Post 9-11 Klan Terrorist Activity Ignored by the National Media

Poison Gas Attacks November 2003: KKK calling card found in Dallas arms cache . It was discovered during an FBI investigation into a poison gas plot ignored by the national media, as was a 1997 plot to blow up Dallas power plant..


The Scottish Rite, the KKK and the ADL
Evidence that Pike was Chief Judiciary Officer of the KKK THE EVIDENCE ON GENERAL ALBERT PIKE
by John Covici, January 19, 1993 In Response to the Scottish Rite/ADL Desperate Defense of The KKK's National Monument. The city councils of Birmingham and Tuskegee, Alabama; Austin, Texas; Newark, New Jersey; Buffalo, New York; and New Orleans, Louisiana, have The ADL Blacklisting of KuAnti- founder all called for the removal of the statue of Klux Klan Albert Pike from Judiciary Square in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, the Council of the District of Columbia, Apartheid Activists considering whether to pass a resolution similar to those passed in the other U.S. cities, has been warned by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith not to move to take down November 17, 1998: officer and Grand Dragon of the Arkansas the KKK monument. Albert Pike, national KKK chief judiciarynote the peculiar coverage of the same story. The story carried by the San Scottish Chronicle reads Klan after the Civil War, is buried in a crypt at the Headquarters Temple of theFranciscoRite, Southern like an ADL press release. It makes no mention of the most Jurisdiction, at 16th and S Streets, Washington. Pike wasof the story-- the identity of the plaintiffs-- Pro- he Grand Commander of that masonic group when critical aspect and his confederate clique organized the KKK. Palestinian and anti-apartheid activists. For example, they
Environmental activists? Animal rights activists? Religious Why? Why has the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a self-proclaimed "anti-bigotry'' lobby, acted to save the KKK's national monument? For starters, activists?is officiallythis to the AP release beolw. a pro-slavery the ADL Compare subordinate to the B'nai B'rith, masonic secret society formed under Scottish Rite control in the 1840s. The ADL, the Scottish Rite, and the Klan appeared openly together in the early 20th century as elements of the "British party" within American political life. In shameful national public statements and private actions, B'nai B'rith and the ADL denounced and viciously sabotaged all 1930s anti-Hitler protests by Jews. note the plaintiffs are "Bay Area activists". But which ones?

From its inception, the ADL has fronted for organized crime figures including Meyer Lansky. The Scottish Rite and the ADL, in their telephone calls and visits to Washington, D.C. Council members, say that "there is no evidence that Pike was a member of the KKK"; or, that "there is no credible evidence of Pike's role in the Klan"; or, that "we can find no evidence" of such a role. As a fall-back, the ADL has also said that "there is no Also ignored by the Chronicle are the key charges-- that the real evidence of Pike's role in the Klan; and even if there is such evidence, the issue is not important."' In the ADL the Pike statue, news media have often quoted and Social recent voluminous reporting on the subject of used state records, including drivers licenses Scottish Rite Security numbers, to ruin the careers of anti-apartheid representative Walter Lee Brown with variations of these defenses of Pike. In an October interview with the activists by dissemminating this confidential information to author, Brown said that he did not care what any parties. Whyever harrassment and blacklisting of antihostile historian has the written about Pike. In his view, all evidence of Pike's evil acts put forward in the 20th century "is simply all things,slanders that were used apartheid activists from, of repeating a civil rights against Pike when he was alive." Brown, organization? an official biography of Pike for the Scottish Rite, who is writing

As if Blacks Built the Nazi Death Camps...
You'll notice this survey above is intended to suggest blacks are four times more prone to racism than any other demographic group. The implication of such defamatory and unscientific studies are serious. This is an obvious attempt to polarize Americans, particularly the Jewish community, against the African-American. The Anti-Defamation League, created by the B’nai B’rith, has anything but an untainted past when it comes to racism. According to author Anton Chaitkin:

"The Independent Order of B’nai B’rith formed in 1843 as a Jewish community sub-project in the restoration of Masonry by the Scottish Rite and the British foreign office. Though most of its lodges were in the North, B’nai B’rith was openly proConfederate. Though it claimed to be neutral in the war, many of the Order’s Northern spokesmen were stridently pro-slavery. B’nai B’rith’s post-Civil War leaders were pro-Confederate operatives, including later president Simon Wolf, who had been arrested by the War Department in Washington, D.C. as the lawyer for a Confederate spy ring.

