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Chair Yoga - great techniques for: seniors or even for office yoga.

The following yoga exercises are safe and accessible for all levels. The entire sequence can be done in 10-20 minutes depending on number of repetitions. Allow a few minutes at the end of the sequence to sit quietly in meditation. Learn about yoga for seniors.

Deep Breathing: Place Hands on Ribs. Take a deep breath in feel rib cage expand. Slowly exhale, gently pull belly in. Inhale count 1-5, Exhale count 15. Repeat 5-10 breaths.

Sunrise breathing Start with the arms down by the sides. As you inhale, raise arms out to sides and overhead eventually bringing palms together. Exhale return arms down by sides. Move slowly. Repeat for 5-10 breaths Neck Stretch Bend the neck taking left ear to the left shoulder. Extend right arm toward the floor. As you inhale, feel the breath filling the right side of the neck As you exhale, stretch the right fingertips toward the floor.

Neck Stretch 2 As you inhale, tilt head back to your degree, eventually allowing the back of the scull to rest on the top of the spine.

Neck Stretch 2 cont'd

As you exhale, take the chin toward the chest.(repeat 5-10 times).

Shoulder Warm-ups Lift shoulders up toward ears

Shoulder Warm-ups cont'd Roll Shoulders backwards in large circles. Repeat 12 times Roll Shoulders forward in large circles. Repeat 12 times

Wrist circles Interlace fingers, hold palms and forearms together, circle the wrists in a clockwise motion 12 times then rotate in a counter clockwise motion 12 times.

Twist Sit at front edge of chair. Lengthen spine upward. Turn to right, hold back of chair with right hand, put left hand on right knee Inhale, sit tall, Exhale and twist deeply.

Side Bend Sit at front edge of chair. Lengthen spine upward. Inhale and reach left arm upward, rest right hand on right leg. Exhale and lean body to the right. Breath deeply 5-10 breaths into the left side of the body. Cat Tilts Sit at front edge of chair. Lengthen spine upward. Place hands on knees Inhale arch back lifting chest up and forward

Cat Tilts cont'd

Exhale rounding back and pull belly in. Repeat