUM ? Combination of three words or energy . ie., Aa, U, Ma From where has it come ? From the Universe. Why is it used ? A path or way to gain Energy. It has 3 dimensional waves. Science Religion start l A-kaar u-kaar (consistency) spirituality l end ma-kaar



Mind Left Logical Thinking Scientific attitude Two types of study 1. Mugging up 2. Understanding What is understanding ? sort match store How to increase memory power term short/long Preparing your mind to study/write first line and last line and write the topic/summary in the space in few lines. Divide time for different works. Mind needs training and it develops as much as you train it. Right Emotional Artistic in Nature.

Photographic memory Read one page and recall it immediately as it is slowly. The photographic memory will develop day by day depending on practice. Physical & Spiritual life why try to merge both in life, we should pick up only one and proceed further, the other will come automatically at the end.



Question : what is the difference between thought before you sleep & thought during concentration/ contemplation state. Guruji : To think of a particular subject in deep. Chintan to think of a particular thing is chintan. Chintan comes in between concentration and contemplation. If chintan is not under control, it becomes a subject dangerous chinta. Keeping under control is essential. Contemplation single thought (niether +ve nor ve); it has a thought, but not flow of thoughts. Soul forms with a soul which is not easy, but not impossible too. In Geeta, the meaning of Soul if Energy. It can neither be destroyed, nor created. But can be utilised in many ways. Energy can be displaced/replaced, but not destroyed. ASTRAS

Soul, Energy, Technology, Devotion etc, are all one. In search of the proof, somewhere or the other, religion and science are getting weak. Todays, religion and interest of mind lie in steps of temples, masjids, gurudwaras and churches.



I dont want anybody to publicise DhyanPrasthan. Can you define the meaning of Bridge ? Body of self is a bridge between you & me, and me & society. What I delivered now is a Bridge. Does oxygen needs publicity. You need to create awareness.

If thousand people come, it will be a loss for you. What ever be the figure, making only them strong is far better, if were devotees. What I feel is, whoever comes is satisfied become more knowledgeable than they are. And the intellect increase from 1% to 2%. You are matured enough. Are your tensions reduced ? May be little things dont affect you now, because you have the solution for them. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Dont commit or declare the result. Dont take anything personal Points should be general Medium should be Books, Interaction I would not prefer Media Be precise and confident in what you are saying about You have to feel oxygen to know about the existence like wise VISWA SPHOORTHI(UNIVERSAL ENERGY) has to be felt from within. Do not look at the person, Look at the Power. Publicise knowledge, not person. Our objective is to spread awareness. Educate people to fight against crime. It is not necessary that after certain period the medium will be same. Person is living with the help of Oxygen. Knowledge should be the same. 8. I dont need donations. I dont need any expense to be incurred for giving blessings. 9. Only me to clear the concepts 10. I dont want money to spread knowledge. You cannot buy me. VISWA SPHOORTHI is present in all if you know HIM or not. You might have learned something till now. When there is no knowledge, there will be no space for wisdom. Then the thirst for physical pleasures increase. Spirituality doesnot mean Godliness. Make yourself aware. You cannot be different from nature. Nature is not just life. It was in existence before your birth and it will remain after your death. You need to merge yourself. We are confused about religion. God cannot be happy with an inscence stick or with prasad. He cannot be happy with money either. When HE becomes happy is only with Devotion. What you have to do is to merge with the energy. Merge to so extent that you yourself should become the God, might be even for a second. Devotee is mor emotional than God. Is more energetic. I feel that you all should devote/pray yourself. You become mad if you believe in science. If you have belief in spirituality, merge into energy. The destination of life vehicle is to merge. After death the energy left in your body will be mixed with the Universal Energy. Soul gets merged. Make yourself aware. Take knowledge, do not eradicate the thirst of knowledge by materialism, but by knowledge itself.