"liberalizing" of Judaism in Cincinnati, Ohio-coinciding with Cincinnati’s other great Scottish Rite scheme, the launching of the Knights of the Golden Circle. Wise was officially neutral in the Civil War. Core leaders of the B’nai B’rith from then on have been Scottish Rite Masons. The political establishment associated with the Order has always had its headquarters in London... "In the 1930s, Cyrus Adler, president of the American Jewish Committee, coordinated with the family’s B’nai B’rith, and the family’s {New York Times}, to crush all U.S. political action against Adolf Hitler in Germany. The B’nai B’rith was the one Jewish organization that Hitler deliberately {left open }and functioning under Nazi rule from 1933 on. In 1939, Britain made a dramatic change in its policy toward Hitler-after teaching Hitler his race theories, after forcefully backing his takeover of Germany, after financing and equipping his armies, Britain now changed publicly to opposing Hitler. Only at that point, in 1939, about a year after Hitler finally closed B’nai B’rith’s Nazi-authorized German operations, B’nai B’rith decided to "approve" an international boycott against the Nazi regime.... "B’nai B’rith’s Anti-Defamation League recently opened a me to label American black leaders as antivicious campaignthis was aimed at the known fact that white Freemasonry is affiliated with Semites, aiming at a racial conflict, and stomping on the memory of theKu Klux Klan. The 2.5 million in the the young Jews who fought for civil rights member 1960s. It is essential that the religious, national, and historical Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod says in character of this racialism be precisely understood."

Dr. James Holly of Beaumont, Texas, told

its official Handbook: "The Synod has declared itself firmly opposed to all It is apparent, judging by the misleading and divisive surveys societies, lodges and organizations of an like the aforementioned propaganda; that the ADL's campaign un-Christian or anti-Christian character." to label black American leaders as anti-Semites has now expanded, and now aimed at labeling all blacks as anti- also The Lutheran Missouri Synod has Semites. Actually, it's not just blacks. on Freemasonry... printed an attack Anyone that doesn't
agree with the ADL, or raises challenging and legitimate questions about their history, is invariably labeled an antiSemite.

The rebellion of the Southern slaveowners, which brought on the Civil War, was a British Empiresponsored insurrection. The British supplied the arms used by the anti-U.S. insurgents, and coordinated the Confederate secret service activities in North America and Europe. These expanded efforts continued the political and irregular military operations of the Scottish Rite which had been led by Quitman, and by Pike after Quitman’s death. For the final three years of the four-year Civil War, Judah P. Benjamin served as Confederate secretary of state. Benjamin supervised the financial and supply relations to the British Empire and its ally, Napoleon III of France, and ran the Confederacy’s international network of spies and saboteurs. Benjamin’s secret service liaison man in England and the Confederacy’s chief arms procurer there was James Bulloch. We remember Bulloch as the man who had been arrested in Cuba during Quitman’s 1854 fiasco. John Slidell became the famous Confederate commissioner to France, where he married off his daughter Mathilde to Baron Emil Erlanger. The baron was an eminent German-French Jewish banker, closely tied to the British government and the highest levels of British freemsonry. Slidell and Benjamin negotiated the famous Erlanger Loan, the series of Confederate war bonds floated by this banker. They sold the bonds primarily to British oligarchs who felt poisonous hatred for the American republic. The collateral for the Erlanger loan was Southern slave cotton, that was smuggled out past the Union blockade. John Slidell handled relations between the French Empire and the Masonic "filibusters," the raiders of Latin America. Slidell promoted the joint European/Confederate invasion of Mexico in the 1860s. The Confederate secret service, meanwhile, attempted to weaken the resolve of the Union to carry on the war. The key to their strategy was the old Knights of the Golden

Making Hate a Civic Duty
By the 1930s, the Klan could delight in their atrocities, openly, sans hood

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