Adusa Patti churna



Anantmool churna



Aonla churna

4 5

0004 0005

Apamarg churna Arjun Chhal churna

6 7

0006 0007

Ashok Chhal churna Ashwagandha churna

8 9 10

0008 0009 0010

Babool Chhal churna Bael Chhal churna Bael guda churna



Baheda churna



Bhuin Aonla churna



Chandrashoor Beej chruna

SINGLE HERBAL CHURNA (POWDER) Adusa patti (Adhatoda vasica) In respiratory disorder; It is effectively used in cold, cough as well as advanced cases of bronchitis. Anantmool Root (Hemidesmus It clears obstruction in trachea, indicus) increases digestive power, a remedy for dyspepsia, inflammation. Aonla Fruit (Emblica officinalis) Aonla rebuilds new tissues and increases the red blood cell count, strengthens the teeth, stops bleeding of gums and improves eye sight. It nourishes bones and promotes growth of healthy, lustrous hair and strong nails. Apamarg whole plant Toothache, Scabies, Piles, Skin (Achyranthes aspera) diseases. Arjun Chhal (Terminalia arjuna) Ideal for cardiac diseases, hypertension, heaviness in the cheast, a cardio protective and cardio-tonic. Ashok chhal (Saraca asoca) Leucorrhoea, UterineTonic, Menorrhagia. Ashwagandha Root (Withania It counteracts the effects of somnifera) stress and generally promotes wellness. It has also been shown to inhibit inflammation and improve memory.Good for general weakness, seminal debility and arthritis. Chhal babool (Acacia arabica) Skin diseases, stomatitis, dry cough. Chhal bael (Aegle marmelos) Arthiritis, cough, Jaundice, Piles, Inflammation. Bael Fruit pulp (Aegle A valuable preparation for marmelos) chronic constipation, chronic dysentery and dyspepsia. Baheda Fruit (Terminalia It is purgative, laxative, belerica) analgesic, anti-inflammatory, nutritive, anti-pyretic, expectorant and in thyriod disease. Bhuin Aonla whole plant It is an efficient liver tonic, which (Phyllanthus amarus) improves the functioning of liver and the spleen. Chandrashoor seed (Lepidium Diarrhoea, Chronic Spleen sativum) disorders & Hepatomegally, Lambago and increasing height in early age.

1/2 tsf twice a day with Honey

1 -2 tsf with honey or milk twice a day

1/2 table spoonful (tsf) twice a day with water

1/2 tsf with lukewarm water twice a day 1/2-1 tsf twice a day with milk or water

1/2 tsf twice a day 1/2 tsf twice a day with Milk

5 -7 gm with water or decoction to be taken 2 -6 gm with water or decoction twice a day 1/2 -1 tsf twice a day with water 1/2 -1 tsf twice a day with Honey or water

Before meals 1/2 -1 tsf twice a day with water 1/2 -1 tsf mixed with sugar candy and coconut kernel, given to ladies in post natal care for sufficient lactation 1/2 gm to 2 gm with water or honey twice a day 3 -5 gm with water twice a day 1/2 tsf twice a day with Honey or Water



Chitrak mool churna

Chitrakmool roots (Plumbago zeylanica) Daru Haldi Churn (Berberis aristata) Giloe Stem (Tinospora cordifolia)

Digestive, Arthiritis.

15 16

0015 0016

Daru Haldi churna Giloe churna



Gokharu churna

Gokharu fruit

Leucorrhea, Metrorrhagea, Cough, Liver and fever. It is rejuvenator and increases body immunity against diseases. It is the best herb to cure fevers in all type of diseases, including malaria, typhoid, jaundice and tuberculosis. Urinary tract diseases, Vat-

1/2 tsf twice a day

(Tribulus terrestris)

Vyadhi, diuretic, appetizer.

18 19

0018 0019

Gorakhmundi churna Gudmar Patti churna

Gorakhmundi fruit (Sphaeranthus indicus) Gudmar patti (Gymnema sylvestre)

20 21

0020 0021

Gulab phool churna Gular Chhal churna

Rose flower petals (Rosa centifolia) Gular chhal (Ficus glomerata)

Blood purifier, rheumatism and boils. It is used for healing diabeties mellitus. restores pancreatic function; stimulate the circulatory system, increases urine secretion. Heart tonic, Digestive. Leucorrhoea, Metrorrahagia.

1/2 tsf with water twice a day 1/2 table spoonful (tsf) twice a day with water

2 -3 gm with milk or water twice a day 6 -10 gm with water or decoction to be taken 1/2 -1 tsf twice a day 1/4 -1/2 gm with water or honey twice a day 1/2 tsf with water twice a day 1/2 tsf with water twice a day 3 -5 gm with honey or milk 1/2 -1 gm with water twice a day 1 tsf with milk twice a day Decoction of 1/2 -1 tsf to be taken after meals with honey or jaggery

22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

0022 0023 0024 0025 0026 0027 0028 0029

Harad churna Harsingar Patti churna Indrajau churna Jamun guthli churna Kaifal churna Kali Mirch churna Kali musali churna Kalmegh churna

Harad Fruit (Terminalia chebula) Haarsingar patti (Nyctanthes arbortristis) Indrajau fruit (Wrightia tinctoria) Jamun seeds (Syzygium cumini) Kaifal fruit (Myrica nagi) Kali Mirch fruits (Piper nigrum) Kali musali tubers (Curculigo orchioides) Kalmegh whole plant (Andrographis paniculata)

A safe and effective purgative, astringent and alterative. Sciatica, eliminates cough congestion. Diarrhoea and chronic dysentry. Diabeties. Reduces swelling, Arthiritis. Loss of Appetite, Cough and Cold. Genital Tonic and Good for general weakness. It is an hepatic stimulant cholagogoue and blood purifier; useful in the cure of turbid liver, jaundice, Maleria and other critical fever. Arthiritis, reducing fat in the body. Diabeties, Kidney disorders. All types of prameha Leucorrhoea, Urinary diseases & Vata Vyadhi Inspermatosshoea, paralysis and Good for general weakness Bleeding dysentry, digestive, Diarrhoea Liver tonic, Jaundice, Hepatic derrangement, Dyspepsia, Chronic dysentry, Heart diseases It is used in the treatment of piles, dysentery, diarrhoea. Sweet, Cold, Aphrodisiac, Diuretic, Intellect promoting. Hair cleanser, Colic pain, Diarrhoea, Dysentry, Urinary diseases, Cough, Heart diseases. It is antibacterial and antiseptic and it is use for all sorts of skin disorders like eczema, ringworm. It is an excellent blood purifier. In strengthening hair, reduce swelling and nausea, Helps curing swollen joints and its pain.

