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We identify the exclusive quality of your business that sets you apart from the competition, then build

and promote brand awareness. A marketing plan can take many different forms. We identify your targets, needs and objectives to design & formulate a customized Strategic Marketing Plan . Page | 1 India currently has over 200,000 hotel rooms spread across hotel categories and guesthouses and is still facing a shortfall of over 100,000 rooms (Source: FHRAI). The country is witnessing an unprecedented growth in hotel constructions and will be adding almost 114,000 hotel guest rooms to its inventory over the next five years. (Source: HVS) Hospitality Industry is showing positive growth hence the Market Competitiveness is also at its peak. Competitiveness refers to - the ability and willingness to compete and two most important underlying criteria of competitiveness are - Profitability and Productivity, that is, increased competitiveness is reflected in sustained growth in productivity and profitability. Since productivity and profitability are vital for all organizations, industries, sectors and nations, it indicates that the concept of competitiveness is equally applicable to each of these entities, so it is a must that they appreciate the conceptual framework of competitiveness and the various forms that it takes, (commercial competitiveness, market competitiveness etc.) along with the fact that it is a complex on-going process affected by a range of factors / inputs. The trends that are dominating Hospitality Industry are: Globalization Partnership Marketing Niche Marketing & Branding Technology Environmental Awareness Guest Preference Relationship Marketing

When we plan a Marketing Strategy for this highly competitive market then three significant trends play the key role: Information key to servicing the demanding customer: The modern traveller wants to have experiences built around their personal needs. The hotel industry recognises that it must go further in its adoption of social networking. User reviews expose the truth of a hotel's brand since customers often use their peer group as the main source of information. Hotels are now challenged with maintaining high standards and meeting the expectations of customers who have done a significant amount of research before they travel. The more demanding customer of the future will want to engage with a hotel across all touch points where appropriate. Hotels will

need to capture and store more data, yet access to it must be faster and more targeted in order to personalise the guest experience. Opportunities for growth into new markets: The country has been flooded by some of the world's leading hotel brands. New brands such as Amanda, Satinwoods, Banana Tree, Hampton Inns, Scandium by Hilt and Mandarin Oriental are planningPage | 2 to enter the Indian hospitality industry in joint ventures with domestic hotel majors.

International Hotel Brands Brand Carlson Four Seasons Starwood Hyatt Marriott Wyndham Hilton Intercontinental Fairmont Raffles Accor Source: Business Standard No. of hotels 50 6 15 10 24 50 75 41 15 44 Target date 2012 2012-13 2012 2012-13 2012 2011 2015 2012 2012-13 2012

Technological integration to improve operational efficiency: As distribution, channel and content management becomes more complex, ensuring tight integration between these cores systems will become an even higher priority for hotels. Applications, databases and networks must integrate more easily with each other and third-party systems to facilitate collaborations with partners. The growing importance of the mobile channel is clear. Although the use of smaller devices for booking is not yet commonplace, it is anticipated the technology platforms used by hospitality companies must support and enable all user interactions to integrate in the future, from phone to fax to PC to PDA to mobile.

The services we provide to augment the Brand and promotion of Hospitality Industry are as follows:

E-commerce: Sales & Marketing Plans (Online & Offline) Mystery/Secret Shopper Feasibility Study Business Performance Management Management Information System

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E-COMMERCE: The Internet has consolidated itself as a very powerful platform that has changed the way we communicate, and the way we do business. Over the last decade the population of Internet users has increased rapidly. The hospitality industry has always been among the first to capitalize on new technologies. Costumers are constantly seeking new sources of information to help them make decisions before purchasing services. E-commerce has been defined as "the buying and selling of products and services by businesses and consumers over the Internet." With hotel e-commerce, the landscape of the hospitality industry is forever changed. Online sales are an important part of the business. The growing importance of ecommerce in the modern hospitality industry has created an urgent need for simple solutions to manage companies' online presence. Now that each hotel is involved in ecommerce, hotel e-commerce is important because: Accelerating Internet usage worldwide The Internet is the lowest cost hotel-booking channel Most travellers research hotel reservations on the Internet Social media and online hotel reviews are an increasingly important decision factor The web is the preferred media source for travel information, favoured 17:1 over television and 6:1 over newspapers and magazines.