650 crore population on this Earth cannot be educated by one Medium alone. One lamp lights the second, then the third and so on, the same will be the publicity of knowledge. The total amount of energy always remains constant. If there is 10 joules of energy in the universe, you cannot increase or decrease the amount. Meditation is essential. Self analysis is also essential. I atleast expect that you dont worry about the development of DhyanPrasthan. DhyanPrasthan is not a place, it is a Concept. DhyanPrasthan can be in your house, in your intellect. DhyanPrasthan is not a place. After listening, is necessary to think about, only then you do get the knowledge. The thirst for Spirituality cannot be completed with materialism. Distribute knowledge and increase your knowledge, only then you can get spirituality. Dont give a book, but atleast give your knowledge, so that your knowledge increases. Iness(ahankar) and possession stop us. They dont let us serve and we dont let others. Share the expenses and not a single person should spend alone. Solving the problem is essential, understand their thoughts first, then provide them with solutions. Tell them the method and know how to.



Yagn is not Puja. This is the procedure to invite Energy. Chanting of mantra is there, but it is not puja at all. There are some basic needs of Yagn. The required members should be 5 or 11, not less or more. You can take the help of other than 5 or 1 but should not be present in Yagn. No. of people : 5 or 11 Direction or place : it should be in open place. Yagn is not for self. But it is done for Mass. Time : Yagn should be started at 4o clock in the morning and done by afternoon. Dimensions or Shape : depends on the type In yagn there is no involvement of money or related things. 5 people do puja and other 11 members protect the surface of the yagn. Atleast 5 should be there to perform the puja, and remaining are optional. There should not be any tent or covering above the Yagn pot. What ever be the outcome of the Yagn has to be bear by these 11 people. 8 Major directions, 2 supervisors and 1 head. The 11 members should be 50 meters away from the Yagn pot. The shappe shape of the pot should be such that 5 people can sit and operate puja properly. All 5 are chanting the mantra and the 5th one balancing the puja. Balancing the energy.

The motto of yagn decides the place or direction. It should be away from locality or colony. It should be done by contribution os money. There shouldnot be any kind of electric or metal objects nearby.

No talks during the Yagn. Do not have any intake while in Yagn. Generally facing to East, slighlty higher than the center. Time : time is based on Sunrise and Sunset. Yagn is Spiritual. It does not belong to any religion. It should start 1 hrs before Sunrise. Knowledge is not soldable. We inculcate sanskar to our children and we do not charge them. Actual Guru is like a mother of the house. Purpose : it is always related to Mass. It is for social cause. The purpose is to balance the natural calamities. Factors to be taken into consideration :1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Material Height and weight of Kund Preparation of surroundings Sitting distance of the Pandit Whether it should be above Yagn pot.

Material : it should be made of mud; or mud with cow-dung, wood. Wood and cow-dung. Cowdung and cow-urine, made up of mud because of the content & chemical composition of dung & urines. It has to be decided by the pandit whether it is required. Dimension of Kund : it differs from purpose, but the basic is dimension of platform. Height 27 inch above the groung level Length 33 feet for platform Width 24 feet. Pandit should sit at this disatnce. 6ft 9ft 24ft 33 ft Should touch the ground in the center, or the radius of the circle should be 108 inch. Banana stem is compulsory at the corners of the platform in plastic containers. Turmeric water to be poured in a vessel particualrly in curved shape, so that its easy to pour in that. The place where pandits sit should be smeared with the pase of Neem leaf powder (neem leaf + cow dung + cow urine).

Shape of Kund : circular/ pentagonal or may be a star. Havan samagri should be between the 2 pandits. Height of the Kund should be of 9 inch. Kund is made up of black stones with clay + cow-dung. Flat bricks of 3 layers and soil over that. Try to sleep at the site. Clothes : Dhoti, Briefs & vest. Strictly no mobiles, purse or leather materials and shoes/ chappals.

Positions of volunteers to be marked as above. Bathing with Haldi water. One spoon haldi in Bucket of water. No arguments, light food at night. If someone does a mistake dont point at them. You better dont make a mistake. No chat masala, no outside food, no cold drinks. Simple and Normal rice, dal, roti and vegetables. Both the times meditation. Take light food before 8.00pm a day before. With neem leaf stem (of 10 to 12 leaves), during the evening pluck it (not in the night) and put in haldi water and keep with you during Yagn. During Yagn, see that all the 5 sit comfortably. Things needed for Yagn : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 200 to 250 ml of Gangajal for everybody Cow ghee 1 ltrs per person Sticks for havan to burn for 4 hrs. Mango leaves & neem stems, each 10 with everybody Sambrani 1 2 kg powder ( total 2kg in plastic or glass container) Animal skin Turmeric powder kg Lemons 5 each (5x5 = 25 total) Sweet water mishree + milk 250 500 ml total. One clay pot Honey 100 to 250 ml total Wooden spoon with long handle one each . One chair with white cloth 1-2 napkins 150 200 gms raw rice grains with each Few pieces of Camphor Dried cow-dung as fuel. 5 neem leaves platform to sit.