30 31 32 33

0030 0031 0032 0033

Katsariya churna Keoti Chhal churna Khareti churna Kiwach Beej churna (Shodhit) Kuda Chhal churna Kutki churna

Katsariya chhal (Barleria prionitis) Keoti Chhal (Ventilago denticulata) Khareti whole plant (Sida acuta) Kiwach seeds (Mucuna prurita)

1/2 tsf twice a day 1/2 tsf twice a day 1/2 tsf twice a day 3 -5 gm with milk twice a day 3 -5 gm decoction with water 5 -8 gm with water twice a day

34 35

0034 0035

Kuda chhal (Holarrhena antidysenterica) Kutki chhal (Picrorhiza kurroa)

36 37

0036 0037

Majuphal Mulaithi churna

Maju Fruit (Quercus infectoria) Mulaithi Root powder (Glycyrrhiza glabra) Nagarmotha roots (Cyperus scariosus)



Nagarmotha churna

1/4 -1/2 tsf twice a day with water 1 table spoonful (tsf) twice a day with water or honey 1/2 tsf twice a day



Neempatra churna

Margosa Patti (Azadirachta indica)

1/2 -1 tsf twice a day



Nirgundi churna

Nirgundi patti (Vitex negundo)

1/2 tsf twice a day

41 42

0041 0042

Pashan Bhed churna Pathani Lodhra churna

Pashan-bhed roots (Bergenia ligulata) Pathani Lodhra chhal (Symplocos racemosa)

Calculii, Kidney pain Leucorrhoea, Menorrhagia

1/2 -1 gm with water twice a day 1/2 tsf twice a day

43 44 45

0043 0044 0045

Pippera mool churna Pippli churna (Long Piper) Poaad beej (Chakrarmard) churna Punarnava mool churna

Pipperamool Churn (Piper longum) Pippli fruits (Piper longum) Poaad seeds (Cassia tora)

Digestive, Collic disease Colic pain, Cough and Cold Ring worm, Scabies, Skin disease Colic disease, Gonorrhoea, Oedema, Anaemia, Jaundice, Abdominal diseases. for Swalon desease, Heart probllem, piles and fever. Fever, Rheumetide, Cough, Reduce inflammation of trachea. It is cooling, aphrodisiac and nervine tonic. Ideal for development of body muscles and resistance power. Laxative and Purgative Hypertension, Heart diseases, Insomnia, Epilepsy. Cough, Lever, Spleen and Piles. Colic pain, Rheumatic pain An excellent rejuvenator and health tonic.It is aphrodisiac, increases breast milk & appetite.It helps in heeling peptic ulcer. It is well known stimulant, carminative and expectorant. It has good anti-bacterial quality. It is good for dyspepsia, colic, remittent fever, epilepsy, bronchitis and throat disorder. It is an expectorant, anthelminthic, antipyretic & carminative Anti worm, Digestive, blood purification



Punarnava mool (Boerhavia diffusa) Makoi (Solanum nigrum) Rasna patti (Pluchea lanceolata) Safed Musli Root (Chlorophytum borivilianum)

1 -3 gm with water and honey twice a day 1/2 -1 gm with water or honey twice a day 1 -3 gm with water or milk & oily paste to be applied locally 1 table spoonful (tsf) twice a day with water

47 48 49

0047 0048 0049

Makoi Churna Rasna patti churna Safed Musli churna

3 -6 gm with water twice a day 1/2 tsf twice a day with Milk

50 51 52 53 54

0050 0051 0052 0053 0054

Sanai Patti churna Sarpagandha churna Sarponkha churna Saunth churna Shatawar churna

Senna patti (Cassia angustifolia) Sarpgandha roots (Rauvolfia serpentina) Sarponkha Churn (Tephrosia purpurea) Saunth roots (Gingibar officinale) Shatawar Root (Asparagus racemosus)

After meals 1/2 -1 tsf with Munakka 1/2 gm twice a day 3 -5 gm with water twice a day 1/2 -1 gm with water twice a day After meals 1/2 -1 tsf twice a day with Milk



Tulsi Patti churna

Tulsi patti (Ocimum sanctum)

1/2 -1 tsf twice a day with Honey 1/2 -1 tsf twice a day



Vach churna

Root (Acorus calamus)



Vaividang churna

Vaividang seed (Embelia tsjerium cottam) Vidarikand roots (Pueraria tuberosa)



Vidarikand churna



Vidhara mool churna



Ajmodadi churna

61 62 63

0061 0062 0063

Amlakayadi churna Amritadi churna Ashwagandhadi churna

Spermepoeitic Tonic, Good for general weakness & clear sweet voice. Vidhara Root (Argyreia General Debility, Diuretic, speciosa) Aphrodisiac CLASSICAL HERBAL CHURNA Ajmod, Vaividang, Sendha Best Pain killer for stomach and Namak, Deodaru, Chitrak, Joints pain, Aamvat. Pippera mool, saunf, Pippali, Kalimirch, Saunth, Vidhara, Haritiki Aonla, Sendha Namak, Pippli, Useful in loss of appetite and Haritiki, Chitrak indigestion. Giloe, Saunth, Gokhru, It is useful in renal calculi and Gorakhmundi, Varun chhal rheumatic pain. Ashwagandha, Saunth, Pippali, General tonic for all, tridosh Kalimirch, Dalchini, Tejpatra, nashak. Rasayana & Vajikaran Nagkesher, Laung, Jatamansi, Nagarmotha, Sugar & other.

1 -2 tsf twice a day with honey or butter milk after meals 1/2 tsf with milk twice a day 3 -6 gm twice a day

1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a day

1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a day 1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a day 1/2 -1 tsf with milk twice a day after meals



Avipattikar churna

Saunth, Kalimirch, PippAli, Bal Harad, Bahera, Aonla Bid Namak, Elaichi, Tejpatra, Laung, Sugar, Nisoth, Vaividang & Others.

It improves the digestion and useful in several digestive disorders like hyper acidity and colic pain.

1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a day before meals



Dadimashtak churna



Dashang Lep



Dashansanskar churna (Tooth Powder)



Dashmool Kwath churna



Elladi churna



Erandbrasht Haritiki churna Gokshuradi Kwath Churna

Vanshlochan, Elaichi, Dalchini , Pippali, Piparamul, Tejpatra, Nagkeshar, Safed jeera, Anardana, Mishri & others Sirish Chhal, Mulethi, Tagar, Lal Chandan, Elaichi, Jatamansi, Haldi, Daruhaldi, Kutha, Ghee & Others. Harad, Saunth, Nagarmotha, Khair, kapoor, Supari, Kalimirch, Laung, Dalchini, Khadiya mitti. Bel chhal, Gambhari Chhal, Arlu Chhal, Padhal Chhal, Arni Chhal, Gokhuru, Choti Kateli, Badi Kateli, Prashtaparni and shalparni Elaichi, Laung, Nagkeshar, Kolmajja, Lajwanti, Safed Chandan, Priyangu, Nagarmotha, Pippali & Others. Bal harad fried in Arand Tail

It is good appetizer and rectifies the assimilation system.

1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a day

It is used externally for swellings, boils, Erysepelas and Oedema. It is beneficial for all tooth and mouth diseases & keeps gum healthier and prevents bad smell. Arthiritis, Heart, Inflammation, Uterus disorder, in all types of pain.

Topical application with 1/5 part of ghee

2 -3 gm using as a paste with soft brush or finger after meals To be taken as decoction of 1 -2 tsf powder mixed with pippli or ghee 1/2 -1 tsf with honey

Suitable for cough and other respiratory diseases



Gokharu, Arandmool, Vach, Rasna, Punarnava

It is excellent remedy for hyperacidity, constipation and piles. All type of body pain, Aamvat, Arthiritis, Dysuria



