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Father Anthony J. Fitzgerald, S.J., Jurisprudential Wizard,

Vol. 17: Sister Joan Brewster


Anthony J. Fejfar

© Copyright 2006 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Chapter 1

Father Anthony J. Fitzgerald sat in his office at the law school at Lewistown,

University. The internet and email had gone up in 1980, and he had gotten online

in his office in 1985. Tony Fitzgerald loved to write. He wrote one Tract Book a

week dealing with either philosophy, or law, or theology or jurisprudence. He had

just uploaded his Tract on “Law and Liberation Theology,” to his publisher Lewis

Press, online. Lewis Press had started in the home basement of a computer science

professor at Lewistown University, in 1985. Lewis Press was considered an

academic press for tenure purposes at Lewistown University. Father Tony

Fitzgerald had at least ten Tract Books posted and published online.

It was speculated that the “Iron Curtain” separating the east from west went

down in 1985 because of the internet. The communist world simply could not

compete commercially with an internet which also gave free access to information.

When the wall went down in Berlin, many KGB people from the old Soviet block

came to the United States, hoping to start a fascist coup attempt there.

Tony Fitzgerald sat back in his desk chair and pondered. He wondered what

was going to happen next. Then, a knock came at his office door. “Come in” he

said. To Tony Fitzgerald’s surprise, in came Sister Joan Brewster into his office.

“May I sit down?” she asked demurely. “Certainly,” he replied. “I’d like to talk.

Can we be frank?” she asked. “Sure,” he replied. “Good, well, this Gregor thing

has got to stop. The next thing you know he is going to be after me.” she said.

Sister Joan then channeled to Father Tony, “Gregor is SMERSH you know, he is a

trained terrorist.” “But, I thought you were KGB” channeled back Tony

Fitzgerald. “No, I’m really Liberation Theology, I only dabble in the KGB. My

primary affiliation is with Societas Dei.” She channeled.

“Well, I certainly want to fight back. What kind of faculty vote do you thin

we’ll get on the no-confidence vote?” Fitzgerald asked. “Well, I’ve canvassed the

faculty and I think that out of a faculty of 25, five will abstain, they don’t have

tenure, maybe three will vote for the Dean, and the remaining 17 will vote against

Dean Gregor.” she said. “Well, that is certainly positive news. Gregor said that he

is planning to pull me out of Property and put me in income tax and estates.” Tony

said. “Well, I think that should go before the curriculum committee, Tony. I’m

the Chair of the curriculum committee. We’ll meet Friday and I’ll block that

change. By the way, I read your last article on Lewis Press online about Law and

Liberation Theology, I was impressed.” she said. “Thank you, that is very kind of

you to say so.” he continued.

“Why don’t you come over to my apartment for dinner on Saturday

afternoon? We could talk philosophy and I could fix you my homemade spaghetti

with meat sauce. Ground turkey, of course.” she said. “I thought you were a

vegetarian.” replied Tony Fitzgerald. “I cheat.” she said. “See you at one, on

Saturday afternoon.” she continued. “Sounds good,” said Tony Fitzgerald, writing

down her address and phone number. Sister Joan left the Tony Fitzgerald’s office

with a swish of her tartan skirt.

The next day the law faculty at Lewistown University met at precisely 3:00

p.m. Dean Gregor was asked to give a brief statement and then to leave. Gregor

declined to give a statement and left. Sister Joan Brewster chaired the faculty

meeting and asked for discussion. Several faculty commented that they really

weren’t given a chance to vote on Gregor in the first place. Father Tony Fitzgerald

commented that Gregor had told him, Fitzgerald, that Catholic Jurisprudence was

no longer acceptable at Lewistown, University Law School.

Discussion ended and the vote was taken. Of the 25 voting, 23 voted no

confidence in the Dean and two abstained. Dean Gregor was then invited back into

the room, was informed of the result of the vote, and was then asked by Sister Joan

Brewster to resign. Gregor declined to resign, saying that he had a presidential

appointment. Sister Joan then asked Dean Gregor about his position with respect

to Father Fitzgerald. Gregor indicated that he longer wished to denture Fitzgerald,

and that Fitzgerald could retain his current course assingment. The meeting


Tony Fitzgerald went home to the Jesuit Residence in the hope that his

problems with Gregor were over. He sat down in his recliner and prayed. He

mediated with the phrase, “The Lord my God is Lord of All, blessed by the name

of the Lord.” Next, Fitzgerald meditated with the phrase, “Your ways O Lord

make known to me, teach me your paths, guide me in your truth and teach me, for

you are God my savior and I wait for you all of the day.” He finished meditating

with the phrase, “God is Great.”