Acidity Before sitting for meditation, apply sandal paste/soft mud around your naval and do Shavasan for 15-30 min. After that clean it off and then sit for meditation. Seasonal fruits, seasonal vegetables, decreasing the daily food intake. Disturbance in food intake creates acidity. With this stomach and forehead gets acidic effects and difficulties. Eat slowly and do not drink water while eating and even before and after that for at least an hour. During meals, 3 gulps of water can be OK. Not more than that. Wash your hands, legs and face properly before meals. Do not eat in a hurry. After an hr of meals, add little turmeric in milk and have it. Dont take milk before sleep at night. Milk to be taken only in the noon and evening. Eat cucumber before meals. Acidity Relief : Drink a little amount(2 gulps) of lukewarm milk. Close your right nostril and breath with left nostril for 10 15 times. Then eat papaya with black salt. Then go for a walk. Be sure to take papaya and black salt after dinner. (Only do during day) Sit calm, reduce your thoughts. Inhale and exhale with your left nostril and then check your acidity. After doing it for 3-4 times, feel the coolness of acidity. After 4-5 times, leave your body loose. Face east while taking food. During summers, for acidity pick a few flower of Bel (which have fallen themselves after ripening). Use each flower for 2-3 days. Soak them in water from to and squeeze the juice and drink the water. Even the pulp can be eaten. This helps in reduction of acidity and eliminates the toxins. Try this for 3 5 days. Bel has the potential to reduce your weight within 3 days. Eat less, Use bel, Bel murabba, Cold storage, breathing exercise. During summer, Bel flowers are good. During Rainy, Jamoon fruits help your digestion to be active. During winter, Pomegranate is good. To get hungry, just do breathing with right nostril only. 1- times cycle. Whenever you eat Banana, Gauva or Orange, dont wash your hands or dont drink water for atleast 10 minutes before and after.

Phlegm Asthma : Dont eat banana in the morning. Only after noon. And an hour before sleep at night. Fitkari : Mix in water. Take the water in the upper layer and with it clean teeth and mouth with gargles. During cold, use haldi in sarson ka oil. Take some sarson oil in a glass bottle mixed with turmeric and then seal it. Early in the morning before and after 2 hrs of sunrise..sunset. use a total of 5 bottles for 30 days. After 40 days use it as molish. Those who have cough, they can rub their head and hands with this oil. They even get relief from vaath. After applying oil in the morning, work more during the day. After lunch, take some rest. Before sunset, take some kichidi(with less salt). Take vegetables for dinner. No milk. Dont ever get affected with the pressure of the situation. Situations bring tension to us only for a period of time. Getting out of the situation/problem gives an easiness. Sometimes, when we ourselves give more work to us, then also problems increase.



Misunderstanding between family members ( knowledge) OverConfidence in self High Expectations leads to frustration. Over expectations, lack of patience. Only thing people lack is knowledge. Have intellect and you also have disputes. Our problems are known to half knowledge, which is dangerous.

What is the nature of vaccum ? it absorbs anything. Emptyness abosrbs empty knowledge and leads to loop-holes and this is misunderstanding. You cant hide full knowledge or empty. You try to fill the gapof empty on your own. If I flow air into water, what happens. Air bubbles come out, there is some noise, similar thing happens in your life. If in an airtight container you blow air, no bubbles come out. Your knowledge cant be kept secret. It will come out on its own. If knowledge and ignorance both mix, air bubbles come out creating confusion. Tendency of air bubbles is to create noise, may be louder or subtler. Bubbles dont create noise, but excessive sound. Dont discuss problems. People think discussions lead to solutions, but thinking will lead to better solutions. What if I fail to convey my message to you ? What happens if you fail to understand explosion sound. 99.9 % sound misunderstanding. 0.1 % discussion to postponement of topic. My son should be superior to my neighbour such thoughts with misunderstanding, empty