Haridra khand

73 74

0073 0074

Haritikiyadi churna Hingwadi churna



Hingwashtak churna



Hystiria-nashak churna



Lawanbhaskar churna



Maharasnadi Quath Churna



Mahasudarshan Churna



Manjishthadi churna

Haldi, Sugar, Saunth, Kalimirch, Pippali, Vaividang, Trifala, Nagkeshar, Shuddha Lauh bhasm, Nishoth & Others. Harad, Pohkarmool, Kachur, Saunth, Vach, pippali, Rasna Shuddha Hing, Pipparamool, Dhania, Jeera, Vach, Chavya, Chitrak, Patha, and others Saunth, Pippali, Sendha Namak, Hing, Ajmoda, Jeera, Krishna Jeera, Kali mirch Hing, Vach, Jatamansi, Kuth, Kala Namak, Vaividang & Others. Panch-lavana, Dhania, Pippali, Pipparamool, Syah Jeera, Tejpatra, Nagkeshar, Saunth, Talispatra, Dalchini, Anardana, Amla veta, Kalimirch & others. Rasna, Dhamasa, Khareti, Arand mool, Deodaru, Kachur, Vach, Adusa, Saunth, Harad, Nagarmotha, Punarnava, Giloe & Others. Triphala, Haldi, Daruhaldi, Chhoti Kateli, Kachur, Pippali, Pipparamool, Giloe, Kutki, Kalmegh and others. Manjishtha, Mishri, Bal Harad, Gulab Phool, Nishoth, Sanai Patti

It is useful in Urticaria, Ringworm, Scabies, Chronic Fever, Worms, Sheet pitta etc. It is ideal for all kind of heartdiseases. Colic pain, Chronic dysentery, Gastropathy, Constipation, in Cardiac and stomach diseases. It is useful in gastric trouble, colic pain and indigestion. It keeps liver healthier. Abdominal pain, Hysteria, Worms, Sleeplessnes & It is useful for mental diseases Stimulates appetite and improves the digestion, useful in loss of appetite, flatulence, constipation and other digestive discomforts. It is useful in rheumatic, Arthritis & Vat Vyadhi

1/2 -1 tsf with lukewarm water twice a day after meals To be taken as decoction of 1 -2 tsf powder twice a day after meals 1-2 tsf with water after meals

1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a day 1 -2 tsf with after meals

1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a day during meals 1 -2 tsf with water twice a day 1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a day after meals

To be taken as decoction of 1 -2 tsf powder twice a day after meals 1/2 -1 tsf with milk twice a day

It is an ideal remedy for chronic fevers and malaria.

It is one of the main anti-pitta remedies. An excellent remedy for skin diseases.

1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a day



Vaishwanar Churna

Sendha Namak, Ajwain, Ajmoda, Saunth, Haritiki Viavidang, Sendha namak, Yavakshar, Kabila, Harad



Vidangadi churna

properties it is used for blood and liver or gall bladder cleansing. In diseases pertaining to rectum, constipation, cardiac dysfunctions, Stomach disorder Wormicide

1 tsf with worm water or butter milk / kanji/ Ghee twice a day 1 -2 tsf with butter milk after meals



Vijay churna

Triphala, Trikatoo, Trijat, Vach, Hing, Patha, Yavakshar, Haldi, Daru haldi, Chavya, Kutki, Indrajau, Chitrakmool, Panch lawan, Pipramool, and others.

It is useful in Piles, jaundice, anaemia, worms and other colic disorders.

1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a day after meals



Vilwadi churna



Anti Amoebia churna



Arjun Herbal Tea (Churna) Vaathar Kwath churna



Bel, Nagarmotha, Elaichi, Safed In Nerval and Mental disorders Chandan, Lal Chandan, Nishoth, Pippali, Chitrakmool, Ashwagandha, Vanshlochan, Shuddha Shilajit & Others. PATENT AYURVEDIC PREPARATIONS Saunf, Bal harad, Saunth, Amoebiasis, diarrhoea. Belguda, kutki, Isabagol, Kuda chhal, Viavidang, Gulab Phool & Others. Arjun chhal, Dalchini, Laung, Ideal cardiac tonic, useful in Elaichi. hypertension, heaviness in the chest, a cardio-protective tonic. Rasnasaptak, Punarnavamool, In Vaat vikar, rheumatic Ashvagandhamool, Nirgundi. arithritis, body-pain etc.

1/2 -1 tsf with milk or kanji water twice a day

1/2 -1 tsf with lukewarm water after meals Decoction of 1/2 -1 tsf with milk and sugar according to taste To be taken as decoction of 1 -2 tsf powder twice a day after meals with vaat capsule. Excellent mouth freshner as and when feel like chewing something 1 -2 tsf with lukewarm milk twice a day Two-three tsf twice daily with milk after meals.



Vindhya Pachak Aonla Supari



Vindhya Paushtik churna Vindhya Satavari Kalp



Aonla, Sendha Namak, Jeera, Ajwain, Saunth, Mishri, Nimbu Ras, Saunf, Pippali, Kalimirch, Anardana, Pudina patti, Adrak. Ashwagandha,Safed Musli Shatavar,Anantmool, Kiwanch, Mulethi Elaichi, Shakkar. Shatavar, Ashwagandha, Safed musli, Arjun chhal, Elaichi, Mishri.

Mouth Freshner, Digestive, a rich source of Vitamin C.

Ideal tonic for body weakness for all age groups. For vitality, strong bones in children and old-age; especially for lactating mothers, in post natal care as an aphrodisiac, uterine tonic and general tonic. To reduce extra fat, obesity, Checks imbalanced cessation of fats in the body.



Vindhya Slim Quath Churna

Trifala, Saunth, Giloe, Kutki, Vaividang, Punarnava

To be taken as decoction of 1 -2 tsf powder twice a day after meals with Slim Capsule Before sleep wash with lukewarm water and then apply locally Gentle massage with local application 2-3 times a day on the affected part. Gentle massage with local application 2-3 times a day on the affected part. Wash the affected part with lukewarm water



Vindhya Foot Crack Cream Vindhya Herbal Balm

PATENT CREAMS/ OINTMENT Ghee, Kapur, Arand tel, Kattha, Foot cracs remover Suhaga, Mom, Kokam. Kapur, Gandhpura tel, Pudina Satwa (Menthol), White Petrolium Jally, Neelgiri Tel & Mom. Nirgundi tel, Mahanarayan Tel, Mahavishgarbha tel, Chandan balalakshadi tel, Pipermint, Kapur, Nilgiri tel, Mahamash tel, Gandhpura tel. Chakramard, Kapur, Suhaga, Mainseal, Ghee,. Fitkari, Mom, Cough and Cold, Headache, useful in sprains and tissueruptures. Pain in joints, muscular stress, headache etc.





Vindhya Peedahari tel



Vindhya Skin Ointment

Eczema, Ringworm & Skin diseases



Antacid-500 Capsule



Anti worm capsule

Kamila, Neela thotha, Neem Tel, Karnj tel PATENT HERBAL CAPSULE Extracts of Avippatikar churn, Abdominal disorder & Acidity Aonla, Mulethi, Nishoth, Shiddhamrut Bhasma, Shoukti Bhasma and Yashad Bhasma, Praval Bhasma, Kamdudha ras. Extracts of :-Palash beej, Effective on all kind of Vaividang, Kutaj chhal Abdominal worms

and then apply locally 2-3 times 1-2 capsules with 1/2 hour before meals with water

2 capsule after meals with water



Antidyral-500 Capsule



Aonla Capsule

Extracts of Daru haldi, Nagarmotha, Kuda chhal, Atis, Jaiphal, Dhania, Adarak, Bael, Maror pahli, Saunf, Anar, White indrajau, Dhawaiphool, Pathani Lodh and Moch ras. Extracts of Aonla (Emblica officinalis)

Abdominal pain, Diarrhoea, Dysentery and Amoebiosis

1-2 capsules after meals with water



Arjun Capsule

Extracts of Arjun Chhal (Terminalia arjuna) Extracts of Giloe (Tinospora cordifolia) Extracts of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)



Ashwagandha Capsule



Bhui-Aonla Capsule

Extracts of Bhui-Aonla (Phyllanthus niruri)



Brahmi Capsule

Extracts of Brahmi; Giloe; Mulethi; Shankh Pushpi



Chyavan forte Capsule



Cough-6 Capsule

Extracts of Aonla, Pippali Kakarasingi, Haritaki, Bhuiaonla, Adusa, Jivanti, Kamalgatta, Elaichi, Chandan, Kachur, Nagarmotha, Pushkarmool, Kauatodi, Mashparni, Vidarikand, Sathi, Agar, Mugdparni, Giloe, Dalchini, Nagkeshar, Dashmool, Ashtbarg and Vanshlochan Extracts of Adusa; Haldi, Tulsi, Mulethi, Kanthkaari, Bhuiaonla.

