Incoming Freshmen (Entrance Scholar

Want to be a PUP Scholar? You can be a PUP Entrance Scholar if you are a graduating High School student with any of the following qualifications:

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Valedictorian Salutatorian First Honorable Mention Campus Journalist Supreme Student Council President Achiever/Awardee of Distinctive Award Outstanding Artist or Outstanding Athlete.

March 30 to April 4, 2009 Interview, processing of credentials, examination and on-line registration April 13 to 17, 2009 Issuance of Medical Clearance and Certificate of Entrance Scholarship Grant

Requirements: A. Essential Documents: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. B. Certification (with school dry seal) from the High School Principal Certificate of Good Moral Character Birth Certificate from NSO High School Card (Form 138) Income Tax Return of parent/guardian or Barangay certificate of non-payment of ITR Copy of Graduation Program Four (4) pcs. of passport-size picture (with printed name)

Specific Documents: All other documents serve as evidence/proof that will attest to the qualification of the entrance scholar-applicant.

Note: To qualify, applicants must take and pass the PUP Scholastic Aptitude and Interest Test (PUPSAIT) at the Guidance and Counseling Office. Bring all the documents (essential and specific) during the scheduled date of interview, processing of credentials, and examination.

Application and Screening Procedures for Entrance Scholarship
1. Proceed to the respective Screening Committee/Office for qualifying interview and submission of required specific documents.

Mesa. Manila) b. Entrance Scholarship Committee for final recommendation. Pureza St. Proceed to the Admission Office. Entrance Scholarship Committee for final approval. West Wing 119 for the submission of the essential documents itemized in OSFA-FI-2008 (Essential/General Requirements for Entrance Scholarship). OSFA refers the applicant to the Guidance and Counseling Office (GCO). Proceed to the Office of the Director of Student Services (ODSS). Sta.Office of the Student Services (2/F Charlie Del Rosario Student Development Center. President of Supreme Student Council and Achiever/Awardee . . Sta. For Valedictorian. PUP Mabini Campus. Ground Floor East Wing. 2/F Charlie del Rosario Student Development Center.College of Physical Education and Sports (PUP Gym. c. Antique House PUP NDC Campus. Manila For Outstanding Artist . Mesa. Ground Floor. Proceed to the Office of the VP for Student Services and Chair. Mabini Campus. Ground Floor. 1st Honorable Mention. West Wing and secure admission slip. Fill out the OSFA-F3-2008 (Application Form for Scholarship/Grant/Financial Assistance) and OSFA-F4-2008 (Personal Data Sheet for Scholarship/Grant and Financial Aid applicant). Mesa. Mesa. Manila For Outstanding Athlete . Sta. PUP Mabini Campus. The Screening Committee/Office concerned will issue the applicant OSFA-F2-2008 (Entrance Scholarship Committee Route and Approval Sheet). Proceed to Office of Scholarship and Financial Assistance (OSFA).. and Co-Chair. Manila) For Campus Journalist . to take the PUPSAIT.Office of the University Center for Culture and the Arts. Salutatorian. d. 2/F Charlie del Rosario Student Development Center. Sta.a.Public Affairs Office.

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