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Hellenic PostBanks pawn facility is the only reliable player in the sector in Greece and has been active

member of Greek society from its establishment to the present day. The State Pawn Facility commenced operations on 11.10.1934 with the financial support of Hellenic PostBanks forerunner, as a way to bring relief to the working classes who were falling victim to loan sharks as a result of the economic crisis back then. Today Hellenic PostBanks Pawn Facility provides loans on favourable terms to citizens who cannot obtain a bank loan and need immediate cash. This is a real social policy service. A key factor in how the Hellenic PostBanks Pawn Facility operates is what so clearly sets it apart from other pawnshops: if the item is sold, the excess is paid over the customer after the loan has been paid off. TT Hellenic Postbank offers low-rate loans by pledging items with the following pledge offices: 1. Athens (2 Sofokleous St., tel. 210-3704057/58/55 and 2103704777/4823) 2. Thessaloniki (104 Aigaiou St., tel. 2310-412311). Loan 6% Charges of 4% General Information up to 5,000 rate

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Pledged items may include gold jewelry with or without precious stones, silverware and gold or brand watches, hand-wound and automatic. Interested customers must have legal age. The assessment of pledged items is made by a TT Hellenic Postbank expert-assessor. Loans on a pledge are made for a period of three (3) months, upon application of the interested person. The corresponding loan interest is paid in advance upon signing of the loan. Loans granted up to the amount of 5,000 at a 6% rate p.a. Loans are charged with maintenance costs of 4% p.a. on the amount of assessment, plus VAT 23% on costs. Prices for gold and silver on which assessments of pledged items are based have been determined as follows: a) for 24 carat gold, 10,000/ kg, and b) for silver, 200/ kg.

Procedure 1. Interested customers must procure the items to be pledged to the assessor and sign the relevant application. The applicants ID Card and a tax clearance statement are also required. 2. Upon making of the loan, the borrower shall receive a pledge receipt containing an accurate description of the pledged items, and collect the amount of the loan. After packaging, the items are safe-kept in TT Hellenic Postbank's high security vaults. 3. Upon loan maturity, a borrower may: a) repay the loan and receive the pledged items. b) renew the loan for another quarter at the applicable rate as of the date of renewal (current rate 6% p.a.). In case of non-repayment or non-renewal, the loan shall be in default, charged with default interest. Default interest is determined by means of decision of the Governor of the Bank of Greece, currently set at 2.5% p.a. on the amount of loan. Auctions

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Upon lapse of two (2) quarters from the initial making of the loan and in case of nonappearance of the borrower, the loan shall be considered in arrears. Loans in arrears shall be sold in public auctions with the responsibility of TT Hellenic Postbank, without the obligation to notify the debtor. Pledges to be sold shall be placed in special showcases at the pledge office 5 days prior to the day of the auction. The auction shall be performed by the competent auction committee of TT Hellenic Postbank, which meets at the pledge office: o in Athens, every other Wednesday once or twice a month, from 15:00 and until the completion of the auction; o in Thessaloniki, every other Wednesday once a month from 15:00 and until the completion of the auction. Auctions are also performed from October to (and including) June. The auction procedure may generate a surplus, which shall be payable to the debtor.

Surpluses less than 3 shall be written off after three years, while higher amounts shall be written off after five years.