Fitzgerald went down to the kitchen and grabbed an O’Doul’s non-alcoholic

beer and ate a ham sandwich. He wondered what would happen with his “date”

with Sister Joan on Saturday. He hadn’t been on a date since law school, and, that

had been a while ago. He wondered how far things would go; if she was

interested in getting involved sexually. Of course the way he, Fitzgerald looked at

things was that sexuality should always involve an expression of deep feelings. It

was wrong to have sex with a woman that you didn’t care about. He wondered

about his feelings for Sister Joan. She was certainly attractive. A tall five foot ten

inches tall, weighing perhaps 125 pounds. Attractive but moderately sized breasts,

with slender hips and nice legs. He decided that he was looking forward to their

date on Saturday.

Chapter 2

Father Tony Fitzgerald showed up at Sister Joan’s apartment at

approximately one in the afternoon. He had with him three long stem red roses

that he had picked up at the grocery store florist’s shop. They weren’t perfect, but

it was all that he could afford. He knocked on the the door to her apartment and

she opened the door, letting him in. “I have a little something for you.” he said as

he handed her the small bouquet of red roses which had been held at his side.

Sister Joan invited Tony to sit down on the couch and he did. “Well, it’s not

much,” she said, “I got most of the furniture used from the Goodwill Thrift Shop,

but at least it’s home.” “It’s very nice,” replied Father Tony.

“Well, thank you for saving my ass at the faculty meeting this week.” said

Father Tony. “Well, Father I had rather thought your ass was worth saving” she

replied, “don’t tell me the rector let’s you work out at the gym” she continued.

“Well, I do try to swim a bit,” he said. “Well, good for you. The best I can get

from my mother superior is permission to walk in the park.” she said. “Oh, I

didn’t know.” replied Father Fitzgerald.” “Well, after Mother Teresa of Calcutta

and her order received all of that good press, the pressure was on us to over

simplify things. At least I’m not sleeping on a floor mat like her nuns do.” “I

heard the Pope made her do that,” said Father Tony. “I didn’t know,” she replied.

“Father Tony, let’s be frank. I’m attracted to you but I want to make sure

where you stand. Are you CIA or KGB, or something in between? I can’t imagine

that you are unaligned.” she said. “Well, I do work for the Central Intelligence

Agency Counterintelligence Agency, but it’s mostly recruiting now. I hear they are

threatening to dismantle the Agency in Washington, or at least cut funding, which I

suppose is the same thing. Once the wall in Berlin went down last year, the

politico’s in Washington thought that there was no point in spending much money

on counterintelligence anymore.” he said.

“Well, I Langley, but lately I’ve been KGB on orders from Rome.” she said.

“Well, that is a surprise. I didn’t know you were CIA, when were you recruited?”

“Well, I went on this goodwill trip to Cuba with a group of sisters from my order

and the CIA contacted us there and gave us short but intensive training in

espionage. Were you trained there? she asked. “No, I was trained at Offut

Airforce Base in Omaha, Nebraska during college.” he replied. “Are you doubling

with the KGB now, I mean what is going on?” he asked. “Well, I’m not sure

exactly, my CIA contact from Rome told me to join the KGB and work with Father

Leon Andrev.” she said.

“Sister Joan, has it ever occurred to you that the agency that recruited you in

Cuba was not the Central Intelligence Agency?” “Well, no,” she said, “who else

would they be?” “Well, perhaps the CIA that recruited you was the Cuban

Intelligence Agency or the Communist Intelligence Agency, posing as the

American Central Intelligence Agency.” Father Tony suggested. “That doesn’t

seem possible.” she replied. “Well, I had heard that the old communist regime

was recruiting Vietnam War draft dodgers and deserters, maybe there is a

connection.” he said. “I don’t know,” she said. “Should I call Rome?” “No, not

yet. Let me think it through. This my type work, I’m sure I can help.” he said.

“Good,” she replied, “now how about lunch?” “Sounds good to me,” he replied.

“Shall we talk philosophy?” “Certainly,” she said, as they sat down to the tan oak

dinner table.

(To be continued).