The mast cells secrete the following substance Heparin Histamine Serotonin All of the above

The giant cell is formed by the fusion of Macrophage Plasma cell Mast cell All of the above

Rapid healing of wounds is found in Epithelial tissue Muscular tissue Connective tissue Nervous tissue

When collagen fibres are removed from the areolar tissue Tissue becomes hard Tissue becomes loose and elastic Tissue becomes hard and inelastic Remains unchanged 5. Which of the following cells is phagocytic in nature Mast cell Podocytes Macrophages Fibroblast cells 6. Connective tissue is Ectodermal in origin with intercellular spaces Mesodermal in origin without intercellular spaces Ectodermal in origin without intercellular spaces Mesodermal in origin with intercellular spaces 7. In allergic reaction which is secreted .

The filaments arising from desmosomes are called .Histamine Neutrophil Basophil Acidophil 8. Blood is Connective tissue Epithelial tissue Fluid tissue Muscular tissue 9. The basement membrane acts as Plasma membrane Plasmalemma Both None 10.

. Normal wear and tear of cells in simple epithelia is negligible because Epithelial cells are very tough Epithelial cells are closely fitted like tiles of a mosaic Epithelial cell are kept moist due to the material that diffuse through it Epithelial cell is protective in function 13.Tonofibril Tonofilament Both 1 and 2 None 11. Desmosomes are the feature of Epithelial tissue Nervous tissue Muscular tissue None of these 12.

The intestine and stomach in mammals are lined by Cuboidal epithelium Columnar epithelium Squamous epithelium Stratified epithelium 15. Pseudostratified columnar epithelium is found in Wall of cloaca Male urethra Oviduct Oesophagus 16. this is because It is exposed thus subjected to wear and tear It covers the whole body It is thick It prevents the entry of pathogens 14. .Outer layer of skin is made up of keratinised epithelium.

Unstriped smooth muscles are found in Thigh Eye muscles Iris Tongue 17. The most abundant tissue in the body is or Nervous Muscular Vascular Epithelial 19. Sarcolemma is the covering of Nerve fibres Muscle fibres Bone marrow Liver. . kidney and stomach 18.

The globular protein molecule. The structural and functional unit of the striated muscle fibre is called Sarcolemma Sarcomere Sarcoplasm Myofibril . which masks the active sites on the F-actin is Troponin Tropomyosin Myosin Light meromyosin 20. The muscles immune to fatigue are Striped Unstriped Cardiac None of these 21.

The muscles which can retract are Retractor Protractor Abductor All of these 25. . Hypertrophy of muscle is Muscles become thin and weak due to excessive work Muscles become thick and strong due to excessive work Muscles become thin and weak due to no work Muscles become thick and strong due to no work 23. Glycogen is strored in Liver Muscles Both (a) and (b) Blood 24.22.

Irritability and conductivity are maximum developed in Muscular tissue Nervous tissue Connective tissue None of the above 27.Largest number of cell bodies of neuron in our body are found in Retina Spinal cord Brain Tongue 26. Nissl's granules are characteristically found in Nephrons Neurons Cytons Dendrites 28. .

The neurilemma surrounds the Axis cylinder Cell body Myelin sheath Endoneurium 30. The granules are made up of Mitochondria Cell Metabolites Fat granules Ribosomes 29.Missis granules are found in cyton of nerve cells. . These have affinity for basic dyes. The function of nervous tissue is Irritability Sensibility Responsiveness Contraction 31.

Which of the damaged cells can not be repaired Liver cells Brain cells Bone cells Epidermal cells 33. Lacunae are connected with .Which is neurotransmiter Acetylcholine Dopamin Adrenaline Histamine 32. Which of the following tissue is called as "homeostatic reservoir" Cartilage Bone Calcified cartilage All the above 34.

A femur is kept in dilute HO for three days. Osteon is found in the . it becomes Brittle Soft and elastic Remains as it is Harder 36.Canaliculae Sublacunae Both 1 and 2 None of the above 35. The skeletal tissue consists of organic matrix called as Hyaline Chondrin Osteoblast Chondroblast 37.

The contractile protein of skeletal muscle involving ATPase activity is .Femur of frog Femur of bird Femur of rabbit fermur of man and rabbit 38. Bone-forming cells are known as Cnondroclasts Osteoblasts Chondroblasts Osteoclasts 39. Which is a sesamoid bone Patella Femur Ulna Pterygoid 40.

Protein contents are highest in the lymphatics of Below skin Liver Kidney All of the above 42.B.a-Actinin Troponin Tropomyosin Myosin 41.C. Which of the following cells are associated with immune system of body .30% 43. 5.30% 30% 0.40% 2. Monocytes are how much percent of total W.

Neutrophils Macrophages Lymphocytes All of these 44. The blood is red due to the presence of the following Myoglobin Anthocyanin Panthocyanin Haemoglobin 45. Blood does not dot inside the blood vessels due to the presence of Heparin Fibrinogen Vitamin K Thrombin . Usually pigment chordates have red blood containing red blood corpuscles.

. Blood cells which show phagocytosis is Platelet Eosinophil Basophil Monocyte 49. Which of the following does not play a role in blood coagulation Vitamin K Vitamin D Calcium ions Fibrinogen 48.46. Antibody is produced by B-Lymphocyte Heparin T-Lymphocyte Both 1 and 2 47.

Leukemia is the cancerous state of Lung Blood Skin Bone .Irregular nuclei are present in Neutrophils Basophils Eosinophils Monocytes 50.

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