Strengthens the teeth, stops bleeding of gums and improves eyesight. It nourishes the bones and promotes the growth of healthy, lustrous hair and strong nails. It is also mild laxative Ideal tonic for Heart patient. It reduces cholesterol and triglycerides and maintains blood pressure Good for general weakness, seminal debility, helps putting on weight. It is the best tonic for all age group and useful in arithritis. It is an efficient liver tonic, which improves the functioning of liver and the spleen, useful in jaundice Excellent memory booster. It stimulates the power of selfexpression and intelligence. It rejuvenates brain and nervous system Strong rejuvenating formula useful to control respiratory disorders like chronic cough, lung congestion & general weakness-body immunity. (Act as sugar free Chyawanprash)

1 capsule after meals with water

1 capsule after meals with milk

1 capsule after meals with milk

1 capsule before meals with water

1 capsule after meals with milk

1 capsule after meals with milk

123 124

0123 0124

Dashmool Capsule Diabo-plus 500 Capsule

Extracts of Dashmool. Extracts of Giloe, Chirayta, methi, Gudmar, Jamun guthali, Karela, Bijasar, Tulsi patti, Ashwagandha, Shatawar, Triphala, Trikatu, Neem, Bel patti, Swarn makshhik bhasm & Shilajit. (Bhawna with

It is an effective expectorant, helps to liquify mucous and facilitate its discharge from the body. Useful in the treatment of colds, coughs. Rheumatic pain reliever, uterine tonic in post natalcare. Diabeties, control blood sugar

1 capsule after meals with water

1 capsule after meals with water or milk 1-2 Capsule before meal with water and for better result with 1capsule of hipeto capsule after meal



Giloe Capsule

Gaumutra) Extracts of Giloe



Gold Power-500 Capsule

Extracts of Ashwagandha, Kiwanch beej, Vidhara, safed Musli, Giloe, Gokharu, Jaiphal, Kababchini, Chopchini, Trikatu, Akarkara, Shatawar, Triphala, Gorakhmundi, Salab Mishri & others.

It is an excellent rejuvenator, antipyretic, blood purifier and tonic. It increases the effectiveness of protective white blood cells and builds up body's immune system Aphrodisiac, increases vitality and body strength. It Also useful in paraletic and nervine problem (Perkinsan disease).

1 capsule after meals with milk or water

1-2 capsules with milk



Gyno-8 Capsule

Extracts of Ashok, Ashwagandha, Aonla, Manjuphal, Pathani Lodhra, Giloe, Punarnava and Praval Pishti. Extracts of Arjun, Ashwagandha, Giloe, Trifla



Herbo Card-4 Capsule



Hipato-500 Capsule



Jatamansi Capsule

Extracts of Punarnava, Arjun, Bhringraj, Giloe, Vaividang, Pippali, Sarponkha, Pittapapada, Kadu chirayta, Bhui aonla, Makoi, Kutki and aloe Vera (Bhawna with Bhringraj) Extracts of Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi)

It has a marked effect on the female reproductive system and is useful in treating various gynaecological problems such as excessive, too little or painful bleeding during menstruation. It is an excellent cardio-tonic; improves cardiac function and helps in minimizing cardiac problems. Liver disorders, Jaundice, Anaemia, an excellent remedy for hepatitis.

1 capsule after meals with water

1 capsule after meals with water

1-2 capsules with water



Kaalmegh Capsule

Extracts of Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata)



L-5 Capsule

Extracts of Bhuiaonla, Kutki, Chiraita, Giloe, Punarnava.



Lauh Capsule

Extracts of Trifla, Giloe, Swarna Makshik & Others.

134 135

0134 0135

Lax Capsule Leucoril-500 Capsule

Extracts of Amaltas fruit. Extracts of Pushyanug, shatawar, Nagkesar, Ashwagandha, Majuphal, Triphala, Pathani lodh, Ashok and Dashmool. Extracts of Mahasudarshan churna.

It is useful in indigestion, Insomnia, hysteria, regularization of heart palpitation, in menopause and various types of nervous diseases. It is a hepatic stimulant cholagogoue and blood purifier. It is used in chronic malaria, fever, jaundice and liver & spleen disorders It is considered useful for stimulating liver functions, and is specific for jaundice & liver disorders. Ideal for patients with low haemoglobin, tiredness due to ageing, mental fatigue and general weakness. It increases the haemoglobin and useful in the treatment of anemia Mild laxative. Leucorrhoea, Menorrhagia, Uterine tonic, Metropathy, Menstrual disorder.

1 capsule after meals with milk or water

1 capsule after meals with milk

1 capsule with water

1 capsule after meals with milk

2 capsule after meals with water or milk 1-2 capsules twice a day after meals with water



Mahasudarshan Capsule



Medha-500 Capsule

Extracts of Malkangni, brahmi, shankhpushpi, pipramool,

It is an ideal remedy for all type of fevers and malaria. It is also used for diseases of liver & spleen. Memory booster

1 capsule after meals with milk

1 capsule after meals with milk



Nimbadi Capsule

Vach, saunth, shatawar, ashwagandha, giloe, trikatu, arjun, jatamansi, Bhraingraj, Mukta pishti. Extracts of Nimbadi churna



Slim-500 Capsule



Stress-5 Capsule

Extracts of Triphala, kalimirch, Pippali, Adrak, Chitrak mool, Kala jira, Kutaki, Neem, Nagarmotha, Apamarg, Chavya, methi, Haldi, Punarnava, Bijasar, Nishoth, Vaividang, Aloe vera and Swarn makshhik bhasm, medohar guggul, Shilajit. Extracts of Bramhi, Jatamansi, Malkangni, Sarpgandha, Giloe.

An excellent blood purifier, best for all types of skin diseases dandruff, acne and pyorrhoea Reduces fat, harmless medicine for obesity (very slowly result but no side effects)

1 capsule after meals with water 1-2 capsules with water for better result use with slim kuath churna

Brain-nervine tonic & Memory booster

1 capsule after meals with milk



Trifala Capsule

Extracts of Trifala. (Harad, Baheda, Aonla 1:1:1)



Vaat Capsule



Ashwagandha tel



Bhrangraj tel



Chakramard tel



Chandan bala-lakshadi tel



Chandnadi tel



Dashmool tel



Jatyadi tel



Karanj tel

Extracts of Maharasnaadi Kwath; Nirgundi; Ashwagandha; Tagar; Haldi; Ajmoda & Pravaal Pisti, Godanti Bhasm. CLASSICAL AYURVEDIC TEL Ashwagandha Root, Shodhit Til Strengthens the nerves, Tel, Kamal Keshar, Kamal effective on spermatic and mool, Mulethi, Kamal phul, vaginal diseases. Nagkeshar and other herbs. Shodhit Til tel, Bhringraj Hair tonic, Hair falling, Dandruff Swaras, Manjistha, Rakt Chandan, Bala, Haridra, Mulethi & other herbs. Poad beej, Chandrasur, Rai, Arthiritis, Reduce joint pains. Sarson, Malkangni, Narialgiri, and Til. Shodhit Til Tel, Raktachandan, Effective on Kas (Cough), Bala mool, Lakh, chandan, Asthama, Kshyarog, Light fever, khas and other herbs. Pitt rog, anti inflemetury and useful in burning sunsetion all over the body. Chandan, Haldi, Mulethi, All shorts of chronic fevers, Padmaka, Manjistha, Sarala, Neurological disorders, Hysteria. Deodaru, Narkachur, Shodhit Til Tel & Others. Shodhit Sarson Tel, Dashmool, In orthopaedic & neurological Nirgundi. disorders for good growth of body. Chameli patti, Neem patti, Patol Effective for healing of wounds, patra, Karanj patti, Till tel and sores, erruptions in piles, fistula other herbs. etc. Karanj beej tel. Skin diseases.