knowledge leads to sound, conflict. You want to show-off/ expose your ornaments etc. the world is like that, what can we do. You want to influence the surroundings on your wish to get influenced. Because the empty mind would like to get absorbed. The full knowledge/ knowledge leading to bubbles create sound. Dont ever and never try to facilitate or nourish that kind of thoughts ( to get influenced or influence others). Truth tells something. Fact may be that is something else. Fact can never be Truth, and truth can never be fact. Fact depends on half empty knowledge, circumstances. Truth never depends on any factors ; it is Absolute in nature. Keep knowledge to be preserved, try to get more knowledge. Dont try to influence others. If you attend a Dhyan Shivir even though there is no sound outside, still there is a sound. A Yogi is like this. Your Aura speaks your knowledge of information. By looking at your aura, I can tell your process of thinking. Demands can never be fulfilled ; but the needs will be. Except a few, most of the people get the needs fulfilled, may be a meal, he gets adjusted and meets the need. Needs are always fulfilled no noise. If demands are not fulfilled it creates noise. It further creates bubbles sound. But demands can never be fulfilled. Demand is like a zero. Multiply anything with it, the result is again zero a new demand. Is Fulfillment of personal demands is Achievement ? No. Today we have dal. If we want paneer, it is demand. If you have knowledge, jump from Dal to Paneer is automatic. But if you demand Paneer without knowledge, it will lead to problems.

Today you need 10, next 100, then 1000 and further crores. Then your demands will never be fulfilled. And you never get satisfied. Use your 10 to fulfill your needs. Use your mind how to meet your needs if you are given Rs.10. Money creates your need or Demand. You dont watch TV serials for positivity or learnig process, but get influenced for more demands absorbing luxary, cars, empires, aristocracy. By purchasing a scooter your need and a part of demand is also met. Suppose X female and Y male . X thinking style is distrubing the male or otherwise. These are the major problems in a family. Male members burst like a volcano, ego swells to protect his ego. Atleast dont try to make your child like you. Think about the new generation. Dont teach your child to slap her husband since you cannot do it now. Devotee : It is a male dominating society Sir. Guruji : Who creates male a female ; Who educates males a female. Rape, robbers are made by males. Because females tentative nature forces males to indulge in crimes. Female tendor touch makes much vigour.( a smile, touch, .anyhting) Male with much vigour females try to cover, males try to break the cover. Are we ready to make the males break. Human mind is the most elastic one. There is no other thing like this in living organisms. Tune according to your needs, but not by demands. Understand the difference between needs and

demands. If you dont teach your children, I will teach. I am everywhere, even in America. I create positive & negative both. It is your mind which can challenge +ve or ve. Stretch your mind to 100%. Dont stretch 30% mind to 100% and fill with voids. First fill the mind with 100%. Your less knowledge is more powerful(noisy) than 100%. Since the beginning of the Universe I am here. I create +ve and ve. I am +ve and ve. I am from the time of beginning of the Universe, then you are also. There is no re-birth. You are combination of +ve and ve forces. This becomes a body. You are the combination of +ve and ve. Your +ve attracts ve from outside. Your ve attracts +ve from outside. And you dont like this. If you are under the influence of demands, you are disturbed. Needs never disturb, because they already get fulfilled. Have you ever tried to educate an unknown person, how to live ? You try to meet the demands of children but not the needs, thats why children become violent. Their half-filled and half-unfilled mind creates problems. They dont have basic knowledge to keep the mind calm. You are not the mother of your child, you child is the mother and you are a child. Ego makes more +ve in one person or more ve. Basic content is same, context is different. The molecule is same, matter is different. Information is basic to knowledge which leads to wisdom. You are trying to fight to satisfy your ego. People say that I am scientific saint, brother, father etc. All these are both one body to other.



Me fighting with me since ages, except tht nothing happens. +ve fighting with ve. I create balance and I also create imbalance. If there is nobody to respond, how do you know that you are there. ve is not for destruction. ve is always for construction. Less ve is harmful. ve is always a motherly base, motherly treatment. At times harsh, at times soothing. When I say something, it is different for everybody. You percieve differently, which is quiet apart from what is communicated. Is the source for sugar-cane and tomato is same or not ? I am asking since many years. Who are you ? Your identity changes from time to time. You change with your knowledge, attitude. What is not changing is the Energy. It is not possible to make an individual different, all are same. The text is same. Texture changes. I am offensive at present, still I am defensive through you. Some part of you is +ve , -ve unexplored. Your basic structure is made with +ve, -ve unexplored. Persons with fully explored are called Saints. Unfortunately Human mind for exploring the unexplored. ve cant become +ve and viceversa. Only unexplored part is to be formed further to bring out both the +ve and ve. Through one medium I speak something and from other medium I speak differently, intentionally. Why?

