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Case Studies

Birla RMC - Chennai CERAPLAST-300 RS(G) is the only admixture in use at Birla RMC- Chennai.CeraChem Private Ltd developed a tailor made product ceraplast 300-RS(G) which worked well of 0.3% to 0.6% by weight of cement for lower to higher cement contents respectively, where all the other construction chemical companies failed to perform as their dosages were high (more than 0.8%) and also not compatible with Birla cement, along with fly ash replacements. Recently Birla RMC supplied concrete to kancheepuram site around 75 km away from the RMC plant in a very successful manner with 70mm slump after 2 hours in a very good cohesive mix condition and also pumpable with a dosage of 0.6% by weight of cement (320kg). Benefits to the User Birla RMC -Chennai is happy to have a single product as superplasticiser cum retarder working in lower dosages which is very much compatible with Birla cement and also with mineral admixtures,thus to run the plant in a very eoconomical and smooth manner. Birla RMC - Secunderabad After having the success in Chennai Birla RMC Cera-Chem was offered to conduct trials with the same admixture Ceraplast 300-RS(G).There also, encouraging results in the lab enabled to have a favourable stand towards Cera-Chem. Details of Admixture Dosages for different cement contents: Slump Values Dosage of admixture per m3 of After After 1 concrete Initial 1 1/2 hour hour 190 120 1.65 ltr (0.55%) 100 mm mm mm 200 140 1.60 ltr (0.50%) 110 mm mm mm 200 1.55 ltr (0.45%) mm 140 1.45 ltr (0.40%) Collapse 110 mm mm 120 1.40 ltr (0.35%) Collapse 90 mm mm 1.30 ltr (0.30%) Collapse 110 mm 80 mm

Cement Content per m3 of concrete 300 kg 320 kg 340 kg 360 kg 400 kg 440 kg


PROJECT : Breakwater Construction (Largest Breakwater in Asia, Ennore Coal Port Project, Chennnai. CONTRACTOR : Hindusthan Construction Co. Limited, CONSULTANT : M/s. Hasconic Rites consortium. MTRL SUPPLY : Superplasticiser Ceraplast - 300-M YEAR : 1999 Their Requirements: 1) Hindustan Construction Company required Chemical Admixtures of the nature which are suitable to the mix they have designed with 70% replacement of cement with flyash, slag etc. 2) HCC needed an Admixture as a waterproofing agent, and also to reduce watercement ratio by about 20%. 3) They require a material, which works in severe marine environments. Cera-Chem along with other well known construction chemical companies competed for the project order in a very adverse climatic environment requiring least dosage of admixture but with good workability and cohesiveness. All the other construction chemical manufacturers were unable to succeed in the trial stage itself as their chemicals are found uncompatible with the ingredients of concrete available at Ennore. Cera-Chem with a strong technical background procured the order for CERAPLAST 300-M which is a high grade Superplasticizer cum Retarder giving high strength concrete suiting to the marine atmosphere at Ennore. Cera-Chem supplied around 2,00,000 litres till date and still are in the course of supply. Cera-Chem studied the nature and requirements of the concrete mix, the raw materials available, thorough testing of the mineral admixtures etc., resulted in the tailor fabricated product - CERAPLAST 300 -a high grade super plasticiser. Benefits to the User/Project: 1) CERAPLAST 300-M supplied by Cera-Chem has given a single product to the client avoiding lot of confusions of mixing the Plasticizers and Retarders in their adequate ratio, separately (i.e. Split dosage was avoided) 2) The HCC people obtained a chemical admixture which is not at all reacting with mineral admixture (i.e. compatible with mineral admixtures)

PROJECT : Construction of Bridge Across River Kosasthalaiyar at Karanodai, Chennai CONTRACTOR :East Coast Constructions and Industries Limited CONSULTANT : East Coast Constructions and Industries Limited MTRL SUPPLY : Water Reducing Plasticizer Ceraplast - 200 YEAR : 1999 Their Requirements

1) East Coast Construction Company were on a look out for admixtures of the nature which are to be high water reducing as well as fast setting giving high strength. 2) They needed good workable concrete of slump with an initial value of 180mm to 190mm and should be pumpable. 3) They require a material, which works in high water level areas reducing the water content of the concrete mix. Cera-Chem was successful to procure the order for CERAPLAST 200 after satisfying all the requirements of the client through thorough trials and testing. Around 5000 litres of the admixture has been supplied for the first phase of the project - construction of bridge piers where 1/3rd of its height is submerged under water. Benefits to the User/Project Secondary chemicals for waterproofing were not required as CERAPLAST 200 itself acted as waterproofing plasticizer, which made the project economical.

CCC Builders Merchant (Delhi) Private Limited - New Delhi Hearing the Cera-Chem range of concrete admixtures, CCC Builders (Delhi) Pvt. Ltd. Approached Cera-Chem for the supply of an admixture for the manufacture of concrete blocks.

Their Requirements 1) They needed a waterproofing chemical to make the top surface of the concrete blocks water repellent 2) They need an admixture which reduces the water-cement ratio of concrete to get high strength and impact resistance for the blocks 3) High strength requirements within a week of manufacturing Cera-Chem suggested CERAPLAST 300 which is a high grade superplasticizer which make the concrete dense so impermeable making it waterproof. Lab trials were conducted, tested for strength and thus found suitable to their requirements.

L & T Ready Mix - ECC Group - Chennai Cera-Chem enlisted as an authorised manufacturer of construction chemicals in the L&T ECC Group as the admixture CERAPLAST 300-SRV came successful with good results suiting to the Readymix Concrete Plants of L&T. An approval letter has been given from the main concrete lab of ECC Group showing that Cera-Chem's admixture can be used in the L&T RMC plants. The details of the approval letter and the test report has been enclosed along with. CERAPLAST 300-SRV tested in the concrete lab was found suitable along with mineral admixture-flyash (20% replacement of cement), which was encouraging and the admixture is found suitable to work in lower water-cement ratios. P.R. Ready Mix - Coimbatore

Cera-Chem with the same material CERAPLAST 300-RS(G) went inside the wedge of RMC market of Coimbatore with admixture working with least dosage with good workability. Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT) - Chennai Cera-Chem supplied CERAPLAST 200 water reducing Admixture for the construction works and also for testing in the laboratory which gave best results. Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC) - Chennai Cera-Chem Chemical Admixtures has undergone detailed studies on different methodologies regarding the compatibility of admixtures with mineral admixtures like flyash, slag etc. under the experienced and able scientists of SERC, detailing a report "Investigations on a New Generation Superplasticizer for its use in cement concretes containing flyash" which is enclosed herewith. Spencer Plaza - Phase III, Anna Salai, Chennai Cera-Chem supplied CERAPLAST 200 and CERAPLAST 300 for spencer plaza, Phase III project after a detailed and thorough testing of our materials by M/s.Torsteel Research Foundation In India, Chennai giving satisfactory reports regarding the compatibility and confirming to standards , of Cera-Chem admixtures. Concrete Products & Construction Company, Sriperumbudur, Chennai CERAPLAST 300-M is in the stream of regular supply of huge volumes for the manufacturing of pre-stressed concrete lighting poles. Cera-Chem is the only supplier to this company which manufacture the lighting poles for Southern Railways. Attainment of high strength, reduction in water-cement ratio, waterproofing nature etc of CERAPLAST 300-M resulted in the success of supply.