Stomach disorders, constipation, annemia, abnormal cholesterol controller and skin diseases. An excellent remedy for Arthritis, joint pains & swellings.

1 capsule after meals with water

1 capsule after meals with milk (Best result with vaathar kwath churna)

Gentle massage twice a day

Scalp application daily or on alternate days with a gentle massage Local application on the affected part 2-3 times a day Gentle massage twice a day as advised by the medical practitioner

Local application or Gentle massage twice a day Gentle massage twice a day as advise by the medical practicenor Local application on the affected part 2-3 times a day Local application on the affected part 2-3 times a day Local application on the affected part 2-3 times a day Local application on the affected part 2-3 times a day



Kasisadi tel



Mahamarichyadi tel

Shodhit Til Tel, Kasis, Pippali, Saunth, Kooth, Kalihari, Pashanbhed, Kaner, Danti, Vaividang and other herbs. Shodhit Sarson tel, Kuchla, Mainseal, Nishoth, Haldi, Daruhaldi, Jatamansi, safed Chandan and Others.

Effective on piles and fistula

Leucoderma, reduces Swellings, Skin diseases



Mahamash tel



Mahanarayan tel



Mahavishgarbha tel

156 157

0156 0157

Neem tel Nimbadi tel

Shodhit Til Tel, Dashmool, Ashwgandha, Kachur, Urad, Bala mool, Ashtwarg & Others. Shodhit Til Tel, Bel, Ashwagandha, Kateli, Gokharu, Syonak, Bala, Neem chhal, Neem mool, Manjistha, Shatawar Swaras and Others. Shodhit Til tel, Dhatura, Nirgundi, Kaner, Manjishtha, Aak, Kuchla, Meetha Vish, Tootiya, Kapur, Ashwagandha, Chitrak, Chakramard, and other herbs. Neem beej tel. Neem tel, Hartal, Mainsil, Mulethi, Bhilawa, Agar, Chandan powder, Shodhit Til Tel & Others. Nirgundi Swaras, Shodhit Til tel

Paralysis, Arthiritis.

Effective on muscular pain, arthritis, paralysis. artho-arthritis

Local application on the affected part 2-3 times a day Gentle massage twice a day

Effective on sciatica, joints pain, arthritis.

Gentle massage twice a day

Effective on eczema, ring-worm and scabies. Effective on Skin diseases, fistula.

Gentle massage twice a day To be applied externaly with a cotton wad



Nirgundi tel

Good for healing of wounds and rheumatic pain reliever.

Local application twice a day



Panchgun tel

Haritiki, Bahera, Aonla, Shodhit Til tel, Wax, Neem patti, Guggul, Neelgiri tel & Others. Prasharani, Shodhit Til tel, Gai ka doodh, Mulethi, Piparamool, Chitrakmool, Sendha Namak, Deodaru, Rasna, Gajpipal, Bhilawa, Vach, Jatamasi & Others. Arand mool, Tagar, Jiwanti, Rasna, Vaividang, Mulheti, saunth, Shodhit Til tel, Milk, Bhringraj Swaras & Others. Gambhari chhal (Kwath), Shodhit Til tel.



Prasharani tel

In joint pains, earache, sores, Burns and in tissue rupture and dislocation of joints, it is an Excellent pain reliever It is used in Bone facture, Hysteria, Neurological disorders, Sinus, it gives strength to weak body parts

Local application on the affected part 2-3 times a day Local application on the affected part 2-3 times a day



Pshadbindu tel

In Sinus, neurological diseases, swelling in nasal tract, Myopic eyesight as nasal drops. For strengthening of breastmuscles.



Shriparani tel



Somraji tel



















Shodhit Sarson tel, Bakuchi, Effective on leprosy, Haldi, Daruhaldi, Kooth, Karanj leucoderma, scabies beej and other herbs. CLASSICAL ASHAV AND ARISHTH Harad, Draksha, Vaividang, Piles, Constipation, Colic Dhawai Phool, Dhania, Saunth, diseases chavya, saunf, dantimool & Others. Giloe, Dashmul, Jeera, Chronic Fever, Urinary tract Pittpapra, Saunth, Dhawai diseases, Skin diseases, Phool, Kalimirch, Pippali, Jaundice, spleen enlargement Nagarmotha, Kutki, Atis, Indrajau, & Others. Arjun chhal, Draksha, Dhawai Excellent for heart and Liver phool, Shahad & Others. diseases, significantly effective on cardio-vascular system. Safed kamal phul, Khus mool, All type of Child diseases & Gambhari chhal, Neel kamal, body immunity nagarmotha manjishtha, Dhawai Phool & Others. Ashoka chhal, Dhawai phool, Leocorrhea, Uterus tonic Nagarmotha, Saunth, daruhaldi, baheda & Others. Ashwagandha, Safed musli, Piles, Brain-tonic, Arthiritis & Manjishtha, Harad, Dhawai general tonic for all age groups Phool, Daruhaldi, Mulethi &

4-6 drops as nasal drops through nose so that it may reach the brain. Local application on the affected part 2-3 times a day Local application on the affected part 2-3 times a day 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals

12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals













Others. Balamool, Dhawai phool, Rasna, Kshirkankoli, Gokhru & Others. Bhringraj ras, Harad, Pippali, jaiphal, Laung, Tejpatra, Dalchini & Others. Safed chandan, Nagarmotha, Gambhari, Neelkamal, Priangu, Padmakh, Lodhra, Manjisth, Patha, Bargad chhal, Moch ras, Lal chandan, Dhawai phool, Draksha & Others. Chvya, Chitrakmool, Dikamali, Pushkarmool, Vach, Kachur, Haritiki, Bahera, Aonla, Ajwain, Dhania, Dantimool, Vaividang, Nagarmotha, Manjith, Nagkesar, Pippali, kalimirch, Dalchini, Nagkeshar, Tejpatra, Dhawai phool & Others.