Our comprehensive e-commerce management services cover every aspect of your online presence, from search engine rankings to third-party listings on Tripadvisor, Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz. Get the results you need. We know the steps to take to increase sales online, and well use our proven solutions to get you results. EFFECTIVE SALES & MARKETING: provides tactful and effective hospitality marketing strategy for geometrical growth. The company specializes in helping travel businesses profitably create brand resonance, customer engagement and exemplary service delivery processes. With a focus on creating actionable and measurable business plans, we practice aligns marketing strategies with the most effective technologies and efficient operational processes. The strategic foundation and tactical initiatives proposed are always based on two elemental functions: Solid Analysis and Speed to Market. We provide innovative customer-centric solutions, which are results-oriented and deliver following strategic solutions:

Customer Engagement & Brand Strategy Alignment Hospitality Industry & Online Travel Agency Negotiations Customer Relationship Management & Segmentation Travel Reservation Processes & Booking Conversion Hotel Marketing Planning & Online Sales Promotion Marketing Planning & Multichannel Promotion Solutions Competitive Positioning & Market Penetration Strategies Product Innovation & Niche Product Development Operating Profitability & Performance Enhancement Social Media Strategy & Reputation Management Page | 4

Competitive Analysis: Get an in-depth analysis of your local hotel sales competition. Find out where the unique opportunities exist in your market that should be exploited, which hotels are taking your business-and what can you do to beat them at their own game. Market Research: Plan B Hospitality Consulting will research your target market to determine the best hotel marketing strategies to reach new clients and boost sales. Hotel Marketing Plan: Well create a hotel marketing plan that will direct all your hotel advertising and outreach efforts. The hotel marketing plan we create will take into account all relevant factors such as budget, competition and your hotels target audience. Hotel Sales Promotion: Based on our experience in hotel sales and marketing, well create promotions tailored to your needs across all platforms-from online hotel marketing and hotel marketing on the web to traditional hotel advertising outlets. Trade Shows: Hospitality trade shows offer a unique opportunity to network and create valuable new alliances in the hotel industry. Hospitality Consulting can prepare everything from your employees who will be working the booth to your trade show marketing materials. Employee Training: Increasing sales starts with employees who know how to make sales. We will provide effective training to your staff to increase sales while respecting the integrity of the hotel brand standards.

MYSTERY SHOPPER: A hotel mystery shopper can provide invaluable insight into the current state of your hotelsPage | 5 operations and employees. Find out how well your guests are really being treated, and get the client perspective you need to make the right decisions for your business. A mystery shopper is a key strategy to understanding client perceptions about your hotel. We follow up our secret shopping service with a comprehensive report that not only details the findings of our hotel mystery shopper; it also gives you a list of concrete actions you can take to increase sales at your hotel. Benefits of Mystery Shopping Service: Competitive Edge: Faced with a situation where your service isn't greatly different from that of your competitors and you don't want to risk a price war which lowers your profitability, it is worth looking at ways in which you can make the quality of your customer service better than that of your competitors. The advantages are that quality in customer service doesn't always cost more and that it is often something which isn't easy for a competitor to copy. Quality of customer service tends to be more important to a customer than many other features of a product - even price. Indeed many profitable firms rely on their reputation for good customer service to sustain a price differential over their competitors. Measuring Gap: Managing the 'Gap' may include proactive customer relations, empowerment of local staff to take extraordinary action or fall back operational arrangements. But if the 'Gap' isn't monitored or measured it can't be managed. Mystery Shopping helps us to measure such gaps and make prepare for contingencies with proper planning. Customer service quality is intangible - and therefore tends to be difficult to measure. There are of course many well-known traps. Complaint and compliment rates can lead to a false sense of security, if nine out of ten dissatisfied customers don't complain. Delivery targets are important, but the quality of the experience (food, stay, value-added service, and ambience) may be even more important. Admiration from customers for your new waiting room is of little benefit if at your competitors' establishment they are never kept waiting. FEASIBILITY STUDY: There are always decisions to be made, possible roads to go down and improvements to be considered. But whats the best course to take? A feasibility study gives you the hard data, research and insights you need to make an informed decision for your business. Know the

right decision to make for your business before you commit your time and money into a project. Minimize Risk. Maximize Profit. We bring our in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry to the feasibility studies we conduct on behalf of our clients. Importance of feasibility study is as follows: Page | 6

Marketability Study Who are your Competitors Define Spatial Monopoly Risk Analysis and Mitigation

BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: The process of business performance management (BPM) focuses on three activities. These activities include the selection of business goals, consolidating measurable information relevant to those goals, and the participation of management to assist in improving future performance. This process involves the gathering of large amounts of data. Commonly most organizations have difficulties taking the collected data and transforming it into useful information. Also many companies are trying to gather information from different sectors of their organization such as finance, inventory, forecasting, and human resources eliminating the need to use spreadsheet analysis. For reasons such as inaccurate data due to the inability to acquire timely information, decision makers are unable to correctly identify appropriate strategic actions.

The plans and execution done for Branding, Promotion and Marketing have to be consistently monitored for its performance and result generation. This is an on-going activity that will be done by us to review at set periods. The tool to support BPM is Management Information System (MIS). Management Information System: The plans, forecasting and execution of plans is based on the information that we get from various sources hence the role of information is as an essential tool for us in planning and decision making. Our MIS Solution is a well-co-ordinated information system, a database that is to provide management with needed information to plan and make decisions. It gives operational data for planning, scheduling and control. It helps in decision making and to correct an out of control situation. It helps middle management in short term planning, target setting and control the business functions.