The fan is rotating, to give air. Why air due to friction it gets heated up. I want you to become mature enough. It is a war against me and me itself. You cant change electron, proton and neutrons. Only their combination can be modified for creating a new thing. Fortunately electrons and protons are the same. What is the difference between a Saint and a Child ? Saint explodes all +ve and ve. Total number of +ve and ve is the same. In no mind state you are always there. Unexplored should become explored. The opponent has different identity. It is the self interacting with you. Your self doesnt require anybody, but your identity. Generate thoughts. After sometime, the brain is not sufficient, so do it now, to increase thinking. I am talking practical things, not for just to lecture. If you want to be for thousand years, think more beyond your brains capacity. Go beyond time zone, body limitation. You are not here for satisfying your Ego. If you think, I am losing through these fights, - no you are growing. If you want to construct temple, you construct it or a meditation hall. Is that all that is OK. Do you know what everybody wants. Everybody wants Guruji. Energy at present in this body is Guruji. Same is good for each form. Mediums are used to make others understand the message. His mind should work and explore ? I should not be encouraged to become Ego. I should be used for exploration. If everybody says, the universe is expanding, I say that it is contracting. By closing eyes, it is safer to convey the messages through medium.



If +ve in you and ve in you is me, then what are you here for. Let us see the origin of ve and +ve in origin. Something is there which has its own interest, property of expanding and merging. During the process ions get charged, +ve or ve originate, and they balance each other in quite to unbalanced. This continues and the unending process is the reason for the quantam of energy available. Origin is always like a dot within which is the vaccum and this oscillates vibrantly and heavily. Brain : with deeds, the +ve and ve is created. From universe a splitter gives brain a command that you have ingredients and it is upto you to utilise the mind and explore and create virtue & sin (paap&punya) are relative or under societys influence while living in society. Without mind, nothing can be explored. Splitting by universe has supplied enough potential to reproduce and work in socioeconomic environment and spiritual world too. Bio-matter has evolved from this splittering only. It is a system. system doesnot channelise the +ve or ve in them. It can guide the same as per ones mind or brain reactions or utilisation. The adoptability & attitude count a lot. This is the only difference between you and source. Source has created various surroundings around you. The source has splittered you to act or do things. The +ve and ve part is the result of your actions or reactions. That is why each individual is unique. Man is identified by their mistakes, not by their good findings or values or virtues. What are in your brain and mind, use it, culture it and burn the ore. Energy or source knows what is to be done, but the splitter has to find out what is to be explored. Me in you is asking to find. You are not just the physical body, you can control and channelise the thoughts. Atleast try to control the energy surrounding your

physical body and channelise it. You are the composition of +ve, -ve and neutral. Your brain channelises the same and mind works based on the same. ve is the base, your role is to utilise them in a balanced composition. Give meaning to your body. Create an identity and march towards me. Become me and become the Creator. Mind after Death : merges with source. 1. Creator (Universal Soul Energy)- concentrated energy which regulates creating a system. 2. Universe creations are taking place. It develops the brain or intellect or full. If not goes to stage 3 to get dissolved into source. 3. After death towards dissolution. 1) supplies ve to 2) to construct and explore & progress towards merging. Mediums Operation : I send energy to medium and he converts it to messages and transmits. Mediums are not aware about this ; medium cant recall, they are aware. Dont discuss with mediums. Dont disturb them. Unknown mediums may come to you. Only deserved persons will understand the messages being given here. Mediums mind is working with the influence of Gurujis mind. Mediums brain and mind are elevated to the level of Gurujis Mind. Atleast for 1000 thousand years you can keep or it is elevated. If the medium is not disciplined, if used by Guruji, repercussion will be great. This mind is infected by something. Abhimanyu ; if infected mind doesnt come to original mind what will happen ? Three modes of operation : 1. Conscious state medium knows everything (medium should be more matured) 2. Sub-conscious state it is like a dream. 3. No consciousness medium doesnt know anything. Intuitional operation of Mediums.