All type of Bodyache, General Tonic Chronic Fever, Liver tonic and General Tonic It is used for spermatorrhoea, seminal debility, general debility, Stone, urinary troubles disorder, Burning in urine

12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with water after meals

Intestinal and stomach diseases

12-24 ml twice a day with equal quantity of water after meals


































Nagarmotha, Kalimirch, Chavya, Chitrakmool, Haldi, Vaividang, Aonla, Lodhra, Kutki, Safed chandan, Jatamansi, Dalchini, Laung, Nagkesar, Dhawai phool, Draksha & Others. Dashmool, Chitrakmool, Pushkarmool, Prishthaparni, Shalparni, Giloe, Dhawai Phool & Others. Draksha, Dhawai phool, Priyangu, Dalchini, Pippali, Kalimirch, Vaividang, Laung & Others. Draksha, Dhawai phool, kankoli, Laung, Dalchini, Elaichi, Tejpatra, & Others. Kalmegh, Giloe, Kutaki, Karanj panchang, Kutaj, Dhawai phool, Saunth, Kalimirch, Dalchini, Babool chhal, Sharpunkhamool, Aloe vera & others Dhatura panchang, Adusa, Mulethi, Saunth, Bharangi, Talispatra, Laung, Pippali, Kateli, Nagkesar, Dhawai phool, Draksha & Others. Khair chhal, deodaru, Daruhaldi, Triphala, Bakuchi, Nagkeshar, Dalchini, Dhawai Phool & Others. Gwarpatha (Aloe vera), Harad, Dhawai phool, jaiphal, baheda, kababchini, Chitrakmool & Others. Kuda chhal, Draksha, Dhawai phool, gambhari chhal & Others. Lauh bhasm, Saunth, Kalimirch, harad, pippali, baheda, Aonla, Dhawai Phool & Others. Punarnava mool, Trikatu, Triphala, Dhawai phool, Daru-

In chronic old asthma, cough congestion, chronic constipation, Tuberculosis, Urinary troubles, an excellent general tonic.

12-24 ml twice a day with equal quantity of water after meals

Diarrhoea, General tonic for ladies and all age group & best results in post natal-care Stomach disorder, loss of appetite, General Tonic, Laxative, in Piles, Anaemia, Jaundice, Colic disease, General Tonic, Laxative, Piles All sorts of fevers, chronic malaria, typhoid; in jaundice, dropsy; improves new blood formation and sperms In breathing trobles, asthama, dry chronic cough, Chronic fevers, Rakta-pitta disorders

12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water

12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal quantity of water after meals

Blood purifier, in worms, Anaemia

12-24 ml twice a day with equal quantity of water after meals or as advised by the Medical practitioner. 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after

Colic disease, Digestive tonic, oedema, Carminative, Gastric disease, Liver tonic Diarrhoea dysentery, Colic pain, bleeding dysentery Jaundice, Anaemia, oedema, Colic disease, Debility Oedema, Colic disease, Cardiac Tonic, In acidity, stomach










haldi, Gokharu, Kutaki, Giloe, Draksha & Others. Brahmi, Shatavar, Vidarikand, Saunth, Pippali, Vach, Baheda, Harad, Dalchini, Dhawai Phool Ashwagandha & Others. Aonla, Harad, Baheda, pippali, chitrak, ajwain, Vaividang, Dhawaiphool & Others. Varun chhal, Shisham chhal, Pokharmool, Chitrakmool, Dashmool, Deodaru, Kateli, Shatavar, Arjun chhal, Gaj peepal, Khareti, Kakadasinghi, Dhawai Phool, Kachoor & others.

disorders, urinary disorders. Brain Tonic

meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 12-24 ml twice a day with equal quantity of water after meals

Piles, Anaemia, Jaundice, Oedema It is used for spermatorrhoea, seminal debility, general debility, strengthens the nervine system; in Stone, in chronic swellings, urinary troubles; in asthma, chronic cough; piles, fistula, leprosy; in vaginal & gynccological disorders. Anti-worms, Digestive






Aarogyavardhini vati

Vaividang, pippali, rasna, kuda chhal, dhawai phool, Indrajau, patha, aonla, Dalchini & Others. CLASSICAL VATIKA/ GUTIKA/TABLET Shuddh para, Shuddh Kustha, Vaat, Skin Disease, Gandhak, Lauh bhasm, Chronic fevers, It is useful in

12-24 ml twice a day with equal water after meals 2-4 tablets with water or milk.



Agnikumar ras Tablet



Agnitundi Vati



Aladi Gutika

Shuddha Abhrak Bhasma, Shuddha Tamra bhasama, Triphala, Shuddh shilajit, Shuddh guggul, Chitrak chhal, Kutki, Neem patti swars & Others. Kalimirch, Vach, Kutaj, Nagar motha, Shuddh Para, shuddha Gandhak, Shuddh Vatsnabh, Saunth, Ajmod, Shuddh Tankan, Chitrakmool, & Others. Shuddh Para, Shuddh Gandhak,Shuddh Vatsnabh, Trifla, Sajjikhar, Yavkshar, Chitrakmul, Shuddha Suhaga, Shuddha Kuchla & Others. Elaichi, Mulethi, Tejpatra, Dalchini, Chhuara, Mishri, Draksha, Honey & Others. Shuddh Para, Shuddh Gandhak, Shodhit Lauh bhasm, Shuddha Abhrak Bhasma, Haritiki, Danti mool, Suhaga, Yavkshar, Thuhar milk & Others. Kapur, Vach, Nagarmotha, Giloe, Atis, Deodaru, Daruhaldi, Pipramool, Chitrak, Triphla, Saunth, Swarnmakshik Bhasma, Nishoth, Tejpatra, Dalchini, Mishri, Shuddha shilajit, Shuddha guggul & Others. Chitrak, Pippera mool, Trikatu, Ajmod, Chavya, Shuddha Hingh, Nimbu Ras & Others. Shuddh Gandhak, Milk, Saunth, Laung, Kalimirch, Sendha Namak, Nimbu ras Bhangra Swaras, Adrak Ras & Others. Shuddha Hing, Saunth,

colic pain and indigestion. It keeps liver healthier and acts a heart tonic.

A loss of appetite, acidity, burning sensation, headache, stomach disorders

1 tablets with water twice a day

It is an excellent remedy for anorexia, loss of appetite etc.

1-2 tablets daily after meals.



Arshkuthar ras Tablet

Useful in Dry cough, Cough due to tuberculosis, stops bleeding from mouth, fever, vomit, thirst & unconsciousness It is useful in bleeding piles & constipation.

1-1 Tablets with water/ milk or chew 3-4 tablets daily. 1 tablets twice a day with water.



Chandraprabha vati

Urinary tract infections, stones, uterus disorders, male seminal disorders. All type of prameh.

2-4 tablets twice daily



Chitrakadi vati



Gandhak rasayan Tablet



Hingvadi vati

It is useful in gastric trouble, colic pain, dysentry and indigestion. It is used to check anorexia & diarrhoea, Skin diseases, Chronic fevers & Ehecks graying of hair Regulates digestive system and

2-4 tablets with water three times daily. 1 tablet with warm water once a day

2-4 tablets with water

198 199

0198 0199

Jahar mohra pishti Kankayan vati (Arsh)

Kalimirch, Pippali, Ajwain, Sendha Namak, Kala Namak & Others. Shuddha Jahar mohra. Haritiki, Kalimirch, Jeera, Pippra mool, Chavya, Chitrakmool, Saunth, Shuddha Bhilava, Jimikand & others. Kachur, Pohkar mool, Danti, Chitrakmool, Saunth, Vach, Hing, Kalimirch, Dhania, Kalaunji, Ajmod & Others. Kattha, Javitri, Kapur, Kankol, Manjishtha, Nagarmotha, Mulethi, Triphala, Dalchini & others. Kuda chhal, Atis & Others.

other gastric disorders.

2-3 times daily.

In Heart, Liver and Brain problems, Acidity, It is useful in bleeding piles, Chronic constipation; anorexia, Jaundice, abdominal pain. It is excellent remedy for all sports of ulcer, swellings piles etc. It is also useful in wormicide

As Advised by medical practitioner 2-4 tablets with butter milk twice a day



Kankayan vati (Gulm)



Khadiradi vati



Kutajghan vati



Lahshunadi vati

Lahsun, Jeera, Shuddha Hing, Saunth, Pippali, Kali mirch, Sendha Namak, Nimbu ras & Others.