It helps top management in goal setting, planning business planes and its implementations. It helps in generating information, communicating of the generated information, problem identification and helps in the process of decision making. One of the fastest growing sectors of the economy of our time is the hospitality industry. ThePage | 7 hospitality industry alone is a multi-billion dollar and growing enterprise. It is exciting, never boring and offers unlimited opportunities. The hospitality industry is diverse enough for people to work in different areas of interest and still be employed within the hospitality industry. We shall keep following aspects in consideration: Buyers look for tangible evidence that will provide information and confidence about the service Customers and employees must understand the service delivery system Services are produced and consumed at the same time hence we have to be very proactive Hospitality management involves the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of human and material resources within the lodging, restaurant, travel and tourism, institutional management, recreational management and meeting and convention planning industries. All of these separate yet related segments of the hospitality industry are interrelated to deliver kind and generous services to guests. Our plan will focus on all these issues directly and indirectly to provide a holistic solution. ONLINE MARKETING SERVICES: Web Design Why: Designing an effective hotel website requires time to create pages that are attractive, informative and visitor friendly. This requires knowledge of the hotel industry in addition to technical knowledge and an understanding of usability guidelines. Website Maintenance Why: Building and managing a website are two different tasks. Website design gets a lot of attention, but upkeep is equally important. Its important to constantly update your sites with the latest information. Pay-Per-Click Advertising Why: Sure, anyone can throw together a PPC campaign in a few hours, but it requires a lot of research and testing over the long term to do this well. We understand your business needs, and build a campaign around it to reach the target audience. SEO Optimization

Why: Effective SEO can include website re-design, optimization and a strategic linking plan that highlights effectual keywords to generate traffic. Content Creation or Copywriting Why: We understand that the way information is conveyed is critical as the presentation and content speaks about the personal style. Your content MUSTPage | 8 be: Informational, engaging and persuasive Punchy enough to keep people clicking through your site Optimized for the right keywords, the right audience and the right conversion funnels Edited for grammar, spelling and Associated Press guidelines Twitter Why: twitter can make you achieve excellent results both in positive buzz and in generating revenue. It helps in: Keeping in touch with Industry Bloggers/Media Personality Monitoring the Brand Announce Special Deals & Sales Live Updates on Events & Conferences Promoting Blog Articles, Webinars, Interesting News Updates Online Reputation Management Why: ORM is the analysis of a brand's reputation as represented by content across all types of online media channels. Basically, when people online write stuff about a brand, it should know about it fast enough to be able to respond especially if its negative. ORM will enable: ORM protects the brand ORM allows the top management to make smart decisions ORM gives a brand a lead over its competitors ORM is one of the best customer retention tool a brand can deploy. Mobile Phone Promotions Why: This is one of the hottest new distribution channels, and hiring specialists in this area can help you gain a first-mover advantage. As Mobile technologies advance, the consumer experience has changed dramatically. As technologies converge, the mobile phone now offers consumers the ability to use it as their work station.

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OUR CLIENTS FROM HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY LE- MERIDIEN, NEW DELHI: Introduced the monthly event targeting the ladies and Nero Bar. Ladies Whisky Club serves as a great platform where all the ladies who are the members of Ladies Whisky Club to interact. This has helped in increasing the footfall and promoting various internal properties. This has been a great PR tool which enables creating following: Customer Loyalty Increased Footfall Maintaining Customer Database Networking Media Coverage AYURVEDA BHAVAN AT RISHIKESH, RISHIKESH: focussed on complete reinvention of the brand and its marketing strategy. We revamped the website in consideration with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and initiated Online Marketing. The Marketing Strategy Plan was designed and implemented keeping in view the Target Visitors (mostly foreigners inclined towards Indian Tradition and Culture), their expectations from the place and the service being offered to the guests. In the very first month we were able to generate 100 % occupancy and a very enthusiastic response from the online guests on various social networking platforms. The services provided by to Ayurveda Bhavan at Rishikesh: Website Design & Development Photo-shoot Online Marketing Lead Generation Public Relation Strategy SCORPIO CLUB, LUCKNOW: We as their Management Consultants are working on over all Brand Recognition Strategy and promoting their Aeroclub & other Sporting Activities being offered by the Club. The services that is providing Scorpio Club are as following: Website Design & Development Online Marketing Monthly Event Calendar and Co-ordinating Events

Promotional Events Strategic Tie-ups (Corporates, Schools & other Organizations) Introducing Loyalty Programmes Business Performance Management Page | 10