In Mouth ulcers chew this tablets slowly. It is useful for voice disorder and also reduces cough. It is useful in blood dysentry, diarrhoea, Amaeobisis, losemotion, in fever, Piles, Fistula Best medicine for gastric troubles.

2-3 tablets with warm water/ Ghee or milk three times a day or as advise by a medical practicenor Chew 1-1 tablet.

2-4 tablets with cold water three to four times a day 2-4 tablets three times daily with water or buttermilk.



Laxmivilas ras (Nardiya)

Shuddha Abharak, Gandhak, and Para, Kapur, Dhatura, Vidarikand, Shatavar, Nagbala, Atibala, Gokharu & Others.



Nagarjunabhra ras

Shuddha abhrak, Arjun chhal & Others. Trikatu, Triphala, Vaividang, Chitrak mool, Shuddha Lauh Bhasma, Nagarmotha & Others. Shuddha Swarn makshik bhasm, Shuddha Lauh bhasm, Shuddh Shilajit, Shuddha Abhrak, Vanshlochan, Arjun chhal & Others. Shuddh Lauh bhasm, Shuddh Tamra bhasm, Shuddh Hartal, Vangbhasm, Koudi bhasm, Triphala, Trikatu, Chitrak, Vaividang, Chavya, Pippali, Vach, Kachur, Patha & Others. Punarnava, Nishoth, Trikatu, Vaividang, chitrak, Daruhaldi, Dantimool, Triphla, Indrajau, Kutki, Pipramool, Nagarmotha, Shodhit mandoor bhasma. & Others. Vaividang, saunth, pippali, Triphla, Vach, Giloe, Shuddha Bhilawa, Shuddha Vatsanabh & Others. Mulethi, Haritaki, Baheda, Aonla, Shodhit lauh bhasma & Others. Imli Chhar, Panch lavana,



Nawayas lauh Tablet



Prabhakar vati

Swas, Kasa, Fever In stomach and urological disorder, spermetoria, Leprosy, Btels, Rectal diseases, Fishtula, Intestinal disorders, Ear, nose & facial diseases, Sinus, Piles etc. Cardiac trouble, Piles, Fistula, Chronic fever, Loss of appetite, Stomach disorder Jaundice, Leprosy, Piles, Dropsy, Cardiac dysfunctions. anaemia, Heart desease, Stomach desease Strengthens the heart and lungs. Regulates heartbeat, respiration.

1 tablet with honey/ milk or betel leave ras or Zinger & Tulsi ras as advise by a medical practicenor 1 Capsule once a day with water & Arjun Kwath 1-2 tablets with honey, sugar & ghee.

1tablet twice a day with honey & Arjun Kwath



Pradarantak lauh Tablet

Gynaecological problems, jaundice, asthma, breathing trouble, loss of appetite, urological disorders, Shwet Pradar, Rakta Pradar Strengthening the intestines, wormicide,abdominal & Liver disorders, anaemia etc.

1-2 tablets with honey, sugar & ghee.



Punarnavadi Mandoor



Sanjeevani Vati (Special)



Saptamarat lauh Tablet



Shankh Vati

Fever, Indigestion, worm, abdominal pain, cough, early stage of typhoid and sannipaataj Jwar. Eye diseases, anaemia Stomach disorder, obesity fever, amlapitta Abdominal pain, diarrhoea,

1-2 tablets twice a day in swelling(Shoth) with cow-urine, In jaundice with punarnava swaras and in abdominal disorders with triphla kwath. 1-3 tablets twice a day with Saunth swa-ras or water. 1-2 tablet twice a day after meals with honey, ghee and milk 1-2 tablet twice a day



Shilajityadi lauh Vati.



Shilajatu vati



Shirashuladivajra ras Tablet



Sutshekhar ras Tablet without swarna



Swashkuthar ras Tablet

Nimbu ras, shodhit shankh Dysentery, sangrihani, spleen bhasma, shuddha para, related troubles. Shuddha gandhak, Pippali & Others. Shuddha shilajit, pippali, Rajyakshama, Raktapitta, kasa, Saunth, Kalimirch, Shuddha blood defficiency & as swarnmakshik bhasma, Rasayana Shuddha lauh bhasma & Others. Shuddha Shilajit, Shuddha It is considered useful for Guggul, Shuddha Lauh bhasm, diabeties, general debility and Shuddha Vang Bhasma, oedema. Excessive Urination, Shuddha Swaranmakshik Vajikaran bhasm & Others. Shuddha para, Shuddha Headache, migrain, cough & gandhak, Shuddha lauh cold. bhasma, shuddha guggul, triphla, Kuth, mulethi, saunth, pippali, gokshur, Vaividang, dashmool & Others. Shuddha para, shuddha Urological disorders, gandhak, trikatu, shuddha Acidity(Amlapitta), giddiness. dhatura, shuddha tankan Sutika Jwar, Headache, bhasma, shuddha tamra Stomatitis bhasma, nagkesar, shankh bhasma & Others. Shuddha para, Shuddha Asthma, cough, sannipaat-Jwar, gandhak, Shuddha vatsnabh, Swas, Kasa shuddha mainsil, Kalimirch, saunth, pippali & Others. CLASSICAL GUGGULU

after meals with honey or water or buttar milk

1-3 tablet twice a day with honey or milk.

2-4 tablets with milk, water or honey. Twice a day.

1-2 tablet twice a day with water or milk

1-2 tablet twice a day after meals with honey.

1-2 tablet twice a day after meals with Saunth swaras



Gokshuradi Guggulu



Kaishore Guggulu

Gokharu, Shuddha Guggul, Trikatu, Triphala, Nagarmotha & Others. Shuddh guggul, Triphala, Giloe, Saunth, Kalimirch, Pippali, Vaividang, Nishoth, Dantimool, Giloe & others.



Kanchnar Guggulu



Lakshadi Guggulu



Mahayograj Guggulu



Panchtiktghrit Guggulu



Punanarva Guggulu



Rasnadi Guggulu

Kanchnar chhal, Saunth, pippali, kalimirch, Triphala, Varun chhal, Tejpatra, Dalchini, Shuddh Guggulu & others. Lakh, Harsinghar, Arjun chhal, Ashwagandha, Shuddha Guggul & others. Shuddha Guggul, Saunth, Pippali, ChAvya, Pipparamool, Chitrakmool, Hing, Ajwain, Jeera, Indrajau, Patha, Vaividang, Kutki, Atis, Vach. Triphala, Giloe, Dashmool & others. Giloe, Adusa, Neem, Shuddh Guggul, Patha, Vaividang, Chavya, Kutaj, Chitrak, Pipparamool, Triphala, Ajwaian & others. Punnarnava mool, Eranadmool, Shuddha Guggul, Nishoth, Giloe, Triphala, Vaividang & others. Rasna, Giloe, Arand mool. Deodaru, Saunth, Shuddha

Urinary tract infections, stones, uterus disorders, male seminal disorders. Chronic Cough and cold, Anemia, Jaundice, Colic disease, General Tonic, laxative, Piles. Its continued use purifies blood and eliminates gastric disorders. It is useful in hyperthyroid, tumors of neck and nose, leprosy. Useful in bone related disorders, heart troubles, male seminal disorders. It is useful in rheumatism, Arthritis, Hernia, cough and cold. All types of Arthritis

1-2 Tablets with water/milk 2-3 times daily. 1-4 tablets twice daily or according to disorder

1-1 tablet with water/milk.

1-2 Tablets with water/milk 2-3 times daily. 1-1 tablet twice daily acording to symptoms

Anti-venom, gastric troubles, leprosy, neural disorder, thyroid, heart disease, It purifies and increases blood & Skin diseases Sciatica, removes cough congestion, blood purifier, respiratory tract disorders. Sciatica, Earache, neurological disorders, arthritis

2-4 tablets 2-3 times with water.

2-3 tablets twice daily with luke warm water or with punarnawadi Kwath. 1-1 tablet twice daily with warm water or

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Guggulu & others. Triphala, Shuddha Guggul, Shuddha Gandhak, Arand tel & others. Harad, Bahera, Aonla, Pippali, Shuddha guggul & others. Saunth, Pippali, Chvya, Pipparamool, Chitrak, Indrajau, Patha, Kutki, Atis, Bharngi, Vach, Murva, Triphala, Guggulu & others Shodhit Godanti. with Dashmool quath It is useful in Cough, leprosy, gastric disorders and other blood related problems Colic disease, Piles, Abdominal disease Leprosy, Piles, Sprue, Gout, Fistula 1-4 tablets twice daily with water



Singhnad Guggulu



Triphala Guggulu

2-2 tablets twice daily with milk 2-2 tablet twice daily acording to symptoms



Yograj Guggulu

MANDUR / BHASMA 229 0229 Godanti Bhasma Fever, headache, dry cough, gynaecological disorders Anaemia, Fever, General weakness, liver disease. Shoth, Jaundice, 2 to 8 ratti bhasm with Mishri or Honey. 1 to 2 ratti bhasm with Milk or Honey. 1 to 3 ratti bhasm with



Lauh Bhasma

Shuddha lauh Bhasma.



Mandur Bhasma

Shuddh Mandur.

anaemic conditions 232 HONEY 233 0233 Honey Wild Rock-bee honey (Multiple flora wild) It is an antioxidant, antibacterial, anti ageing and antibiotic. Each gm of honey contains 3 calories, as food supplement and a complete food. 0232 Swarnamakshik Bhasma Shuddha Swarnamakshik Bhasma. Jaundice, pittavikaar, chronic fever, Kshya roga

Honey two times in a day. 1 to 3 ratti bhasm with Honey or Giloe extract. 2-3 tsf with lukewarm/ hot/cold/lime water as advised twice a day



Saubhagya Shunthi Paak

Saunth,Ghee, Satawa, Vidarikand Safed Musli, Gokharu & Others.



Supari Paak

ChikaniSupari, kapoor, nagarmotha ajwain,singara, satawar, dry fruits,chandan and others.

Grahani to prevent post delivery problems of impaired lactation, body pains, sutika roga, arthritis, fever, oedema and kasa. Ideal tonic for ladies and Gents. General tonic for Ladies & Gents, Rasayana, Vajikarak

10-20gm. With milk after meals.

5-10gm. With milk after meals.

market rates of medicinal plants
Avarage Rate (Rs./Kg.) S.N. Medicine Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Aonla Ajmoda Madrasi Anantmool Black Anantmool Baheda Fruit Baheda pulp seed lests Sagargota Nagarmotha Roots Arjun Bark Chitrak Bark Ashok Bark Varahikand Vidarikand Safed Bal harra Bhringraj Desi Chitrakmool Desi Chitrakmool Madrasi Ashvagandha Botanical name Emblica officinalis Apium graveolens Hemidesmus Indicus Hemidesmus Indicus Terminalia bellerica Terminalia bellerica Ceasalpinia crista Cyperus scariosus Terminalia arjuna Plumbago zeylanica Saraca asoca Dioscorea bulbifera Pueraria tuberosa Terminalia chebula Eclipta alba Plumbago zeylanica Plumbago zeylanica Withania somnifera

19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58

Japanise Mint Bael pulp Vai vidang Chirayta hara Safed Karench beej Malkagni seeds Marodphali Mushkdana Shataver yellow Safed Shataver Peepli small Sheetalchini Kali musli Safedmusli Musli desi Shilajeet Vanshlochan blue Makoy Ghud-bach Sugandh-mantri Bawchi Maida lakdi Rasout Ghratkumari Sarpgandha Lodhpathani Kutki Shankhpushpi Tulsi leaves Tulsi seeds Utangan seeds Mandookparni Nepali Chiraita Peepali big Nepali Balchhad Afgani Mulethi Afgani Mulethi Powder Baheda fruit Vichar Dhara Kapoor Kachri

Mentha arvensis Aegle marmelos Embelia ribes Andrographis paniculata Mucuna pruriens Celastrus paniculatus Helicteris isora Abelmoschus moschatus Asparagus racemosus Asparagus racemosus Piper Nigrum Piper Cubaba Curculigo orchioides Chlorophytum tuberosum Chlorophytum sp Hames remnant Indigo Solanum nigrum Acorus calamus

Psoralea corylifolia Litsea glutinosa

Aloe barbadensis Rauvolfia serpentina Simplocos racemosa Picrorrhiza kurrao Evolulus alsinoides Ocimum basilicum Ocimum basilicum

Centella asiatica Swertia chirata

Piper longum Glycyrrhiza glabra Glycyrrhiza glabra Terminalia bellerica Hedychium spicatum -----------0 ----------0 ----------0

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Avarage Rate (Rs./Kg.)

Rates of non wood forest Products
Botanical name

S.no. Name of NTFP
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

Dashmool Hauber Indrayan root Vindaal Kusum flower Gorakhmundi Salampanja Guggal gum Henna Kasni Chaubchini Lokhandi Lac(Peepal) Khatmi Maajuphal Sahjan gum Vanaphasha Kundru gum Kulanjan Amaltasphali Laungpatta Rose flower Priyangu flower Khareti seeds Chhadila (Nepali) Shikakai fruit Aritha fruit Salabgatta Kakadisingi Tutz Kaiphal Tagar root Talispatra Kakauli Kokla extract Ratanjot seeds Unnab Afgani
Jatorpha curcus Ziziphus Sativa Mystrica esulenta Valerian Wallichii Ambes Viviana Pistacia integerrima Sida spinosa Parmelia perforata Acacia concinna Sapindus trifoliatus Quercus intectoria Moringa oleifera Viola cinerea Vateria indica Alpinia galanga Cassia fistula Euzinia coriafilus Rosa indica Schleichera oleosa Sphaerantus indicus Dacylorhiza hatagirea Commiphora mukul Lawsonia inermis Psykorean intibus Smilax glabra lxora parvifilora Citrullus colocynhis

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Name of the OIL drug

Package form /




1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

-Nirgundi Tel -Ashvagandha Tel -Neem Tel -Shreeparni Tel -Mahanarayan Tel -Mahavishgarbh Tel -Jatyadi Tel -Kasisadi Tel -Somraji Tel -Nimbadi Tel -Malkangni Tel -Chandanbalalachadi Tel -Bhringraj Tel -Arand Tel -Karanj Tel -Chakramard Tel -Chandnadi Tel -Mahamarichyadi Tel -Mahamash Tel

S.No. Name of the drug Package form Rate in

1 2 3 4. 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Abhyarist Amritarisht Arjunarisht Ashwagandharisht Ashokarisht Balarisht Dashmoolarisht Khadirarisht Kutjarisht Saraswatarisht Vidangarisht Draksharisht Triphalarisht Arvindasav Drakshasav Lohasav Punnarvasav Bhiringrajsav

450 ml 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml. 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml



450 ml


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Honey Honey Honey Honey Honey Honey Honey

1 kg 500g 250g 100g 50g 25g Loose per kg


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